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the EB WRITING program The EB Writing Program is the single most effective way to get students mastering the writing standards and to transform them into rock star writers www ebacademics com caitlinandjessica ebacademics com

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If you re anything like the principals we were fortunate enough to work with at our schools you care about providing your teachers with exceptional curriculum programs so that they can deliver effective lessons to their students without spending their nights and weekends lesson planning You want your teachers to show up confident excited and prepared to teach each day but not at the cost of burnout And like so many of the principals we ve met through the EB Writing Program you want your middle school students to become critical writers who can confidently craft an essay whether they are analyzing a novel read in class creating a personal narrative or responding to a writing prompt on a state test You know that providing your students with a strong writing curriculum will ensure they are prepared for high school and beyond So when you can find a program that meets the needs of both your teachers and your students it s a game changer The EB Writing Program is not just a stellar writing curriculum but a community of exceptional ELA teachers from around the world who support one another in delivering innovative and effective lessons that actually engage their students We invite you to take a peek inside the EB Writing Program and see for yourself the transformation that s awaiting your ELA teachers and their students PAGE 3 EB Academic Camps LLC

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Over 3 000 middle school ELA teachers have sought our help to elevate their writing curriculum and make their writing instruction more cohesive Additionally they have asked for support for the following student weaknesses in writing Writer s Block Choosing Appropriate Evidence Crafting Strong Justification In Depth Critical Analysis and Writing Confidence We can confidently share that the EB Writing Program has helped and supported thousands of students in all these areas Of our EB Teachers surveyed 91 say the EBW Program has helped their students eliminate writer s block 94 say the EBW Program helped their students choose appropriate evidence from the text 98 say the EBW Program has increased their students writing confidence Additionally our EB Teachers have reported their own professional gains from using our program in the areas of confidently and effectively teaching writing as well as gaining a support system Of our EB Teachers surveyed 98 have experienced an increase in their level of confidence in teaching writing 96 have experienced an increase in knowledge about how to teach writing PAGE 4 EB Academic Camps LLC 99 have felt supported by the EB Community during their usage of the program

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teachers MEET KALA MEET LESLIE PAGE 5 EB Academic Camps LLC

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EBW PROGRAM highlights Master the Writing Standards A successful middle school ELA curriculum is rooted in writing about literature In this unit we ll help your teachers lay the foundation for writing success in the classroom by introducing the EBW Approach and your teachers will see students develop a confident writing mindset as they transform into rock star writers Nail the State Writing Prompts Here your teachers will uncover activities and lessons to help students practice applying their newfound skills to different styles of writing EB Academics Expository Writing Units cover the following styles descriptive compare and contrast cause and effect and problem and solution With these units students will be undeniably confident answering any state test writing prompts Conquer the Craft of Persuasion In this unit students will learn to transform their writing into killer persuasive and argumentative pieces Here they will learn a framework that will help them refine their writing technique so they can get results when it comes to causes that matter to them This unit will guide students to effectively use logic reasoning and researched facts to craft an argument that will get noticed Master the Art of Storytelling Narrative writing should be a fun and creative writing opportunity for students not a diary of every fantastical or rambling idea that ever crossed their minds Luckily this unit will provide teachers with the structure that their students want and need to craft an interesting and meaningful narrative PAGE 6 EB Academic Camps LLC

