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This Booklet, is part of my Extended qualification and it is an information booklet about Dubai and it shows how Dubai has changed after discovering oil.

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Discovery of Oil

Dubai And Its 

In 1966

1. Introduction to Dubai


2.Dubai and Its Historic Discovery and        History


3.The Expanding City


4. Fun Facts


5. References.



Dubai is one of the seven em,irates that make up the United Arab Emirates, the other six emirates are; Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras-Al Khaimah, and Umm Al Quwain.


Dubai has developed rapidly due to the vcast investments they hace made and good working businesses, it is has now become one of the most successfull economic environments and had given itsle htw opportunity to grow.


People who have lived in Dubai or are permenantly living in Dubai will tell you that Dubai has always been changin, and the economic environment is always moving. They will also tell you every prokect that dubai works on is bigger and better than the previous one.


The skyline is filled with high-rising skyscrapers and the land is filled with beautifl marinas and lakes. The ocean surrounding dubai has been filled with artifical iuslands,in other words nothing in Dubai is simple, everything is big and the best.


How fast Dubai will grow, will depend on its global and financial situation, however Dubai makes sure it is still meeting the needs of every toursit that lands in dubai, regardless thier age, religion or nationality, Dubai will do hwat they can to give you the best.

Introduction To Dubai 

Dubai has approxiamelty 4 million barrels of oil in reserve and holds second place in terms if oiil reserve in the UAE, with Abu Dhabi being in first place.


Since oil has been discovered in 1966, how fast Dubai has been growing has increased and not slowed down. Sheik Rashid bin Saeed Al- Maktoum was know as the 'father of modern dubai' and was ready for the changes, once oil has started becoming exported in 1969, big infrastructure ptojects such as port rashid had taken place, just as much as the wealth was booming the political side of Dubai had also started changing.


In 1968 Britian had decided to leave the region and a attempt from them had been made to form the UAE, after sevral meetings and cofferences the UAE was finally formed by the leader Sheik Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nayan on 2nd December 1971, However a couple of years katrs the drivinjg force of Dubai Sheik Rashid has passed away due to a long illness, therefore his son Sheik Maktoum bin Rashid Al-Maktoum had taken over but still remain to follow his fathers footsteps. Sheik Maktoum had understood that the oil wealth is not going to a long lasting source of wealth of Dubai, therefore he decided that oil related revemues would amount to only 10% of Dubai's income.

Dubai and its Historic Discovery and History 

Dubai has been ranked as one of the fastest growing cities, it is obvious by just looking at pictures of Dubai, that you can tell it has experienced rapid growth and a lot has changed everytime you visit, no matter if you vist every year every 5 years or even after 6 months, there will always be something new for you to embrace when you ar eout there. 


In 2010, Dubai was known to have the tallest building in the world in the emirate, this is a big deal for Dubai and its ecomony as it brings in more and mire tourists every year and more revenue each year. The Burj Khalifa was designed by an architecht called Adrian Smith and he has been known for creating high rising skyscrapers around the world.

Dubai has been known for everything big, thye have the biggest mall, biggest building and also the highest shooting water fountatins which are just outside the Dubai mall.

Dubai has 3 artifical islands which are man made , the first is The Palm Jumeirah, which houses the famous Atlantis Hotel, it also has many Villas, and apartments. The next island is Palm Jebel Ali, which is still under construction but it will have a waterpark, villas and houses on stillts. Palm deira will mainly consist of houses, around 8,000 to be rpecise and they will be mainly two-sotry villas. 

Dubai has veen expanding and it will always expoand and will always stay ahead of its competitors, on the basis iof what it has to offer for, for example Dubai has now introduced the new bollywood themepark, and an indoor shopping mall, but it will feel like you are outside. 



1. The local people are called emiraties

2. There is no address system in Dubai

3. Dubai was once just a desert with a few buildings.

4. Sales of Oil only contribute to 10% of Dubai's economy.

5.Burj Khalifa can be seen 90km away.

6. Approxiametly 85% of Dubai's population are foriegners.

Fun Facts


Dubai City Guide (book)