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Early Childhood Winter 2022

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Everyone Connects!Everyone Connects!PRESCHOOL SPORTS SAMPLER pg 5EVENING INQUIRIES pg 11 Enrichment: 507-328-4000ECFE/PAIIR:

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Early Childhood Winter 2022 | TABLE OF CONTENTSPRESCHOOL ENRICHMENT ................. 4Art ............................................. 4Health ........................................ 4Imagination / Creativity ............ 4Science ...................................... 5Sports ........................................ 5Swimming .................................. 7ECFE/PAIIR ........................... 8Age Group Classes ................... 8Classes with Kits ........................ 9Focus Classes ............................ 9Non-Separating Classes ............ 10Online Classes ........................... 10Parents & Young Children ......... 11Play with Purpose ...................... 11Support Groups ........................ 12Week By Week .......................... 13Yearlong .................................... 13Rochester Public Schools provides a free comprehensive developmental screening for any child 3 years old to kindergarten enrollment. Schedule by calling 507-328-4004.Northrop Education Center201 8th St. NWRochester, MN CHILDHOOD SCREENINGOur early childhood team knows a single interaction with a child or adult can change the course of their day. That is why each course is lled with intentional and meaningful interactions that support early learning and development. We can’t wait to engage with your family this winter!@RochesterCE @parentsareimportantinrochesterNorthrop Education Center • 201 8th St NW • Rochester, MN 55901Ofce Hours: Monday-Friday • 8 AM-4:30 PM

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Early Childhood Winter 2022 | Everyone Connects!• September to June• Preschool scholarships• Kindergarten information• Family events• MN licensed teachers • Best practices implemented to help children develop as learners for lifelong success• Research-based curriculum and learning experiences focused on high-quality play • Individualized instructionWhy Rochester Public Schools Preschool?Skills we build in preschool serve us for a lifetime–positive relationships, language and literacy, numbers and thinking skills, and much more. RPS Preschool prepares our young learners for a future of school and life success. We use a play-based approach facilitated by high quality educators with respected curricula and assessments in a positive learning environment. Rochester Public Schools Preschool is a quality preschool program that respects the unique needs of each child. When children are prepared to succeed at kindergarten entrance, all of society benets. Growing Young Minds RPS Preschool focuses across the areas of child development, facilitating learning in social and emotional, cognitive, and physical development, literacy and language, math, science, and the arts. Our children play to learn, with whole group, small group, and individualized opportunities. Our licensed teachers and talented assistants provide caring, quality environments where the love of learning will ourish.Registration is open for 2021-2022! Class information on page 15.Call 507-328-4024 for more information or register today at

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Early Childhood Winter 2022 | 4* = Partnership class = Online Class = Evening class Everyone Connects!PRESCHOOL ENRICHMENTPreschool Skills$35–2 Sessions • 1-3 PMLocation: Northrop–Rm 2101805.210 Th, F Jan 6–71805.220 Th, F Jan 13–141805.230 Th, F Jan 27–281805.240 Th, F Feb 3–41805.250 Th, F Feb 10–111805.260 Th, F Feb 24–251805.270 Th, F Mar 10–111805.280 Th, F Mar 17–181805.290 Th, F Apr 7–8ARTLittle Artist (3-6 Years/Adult)$23–1 SessionLocation: Northrop–Rm 2101550.210 Sa Mar 5 9:30-11 AMHEALTHI Want to be a Vet (3-6 Years)$23–1 SessionLocation: Northrop–Rm 2101620.210 Sa Mar 19 9:30-11 AMIMAGINATION / CREATIVITYThumb-body Loves You! (3-6 Years)$23–1 SessionLocation: Northrop–Rm 2101540.210 Sa Feb 12 9:30-11 AM

