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By Olivia Edwards


        Want to learn how to become a master at professions and their skills? Follow these instructions you should be a know it all. Some require more than others. Some are easier than others. You don’t have to do every single one but we advise you do at least learn 1 or 2. Remember “ Think positive and positive things will happen”

A pastry chef is usually found in bakeries. Cookies, pies,cakes ,cupcakes and etc. are all made by pastry chefs. Pastry chefs also need certain requirements to become one.

How to bake a 7 layer cake like a pastry chef

  1. 1.Preheat the oven.

Pastry chefs preheat the oven so when they are finished making the unbaked good they can put it in the oven instead of waiting. When you set the oven you set it to a certain temperature depending on what you’re baking.Most pastries require to be set at 350 degrees.

2. Get your ingredients

Since this is a 7 layer cake you have to have all the basic ingredients such as flour, eggs, sugar, water, and etc. Get a nice mixing bowl and mix all the ingredients together( mix until the batter is “ silky” smooth).

3. Time to bake

Put all your batter into 7 separate pans. Make sure your oven is ready. Bake each layer for about 35 mins. Once you take them out let them cool for about 10 mins. You need to cool each. layer so they can be frosted

4.Make the frosting

To decorate the cake you have to make the frosting. Depending on the flavour of cake you are making, make the icing that matches your cake. Put the frosting in the fridge to cool.Frosting is basically sugar!

5.Decorate the cake

Take the frosting out of the fridge and start to spread it on each layer. After a layer is complete stack another layer on repeat until all the layers are on. Now spread the frosting on the outside. Once you finish that you can smooth it out for a better look. Wasn’t this all a peice of cake?

How to change the oil in you car like a mechanic

Mechanics usually change oil, fix cars, repair tires and inspect them. Mechanics can be found in garages or gas stations. Or some just have their own business.

  1. 1.Get a new oil filter and oil

You need to get a new oil filter when you change your oil. To see what type you need you can look in the owner's manual. The owner’s manual is most likely to tell you what type of oil and what type of filter.

2. Get the oil filter out

To replace the filter unscrew the little hole where the oil container. Get a bucket ready because oil will start to come out. Next take the new oil filter and put fresh new oil in it and put it in the place the old one was.

3. Dispose the old oil can

To get rid of the old can just bring it to a garage gas station so they will dispose of it for you. If you don't dispose it properly you could be finded or arrested.Or get rid of the oil outside ( but that's at your risk)

How to sew a dress like a seamstress

A seamstress is a person who sew clothing, fix’s clothing, “ applies “ buttons. They also make clothing, they take a design and sew it into whatever the designer designed. Some people think that a designer, tailor  and designer are the same thing. But they're  not. Or are they…… no they really aren’t.

1.Get your fabric

You can use any type of fabric you want. But, you want to use the type of fabric that matches your dress the most ( the texture not the pattern). Wash your fabric to get all the chemicals out. You wash your fabric so it's nice and clean!

    2.  Pick the design

        Now you have to find a pattern. The pattern is basicly the design and style. The are many types of dress styles. But some require certain fabrics as well.

    3. Start sewing the dress

        Get the thread that matches colour your fabric. If you want to make you life a little bit easier you can use a sewing machine ( THIS IS RATED P.G. ). Flip it inside out so you don't see the thread as much.Start sewing the hems and edges together. Until your dress is completely sewed.

4. Complete the dress

Now flip the dress back to the outside. Now you can add any add on’s, Bow’s, flowers, glitter, words, and etc. Now you have finished your dress.

How to find a book like a librarian

How to find a book like a librarian

Librarians work at libraries. They help both Adults and kids find books or whatever you need to find. People think that librarians are strict but most are not. Another un-true fact is that that want the whole library quiet.

  1. 1.Know the book

In order to find a book you must know the book author, book title, subject or just what it looks like. You don't always have to know this but this helps you get one step closer to finding you book. It always helps if you can look the book up on the internet.

2. The catalog

Libraries usually have their own catalogue on the computer for people to use. They can sometimes have card catalogs. ( but those aren't that easy to use). For a library catalog to work you must know again…..

Author, book title, subject. Then you just search it up in the search bar.

3. The dewey decimal system

The dewey decimal system is the way library/ libraries set up the books. Using this system you can probably find any book in the library. Fun fact the dewey decimal system was named after Melvil Dewey. So easy to find!!!!!

