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Donor Impact Report 2022

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12022DONOR IMPACT REPORT2021-2022 YEAR OF GIVINGEditor Marla Edwards GoncalvesDesign & Art Direction Gabrielle McGrath Graphic DesignPhotography Michie TurpinPUBLISHED BY THE OFFICE OF ADVANCEMENTChristopher M. Freer, Ph.D. Vice President for AdvancementCaroline Guest Stancil ’03 Director of AdvancementNaylene Felt Director of Annual GivingWOODWARD.EDU2021-2022 administration2021-2022 advisory boardF. Stuart Gulley, Ph.D.PresidentMarcia Prewitt SpillerSenior Vice President for Academic and Student LifeLee ConnerVice President for Operations and Auxiliary ServicesChristopher M. Freer, Ph.D.Vice President for AdvancementLouise MannVice President for Finance and CFONija Majmudar MeyerVice President for Enrollment ManagementChristy BrowneAssociate Vice President for Human Resources2021-2022 governing boardRobert E. Bowers ’74 ChairmanXavier A. Duralde ’76 Vice ChairmanMadelyn R. AdamsGerald R. BenjaminKenneth L. BlankRonald M. BrillMason L. Cardwell ’98Alfred J. Cole ’80Clarence Davis ’74Michael S. DruckerRussell K. Gore ’93William H. Gray IVRyan T. Gunnigle Rodney Scott HarrisonJo Cranford Hodges ’96Nancy Howard Jennings ’84 Ben F. Johnson III ’61Tamara R. Jones ’88 Thomas L. Jones ’69 Gregory S. Lewis ’92Ian Lloyd-Jones C. Brad Marsh ’77 Mary S. Moore ’87 George S. Morgan Sr. ’69 Belinda M.J. MorrisVicki R. PalmerBeth H. ParadiesDeepak RaghavanStephen E. Roberts ’65 LaKesha M. RobinsonLauren Z. SchlossbergS. Paul Shailendra ’97Ricardo L. SimonJames E. Sutherland Jr. ’86William W. AllisonThomas J. Busey Jr. ’49 Clarence Davis ’74 A. Adair Dickerson Jr. ’71Vicki EscarraDaniel S. Ferguson ’68 W. Philip Gramm ’61 Phillip A. Griffiths ’56 Waldo S. Kennedy ’57 Thomas L. Lyons ’66 Gene W. Milner Jr. ’71 George S. Morgan Sr. ’69 Marie Lupo Nygren ’78Larry D. ThompsonJ. Russell WelchWe apologize for any inadvertent errors or omissions in the Donor Impact Report. If you would like to make changes to your listing in future publications, please contact the Office of Advancement at 404.765.4030.

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ON THE COVER:Madeline Stewart ’22 and Grace Hall ’22 started the wa-spirit Instagram account.Mr. Matthew C. GelberVirginia T. and Daniel L. GibbsMr. and Mrs. J. L. Glover Jr.Mrs. Valerie H. GoldstonMr. and Mrs. J. T. GreenMr. and Mrs. Jonathan E. GreenMr. and Ms. Mark J. GreenMr. and Mrs. Benjamin GrubbsPresident and Mrs. F. Stuart GulleyTimothy J. HamlingRobert and Candace HancockWilliam S. Harvin Jr. ’92Mr. Edward N. Hatch and Mrs. Crystal O. SladeDr. and Mrs. John G. HellerMichal and Jack HillmanJo Cranford Hodges ’96 and Kevin M. Hodges ’96Chuck and Cass HollisMr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. HughesMr. and Mrs. Scott R. HumphreyMr. and Mrs. John J. Huntz Jr.Mr. Jinho J. Im and Dr. Nakyoung J. NamLiesa and James JohnsonMr. and Mrs. Vipul H. KapadiaDrs. Panyavee V. and Jeremy S. KhanDr. Surender V. Kumar and Dr. Veeni KumarMr. Ting Pui Lai and Ms. Mei-Yan ChanMr. and Mrs. Sammie LambMarianne LecesneMary and Richard LeslieRandee and Bill LieppeMonica B. and Simon J. MainwaringDr. Keith Mannes and Dr. Catherine DekleMs. Jennifer D. ManningDr. and Mrs. Steven MarcetLetsa D. MariettaMr. and Mrs. Stanley M. MaxeySusan B. and Kevin M. McGonigleMr. and Mrs. Bryan P. MeltonMr. and Mrs. Jim MichaelDr. and Mrs. Eric S. MitchellMary S. Moore ’87Dr. and Ms. Thomas MooreMs. Ann M. MoorhouseMorris Family FoundationMr. and Mrs. Stuart M. NelsonMr. and Mrs. Barry NewtonMr. and Mrs. Charles F. PalmerMr. and Mrs. George ParkPyush and Harshna PatelBrooke and Bill PendletonDr. Jeanne M. Perrine-Neal and Mr. Terence NealMs. Kenya T. PierreMr. and Ms. Mark A. PowellMr. and Mrs. Louis ProfumoDeepak Raghavan and Priya DeepakMr. Kartik Ramakrishnan and Mrs. Swarnim KanthPoorna Ramineni and Jayanti JastiMr. and Mrs. Michael D. ReeseDr. David Riggans and Mrs. Lorelei M. PueblaMr. and Mrs. James RiggansMichelle H. and Jeffrey L. RosenthalMr. and Mrs. James D. RossMr. and Mrs. Christopher SantySheila and Joseph SchifillitiMr. and Mrs. Andrew SchlossbergCDR and Mrs. Albert Schuette, M.D.Mrs. Marlene SchwartzMr. and Mrs. Robert L. ScottDouglas Seeb and Jeanne DerderianMr. and Mrs. Karim ShariffSalimah and Riaz ShariffMr. Warren K. Shaw ’95Ms. Teri A. SimmonsRichard H. Sinkfield III ’87Gregory J. and Kit SmithDr. K. Douglas Smith ’74Mr. and Mrs. Harold SolomonMr. and Mrs. Greg SoshnikMr. and Mrs. Sterling Spainhour Jr.Dr. and Mrs. Dean T. StamoulisMr. and Mrs. Winston StokesMr. and Mrs. Hugh K. SwitzerAnn and Sheldon TaylorMr. Robert L. Tharp Sr. and Dr. Mary A. TharpGerald and Jennifer ThomasAmy and Robert VasseyDr. and Mrs. Sreekanth VemuriJorge Villalba and Leslie ZinnMr. James S. Walker Jr.Mr. Richard J. Warren and Ms. Halli D. CohnMs. Shani WashingtonShaun E. Weinstock ’99 and Alayna WeinstockRhonda and Russ WelchRoger C. Whigham ’73Drs. Deborah and Joseph WilkesBeth D. and Thomas S. WilkinsonJeff Wood ’93 and Megan WoodMr. and Ms. Albert WoodroofMr. and Ms. Ali YasseriDavid Zakin and Andrea AllynRandi and Nigel ZelcerDr. and Mrs. Rick Zellmer61

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page 2 Message from our Vice President for Advancementpage 4 Your Impact: Student Spotlightspage 20 Focus on Facultypage 22 Capital Projects page 24 By the Numberspage 26 Donor Listingpage 42 Volunteers page 44 Big Chill Sponsorspage 46 Alumni Fund Donorspage 52 Endowment Fundspage 60 GOAL ParticipantsTABLE OFCONTENTSyourIMPACT

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3Dear Friends,When we gathered in large numbers during 2021-2022, we were returning to each other after a long absence. While Homecoming and Reunion Weekend brings great joy every year, it was amplified in October 2021 when 20+ classes gathered to make up for a lost year. Throughout the year, when our community raised our voices together to sing “Onward Woodward,” the words of the alma mater resounded more than ever in my mind and in my heart.“Standing here in reverent prayer on this campus proud and free; may our hearts remain aware that this is our Academy. Onward Woodward, let us sing. Highest honors to it bring. May our thoughts and acts display our alma mater’s guiding way.”Our guiding way, the Woodward Way, kept us strong and resilient through the global pandemic and a national reckoning with systemic racism. Even as the world around us seemed to splinter and divide, our community remained strong because we joined together to allow our students to thrive. In this 2021-2022 Donor Impact Report, we share the words of some of our Upper School students on their gratitude for you, our support-ers. I’m so proud of their accomplishments, resilience, empathy, and engagement with the world around them. Your generosity allowed these students and hundreds of others to continue learning and growing. You gave us the resources needed to keep our com-munity safe and to provide manifold and varied opportunities for students to pursue their passions. In 2021-2022, we celebrated a series of milestones, thanks to you. Parents were ALL IN during October, giving generously to the #fALLINforWA campaign. In February, alumni, parents and community members came together for the Big Chill, raising a record- breaking $120,000 for need-based student financial aid. In April, alumni contributed $79,641 in a single day during 1 Day for WA. That same month, during the Golden War Eagle reunion honoring graduates of 50 years and beyond, we opened the Stephen A. Belin ’72 GMA/Woodward Academy History Center, a showcase for our remarkable past and home for our archives funded with a gift from Mr. Belin’s brother, Jake Belin, and his wife, Betty. Most remarkably, by the end of May, you had helped us break the $2 million threshold in Woodward Fund giving for the third consecutive year, after never doing so previously. My heartfelt thanks for bringing honor to Woodward and keeping the Academy in your heart through philanthropy. Going forward, I hope you’ll continue to participate in giv-ing to Woodward. Your continued support demonstrates your devotion to our students, faculty, and staff. My best wishes to everyone. I look forward to being together in person again soon.With warm regards,Christopher M. Freer, Ph.D.Vice President for Advancement

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5Because no one can convey this better than those who directly benefit, we talked with Upper School students about the many ways your gifts to Woodward impact their daily lives, hopes, and dreams. Whether you directed your gift to academ-ics, athletics, the arts, health and safety, or another of our giving categories, read on to learn more about the impact of your generosity on the lives of these amazing, accomplished young people. 5

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6THE constant support AT WOODWARD HAS HELPED ME TREMENDOUSLYThe Health & Safety resources at Woodward have greatly increased my ability to succeed after developing the conditions that have made me disabled. With the help and support of the nursing team and admin-istrators who were involved in setting up accommodations for me, I’ve been able to con-tinue to take the classes I want without having to compro-mise on the level of the course. Without them, I undoubtedly would have had to drop most, if not all, of my honors classes. As someone who has difficulty with things that impact every facet of my life, I could not have gotten through school without such an understanding group of people helping me with making up missed work and tests, getting around campus with less pain, and accessing medications I can’t keep with me during the day. I’ve learned that I can find people willing and able to help me if I reach out to them. I have struggled with this a lot in the past, but the constant support at Woodward has helped me tremendously. I want to thank donors for their support of Health & Safety; it is so incredibly important to the well-being of the students who need any form of medical support or accommodations.CLASS OF 2022DREW LINDELOW

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8WOODWARD DONORSALLOW FOR incredible experiences & opportunities

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9Woodward has shown me a world that I did not know existed. Woodward has allowed me to be my true self, travel to places I could not imagine, and learn lessons that will last me a lifetime. The environment is just magical. I think it is important that donors give because it allows for incredible experiences and opportunities for students.CLASS OF 2022ROMAN HOLDER

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11WITHOUT ART DONORSI WOULD NEVER HAVE found my voice I have been in choir since the Primary School, and I’ve met people I might not have gotten to know otherwise and have had so many opportunities to pursue the Performing Arts. The arts at Woodward have molded me into the person I am today. With years of expe-rience, I have learned how to communicate, be positive, and be a team player. Art donors have made my Woodward Academy experience beyond amazing. Without them, I would have never met my lifelong friends or learned how to be gentle and kind. I would never have found my voice.CLASS OF 2023SARA BETH COUCH

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12COMBINES creativity & engineering WITH COMPETITIVE SPORTSThe Engineering and Robotics program is very special to me and all of my peers because it combines creativity and engineering with competitive sports, said Alex, co-leader of the Upper School Robotics Team. Robotics fosters a sense of family and it is through that family that we all participate in what we are passionate about. The expansion on the third floor of Brand Hall has signifi-cantly helped our program because it gave us more space, allowing us to achieve bigger and better things. The space allowed our team to complete much more ambitious projects such as contributing to the Technology Student Associa-tion Club’s Green Power Racing Cars. We’ve also been able to complete a passion project called a ‘swerve drivetrain’ which will make us more com-petitive. I don’t know where I would be without Robotics and the Computer Science Department. Both have really given me direction throughout high school and helped me learn about myself and about what I want to do in college and, hopefully, for a job. Thanks to Technology donors, we can enjoy great facilities and field a creative and competitive Robotics Team.CLASS OF 2023ALEX VAN AACKEN

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14I AM gratefulTO TRANSITION DONORSI came from a school that offered no support to students with learning disabilities. I started Wood-ward in seventh grade in the Transition program. I felt so comfortable being in a place where students were like me and teachers were willing to accommo-date me to help me succeed. I’m grateful to the Transition donors who have helped me and hundreds of other students prepare for the future with the right guidance and teachers.CLASS OF 2022MADELINE STEWART

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15WITH YOUR SUPPORT, I’VE BEEN successfulIN HIGH SCHOOLThe Transition program is so important to me because it gave me confidence. It’s part of the reason why I’ve been successful in high school, and it’s helped me develop into the person I am today. Without support from donors like you, kids like me likely may not have such a bright future. For that reason, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart.CLASS OF 2022GRACE HALL

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I LEARNED HOW TO BE BOTH a follower & a leaderCLASS OF 2022AREN PATEL16

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17I love the dedication Woodward has toward athletics as I feel we have an extended amount of resources that help us succeed. I also love the camaraderie with my teammates and coaches. This is something that definitely does not exist at every school. I learned how to contribute to a team. I learned how to be both a follower and a leader in my four years. This will contribute and help me in the future when I get a job and have to work with others. Thank you for making my experience as beneficial as possible. 17

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18I’VE ALWAYS BEEN ENCOURAGED TO ASK FOR opportunitiesWoodward’s dance program is special because of the immense creative freedom we are offered. I’ve been dancing since Primary School, and we were always encouraged to speak up, ask questions, and ask for opportunities such as choreographing dances and giving creative input. Being an advocate for yourself, particularly in a creative realm, is a critical skill. I want to thank donors for supporting our amazing Arts programs. An education in the Arts helps create the next generation of leaders who are empathetic and creative.CLASS OF 2024RILEY CHARLES

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20For everyone, life comes with ups and downs as we navigate the ever-changing joys and challenges of the world around us. At Woodward, we’re teaching students how they can use brain science, empathy, and resiliency toward managing challenges and creating a meaningful life grounded in compassion for self and others.In the Middle School, Katherine Bandrowski serves as an English teacher and coordina-tor for Social, Emotional, and Ethical (SEE) Learning, a program she’s expanded in the last few years thanks to support from The Woodward Fund.SEE Learning is an innovative K-12 educa-tion program developed by Emory Univer-sity to provide students and educators with skills needed to help cultivate personal and collective resilience and set them on a path for lifelong flourishing. Students apply the science of the brain and nervous system, current research in social psychology, and insights from literature to their own experi-ences, so they can begin learning to skill-fully and compassionately respond to life’s obstacles. A few years back, the Academy created an opportunity for Bandrowski to offer a year-long SEE Learning elective in the Middle School and to open her classroom as a lab SEE LEARNINGMIDDLE SCHOOL TEACHER EXPANDS

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21for Emory curriculum writ-ers and researchers as they developed the program. “The eighth graders who took the elective felt espe-cially empowered that their opinions mattered and that such a reputable university was listening to and hon-oring their experiences,” Bandrowski said. In 2021-2022, thanks to support from Principal Dee Koscik and Assistant Principal Jessica Parsons, the Middle School expanded the program to nearly all eighth graders and began offering faculty training in SEE Learning or Cogni-tively-Based Compassion Training (CBCT) through Emory as well as training in the Community Resiliency Model (CRM) with the Trau-ma Resource Institute.“Most recently, I had the opportunity to learn the lat-est science on how current circumstances such as the pandemic, racial tensions, divisive politics, and climate change, together with the stresses of adolescence, are affecting the brains and nervous systems of our students, as well as how the adults in their lives can best support them in navigating these chal-lenges,” Bandrowski said. “Because Woodward is able to cover the costs of these professional development opportunities, our commu-nity is creating a common language of compassion and resilience in an envi-ronment where students and educators feel safe and inspired to work toward becoming our best, most ethical selves.”Through a variety of activ-ities, games, discussions and reflective practices, Middle School SEE Learn-ing students build the skills they need to understand and navigate emotions, build and maintain healthy relationships, make eth-ical decisions, and grow in their understanding of our deeply interconnected nature. Their experience builds a foundation for the Upper School elective Ethi-cal Dilemmas and Decision Making and prepares them for the Compassionate Capstone graduation requirement.Academy-wide, the SEE Learning program is led by Jennifer Knox ’95, Wood-ward’s Director of Character Education and the Ron M. Brill Chair of Ethical Leader-ship. The endowment that created her role has led to the rapid expansion of the program, so vital in a time of rising rates of suicide and depression in young people. “It is because of Jen’s wis-dom and dedication to this work that our administra-tion became aware of the SEE Learning program and its endless benefits for our students and community,” Bandrowski said. “More than 10 years ago, former Middle School Principal Ed Notestine recognized my concern for the wellbeing of our students and supported my training with the Mind-fulness in School Project; however, it was through a conversation with Jen and her connection with Em-ory University’s Center for Contemplative Science and Compassion-Base Ethics, that I was able to expand my knowledge and skills beyond simple mindfulness practices to better equip me to meet the needs of all my students.”“Without generous dona-tions, growth of the crucial SEE learning program at Woodward would not have been possible,” Bandrowski added. “Thank you to every donor who wisely recog-nizes that an informed, inspired, and thriving adult community will ensure we have a healthy, resilient, and flourishing student body.”

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23The History Centerrepresents a tremendous opportunity to tell the Woodward story through a permanent timeline and rotating exhibitions.Woodward Academy dedicated the Stephen A. Belin ’72 History Center on April 30, 2022, created inside Brewster Hall with a lead gift from Mr. Belin’s brother, Jake Belin, and his wife, Betty. Steve Belin helped to lead the War Eagles football team to a state championship in 1970.The History Center represents a tremen-dous opportunity to tell the Woodward story through a permanent timeline and rotating exhibitions, and it provides a climate-controlled home for the archives of the school, which opened in 1900 as Georgia Military Academy. “We have never had a place where we can properly display our history for our stu-dents, alumni, and prospective students to get a true sense of what Woodward is about and where it came from with its founding in 1900,” said President Stuart Gulley. “We can never fully understand our present or our future if we don’t know our past. When students walk through our History Center, the emotion that I hope they will feel is great pride.”The Belins’ lead gift, combined with other donor support, funded restorations to the first floor of Brewster Hall, the oldest building on campus. A permanent exhibit describes the history of founders John C. and Lucile Woodward and the Brewster family. The Woodwards’ son-in-law, Col. William R. Brewster, was the Academy’s second president. Their grandson, Capt. William R. Brewster Jr. ’37, served as the third president of the school and oversaw GMA’s transition to Woodward Academy, a coeducational day school and the first in Atlanta to integrate. “Woodward has a rich history. It has a unique history. It has an extraordinarily significant history,” said Jake Belin. “The idea of this history center we felt was perfectly in line with our objective of both honoring my brother, Steve, and at the same time doing something that we felt was meaningful and beneficial in the long term for the school.”Permanent installations also include a timeline of notable events from 1900 to the present and a reproduction of a GMA dorm room. Rotating exhibits will include artifacts from the adjacent archive, such as Col. Woodward’s riding crop, a GMA uniform, and other memorabilia.Tours can be scheduled by appointment Monday through Friday during school hours by emailing or calling 404.765.4030. A phase 2 renovation will convert the second floor and back portion of the building into offices for senior administration.IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE ABOUT FUTURE CAMPUS IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS, please contact the Office of Advancement at or 404.765.4030.