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Early Childhood Winter 2022 | 5* = Partnership class = Online Class = Evening class SCIENCESnow Stem Saturday (3-6 Years)$23–1 SessionLocation: Northrop–Rm 2101610.210 Sa Jan 22 9:30-11 AMPerfect Little Planet (3 Years-Gr.3/Adult)$20–1 Session • 6:30-7:30 PM Location: Mayo HS–Planetarium1605.211 Tu Jan 25 1605.212 Th Mar 101605.213 Tu Mar 15Star Lite, Star Brite, Rochester Sky at Nite (3 Years-Gr.3/Adult)$20–1 Session • 6:30-7:30 PM Location: Mayo HS–Planetarium1606.211 Th Feb 31606.212 Tu Apr 5Little Hands STEAM Experience (3-6 Years)$42–4 Sessions • 10-11:30 AMLocation: Northrop-Rm 2101611.211 Th Jan 6-271611.212 Th Feb 3-241611.213 Th Apr 7-28@RochesterCE SPORTSBasketball (4-6 Years/Adult)$38–3 SessionsLocation: Northrop–Gym1804.211 Tu Jan 11–25 5:45-6:30 PM 1804.212 Tu Feb 8–22 6:45-7:30 PM Preschool Sports Sampler (3-6 Years/Adult)$38–3 SessionsLocation: Northrop–Gym1806.211 Tu Jan 11–25 6:45-7:30 PM Soccer (4-6 Years/Adult)$38–3 SessionsLocation: Northrop–Gym1802.211 Tu Feb 8–22 5:45-6:30 PM

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Early Childhood Winter 2022 | 6* = Partnership class = Online Class = Evening class 1860.205P Tu Feb 1–22 9:30-10:15 AM1860.202P W Feb 2–23 6:10-6:55 PM 1860.206P Tu Mar 1–22 9:30-10:15 AM1860.203P W Mar 2–23 6:10-6:55 PM Tomcats (3 Years) *$65–4 Sessions1861.204PTu Jan 4–25 11:10-11:55 AM1861.201PW Jan 5–26 5:20-6:05 PM 1861.205PTu Feb 1–22 11:10-11:55 AM1861.202PW Feb 2–23 5:20-6:05 PM 1861.206PTu Mar 1–22 11:10-11:55 AM1861.203PW Mar 2–23 5:20-6:05 PM Falcons (4 Years) *$65–4 Sessions1862.204PTu Jan 4–25 10:20-11:05 AM1862.201PW Jan 5–26 4:30-5:15 PM1862.205PTu Feb 1–22 10:20-11:05 AM1862.202PW Feb 2–23 4:30-5:15 PM1862.206PTu Mar 1–22 10:20-11:05 AM1862.203PW Mar 2–23 4:30-5:15 PMRochester Figure Skating Club: Learn2Skate for Beginners (4-6 Years)Location: Rochester Recreation Center$126–7 Sessions • Skip: Feb 1-51790.201P Tu Jan 4–Feb 22 6-6:30 PM 1790.202P Th Jan 6–Feb 246-6:30 PM 1790.203P F Jan 7–Feb 256:15-6:45 PM 1790.204P Sa Jan 8–Feb 2611-11:30 AM$144–8 Sessions1790.205P Tu Mar 8–May 17Skip: Mar 22, 29, Apr 196-6:30 PM 1790.206P Th Mar 10–May 19Skip: Mar 24, 31, Apr 216-6:30 PM 1790.207P F Mar 11–May 20Skip: Mar 25, Apr 1, 226:15-6:45 PM 1790.208PSa Mar 12– May 21Skip: Mar 26, Apr 2, 2311-11:30 AMJ.E.T.S. GYMNASTICS$65–4 SessionsLocation: J.E.T.S. Gymnastics 2440 Claire Lane NEPuddle Jumpers (18 Months-3 Years/Adult) *$65–4 Sessions 1860.204P Tu Jan 4–25 9:30-10:15 AM1860.201P W Jan 5–26 6:10-6:55 PM

