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Welcome to our biggest sale ever - and UPDATED sale catalog! 

Prices are marked at cost or below and this will be our final sale of its kind. Many items are still crated, while some items were floor models and are currently wrapped and stored in our warehouse. You may contact our office directly for any clarifications on the condition of any item. 

Delivery: All items may be picked up at our Atlanta warehouse. All items paid in full must be removed from the showroom within 5 days of payment in full. Delivery within the Atlanta area may be arranged by CONTEXT, but the cost of the delivery will be fully borne by the purchaser. CONTEXT will not be held responsible for any delivery costs or damages incurred during delivery. There are many websites and apps now available for local delivery (Bellhops, Goshare, etc.). CONTEXT cannot be held liable for the service of any third party organization.

Freight: Any items shipped out of the Atlanta area (that you do not pick up) may be shipped blanket wrapped by a third party freight/delivery company. Items that require freight may be quoted after the purchase is paid in full. Price and availability cannot be held while the client is obtaining a freight quote. It is the client’s responsibility to document the condition of all items prior to leaving the warehouse. Upon arrival to its final destination, it is the client’s responsibility to inspect all items before signing the receiving documents. Please note any and all exceptions on the freight carriers manifest. Any claims for loss or damage must be made directly to the freight company. CONTEXT will assume no responsibility for loss or damage for third party freight/delivery. Please feel free to contact CONTEXT at 800.886.0867  for advice.

Our showroom is currently closed until we re-open late next year at our new location. Please visit us at our website to see our current collections (not inc sale) and to visit our online boutique. 

Contact Context: 


Private Sale Lounge Chairs  B B Italia Up 1 Lounge Chair Lora 153 Black  2333 Sale  1749 http en produ...
Private Sale Lounge Chairs  Cassina LC4 Louis Vuitton  9000 Sale  6300 http en collection sofas-and-armc...

Sofas and Sectionals

B&B Italia Michel Sofa 256 in Elade 151 Ash Fabric with Pillow $10,870 Sale $2699

B&B Italia Solo Sectional in Bellano 153 Brushed Grey Cotton $12,369 SOLD

Tecno Spa D120 Sofa Grey Blue Fabric 88.2” x 35.4 $8649 $ale $2169

Cassina Otto Sectional Morandi 3 Airone Grey Fabric $12,865 SOLD

Lounge Chairs

E15 That Lounge Chair in Natural Oak $869 Sale $395

B&B Italia Almora & Footstool Smoke Oak Koto 355 Leather $15,428 Sale $6279

Cassina LC3 Lounge Chair Chrome Grade Z Brown Leather $7210 Sale $2529

B&B Italia Husk H2M Lounge Chair Black with Grey Leather $4825 Sale $2179

B&B Italia J.J Lounge Chair $6358 Sale $3799

SP Barrique Citterio Poltrona Lounge Natural Oak $3869 Sale $969

Maxalto Febo 2804V Lounge Chair and Ottoman Mohair Berry $6443 Sale $2259

Cassina Wink Lounge Chair Z Leather $9025 Sale $2259

Alias Manzú Lounge with Ottoman Black/Polished $8535 Sale $2139

Cassina LC4 Louis Vuitton $10000 Sale $3995

Cassina AEO Lounge White Leather Blue Seat $6855 Sale $1639

Bensen Lotus Chair Chrome and Green Fabric $1780 Sale $449

Knoll Asymmetric Chaise Chrome $7884 Sale $1979

B&B Italia Mart Relax Lounge Black Saddle Leather $10,517 Sale $4699

Maxalto Febo Dormeuse Lounge Samara Rosa 797 (NIB) $8361 Sale $3759

Cappellini Statuette Lounge Chair White $6285 Sale $995

Edra Favela Chair Pine $7985 Sale $3595

B&B Italia Fat Sofa Ottoman FS76P Divina 893 Teal $1979 Sale $890

BB Italia Fat Sofa FS91B Low Back Lounge Chair Serra 153 $4700 Sale $2093

B&B Do-Maru Blk Shell + Legs Kasia Anthracite Leather $3995 x 2 Sale $1797 ea

Private Sale Coffee and Side Tables  Cassina LC14 Side Table Solid Chestnut  900 x 2 Sale  395 http en c...

Coffee and Side Tables

Cassina Torei Low Table Natural 381 14/24/L4 47.2 x 8.7” x 16.1”  $1830 Sale $495

Cassina Torei Low Table Black 381 11/21/L1 31.5” x 8.7” x 12.2” $1535 Sale $349

Maxalto Lithos Rect. Side Table SMTM5L Smoked Oak-Bronze $2799 Sale $699

Maxalto Lithos Square Table SMTM4L Smoked Oak Bronze Frame $1758 Sale $499

Maxalto Pathos Table SMCE8 Grey Polished Lacquer and Chrome $3864 Sale $969

Cassina Plana Coffee Table in Solid Walnut $5950 Sale $2479

Cassina LC14 Side Table Solid Chestnut $900 x 2 Sale $229

Cappellini Oak Table OTM/1 Coffee Table 65.5” x 15” x 11” h $2043 Sale $509

Maxalto Loto Stool SM40P Soia Shellac $1715 Sale $429

Cassina 520 Accordo Coffee Table Black Lacquer $5220 Sale $999

Cappellini Ko-Ko Black $1280 Sale $320

Montis Tor Side Table White $216 Sale $75

Cappellini Mini Steel Table SX/T1 30cm Small Polished Aluminum $1350 Sale $299

B&B Italia Diesis Coffee Table TDS/RP Black Chrome Clear $5338 Sale $2395

B&B Italia Frank Side Table Black Chrome $1765 Sale $795

Private Sale Coffee and Side Tables  B B Italia Button Table Oval Tall TB54 Anthracite Base Carrara Top  1976 Sale  1269 h...