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27$25,000 or moreAnonymousCalvin R. Allen Jr. ’67 and Carol AllenVicki S. and Gerald R. BenjaminBobby Bowers ’74 and Cindy BowersMr. Thomas L. Bradbury ’63 and Mrs. Nell BradburyRon and Lisa Brill Charitable TrustKaren Vaughn Burns ’81 and William L. Burns IIISally L. Burns ’12The Coca-Cola Foundation, Inc.Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. DruckerMrs. Camellia FlaniganMr. and Mrs. Charles HastieMr. and Mrs. Ulf C. I. HenrikssonJBS FoundationMr. Ben F. Johnson III ’61 and Mrs. Ann JohnsonDusty Milner Jr. ’71 and Rhonda MilnerMorris Family FoundationDeepak Raghavan and Priya DeepakThe Shailendra FamilyRhonda and Russ WelchWoodward Academy Parent CommunityWoodward Academy-GMA Alumni Association $10,000-$24,999Anonymous (3)Ms. Shannon H. AndersonKerstin and Howard BendenJonathan M. Brill ’95 and Liz BrillMatt H. Brill ’91 and Staci C. BrillMr. and Mrs. David H. BurnettMr. and Mrs. Alfred J. Cole Sr.Mr. Alfred Cole Jr. ’80 and Mrs. Kimberly ColeAlexander H. Crumbley ’91 and Michelle F. CrumbleyDr. Xavier A. Duralde ’76 and Dr. Mary E. BarrettSusan Burnette Dutson ’97 and Don Dutson IIIMr. Matthew FergusonMr. and Mrs. Joseph GoodmanDr. Russell K. Gore ’93 and Dr. Jane B. GorePresident and Mrs. F. Stuart GulleyMs. Aoyue GuoDr. and Mrs. Regis W. HaidJo Cranford Hodges ’96 and Kevin M. Hodges ’96Dr. and Ms. Henry HollandSarah and Jim KennedyDr. Julie Levine and Mr. Paul HagedornErica Katz Lewis ’93 and Greg S. Lewis ’92C. Brad Marsh ’77 and Elizabeth A. ObenshainMr. and Mrs. Robert MercadoMills Uniform CompanyVicki and John PalmerR. Alan Parrish ’66Mr. and Mrs. Hiren PatelMr. and Mrs. Joshua S. PechterRick and LaKesha RobinsonMr. and Mrs. Andrew SchlossbergSelig FoundationMr. and Mrs. Ricardo SimonJanice and Ed Story IIIGene E. Sutherland Sr. ’54*Glenn and Susan WarrenDrs. Deborah and Joseph WilkesMatthew D. Wilson ’99 and Abby Wilson$5,000-$9,999Dr. Nkiruka M. Abbey and Mr. Emmanuel D. AbbeyMr. and Mrs. Craig AckermanMadelyn R. AdamsWilliam W. Ball ’78 and Roxella BallDr. Jonathan C. Bender and Ms. Amy EdgarMr. and Mrs. Christopher I. BrandonMr. Justin ByczekMr. and Mrs. Mark C. CallawayMason Lee Cardwell ’98 and Leigh Shattles Cardwell ’98Donald M. Cathy ’72Mr. Paul ChanceyCary A. Coutant ’74 and Debbie CoutantMr. Kenneth Decker and Mrs. Renata Janssen-DeckerMr. Douglas DuncanWalter and Michelle FalconerMark A. Feidler ’07Dr. Chris Freer and Mrs. Amanda FreerDavid and Debbie Cole Guest ’82Dr. Reena Gupta and Mr. Rob GuptaMr. George B. HannaMr. and Mrs. David S. HarringtonDr. and Mrs. John G. HellerLaurie and Chad HoodMr. Joseph Ibrahim and Mrs. Margaret E. GarrisonDr. Nancy Howard Jennings ’84Mr. Chip Kelley ’67Joseph A. Kicklighter ’63Mr. and Mrs. Sigmund LeeMichele and Ian Lloyd-JonesMr. Murugesh Mayandi and Mrs. Rashmi Thangam MalathyH. Bruce McEver ’62Linda A. McGehee ’73James W.C. McKay Jr. ’57 and Betty McKayMr. and Ms. Geoffrey MeachamMrs. Alice MercadoDr. and Mrs. Ahmed NassarMr. and Mrs. Lee NolesMr. Eric Palacios and Mrs. Griselda TapiaMr. and Mrs. Charles F. PalmerMr. and Mrs. Adam R. PannellMr. and Mrs. Gregg ParadiesMr. and Mrs. Joseph P. PattersonMr. Brian L. Pilger and Ms. Laura Lee G. GentryMichelle H. and Jeffrey L. RosenthalMr. and Mrs. James D. RossMr. and Mrs. Mike RyanMr. Lei Shi and Mrs. Shao LiR. Ted Smith Jr. ’70James Sutherland Jr. ’86 and Delee SutherlandMs. Kimberly UmphenourMr. Russell Umphenour IIIAmy and Robert VasseyMr. and Mrs. Matthew F. VeneriMr. and Mrs. Aleem and Salma WadhwaniaMr. James S. Walker Jr.Drs. Chelsee and Nicholas WhitlingMr. and Mrs. Jeffery D. WilderMr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Wilson III$2,500-$4,999AnonymousJustin H. Alexander ’99 and Tamu T. BrownMr. and Ms. John C. AmesVandana C. and Rajesh AnandSharon and Bonneau Ansley Jr.Anne and John ApplebyMr. and Mrs. Sarfaraz M. ArazSimon E. Arpiarian ’94 and Felicia ArpiarianJeff and Sarah ArvinTammy and Chad BagwellMr. and Mrs. Aditya BhoopathyPhilip H. Bienert ’86 and Betty F. BienertMr. Hal Blackman and Ms. Rosa M. MorenoMr. and Mrs. Derek W. BottomsMr. and Mrs. Damien E. BoudreauMr. Nelson B. Boyce and Mrs. Michelle Sanchez-BoyceMrs. Pamela G. BrownMr. and Mrs. Quaphard BrownChristy BrowneMr. and Mrs. John P. BrumbaughMr. Eslier Pena Cabrera and Dr. Melissa BurroughsAndrew Cameron ’83Mr. and Mrs. Michael V. CanzianBill and Diane ClapesMr. and Ms. Brett ClarenceDr. and Mrs. Andre CohenKathleen D. Collins ’78Drs. Julia C. and James M. Combs IIIJenny and Lee ConnerJulie Davis Couch ’88 and Chuck A. CouchMs. Mellissa D. CraigMr. and Mrs. Seth H. CrawfordMrs. Mary Virginia DavisMrs. Chiquita T. DentMr. Thomas G. DimitroffMr. Ralph Donaldson Jr. and Ms. Chloe BarzeyMr. and Mrs. Derek L. DouglasDr. Lisa R. DrakeMr. and Mrs. Jonathan EpsteinMr. Ronald Eustace and Ms. Marcela GomezMr. and Mrs. Dolan P. Falconer Jr.Mr. Paul FerdinandsMs. Jennifer L. FessDavid R. Forquer and Martha J. ClinkscalesMr. and Mrs. Marc M. FredianiGwendolyn and Ronald FreemanMrs. Mildred V. FreemanThe Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Charles Z. GardnerMr. and Mrs. Andrew F. GoschBill and Jennifer GrayMr. and Mrs. Joshua J. GregoryGeorge C. Griffin II ’79 and Carroll H. GriffinDr. Phillip Griffiths Jr. ’56 and Dr. Taffy GriffithsMr. and Mrs. Benjamin GrubbsMr. Thomas E. Guillot Jr. ’73Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hall IIIDr. and Mrs. Mark HannaAdrienne and Scott HardestyMr. and Mrs. Rodney S. HarrisonMr. and Mrs. Scott A. HartJonathan P. Hayes ’90Regina and Steve HennessyMr. and Mrs. Scott C. HightowerChuck and Cass HollisMr. and Mrs. Joseph Hord*Deceased

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28Mr. and Mrs. Darren K. HowardTatty and Harry HowardMr. and Mrs. Zachariah J. HowardMr. John Hsu and Ms. Elizabeth WintererMr. and Mrs. Theodore M. HutchesonAndre P. Hylton ’92 and Tamera A. HyltonP. A. Hylton ’89 and Michelle HyltonDr. and Mrs. Michael S. JacobsonMr. and Mrs. DeVetus M. JonesTamara R. Jones ’88Mr. and Mrs. Sameer K. KapoorMr. and Mrs. Mark Kaufman Sr.Mr. and Mrs. Kevin KleinhelterMr. and Mrs. Todd KlumokMr. Ting Pui Lai and Ms. Mei-Yan ChanMr. and Mrs. John LeddyDr. and Mrs. Arthur LesesneMr. Jay LevittMr. and Mrs. Saul LevyMr. and Mrs. Nigel V. LivingstoneGeorge Longino III ’57William S. Magill III ’65 and Nancy C. MagillLouise MannMr. XuanZhi Mao and Mrs. Yilin WangDaniel C. Martin ’64 and Glenn Ann B. MartinMr. and Ms. Toshi MarubashiEric B. McDonald and Dawn Atkins-McDonaldMr. Matthew McGivern and Dr. Debra HouryDavid M. McKenney ’56 and Sarah McKenneyMr. William McNeillNija and Joe MeyerMr. and Mrs. Michael D. MillerMr. and Mrs. Todd H. MillerMr. and Mrs. Michael A. MillsMr. and Mrs. Harry R. MitchellMarci and Eric MitchellMary A. MontgomeryMr. and Mrs. Peter MontgomeryMary S. Moore ’87Mira and Christopher MossDr. and Mrs. Carlo MussoMr. and Mrs. David L. MyrickMr. and Mrs. Terius NashMr. and Mrs. Franklin L. NelsonRandall S. Owen ’78Mr. and Mrs. Viralkumar PatelMr. and Mrs. Solon PattersonDr. Janine PettifordDr. Shalonda Pettis and Mr. Charles PettisAnita Douglas Phillips ’79 and Andy PhillipsDr. and Mrs. Roland L. PinkneyDr. and Mrs. Rohan V. PiyasenaMr. Craig R. Pohan and Mrs. Kristen E. PicanoMr. and Ms. Mark A. PowellMr. and Mrs. Louis ProfumoMr. and Ms. Ryan RaddingMr. Kartik Ramakrishnan and Mrs. Swarnim KanthMr. and Mrs. Michael D. ReeseMr. Rickey L. Richardson and Dr. Kendra S. RichardsonElizabeth and Al RobertsonMr. and Mrs. Kareem A. RogersDr. Ida L. Rose-Mize and Mr. Clyde E. Mize Jr.Mr. Chris A. Ryan-Lawrence and Mr. Thomas C. Ryan-LawrenceMissy SanchezSuzanna B. Sanchez ’00Robert W. Schorr ’56 and Alice SchorrMr. and Mrs. George B. SloanMr. and Mrs. Arthur Smalls Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Spainhour Jr.Marcia Prewitt Spiller and JP CampionMs. Angela M. SpiveyDr. and Mrs. Dean T. StamoulisMr. and Mrs. Lester StrainMrs. Nan Halenza Street ’88Dr. Brian L. ThomasDr. and Mrs. Maurice V. ThompsonWayne and Jane ThorpeMr. and Mr. Phil TomlinsonClara and Chuvalo TruesdellMr. and Mrs. Steve TyeMs. Susan Van AackenMr. Robert Walker Jr. and Ms. Dawn McNaughtTiffany and Rob WaltonGlenn D. Warren Jr. ’04 and Caroline WarrenAnthony M. Webb ’99 and Rachel WebbMr. and Mrs. Eric WeissMrs. Mary A. WhiteChristopher E. Williams ’89 and Kendrick WilliamsDrs. Jennifer and Byron Williams IIIMr. and Mrs. Joshua R. WilliamsMr. and Ms. Leonard WoodMr. and Ms. Albert WoodroofDr. and Mrs. John XerogeanesMr. Stephen Yang and Ms. Rebecca H. Bunyasaranand ’95Mr. and Mrs. Eugene V. Yu$1,900-$2,499Mr. and Mrs. Rob AlfordDr. and Mrs. Ryan BurkeDr. and Mrs. Jenkins Bush Sr.Dr. and Mrs. William CarlsonRobert and Kim DaughertyRoman Deville ’63*Mr. and Mrs. Sherard K. DixonMr. Rick FeltMr. and Ms. Brandon FordeMrs. Anna D. FranicMr. and Mrs. Gerald L. FunderburkLinda Hixon Gilmore ’74 and John W. GilmoreMr. and Mrs. Jay HarrisonMr. and Mrs. Chris HopkinsEmily Watts Johnson ’04 and Alfred JohnsonVirginia Serrato Johnston ’78 and Warwick A. JohnstonMrs. Cecy JonesThomas L. Jones ’69Mr. Frank B. Lowery and Ms. Brittany ElyMr. William S. Magill IV ’06David and Leigh MallisMr. Edgar J. Mosley and Dr. Mary J. MosleyLindsay Keogler Nolan ’95 and Kevin NolanMr. Nelish S. PatelAlf Ruff Jr. ’62Mr. and Mrs. Doug SmockSociety for Science & the PublicMr. and Mrs. Peter G. StathopoulosMr. and Ms. Wesley StockardMr. David J. Urie and Ms. Joan A. DeMarcoRobert G. Weinstein ’63Andrew J. Welch III ’90 and Cara T. Welch$1,000-$1,899Anonymous (6)Maya L. Abbott ’02Mr. and Mrs. James Amick Jr.Mr. and Mrs. William Ansley IIIDr. Rami B. Arfoosh and Dr. Rasha G. Al SamaraMr. and Mrs. Bryan BaerTammy BaileyMs. Roseia BalogunMs. L’Erin BarnesDr. James C. Beall ’61 and Mrs. Judy K. BeallKenneth F. and Cynthia E. BeardRichard E. Berkowitz ’50 and Lynn R. BerkowitzKenny and Nancy BlankScott D. Brostrom ’86 and Michele BrostromMr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. BurnatMr. John J. Callinan ’55Mr. and Mrs. Bick W. Cardwell Jr.Mr. Mark B. ChandlerMr. Muhammad Chauhan and Ms. Jessica BennettMr. Joseph A. Ciranni and Ms. Linda L. PauledgeMr. and Mrs. Keith ClemensMr. and Mrs. Harold F. ClineBarbara M. and William R. CoatsAnn Askew Colin ’84 and Sam ColinMr. and Mrs. Joseph G. CookScott CrookMr. Clarence Davis ’74 and Mrs. Katherine DavisMr. and Mrs. Walter M. Deriso Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. DevinneyCharlotte B. DixonMr. and Ms. Nicolas S. DufourMr. and Mrs. Kyle W. DuntonDiana Sutherland Earwood ’83Nan and Ed EasterlinMr. H. Hendricks EdgertonDr. and Mrs. Neil H. EdgertonJennifer Wooten Faur ’92 and Derrick F. Faur ’92Mr. and Ms. Urcel FieldsMr. and Mrs. Len FleskeMr. and Mrs. Kevin FloydMr. and Mrs. Mark FoleyMr. and Mrs. Trammel FoxMr. Sandun D. Fransisku Baduge and Ms. Thilini P. AsamanageDavid H. Friend ’03 and Jessie FriendMrs. Paige Fritts* and Mr. Courtney “Pete” Fritts Sr.Fulton County Fraternal Order of Police, No. 64Mr. and Mrs. Bradford J. FusonNewton M. GallowayMr. Hongyu Gao and Ms. Yang YangMr. and Mrs. J. L. Glover Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Eddie W. Grier IIITimothy J. HamlingMr. and Mrs. Robert HardyKeisha Wynn Harrison ’90 and Craig HarrisonMr. Kurt Hartman and Ms. Sharon WarningMs. Glenda HarveyJuanita W. and Gary S. Hathaway*Deceased

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29Mary Margaret and David HeatonMarian Wells Hemmer ’88 and Eric D. HemmerDrs. Erin C. and Andrew M. HendrickMr. Adam J. Henrich and Ms. Lisa L. SmithMr. and Mrs. Mark HeroldMr. and Mrs. Michael HilkmanDavid B. Hodgins ’98 and Kate HodginsNina and Glenn HowardDr. and Mrs. Leopold L. JacksonHon. Reginald Jackson and Mrs. Christy Davis JacksonShannon and Thomas J. JacksonDr. and Mrs. Michel JeannotWalda and Timothy JeffersonMr. and Ms. Mark JensenRev. and Mrs. Artis L. JohnsonTom Jones ’63 and Judy JonesTalitha Michalow Kauffman ’02 and Noah KauffmanMs. Gates Kellett and Mr. Michael J. DunawayStiles Kellett Jr. ’62 and Carol KellettDr. and Mrs. Niraj KhandelwalMrs. Joyce KjellgrenMeryl McLaurin LacyPatty and Robert Lamb Jr.Mr. and Mrs. John A. LevinsonDr. and Mrs. Chad LevittThomas F. Lozick ’90 and Kay LozickDebbie and Joe LundellDr. Saundra Maass RobinsonMr. and Mrs. Lucius Mack Sr.Monica B. and Simon J. MainwaringMs. Jennifer D. ManningDr. and Mrs. Steven MarcetMr. and Mrs. Peter H. MarteMichael J. Mayeske ’65 and Betty MayeskeMichael J. Mayeske Jr. ’97 and Anna MayeskeMr. and Mrs. Bryan P. MeltonMr. and Mrs. Joe MercerMr. and Mrs. David Y. Millican IVMr. and Mrs. Wallace B. MillnerMinor FamilyFaiza F. Mohammed ’20Mr. and Mrs. Craig S. MooreGeorge Morgan Sr. ’69 and Candace MorganChristopher T. Myers ’00 and Malia K. MyersMr. Sathyanarayan Nagesh and Mrs. Jyothsna N. Narayana MurthyMr. and Mrs. Stuart M. NelsonMrs. Gertrude NormanDr. and Mrs. Ahmad I. NuriddinMr. and Ms. Calvin O’KeeffeMr. and Mrs. Gerald E. O’Meara IIIClaudia and Larry O’NealMr. Randy R. O’Neil and Mr. David R. O’NeilMr. and Mrs. Mark D. OprischDr. Jo and Lawrence OrigMr. and Ms. William OwenDr. and Mrs. Amrish PatelFelicia and Roderick PerkinsDr. Sholah P. PittmanDr. and Mrs. Shevin PollydoreDr. Arvind Ponnambalam and Dr. Neha ShahGary Y. Poole ’64Mr. and Mrs. Marion T. Pope IIICharles E. Potts and Benji D. MorganMr. Kenneth L. Quintana and Ms. Beatriz R. PerezMr. and Mrs. Jason RandolphSusan and Trey ReesePaula Rosput Reynolds and Stephen ReynoldsMs. Linda RichardsonTimothy F. Robertson ’00 and April RobertsonMr. Roy Robinson and Ms. Alex Douglass RobinsonMr. and Mrs. Willie D. RobinsonMr. and Mrs. Steven RodgersMr. and Ms. Jeffrey M. RosenbergMr. and Mrs. Matt T. RoughenLovette and Michael RussellBryan RutledgeMs. Tracy D. Rye ’89Mr. and Mrs. Josh SalkinCDR and Mrs. Albert Schuette, M.D.Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan D. SchwartzMs. Tyra ScottMr. and Ms. Michael ShanleverSuzi S. Sheffield ’91Richard H. Sinkfield III ’87Mr. and Mrs. Timothy SmithMr. and Mrs. Robert SnyderMs. Sabrina SolomianyMr. and Mrs. Jonathan J. SolomonMr. Joseph S. Somers Jr. and Dr. Wanda D. BarfieldBrian Sorrow ’96 and Kelley SorrowMr. and Mrs. Greg SoshnikMr. and Mrs. Steve SpenceMr. and Mrs. Matt SpiegelMs. Anne M. SpratlinCaroline Guest Stancil ’03 and Josh StancilW. Douglas Starr ’62Mr. and Ms. Frank Stockard IIIMr. and Mrs. William Stratton Jr.Dr. Staffel Strong and Dr. Alanna MorrisMr. Zhenping Sun and Ms. Ivy PanMr. and Mrs. Dana J. TardelliAnthony L. Thomas ’98 and Valerie ThomasDr. Jerry J. ThomasMr. and Mrs. Knox ThompsonMr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. TompkinsMr. and Mrs. Andrew K. UlshMr. and Mrs. Phillip A. VerduciMr. and Mrs. Andrew WambergMr. and Mrs. Robert A. WamserMr. Hao Wang and Mrs. Haiyan DingMr. and Mrs. Jim WeathersbyMary C. Weaver ’73Mr. and Mrs. Joseph WeissglassDr. Kristine Whigham and Mr. Dan WhighamCaroline G. White ’12Connie and David WhiteNicholas J. Widener ’09 and Leslie WidenerMr. William T. Wiggins and Mrs. Malissa A. Kaufold-WigginsMr. and Ms. Anthony WilkesDr. Martin F. Wilkes ’99Mr. Alex Williams and Mrs. Stephanie WilliamsMr. and Mrs. Corey WilliamsMr. and Mrs. Geoff WilsonMr. and Ms. Milton R. Wofford Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. WoodDr. Dongjin D. Yoon and Ms. Hayoung M. ParkMr. Russell Zaring ’73 and Mrs. Amy ZaringJing Shi and Jerry Zhou$500-$999Anonymous (7)Dr. Lauren E. AbesDr. and Mrs. Marshall AbesMr. Michael Abt and Ms. Trina AllenDr. Kamar Alabi and Dr. Rifquat Giwa-AlabiMr. Dwight F. Allen and Dr. Shelley M. DunsonLisa and Clay AllenMr. Syed Ally and Ms. Karen JacksonThe Alvord FamilyMr. and Mrs. Jeffrey AndersonMr. and Mrs. Jim AndrewMr. and Mrs. Phil AndrewsDr. Brian S. Armour and Dr. Marilyn M. PittsJulie J. AskewDr. Matthew T. Aycock and Mr. Jimmy R. MagnessMr. and Mrs. Rashidi D. L. BarnettMr. and Mrs. Chester F. BeallDeaton Bell ’86Michael T. Bennett Jr. ’88 and Abigail Ashworth Bennett ’88Dr. Kevin S. Berman and Dr. Heather S. WeinerAlexa Lieppe Bernstein ’07 and Daniel J. Bernstein ’03Mr. and Ms. Douglas N. BeveridgeDr. Arthur D. BlackLeroy W. Blankenship ’64 and Susan R. PaoliRoger E. Blythe Jr. ’75 and Connie BlytheJames A. Boatright ’96 and Emily BoatrightRagmar Boecher ’59 and Peggy BoecherMr. and Mrs. Alexander G. BombeckMr. Michael J. Bono ’70Matthew B. Bowers ’06Dr. Robert L. Bowers ’02 and Hayley S. BowersRyan W. Bowers ’04Mr. Lee Bradley and Dr. Nikki BradleyAlexandria C. BraggDr. and Mrs. Robert L. Brand ’60Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. BrannonStephen H. Bridges ’01Christopher and Kaye BrinsonDr. Shandi BrooksMary BrownMr. and Mrs. Robert BurnsNancy Avans Bush ’72Gus A. Callaway ’76 and Lisa CallawayDr. Sheri CampbellMr. Henry Carey and Mrs. Melinda MarrsMr. and Mrs. Carlos J. CarrerasElaine T. Carroll ’75Mr. Desmond Carter and Dr. Kisha CarterLin Price Carter ’74 and Barry CarterCarri Carver and Nancy FreyMr. and Mrs. Carlos CasonTom Cavanaugh ’91 and Jennifer CavanaughDr. and Mrs. William ChangMr. Austin Chase ’93 and Mrs. Meredith W. ChaseMr. Gene Chayevsky and Dr. Lina F. ChayevskyMr. and Mrs. Socheat CheaMr. Max Cheang