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Early Childhood Winter 2022 | 7* = Partnership class = Online Class = Evening class Scan the QR code to head to our registration website & sign up today!SWIMMINGWater Exploration Level I (4-8 Years)$70–5 SessionsLocation: John Adams–Swimming Pool1920.211 Tu Feb 1–Mar 1 6-6:30 PM 1920.212 Tu Feb 1–Mar 1 6:30-7 PM Water Exploration Level II (4-8 Years)$70–5 SessionsLocation: John Adams–Swimming Pool1921.211 Tu Feb 1–Mar 1 7-7:30 PM Water Readiness (9-24 Months/Adult)Location: Kellogg–Swimming Pool$56–4 Sessions1901.212 W Jan 12–Feb 2 6-6:30 PM $70–5 Sessions1901.214 W Feb 16-Mar 16 6-6:30 PM Water Readiness (2-3 Years/Adult)Location: Kellogg–Swimming Pool$56–4 Sessions1902.212 W Jan 12–Feb 2 6:30-7 PM $70–5 Sessions1902.214 W Feb 16-Mar 16 6:30-7 PM Water Readiness (3-6 Years/Adult)Location: Kellogg–Swimming Pool$56–4 Sessions1903.212 W Jan 12–Feb 2 7-7:30 PM $70–5 Sessions1903.214 W Feb 16-Mar 16 7-7:30 PM

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Early Childhood Winter 2022 | 8AGE GROUP CLASSESEach class oers the ECFE class experience including PACT followed by children’s learning and play time and a parent discussion. Parents will move to a separate room for a parent discussion. Sibling care is available where listed.1-3 Year Olds (12-42 Months)10 SessionsLocation: Hoover–Rm 103 & 1430113.220 W Jan 12–Mar 16 9:30-11:15 AM2-3 Year Olds10 SessionsLocation: Northrop–Rm 303 & 3070201.220 Th Jan 13–Mar 17 9:30-11:15 AM 2-4 Year Olds8 SessionsLocation: Northrop–Rm 302 & 3070241.220 M Jan 10–Mar 14Skip: Jan 17, Feb 219:45-11:30 AMSTEM (3-5 Years)10 SessionsLocation: Northrop–Rm 302 & 3060319.220 Th Jan 13–Mar 17 9:15-11:15 AMToddler/Twos (18-30 Months) 10 SessionsLocation: Northrop–Rm 302 & 307 0120.220 Tu Jan 11–Mar 15 9:30-11 AM Everyone Connects!ECFE Sliding Fee Scale information is available on our website: (Parent and Child Time) is included in all ECFE/PAIIR classes. Parents and children will have time to interact with activities designed to enhance your child’s learning.

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Early Childhood Winter 2022 | 9 = Limited sibling care available = Online Class = Evening class CLASSES WITH KITSNeed new ideas to engage your curious child(ren) at home? Your family will enjoy exploring, investigating, and experimenting with our at home lessons. There will be video lessons and activities each week. These classes will have a one-time material pick-up prior to the start of class. Come explore with us! These are at-home/online courses.Math and Melodies (2-5 Years) – At-Home/Online Course 3 SessionsLocation: Online0830.220 Tu Jan 11–25 9:30-10 AMLet’s Learn Letters! (2-5 Years) – At-Home/Online Course 3 SessionsLocation: Online0831.220 Tu Feb 1–15 9:30-10 AMLet it Snow! (2-5 Years) – At-Home/Online Course 2 SessionsLocation: Online0832.220 Tu Feb 22 & Mar 1 9:30-10 AMFOCUS CLASSESEach class oers the ECFE experience including PACT followed by children’s learning and play time and a parent discussion. Children under 9 months will remain with parent(s) during discussions as a lap baby. Sibling care is available where listed.Parenting a Child with Spirited or Challenging Behaviors (2-5 Years)8 SessionsLocation: Northrop–Rm 302 & 3070211.220 M Jan 10–Mar 14Skip: Jan 17, Feb 215:45-7:45 PM Parenting in a Diverse and Inclusive World (0-5 Years)8 SessionsLocation: Northrop–Rm 305 & 3060116.220 M Jan 10–Mar 14Skip: Jan 17, Feb 215:45-6:45 PM

