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We use a revolutionary new technology to disinfect and sanitize 100% of surfaces.  This advanced chemical delivery system paired with cutting edge products such as Bacoban and Chlorox 360, enables us to protect your home or business with unprecedented coverage and protection. EcoLogo certified odour controllers further enhance your protection.

Our electrostatic technology is equally effective on biological smells as well as smoke smells.  Using our EcoLogo certified products which are a fast and effective biological odour control product that neutralizes odours through bio-enzymatic activity, degrading and eliminating the cause of odour at the source.  The microbials break apart the source of the odour and using enzymes, digest organic matter eliminating the cause of the odour without the use of chemicals.

Anywhere you may feel the need to disinfect, sanitize or apply an odour control is the perfect environs for our application services.

Where can our services be beneficial?

Schools and Institutions

Medical Facilities


Gyms/Fitness Facilities


Senior Facilities


Food Services

Locker/Change Rooms

Offices Areas

Electrostatic technology consistently covers 100% of surfaces, unlike spraying or wiping alone.  With our services you ensure that your business, home or institution is protected against preventable communicative diseases and bacteria like never before.

Show your employees and clients you care and aid in protecting their health and save money. 

Studies show that the average yearly cost of illness to employers is $1685 per employee; electrostatic disinfection is a valuable tool in your arsenal to aid in combatting this cost.


Our superior application ensures a faster, better and more cost efficient protection in your premises.

Reduced product usage equals a smaller environmental footprint.

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