How to give a shot like a doctor

A doctor is short for physician.  It takes 4 years to become a doctor.  Practice of medical records was in the 1600s. Harvard even has a medical school. Doctors can “ make diagnoses” and they help patients get better! The scary part may be the surgery...........

  1. 1. Clean the area

When giving a shot you must clean the area so it doesn't get infected. To clean it you can use rubbing alcohol. Or an alcohol “ swab”. You should also wash you have so the area doesn't get infected. Or just wear rubber gloves.

2.Giving the shot

When giving the shot you have to have to have it at a certain angle. Next you have to stick the needle in and push down on the “ plunger”. Inject the fluid and pull the needle out. Clean the surface again.

3. Treat the area

If you are bleeding then put a band-aid on it. It should stop hurting after half an hour. It also might swell a little. To treat that just let it rest or put ice on it, then it should  go down.

How to cry like and actress

An actress can play in movies, musicals, or plays. They play characters and read scripts. And actress is a women and a actor is a man. It depends on how good your acting skills  are, some actresses or actors are young some can be babies.

  1. 1.Sad moment

First think of a sad moment. Keep thinking about it and nothing else.The reason we cry when we are sad is because crying is a reaction to a ston connection/ emotion. But you also can cry when you are happy, stressed, angry, or in pain.


When you yawn you tear up. The reason we tear up is you keep your eyes closed so tight you “trigger” you lacrimal gland which makes your eyes tear. So every time you yawn you can pretend to cry. This method is for tired people only!

3.. Onions

I know is sounds crazy but onions can make you cry. So go find an onion and chop it up. The reason why we cry with onions is because their gas propanethiol S-oxide is released that mixes with an enzyme in and onion to create the gas that makes us cry or just irritates our eyes.

How to clean your teeth like a dentist


Some dentists recommend toothbrushes for you. But if you dentist does not recommend one you can't always get a dentist approval toothbrush and one for you age. Dentist recommend you change your toothbrush every 3 months. So grab a good toothbrush to clean your teeth with.

 2. Brushing methods

Mosts dentist say you should brush in little tiny circles. Others say to brush at a 45 degree angle. But the truth is none of these are incorrect. There are multiple ways to brush your teeth. And either one of these are okay. Also you should make sure to brush you teeth 3 times a day and for 2 minutes.

3. Use Baking soda

Since Baking soda is in many toothpstes you could use it as a subsitute. Mixing baking soda and water will create a paste. Then brush your teeth with it and your teeth will be shimering.

10 Top Jobs In The USA


Salary is 196,170

Required education : degree of science, gone to dentist school

1.Oral surgeon

Salary 219,600

Education requirements

Dental school

Spend 4 years at least on hospital based surgery program

And maybe a medical degree


salary 187,200

Education requirements

professional degree




Education requirements

Professional degree


Salary  depends where you work

Education requirements

4 years getting a bachelor's degree before medical school

Recommended majors :chemistry, calculus, physics, biology


6..Data scientist

Salary 116,840

Education requirements

Master in science

Degree level


Salary 103,900

Education requirements

“doctoral “ professional degree


Salary 82,390

Required education

Need a degree and need to take classes and practice a lot 


Salary 61,880

Education requirement

Bachelor's degree


salary 67,490

Required education

Depends on what kind of nurse you are

But you need lots of training

1. Pastry Chefs 

Pastry chefs can make all sorts of pastries. There are 5 types of pastries ( dough). Pastry chefs can work almost anywhere in the world. A pastry chefs salary could be up to $100,00if they have a sucsessful buisness or if they are working somewhere that has a sucsessful buisness.



There are many types of mechanics. For exaple there are break mechanics that fix thebreaks on your car. There are different mechanics for different parts of your car.



A seamtress can make basicly and design. It might take while but its worth it. You just have to choose a design and give it to a local seamstress to make for you .

4. Librarian

Librarians can be strict but they are not mean.  They are also very organized. Librarians look up  about 156,000 jobs in 2010

5. Doctors

There are many types of doctors. there are also many names for doctors. Near 700,00 doctors were placed as a doctor in 2012. And obvouslyyou must go to medical school for a certain amount of years.


It takes a lot to be an actress . In collage you have  to take drama classes and participate with any possiable acting. Actors and actresses can get paid up to 75 million dollars.

7. Dentists

Dentists created the eletrical chair. They are also on the " endangered speices list" which means there is not alo of dentists. But they get paided around $149,540

THE END!!!!!