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Assignment 1 - Maths Picture Book - Tutor: Jessica White

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Abby's Collection


By Kaila Truman - 20144321

Abby's Collection


designed for Early Stage 1


Abby is a quiet girl. She has a few friends but prefers to play by herself.


Every summer, her family goes on holidays to Ulladulla. Abby loves to spend time on the beach.


Her brother likes to go swimming in the waves. But Abby has something else she likes to do.

She collects the things that the sea washes up on the shore line.


She collects shells and pebbles but her favourite thing to collect is sea glass.

Abby’s mother told her some sea glass is even older than Grandma!

Sea glass comes in lots of different colours and shapes. It is nice and smooth because the waves have tumbled it over and over.

When Abby returns to school, her teacher Ms Walter asks each student to bring something in from their summer holidays for Show and Tell.

Abby had decided her sea glass would be perfect.


No one in Abby’s class had ever seen sea glass before and this made Abby feel very special.



“Abby," said Ms Walter "can you describe a few of pieces please.”

"And this one is white and flat and round” said Abby.



“Umm well this one is brown and has a pointy tip,"


“Abby’s Show and Tell interests me.” said Ms Walter.   ‘I would like to discuss shapes”

Abby's class spent the afternoon making shapes by...





...playing with popsicle sticks...



...and using their bodies.

When Abby got home, she was still thinking about shapes. She found her collection of sea glass and  began to make some art from shapes.

A boat with 2 triangles and a rectangle.

An angel with 3 triangles and 1 circle.

Her swimming costume with 3 triangles.

Abby went to sleep that night dreaming of squares, and triangles and circles and rectangles.

Abby is a quiet girl. Her favourite thing to do is collect what she finds at the beach.


Her teacher shows her how she can make art from what she collects.