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30Mr. Thomas T. Chun and Ms. Cecilia D. ChoiMr. and Mrs. Clay CibulaMr. and Mrs. Jamaine ColemanMr. Courtney S. Collins and Mrs. Deidre F. Brown CollinsDr. John P. Connors IIIMs. Kathleen S. Cornett ’09Mr. and Mrs. Mark CouchPaula Dyer Crawford ’78 and Bryce A. CrawfordDrs. Sushma and Blaine CribbsAnne Barr Cruz ’97Debra and Terry CullenMr. and Mrs. Chris CummingsDr. and Mrs. Snehal C. DalalMr. and Mrs. Deemer A. DanaKelsey R. Darden ’09Mr. and Mrs. Luther C. DavisMr. and Mrs. Ellis D. DeanNoel and Daniel DellerMr. and Mrs. Kirk DemetropsAlok V. Deshpande ’94 and Nina DeshpandeMr. and Mrs. Mark DiedrichMr. and Mrs. Thomas DierdorffMr. and Mrs. John DoaneJohn Dove ’74Mr. Carlos L. Drayton and Dr. Dekisha P. DraytonMr. and Mrs. Marshal EagleThomas J. Ehrensperger ’78 and Elizabeth J. EhrenspergerSteven I. Eisenstein ’91 and Lynne EisensteinMs. Sara C. Elliot ’07Mr. and Mrs. Dorian EllisMr. Damon ElmoreDr. and Ms. Dominic ErdozainMr. and Mrs. Brandon FarleyMr. and Mrs. Brett FarmerNaylene and Rob FeltJohn A. Ferguson Jr. ’69 and Francesca F. FergusonJose I. and Kristen L. FernandezDr. Bruce L. Fetterman ’80 and Mrs. Sandy FettermanMr. and Mrs. Ethan ForchetteJoshua ForrestDr. Temitope FosterAdam W. Freeman ’99Liann M. Freeman ’98Mr. and Mrs. Richard FrischMr. and Ms. David L. GaggeroMr. and Mrs. Frank Garson IIDr. and Mrs. Robin GeletkaPaula E. GentryDrs. Sheree L. and Marlon L. D. GibsonMr. and Mrs. Jante T. GlennFranklin T. Glover ’97Mr. and Mrs. David GoldschmidtMr. Hector Gonzalez and Ms. Mary Beth Cox-GonzalezMr. Christopher Goode and Ms. Carla JohnsonJessica Savitz Goodman ’97 and Joseph N. Goodman ’99Mr. and Mrs. Ron GoodwynAndrew K. Grant ’95 and Dara GrantMr. Riah Greathouse ’03 and Mrs. Amina GreathouseDr. and Mrs. Anuj GuptaDr. Ramin Haddad and Dr. Tammy ZeineddinMr. and Mrs. Malik W. HakeemMr. and Ms. Jonathan T. HallettMr. Gerald HamburgerElizabeth M. Hardaway ’09Mary Leslie HardyMr. and Ms. Charles N. HartDr. Robert D. Harvey and Dr. Christine KemptonMr. Edward N. Hatch and Mrs. Crystal O. SladeMr. and Mrs. Phenus Head Jr.Mr. Nagaraja Hebbar and Dr. Supriya RaoRyan and Jessica HemingBlake Henderson ’04 and Laura Alice HendersonChato B. and Douglas HendrixAnne Steele Fortune Hinshaw ’95 and Mark P. HinshawMr. and Mrs. Tracy HittMrs. Regina HollisMs. Monique R. HollowaySteve and Mary Jane HolmanMs. Meredith HopkinsMr. and Mrs. Arthur Z. HovigimianMs. Fang-Hua HsuMr. Jun Huang and Mrs. Qiuen XiaCatherine and John HuffinesMr. and Mrs. Gene HumphreyMr. and Ms. Jordan HyltonDr. Tara D. IngleMr. and Mrs. Stephen InskeepLyn and Bob IsaacsMr. and Mrs. Walter L. IsomMr. and Mrs. Mark IssaMr. and Mrs. John M. JacksonMr. and Mrs. Luke JacksonJanie and Sheldon JeterMr. and Mrs. Forrest JohnsonMr. and Mrs. Raylani JohnsonMr. and Mrs. John P. JonesMr. and Mrs. Michael JosephMr. Sergio Juarez and Mrs. Marcela PerdomoMr. Andrew M. Kallenberg and Mrs. Nichelle R. KingTejal Desai Kassatly ’90 and Robert KassatlyRev. Nan N. Kennedy and Mr. Stephen G. KennedyDrs. Afsheen and Shazib KhawajaMr. and Mrs. Matt KirbyKenneth J. Kirschner and Elizabeth A. LesterDee KoscikAsheley Dillard Kotis ’86 and William M. KotisEmily Kotzan ’92 and Mike KotzanMr. and Mrs. Travis LackeyProf. Michael Landau and Ms. Brenda SeitonFrederick Poole Landers Sr. ’67Drs. Jarrett M. and Willie E. LandrumSydney Horne Langdon ’03 and Joel LangdonRichard Lauth and Amy LauthMelissa and Gary LawhonMr. and Ms. Greg LawsonBen H. Layne and Sherry K. GainesMr. and Mrs. Russell LeakeDrs. Julie J. and Benjamin C. LeeErik and Traci W. LernerMr. and Mrs. Robert LevinsonMr. and Mrs. Jonathan LohrMr. and Mrs. David J. LordMr. Charles H. LoweKelley H. and Carlos A. LugoAnne Marie and David S. MaltbieMs. MariaElena MarcetBeth and Mike MarienAlissa and Steve MarshallDrs. Fonda and Todd MartinMs. Kristin MastersonMs. Christine Maurer and Ms. Paula MaibergerMr. and Mrs. Edwin McClainDrs. Cecily B. and Michael L. McDanielMr. and Mrs. Jason McFarlinBrianna N. McGee ’15Jo McIver ’66Mr. and Mrs. Peyton McWhirterMr. and Mrs. Michael R. McWilliamsDr. Todd Meadows ’95 and Dr. Honey MeadowsMr. and Ms. Mitchell MeekinsMr. and Mrs. Christopher MercierMr. and Mrs. Dave A. MillerMr. and Mrs. Jeff MillerMr. and Mrs. Clay MillingMr. and Ms. Christopher B. MillnerAnne Ganskow Moore ’80 and James W. MooreDr. and Ms. Thomas MooreMr. and Mrs. Kirk C. MorrisChristy L. Morrison ’83Mr. and Mrs. Kevin MortonMr. and Mrs. Samuel MosesTorrance J. Mosley ’94 and Jocelyn MosleyMs. Beverly MoyeMs. Christine MullerJenna MurphyMr. Joshua B. Nelson and Mrs. Heather Tawes NelsonHina B. and Amirali W. NooraniMr. Matthew R. Nozemack and Prof. Karie D. Davis-NozemackGarnie M. Nygren ’02 and Matt AdolfiMs. Jill OlmsteadMr. and Mrs. Jeffrey G. OlsenMr. and Mrs. Brian O’NeillMr. August Oo and Ms. Maree SuggsMs. Catherine OuelletteMr. and Ms. Joseph OwenbyTom OwenbyMr. and Ms. Suraj A. PalakshappaDr. Mary Ann ParkerMr. and Mrs. Dan and Jessica ParsonsMr. and Mrs. Jitesh PatelMr. and Mrs. Mehul G. PatelMr. and Ms. Cecil V. PayneLeigh Ann Peek and Arthur Lee PeekDr. Allan Pickens and Mrs. Abraxas Abrams-PickensMs. Kenya T. PierreMr. and Mrs. Edmund PiperKathryn S. Pollard ’05James Potts ’64John R. Prall ’97 and Krista N. PrallColeman T. Pusateri ’10Mr. and Mrs. Caperton D. PuttMr. Tongqing Qiu and Mrs. Wei YouMr. Mohammed Rafi and Mrs. Nazeeya KokintiMr. and Mrs. Curtis T. RainesJennifer Grasser Rainwater ’93 and Kevin RainwaterMr. and Mrs. Jack RealeLakshmi Reddy ’92 and Paul J. BernardMs. Beverly ReganNancy and Vic ReinholdMr. Peter Richards and Ms. Stephanie ArthurDonna and Max RichardsonMr. and Mrs. Terrance RichardsonMonique Snellgrove Richmond ’85 and Evan L. Richmond

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31Mr. and Mrs. Raymond RiddleSelma and Ray RidgwayDrs. Joseph and Marjanita RipleyMr. Hugh RiversMs. Malaika RiversMrs. Patricia B. RobinsonKatherine Wells Robson ’01 and James A. RobsonMr. and Ms. George RohrigDrs. Allison T. and Ian RoseTad SaharaMs. Erica SamsDr. Noelle Santorelli and Mr. Anthony SantorelliMr. and Mrs. Christopher SantyMargo and Peter SavitzTodd M. Savitz ’00Zachary R. Savitz ’05Sheila and Joseph SchifillitiChristina and Shaumond ScottMr. and Mrs. Frederick SearesDouglas Seeb and Jeanne DerderianDrs. Julie and William SegalMr. and Mrs. Joseph SemaanMr. and Mrs. Jason B. ShainMr. and Mrs. Karim ShariffGurinderjit and Jasjeet SidhuMr. Bryan Simmons and Ms. Loren JacksonDr. Lorenza Simmons and Dr. Charis Trench-SimmonsMr. and Mrs. Gregory M. A. SimpsonMr. and Mrs. Keith SimpsonMr. and Mrs. Peter Singleton IIIMr. and Mrs. Andre SmithAndrew Smith ’72Gregory J. and Kit SmithJames E. SmithThanayi and David SmithMr. and Mrs. Harold SolomonMr. and Mrs. Baron SpearmanEmmaline King Staton ’98 and Kenneth D. Staton Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Milton StegallStephanie Stephens and Kevin HendersonMr. and Mrs. Mark D. StewartMr. and Mrs. Winston StokesMr. Walter Strickland ’88 and Mrs. Katherine StricklandMr. and Mrs. Jason TaylorMr. and Ms. Tim J. TerryMr. Robert L. Tharp Sr. and Dr. Mary A. TharpMr. and Mrs. Andre F. ThomasMr. Dale C. Thomas and Mrs. Shelagh L. Montgomery-ThomasMr. and Mrs. Quintin R. TookesDrs. Cassandra R. and Antwan L. TreadwayMr. and Mrs. Manoj TripathyMr. Leo J. Tucker and Ms. Rachel L. SpasserAmy and Luke UnderwoodMr. Timothy J. Van De Water and Ms. Lisa C. ChagalaMr. Robert J. Waddell and Mr. Gregory L. SmithMr. and Mrs. Gary W. WaitesMr. and Ms. Frederick WalkerStacie WalkerMr. and Mrs. Wade Walker Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Chris WalshMr. and Ms. William WarnerMr. and Mrs. Chad WatkinsMr. and Mrs. Maurice WatsonAnne Peden Robertson Watts ’02 and Robert C. Watts ’02Mr. and Mrs. Marshall WeissCharles K. Werk ’69Mr. and Mrs. Kurt WhiteMr. William K. Whitner and Ms. Tanya N. Hairston-WhitnerMr. Damon Wiener and Mrs. Kim HandlemanMr. and Ms. Plesze WilliamMr. and Mrs. Milton WilliamsMr. and Mrs. Donay A. WillisDrs. Kimberley E. and W. H. WilsonMr. and Mrs. Lorenzo R. WinslowMr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. WolffMrs. Jennifer WuKelli D. WybleDr. Andy Xu and Dr. Li ZhangGinny and Todd YatesMrs. Carrie M. YoungMr. Hussene Youssouf and Mrs. Janene BrowderMr. Yao Zhan and Ms. Chunman YuMr. Jianson Zheng and Mrs. Lifen YeMr. and Mrs. Joe Zhou $250-$499Anonymous (13)Mr. Randy Abbott and Mrs. Karen Ramlall-AbbottMs. Corinne A. AdamsMr. Jeff Adams and Ms. Francoise Saint-ClairMs. Teresa L. AdamsMr. and Mrs. Adeyemi AdiatuKara Nygren Adler ’04 and Micah AdlerMiss Chantay AgnewMr. and Mrs. Robert AinsworthMr. and Mrs. Shahin AlaviMr. and Mrs. Chad AlexanderMr. and Mrs. Christopher AlexanderDr. Ahmad H. Al-Hajj and Dr. Abeer N. AbouyabisStephane and Amy AllagnonMr. and Mrs. John G. AlstonDr. and Mrs. Evan AndersonMarisa Amick Anderson ’96 and James R. AndersonSholanda McBride Armstrong ’91 and Terry ArmstrongMr. and Mrs. Brian ArnoldMr. and Ms. Chad AronMr. Brian Arthur and Ms. Lisa MartinMr. and Ms. Nathan ArttMr. and Ms. Jim AugustynMr. Scott T. Averitt ’91Mr. and Mrs. Seth A. BaderAndrew C. Barker ’03 and Ries BarkerMr. and Mrs. Bob A. Barnette Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Lior BaronLeo BarriosMr. and Mrs. John BarrowMr. and Mrs. Maurice BaudyAmanda C. Baxter ’93 and Ian ZaborMr. and Mrs. Thomas BeebeMr. and Mrs. Amir Hossien BehniaMr. Edwin T. Bell and Dr. Tampa R. BellMr. and Mrs. Shaun BelleJoanne BerryMr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. BessDr. and Mrs. Raheem BeyahMr. Abhishek Bhatnagar and Ms. Richa KumarDr. Chandar Bhimani and Ms. Suneeta KhanwaniMr. and Mrs. George F. BlackwellDr. Alda M. Blakeney-Wright ’82Ms. Karmen B. BlueMs. Cathy BoardmanMr. and Mrs. Ramin BornaMr. and Mrs. John C. BottiniMr. and Mrs. Thomas BottiniMr. Tony BouieThomas L. Bourne ’94 and Ann Whitten BourneTaylor E. Brandon ’17Alex Brennan ’97 and Kathryn BrennanJenny BroadDr. and Mrs. Geoffrey BrownW. Lawrence Brown ’64Mr. and Mrs. Thomas BruneauMr. and Mrs. Marc R. BulsonMr. Kenneth R. Bunch and Mrs. Angela J. BoggsMr. and Mrs. John F. BundrageDr. and Mrs. Thomas E. BurgessMr. Claudio M. BurtinMr. and Mrs. Gary ButlerMr. and Mrs. Robert G. CameronMr. and Mrs. Shaun A. CampbellDrs. Alexis and Shawn CarterMr. and Mrs. Adam CaskeyDr. Elizabeth CaugheyEdward N. Caylor ’70Mr. and Mrs. Kevin T. CharlesMr. and Mrs. Jeff ChesnutMr. and Mr. John M. ChilesVikas M. Chinnan ’94 and Supreet B. ChinnanRamana Kumar R. Chittoor Govinda Reddy and Madhavi L. IguturiMr. and Mrs. Mohammed ChowdhuryClarence and Jacinda ClarkMr. Kevin Clarke and Mrs. Shellon Blanchard-ClarkeCurtis C. and Kendra C. ClemonsTimothy W. Coats ’11 and Allison CoatsMr. and Mrs. Michael CobleCaryl and Howard CohenMr. and Mrs. Caheen ColemanMr. and Mrs. Alvin D. CollinsMs. Farah CollinsMr. John M. Companiotte and Dr. Catherine M. LewisNadine and Logan CookMr. and Mrs. Thomas H. CooperAustin Northenor Cornelius ’11 and Barrett N. Cornelius ’09Mr. and Mrs. Errol Coutain Sr.Jennifer A. Cranford-Thomas ’95 and James P. ThomasMr. John A. CroninMr. and Mrs. Giovanni D’AmicoMr. and Mrs. Jeffry DanielsDrs. Melissa J. and Andrew T. DarlingtonMr. and Ms. D’Andre DavisMr. W. Ryan Davis and Mrs. Inda DavisMs. Yolunda DavisMr. and Mrs. Michael A. DawkinsRoman P. Dean ’98Debbie Piha Deutsch ’90 and Mark DeutschMs. Laura N. DiBacco ’91Mr. James R. Doyle and Hon. Sara L. DoyleMeredith DraperJulia Bonds Duke ’92 and Lee DukeLillian X. D. Duong ’14Fernando A. Duralde ’73 and Susan W. Duralde

