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Making a coil pot.

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Ducky Makes a Coil Pot

Ducky Makes a Coil pot

May, 2013

By- Gena Vance, Courtney Mellios, Abbie Schmidt, Kaitlynn Nail


First, Ducky needs to choose earthenware or teracotta clay. He chooses earthenware. Also, he needs to decide whether he wants his coil pot to be fuctional or decorative. Duckys making his coil pot fuctional, a flower pot for his mom. 

To prepare his clay he has to wedge it to eliminate air bubbles.

If there are air bubbles, it can blow up in the kiln. 

next, he can roll a slab out and use a fettling knife to cut the base out.

He can add horizontal, vertical or spiral coils. He chooses horizontal coils.

In order to start attatching the coils he rolled out (in a snake shape), Ducky has to score, slip& knit the circle base for it be able to stick. You can use a modeling modeler to apply the slip. After the coil is attatched Ducky can use a Modeling Spatula or his fingers to smooth the inside out.

Oh no!! Ducky has to leave because he has an appointment, but he doesnt want his clay to dry out. in order for it not to dry out, he needs to store it in a damp towel, inside a plastic bag.

Ducky is back and he's ready to work on his pot again. He has to decide if wants negative or additive detail. Because his coil pot is going to be a flower pot, he doesnt want negative detail. Instead of doing additive detail, he decides just to use glaze afterward to create a design.

Duckys pot (which is greenware) is ready to get fired in the kiln now.


 Once it comes out of the kiln (bisque fired at cone 04/1940 degrees fahrenheit) , it will be bisque ware. before he glazes it, you can rinse and sand off any clay boogers. From there, he can use glaze to design the coil pot however he wants.


After Ducky's done glazing his bisque ware, the coil pot will go back in the kiln at cone 05-06/1915 degrees fahrenheit (glaze fire). When it comes out of the kiln, it will be glaze ware.