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My Digital Footprint

By: Elizabeth Burricelli

Blog- A personal website or webpage where someone can share pictures, links, or personal entries


Flaming- A hostile and insulting interaction between internet users


P2P- (peer-to-peer) computer systems that are connected to each other, via the internet


Phishing- defrauding an online account holder


Podcast- a digital audio file on the internet available to download


Aggregator- a website that collects related items of content, and displays them

Digital Life 101






Strong- Be sure you include letters, numbers, and special characters


Private- Make sure NOBODY knows your password. If they do find out, change it


Different- Use different passwords for most sites, that way its harder to get them


Write it down?- NEVER write it down. You could easily lose it!



1) Treat people fairly

2) Live by the same standards you do in real life

3) Know where you are in cyper sace

4) Respect other's time and bandwidth

5) Make yourself look good

6) Share expert knowledge

7) Help keep flame wars under control

8) Respect other people's privacy

9) Don't abuse your power

10 )Be forgiving


Protect Yourself Online

  • Remember nothing is temporary
  • Make your profiles private
  • Safegaurd your passwords
  • Dont' post inappropriate pictures or statuses
  • Don't answer to inappropriate requests
  • Avoid "flaming"
  • Understand copyrights
  • Check yourself

Bootlegging - taking, transporting, or selling illegally copied or recorded material

Camcording - sneaking a camcorder or cell phone into a movie theater or live performance with plans to record

Copyright - if a dude has this, dont even think about trying to reproduce their original work

Digital watermarking - anti- heft device to identify pirated movie and music bootlegging

DRM - Digital Rights Management (software that helps prevent or even track pirating activity.

ESA - Entertainment Software Association; these peeps are doing their part in the fight against gaming piracy

Fair use - using media for your school projects the legit way so you are following the guidelines of ethical use of digital media


Digital Privacy

digital media Infringement- disobeying the law

Innovation - a fresh invention/idea. This is what we all should be doing rather than swiping old ideas from other people.

Intellectual property - innovation that is published

IP address - a barcode that shows the identification address for a computer. Every computer has one if its checked up with the ISP.

ISP - Internet Service Provider 

mp3 - digital music file used in most portable music players

mp4 - Media file type found mostly in iTunes but can be found elsewhere

MPAA - Motion Picture Association

Resellers - dudes who sell illegal, printed, material to people.

Safeguarding - its like your own digital Chuck Norris guarding your material Stealth taper 

Virus - a nasty computer hacking or crashing software program that is often attached to downloaded pirated files

aterial to people.

Digtial Privacy Continued

  • Be polite
  • Don't bully
  • Don't expose family problems
  • Be positive
  • Select pictures carefully
  • Know your limits

Social Media

  • Never post personal information 
  • Don´t be gullible 
  • Don´t respond to an angry message with anger 
  • Never open messages from strangers 
  • Don´t forward chain mails, hoaxes or long emails 
  • Proofread your messages 
  • Beware of certain topics 
  • Don´t post anything that is very private