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32Lisa Hodge Duval ’87 and Alf DuvalMs. Betsey B. EastmanCarrie and Jacob EdmisonMr. and Mrs. Donald B. Edwards Jr.John B. Ellis III ’99 and Mindy EllisMr. and Mrs. Christopher T. EmslieJennifer L. Enloe ’91Walter C. Ernest IV ’85 and Teresa ErnestDr. and Mrs. Gregory E. EvansRobert D. Evans ’56Mr. and Mrs. Dave ExcellKathryn N. and John R. FaisonSara S. Fanucchi ’00 and Thomas E. TaylorMr. and Mrs. David E. FarnumMr. and Mrs. Melvin FarringtonMs. Heather FatzingerMr. Dexter S. Felix and Dr. Beverly J. StouteMs. Barbara FeltMr. Yunfang Feng and Ms. Shan HeDanise Gunter Fields ’83 and David W. FieldsMr. and Mrs. Rodney FieldsSamuel H. Fishman ’13 and Ali FishmanMrs. Patricia H. FosterMarcus B. Foston ’99Dr. Stefan A. France and Mrs. Sara M. PrinceMr. Jonathan Freeman and Mrs. Jennifer L. KjellgrenMs. Tracy FriessDr. and Mrs. Kenny FrontinThe Honorable Crystal A. Gaines and Mr. Eric C. BondMr. Austin R. Gainey ’09Dr. Shivaprakash Gangappa and Dr. Vajreshwari ShivaprakashMr. and Mrs. James K. GibsonMr. and Mrs. Roger GoldenMr. Brian Gordon and Ms. Logan RitchieMrs. Holly GordonMr. and Mrs. John S. GordonLeslie and Hal GreerMr. and Mrs. Todd E. GriceTucker H. Griffin ’12Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. GrigsbyMr. and Mrs. Juan GuerraKelly M. Guest ’13Susan and Sam GuestDidier Guillaume and Robin M. Jones-GuillaumeFred Guin ’76Mr. and Mrs. Angus M. HaigMr. and Mrs. Imtiyaz HajiyaniThe Hakky FamilyJulie HallDr. Kim HallMr. Woodrow A. Hall and Dr. Glennda W. HallMr. Kirk Hammond and Dr. K. D. PoseyMr. and Mrs. Keith HansenMr. and Mrs. Timothy HarbenMs. Leetra HarrisLinda and Jeff HarrisMr. and Mrs. Merlin HarrisMr. Willie H. Harris and Dr. Sandea HarrisMr. and Mrs. Ron HarrisonMr. and Mrs. Daniel N. HartSamuel F. Hart ’51Mr. and Mrs. Joel L. HartmanMr. and Mrs. Stephon HayesMargaret Campbell Haynes ’74 and William J. Haynes IIMr. and Mrs. Brian T. HenryPatti M. HerringJodi HesterLisa and Forrest HibbardMr. Trevor Hiestand and Ms. BryAnn ChenMr. and Mrs. Andrew L. HinesMr. and Mrs. Jarrett A. HinesMr. and Mrs. Tsam HoMr. and Mrs. Matthew J. HofmeyrAlexander N. Holt ’03 and Caroline P. HoltMr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Hood Jr.Miss Lauren C. Hood ’98Mrs. Renee HudsonMr. Hans J. Hughes and Ms. Aileen M. Bell HughesMr. and Mrs. Scott R. HumphreyLauran HuntGordon Hunter and Sandra Broad HunterJohn HurstonHeather C. HvidingR. Chris Irwin ’62Mr. and Mrs. Jauwaun IsaacDrs. Erica and Joel IsomMr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. JacksonMr. Marcus Jackson and Ms. Alicia CunninghamMr. and Mrs. John JamesMrs. Joanna JardinaMilton Jarrell Jr. ’74Deirdre and James B. JasminMr. Sathish K. John and Dr. Priya D. JohnPamela and Antonio JohnsonMrs. Jasmine Johnson-Wakeel ’11 and Mr. Muhasibi WakeelMr. and Mrs. Ronald JoinesMr. and Mrs. Darin JonesMr. Gerald F. Jones and Dr. Karen D. GodetteMr. and Mrs. Tony L. JonesJamy Lea JuhanMr. Nahashon K. Kamau and Mrs. Margaret W. KimaniDr. Arun Kantamneni and Mrs. Pratima RaviMr. and Mrs. Dawood KapasiMr. and Mrs. Tom KightJane and Wayne KingMs. Marianna KingMr. Craig B. Koch and Mr. Vernon C. YipMr. and Mrs. Gopi K. KogantiRoss A. Kogon ’94Dr. Karen Kopecky and Mr. Scott NewmanMr. and Mrs. Mahesh KrishnanMr. and Mrs. Todd KuehlCraig G. Kunkes ’03 and Audrey KunkesImrana and Aftab LakhaniMr. and Mrs. Sammie LambMr. and Mrs. Francis A. LandgraffMr. Damien Leach and Mrs. Velincia Shavers-LeachMarianne LecesneMs. Jung Eun LeeValaurie Bridges Lee ’90Jeremy D. Lewis ’96Margie and Bill LineberryMs. Rubing LiuMr. Ryan M. Locke and Ms. Lee C. PressleyMr. and Mrs. Louis LockettMr. and Mrs. Michael LockettMs. YuShonda LoftonMr. Grady A. Luckey Jr. ’99Mr. and Mrs. Juan T. LylesMr. Kenneth LynchMs. Anne MacLeodDr. and Mrs. Adam MacNeilRia Meade Malinak ’81 and R. Jeff MalinakMr. and Mrs. Daniel MalinoKate Adornato Malone ’03 and Chris MaloneKourtney Few Mance ’91Ms. Rachel ManggrumMr. and Ms. Glen P. ManjosDr. Keith Mannes and Dr. Catherine DekleMr. and Mrs. Robert E. ManuelDrs. Kimberly and Bryant MarksDr. and Mrs. Paul MartinMr. and Ms. Scott M. MartinMs. Corey E. MasseyMr. Timothy A. MayerEllie and Claude MaysMatthew P. McAdam ’12Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McBathTy McCard and Melissa Sneed-McCardLucy Fender McCloud ’02 and Lyle McCloudBonny S. McConnell ’57Ms. Faye L. McCorkleMr. and Mrs. Ollie L. McCoyMr. Sean S. McDermott ’10Elizabeth Gray McEver ’04 and Hayward McEverAndrew McKnight ’86Mr. Ernest C. McLean IIIMr. and Mrs. Christopher J. McManusDr. and Mrs. Donald W. McMillian Jr.Eileen and Terry McWhorterMr. and Mrs. Richard MeurisMs. Shannon MeyringMr. and Mrs. Jim MichaelMr. and Mrs. Terrence MickieMrs. and Dr. Shelley MilakofskyMr. Nathan Miller and Mrs. Erin MurphyMr. and Mrs. Ryan S. MillwardMr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Milton Jr.Kechia MinterDr. and Mrs. Eric S. MitchellMr. and Mrs. Rubin MohanAraminta and Jason MontagueMs. Chaneeta MooreJessica and David L. MooreMr. and Mrs. John W. Moore Jr.Mrs. Laketa MooreMr. William Moore and Dr. Carisa MooreMr. and Mrs. John F. MorganValerie and Harrison MorganJennifer Briggs Morris ’00 and Dan MorrisWilliam F. Morris III ’69 and Doris MorrisMs. Sankeshia D. MorrowLouisa R. and Michael MousadisMr. Jay Nagar and Dr. Ritu NagarMr. Claude C. NardyMs. India S. NelsonJessica Ziegler Newth ’97 and Ryan NewthMr. and Mrs. Anthony J. NieveraMr. and Mrs. Terry L. NobleCourtney Brooks Noce ’01 and Carmine NoceMr. and Mrs. James A. NovakDr. and Mrs. Muhamad K. ObideenRev. Katie O’DunneDr. and Mrs. Craig L. Oliver Sr.Necie Elizabeth Young Pable ’90 and Lawrence J. Pable Jr.

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33Mr. Sabetay Palatchi and Mrs. Jennifer Gold PalatchiMr. and Mrs. Richard ParhamAyesha U. Patel ’11Mr. and Mrs. Gene W. PattersonKathy PayneMr. and Mrs. Mordie PearsonMr. and Mrs. Seth PelletierMr. and Ms. Aswann PetersMr. Julius Peterson and Ms. Tran NguyenMr. and Mrs. Wayne D. PhamJeffrey G. Pierce ’84 and Katherine PierceMr. and Mrs. Arnie PittmanMr. Mason Poe and Ms. Margaret KresgeJoella Mercer Potts ’93 and John M. Potts III ’93Mr. and Mrs. Victor O. PrallSusan Oliver Pratt ’86 and Chris PrattMr. Qiang Qin and Ms. Min ChenMr. and Mrs. Wilfredo RamosJeanne Ann RatliffMr. and Mrs. Nathan M. RawlinsMr. and Mrs. Samuel L. ReidGreg Reynolds ’97 and Tiffany Turner Reynolds ’98Allison Jackson Rhodes ’95 and Bartly D. Rhodes ’96Mr. Hunter W. Rice Jr. ’02Joe A. Rice ’64 and Mary K. RiceRobert L. Rinzler ’60 and Reneé B. RinzlerMr. and Mrs. James M. RobertsKathryn P. and Don R. Roberts IIIWilliam P. Robertson ’10Marques P. W. Robie ’01Mr. and Mrs. Robert RodriguezMr. and Mrs. Chad RossMr. and Mrs. Curtis RoysterMr. Patrick A. Sampson and Dr. Toi L. SampsonJeffrey Scott Sanchez ’91 and Christin Carone SanchezMr. and Mrs. Richard D. SandersStacey and Brett SandiferMr. and Mrs. Mark SatiskyJess Cooke Scarborough ’00 and James ScarboroughMr. and Ms. Mario ScarlataDebra Davidson Scott ’86 and Bill ScottMr. Kenney SeeDr. Maurice Selby and Mrs. Christine Vanhorne-SelbyMr. and Mrs. Bernardo M. SellersAmanda Bishop Sells ’99 and Josh SellsMr. and Mrs. Marco SetaDonald E. ShampMs. Aisha S. SharifMr. and Mrs. Jeremy SharpEna A. Shaw ’88Kathy Duncan Sheesley ’78 and Jeffrey SheesleyCharles L. Shew ’53Mr. and Mrs. Chae hun ShimMr. and Mrs. David R. SibilskyMiss Jessica D. SibleyCindy and Stan SilvertMr. and Ms. Bryan SimmonsMr. Lester SimpsonMr. Joshua Sinclair and Ms. Audrey LookerMs. Pamela SloanMs. Elizabeth S. SmithMr. and Mrs. Maurice SmithVancie SmithKimberly Smith-FaussetMs. Ann M. SpeerMr. and Mrs. Kevin A. StephensMr. and Mrs. Jeff StewartMr. and Mrs. Greg StoeckelMs. Krista A. Straughn ’90Williamson Stuckey Jr. ’52 and Ethelyn StuckeyJoseph H. Stuhrenberg ’13Ms. Tomeika L. SuberMr. and Mrs. Micheal D. SullivanMr. Christopher Swain and Mrs. Shawana Sanders-SwainMary Lou SwannMr. and Mrs. David S. SwartwoodMrs. Sylvia TalleyMr. and Mrs. Tarveres Tate Sr.Mr. Frank Taylor and Ms. Tami FullerWilliam S. Taylor ’99 and Amber ShoreMary and Scott ThompsonWinifred Wilkins Thompson ’88Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. ThorneKatie Watt Tinsley ’04 and Charles T. TinsleyDr. Steven M. Tipton and Dr. Kristin MannMs. Darby Todd and FamilyHudie TolesMr. Tom M. Tolleson ’09Dr. and Mrs. Brian J. TovinMr. and Mrs. Lorne TrittStephanie TrumbleKathy and Gary TuchmanGina Marshall Tucker ’94 and Fred TuckerMr. and Mrs. Richard TurnleyNatalie Plowden Tyler-Martin ’99 and Clinton Tyler-MartinMr. and Mrs. George UnderwoodMs. Linda UriosteMr. David Vasquez and Ms. Milvia D. SandovalJoseph Vellanikaran ’04Mr. Lakshmanan Venkatesan and Mrs. Ally PannirselvameJorge Villalba and Leslie ZinnMr. and Mrs. Mihaita A. VirjogheDr. Lisa WalkerStephen B. Walker ’96 and Evangeline WalkerMs. Cynthia WallaceMr. and Mrs. Khamisi WaltersThe Honorable and Mrs. Christopher WardFelker W. Ward ’86 and Yolanda WardMr. and Mrs. John WarnickJoseph A. Watkins ’98Dr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Watts Sr.Mr. and Ms. Michael S. WebbTonia R. and Andy WebbDr. and Mrs. Donald R. WebsterJohn E. Webster II ’80Mr. Dustin Weeks and Dr. Elizabeth-Ann WeeksCarol Hargrett Weitz ’94Dr. Gabriella Wheeler and Mr. Joseph WheelerRoger C. Whigham ’73David and Beth WidenerPelham Wilder IV ’01 and Kathryn WilderDavid R. WilkesMr. and Mrs. Napoleon WilliamsMs. Nichelle S. WilliamsWanda and Scott WilliamsClarence T. Williamson III ’01Erica Forniss WiltshireMs. Jazma WiseSuzanne Dunn Woodruff ’77 and Timothy R. WoodruffMaxanne and Don WoolfLinda S. and Mark S. WyattMr. Alex M. Xu and Ms. Sophia H. DengYvonne Yancy ’90Mr. Zeyde Yimam and Mrs. Yejimawork DegefeRonda and Bruce ZentsMr. Fan ZhangMr. Wensheng Zhang and Ms. Jing XuMr. and Mrs. Olivier X. A. Zirnheld Up to $249Anonymous (90)Keenan AaronSamuel K. Abakah ’99 and Yashika AbakahAliyah Abbasi ’22Alida F. D. and Shakeer A. AbdullahMr. and Mrs. Luqman Abdur-RahmanMr. and Ms. Andrew S. AbendMs. Sheryl AdairMelvin AdamsMr. Thomas E. AdamsMr. Segun Adeyemi and Mrs. Adenike OgungbeOluwayinka A. Adisa ’22Mr. Camden K. Adkins ’10Mr. and Mrs. Matthew M. AgurkisBrian Albanese ’97Steven S. Aldredge ’86 and Karen AldredgeBrandon J. Aldridge ’99Angel AlexanderEdward H. Alexander ’05Jean Verdel Alexander ’76 and Bill AlexanderMr. Michael Alexander and Ms. Asten HallMr. David S. Alford and Ms. Tamecia M. JordanRoba AliTitilayo Tinubu Ali ’99 and Vandell AliEric Allagnon ’22Judith C. Allen ’79Maria AlmanzaDrs. Megan and Jedidiah AlmondMs. Allison M. Alogna ’98Ira D. Alston ’22Mr. Nasser M. Amane and Ms. Zebiba T. DelilPamela Allen Ambler ’99 and Stewart AmblerMr. and Mrs. Patrick K. AmosAlexander W. Anderson ’22Mr. and Mrs. Clay E. AndersonTisa AndersonJasim I. Ansari ’22 David Apatov ’07Joshua J. Armour ’22Jackson D. Armstrong ’22Kate ArmstrongAnsley K. Arnold ’22Mrs. Therese ArpiarianClaire K. Asbell ’22Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus AshmonBonnie AspinwallMr. and Mrs. Dracy D. AstinAbigail F. Atchison ’22Emily M. Auffant ’22Mr. and Mrs. Jose A. AuffantSamantha Mann Avent ’07

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34Kalen V. Axam ’10Dawn Axam-HockerVernon S. Aycock ’58 and Ann AycockGail AyersMr. and Mrs. Sam BacoteDrs. Wendy M. and Jeffer T. BaerMr. and Mrs. Boris BaetaMr. and Mrs. H. M. BagleyMatthew B. Bailey ’92Jaelynn D. Baker ’22Jennifer D. and Joel BakerGeorge R. Baldowski ’03Mrs. Jessica Morrow Ball ’00Shannon Sheesley Balthaser ’05 and Spencer A. BalthaserKatherine BandrowskiIngrid BanksNan and David BanksMs. Anita BarberioGale and Stephen BarnettSusan BarnettMary Ellen Suitt Barnwell ’03 and Brian BarnwellJenifer and Harold BaroRichard BaroodyMaria BarreraBrooke O. Barrow ’22Quinn Nygren Barry ’06Gabrielle T. Bates ’22Olivia Batty ’07Audrey BaughMr. and Ms. Derek BaughLindsey BeardThomas J. Becker ’22Ms. Kara BeckettMr. and Ms. William J. BeckhamMrs. Anne BeebeAlice Burnish Belko ’98 and Daniel BelkoHarrison Bell ’22Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. BellKaylee M. Bell ’22Maxim Belykh ’22Steven E. Benatar ’09 and Taylor BenatarAva N. Benjamin ’22Elgin Bennett II ’22John E. Bennett ’62 and Beverly BennettMs. Lauren W. Bennett ’04Sylvia BennettJustin D. Berger ’17Shayna Priluck Bergman ’02 and Jesse R. BergmanNexh BerkolliDanny BermelReese W. Berry ’22Roger BertossiMary Margaret Bethea ’22Ms. Rashmi BhattKenzie M. Biggins ’99Deborah Ann BillingsMr. Paul R. Billingsly Jr. ’99Mr. and Mrs. Ward BinnsLindsey Keadle Birdsong ’03Charles B. Bittinger ’11Mr. John G. BlackmonMr. Walter Blackmon III and Mrs. Michael J. Heard-BlackmonMichael O. Blackstock ’93 and Tara B. BlackstockSusan F. and Paul M. BlairJennifer BlankenshipBrooke C. Blase ’22Dr. Afua BoatenMarie BoatrightMs. Caroline BoggsMr. and Mrs. Richard BoggsMr. and Mrs. John R. BonaccorseMrs. Audra Bonds and Mr. Cory CoxRyan BooneNancy and Bud BostonSteve BostonJill BoundsLea W. Bourne ’22William B. Bourne IV ’92 and Emery BourneGregory BowdenJesse BowenStella E. Bowers ’22Mr. and Mrs. Leon Bowles Jr.Sydney N. Bowles ’22Mrs. Lina Bowman and Mr. Chris Faircloth Isabella M. Y. Boyd ’22Kim Landon Boyd ’78 and Stephen BoydJames W. Braden ’55 and June BradenGeorge BradshawScarlette Branch-GodwinNatalie BrandhorstJulia Branger de Guerra and Alvaro GuerraMs. Catherine C. Brantley ’03Ms. Dorothy C. Brantley ’03Charles R. Brayton ’22Mikey BraytonMr. and Mrs. David S. BreitzkeEvan W. Breitzke ’22Karyn BrellochWilliam E. B. Brevard ’22Moyia BridgesAiden Brill ’22Trevon E. Broad ’92Jacqueline and Eric BrooksTaylor A. Brooks ’22Kelley Blount Brow ’07 and Christian BrowBenjamin D. Brown ’22Mr. and Mrs. Burrell M. BrownMr. Charles E. BrownChelsey BrownMr. and Mrs. Craig BrownJennifer and Eric A. BrownDr. Judy BrownKimberly Andrews Brown ’83Morris and Kathe BrownMarilyn BrowningEmanuel Brown-JacksonMr. and Mrs. Dennis J. BruceRobert W. Bruce III ’11Wallace Duvall Brumby Jr. ’00Fred Brumfield Jr. ’68Mr. and Ms. John BrumfieldTereena A. Bryan ’10Angie Bryant and Rebel WesleyTaylor B. Buffington ’07Lillian C. Bulson ’22Elizabeth and Tyler BurbridgeAndrew C. Burgess ’22Mr. John E. Burgess and Dr. Elizabeth H. BurgessGwendolyn BurnettMr. Greg Burns and Mrs. Irene Leyva BurnsDr. and Mrs. Steven BursianCordell L. Burton ’22Lyndsey Miller Burton ’01 and Daniel BurtonMs. Roslyn BurtonMrs. Virginia R. Busch ’09Cathy and Alan ButlerDr. and Mrs. T. Joel ByarsThomas J. Byars ’22Mr. Kevin P. Byers and Dr. Sarah L. CookMr. and Mrs. Paul Byrnes Jr.Cade A. Cahoon ’22Harvey S. Cain III ’22Mr. Harvey S. Cain II and Ms. Michelle A. WilliamsRed CainColin E. Caldwell ’22Louise Callaway ’80Regina Leigh CallowayWilliam P. Calloway ’70Christian R. Cameron ’22Kayla CampbellLaura and Charles CampbellMaria Canas-VegaE. Rod Canfield ’67 and Elizabeth CanfieldCharles L. Cansler ’57Kimberly and Derrick CantyLuca C. Canzian ’22Ms. Joann CardonWinston B. Cardwell III ’91 and Jenn CardwellAdam S. Carll ’08 and Amber CarllLesley A. and Judgeston A. CarnesThe Carrington FamilyStephen M. Carson ’16Mr. and Mrs. Larry CarswellMichael J. Carswell, Jr ’22Jessie H. Cart ’09Mr. and Mrs. Gary CarterShelley and Kwesi CarterTiljuana CarterVeronica CatoMr. Forrest CatonMr. and Mrs. Paul ChangMr. and Mrs. Skave ChapmanMatt Chatham ’93Octavius ChatmanBineeta ChatterjeeRaven ChavanneMaria ChavarriaDevind Chea ’22Pat CheneySherry ChengVaishnavi Chennareddy ’22Josette Y. Chun ’22Virginia S. Church ’83Eliot R. Ciuperca ’22Carley E. Clapes ’16Ms. Mary ClapperMr. and Mrs. Marcus A. ClarkMr. and Mrs. Nathaniel O. ClarkMr. and Mrs. Charles Clarke Sr.Class of 1995Class of 1996Class of 2005Mr. and Mrs. Matt ClaussDebra B. and William G. ClayCaroline R. Clayton ’22Natalie ClevelandMr. and Mrs. Matthew E. ClineRobert Coats Jr. ’54Morgan E. Cobb ’22Jonathan D. Cochran ’22Jimmie Lee and Rich CogburnDr. and Mrs. Charles CoggeshallMr. and Mrs. Daniel A. CohenEmma J. Cohen ’22Stanley C. Coker ’65Mr. and Mrs. Herbert ColcordKelly Usilton Cole ’04 and Woody ColeSarah Collingsworth ’22Jennifer CollinsKen B. Collins ’74Madison Collins ’22Meredith Coleman Collins ’03Josh ComproskyBenjamin Condon ’07Mr. Russell J. Conine ’10Jameson P. Connors ’22Mr. Hoke S. Cooley

