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Will the Wizard

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Will the Wizard

By Shayna Senescu

Once upon a time, in a world where everyone was either a witch, wizard, or some kind of magical creature. A wizard was going through a midlife crisis. He was the odd ball out in a crowd of magical people. Throughout his whole life he had wished  for his wizardry powers to finally come.

   Once upon a time, in a world where everyone was either a witch, wizard, or some kind of magical creature. A wizard was going through a midlife crisis.

Both of his parents were crafters of magic. They were the highest people with powers in the land of Opal Stone. They ruled over all of their magical subjects and not those who weren't born with powers like their son, William who went by the name Will for short. It was very rare in the Land of Opal to not be some kind of magical creature because almost all of their subjects had magic running through their veins. That was what made the land so special. That was also why it made it so hard for Will to fit in with the rest of the crowd. Although, Will only had one other friend, she was a young witch who went by the name of Emily.



School had became a struggle for Will, It was solely focused around magic. Many of the children in his ranking had already mastered many of the higher levels of sorcery. For that reason, he was picked on. He begged his parents to allow him to attend a regular school but since they were the Majesties of all the land, they had to maintain the magic in their bloodline. That is why it was very important for Will to grow into his powers and carry on the throne.



One day after school, Will and Emily were walking through the woods as they usually do looking for something to do. Without the two friends realizing it, it began to get dark and the woods is a dangerous place for two kids at night. As Will and Emily were walking home it became too dark to see what was in front of them. They finally came across a lit up cottage with smoke coming out of the chimney, they decided to go knock on the door to ask for some guidance back home. To their surprise it was a little old lady who was all alone. She offered for them to stay for supper and a story. Will could never give up a good story so they decided to stay and listen.




The story the lady told, fascinated Will, she spoke of an "infinite stone" that lay deep in the woods, under a magical lake that no one knew of. This infinite stone was known to grant an infinite number of wishes, no matter what the wish. Will thought about his powers when she talked about the wishes, if he could find the stone, he could wish for his powers to come and finally live up to everyone's standards. He asked how long it would take to get there and how he could get the stone himself. The lady laughed and said, “my sweet child, you are only a boy. You will get yourself killed before you find the stone.” After they were finished, the sweet lady lend them a lantern, a sack of leftovers, pointed them in the right direction home, and they were on their way. However, while walking home Will found a map in the sack of leftovers the woman had packed for them. He kept it a secret because he knew that Emily would never go along with his plan.