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Door to Door - December 2020

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Wednesday 23 December Thursday 24 December Friday 25 DecemberMonday 28 December Tuesday 29 December Wednesday 30 December Thursday 31 December Friday 1 JanuaryMonday 4 January Tuesday 5 January Christmas and New Year opening Our Customer Services opening times are differentover the festive period – see right. You can stillcontact us via Tenants Online or our website. Pleasenote all our offices remain closed and office-basedstaff are working from home. In an emergency, please call 0303 303 0003 toaccess our out-of-hours service.Season's Greetings! December 2020Open as normal9am-12 noon*ClosedClosed10am-2pm*10am-2pm*10am-2pm*ClosedClosedOpen as normalAs lockdown continues, we are doing our best to keepour tenants and staff safe while delivering essentialservices. This means:Best wishes from all of us at Broadland• phone/video calls instead of face-to-face meetings• if a face to face meeting is essential, we will follow allCoronavirus health and safety requirements• planned repairs and improvements only where theycan be done safely• emergency, urgent and one-person routine repairs,and gas and electrical safety tests, will continue• employees must wear appropriate PPE• mutual exchanges and lettings will continuewherever possible*Repairs may be completed outside of these hours

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Food, cash or daily essentialsHousehold items, such as white goods and bedsGas and electricity costsShopping, collecting medication, dog walkingTenant Jenna and her childrenenjoying the new play areawith a local connection and helps them transitioninto permanent housing.Tenant Jenna and her children opened the play area. She said:“This is so brilliant! It’ssomewhere for the kids to comeout and let off steam. It was toughduring lockdown not having anoutside space for them to play,and with more restrictionspossibly to come, this will befantastic.”Currently, tenants must prebooktime-slots in the new play area Families living at our St JamesLodge scheme in King’s Lynnhave a brand new outdoor playarea and garden, thanks to a‘Garden SOS’ style project.Colourful play equipment, picnictables and raised plant beds havebeen installed in the newlylandscaped space. Broadlandmade a contribution to the project,while local companies donatedmaterials and equipment. Ourstaff and contractors volunteeredtheir time and labour to make ithappen.St James Lodge houseshomeless individuals and families If you are struggling with money problems, or get into crisis because of the Coronavirus situation, the Norfolk Assistance Scheme (NAS) may be able to help. For more information or to apply for support For NAS queries, call01603 223392 (option 5).Door to Door | December 2020Staying connected just got easierGarden SOS works wonders!broadlandgroup.orgFREE app for Broadland tenantsCheck your account, tell us yourrepairs and update your details!Manage your account anytime,anywhere!Sign up now at broadlandgroup.orgComing Spring 2021... book, changeor cancel your appointment online!and follow strict Coronavirus-safety precautions.If you have any ideas forrefreshing the grounds at yourscheme, please contact ourEstate Services team. Completethe form in the ‘Tenants/YourBroadland tenancy/EstateServices’ part of our website. Need help with?

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Mental health advice and supportIf it’s hard to talk to family or friends about how you are feeling, talk to your GP or seek support:Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation 0808 196 3494, available 24/7Norwich Open Christmas is planning a drop-in soupkitchen meal on Christmas Day, 12noon to 2pm. Thiswill depend on Government restrictions. They will alsobe offering a free food bag and festive bag to takeaway. A home delivery service is available for anyone whois unable to get to St. Andrew's Hall. For updates orto request a home delivery, please Befriending and support for lonelinessThe Silver Line Free 24/7 confidential helpline providing information,friendship and advice to older people 0800 470 UK Telephone befriending for people aged 60+01603 785223 Together Helpline 0300 303 3920 Chat (anonymous) 0333 002 0333 Foodbanks have given out more than 1 million foodparcels this year. As Christmas approaches, the need iscontinuing to rise.Your local foodbank works with referral agencies toissue food vouchers, if you are in need of emergencyfood and support in times of crisis. To find your nearest foodbank to beat the winter bluesThis year, our usual ways of seeing family, friends or just familiar faces have been put on hold. It isnormal to feel lonely or low in mood. We have listed some organisations who can help.Debt advice servicesNational Debt Line 0808 808 4000 www.nationaldebtline.orgMoney advice service 0800 138 7777 Change 0800 138 1111 www.stepchange.orgCitizens Advice 0800 144 8848 against poverty (CAP) 0800 328 0006 www.capuk.orgSupport for carersCarers Matters Norfolk 0800 083 1148 UK 0808 808 7777 www.carersuk.orgVolunteering opportunitiesVoluntary 01603 614474 Foodbank updatesWellbeing Service0300 123 1503 (9am-5pm). Self-refer (if aged16+) at 303 0003The SamaritansCall 116 123 (free), available 24/7Mind0300 123 3393 86463 check our website and socialmedia pages for the latest updates.