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35Mr. Dean CopelandSherald Y. CottonMr. Terrance Cotton and Ms. LaShonda FuselierCarol CottrellMr. and Mrs. Aaron CotyJackson W. Couch ’19Mr. Jeffrey and Dr. Martha CourseyWillie Covington and Denetra S. BatesApril L. Craig ’83Ms. Cheris L. CraigLinda Bishop Cramer ’79 and Jeffrey A. CramerPam CraveyMr. James F. Crigler and Mrs. Shymeka L. Hunter-CriglerMr. Chas D. Criss ’98Kevin K. Cromer ’22Javier L. Cross ’22Sally CrouseMaxwell Crow ’22Ms. Nikole M. CrowMr. and Mrs. Chris CulverMr. and Mrs. Craig CupidJohn CurranRoya Kazemi Curtis ’75 and Arthur C. Curtis ’71Sonali A. Dade ’22Parker S. Daly ’22Mr. Gary Dandridge and Ms. Charmelle C. Harris-DandridgeCarolyn D’AngeloMary and Karl DannehlLt. Oscar F. Dansby ’83Lauren McClelland Darden ’07 and Tad DardenMr. and Mrs. Paul DaumAshley N. Davidson ’22Alain DavisAnnie M. Davis ’22Dr. Cedrice DavisJoseph E. B. Davis ’22Robyn DavisMr. and Mrs. Russell B. DavisSarai A. Davis ’22Mr. Stanton M. Davis ’12Mrs. Tinye DawkinsSara Notestine Day ’04 and John DayMr. and Mrs. Michael L. De SimoneKaren McCleskey DeanLemiaya T. Dean ’22Mr. Lloyd DeanCarisa DearNatasha Y. Dedeaux ’22Mrs. Tonya Y. DedeauxDaniel Deller ’22Larry DeMarcus ’72John F. Dempsey III ’22Mr. Lynell Dennis and Mrs. Kyani Lockett-DennisArron DePorterMs. Samantha DePriestMr. and Mrs. Richard W. DerisoKristen Williams Derk ’98 and Daniel DerkMolly M. Devinney ’22Ms. Brandi DiamondCharles R. Dickerson Jr. ’08Diana and George DietzE. Wayne Dill ’56Courtney Addison Dodson ’12 and Fletcher S. Dodson ’12Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DorsettJerald B. Dotson ’84Dr. and Mrs. Abdul DoughanMr. and Mrs. Anthony DowMr. Andrew G. Doyley Sr. and Dr. Cherice M. DoyleyLayla D. Doyley ’22Mr. Matthew L. Drake ’03Drew Eckl & Farnham, LLPEvelyn R. Drucker ’22Samuel E. Drucker ’18Mr. and Mrs. Brett DuffyMs. Jeanine K. DukeMr. and Mrs. Christopher S. DunawayDavid A. DundeeWyatt R. Dunkel ’22Erin DunkleMs. Barbara A. DunlapMr. and Mrs. John M. DunnSarah Weinstein Dunn ’04Carlos M. Duralde ’08Elena P. Duralde ’05Mr. Ivan B. Duralde ’10Rafael I. Duralde ’03 and Shannon DuraldeMr. Robert DusenburyDale Blonder Dyer ’83 and Jeff DyerElizabeth Ponder Dykstra ’89 and Jay L. DykstraSimeon EasonMr. and Mrs. Johnny W. EasterlingMr. and Mrs. Delvin EbbesenSheila and Joe EdelsonKim Edens RNMr. Robert EdgeMs. Ann EdmondsonCourtney EdwardsDr. Kemberly Edwards-Williams and Mr. Rae WilliamsColin D. Elam ’22Patricia and Jeffrey ElamCarl B. Eleazer ’76Lauren Johnston Elliott ’01Suzy EllisSharon Ells-JakielKelsey Quillen Emerson and Benjamin L. EmersonMay M. and Sean EngelhardtMr. and Mrs. Dan EnglertNolan and Monica EnglishLawrence E. Epps ’75Mr. and Mrs. Thomas ErdmannRebecca Steinmark Erwin ’93 and Ryan ErwinDr. Taj K. Eubanks and Ms. Allyson C. ColemanMr. and Mrs. Torrey EvansEthan W. Faircloth ’22Dolan P. Falconer III ’16Jackson T. Falconer ’22Leo J. Falkenstein ’09Ms. Laura C. Fanucchi ’96Alyce and Mike FarryAbigail J. Faulkner ’22Keely E. Faulkner ’22Robert J. Fauls III ’03Michael J. Fedack ’67Timothy FennerTyrone L. and Wanda Y. FennieKatharyn A. Fenzl ’22Lori T. and Paul M. FenzlBrian FergusonDr. Daniel S. Ferguson ’68 and Mrs. Jennifer FergusonHolly FergusonMr. and Mrs. Joseph L. FerstBette Ann Schlossberg Fialkov ’03 and Jason FialkovSarah FickenGunner F. Filipowicz ’22Laura L. and David F. FilipowiczDarrin G. Finley ’83Mr. and Mrs. Brian FisherScott A. Fisher and Marcy A. BassStuart Fisher ’07Richard FitzpatrickMs. Sarbeth J. FlemingHolly M. Fletcher ’90 and Stephen McQuillenJames S. Fluker ’94 and Lindsay FlukerMr. and Mrs. James D. FlukerKathryn Pierce Folk ’94 and Lance FolkMr. and Mrs. Grant FordLinda and Don FordMr. and Mrs. Peter FordeJohn Forrester ’62Alyson B. Francis ’22Mr. Cecil R. Francis and Ms. Natalee K. PessoaMs. Christine Francis and Mr. Joseph ZimbricMichelle C. Franks ’22Rebecca and Colin FraserJustin Frediani ’22Ms. Jamilah FreemanLinda L. FreemanThomas F. Freer ’22William H. Freer ’19Mr. and Mrs. Jason FrenchMr. and Mrs. Alan FriedmanMr. and Mrs. Jay W. FriesePeter J. Fritts ’83 and Susan A. FrittsMr. Jack E. Frost II ’73Corey Fuller ’22Ms. Tamika FullerRyan L. Furlough ’05 and Katie FurloughKatarina D. Fuson ’22Summer Goldberg Gabriel ’07 and John GabrielCeleste Gaines ’07Helen Monacel Gallen ’00 and Thomas GallenMr. and Mrs. Major S. Galloway IIIDaniel S. Gallups ’18Mark H. Gallups ’21Dr. Ashish R. Gandhi ’09Claudia Garcia and Jorge I. FonsecaMaria G. GarciaCharles Z. Gardner, Jr. ’22Ms. Patricia GarleyWayne Garrison ’54*Kimberly Stembridge Gary ’95 and Thomas W. Gary IVThomas W. Gary V ’22Claire Gaxiola ’12Jay R. Gelber ’22Chris and Patty GeltzLaura Flynn Heller George ’06Whitney Dickerson Gerkin ’03 and David GerkinAshna Ghanate ’22Venkat K. Ghanta ’22Mr. David GheganMorgan Plank Gibney ’07 and John Scott GibneyChristina Sabol Gibson ’09J. Gibson ’91Mr. and Mrs. Al GilbertEthan Gill ’22Alice Phillips Gillespie ’94Mr. and Mrs. Rik GilliamGeorge H. Ginn ’54Mr. and Mrs. Joe GiordanoAgustin GironMr. John Glenn and Mrs. Fredricka Whitfield-GlennMarie GlennMr. and Mrs. Matthew GlennRicky GlennWillie GlennEdward D. Godfrey ’91 and Jennifer Godfrey*Deceased

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36Stacie Shattles GoinsYana M. Gokhman ’22William C. Goldsmith ’22Annabel C. Goncalves ’22Marla Edwards GoncalvesJuan GonzalezLisa Henry Goodbread ’86Wesley Goodwin ’52Carrie Schwartz Gordon ’99 and John GordonDr. Jason Gordon and Mrs. Charlotta GordonMadison Weiss Gordon ’09Rachel Fruchtman Gordon ’06 and Michael GordonMr. and Mrs. Gary R. GoreUlrike R. and Lutz GorgensJenny GouldAdrian and Ilene GrantMr. and Mrs. Brian A. GrantNathan GrauTaylor M. Graves ’22Marcus A. Gray ’22Paulette and Kevin GreaneyDillyn M. N. Green ’22Dorothy Allen Green ’73 and Michael GreenJennifer E. Green and Robert A. ProctorMr. and Ms. Mark J. GreenPerry GreenMr. Wayne A. Green and Dr. Scott D. McManusRose and Gary GreeneMs. Erin C. Greenway ’00Will E. Grice ’22Ms. Halle G. GriffeeDean G. C. Griffin ’15Mr. Jim GriffinWilliam W. Grigsby ’22Tiana N. Grissom ’13Samantha Grivno ’22Kelly Gronka ’07Tim GroomsSusan GruberMarshall S. Guest ’00 and Sarah S. GuestWilliam A. Guest, M.D. ’69Amy Hendry Guinn ’80 and Chad GuinnMatthew M. Gulley ’17Kimberly Guo ’22The Haber FamilyNeekan A. Haddad ’22Richard B. Hadlow ’70 and Cynthia E. HadlowChelsea HaganCarolyn and John HaldemanMr. Charles D. Hall and Mrs. Carolyn L. TothDavid M. Hall ’83Ian K. C. Hall ’06James J. Hall ’22Laura G. Hall ’22Madeleine L. Hall ’22Michael T. Hall ’12Mr. and Mrs. Ray HamiltonMr. Victor Hamilton and Ms. Tracy SturdivantLeah H. Hammett ’14Alice Hammock ’74Mr. and Mrs. Marcus HammondCourtney Guest Hannan ’09 and Patrick HannanMs. Jennifer L. Hanson ’00John A. Hanson ’06 and Stephanie HansonMr. and Mrs. Mark HansonScott H. Hardin ’70Peggy and Jeremy HardyColby A. Harley ’22Ms. Barbara W. HarrisBeth Teital HarrisClifton T. Harris ’54Guy M. Harris ’04Holly E. Harris ’01Matthew HarrisSedreka HarrisMs. Timesha HarrisBrenda HarrisonChristian E. Harrison ’22Sharron HarrisonNatalie F. Hart ’22Mr. and Mrs. Damon M. HarveyDelaney J. Hasen ’21Linda HaskellJordan HaverlyLauren A. Hayes ’22Katherine HealanMeredith HegartyMr. Altaf Hemdani and Ms. Manisha HakaniMr. Kevin Henderson and Mrs. Tammy D. Riley-HendersonOlivia P. Henderson ’19Sara E. and Kyle HenggelerMariana Hernandez DiazLily G. Herold ’22Dr. and Mrs. Roger HeroldShelley HessLorri HewettElly HewittMaria I. Hickox ’22The Hickox FamilyMelanie P. Hicks ’22John M. Higgins ’22Jackson C. Hightower ’22Matthew Hightower ’22Aaron T. and Tina L. HillChip and Adrienne HillMs. Gail HillShanequa HillTristen J. Hill ’22Laura Accardi Hillman ’99 and Brad HillmanMichal and Jack HillmanMr. Timothy Hipp and FamilyJeffrey R. Hirsh ’10Mr. Kenneth Hobmann and Ms. Lori SimsVashti A. Hobson ’22Robin HodgeSamuel Hodges ’73Pamela D. HolderRoman N. Holder ’22Mr. and Mrs. Shun HolderMax J. Holland ’05Douglas S. Hollberg ’86 and Pamela P. HollbergLaura L. Hollis ’22Mary Hollis HolmesMatt HolmesRandolph M. Holmes ’88 and Lauren HolmesVirginia I. Holmes ’22Mr. and Ms. Evan L. HookerMrs. Mary HookerMelissa Dupre Hopple ’03Mr. and Mrs. Jack HopsonAlexis HorderMs. Phylena D. HoudeMaria and William HouserCarolyn HoustonMs. Christina M. HoustonWeston G. Howard ’22Dylan F. Hsu ’22Julie A. Hubschman ’12Charles HuddlestonJo and Gerald HudginsMr. and Mrs. Aaron J. HudsonJack A. Hudson ’46 and Grace HudsonKiAndra HudsonMr. and Mrs. John HugginsNeta and Martin HugginsMr. and Mrs. Charles HumbardSela C. Humphrey ’22John S. Hunsinger Jr. ’75Cameron G. Hunt ’22Mr. and Mrs. John S. HuntAlexandre M. C. Hurley ’18Kevin HuryszMaddox A. Husband ’22Dr. and Mrs. John HustonBrian HutchesonMonica L. and James H. HyderJennifer and Jeremy InmonYosmin IsaacBryson A. Jackson ’22Kristin JacksonNellie JacksonVernetta JacksonBennett S. Jacobson ’22Leo T. Jahn ’22Mr. Ray James and Ms. Ryan Lee-JamesMr. and Mrs. Richard JamesMr. John P. Jamilkowski and Ms. Julie E. KlappasKate S. Jamilkowski ’22Alice Yeh Jamison ’89 and Daniel L. JamisonConner L. Y. Jamison ’22Priscilla Meek Janowski ’01 and Jayson JanowskiMr. and Mrs. Nicholas JarmanJulia C. Jarratt ’22Dana Jefferson ’87Drs. Meagan and Andrew JenkinsMr. D’andre D. Jenkins and Dr. Michelle S. HiteWynne Rosenbleeth Jerris ’09 and Caleb JerrisMr. and Mrs. George Jeter Jr.Jameel S. Jiwani ’02Mr. and Mrs. Artis JohnsonLee P. Johnson ’22Luanne JohnsonReed JohnsonShadae JohnsonRev. Sylvia JohnsonFrank Johnston ’96Marian S. Joiner-Stalvey ’86 and Jay StalveyAlena J. Jones ’22Alie JonesAndrew JonesAsa D. Jones ’22Brande JonesBriggs H. Jones ’45Jayden C. Jones ’22Mr. John E. “Ed” Jones ’57Richard Jones, USNR, Ret. ’57Meg JordanSharolyn JordanSamuel C. Jung ’22Ms. Rosalind KachoGobind Kala ’14Adem KaleshiMufail KaleshiShyhrete and Halim KaleshiKatherine Kalivoda WhittingtonDr. Harshita Kamath and Mr. Vasant KamathBobby Kannady III ’15William V. Karem ’22Dr. Varnada A. Karriem-NorwoodMythili Kartik ’22Robert N. Katz and Kathleen G. Kelly

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37Michael G. Kaufman ’07Mr. Abnet Kebede and Ms. Haset TesmaTonya KeenMr. and Mrs. Gregory D. KelleyTyler W. Kelley ’22Mr. Scott KellyHannah Kempinska ’22Mr. Steve K. Kendrick ’70Morgan A. Kenly ’22Ms. Patricia KenlyMeri KhourySanyu N. Kigudde ’22Dr. and Mrs. Babur KilicMichael T. Kilic ’22Jennifer L. Kim ’00Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ray Kimbell IIDeon D. King Jr. ’22Hunter S. King ’98Mr. and Mrs. Kevin W. KingKiley Hodgson King ’05 and Karl KingMalik A. King ’91Spencer D. King ’22Shelby Hudgins Kirkham ’98Dr. and Mrs. Paul KirschbaumH. Martin Kite Jr. ’58 and Bobbie H. KiteMr. Matt KleinerMr. and Mrs. Gerry KlingmanCharles J. Knight ’09Vishnu P. Koganti ’09Andrew S. Koransky ’91Ms. Ashley H. Korman ’05Chelsea L. Korski ’10Mollie and Robert KorskiAneesh S. Kulkarni ’22Vondrila LaceyMr. and Mrs. Ron LaflammeKaren LakinTingfei Lan ’22Donald L. Lassiter ’74 and Sharon Lowe-LassiterWilliam C. Lathem ’72 and Donna LathemCarrie Gibson Lauchlan ’97 and Alex J. LauchlanMasheena LavelyMs. Kimberly N. Lawrence ’00Mr. Robert N. Lawrence Jr. ’03Tyice and Robert N. Lawrence Sr.Christopher R. Lea ’14Amy Goldsmith Lee ’99 and Jonathan R. LeeMichael J. Lee ’89 and Ji Y. LeeUnJung LeeDanielle M. LeFevers ’08Jennifer E. Leighton ’09Mr. and Mrs. Mc Alee LemeneLaila E. LeRoy ’22Taryn D. Lesniak ’03Calvin W. and Tanisha L. LewisHarrison S. Lewis ’22Mr. and Mrs. Pascal LewisElizabeth S. Li ’22Dr. Yongchang LiAyden E. Lightner ’22Thomas Likens ’69Mrs. Barbara LiptakMs. Amy LittleMs. Stacey LittleMr. and Ms. Derek S. LittlefieldMichael J. Livingston ’14Mr. Yi Lo and Ms. Jia LeiAllison M. Lockwood ’01John A. Logan ’22Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. C. LoganMr. and Mrs. Stan W. LoganJulia R. Loggins ’22Kirsten LollisChloe P. Lomax ’22Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. LonerganPaul M. Longino ’83 and Catherine M. LonginoMr. and Mrs. Derrick H. Lopez Jr.Orlando F. Lopez ’74Mr. and Mrs. Roberto LorenzoAlyson LovingoodHayley McNash Lowe ’06 and Scott W. LoweJoshua M. L. Lubel ’13Sandra Lee LucusDaniel J. Lyle ’88 and Becky LyleMs. Dorothy MabryMs. Michon MabryCathy MackDonald S. MacKerer ’42Mrs. Bonnie MacNaughtonRosemary Ford Madden ’09 and William S. Madden ’09Krista Henderson Madison ’88 and Reginald A. MadisonJessica Hood Mahle ’03 and Scott MahleKayla MahoneyLindsey and Ibrahim O. MajekodunmiEmanuel D. Major ’09Parvin MalcolmPilita C. Mallari ’98 and Jared HudsonRohan R. Mandadi ’22Mr. Stoddard Manikin and Ms. Andrea KendallTeresa Lopez Mann ’78 and John S. MannClara E. Mannes ’22Lunden B. Manuel ’22Mr. Donell Marecheau and Dr. Portia SiwawaCamille E. Marinac ’22Ann O. MarmoCynthia MarreroStratton E. Marsh ’18Ms. Annette M. MarshallChuck MarshallMr. John S. Marshall ’81Mr. and Mrs. Rasheed B. MarshallAngela MartinMs. Elizabeth MartinHenry MartinLiliana and Javier MartinezNancy MartinezYadira M. Martinez ’22Mr. and Mrs. Tsukasa MashimoEdis MasicAndrew M. Massey ’22Mary E. Masterson ’22Anna C. Mathis ’86Mr. Derrick Matthews and Mr. Michael EdwardsIsaiah J. Matthews ’13Sally and Sandy MatthewsTyler Mayer ’22Ms. Julia R. Mayfield ’09Mr. Charles Mays and Dr. Maria Mazzillo MaysMrs. Carol D. McBathColby M. McBride ’22Joann McBrideMiss Leticia J. McCaddenChristelle and Cory McCleanLinda and Ron McCollumMr. and Mrs. Keven A. McCookOliver W. McCoy ’22Tamika S. and Joe T. McCoyMcCreery FamilyBennett E. McCumber ’99Antoinette McDonald*Dana A. McDonald ’11Evan McDonaldReese R. McDowell ’22Summer E. McFadden ’13Tim McFarlandWilliam M. McGarrah and Paige E. McGarrahMichael D. McGuire ’73Mrs. Kenyetta McInnisDr. Belinda J. McIntoshMr. Reggie McKenzieThomas McKenzieJohn P. McLane ’94Kathleen McManusWilliam T. McManus ’22Peggy Dyer McNash ’73 and Douglas McNashLorrie McNeillJohn H. McNinch Jr. ’91Charles N. Mechlowitz ’22Mr. Emil MehovicJulie Hodges Melton ’95 and Craig MeltonRabit Memeti and Hyrije AjetiAltagracia MendozaMiranda K. A. Merchant ’22Abbey Sellers Mercier ’11 and John MercierDr. and Mrs. Alson E. MercuriusJonathan and Amy MerrillLisa G. Merritt ’84Arya Meyer ’21Hans Meyer ’19Sydney S. Michael ’22Karen MiddletonMs. Goutami Mikkilineni ’94Mr. and Mrs. William J. MilamMaddisen L. Miles ’22Dr. and Mrs. Emmett H. Miller Jr.Gayle and Tracy MillerGreg and Elizabeth MillerMr. Joshua A. MillerLawrence B. Miller Jr.Lisa Miller ’05Mark Miller ’86 and Leigh Ann MillerMs. Emma MillsRainey M. Mills ’22Drs. Chante’ W. and Davin G. Mitchell Sr.George MitchellJerry MitchellVideesha Mohan ’22Laura Harris Moldenhauer ’83 and Robert MoldenhauerHalle M. MontgomeryLaquinta M. and Bill MontgomeryMaxwell A. Montgomery ’22William A. Moodie ’22Nikki and Hayes MoodyGregory MooneyhamGigi MooreKailani A. Moore ’22Olivia G. Moore ’22Rob MoranCourtney Coursey Moreno ’95 and Ricardo MorenoMs. Lauren A. Moret ’91Reilly P. Morgan ’22Mackenzie A. Moring ’22Mr. Marcus Moring and Dr. Anisha MoringAmy and Tony MorrisJuzelle MorrisMackenzie A. Morris ’22Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. MorrisPeter I. Morris ’98 and Kira A. MorrisMs. Vicki MorrisMr. and Ms. Neal MorrisonMs. Julie MorrowMs. Cea Putman Mosley ’94*Deceased

