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Synroof HB Color Catalogue

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SYNROOF HI BUILD igh Performance Waterproofing membrane H INTRODUCTION Bitumat has a corporate philosophy of effective specialisation when it comes to It has a very high reflective value and thus retains lesser heat Hence Synroof Hi build roofs maintain a relatively cool roof product application Rather than compromising on product performance by expecting one product to meet different applicatian criteria we develop products to suit specific applications Synroof Hi build is an example The temperature that roofing materials experience during their service life will have considerable influence on their ELASTOMERIC UNIFORM SEAMLESS PROTECTIVE COATING SYNROOF HI BUILD is a high quality environmentally safe energy saving elastomeric single pack roofing compound based on high tech polymer chemistry formulations Based on special acrylic Polymers it is ideal for dry substrate where it forms a seamless joint free water and weather tight elastic membrane lt is a liquid applied fully adhered rubber like membrane The total absence of external plasticisers makes Synroof Hi build an ENERGY EFFICIENT The roof is exposed to Short wave effective and pliable membrane for a long radiations from the Sun They are time When cured it is extremely strong absorbed by the exposed materials and highly pliable flexible elastic and adheres building surfaces Depending upon the strongly to the substrate material varying amount of heat may be absorbed and retained or a large percent ENSURES PERFECT BONDING WITH of the heat may be reflected and maintain THE SUBSTRATE a relatively cooler surface Materials with Many surfaces are extremely inconsistent low reflective values retain heat and and irregular and hence waterproofing them becomes difficult and suspect A exceed the ambient temperature performance and may well determine the success or failure of a roof system multi dimensional membrane like Synroof The demand for a Cool roof systems Hi build takes the shape of the contours roofs that have a high solar reflectance and fits very snugly allowing little or no has grown considerably This is because chance for water creeping in The such a roof helps not only to improve low elastomeric nature helps the membrane to slope roof systems durability and enhance accomodate the deck movements due to the environment but also because it is a its high elongation capacity lt is very major ENERGY SAVERI An affordable rugged and durable and has proved very effective in the harshest of climates electricity bill is what one receives ocrl tr lc Reflectance of Heat due to Synroaf Hi Buitd Lawer absorption of heat ffi Retention of Heat due to low limited reflectance Higher absorption of heat t f i fi il t t

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Synroof Hi build is used extensively to waterproof and extend the life of older roofs as well as to waterproof new roofs ynroof Hi build applications often involve re coating an existing elastomeric coating and roofs which may be asphalt built up modified bitumen asbestos cement or terrazza tiles and concrete Porches Patios Walkways and Rarnps The substrate may be horizontal or inclined Synroof Hi build is always easy and convenient to apply is a panacea for all problems Not only do we get roof that is Synroof Hi build Bold and Beautiful we also get a roof that is significantly easier and economical to maintain Synroof Hi build dares the elements nature and performs consistently whilst other lesser coatings succumb to the attacks of nature of The Synroof Hi build roof is extremely aesthetic in appearance and is as beautiful as it is functional o I c ii i llF I I o I I Complete protective and a waterproof coating Provides a uniform seamless and jointless membrane Ensures complete binding with the substrate hence preventing water travel beneath the membrane even if it is damaged f xcellent Durability and resistant to ageing UV radiation Reflects more than 90 of the Sun s radiation That s more than eight times more reflective than typical gravel roof surfaces and 15 to BA more reflective than aluminised surfaces Lowers Roof Surface Temperatures substantially by as much a 2B C in Environment and user friendly non toxic non hazardous a Non flammable as a liquid compound o Easy to apply on irregular surfaces o Permanent Flexibility superior elasticity and recovery properties Cures to form a durable taugh yet flexible and elastic waterproof membrane ldeal answer to domes corrugated steel decks etc o Provide an attractive lasting reflecting waterproofing surface ummer Reduces Building Cooling Loads Helps in Hnergy Savings Reduces Electricity bills Accepts light foot traffic Long term performance over a wide temperature range from 80 C Ease of application 5 C to BLACK Ambient temperatures of about 20 deg C Roof temperature related ta calour of roof surfacing

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EXCELLENT REFLECTANCE Synroof Hi build also reflects the sun s ultra violet radiation This is the most harmful form of the sun s radiation a major cause of inducing ageing and deterioration By reflecting most of this type of radiation and keeping the roof surface coolel Synroof Hi build helps in extending the life of the roof by actually slowing down the ageing process above as shown in the figure below U nder ideal conditions the surface temperature of such a roof may increase by as much as 22 deg C However Synroof Hi build coated roofs are able to resist this temperature increase due to it s high reflectance Also reflected are the infra red rays which on a typical day can cause typical black roof surface temperature to soar around BB 90 deg C ln due course of time such high ternperatures literally take the life out of the roof By reflecting much of the infra red radiation which impinge on the roof surface Synroof Hi build keeps the surface cooler and again adds to the life of the roof It has been noted that exterior surfaces may receive reflected short wave and long wave radiation from adjacent walls that are heated by solar radiation in addition to that roof of a low building directly south of a higher building will receive a considerable amount of shortwave reflected sunlight plus some fraction of the long wave radiation emitted by the wall LONG TERM WATERPROOFING AND THERMAL INSULATION Coupled with it s excellent reflective and durable waterproofing capabilities Synroof Hi build is the ideal answer because it waterproofs and insulates it is easy and really simple to install it is convenient to maintain since there is no removal of any covering or gravel to inspect or repair it is easy to repair Goncrete Roofs c b irp dBoi7a87 BlruMAT coMPANY LIMtrEq sr oi ki gur i sauii Arabia i i J I _ Djrmmam Nffi fsboo s arqgg 6iz rzr3 efqx 1 s66 3 a1z 1gg e iz ttae R ai1am3t1 iri bituihat com Ter r