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Mgr. Dusan Sadecky, 8 December 2016, Trencianske Teplice 1/3
Mgr. Dusan Sadecky
Personal details
Address: SNP,82, 91451 Trencianske Teplice
Date of birth: 14 August 1960
Comenius University / FTVÅ  (Sport/Pedagogy), Bratislava
Sport, Pedagogy, Science / 1979 - 1984
Gymnazium, Trencin
preparing on University / 1975 - 1979
Additional information on education
Sport Teacher, Tennis Coach, Teacher Gym, Table Tennis Coach, Refferee Tennis, Table
Tennis, Chees, Modern Education, IT Education, Law in Education, Mathematics & Sport, Sport
Science Teacher, Metodics Tennis & Science,
Courses and training
Education for Directors High Schools / 2010 - 2012
Certificate for Leaders in Pedagogy
Employment history
Director & Teacher Sport and Science
09/2002 - yet, High Sport School
Application newest knowledges from Science to Sport (specially to Tennis), Managing 200
sportsmen (Football, Hockey, Athletics, Tennis, Table Tennis, Fitness,...) in Dual education,
Managing 30 Staffs for service to sportsmen in Education & Sport, ... In year 2002 I was
founder this High Sport School in Trencianske Teplice.
Founder & Owner & Head Tennis Coach
07/1997 - 07/2007, Tennis Club SAKI Trencianske Teplice on European Womens Championship Tennis Clubs - 2004 on European Womens Championship Tennis Clubs - 2005,2006
Director ITF Womens Tournaments 10.000 usd - 2002,2003,2004
Director Tennis Europe Tournaments U12 & U16 - 2002,2003,2004,2005,2006
Mgr. Dusan Sadecky, 8 December 2016, Trencianske Teplice 2/3
Additional information on employment history
1992 - 2009 ... Personal Tennis Coach for Lenka Tvaroskova (US Open, Wimbledon, Australian
2010 - 2012 ... Personal Tennis Coach for Daniela Dankanych (new Tennis Tecnics Hits &
Specific Style for Future)
2012 - 2016 ... Teacher Sport Science and Founder McSAKI Tennis System for Complex Sport
prepare in Tennis (Tennis Book - prepare as Editor)
2016 ... Methodics Tennis Academy DRAFT
2012 - 2016 ... Editor Sport & Education & Science & Health in Tennis - groups, communities,
2.Tennis players female
3.Tennis players male
4.Tennis Companies
5.Tennis Teory
6.Tennis Equipment
7.Tennis Kids & Parents
8.Tennis Directors & Owners
9.Sport Managment
10.European Sport Education
11.Global Education&Health&Science in Sport
12.Sport & Science
15.Tennis Events
16.Tennis Media
17.Tennis Community on google+ (5000 members)
18.Tennis History
Language skills
Czech Advanced (C1)
Russian Upper intermediate (B2)
English Intermediate (B1)
German Beginner (A1)
Slovak Proficiency (C2)
Polish Elementary (A2)
Computer skills - User
Microsoft PowerPoint expert
Microsoft Word advanced
Microsoft Excel advanced
Other knowledge, skills and interests
Chefeditor Slovak Tennis Magazine (1990-1993)
Mgr. Dusan Sadecky, 8 December 2016, Trencianske Teplice 3/3
Stringer Tennis rackets
Director Tennis Clubs and Tennis Academies
Skiing, Swimming, Football, Basketball, Table Tennis, Chess, Badminton,...
Easy & Quickly & Fun learning new Tennis Hits for Future ! (3-6 months)
Driving licence
B category, driven 1000000 km