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38Kennedie M. Mosley ’22Mr. and Ms. Darryl MossNia A. G. Muhammad ’22Mr. and Mrs. John R. MulcahyMr. John R. Mulcahy IIIMs. Rose MunfordDevin A. Munnings ’11Wight E. Murphy ’10Mr. Felix Murry and Ms. Kashawn MarquezElizabeth M. Mutunga ’22Mr. and Mrs. Gopi C. NamballaViji and Ram NamburarAdeleine B. Nardone ’22Dr. Khaled Nass and Dr. Rania JabiMr. and Mrs. Viresh NayarTeanne NealCarmen G. NegreteMr. and Mrs. Nikkia NelsonDharma S. Neppalli ’22Michelle and Paul NestlehuttDiane M. NeumannMr. and Mrs. Grady E. NewtonMr. Scott Newton and Ms. Melissa GilbertMs. Zanele NgubeniMr. and Ms. Raj NichaniMr. and Mrs. Grady T. NicholsMichelle NicholsIan E. Nicholson ’05Ms. Lois NicholsonDr. and Mrs. William C. NicholsonAmy B. Nikolaou and Hugh KronitzMs. Deborah NixonMr. and Mrs. Dennis NolanMr. and Mrs. Mark NooneJennifer NormanLynne Davis Norman ’75 and Scott T. NormanMr. Alfred L. Norris III ’09Bernard NortonDrusilla NortonGabriela A. Norwood ’22Ms. Brenda S. NovakJoye Boyett Nurre ’71 and Robert J. NurreJean NuttallMs. Elizabeth NuzzacoTaiyo M. N. Obafemi ’22Gail and Robert O’BrienIrma Ochoa-YepezDr. and Mrs. Abdul OdemuyiwaAdele Hagedorn Ogilvie ’71 and Robert J. OgilvieMr. and Mrs. George T. OlmsteadDallas S. Olson Jr. ’91 and Ashley S. OlsonJordan OlsonPatrick L. O’Neal ’01Jasmin OrdazYesenia OrdazMs. Constance E. Organ ’11Isabella R. Orkin Emmanuel ’22Evalia OrnelasGavin A. Orth ’22Mr. Shawn Orth and Ms. Marcia MooreCarlos OrtizPatricia Lee O’Sullivan ’83Mr. Andrew OuelletteAlicia OwensElizabeth R. and Martin F. Owens IIIMs. Caryn E. OxfordTimi J. Oyewo ’22Tito M. Oyewo ’22Maya Packer ’22Taylor Driskill Pafford ’01 and John M. Pafford Jr.Dr. Sri Palacharla and Dr. Radhika MudiyalaDouglas B. Palmer ’49 and Terry PalmerJennifer Bridgers Palmer ’03 and Bo PalmerRiley A. Panessa ’22Sangeeta PanickerJessica L. Pannell ’22Swannee Park ’97Chase ParkerChristopher ParkerCam ParksMs. Jacquella ParksKoury and Teleza ParksNahdia C. Parks ’22Drs. Kimberly and Ronald ParsonsChris PateAren P. Patel ’22Kabir P. Patel ’22Drs. Neelam R. and Neal PatelAndrea and Eric S. PattersonGreg Patton ’09Barbara PaulMrs. Deborah PayneHunter A. Payne ’22Ms. Adele A. PearsonMs. Laquetta PearsonNaijhee’ S. Pearson ’22Stuart M. Pearson ’04 and Allison L. PearsonMary E. Peek ’11Ms. Laurie PelletierMr. Marcelo Pereira and Ms. Luciana FeresHayley M. Perlis ’11Sidney S. Perlis ’22Lane Fluker Perno ’96 and Donn PernoPatrick H. Perry III ’70 and Rosann B. PerryMr. and Mrs. Hugh Peterson Jr.Robert J. and Michelle E. PetittoSean M. Petrini ’22Thaomy E. Pham ’22Connor S. Phillips ’22Ian P. Phillips ’22Joy Mayeske Phillips ’95 and Stuart PhillipsKathie and Richard PierceMartha and William PierceKai E. Pierre ’22Austin P. Pierson ’22William A. Pierson ’22Andrea PinderJeffrey S. Plageman ’02Thomas M. Platt ’08Mr. Maxim PoliashenkoChandler A. Pollard ’22Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. PollardIsabella N. Pollydore ’22James F. Ponder and Jennifer A. FiteMyan Ponugoti ’22Ben and Carolyn PooleMr. and Mrs. Jeremiah PooleMr. and Mrs. Joseph PooleMr. and Mrs. Michael PorterMr. Andrew Pottle and Ms. Rachel SmithMrs. Lynn T. PowersCandice N. and James PriceAmari L. Price-Cotten ’22Margaret PrimroseMs. Lashaun PruittDamian O. Pryor ’99 and Whitnei PryorMr. and Mrs. Orlando PryorStephanie Lee Pugh ’90 and Reuben Pugh Jr.Jay Pullin ’89William B. Putman ’86 and Dorothy PutmanCatron W. Putt ’22Margaret Hendee Quigley ’03 and Blake P. QuigleyPaulo E. Quiroz and Yolanda MartinezRanda C. Ragab ’98Allie N. Ragan ’22Jeffrey W. RaganNancy Tribble Ralston ’07 and Harris RalstonMr. Shyam S. Ram ’01Arturo RamirezYelitza RamirezArman P. Ramji ’22Ms. Carmisha D. Ramsey ’96Manlanyo RapleyLaura Putman Rappold ’94 and Carl W. RappoldMr. and Mrs. Wesley RathMr. and Ms. Jitender RawalKristin and Robert ReaganAlaina N. Reaves ’07Edwin Reaves ’75Mr. and Mrs. Immanuel ReedKerin and Mark ReedAmanda K. Reese ’22Patricia D. ReidDana E. and Christopher E. RekerKamaljit and Gurvinder Singh RekhiMr. and Mrs. Oliver A. Reynolds IIICandace and Richard RhinehartAlexis Anzo Richard ’04 and Brent RichardBettie G. RichardsonMetria and Brian RichardsonRebecca J. RichardsonMr. and Mrs. Ceasar RichbowDana RichmondMr. Jordan H. Ricks ’05Jennifer M. Rieck ’87Ms. Dottie RileyDr. April M. Ripley ’92Heather M. Ripley ’02Mr. Joseph M. Ripley Jr. ’10Jenny Byars Ritchie ’88 and David L. Ritchie IIIAlejandrina RiveraJohn T. Rivers ’65Jared S. Roach ’00Jazmyn RoachMr. and Ms. Earl A. RobertsSteve E. Roberts ’65Laura RobertsonMatthew R. Robinson ’22Raul RocamoraMiguel N. and Ana RodriguezTiffani Roegiers and Kelcey RoegiersGregory L. Roesel ’78Anna Thomas Rogers ’07Luann RogersDavid J. RogieBeatriz RojoIsabelle J. Romero ’17Christopher Rose Sr. and Crystal M. AndersonKatie RoseMr. and Mrs. Percy RoseMrs. Lois J. Rosenthal*Mr. and Mrs. Stephen RotzRegenia and John RovsekJohn T. Row Jr. ’50Jennifer Welch Rueter ’04 and Nick RueterRiya Sachdeva ’22Clara SaizNoemi Salgado*Deceased

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39Arielle C. Sanders ’12Rusna M. K. Sangha ’22Drs. Deepali S. and Sumandeep S. SanghaMr. Gary Sapp and Mrs. Susan RichmondDiane S. and Stanley SardMr. and Mrs. Coleman H. Sawyer IIICecil L. Scarbrough ’73 and Diane ScarbroughCindy SchneiderDarin SchneiderMr. and Ms. Hal SchneiderMr. and Mrs. William H. SchoefflerScott S. Schreiber ’81 and Kathy D. SchreiberEric A. Schub ‘06Dr. and Mrs. Howard S. SchubZoe M. Schwartz ’22Brittany Hillman Schwartzwald ’99 and Alan SchwartzwaldMs. Ayiesha ScottMs. Brooke ScottRonald ScottZoe E. Scott ’22Sean M. and Kerry A. ScroggsMark SealAnn and Stanley SeebMs. Vicki SegravesMr. and Mrs. Fred SeilkopWyatt M. Seilkop ’22Danielle M. Seligmann ’93Ms. Betty Jean SellersMary Sessions ’01 and Antonio Salazar CardozoMr. and Mrs. Clifford F. SeylerDr. and Mrs. Aamer ShabbirKrystle ShacklefordMr. and Mrs. Davis ShaferScott R. Shaffer ’86Mrs. and Mr. Dianne H. ShaliboStacey Wolman Shapiro ’99 and Stuart ShapiroMr. Anurag Sharda and Mrs. Mayuri BhasinSaije O. Sharkey ’16Duane Shaver ’88Mr. Warren K. Shaw ’95Leigh O’Neal Shelor ’98Mr. Forrest M. Shelton IIIMs. Victoria Shelton-StroudMr. and Mrs. Scott ShermanSusan Adams Shimer ’87 and Randy ShimerDebbie and Andy ShippMs. Dottie ShipskieJenny Schneider Shoemaker ’89 and Brad ShoemakerIan L. A. Shulterbrandt ’14Mr. and Mrs. Temano K. ShurlandMs. Fielder ShurlingMr. Robert SibilskyDr. and Ms. James SikoraBridget G. Silvert ’18Althea SimmonsJames A. Simmons ’71Frampton E. Simons Jr. ’13C. Paul Sims Jr. ’69Macie M. Sims ’14Matthew A. Singleton ’22Mr. and Mrs. Stuart SingletonSusie and Mark SiskinNichole Davis Sloan ’89 and Michael M. SloanBaker A. Smith ’65 and Debby SmithCarol Cambra Smith ’73 and Kenneth P. SmithCathleen Leonard Smith ’03 and John SmithDwight Smith ’71Hunter H. SmithJ. Warren Smith ’82Jennica Justice Smith ’07Romona X. SmithSally A. Smith ’86 and Christopher M. SmithSylvie SmithMr. Tyson S. Smith Jr. ’98Mrs. Kaethe SolomonMira A. Solomon ’22Richard Rhodes SommersKimberly Y. SpearWilliam L. Spencer ’64 and Susan SpencerMr. and Mrs. Winston E. SpencerJaimie SpetserisMs. Sallie J. Squires ’97Ms. Tanya St. OngeDale StahlRoman J. Stallings ’22Lynette StanleyWilliam F. and Kelli C. StanyardJoseph M. Steed ’69 and Rita K. SteedStephanie SteigerAngela StephensonMr. and Mrs. Jason StewartKayla N. Stewart ’22Robert L. Stewart ’91Mr. Roy C. StewartMr. Andrew W. Stith ’85Mr. and Mrs. James Stokes IVRobin Beck Stokes ’06 and Cecil StokesCrawford G. Stratton ’22Shawn StrattonTaylor B. Strawn ’12Thomas C. Stribling ’67Mrs. Erin Hauser Strickland ’03John StricklandJoshua R. Strickland ’09Alexandra Sutherland Stringer ’13 and Brian J. Stringer ’13Henry M. Stuart ’22Aaron Su ’22George N. Suddath ’51James E. Suddath ’77Chelsea-Symone Sullivan ’08Mr. and Mrs. Norris C. SullivanCatherine Sutherland ’07James E. Sutherland III ’15Mr. Nikhil R. Swaminathan ’98Micki and Derek SweatmanRebecca Clapes Sweet ’10 and Justin SweetMs. Maryama SwindellRachael SzymanskiMr. and Mrs. Ngano TakawiraMr. W. M. Talmadge ’05Roseta TarrasóRockale and Yvette TatemMs. Darla TaylorMr. and Mrs. Josh TaylorLaura TaylorStephen H. and Judy TaylorKamuran M. Tekin ’90 and Parker TekinMr. Sidney S. Terhune ’56 and Mrs. Herbena TerhuneMs. Kimberly TerryMichael TerryRia Thakur ’22Maj. and Mrs. Robert L. TharpBill Thoma ’75Carson D. Thomas ’22Mr. and Mrs. Christopher ThomasRyan Thomas ’22Allen K. Thompson ’19Laurie A. ThompsonMr. and Mrs. Brandon E. ThorntonMr. Tommy ThorntonRonette Bloom Throne ’88 and Adam E. ThroneNicole and Robert TifvermanMatt TilfordHerbert H. Timmerman IV ’00 and Elke TimmermanMr. and Mrs. Guillermo E. Todd Jr.Ms. Letia TolliverEmeri A. Tompkins ’22Drs. Phyllis S. and Frank C. TongSharon TorresMs. Djamilatou ToureJordan R. Tovin ’22Ms. Austin Tucker and Rev. William Sachs Mr. and Mrs. Ross TullochMr. Kenneth D. Turk and Mrs. Jeanette F. LeRay-TurkAnne B. Turner ’15Carol A. TurnerMr. and Mrs. Derek TurnerMs. Deidra TurnipseedThe Twiss FamilyMichael B. Tye ’22Kevin A. Underwood ’82 and Deborah UnderwoodLaura A. and Jon C. UphouseBenjamin L. G. Valdes ’22Ms. Helen ValleeKirsten B. and Jack L. VangrofskySandra VarajicMr. and Mrs. John F. VarnerHeidi Borg Vaughn ’86 and Anthony D. VaughnJace W. Vaughn ’22Guillermina Velazquez OrtegaPriyanka Vemulamada ’22Anika Vemuri ’22Sheryl VensonLauren Dupre Vick ’04 and Carter VickDr. Lisa VinokurCheryl and Larry VitekLauren Troutman Vogler ’99Paul Angelo VogtMr. John D. Waddy IIIDaniel and Summer R. WagesKathleen Varner Wagner ’03 and David W. WagnerAmy and William M. WalkerNefertiti A. Walker ’01 and Kellie Olson-WalkerMr. and Mrs. Andrew WalterDrs. Jonne and Paul WalterAmelia M. Walthour ’22Mr. and Mrs. Antoine WalthourMs. Pam WambergEmily WardenMs. Sabrina B. WardenStephanie H. Warshaw ’99Mr. Jermel WashingtonMr. and Mrs. L T. WashingtonIndia L. Waters ’06Andrew C. Watkins ’04 and Amanda WatkinsAnne and Garland WatkinsMr. and Mrs. Jerry WatkinsMr. and Mrs. David T. WatsonDrs. Emily and Adam WebbElise D. S. Webb ’22Kordrey D. and Keya E. WeemsAddie Mae Spongberg Weiss ’94 and Ryan WeissMel and Sandra WeissSusan Oliver Weiss ’77 and Walter D. WeissAlison Weiss-RemillardMs. Leah D. Weisz ’95

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40Connor M. Welch ’16Mr. and Ms. Edward WerthmanSarah A. Westen ’22Aidan C. Weygant ’22Meghan J. Whaley ’05Patricia H. Wharton ’22Ms. Deborah G. WhitakerAlisha WhiteBarry C. White ’93Chloe S. White ’22Mrs. Gerry S. WhiteNaiser S. White ’22Rebecca L. White ’99William Carter White ’53Ms. Elizabeth I. Whitfield ’91Luke C. Whitmire ’22Andrew D. Widener ’04Dorothy P. and John W. WigginsMr. Matthew J. Wiggins ’98Zackary Wilder III*Trae D. Wilkins ’22Adam Williams Jr.Ashley WilliamsCarl F. Williams III, D.D.S. ’70Deon D. Williams ’22Mr. Jack Williams Jr. and Dr. Rhea GordonMr. and Ms. Kelley WilliamsMs. Melanie L. Williams ’03Monique WilliamsNaima and Adrian A. WilliamsMr. David Williamson and Ms. Trisha S. SmarrErica WilliamsonHugh Bruce Williamson III ’72Mr. and Mrs. Dennis WillisFernaldo WillisDa’Nall WilmerAndrew T. Wilson ’98 and Meredith WilsonSylvester WilsonWillie WilsonCasey R. Wimby ’22Mr. Eugene B. Wimby III ’11Meredith Kendall Wince ’99William W. Winfield ’22Cassandra WisemanLori Beth and James WisemanWilliam Z. Withers ‘54 and Sally WithersMr. Scott D. Wolman ’03Jeff Wood ’93 and Megan WoodMs. Katharine WoodRandall WoodRegina Reeves Wood ’83 and David E. Wood Jr.William P. Woodall ’86 and Jessica S. WoodallMr. and Mrs. Edward WoodsMadison P. Woods ’22Sayjal G. Woods ’22Mr. and Ms. Jeff WoodsonWoodward Academy Bronze MomsMr. and Mrs. Brian M. WrayWilliam B. Wright Jr. ’53 and Elizabeth WrightMs. Lishi WuMr. and Ms. Cornelis W. WurthAnna L. Wylder ’22Kathryn and Michael WylderBrooke A. Yamada ’22Mr. Charles J. Yarbrough ’77Mr. John YarbroughMr. and Mrs. Gerald B. YonBradley You ’22Claire YoungGlenn and Dykie YoungMr. Marwan O. Youssef and Mrs. Rasha A. R. I. AhmedSongming Yu ’22Mr. Leonardo Zachery and Ms. Michelle WilliamsJohnny T. Zackery ’05 and Meghan ZackeryTrina ZackeryMr. and Mrs. Leslie B. ZacksMizafere ZahiriBeth Ann and Paul ZampolMs. Meredith A. Zaring ’02Ms. Elise R. Zeiger and Ms. Gina B. ZeigerJonah B. Zeiger ’22Julie Zimmermann ’85 and Scott Lindelowthankyou*Deceased

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42Bonnie AspinwallTucker Griffin ’12 Mary Leslie HardyShannon JacksonKaren LakinAnne Marie MaltbieChris Myers ’00 Bernard NortonKoury ParksKerin ReedLaura and Michael DruckerWoodward Fund ChairsNan Halenza Street ’88 Parent Community Advancement Committee ChairMiriam LeakeParent Community Advancement Committee Vice-ChairSimon Arpiarian ’94Sharee ClarkeJulie Davis Couch ’88Cedrice DavisEllen DavisTom DierdorffSusan Burnett Dutson ’97Renee FarmerAmina GreathouseShania GrubbsLaurie HoodCarla JohnsonAlison LohrKatie MarcetEmily MillerTodd MillerTonya MillerHina NooraniNilam PatelTamara PhilipsMichelle RosenthalJulissa SullivanShay Sanders-SwainCara WelchValerie YuJulie Davis Couch ’88 Co-ChairRyn Pollard ’05 Co-ChairKalen Axam ’10Mike Blackstock ’93Kelsey Darden ’09Sara Elliot ’07Leo Falkenstein ’09Riah Greathouse ’03Tucker Griffin ’12Virginia Serrato Johnston ’78 Nancy Hogan McFerrin ’11Lisa Miller ’05Torrance Mosley ’94Jess Cooke Scarborough ’00Caroline Guest Stancil ’03Nan Halenza Street ’88Glenn Warren ’04Stuart Wilkinson ’05A BIG THANK YOU TO THE FOLLOWING VOLUNTEERS WHO HELPED ADVANCE THE SCHOOL’S MISSION THROUGH OUR FUNDRAISING EFFORTS.FACULTY&STAFFVOLUNTEERSthanksTO OUR VOLUNTEERSTHEF UNDThe Woodward Fund Cabinet

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43Executive CommitteeSuzanna Sanchez ’00PresidentMatt Brill ’91President-ElectJulie Davis Couch ’88TreasurerRiah Greathouse ’03SecretaryAlok Deshpande ’94Past PresidentDirectorsJustin Alexander ’99Danny Bernstein ’03Andy Cameron ’83Barrett Cornelius ’09Virginia Serrato Johnston ’78Torrance Mosley ’94Ryn Pollard ’05Tiffany Turner Reynolds ’98Robin Beck Stokes ’06Todd Williamson ’012021-2022ALUMNI ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORSYOUNG ALUMNI COUNCILBLACK ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONADVISORY BOARDKara Nygren Adler ’04Justin Alexander ’99Simon Arpiarian ’94Justin Berger ’17Danny Bernstein ’03Matt Brill ’91Andy Cameron ’83Adam Carll ’08Stephen Carson ’16Julie Davis Couch ’88Kelsey Darden ’09Susan Burnette Dutson ’97Sara Elliot ’07Leo Falkenstein ’09Tucker Griffin ’12Leah Hammett ’14Elizabeth Smith Hardaway ’09Dave Hodgins ’98Jasmine Johnson-Wakeel ’11Tejal Desai Kassatly ’90Christy Morrison ’83Torrance Mosley ’94Ryn Pollard ’05Nancy Tribble Ralston ’07Tiffany Turner Reynolds ’98Suzanna Sanchez ’00Caroline Guest Stancil ’03Robin Beck Stokes ’06Gene Sutherland ’86Anthony Webb ’99Todd Williamson ’01Glenn Warren ’04Matt Wilson ’99Erik Benjamin ’14Justin Berger ’17Leo Falkenstein ’09Tucker Griffin ’12Kelly Guest ’13Nancy Hogan McFerrin ’11Dorrie Paradies ’10Christian Raver ’15Becky Clapes Sweet ’10Alexandre Hurley ’18Nicole Adams ’76Chloe Adams ’18Justin Alexander ’99Kelsey Darden ’09Clarence Davis ’74Kyra Freeman ’14Riah Greathouse ’03Dana Jefferson ’87Nathaniel Johnson ’12Valaurie Bridges Lee ’90Branden May ’07Jia Herring McClain ’04Morgan McKinnon ’12Damian Pryor ’99Madison Quarles ’19April Ripley ’92Kendall Roney ’12Benjamin Russell ’13Jess Cooke Scarborough ’00Latanya Tripp Simmons ’92Steven Smith ’13Lori Smith ’20Robert Stewart ’91Eric Thomas ’85Winnie Wilkins Thompson ’88

Page 46

44Tamu Brown & Justin Alexander ’99Leslie Cameron & Andy Cameron ’83Leigh Shattles Cardwell ’98 & M. Lee Cardwell ’98Joy Davis & Jack Davis ’62Vanessa Erbrick & Michael ErbrickPam Harrington & David HarringtonJo Cranford Hodges ’96 & Kevin Hodges ’96Jessica Ziegler Newth ’97 & Ryan NewthAnita Douglas Phillips ’79 & Andy PhillipsLauren Schlossberg & Andrew SchlossbergCaroline Warren & Glenn Warren Jr. ’04Abby Wilson & Matt Wilson ’99Dawn McNaught-Walker & Lee Walker Susan Warren & Glenn Warren Sr.The Bowers FamilyPlatinumGoldAtlanta Orthodontic Specialistswww.atlantaortho.comThe Woodward Academy/GMA Alumni Association’s 12th annual Big Chill event, hosted at the Delta Flight Museum, had a record-breaking year raising more than $120,000 for need-based student financial aid at the Academy. thanks TO THE FOLLOWING SPONSORS FOR ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL YEAR!AMY EDGAR & JONATHAN BENDERPremierHeadlining