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Early Childhood Winter 2022 | 10NON-SEPARATING CLASSESYou and your child will remain together for the entire class. Each class oers the ECFE experience including PACT. These classes will include a parent discussion in the same room as your child. Sibling care is available where listed. Nannies welcome.Baby & Me (0-12 Months)10 SessionsLocation: Northrop–Rm 3050012.220 Tu Jan 11–Mar 15 1-2:30 PMFun Ones (10-23 Months)8 SessionsLocation: Northrop–Rm 3050110.220 F Jan 14–Mar 18Skip: Jan 21, Mar 49:15-10:45 AMONLINE CLASSESYou’ve got parenting questions? We have information and support. Take our online classes from any device that can connect to the internet. All classes are readily available through Adobe Connect.Parenting with Intention – Online Course 6 SessionsLocation: Online0829.220 Th Feb 10–Mar 17 8-9 PM Positive Discipline – Online Course (Book Club) 10 SessionsLocation: Online0825.220 Tu Jan 11–Mar 15 1-2 PMParenting Strategies Video Library Find it tricky to t in our in-person classes, but want to learn more about effective parenting strategies? Sign up for our exclusive online video library created by ECFE/PAIIR educators about topics from toilet training, to emotions, to play. This self-paced option allows you to access information you need, when you need it. Upon registration you will receive a conrmation email containing the link to view our videos.$5 with ECFE Course/$10 stand aloneLocation: Online0926.220Save the Date!VIRTUALKick Off to KindergartenNovember 2021More

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Early Childhood Winter 2022 | 11 = Limited sibling care available = Online Class = Evening class PARENTS & YOUNG CHILDRENReady for the ECFE class experience? Within this category, you will nd both separating and non-separating courses. Separating classes oer PACT, followed by children’s learning and play time and parent discussion in a separate room. For non-separating classes, parents remain in the room with their child(ren). Evening Inquiries (0-5 Years)10 SessionsLocation: Northrop–Rm 303, 308 & 3160610.220 Tu Jan 11–Mar 15 5:45-7 PM Bedtime Stories (0-5 Years)3 SessionsLocation: Northrop–Rm 305(0-2 Years)BTS.220Tu Jan 4, Feb 1 & Mar 1 6-7 PM (3-5 Years) BTS.221TuJan 18, Feb 15 & Mar 15 6-7 PM PLAY WITH PURPOSEDiscover learning through your child’s eyes in these parent and child classes. Parents or grandparents will enjoy circle time, themed play, songs, and stories with the children.MAGNIFICENT MONDAYSStorytime (2-5 Years)2 SessionsLocation: Northrop–Rm 3030620.220 M Jan 10 & 24 5:45-7 PM STEM (2-5 Years)2 SessionsLocation: Northrop–Rm 3030318.221 M Jan 31 & Feb 7 5:45-7 PM Silly Senses (2-5 Years)2 SessionsLocation: Northrop–Rm 3030747.220 M Feb 14 & 28 5:45-7 PM How I Feel (2-5 Years)2 SessionsLocation: Northrop–Rm 3030630.220 M Mar 7 & 14 5:45-7 PM @parentsareimportantinrochester

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Early Childhood Winter 2022 | 12SUPER SATURDAYSHibernation Station (2-5 Years)1 SessionLocation: Northrop–Rm 3020642.220 Sa Jan 22 9:30-11 AMBreakfast and Books (0-5 Years)1 SessionLocation: Northrop–Rm 3020640.220 Sa Feb 12 9:30-11 AMAway We Go! (0-5 Years)1 SessionLocation: Northrop–Rm 3020739.220 Sa Mar 12 9:30-11 AMSUPPORT GROUPSSupport groups are a gathering of people with common experiences or concerns who provide each other with encouragement, comfort, advice and support. Each class oers the ECFE class experience including PACT followed by children’s learning and play time and a parent discussions. Parents will move to a separate room for a parent discussion. Registration is required.Parenting a Child with Special Needs (Birth-Grade 5)3 SessionsLocation: Northrop–Rm 305 & 3060720.220 Tu Jan 11, Feb 8, Mar 8 5:45-7:30 PM Single Parent Support Group (0-5 Years)3 SessionsLocation: Northrop–Rm 303 & 3070616.220 Th Jan 20, Feb 17, Mar 17 5:30-7:30 PM Are you NEW to Rochester, NEW to ECFE/PAiiR, or NEW to Parenting? It takes a village to raise a child, so stop by the ofce and let us introduce ourselves, help you navigate our program and welcome you into your NEW village.Northrop Education Center 201 8th St NW Rochester, MN 55901

