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Dr. Huggins guide for common ailments in the first year

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Avoid panic and copays
Dr. Huggins guide for common ailments in the first year
The first year is full of exciting milestones. It will also be full of rashes and bodily fluids.
This book will guide you with which products to use for what ailments. Most baby
issues can be cured with things found at the drugstore. It will hopefully avoid a trip to a
germy office or late night phone calls to your pediatrician. Enjoy.
Newborn diaper care
You don’t have to use a butt paste or ointment with each diaper change, but it can
prevent irritation.
Try the cure all Aquaphor or A&D.
Keep two large Aquaphor tubes available.
Label one butt and the other body. You will use it all
Diaper rashes
They’re little butts with be
wrapped in that diaper for the
first two years. Rashes will
happen. Here is a guide with
which creams to use and
when. Anything lasting longer
than 1 week should be seen by
the pediatrician.
Irritated Butt diaper rash
Bacterial Diaper Rash
Started out as some irritation, but now the skin
barrier is broken. There may be some oozing or
yellowing of the the sores. It’s time to add some
antibacterial ointment such as bacitracin.
Apply as first layer, then diaper rash cream with
Zinc on top. Oils will only harm it at this point
so put down the olive or coconut oil.
Fungal/Yeast diaper rash
Fungal rashes will look more pink than red. They will
have small little red dots that are spread out. If typical
diaper rash treatment isn’t helping and you see this, you
may have a fungal infection.
Try Lotrimen Athletes Foots Cream 2-3x a day.
Continue with AIR TIME and drying butt between
changes. Diaper rash cream in between the lotrimen
Cradle cap
This is the gross flakey stuff on thetop of
their cute heads that will start around 3
weeks. I usually leave it alone. After 2-3
months , it will get very large gross
flakes. At that point you can use
coconut or olive oil and a baby bristle
brush in circular motions 2-3x a week.
You can also just leave it alone
Seborrhic Dermatitis
It’s the flakey stuff that can be on the scalps and between the eye brows in the first six
months of life. Doesn’t look pretty in pictures, but don’t panic. Simply apply your cure
all aquaphor 2x a day. It’s safe near the eyes as well
Fevers suck. Your little nugget will be sick and look miserable and you will probably cry
too. Fear not. Fevers are a good way for your nugget to fight the infection.
Take the temperature rectally in the first 3 months of life. Fever here is serious and you
need to call your doctor.
After that, keep them comfortable with a cool towel. You can give Tylenol as well. I
prefer suppositories because they are quick as well as the baby won’t puke on you. Add
any home lubrication and stuck it up his tooshie.
You can buy the fancy forehead or ear thermometers if you would like. Personally, I
think they give a different reading each time. Stick to the ones that can be used orally,
rectally or axillary. D.
Tylenol can be given every 4-6 hours. You can also find more information at Wizard of
80mg suppository
120mg suppository
160mg/5mL solution
Great than 12 lbs
1 tab
0.5 tab
-26 lbs
1.5 tab
1 tab every 4
Great than 26 lbs
2 tabs
1.5 tabs
It happens. When trying different formula, foods, after colds or just because. If no
poop in 5 days, that’s when to help out. Try small rectal stimulation with a rectal
thermometer or push the legs up like a lying down baby squat. If no help and your
little baby still hasn’t pooped, glycerin suppositories are safe.
Try ½tab of Pediatric glycerin suppository first. If no improvement may use again in 12
hours. Still having trouble then call your doc.