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Apply now for support via our website, visit gives you, and your immediate familymembers FREE counselling, personal supportand legal information.Broadland Housing have worked with HealthAssured to provide you a little extra assistance,when you need it.These are completely free of charge and totallyconfidential to you. Employment & trainingbroadlandgroup.orgDoor to Door | December 2020(IAP)Individual Assistance ProgrammeWhat can I use this service for?FREE toBroadland tenants**Health Assured define immediate family members asspouse/partners and children aged 16 to 24 in full timeeducation, living in the same household. The IAP is a 12-monthtrial starting 1 October 2020. We cannot guarantee that theservice will continue in full or in part afterwards.How do I get in touch?Free 24/7 Confidential Support0800 917 6470Online On the appBy phoneDownload 'My Healthy Advantage'Code for Broadland tenants: MHA151889Username: Wellbeing Password: WireGateRingOr go to www.healthassuredeap.comVisit 24-hour helplineDid you know that Broadland has an in-houseEmployment and Training Coach, Kate Sadler? If you have lost your job due to the Coronavirussituation or are looking to take your first steps, we’rehere to help you get back into work, training advice training course and funding opportunities developing and updating your CV support to find a voluntary role job searching and applying for employment identifying transferable skills for different roles help with sourcing and funding for IT devices Kate can support you through:Any questions? Contact Kate on 01603 750128 or email"I startedvolunteering, andended up with ajob in the end"

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Norfolk Fire and Rescue have created a HomeFire Risk Self Checker tool – find out how youcan reduce the risks in your home by visitingtheir website. They will also carry out a firesafety check at your home on request. check your Christmas tree lights are British Safety Standard approvedtest your smoke alarm each week – tell us if it’snot working! switch off and unplug Christmas lights beforeyou go to bedput out cigarettes properlykeep matches and lighters away from childrenput candles near your Christmas tree orcurtainsleave candles burning if you leave the room overload electrical sockets leave pots cooking on the hob when you arenot in the kitchen block hallways, corridors or landings – theseare emergency escape routes!Since 1 October, Specialist Property Services Ltd(SPS) have been handling our out of hours callsservice. SPS are one of the UK’s largestindependent property services companies. Thismeans that all emergency calls outside of our officehours and at weekends go directly through to SPS. You can find out more about SPS Please let us know if you have any feedback about ourout of hours service using the quick and easy contactform on our website. Visit Faulty electrics can lead to serious home fires.We visit every 5 years to test your home’s wiringand electrics, when we will carry out anynecessary work. Please make sure you arehome for your appointment – it could save yourlife!With all the fun of the partyseason, it’s important tomake your home safe for youand your family and friends.Follow these simple tips to protect everyone over the holiday periodOur Fire Safety Manager Brian Walshe shares his tips.Brian is a former firefighter with 30 years’ experience – go to the Tenants section (fire safety) of our website.If you have any electrical concerns, call 0303 303 0003 or out of hours contractorChristmas safetyAlwaysFire safetyNeverWhat are the fire risks in your home?Visit andsearch fire safety at home. Your electrical safety checkWe wish you a safe and happy festive season!Fire safety video!0303 303 0003

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Draw curtains at dusk to keep the heat in Open curtains during the day to let warming sunlight in Shut windows when your heating is on Draught-proof around your front door and letterbox Wash your clothes at 30-40°C - higher temperaturescost more Do not dry clothes on radiators - this lowers the roomtemperature, and the boiler has to work harder Do not put furniture in front of radiators - this stops thewarm air flow around the roomEnergy bills can be a worry, especially in the coldermonths. Follow our simple tips to save money on yourwinter fuel costs: Understand your energy bill – Ofgem video Citizens Advice - Energy Price Comparisontool Energy Helpline Money Saving Expert U-Switch Warm Home Discount Scheme Energy Saving Trust You can save money on your bills by changingyour energy tariff or switching energy supplier.To find out more, visit online at: advance notice of planned power cuts priority support in an emergency meter reading services information in an accessible format, forexample in larger print or braille plus other benefits If you are older, disabled or in a vulnerablesituation, you may be able to get added to yourenergy supplier’s priority services register. Thismeans: To find out more visit andsearch 'priority services register'. broadlandgroup.orgDoor to Door | December 2020 Stay warm, save moneySwitch and savePriority services registerDid you know?Our in-house Tenant Support team can helpyou get energy saving advice. To apply forsupport call 0303 303 0003 or

