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ca What you ee CAN hur ts t u yo n Unveiling the DIRTY SECRETS surrounding the SICK LAUNDRY CYCLE How you do laundry may be making you sick Make the Switch The average family of four can

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What you Can t See CAN Hurt you Laundry Truths Laundry detergents don t kill germs BACTERIA E Coli EcoWasher eliminates 100 E coli and other bacteria and viruses that fester in every load of laundry OLI E C G U NK IME PO contaminated after they have been washed but they might actually contain more germs and toxins because of unseen gunk This results in exposure to harmful chemicals on your skin due to detergent residue SL ISONS Many home washing machines in the United States contain deadly and dangerous bacteria Most home laundry cycles don t create a high enough temperature in order to sterilize laundry Whatever germs go into the washing machine stay and fester causing a nasty smell Not only are clothes still Did you know that there are an estimated 100 million E Coli bacteria in each load of laundry you do E Coli is often associated with fecal matter LEARN MORE Make the Switch The average family of four can

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What s Lurking in your Wash Wheel Laundry Truths E Coli Staph Salmonella THE GUNK What causes it EcoWasher attacks the gunk you can t see for a clean sanitized washing machine There are millions of germs left behind in your wash wheel The gunk due to detergent residue is a reservoir of bacteria This gunk continues to be picked up and deposited throughout the laundry cycle Toxic detergent build up causes bacteria viruses and scum to stay in the washing machine even if it can t be seen If you knew that this was in your clothing would you still wear it Your entire family could be exposed to the norovirus often confused with stomach flu through the sick laundry cycle Because EcoWasher requires no detergent there will be no gunk build up This can dramatically extend the life of the washer This gunk is so toxic that it has the ability to corrode through a metal wash wheel resulting in unnecessary repairs and premature wearing of the washing machine An EcoWasher user took his detergent washed laundry and washed it again with EcoWasher The result was gunk filled rinse water proving that toxic detergent is left behind to be absorbed through your skin This can cause dry itchy skin and irritate those with sensitivities chemical allergies and skin issues Make the Switch The average family of four can

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Is Your Family Safe Using Detergent Is your laundry making them sick EcoWasher requires no detergent therefore eliminating potential harm The textile industry uses processes that leave chemicals on clothing that are endocrine disruptors These chemicals are also used in your detergent An endocrine disruptor inhibits natural hormones in the body Residual detergent may be left in your family s clothing and absorbed through their skin Some may even cause cancer infertility and organ failure These poisons are absorbed into your skin contaminate your washing machine and waste water then seep into our environment and water supplies Europe has banned these poisonous ingredients used in the U S A Even water treatment plants are unable to remove them The skin is the largest organ of the body Toxins left in clothing have the ability to seep into the blood stream through your skin Laundry Truths WHAT S IN YOUR DETERGENT Stop Using Chemicals Alarmingly many poisons found in laundry detergents disturb the natural chemical processes and development of the body which can lead to an array of health problems LEARN MORE Make the Switch The average family of four can

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The Obvious Dangers of Detergent Laundry Truths Imagine what is not reported HIDDEN INGREDIENTS Childhood exposure to detergents as reported by poison control centers Poisonous Chemicals Children have an attraction to small bright objects Between January 1 2015 and October 31 2015 10 497 children ages five and under have been exposed to laundry packets These poisonous detergent vessels are so concentrated that many children have been hospitalized after consumption Detergent fragrances composed of phthalates may be dangerous to children It may also lead to infertility ADHD diabetes and thyroid issues If this poison makes children so violently ill imagine what it might do over time being absorbed into your skin 10 497 Detergent manufacturers are not required to disclose the ingredients within the product Make the Switch The average family of four can

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Now that you know the ill effects Laundry Truths Would you wash your face with E coli infested towels LOVE YOUR SKIN EcoWasher eliminates the nasty bacteria that detergents actually perpetuate in the sick laundry cycle Stop Using Chemical Additives Imagine drying your face your dishes and your children with all the nasty bacteria and toxins left behind in your towels Ever notice that pungent smell emanating from your towels It s bacteria that cause the stink Detergent does not kill bacteria With EcoWasher your towels will once again smell fresh and be bacteria and chemical free Most importantly it disinfects your laundry It s all done without detergent or hot water saving your family up to 700 per year Detergent dries out your laundry forcing you to use fabric softener What do you think it does to your skin Make the Switch The average family of four can

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Is EcoWasher Technology Proven In just 5 minutes EcoWasher kills Laundry Truths The average family of four can The average family of four can PROVEN Hospital Technology 100 Escherichia coli E Coli 94 Candida albicans Yeast Infection 66 Aspergillus brasiliensis Mold Fungus 54 Streptococcus pyogenes Strep Throat Scarlet Fever 46 Salmonella typhimurium Salmonella 34 Staphylococcus aureus Staph Infection EcoWasher uses powerful hospital laundry technology scaled for home use Thousands of commercial laundry systems exist in the U S and U K today Imagine how sanitized your laundry will be after a full wash with EcoWasher Make the Switch The average family of four can

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EcoWasher Simplifies How Does EcoWasher Work Laundry EcoWasher automatically produces nature s The science behind EcoWasher detergent every time you start a new wash Laundry Truths Interior of the EcoWasher SIMPLIFY Easy to Use The activated oxygen creates a powerful cleaning agent that flows directly into your washing machine 1 The oxygen and PCO generators convert O 2 to O3 to form powerful oxidation 3 Bacteria and other microbes in your laundry are eliminated by ozone 2 EcoWasher uses PCO and diffuses ozone into the cold water of the wash cycle 4 The result is soft clean sanitized laundry without the use of toxic chemicals EcoWasher automatically produces nature s detergent every time you start a new wash Just set for cold water and press start Make the Switch The average family of four can

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Consumer Reports Carla Hemphill Jennie Bright O d o r fr e e cl d an ea Natura la lt It sounded e tiv na er Lo v e i t granddaughters that have skin issues and it sets my mind at ease knowing that when I wash their clothes there won t be any reactions from using all the chemicals found in washing detergents I love not having to measure and pour detergents My laundry room stays cleaner and less messy without all the cleaners sitting around se ea at Carol Purser It sets my m in I have d I love my EcoWasher and I installed it myself in 15 minutes It is great with your clothes smelling so fresh and how easy it is to load your clothes and not worry about chemicals in your clothes or next to your skin What a great and simple way to go green and care for our clothes we wear every day and the environment we live in Love it My husband works in construction so he really reeks when he comes home He came home as usual after a hard day s work but had also been in lake water so he was fishy and muddy too I knew this would be the true test so I washed a load of his clothes I was so surprised at how well the clothes came outodor free and clean It makes laundry day so easy by just throwing the clothes into the washer without adding detergent fabric softener bleach or adjusting all the dials I am absolutely sold on the EcoWasher It s amazing n Thousands love it you will too too good to be true to be able to have clean laundry without the use of detergents and chemicals But now I m a believer The laundry comes out fresh and clean I would recommend the EcoWasher to anyone who is looking for a natural alternative to clean their laundry Karen Dodovich Make the Switch The average family of four can