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Early Childhood Winter 2022 | 13 = Limited sibling care available = Online Class = Evening class WEEK BY WEEKMade to t your schedule! Attend one class or all of the classes with our exible “week by week” registration. Each class oers the ECFE class experience including PACT.Extraordinary Newborn (0-6 Months)1 Session * 1-2:30 PMLocation: Northrop–Rm 3070002.220 W Jan 190002.221 W Feb 160002.222 W Mar 16Those Great Informational Fridays (TGIF) (0-5 Years)1 Session • 9:30-11:30 AMLocation: Northrop–Rm 302 & 3070611.220 F Jan 140611.221 F Jan 280611.222 F Feb 40611.223 F Feb 110611.224 F Feb 180611.225 F Feb 250611.226 F Mar 110611.227 F Mar 18YEARLONGOpen registration begins in fall followed by priority registration for our winter and spring sessions, allowing the group participants to remain together for the entire school year. New participants are welcome to register if space is available.1-3 Year Olds Yearlong (12-42 Months)8 SessionsLocation: Northrop–Rm 303 & 3060113.221 F Jan 14–Mar 18Skip: Jan 21, Mar 49:30-11:15 AMDad & Me Yearlong (0-5 Years)10 SessionsLocation: Northrop–Rm 303, 305, 308, 319, Gym 0660.220 W Jan 12–Mar 16 9:30-11:15 AMNight Owl Preschool Yearlong (3-5 Year Olds)10 SessionsLocation: Northrop–Rm 302 & 3070350.220 Tu Jan 11–Mar 15 5:30-7:30 PM Toddler Yearlong (12-42 Months)8 SessionsLocation: Hoover–Rm 103 & 1430111.220 M Jan 10–Mar 14 Skip: Jan 17, Feb 219:30-11:15 AM Scan the QR code to register today!

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Early Childhood Winter 2022 | 14connect with our parent educatorParenting young children can be a very rewarding, yet challenging job that doesn’t come with a manual. Sign up for a time to chat (in-person or video)with a professional parent educator to talk about your questions or concerns in-person or video chat.For more information or to reserve a timeslot, contact or call 507-328-4021.Ever feel like you need some one-on-one training as you navigate parenthood? We offer in-person or video chats with a licensed parent educator to support you.Lindsey Cantwell Memorial ScholarshipLinda Munson Memorial ScholarshipIf you’ve had a positive experience with PAiiR/ECFE programming we ask you to consider donating to our scholarships so that others may also experience the opportunity to benet and grow from our support and education just as your family did. Scan the QR code below to help fund future education for local families.Parent Engagement MattersJoin the PAIIR/School Readiness Advisory Council!Call us for more information: 507-328-4020DONATE TODAY!

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Early Childhood Winter 2022 | 15CLASS TYPESEXPLORERS 3 Year Olds The Explorers class is specically designed with young preschoolers in mind as they begin to explore and learn new language and social skills through play in a group setting. Children must be 3 years of age by 9/1/2021. PM 3 days Mon/Wed/Fri Site: NorthropPATHFINDERS 3-5 Year Olds The Pathnders is a multiage class providing children an opportunity to learn in a group of multiage peers. Children must be at least 3 years of age by 9/1/2021. PM 4 days Mon-Thu Site: NorthropPM 5 days Mon-Fri Site: Mighty OaksTRAILBLAZERS 4-5 Year Olds The Trailblazers class is for children headed to kindergarten the following school year. Children must be at least 4 years of age by 9/1/2021.Sites: Hoover, Mighty Oaks & NorthropPM 5 days Mon-Fri Sites: Northrop & Mighty OaksFull day 5 days Mon-Fri Site: Mighty OaksSTEM 4-5 Year Olds STEM is all about exploring, observing, predicting and questioning and your preschooler will be encouraged to plan, create and problem solve with help from our teachers. Children must be at least 4 years of age by 9/1/2021.PM 5 days Mon-Fri Site: Mighty OaksScholarships Available! Connects!Look for 2022-23 Registration in January 2022!Openings still available for 2021-22!

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Northrop Community Education201 8th Street NWRochester, MN 55901Strengthening families with young children through education and support.Everyone Connects!Everyone Connects!Register today!