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    Christopher Rane attended university and was at the top of his class, he aspired to be chemist,  it was his dream, his friend Sam also dream to be a chemist, both Sam and Chris attended the same school after six long years of hard studying and work the two finally graduated and found a career at Spectrum Chemical Lab,


the two young men eager to start their newly found jobs walk into the Facility,  Christopher remarked as he opened the door: “ it’s Crazy, it seemed like yesterday we just barely started university” Sam replied with: “Time flies by quick, look where we’re at now.”  


   Both Sam and Chris headed to their workstations, both men worked very hard in the recent four years, competition got in between of their friendship, and it was very slowly starting to rot, Sam slowly stopped caring about their friendly competition, however.


Chris began to feel jealousy for the amount of progress that Sam has accomplished, by the end of the month Sam was promoted to the highest level, leader of the company.


 Sam felt bittersweet he felt happy that his friend was promoted to CEO, however at the same time he didn’t reach his goal, he felt unsatisfied, Chris continued to obsess over his failure for weeks, his obsession interfered with his work, he was then called to the main office, he thought what could they possibly want with him,



   Chris sat down in front of Sam’s desk, with an angry look on his face, Sam said: “Do you know why you are here right?, You haven’t been doing well as of recently, and you haven’t been really adding things to the company either, So I’m afraid I have to let you go from the company, all of your projects and research will go to other people.”



  Enraged with anger, Chris headed to where the chemicals were stored to sabotage, Chris attempted to safely pull a giant tub of Bromine a poisonous red orange chemical, off a shelf, Chris didn’t realize how heavy the tub was, suddenly Chris fell backwards,  


he then accidently poured the giant tub of Bromine all over his face,  Chris felt a burning sharp pain, he tried to stand up and he knocked over a table with other chemicals along with a bunsen burner, the burner ignited,  suddenly the entire room was in a flaming fiery mess.



 Chris’s face combusted into a scorching flame, Chris screeched in pain,  workers nearby busted in the room and quickly put the fire out, Chris’s face was horribly disfigured, all that was left his singed burnt face,   Chris was rushed to hospital, the doctors were unable to do anything to his face, leaving Chris with a permanently ruined face and psyche.


   Chris woke up, he felt as if he had just woken up from terrible dream, he stood up and walked towards the mirror and was terrified of his own face, all of sudden all of the haunting memories came back to him,  he thought it wasn’t fair that he was the only one that had his life ruined, then he remembered his former best friend still had his job, and Chris didn’t have his job, he also realized that he couldn’t go out in public, he wasn’t a normal person anymore, everyone would be terrified of him.  

The door opened, and the doctor walked in he was carrying a syringe filled with anesthetic, he was shocked, he wasn’t in his bed, Chris then suddenly grabbed his syringe and stabbed in the neck and filled him with anesthetic,  the doctor fell to the ground, Chris put on his coat and red-orange shirt, and then made his immediate escape, Chris took the emergency exit and left the hospital.  



   Sam sat down, he continued further in his research with paramagnetism, an idea then sprung into his mind, paramagnetism would allow him to manipulate the magnetism of liquids, he thought to himself: “what if I can build a machine that can manipulate liquids at a greater proportion using paramagnetism?”,  Sam then went straight to work on prototype machine, after a few trials and errors, his machine finally worked it wasn’t able to move any liquids, only liquids that are diamagnetic.

     After Sam’s successful efforts, he decided to take a break, he then turned his tv on, and switched to the news channel, the newswoman said: “A hospitalized patient reportedly known as Christopher Rane attacked a doctor and injected him with anesthetic liquid”,  Sam’s face turned into a pale white, Sam then ran to his car and drove quickly to spectrum chemical lab, Sam passed every red light and stop sign.


   Chris entered the facility, everyone froze in terror, the entire room was dead silent,Chris then exclaimed in a deep and raspy voice: “would like to your CEO, I just want to have a little word with him.” he slowly walked in an elevator,  Chris entered the room, he then asked sam’s secretary “where is he”, the woman was so shocked and frightened that she didn’t have a way to respond.


Sam ran inside the building, the intercom feedback sound was heard, a familiar voice said: "We're gonna play a game, anyone can join in, I have three syringes, one of them is filled with a nice little chemical known as bromine, the rest is filled harmless liquids, if you happen to choose the one filled with bromine you will die, if nobody participates, your boss's secretary will have a similar fate as well." Sam then attached his paramagnet machine to his wrist and hide it under his sleeve.


Sam arrived at the top floor, Chris then said: " So you decided to join my game?",Sam then declared: “Chris you need to stop now, I understand you’re angry about you getting fired, but you need to stop.” Sam carefully selected a syringe, the liquids leaked out of the syringe with the help of sam's device, sam the quickly threw the syringe at Chris's shoulder Chris scream in pain, Sam's secretary kicked Chris, Chris then crashed through the window and fell to the ground.


Sam then walked towards his best friend, Sam whispered: " it didn't need to end like this, look at you, you lost yourself, lost your job, and now you're dying slowly, Chris then laughed slowly, until he went silent,