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Don't Text and Drive, It Can Wait.

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No Text is Worth a Life

  It Can Wait Campaign® 

The It Can Wait journey began in 2010 to raise awareness of the dangers of texting and driving, with awareness again being a key focal point in 2011 after statistics of wrecks continuously shown the cause of wrecks in America, AT&T as a phone company felt obligated to serve a justice to their customers and do whatever they can to spread awareness and encourage their clients to not text and drive. In 2012, AT&T moved the program from awareness to action by reaching out to schools and communities, delivering messages in key geographic markets, providing interactive driving simulations. Today AT&T and celebrity endorsers are encouraging the people of America pledge not to text and drive.

“Our goal is to educate wireless users, especially teen drivers on the risks of texting while driving.  AT&T is committed to putting an end the behavior and our message is simple yet vital: When it comes to texting and driving, IT CAN WAIT.”

Progess: Laws banning texting while driving.

How you can "Get Involved "!


  • Make the "It Can Wait Pledge"
  • Dowlaod the App
  • Spread Aweness #itcanwait
  • Follow the texting laws implemented in your state
  • Speak up and speak out about the issuse

YOU can save a life

As well as your own




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