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The Awesomely Bad Story of Cal


     Cal started his day at home and getting ready for school like normal. Cal then went to school and on the way the boy was pushed into a building. 

      As Cal got up he walked through the building. Cal found a room with a weird cup of silver goo. He went and picked it up taking a drink and suddenly felt cold. The poor boy also had his hair turn silver and spike up. 

      When Cal stopped changing he decided to walk out. The poor boy found a lot of men trying to stop him but each one dropped to the ground looking like a raisin. When he hit a corner that was a dead end Cal turned around coming face to face with an older man. The new guy told Cal that he had to calm down and get it together. 

      Cal decided to calm down a bit so that he could listen clearly. The man also told Cal to focus on the next guy that comes up and try to freeze him in place. The boy succeeded and when he tried to talk to the strange man the other guy was gone.

       So Cal walked out and found that the building was surrounded by Bobbies. He was to be arrested so with no other choice he froze as many people as possible while turning the rest into a form of human raisins. With that Cal ran home and found his mother was moved for her safety.

      He went on the hunt to get her back while trying to control this new gift. Lucky for the boy he just needed to go to the local station and search for his mom being questioned by the constable. He went and tried to freeze everyone but one Bobbie was left and in a panic he fired at Cal. The boy turned the officer into a raisin but not before he was hit and Cal’s mom took him to a hospital.

        Cal woke up cuffed and with his mom next to him. When Cal moved his mom told the boy that he was to be taken so he could help the British parliament. Cal decided he would only say yes if he could still see his mom on occasion. The government said yes and he went on to help them while still keeping what he really wanted his mom and to help people.