Page 47

45American Foot & Leg SpecialistsAlex Lieppe Bernstein ’07 & Daniel Bernstein ’03Staci Brill & Matt Brill ’91Bettina Brown & George BrownAdam Carll ’08 & Amber CarllPaula Cibula & Clay CibulaAustin Northenor Cornelius ’11 & Barrett Cornelius ’09The Darden FamilyDrankSara Elliot ’07Hope Foley & Mark FoleyNewton GallowayAshley Gardner & Tyler GardnerCate Green & Jon GreenPatty Gregory & Josh GregoryTucker Griffin ’12Courtney Guest Hannan ’09 & Patrick HannanThe Hurt Boss, Injury AttorneysJames B. Jordan CPA LLCJPGNRGKGC CapitalKiley Hodgson King ’05 - HOME Real EstateHeather Lamb & Dirk LambSabre LinahanMeghan Manjos & Glen ManjosNancy Hogan McFerrin ’11 & Wes McFerrin ’09Jocelyn Mosley & Torrance Mosley ’94Betty Obenshain & Brad Marsh ’77Melanie Platt & Mac PlattWhitnei Pryor & Damian Pryor ’99Lorelei Puebla & David RiggansLisa Ramji & Asif RamjiJen Welch Rueter ’04 & Nick RueterSuzanna Sanchez ’00 & Ryan DoyleRebekah Sanders & Rich SandersCarol Santos & Nemahn Santos ’21SG Property ServicesKelley Sorrow & Brian Sorrow ’96Caroline Guest Stancil ’03 & Josh StancilNan Halenza Street ’88Terry Cullen Southlake ChevroletEvangeline Walker & Brad WalkerKameese Wright Walker ’99 & Jeffrey WalkerMia Walker ’88Erica WatersBob Weinstein ’63Alison Williams & Josh WilliamsTodd Williamson ’01Ginger Arnold & Brian ArnoldThe Boyd Team/Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International RealtyConsume MediaJulie Davis Couch ’88 & Chuck CouchEight Stones EnterprisesCarroll Griffin & George Griffin ’79Sarah Guest & Marshall Guest ’00Mary Ellen Haid & Reg HaidGates KellettJill Lopez & Orlando Lopez ’74Manchester Arms PubMarietta Dental AssociatesAnna Mayeske & Jon Mayeske ’97Kristen Mercado & Bobby MercadoKrissy Meriwether & Addison Meriwether ’93Lisa Miller ’05Christy Morrison ’83Ryn Pollard ’05Natalie Plowden Tyler-Martin ’99 & Clinton Tyler-MartinWarren Bond PhotographyJulie Weiss & Eric WeissSilverBronze

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46CLASS OF 1942Donald S. MacKererCLASS OF 1945Briggs H. JonesCLASS OF 1946Jack A. HudsonCLASS OF 1949Douglas B. PalmerCLASS OF 1950John T. Row Jr.CLASS OF 1951Samuel F. HartGeorge N. SuddathCLASS OF 1952Wesley GoodwinWilliamson S. Stuckey Jr.CLASS OF 1953Charles L. ShewWilliam Carter WhiteWilliam B. Wright Jr.CLASS OF 1954Robert R. Coats Jr.Wayne R. Garrison*George H. GinnClifton T. HarrisGene E. Sutherland Sr.* JBill WithersCLASS OF 1955James W. BradenJohn J. CallinanCLASS OF 1956E. Wayne DillRobert D. EvansPhillip A. Griffiths Jr. JDavid M. McKenney JRobert W. Schorr JSidney S. TerhuneCLASS OF 1957Chuck CanslerEd JonesRichard T. JonesGeorge F. Longino III JBonny S. McConnellJames W. C. McKay Jr. JCLASS OF 1958Vernon S. AycockH. Martin Kite Jr.CLASS OF 1959AnonymousRagmar BoecherCLASS OF 1960Robert L. RinzlerCLASS OF 1961James C. BeallBen F. Johnson III JCLASS OF 1962John E. BennettJohn W. ForresterChris IrwinStiles A. Kellett Jr.H. Bruce McEver JAlf Ruff Jr.W. Douglas StarrCLASS OF 1963Roman Deville*Tom JonesRobert G. Weinstein*DeceasedTHE WOODWARD ALUMNI FUNDTHE GMA ALUMNI FUNDd on o rs&FOLLOWING IS A LIST OF GRADUATES, BY CLASS YEAR, WHO SUPPORTED THE ACADEMY WITH A GIFT TO THE WOODWARD ALUMNI FUND OR THE GMA ALUMNI FUND BETWEEN JUNE 1, 2021, AND MAY 31, 2022. PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE AND YOUNG ALUMNI PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE LEADERSHIP DONORS ARE NOTED WITH J AND W SYMBOLS RESPECTIVELY.

Page 49

47CLASS OF 1964Leroy W. BlankenshipW. Lawrence BrownDaniel C. Martin JGary Y. PooleJames C. PottsJoe A. RiceWilliam L. SpencerCLASS OF 1965AnonymousStanley C. CokerWilliam S. Magill III JMichael J. MayeskeJohn T. RiversStephen E. RobertsBaker A. SmithJo Oden McIverCLASS OF 1966R. Alan Parrish JCLASS OF 1967Calvin R. Allen Jr. JRod CanfieldMichael J. FedackChip Kelley JFrederick Poole Landers Sr.Thomas C. StriblingCLASS OF 1968Fred O. Brumfield Jr.Dan S. FergusonCLASS OF 1969John A. Ferguson Jr.William A. GuestThomas L. JonesThomas W. LikensGeorge S. Morgan Sr.William F. Morris IIIC. Paul Sims Jr.Joseph M. SteedCharles K. WerkCLASS OF 1970Michael J. BonoWillie CallowayEd N. CaylorRichard B. HadlowScott HardinSteve K. KendrickPatrick H. Perry IIIR. Ted Smith Jr. JCarl F. Williams IIICLASS OF 1971Arthur C. CurtisGene Milner Jr. JJoye Boyett NurreAdele Hagedorn OgilvieJames A. SimmonsDwight H. SmithCLASS OF 1972AnonymousNancy Avans BushDonald M. Cathy JWilliam C. LathemAndy SmithHugh Bruce Williamson IIICLASS OF 1973Fernando A. DuraldeJack E. Frost IIDorothy Allen GreenThomas E. Guillot Jr. JSam HodgesLinda A. McGehee JMichael D. McGuirePeggy Dyer McNashCecil L. ScarbroughMary C. WeaverRoger C. WhighamRusty A. ZaringCLASS OF 1974Robert E. Bowers JLin Price CarterKen B. CollinsCary A. Coutant JClarence DavisJohn DoveLinda Hixon GilmoreAlice HammockMargaret Campbell HaynesMilton Jarrell Jr.Donald L. LassiterOrlando F. LopezCLASS OF 1975Roger E. Blythe Jr.Elaine Toulon CarrollRoya Kazemi CurtisLawrence E. EppsJohn S. Hunsinger Jr.Lynne Davis NormanEdwin R. ReavesBill ThomaCLASS OF 1976Jean Verdel AlexanderGus A. Callaway IIIXavier A. Duralde JCarl B. EleazerFred C. GuinCLASS OF 1977C. Brad Marsh JJames E. SuddathSusan Oliver WeissSuzanne Dunn WoodruffCharles J. YarbroughCLASS OF 1978AnonymousWilliam W. Ball JKim Landon BoydKathleen D. Collins JPaula Dyer CrawfordThomas J. EhrenspergerVirginia Serrato JohnstonTeresa Lopez MannRandall S. Owen JGregory L. RoeselKathy Duncan SheesleyCLASS OF 1979Judith C. AllenLinda Bishop CramerGeorge C. Griffin II JAnita Douglas Phillips JCLASS OF 1980Louise A. CallawayAlfred J. Cole Jr. JBruce L. FettermanAmy Hendry GuinnAnne Ganskow MooreJohn E. WebsterCLASS OF 1981AnonymousRia Meade MalinakScott S. SchreiberCLASS OF 1982Alda M. Blakeney-WrightDeborah Cole Guest JJ. Warren SmithKevin A. UnderwoodCLASS OF 1983Kimberly Andrews BrownAndrew Cameron JVirginia S. ChurchApril L. CraigOscar F. DansbyDale Blonder DyerDiana Sutherland EarwoodDanise Gunter FieldsDarrin FinleyPeter J. FrittsDavid M. HallPaul M. LonginoLaura Harris MoldenhauerChristy L. MorrisonPatricia Lee O’SullivanRegina Reeves WoodCLASS OF 1984Ann Askew ColinJerald B. DotsonNancy Howard Jennings JLisa G. MerrittJeffrey G. PierceCLASS OF 1985Walter C. Ernest IVMonique Snellgrove RichmondAndrew W. StithJulie ZimmermannCLASS OF 1986Steven S. AldredgeDeaton BellPhilip H. Bienert JScott D. BrostromLisa Henry GoodbreadDoug HollbergMarian S. Joiner-StalveyAsheley Dillard KotisAnna C. MathisAndrew L. McKnightMark D. MillerSusan Oliver PrattWilliam B. PutmanDebra L. ScottScott R. ShafferSally A. SmithJames E. Sutherland Jr. JHeidi Borg VaughnFelker W. WardWilliam P. WoodallCLASS OF 1987Lisa Hodge DuvalDana JeffersonMary S. Moore JJennifer Alexander RieckSusan Adams ShimerRichard Sinkfield IIICLASS OF 1988AnonymousAbigail Ashworth BennettMichael T. Bennett Jr.Julie Davis Couch JMarian Wells HemmerRandolph M. HolmesTamara R. Jones JDaniel J. LyleKrista Henderson MadisonJenny Byars RitchieDuane R. ShaverEna A. ShawNan Halenza Street JWalter StricklandWinifred Wilkins ThompsonRonette Bloom Throne

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48CLASS OF 1989Betty Ponder DykstraP. A. Hylton JAlice Yeh JamisonMichael J. LeeJay PullinTracy D. RyeJenny Schneider ShoemakerNichole Davis SloanChristopher E. Williams JCLASS OF 1990AnonymousDebbie Piha DeutschHolly M. FletcherKeisha Wynn HarrisonJonathan P. Hayes JTejal Desai KassatlyValaurie Bridges LeeThomas F. LozickNecie Elizabeth Young PableStephanie Lee PughKrista A. StraughnKamuran M. TekinAndrew J. Welch IIIYvonne C. YancyCLASS OF 1991Sholanda McBride ArmstrongScott T. AverittMatt H. Brill JBickerton W. Cardwell IIITom CavanaughAlexander H. Crumbley JLaura N. DiBaccoSteven I. EisensteinJennifer L. EnloeJ. B. GibsonEdward D. GodfreyMalik A. KingAndrew S. KoranskyKourtney Few ManceJohn H. McNinch Jr.Lauren A. MoretDallas S. Olson Jr.Scott SanchezSuzi S. SheffieldRobert L. StewartElizabeth I. WhitfieldCLASS OF 1992Anonymous (2)Matthew B. BaileyWilliam B. Bourne IVTrevon E. BroadJulia Bonds DukeDerrick F. FaurJennifer Wooten FaurAndre P. Hylton JEmily KotzanGreg S. Lewis JLakshmi ReddyApril M. RipleyCLASS OF 1993Anonymous (2)Amanda C. BaxterMichael O. BlackstockC. Austin ChaseMatt ChathamRebecca Steinmark ErwinRussell K. Gore JErica Katz Lewis JDavid A. MallisJoella Mercer PottsJohn M. Potts IIIJennifer Grasser RainwaterDanielle M. SeligmannBarry C. WhiteJeff WoodCLASS OF 1994AnonymousSimon E. Arpiarian JThomas L. BourneVikas M. ChinnanAlok V. DeshpandeJames S. FlukerKathryn Pierce FolkAlice M. GillespieRoss A. KogonJohn P. McLaneGoutami MikkilineniCea Putman MosleyTorrance J. MosleyLaura Putman RappoldGina Marshall TuckerAddie Mae Spongberg WeissCarol Hargrett WeitzCLASS OF 1995AnonymousJonathan M. Brill JRebecca H. Bunyasaranand JJennifer A. Cranford-ThomasKimberly Stembridge GaryAndrew K. GrantAnne Steele Fortune HinshawTodd J. MeadowsJulie Hodges MeltonCourtney A. MorenoLindsay Keogler NolanJoy Mayeske PhillipsAllison Jackson RhodesWarren K. ShawLeah D. WeiszCLASS OF 1996Marisa Amick AndersonJames A. BoatrightLaura C. FanucchiJo Cranford Hodges JKevin M. Hodges JFrank JohnstonJeremy D. LewisLane Fluker PernoCarmisha D. RamseyBartly D. RhodesSachin D. Shailendra JBrian H. SorrowStephen B. WalkerCLASS OF 1997Brian AlbaneseAlex BrennanAnne Barr CruzSusan Burnette Dutson JFranklin T. GloverJessica Savitz GoodmanCarrie Gibson LauchlanMichael J. Mayeske Jr.Jessica Ziegler NewthSwannee ParkJohn R. PrallGregory W. ReynoldsPaul S. Shailendra JSallie J. SquiresCLASS OF 1998Anonymous (9)Allison M. AlognaAlice Burnish BelkoLeigh Shattles Cardwell JM. Lee Cardwell JChas D. CrissRoman P. DeanKristen Williams DerkLiann M. FreemanDavid B. HodginsLauren C. HoodHunter S. KingShelby Hudgins KirkhamPilita C. MallariPeter I. MorrisRanda C. RagabTiffany Turner ReynoldsLeigh O’Neal ShelorTyson S. Smith Jr.Emmaline King StatonNikhil R. SwaminathanAnthony L. ThomasJoseph A. WatkinsMatthew J. WigginsAndrew T. WilsonCLASS OF 1999AnonymousSamuel K. AbakahBrandon J. AldridgeJustin H. Alexander JTitilayo A. AliPamela Allen AmblerKenzie M. BigginsPaul R. Billingsly Jr.Marcus B. FostonAdam W. FreemanJoseph N. GoodmanCarrie Schwartz GordonLaura Accardi HillmanAmy Goldsmith LeeGrady A. Luckey Jr.Bennett E. McCumberDamian O. PryorBrittany Hillman SchwartzwaldAmanda Bishop SellsStacey Wolman ShapiroWilliam S. TaylorNatalie Plowden Tyler-MartinLauren Troutman VoglerStephanie H. WarshawAnthony M. WebbRebecca L. WhiteMartin F. WilkesMatthew D. Wilson JMeredith Kendall WinceCLASS OF 2000Anonymous (3)Jessica Morrow BallWallace Duvall Brumby Jr.Sara S. FanucchiHelen Monacell GallenErin C. GreenwayMarshall S. GuestJennifer L. HansonJennifer L. KimKimberly N. LawrenceJennifer Briggs MorrisChristopher T. MyersJared S. RoachTimothy F. RobertsonSuzanna B. Sanchez JTodd M. SavitzJess Cooke ScarboroughHerbert H. Timmerman IVCLASS OF 2001AnonymousStephen H. BridgesLyndsey Miller BurtonLauren Johnston ElliottHolly E. HarrisPriscilla Meek JanowskiAllison M. LockwoodCourtney Brooks NocePatrick L. O’NealTaylor Driskill PaffordShyam S. RamMarques P. W. RobieKatherine Wells RobsonMary Sessions

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49Nefertiti A. WalkerPelham Wilder IVClarence T. Williamson IIICLASS OF 2002Anonymous (2)Maya L. Abbott WShayna Priluck BergmanRobert L. BowersJameel S. JiwaniTalitha Michalow Kauffman WLucy Fender McCloudGarnie NygrenJeffrey S. PlagemanHunter W. Rice Jr.Heather M. RipleyAnne Peden Robertson WattsRobert C. WattsMeredith A. ZaringCLASS OF 2003Anonymous (3)George R. BaldowskiAndrew C. BarkerMary Ellen Suitt BarnwellDaniel J. Bernstein WLindsey Keadle BirdsongCatherine C. BrantleyDorothy C. BrantleyMeredith Coleman CollinsMatthew L. DrakeRafael I. DuraldeRobert J. Fauls IIIBette Ann Schlossberg FialkovDavid H. Friend WWhitney Dickerson GerkinRiah W. GreathouseAlexander N. HoltMelissa Dupre HoppleCraig G. KunkesSydney Horne LangdonRobert N. Lawrence Jr.Taryn D. LesniakJessica Hood MahleKate Adornato MaloneJennifer Bridgers PalmerMargaret Hendee QuigleyCathleen Leonard SmithCaroline Guest Stancil WErin Hauser StricklandKathleen Varner WagnerMelanie L. WilliamsScott D. WolmanCLASS OF 2004AnonymousKara Nygren AdlerLauren W. BennettRyan W. BowersKelly Usilton ColeSara Notestine DaySarah Weinstein DunnGuy M. HarrisBlake HendersonEmily Watts Johnson WElizabeth Gray McEverStuart M. PearsonAlexis Anzo RichardJennifer Welch RueterKatie Watt TinsleyJoseph VellanikaranLauren Dupre VickGlenn D. Warren Jr. JAndrew C. WatkinsAndrew D. WidenerCLASS OF 2005AnonymousEdward H. AlexanderShannon Sheesley BalthaserElena P. DuraldeRyan L. FurloughMax J. HollandKiley Hodgson KingAshley H. KormanLisa MillerIan E. NicholsonKathryn S. PollardJordan H. RicksZachary R. SavitzW. M. TalmadgeMeghan J. WhaleyJohnny T. ZackeryCLASS OF 2006Quinn Nygren BarryMatthew B. Bowers WKelsey Quillen EmersonLaura Flynn Heller GeorgeRachel Fruchtman GordonIan K. C. HallJohn A. HansonEric A. SchubRobin Beck StokesIndia L. WatersCLASS OF 2007David A. ApatovSamantha Mann AventOlivia A. C. BattyAlexa Lieppe Bernstein WKelley Blount BrowTaylor B. BuffingtonBenjamin M. CondonLauren McClelland DardenSara C. Elliot WMark A. Feidler JStuart FisherSummer Goldberg GabrielCeleste N. GainesMorgan Plank GibneyKelly S. GronkaMichael G. KaufmanNancy Tribble RalstonAlaina N. ReavesAnna Thomas RogersJennica Justice SmithCatherine M. SutherlandCLASS OF 2008Adam S. CarllCharles R. Dickerson Jr.Carlos M. DuraldeDanielle M. LeFeversThomas M. PlattChelsea-Symone SullivanCLASS OF 2009Steven E. BenatarVirginia R. BuschJessie H. CartBarrett N. Cornelius WKathleen S. Cornett WKelsey R. Darden WLeo J. FalkensteinAustin R. GaineyAshish R. GandhiChristina Sabol GibsonMadison Weiss GordonCourtney Guest HannanElizabeth Smith Hardaway WWynne Rosenbleeth JerrisCharles J. KnightVishnu P. KogantiJennifer E. LeightonRosemary Ford MaddenWilliam S. MaddenEmanuel D. MajorJulia R. MayfieldAlfred L. Norris IIIGreg PattonJoshua R. StricklandTom M. TollesonNicholas J. Widener WCLASS OF 2010AnonymousCamden K. AdkinsKalen V. AxamTereena A. BryanRussell J. ConineIvan B. DuraldeJeffrey R. HirshChelsea L. KorskiSean S. McDermottWight E. MurphyColeman T. Pusateri WJoseph M. Ripley Jr.William P. RobertsonRebecca Clapes SweetCLASS OF 2011Charles B. BittingerRobert W. Bruce IIITimothy W. Coats WAustin Northenor Cornelius WJasmine L. Johnson-Wakeel WDana A. McDonaldAbbey Sellers MercierDevin A. MunningsConstance E. OrganAyesha U. Patel WMary E. PeekHayley M. PerlisEugene B. Wimby IIICLASS OF 2012Stanton M. DavisCourtney Addison DodsonFletcher S. DodsonClaire GaxiolaTucker H. Griffin WMichael T. HallJulie A. HubschmanMatthew P. McAdam WArielle C. SandersTaylor B. StrawnCaroline G. White WCLASS OF 2013Samuel H. Fishman WTiana N. GrissomKelly M. Guest WJoshua M. L. LubelIsaiah J. MatthewsSummer E. McFaddenFrampton E. Simons Jr.Alexandra Sutherland StringerBrian J. StringerJoseph H. Stuhrenberg WCLASS OF 2014AnonymousLillian X. D. Duong WLeah H. HammettGobind KalaChristopher R. LeaMichael J. LivingstonIan L. A. ShulterbrandtMacie M. SimsCLASS OF 2015Dean G. C. GriffinBobby Kannady IIIBrianna N. McGee WJames E. Sutherland IIIAnne B. Turner

