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Eden Parks location Eden Parks history What the venue is used for. What the building/architecture is like And what the atmosphere would be like if you were to go to a game there.

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Eden Park

Tourist Guide

Where is Eden Park?

Located in the middle of Auckland, New Zealand's largest city, it is three kilometres south-west of the central city, on the boundary between the suburbs of Mount Eden and Kingsland

The address is Reimers Ave, Kingsland, Auckland 1024.


History of Eden Park

  •  In 1902, a boy called Harry Ryan, who was a young and passionate cricketer, stood on Kingsland Road and looked out over a rough paddock and He saw a cricket ground. The place he saw to become a cricket ground is now Eden Park. Ryan and friends leased the land and formed it into Eden Cricket Club.
  • In 1910 the Park became the home of Auckland Crickt
  • Then in1914 Auckland Rugby Union leased the Park and First International cricket match: Auckland v Arthur Sims’ Australian XI.
  • In 1921 First International Rugby: New Zealand v South Africa, won by South Africa 9/5
  • In 1926 there was a trust opened to providing a group of Trustees for managing Eden Park primarily
  • In 1949 First women’s international cricket match, New Zealand v England
  • In 1950 the British Empire Games, opening ceremony and athletics. In the Rugby final test New Zealand went against the Lions and won by 11/8
  • In 1956 the first ever cricket test win for New Zealand against West Indies. Also surprising first rugby test series win for New Zealand v South Africa, in the final test New Zealand won by 11/5
  • In 1966 the Queen's mother visited Eden Park for the first time.
  • A couple years later after the Queen's mother came in 1970 the people of New Zealand welcome the Royal tour party into Eden Park, the people that were in the royal tour party were the Queen, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles and Princess Anne
  • In 1975 there was an Osmond concert held at Eden Park were Donny and Marie sang in front of 12,000 crowd.