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Visible Learning For Teachers

Maximizing Impact On Learning

There is a big focus these days on teachers reflecting on their lessons.  It's easy for teachers to wax poetic about their teaching, but one of the main messages of this book is that we need to focus on the effects of our actions, that is, our impact on students.




Elements of Evidence of an Optimal Learning Climate


1.  Did you demonstrate to all students that they were able,

valuable, and responsible, and did you treat them accordingly? 


2. Did the students see that you believe in them, even when they were struggling? 


3. Did the students get the message from you that they possess untapped potential in learning what is being taught today? 

Evidence of Learning

Finally, teachers need to examine the impact they have had on each student's learning.  They need to be able to answer:


1.  Are you aware of each student's progress on the journey from his or her starting point toward attaining the success criteria?


2.  How close is each student to attaining the success criteria?


3.  What now needs to occur to help each student to move closer to meeting the success criteria?