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Drop it and Drive it (DIAD)

Texting while driving

A big issue in the USA

What is Drop It and Drive (DIAD)?

DIAD is a anti distraction related agency to help prevent road accidents caused by driver distraction. The education programs that DIAD has have been taught to over 55,000 teens, 8th through 12th grade.

DIAD Youth Program

DIAD has a youth program that is a program to teach teens the how and why detracted driving is such a danger and an important topic. DIAD use reality based scenarios to get a more emotional connection with the students. The teaching is for teen drivers, walkers, and even passengers

DIAD's Mission 

DIAD's mission is to make texting and driving just as disliked and looked down upon as drinking and driving drunk is. Both are distracted driving and DIAD wants all forms of distracted driving to be put to a stop.

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