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Wilderwood s innovative and integrative equine assisted programs designed by autistics for autistics E ASEL Equine Autistic Social Emotional Learning Hautism For Autistic Adults Horses Autism Immersive compressed curriculum permitting deep focus One week residential program Off site individual projects and goals Mind body interoception and somatic understanding of self Equine philosophy of Hautism 7 Wildwood Lane Peralta NM 87042 E ASEL for Autistic Children Equine Autistic Social Emotional Learning Self confidence and stronger connection with others Authentic autistic environment Opportunities to reduce emotional distress and anxiety through belonging and acceptance Achievement of personal goals Appreciation of mind body interoception Equine philosophy of Hautism Tel 505 459 9813 Email office wilderwoodequinetherapy org Web wilderwoodequinetherapy org Facebook wilderwoodequinetherapy Wilderwood Equine Therapy and Rescue is a registered 501 c 3 non profit

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Features of E ASEL Individualized goal setting with parents and teachers Equine assisted activities designed for mind body connectivity critical thinking and collaborative learning skills Strengths based curriculum aimed to improve self esteem through positive affirmations Autistic mentors as role models and resources Instruction and activities to develop strategies for self regulation including coping with stress and anxiety and persevering through challenges Creative and imaginative hands on learning activities Program can be repeated with new goals Greater self awareness through reflection on thoughts and feelings Engaging and interacting with others to make connections and possible friendships Practicing social awareness and strengthening communication skill honoring autistic preferences Striving to create a sense of belonging and acceptance E ASEL for Autistic Children The most beautiful and profound way to change yourself is to accept yourself completely as imperfect as you are Maxime Lagac An integrative therapy for ages 8 18 Wilderwood s E ASEL program combines elements of equine assisted therapy with an autistic inspired form of Social Emotional Learning mind body connection and linguistic therapies A unique aspect of Wilderwood s program is that autistic adults are active participants as mentors and role models for children as well as being resources for parents grandparents and teachers E ASEL is offered in six week sessions from March to November Participants attend for 90 minutes a week for multimodal therapy approaches based on authentic autistic and equine experiences Program Cost 600 all inclusive

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