Dining Tables

B&B Athos 12 Dining Table Grey Oak Bronze 100-126” $9658 Sale $3379

E15 Sloane Table White Waxed Oak 106.25” x 36.25” $7609 Sale $2669

Maxalto Simposio Table 96” x 43” Brown Oak $6622 Sale $700

E15 Slone Table White Waxed Oak 90.5” x 36.25” $6211 Sale $2179

Dining Chairs

E15 This Chair Black Oak x 4 $599 Sale $195 ea

Maxalto 2804V Febo Dining Chair Gamma 257 Grey Leather $2391 x 4 Sale $839ea

Baleri Italia Juliette Chairs Black $427 x 4 Sale $195

B&B Iuta Swivel Dining Chair Bronze Grey Leather $2306 x 4 Sale $795ea

B&B Italia Doyl Chair Brown Saddle Leather $1899 x 6 Sale $695ea

Alias Elle Chair Polished Aluminum Saddle Black Leather $994 x2 Sale $249ea

Montis Mila Chair Rancho Brown Black Legs x 4 $1399 Sale $359ea

Private Sale Miscellaneous B B Italia Fat-Fat Tray in Brushed Copper  852 Sale  599 http en products l...


Kymo Mark 2 Viscose Carpet Black 6’-6.75” x 9’10” $4000 x 2 Sale $1800

Hanna Korvela Duetto 4 (035) Grey/Grey 9’10” x 13’-1.5” $5970 Sale $1495

Hanna Korvela Duetto 3 (007) Brown/Black 9’10” x 13’-1.5” $5970 Sale $1495

Kymo Mashup Lilac 5’7” x 7-10” $3800 Sale $995\


Cassina Nuage Bahut Sidebaord Natural Oak with Black Metal $9725 sale $3399

Cassina Nuvola Rossa Bookcase Black Lacquer $5340 Sale $1795

Cassina Nuage Limited Edition Bookcase Multi Color Natural Ash $35,105 sale $12289

B&B Italia Flat.C Bookcase Multi Color 138” x 88” h $23800 sale $5950

Pastoe A’Dammer Berry Red 80.5” x 14.5” x 14.5” $2899 sale $729

B&B Italia Athos Sideboard Polished Dark Coffee Grey Lacquer $8950 sale $2295

Private Sale Sofas and Sectionals  B B Italia Michel Sofa 256 in Elade 151 Ash Fabric with Pillow  10,870 Sale  7599 http ...


B&B Italia Springtime TST7 Table 27.5” x 11” $1659 x 4 Sale $580

Richard Schultz 1966 Low Lounge Chair Black $1427 Sale $359

Alias Green Outdoor 209 Lounge Chair Grey Stainless $1069 Sale $269


B&B Italia Siena Bed American King Gamma 141 Grey Leather $10,828 Sale $4879

B&B Italia Dado Chest of Drawers CDI122 Anthracite/Grey $4339 x 2 sale $1949ea


Maxalto Leukon Floor Lamp Bronze /Beige $2516 Sale $629

Prandina Finland Ceiling Fixture $410 x 2 Sale $95ea

Flos Spun Table Lamp T2 White $1095 Sale $599

Tom Dixon Beat Lamp Tall $550 x 2 Sale $195 ea

Flos Model 2097-30 Suspension Chrome $1995 Sale $695

Tom Dixon Etch Shade Brass $550 x 4 Sale $139ea

Flos Ktribe S2 Silver Pendent $795 x 2 Sale $279

Flos Fuscia 1 Pendent Lamp $445 sale $119

Private Sale Dining Chairs  E15 This Chair Black Oak x 4  599 Sale  419 http en all-products this.html Maxal...


Tecno Spa Plau Task Chair Z Black Leather $2700 sale $699

Tecno Spa Plau Armchair Green Hallingdal $1973 Sale $495

Bulo Mtoo Desk White/Elm $4275 x 2 Sale $1069 ea

Alias Rollingframe + Arm Polished Black Mesh $1505 x4 Sale $395ea

Tecno Spa Plau Task Chair Blue Hallingdal $2063 Sale $519

Tecno Spa S148 Task Chair White Leather $2732 Sale $689

Single Chairs and Stools

Cassina 699 Superleggera Chair White/Blue Fabric $1240 Sale $310

Cappellini Mr. B Side Chair BGT1 Blue $1430 Sale $359

Baleri Juliette Stainless $759 Sale $189

Cassina 280 Zig Zag Chair Cherry $2230 sale $599

Cappellini Hi-Pad Stool Black 908 Leather $1150 Sale $395

Cappellini Bac Armchair Bleached Ash $980 sale $395

Montis Mila Armchair Black Leather Chrome legs $1260 sale $195

Gervasoni Otto Chair 123 Rawhide Brown Oak $1399 Sale $199

Alias Spaghetti Childs Chair Red $259 Sale $69

Knoll Bertoia Barstool White White Vinyl $1174 Sale $195

Cassina Caprice Dining Chair Chrome Black Leather Black Nylon $1445 Sale $369

Cappellini Ribbon Stool RI_1LL Red $1195 Sale $295

Vitra Vegetal Chair Black $770 Sale $175


B&B Italia Fat-Fat Tray in Brushed Copper $852 Sale $599

Cappellini Umbrella Stand $1500 Sale $599

Baleri Tato Black $599 x 2 Sale $419

B&B Italia Mirto Indoor Stool Natural Leather $2283 Sale $1598

Thank you and please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. This is a truly our biggest sale and final one of it's kind. Shipping or delivery is not included in any prices.