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The purpose for having the Drought Relieve Service is that they coordinate relief activities in response to the Dust Bowl. It purchased cattle at risk of starvation due to drought.

Drought Relieve Service (DRS)

 "Don't Fear Drought Relieve Service is Here! "

The purpose for having a Drought RelieveService relief activities in response to the Dust Bowl. It purchased cattle at risk of starvation due to drought.

The Drought Relieve Service was created in 1935. by Franklin D. Roosevelt

The Drought Relieve Service was a relief Service, the purpose for the Drought Relieve Service is to 

Jackie Huang 

Since the dustbowl hit during the 1930 to 1940s,things has gone wrong for western farmers. Huge sandstorm swept hundreds of acres of farmlands and buried the crops with it. Farmers are seeing this as a huge disaster, and theres no way to resolve this problem. Agricultural failure, poverty, and unemployment and devastation to the nation's economy. Well the Congress has respond to the concern of all farmers, and decide to form "The Drought Relieve Service".

    The Drought Relieve Service is created by the Congress to coordinate relief activities. The Drought Relieve Service purchased drought striken- cattles in the countries that are designated emergency areas. $4 to $8 for calves, $10 to $15 for yearlings, with cows, big steers and bulls bringing $12 to $20. Those in the worst condition were killed immediately and buried while others were sent to packing plants for slaughter. The Drought Relieve Service is still active today.

1. Franklin was an only child of very wealthy parents; he grew up on an estate in New York’s Hudson Valley.        

2. Franklin reporterly had a hard time adjusting to school. He was taught at home on the family estate until the age of 14.

3. Young Franklin was also related to his own wife.

4. He was editor of the college newspaper, graduated in three years, and later passed his bar exam without finishing his law degree.

5. Roosevelt ran for president in 1932.

6. in 1928 he was elected the governor of New York.

7. Roosevelt contracted what was diagnosed as polio in 1921 while on vacation in Canada. He was paralyzed from the waist down.

8. Franklin entered politics as a Democrat.

9.  He attend Harvard. At the same time, he rekindled a relationship with Eleanor, and the two became engaged on November 22, 1903.

10. January 30, 1882, Hyde Park, NY


The confidence has increased

The Goverment role also increased

 The government has spend about $111 million to provide live stock to farmers.

The Drought Relieve Service has decreased the unemployment rate.

The GDP increased 

Drought Relieve Service Effect on economy