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A Biography About Albert Einstein

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BY Shohum Patel 

Albert Einstein 


Albert was a scientist and physicist in the mid 1900. Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 in Ulm, Germany. He lived with his father, mother, and sister. His father, Hermann Einstein was an engineer and a salesman. His mother, Pauline Einstein stayed home and took care of Albert and his sister. His younger sister’s name was Maria Einstein. They were a happy Jewish family.    








Albert's Childhood 

In 1883, his father gave him a compass. With this he had his first question. Why did the needle always point north? He also got expelled from school because he was to smart, and he asked a lot of questions. Then his family and him went to live in switzerland. There he finished high school. He also made a 14 story high building out of playing cards.

Albert Einstein had many accomplishments. He got the 1921 Nobel Prize in physics. He also made two important papers. In 1905, he published the Theory of Special Relativity. (First paper). In this paper he describes that if you get closer to the speed of light distance gets shorter and time is slower. The Second Paper, the General Theory of Relativity, explains how space, time, and gravity are related. Other Accomplishment is when Albert invented the atomic bomb.



Albert had many difficulties in his life. Such as when both of his wives died. Also when her sister Maria died. He also had a hard time when he moved to Switzerland, because he would miss all of his friends. He also had an obstacle when World War II came along, because they used the atomic bomb in that war to kill many people and injure them. He did not like that because he hated war and did not like when people get injured. He kept saying to himself, “Why did I create it, why did I create it”.   


Albert got influenced by 4 people in his life. The first person was his uncle Jakob Caesar because he was a scientist. He always told Albert to never give up, and become as smart as he possibly can. And Albert Einstein did just that. His second influence was his second wife Elsa lowenthal. They worked at the same place. She always told Albert that he should become a scientist. He became the smartest scientist who ever lived. His third and fourth influence was Galileo and Isacc Newton and their studies about space. Those were the influences of Albert Einstein.




There a lot of interesting facts of Albert’s life. For example, he made a 14 story high building out of playing cards!! When his sister tried to build the tower, she only got 4 stories. He also invented the atomic bomb. After he created it, he wasn’t very sure if it was a great idea. Another great fact is that when he was born, his brain was 15% smaller and lighter than a regular human brain!!  

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