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pe e k i nsi de Take a look at what s included Practical and actionable professional development Our trainings are bite sized Check out this and thorough to build your example of one teachers confidence in and of our teacher knowledge of teaching writing training videos EBW Program Flow Chart Full Year Scope and Sequence Scope and sequences suggested timeline The daily planning is already done for your teachers We provide fully editable materials to meet the needs of your personal school schedule Click on the buttons to the left to view some examples Narrative Unit Scope and Sequence In depth activities and lessons for each writing style The program consists of organized units with lessons activities and tools to help students craft a quality essay using our Evidence Based Writing methodology It also includes mentor writing samples and extension activities Click on the images to the right to see some sample lessons TAG Name Name Date LEADS Date NARRATIVE WRITING leads LUCCA THE DOG TAG Summary Practice Student Directions Now that you have had time practicing writing TAGs as a whole group it s time to do some on your own Using the story below create a TAG and include a summary JUSTIFIC LUCCA THE DOG By Keith Gay Read the examples of the six different leads that you can use to begin your own narrative Good writers brainstorm many kinds of leads to determine which style works best for their story Circle examples of strong vocabulary in the examples below and write WHY the stronger one is a better lead on the lines below ATION Name Dialogue This lead begins with dialogue Date Lucca a lovable Golden Retriever lived with his family on Brooks Court in Oakland STATION FIVE California Lucca was moderately well behaved He sat and rolled over on command and he would JUSTIFICATION The HEART of Your Essay even reach out for a handshake with a friendly passerby on the street during his daily walks However there was one area where Lucca was definitely NOT well behaved Recently Lucca had developed the troublesome habit of barking loudly whenever someone would approach the front door of the family home Lucca would bark so noisily that it would wake the family s newborn baby It didn t matter if it was the mail person Lucca had seen delivering mail every Tuesday afternoon for the last two years or a complete stranger Lucca s deafening barks were out of control whenever anyone Boring Last summer I went to Washington D C for vacation Student Directions Justification is the heart of the EB Writing Approach It is the section of your Response to Literature where you thoughtfully analyze how why the evidence you chose supports both the premise and the claim Stronger Please fasten your seatbelts and ensure your chair is in the upright position the flight attendant s voice bellowed over the intercom We are now beginning our descent into Washington D C I strained my neck toward the window hoping to get a glimpse of the White House as we landed Little did I know at that time that this would be the best vacation of my life This is key to writing strong justification Sentence 1 Clearly explain how your evidence supports the premise Sound Effect Sentence 2 Clearly explain how your evidence supports the claim This lead immediately draws the reader into the story by starting with an onomatopoeia stepped foot on the front steps In all fairness to Lucca the barking had begun only after the baby had In this activity you will be provided with a claim premise and a piece of evidence Your task is to write justification for why that evidence supports both the premise and the claim Boring Last night there was a storm arrived home from the hospital and it truly did seem as if Lucca was merely protecting the baby One An example has been provided for you Stronger Woooooosh The powerful and ominous wind came roaring through my open bedroom window ferociously knocking over the glass lamp on my nightstand day Luca s family decided that enough was enough and they enrolled Lucca in obedience school MPLE TEACHER EXA After 5 weeks of intense training Lucca graduated from The Canine Manners Academy and peace once again returned to the family home on Brooks Court Prompt In the short story Second Grade Sniffles what character trait best describes the protagonist Andrew Y AND SUMMAR YOUR TAG _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Action Claim Through all his trials with his illness his teacher and the cranky nurse Andrew demonstrates kindness This lead begins with an exciting event or action Premise Andrew exemplifies kindness when he reflects on the positive traits of his classmate Alexis Evidence Andrew admired Alexis hard working attitude in class She wasn t the best in math but Andrew had helped her out a lot that year and it had really paid off McCormick Boring I was excited for the first day of school Stronger I eagerly grabbed my turkey sandwich off the kitchen counter and raced toward my mom who was patiently waiting with my backpack at the front door It was 7 30 am and I didn t want to be late on my first day of Junior High Justification This evidence demonstrates that Andrew is not only a person who is willing to help others but also who sees the best in people and wants them to succeed The fact that Andrew wants the best for Alexis demonstrates his inherent kindness 2019 EB Academic Camps LLC 2020 EB Academic Camps LLC EB WRITING APPROACH YEAR 2 2020 EB Academic Camps LLC EB WRITING APPROACH YEAR 4 Student facing videos for all writing styles Each unit includes student facing videos that teachers can use to teach the material without making videos themselves View two examples below PAGE 7 EB Academic Camps LLC

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FAQs How can I differentiate the EB Writing Program materials and why are some activities the same across grades 5 8 The program grants you access to four grade levels of writing instruction You will notice that the teacher instructional videos are the same for each grade level however the differentiation occurs in the student lessons and examples at each level The beauty of this is that the framework is the same year after year or within the classroom but you can assign students the appropriate level of practice when completing the mini lessons with discreetness and ease When you teach students the same way to write year after year using the EB Writing Program you ABSOLUTELY will see student growth Are your resources compatible in a digital classroom Yes Teachers can simply make a copy of our documents for their own drive and attach them to Google Classroom or another password protected learning platform Are the units in the EBW Program aligned to standards Absolutely All EB resources and materials are grounded in the Common Core State Standards They are the guiding light for everything we create Can I still use the writing framework for The EB Writing Program in my classroom if I already follow a different writing program Absolutely The EB Writing Program focuses on literary analysis persuasive argumentative narrative and expository writing While we are confident this is the only way teachers will ever want to teach writing from now on they can absolutely use many of the same language approaches and mini lessons with your school s current program Do you offer refunds We ve done everything in our power to make this the simplest most effective writing program available It s made by teachers for teachers We KNOW it works because it s the exact same process that s been behind the successes in our own classrooms and and the transformations that thousands of teachers have witnessed with their own students However if you re on the fence then we want to give you every chance possible to buy it and build it with absolute confidence We provide a 14 day full refund after which we provide a full credit up to 30 days after your initial payment What are the student facing videos and how can I use them Student facing videos are short and sweet videos that your teachers can use with students where we teach them the writing content Use them to supplement instruction support online learners re teach content or for students who have been absent Watch a sample student facing video on page 7 PAGE 8 EB Academic Camps LLC

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PAYMENT options School or District Licensing this includes school or district transferable licensing Step by Step Roadmap for Writing Instruction 100 Online Teacher Training Videos Scope and Sequences Student Practice and Activity Handouts Cheat Sheets and Graphic Organizers Student Facing Videos Compatible for Distance Learning Materials for 5th 8th Grade 497 397 per individual license per individual license must purchase 5 or more CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE STILL HAVE QUESTIONS EMAIL US PAGE 9 EB Academic Camps LLC

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www ebacademics com caitlinandjessica ebacademics com