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Bob and Heather Rogers at our Woodcote sheltered housing schemerecently celebrated their diamond weddinganniversary (60 years together)! Bob and Heather enjoyed travelling theworld when Bob was in the forces. Heatherstarted her career at the London RoyalSchool of Needlework. Over the years thecouple have contributed significantly to life atWoodcote. Until recently they led the socialclub and have been involved in many otheractivities. They both feel settled at this stagein their lives and we wish them well for thefuture, and many congratulations!Happy 60th Anniversary!Get creative in the kitchen0303 303 0003GOOD TOKNOWHave a cool Christmas – checkyour fridge is set at 5’c or belowFestive freeze - it is safe tofreeze food right up until theuse-by dateThis year the festive season has started earlier than ever. We’re here to help with some easy ways to use up leftoverfood, creating an extra meal and saving you money too!Do you have a festive recipe or top tip to share with our readers? Please or call 01603 750113Who doesn't love bubble and squeak? Fryup your leftover vegetables and make roomto cook a fresh egg in the middle. Perfect forany time of the day! If you’re left with odds and ends of differentcheeses, use them to make a deliciousclassic cauliflower cheese. A fragrant curry is a great way to use upleftovers. You can use any meat, and whynot add a few leftover vegetables too? Relax and enjoy a 'picky tea' - a spread ofall your food that needs using up. Christmas food hygieneIt’s important to maintain good food hygiene at Christmas by following the‘4Cs’ of cleaning, chilling, cooking and avoiding cross-contamination,when cooking at home or reusing leftovers. For full advice and moreinformation, visit

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Hyacinths If you have grown them yourself ina dark place, now is the time tobring them out onto a sunnywindowsill. Keep the soil damp butnot standing in water. Turn the potevery couple of days so the plantsgrow straight. AmaryllisIf you plan to give one in a box asa Christmas present, I wouldsuggest you unpack it and grow itfirst, as the flowers will take about6-8 weeks to flower. Care for it thesame way as for hyacinths: water,light and position. PoinsettiaAs with many house plants, do notoverwater! Keep the soil slightlydamp. Don’t move the plantaround the house – Poinsettiasdon't like changes in temperatureor draughts. To keep Poinsettias going afterChristmas, place them in a darkerposition and keep soil slightlydamp. Then, in the spring, putthem in a sunny spot, water andsee what happens!Winter veg festBack on the allotment I've orderedmy seed potatoes, which are dueto arrive at the end of January. I’vesown garlic, shallots, onions,broad beans and winter hardypeas. Looks like I will have a goodcrop of purple spouting broccoliand lots of winter greens, keepingmy neighbours, friends and familywell supplied! Wishing you all a great Christmas- I look forward to gardening withyou next year! Winter crossword competitionFirstly, good news from the garden- we have hedgehogs! (probablyliving in the compost heap or wildarea behind the shrubbery). Weare providing meaty cat food(never fish) and water, and I'vebuilt a hedgehog house - updatesto follow.Real Christmas trees If you have a cut one, place it in abucket of water for a couple ofdays in the garage/porch beforemoving it indoors. Place it awayfrom radiators and mist it everycouple of days, trying to avoid thedecorations!If the tree has its roots attached,follow the producer’s instructionsand the tips above.To enter: Take a photo of your completed entry and sendto Or to enterby post, simply tear off and post in an envelope with yourfull name to Tenant Engagement, Broadland Housing,NCFC, Carrow Road, Norwich NR1 1HU. Across1. Reindeer with red nose6. Red-breasted bird7. Striped sweet (5,4)8. Drummers drumming9. Famous snowman10. Christmas drinkDown2. Month in which Christmas falls3. Door decoration4. Snow may fall in this season5. Something that is sungClosing date Sunday 31 January. One entry per person. Ifthere is more than one correct entry, winner will bechosen at random. Broadland Housing tenants only. Enter our Crossword competition andbe in with a chance of winning a £25Love2shop voucher. Door to Door | December 2020Season’s greetings to all ourgardeners and friends!Looking after your Christmasindoor plantsWin!