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This is a booklet about my 5 favourite Netflix TV shows

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"Netflix and chill"

       My Top 5 Netflix TV shows

EASY is a TV show which started in 2016. This eclectic, star-studded anthology follows diverse Chicagoans fumbling through the modern maze of love, sex, technology and culture. And it's funny.

A police officer and a doctor face an emotionally charged mystery when seven local residents inexplicably return from the dead in peak physical form. A bit spooky, but interesting, each episode reveals new secret.

Meeting in a seaside resort, second-rate novelist Noah and disillusioned waitress Alison embark on a perilous liaison fraught with hidden desires. When a man admits an affair, nothing stays the same.

To spice up their sex life, yuppie husband and wife Jack and Emma hire an escort. But things take an unexpected turn when romantic feelings surface. And maybe, someone really is the third wheel...

This gritty drama charts the exploits of Viking hero Ragnar Lothbrok as he extends the Norse reach by challenging an unfit leader who lacks vision. It's catchy and you'll always want one more episode...