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Infrared and Moisture Surveys

Elias utilizes Flir thermal imaging cameras to perform infrared roof moisture surveys. With these thermal imaging cameras, we are able to see where moisture is trapped within the roof system. The survey is performed after sundown in order to allow thermal differences or “anomalies” to occur once the air and roof surface temperatures reach a state of equilibrium.




     Roof inspections are important for a variety of reasons.    At Elias we use the same                                          system of scientific investigative methods to provide customers with a thourough roof analysis.

  • Infrared Imaging and Analysis
  • Roof Moisutre Surveys
  • Pull Tests
  • Leak Inspections
  • Roof Repair & Replacement Design Documents
  • Project Mananagement & Construction Administration
  • Quality Control Inspection
  • Roof System Database Development
  • Roof Maintenance Program
  • Education & Training Seminars

Elias Commercial Roof Systems, llc

 We have a proven track record of showing owners how to save money by preserving existing roof assemblies where possible and providing functional, practical re-roofing options when required.

 Elias can assit you make the most informed, educated and economical decisions when roofing questions arise.


Roof Design

Utilizing today's state of the art technology, years of roofing experience, combined with a common sense, and  a ‘hands-on’ approach, Elias will provide its clients with accurate diagnoses and practical cost saving solutions to their roofing needs.