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IMPACT Our solar cooking stove provides a clean and affordable source of energy through which the dangers of open fire cooking can be eliminated The reduced CO2 emission impacts the climate and health of locals positively Costs e g for firewood can be drastically reduced CONTACT US Contact us to get your school business started on clean affordable energy For more information check out our website socials These long term cost savings will be reinvested in education and the community and thus make a positive generational impact So far we https linktr ee ecobora https ecobora co ke realized more than 20 project Our unique affordable cooking technology enabled schools to save an avg of 9 000 yearly provides a clean energy alternative enabling Savings have been used to build libraries and computer lab have given 85 000 students access to school meals and thus reduced dropout rate by 75 ECOBORA COMPANY LTD schools and businesses to eliminate 100 of WESTLANDS COURT NAIROBI Westlands District their firewood use PO Box 450 Postal Code 40500 saved 300 000 tons of trees from being turned into firewood which resulted in massive CO2 saving created 30 local jobs especially for women youth Phone 254 727264748 Email Info ecobora co ke

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Unique cooking technology Choose your category Our solar stove consists of solar collectors a heat Our stove comes in three different categories storage component and large scale cooking units The From basic package to the premium gold standard storage component allows for around the clock cooking Choose which add ons you want for your business while the number of cooking units can be individualized to your specific needs Bronze Basic package Get started Solar stove collectors Installation include Energy audit included Silver Expert package How it works The collectors produce heat by concentrating the incoming sunlight onto a receiver tube where heat transfer fluid is Solar stove collectors Lighting unit for kitche Charging station for small scale circulated Heat is transferred between each component by devices e g cell phone in kitche means of thermosiphons The medium sized parabolic Installation energy audit concentrator produces heat with temperatures up to 160 C The collectors are mounted onto beams A tracking system implemented within the beams is designed to shift Gold Premium package the sun collectors in an optimal position while Solar stove collectors simultaneously protecting them from overheating Lighting unit for kitchen and or excessive wind loads and other harmful conditions classroom Charging station for small device Power connection for refrigeration max medium sized Installation energy audit Number of collectors is dependent on energy needs d n a s u t Contac y g r e n E n a e l u d e sch Audit e t a u l a v e We will r u o y l l a s s u c s i d and c i f i c e p s business needs

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