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Cheese, wine, Kimchi and yourt all have something in common: fermentation. Fermentation occurs whwn food grows yeast, or healthy bacteria.There are many different ways to make fermented food and drinks.When making cheese or yogurt, good bacteria are added to milk.

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Have you ever had sour milk? It doesn't sound appetizing, but a very similar food is enjoyed around the word:Bulgarian yogurt.Bulgarians have producen this yogurt for thousands of years

This yogurt contains two special kinds of bacteria.One kind is used in all yogurts.The other one is unique to Bulgaria and is named after the country. The bacteria are added to buffalo milk, or cows milk.Afeter the mixture sits out for a few hours or days, it turns into yogurt.This process is called feermentation.

Bulgarian yogurt was probably discovered by accident when someone left milk out too long and it mixed with bacteria.Later, people started to do this on purpose. This meant that they didn't have to worry about keeping their milk cold, and the result was delicious.

Today, people in other countries make bulgarian yogurt because of its health benefits.Like all fermented foods, it contains healthy bacteria that help fight against diseases like cancer.Fermented foods are good for the immune sistem,too.

There arew hundreds of kinds of fermented food and drinks, and most of them can be found at the grocery store. There are dairy products like cheese and yogurt, and food products like kimchi and pickles. Whatever you choose, you can be sure it will be good for you!


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