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Identifying and sharing the energies of these amazing gifts from Mother Earth

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A Look at Five Master Crystals

by Debra Watt, CCH

Uses for a Timelink Crystal


Wonderful to use for parallel life and past life recall

A good tool to use for divination

Left Activation Windows are good for working towards a goal

Right Activation Windows are good for creative endeavors & inspiration

Considered to be good for enhancing telepathic communication

Helps to work out current issues stemming from past life experiences


Time Links, when used in crystal grids, meditated with or kept under your pillow when sleeping can bring you information you may not have otherwise realized.

A Timelink crystal has a facet shaped like a parallogram oriented either towards the right or the left.  In the example below you can see that this timelink crystal is oriented towards the left and therefore would be considered a Left Activation Window.


Many believe that a left leaning window is a portal or timelink to the past, either in this or earlier lives.  Accordingly, it is believed that a right leaning window is a portal or timelink to the future.




 An ancient symbol itself, the parallelogram represents the power to change your current situation with the willingness to be open and flexible to accept new paths, directions and different or new ideas.


The Time Link supports you in achieving your goals if the parallelogram is leaning towards the left, and it is excellent for bolstering your inspiration and creativity if the parallelogram is leaning towards the right.



Identifying a Timelink Crystal

A Window crystal can be identified by its extra diamond shaped facet in the center of the crystal in an upright position.  The points of this facet will point towards North, West, East, and South.


The diamond shape can represent the balance between the physical and the spiritual realms.

Identifying a Window Crystal

Like windows in a home a window crystal can allow one to see beyond illusions and glimpse more of the inner self.

It should be used when one is prepared and ready to face certain truths that may be painful or unpleasant.

They are useful to use when one needs to take a look inside themselves as these are wonderful introspection crystals.

A window crystal can help you to get to the root of a problem or work out an issue by giving you some inner clarity.


Uses for a Window Crystal

Uses for an Isis Crystal

Considered to be a goddess crystal, a crystal with an Isis face helps one to get in touch with their feminine energy, and for men, helps them to be more attuned to the aspects of women that may be elusive.


It has a gentle, nurturing energy and is a good choice as a healing crystal as it is wonderful for stimulating self-healing and acceptance.



An Isis crystal has a dominant face which has 5 sides with a tall sharp point at the topmost part.  


This five-sided face with an elongated side that extends to the apex is symmetrical.


The two top sides of the face are longer than the two bottom ones that connect to the base. The sides are said to represent the five of elements, earth, fire, water, wind and storm.

Identifying an Isis Crystal

Identifying a Transmitter Crystal

A Transmitter crystal has a triangle between two 7 sided facets creating a 7 - 3 - 7 configuration.  


The two faces flanking the triangle are not always the same size but many times they are close in size to each other.

Transmitter crystals have the ability to transmit energy from the Earth plane into the higher realms so they can be used as a form of communication between our spiritual guardians or even two people once the skill is developed to do so.

Uses for a Transmitter Crystal

Transmitter crystals can be used to send thoughts and queries out into the universe to receive help in finding solutions or answers.  One must be adept at this type of communication so the request is clear enough to receive a clear answer.


These crystals can be great teachers for us as we will need to learn to commumicate with clarity and honesty when sending out our requests and questions for help from the higher realms.



Identifying a Dow Crystal

The Dow crystal is identified by it's alternating faces.  There are 3 sided triangles flanked by 7 sided faces for a total of 6 faces in all.


This crystal is considered to be both a Transmitter and a Channeler crystal.

Uses for a Dow Crystal

Like many of the Master Crystals the Dow crystal is considered to be an excellent and powerful teaching and healing crystal.


The Dow crystal, according to Katrina Raphaell, has the most perfect geometry of all the crystals.  This geometric perfection can help us to internalize the concept that we can also manifest unity, balance, order and integrity.


It is excellent to use with matters of the Heart Chakra and useful when doing work where we need to keep our compassion but to protect ourselves from the pain of others.



I have been working with and collecting crystals for over 15 years and find that those crystals that I am strongly drawn to have quite unique personalities and serve different purposes for me personally.


Although I am sure there are many more attributes for each of the crystals I have discussed in this lookbook, I have detailed the ways in which my crystals work with me and help me to become a better version of myself.


Enjoy and many ~Crystal Blessings~



Final Thoughts