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50CLASS OF 2016Stephen M. CarsonCarley E. ClapesDolan P. Falconer III WSaije O. SharkeyConnor M. WelchCLASS OF 2017Anonymous (2)Justin D. BergerTaylor E. BrandonMatthew M. GulleyIsabelle J. RomeroCLASS OF 2018Samuel E. DruckerDaniel S. GallupsAlexandre M. C. HurleyStratton E. MarshBridget G. SilvertCLASS OF 2019Jackson W. CouchWilliam H. FreerOlivia P. HendersonHans MeyerAllen K. ThompsonCLASS OF 2020Faiza F. MohammedCLASS OF 2021AnonymousMark H. GallupsDelaney J. HasenArya MeyerAnonymous (19)Aliyah AbbasiOluwayinka A. AdisaEric AllagnonIra D. AlstonAlexander W. AndersonJasim I. AnsariJoshua J. ArmourJackson D. ArmstrongAnsley K. ArnoldClaire K. AsbellAbigail F. AtchisonEmily M. AuffantJaelynn D. BakerBrooke O. BarrowGabrielle T. BatesThomas J. BeckerHarrison BellKaylee M. BellMaxim BelykhAva N. BenjaminElgin Bennett IIReese W. BerryMary Margaret BetheaBrooke C. BlaseLea W. BourneStella E. BowersSydney N. BowlesIsabella M. Y. BoydCharles R. BraytonEvan W. BreitzkeWilliam E. B. BrevardAiden BrillTaylor A. BrooksBenjamin D. BrownLillian C. BulsonAndrew C. BurgessCordell L. BurtonThomas J. ByarsCade A. CahoonHarvey S. Cain IIIColin E. CaldwellChristian R. CameronLuca C. CanzianMichael J. Carswell Jr.Devind CheaVaishnavi ChennareddyJosette Y. ChunEliot R. CiupercaCaroline R. ClaytonMorgan E. CobbJonathan D. CochranEmma J. CohenSarah CollingsworthMadison CollinsJameson P. ConnorsKevin K. CromerJavier L. CrossMaxwell CrowSonali A. DadeParker S. DalyAshley N. DavidsonAnnie M. DavisJoseph E. B. DavisSarai A. DavisLemiaya T. DeanNatasha Y. DedeauxDaniel DellerJohn F. Dempsey IIIMolly M. DevinneyLayla D. DoyleyEvelyn R. DruckerWyatt R. DunkelColin D. ElamEthan W. FairclothJackson T. FalconerAbigail J. FaulknerKeely E. FaulknerKatharyn A. FenzlGunner F. FilipowiczAlyson B. FrancisMichelle C. FranksJustin FredianiThomas F. FreerCorey FullerKatarina D. FusonCharles Z. Gardner Jr.Thomas W. Gary VJay R. GelberAshna GhanateVenkat K. GhantaEthan GillYana M. GokhmanWilliam C. GoldsmithAnnabel C. GoncalvesTaylor M. GravesMarcus A. GrayDillyn M. N. GreenWill E. GriceWilliam W. GrigsbySamantha GrivnoKimberly GuoNeekan A. HaddadJames J. HallLaura G. HallMadeleine L. HallColby A. HarleyChristian E. HarrisonNatalie F. HartLauren A. HayesLily G. HeroldMaria I. HickoxMelanie P. HicksJohn M. HigginsJackson C. HightowerMatthew HightowerTristen J. HillVashti A. HobsonRoman N. HolderLaura L. Hollissenior giving CLASS OF 2022SENIOR GIVING IS AN ANNUAL GIVING CAMPAIGN THAT EDUCATES THE SENIOR CLASS ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF GIVING BACK TO THE ACADEMY AS THEY PREPARE TO TRANSITION FROM STUDENTS TO ALUMNI. BY ENCOURAGING PARTICIPATION IN THE WOODWARD ALUMNI FUND, THE CLASS COMES TOGETHER TO MAKE A LASTING LEGACY FOR THEIR CLASS. THIS YEAR, THE CLASS OF 2022 RAISED $4,030 WITH AN IMPRESSIVE 100% PARTICIPATION!

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Virginia I. HolmesWeston G. HowardDylan F. HsuSela C. HumphreyCameron G. HuntMaddox A. HusbandBryson A. JacksonBennett S. JacobsonLeo T. JahnKate S. JamilkowskiConner L. Y. JamisonJulia C. JarrattLee P. JohnsonAlena J. JonesAsa D. JonesJayden C. JonesSamuel C. JungWilliam V. KaremMythili KartikTyler W. KelleyHannah KempinskaMorgan A. KenlySanyu N. KiguddeMichael T. KilicDeon D. King Jr.Spencer D. KingAneesh S. KulkarniTingfei LanLaila E. LeRoyHarrison S. LewisElizabeth S. LiAyden E. LightnerJohn A. LoganJulia R. LogginsChloe P. LomaxRohan R. MandadiClara E. MannesLunden B. ManuelCamille E. MarinacYadira M. MartinezAndrew M. MasseyMary E. MastersonTyler MayerColby M. McBrideOliver W. McCoyReese R. McDowellWilliam T. McManusCharles N. MechlowitzMiranda K. A. MerchantSydney S. MichaelMaddisen L. MilesRainey M. MillsVideesha MohanMaxwell A. MontgomeryWilliam A. MoodieKailani A. MooreOlivia G. MooreReilly P. MorganMackenzie A. MoringMackenzie A. MorrisKennedie M. MosleyNia A. G. MuhammadElizabeth M. MutungaAdeleine B. NardoneDharma S. NeppalliGabriela A. NorwoodTaiyo M. N. ObafemiIsabella R. Orkin EmmanuelGavin A. OrthTimi J. OyewoTito M. OyewoMaya PackerRiley A. PanessaJessica L. PannellNahdia C. ParksAren P. PatelKabir P. PatelHunter A. PayneNaijhee’ S. PearsonSidney S. PerlisSean M. PetriniThaomy E. PhamConnor S. PhillipsIan P. PhillipsKai E. PierreAustin P. PiersonWilliam A. PiersonChandler A. PollardIsabella N. PollydoreMyan PonugotiAmari L. Price-CottenCatron W. PuttAllie N. RaganArman P. RamjiAmanda K. ReeseMatthew R. RobinsonRiya SachdevaRusna M. K. SanghaZoe M. SchwartzZoe E. ScottWyatt M. SeilkopMatthew A. SingletonMira A. SolomonRoman J. StallingsKayla N. StewartCrawford G. StrattonHenry M. StuartAaron SuRia ThakurCarson D. ThomasRyan ThomasEmeri A. TompkinsJordan R. TovinMichael B. TyeBenjamin L. G. ValdesJace W. VaughnPriyanka VemulamadaAnika VemuriAmelia M. WalthourElise D. S. WebbSarah A. WestenAidan C. WeygantPatricia H. WhartonChloe S. WhiteNaiser S. WhiteLuke C. WhitmireTrae D. WilkinsDeon D. WilliamsCasey R. WimbyWilliam W. WinfieldMadison P. WoodsSayjal G. WoodsAnna L. WylderBrooke A. YamadaBradley YouSongming YuJonah B. Zeiger51

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52ENDOWED STUDENT FINANCIAL AID FUNDS These funds provide student financial aid for qualified students. All of Woodward’s financial aid funds are awarded solely based on demonstrated need.Alumni Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $351,160Multiple donors have contributed to this fund, which was initiated in 1977 to provide tuition assistance to qualified students based on need and promise.Beth and Jesse F. Armistead Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $284,939Established in 1987 by the family of Jesse F. Armistead, this fund provides tuition assistance to students based on need and promise. Beauchamp Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $27,102Initiated in 1983 and funded by the Beauchamp family in memory of their son, Harold, this endowment provides tuition assistance to students demonstrating need and promise.Branan Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $84,120Established in 1987 by the Branan family, this fund provides need-based tuition assistance to qualified students of the Academy.Brewster Family Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $147,284This fund, made possible through gifts from the Brewster family, provides need-based financial aid for students of the Academy.The Mary Alice and Bennett Brown Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $574,231Established in 2005 with gifts from members of the Brown family, the Mary Alice and Bennett Brown Foundation, and others, this fund provides financial assistance to qualified Academy students with first preference given to students who matriculate to Woodward from the Metro Atlanta KIPP charter schools.endowment FUNDSTHE FOLLOWING FUNDS SERVE THE ACADEMY IN THREE PRIMARY AREAS:THESE FUNDS ARE PERMANENTLY RESTRICTED FOR THESPECIFIC PURPOSES DESCRIBED. THE MARKET VALUE LISTED WITH EACH FUND REFLECTS GIFTS RECEIVED THROUGH MAY 31, 2022. 1 2 3STUDENT FINANCIAL AIDSTUDENT AND TEACHER ENRICHMENTAWARDS AND PRIZES

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53Col. John R. Burnett Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $66,348Established in 1988 through a gift from the Class of 1958, this fund honors the memory of Col. John R. Burnett, longtime commandant of cadets at Georgia Military Academy. This memorial fund provides need-based tuition assistance to an Upper School student based on character, with preference to a student with family military connections or a child of Academy faculty.Class of 1975 Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $12,520Established in 1995 through a gift from the Class of 1975, this fund provides need-based tuition assistance to a qualified Academy student.Class of 1976 Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $22,745Established in 1996 through a gift from the Class of 1976, this fund provides need-based tuition assistance to a qualified Academy student.Coca-Cola Foundation Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $194,226Established in 2007, this fund provides need-based student financial aid to qualified minority students.James A. Colquitt ’36 Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $420,472The Colquitt Endowment Fund was created with the proceeds of the Woodward Academy Challenge and gifts from the Woodward Academy/GMA Alumni Association and individuals. The fund provides need-based financial aid to a qualified Academy student.The Cousins Foundation Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $776,245Established in 2008 with a grant from The Cousins Foundation, this fund generates earnings to provide need-based financial assistance with preference given to graduates of the Drew Charter School or other Atlanta-area charter school students matriculating to Woodward Academy.James Cox Jr. Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $187,691Initiated by the James Cox Foundation in 2002, this fund provides need-based financial aid to current Academy students.Jill F. Davis Memorial Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $180,656Established in 1986 by Mr. Jack Davis ’62 in memory of his daughter, Jill Davis, this fund provides tuition assistance to faculty children in the lower grades demonstrating need and promise.R. H. Dobbs ’23 Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $90,503Initiated in 1989 by Mr. R. Howard Dobbs ’23, this fund provides need-based tuition assistance for current Academy students.Charles Evans Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $116,018Established with an anonymous gift in 1985 in memory of Charles Evans, this fund provides need-based tuition assistance to qualified students of the Academy.Fleming Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $21,155Initiated in 1995 by Mr. Stephen Fleming ’79, this fund provides need-based financial aid to current Academy students.

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54Fouts Memorial Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $23,983Initiated in 1984 and made possible through the gifts of multiple donors, this fund honors the memory of Leslie Fouts, longtime coach at the Academy, known particularly for his swimming teams. Tuition assistance is provided to students based on need and promise, with emphasis given to those students active in the swimming program.Goizueta-Joseph W. Jones Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $1,498,365This fund provides need-based financial assistance to qualified Hispanic students.Goizueta Transition Program Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $1,548,404Initiated in 2003, this fund provides need-based financial assistance to current and quali-fied Academy students who are enrolled in the Transition Program.Ted C. Hays and Betty B. Hays Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $146,221Initiated in 1983 and supported by multiple donors, this fund honors the memory of Ted C. Hays, longtime Academy band director, Ted C. Hays, and his wife, and awards tuition assistance to students based on need and promise with emphasis on instrumental music.James E. Hickey II ’48 Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $51,110Established in 1992 by a gift from the estate of James E. Hickey II ’48, this fund provides need-based financial aid for qualified students of the Academy.A. Thomas Jackson Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $167,937Initiated in 2000, in honor of former Academy President A. Thomas Jackson, this fund provides need-based financial assistance to current Academy students.Gary M. Jones Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $168,931A gift of the Loridan’s Foundation in 1990, in honor of former Academy President Gary M. Jones, this fund provides need-based financial aid to current Academy students.John Vernon Jones ’68 Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $1,270,085Established with a gift from the estate of Joseph W. Jones in 2005, this fund was named in honor of the son of Mr. Jones. The income from earnings is used to provide financial assistance to qualified Academy students or for the benefit of students as determined by the President or Vice President for Academic and Student Life.Beth Kennedy Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $54,659Initiated by Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Kennedy and Mrs. Pauline Kennedy in 1982, this fund honors the memory of Beth Kennedy and provides tuition assistance to students based on need and promise.Sonny Kumar ’86 Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $75,684Initiated in 1991 by Drs. Veeni and Surender Kumar, this fund provides need-based financial assistance to current Academy students in memory of Sonny Kumar ’86.The David R. McCollum Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $140,439Established upon his retirement in 2012, the purpose of the David R. McCollum Endow-ment Fund is to provide qualified Upper School students, who are receiving need-based financial aid, with assistance for incremental expenses beyond tuition. Expenses may include school uniforms, books, art supplies, team expenses, and school trip fees.

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55McMaster-Carr Supply Company Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $125,360This fund, initiated in 1995, provides need-based financial aid to current Academy students.Deepak Raghavan Family Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $102,569Established in 2020, this fund provides need-based financial aid to a student starting in eighth grade. The award will be renewed annually until graduation for the student who demonstrates financial need and shows academic promise and a commitment to the pur-suit of an individual passion. The goal of the endowment is to positively impact a student’s life trajectory.Selma E. Ridgway Prize and Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $340,309This endowment fund was established in 2004 by initial gifts from the Lanigan Insurance Group, Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company, and others in honor of longtime Transition Program Director and teacher Selma E. Ridgway. This fund has two purposes: to provide need-based financial aid to a qualified student in the Transition Program each year and to award a senior prize each year to a student who is well-rounded, demonstrates high levels of good citizenship, and represents the Academy’s motto, “Excellence, Character, and Opportunity.”The Johnny O. Stallings Sr. Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $143,303Established in 2010, this fund provides need-based financial aid annually to a qualified student while also honoring Coach Stallings. “Coach” worked at the Academy from 1967 to 1998, coaching thousands of Woodward students in football, golf, and wrestling. To honor his love for sports and coaching while molding students into young men, this fund was created by gifts from many of his former student-athletes.The Strong Family Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $259,518Established in 2016 with a gift from The Strong Family Fund, this fund provides need-based tuition assistance to qualified students of the Academy.Thrash Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $152,717Initiated in 1979, this fund provides tuition assistance to students showing promise and need in the Academy’s Transition Program.Randolph Thrower ’30 Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $608,272Established in 1987 by Margaret and Randolph Thrower ’30, this fund provides an Upper School award, up to $500, to one or more students who are members of the National Honor Society, based on need and academic excellence.The Thunder Bay Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $2,064,911Established in October 2007, this fund provides financial aid support to qualified students from traditionally underserved populations in the Atlanta area, enabling recipients to attend Woodward Academy. Preference will be given to students matriculating to Woodward who also have been involved in the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta.Transition Program Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $281,541Initiated through an anonymous gift in 1987, this fund provides need-based financial aid to current Academy students in the Transition Program.Woodru Fine Arts Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $335,021This fund, provided by Mr. Robert W. Woodruff, Class of 1908, in 1986, provides awards based on need to students showing exceptional promise and talent in the performing or visual arts.

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56David, Helen, and Marian Woodward Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $84,120Established in 1987, this fund provides need-based tuition assistance to qualified Academy students.Don A. Woolf Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $170,636Initiated in 2000, in honor of former Academy Headmaster Don A. Woolf, this fund provides need-based financial assistance to current Academy students.ENDOWED ENRICHMENT FUNDSThese funds provide resources for teacher enrichment, enhancements, facility maintenance, or program support.The Bobby West Alford Enrichment FundMARKET VALUE $162,914Established in 2010, this endowment from the estate of a longtime member of the Upper School English Department, Bobby West Alford, provides annual stipends for members of the Upper School English Department for study and travel to further their professional knowledge and to share with faculty and students. Eligible faculty will be encouraged each year to apply for funds, and distribution decisions will be made by the Upper School English Department chair and the assistant chair.The Pauline and R. L. Brand Jr. ’35 Religious Studies Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $2,529,191Established in April 2015, this endowment was created with gifts from the estate and family of Mr. R. L. Brand Jr. ’35 to support and enhance religious studies at the Academy. The earnings from this endowment will provide for a permanent teaching position for class-room instruction of religion. It also will provide for visiting teachers, speakers, and other enrichment programs designed to enhance the study of religion and character develop-ment as well as study opportunities in religion outside the classroom for Academy students. Income from the endowment also will support the Chaplain’s Council in its efforts to enhance religious studies and the services of the Academy’s Chaplain.The Ron M. Brill Chair for Ethical Leadership DevelopmentMARKET VALUE $997,979Established in 2017 by Ron and Lisa Brill and their family, this fund provides for staff and support programming dedicated to attuning Woodward students to their unique role in their community and the larger world. The chair will strengthen Woodward students’ ability to act responsibly in the context of real-world dilemmas and affect positive change in their communities, in ways that align with each student’s core values. The Tyler H. Brown ’96 Leadership Speaker Series Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $162,955Established in 2009 via gifts from many donors, the purpose of this fund is to provide an-nual resources to cover the honorarium of a nationally renowned military leader to speak at the school’s annual Veterans Day program. As the market value increases, earnings will also provide additional monies to cover the costs of securing leadership guest speakers of varied backgrounds to further educate Woodward Academy students about leadership and character-building.The Calloway Orchestra Enrichment FundMARKET VALUE $67,581Established in 2004, in honor of orchestra teacher Gina L. Calloway, with an anonymous gift and other gifts, this fund provides enrichment to the orchestra program at the Academy.Class of 1978 Enrichment ProgramMARKET VALUE $80,776Initiated in 1998, this fund was a gift from the Class of 1978 on the occasion of its 20-year class reunion. The fund provides assistance to both the English and Transition depart-ments for their curriculum, faculty, and equipment needs.

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57Class of 1989 Enrichment ProgramMARKET VALUE $23,368Initiated in 2000, this fund was a gift from the Class of 1989 on the occasion of its 10-year class reunion. The fund provides enhancements for Upper School student programs through the office of the Dean of Student Life.Computer Science Chair FundMARKET VALUE $292,545A gift from the Loridan’s Foundation in 1972, this fund supports faculty salaries in the area of computer science.Frances and John Ferguson Library FundMARKET VALUE $54,618Initiated in 2001 by the John A. Ferguson ’43 family, this fund provides support for Woodward Academy’s libraries.The GMA Heritage PrizeMARKET VALUE $31,992The GMA Heritage Prize is awarded annually to all qualified juniors attending any of the U.S. Service Academy Leadership Summer Programs prior to senior year. The Prize aims to recognize the heritage of Woodward Academy and to honor Woodward students con-sidering education and service at any of the five U.S. Service Academies. The award and plaque are presented at the Junior Banquet. Qualified seniors who complete an official Service Academy visit are also eligible to receive money for travel. Anne G. and Bernard Graliker Visiting Speaker FundMARKET VALUE $218,937Initiated in 2002 by Stephen G. Graliker ’38 and named for his parents, this fund exists to encourage leadership development at Woodward Academy. This fund provides for an annual leadership speaker and a student leadership award. The award recipient will be chosen based on an application, essay, and interview. The student award will go toward funding a summer leadership experience for the recipient.A. Thomas Jackson Professorship FundMARKET VALUE $167,938A gift of the Loridan’s Foundation in 2000, this fund provides salary enhancements for faculty of the Academy.Ann and Ben Johnson ’61 Center FundMARKET VALUE $249,886 Initiated in 1999 in honor of Ann and Ben Johnson ’61, multiple donors have contributed to this fund, which provides support for the maintenance of the Ann and Ben Johnson ’61 Alumni Center.Ben F. Johnson ’61 Professorship FundMARKET VALUE $340,686This professorship, made possible through the Loridan’s Foundation in 1991, provides multiple-year faculty salary enhancements.The Lewis Sidney Mercado Enrichment Fund MARKET VALUE $74,909Established in 2018, in memory of Mr. Lewis Sidney Mercado, this fund provides enrichment to the transition program at the Academy.Deepak Raghavan Family Professorship Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $67,231Established in 2020, this endowment is awarded to a faculty member who demonstrates innovation, creativity, collaboration, and inspiration within their academic discipline. This meritorious teaching award will supplement the salary of the teacher selected for a period of five years. Principals will nominate qualified candidates and the Vice President for Academic and Student Life will make the final selection.

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58Roy Richards ’76 Faculty Development FundMARKET VALUE $182,551Initiated in 2001 by Roy Richards Jr. ’76, this fund provides support for faculty development and enhanced use of technology by Academy faculty.The Robert Warren Ross American History Enrichment FundMARKET VALUE $173,563The Robert Warren Ross American History Scholar Award is awarded annually through a competitive process to a Woodward Academy rising senior. This award is made possible by the Robert Warren Ross American History Enrichment Fund, which was established in 2006 by gifts from Doug and Robyn Ross and their sons, Stephen Ross ’03 and Jacob Ross ’08, in memory and honor of Doug’s father, Robert Warren Ross. Mr. Ross possessed a keen passion for studying and teaching American History. The Robert Warren Ross American History Enrichment Fund supports programs to stimulate interest in American History among Woodward Academy students. NEWMarcia Prewitt Spiller Teaching Excellence AwardMARKET VALUE $110,221The Marcia Prewitt Spiller Teaching Excellence Award commemorates the dedicated service of Marcia Prewitt Spiller, Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Life, who served the Academy from 2012 through 2022 advancing the craft of teaching at Woodward for a decade. Recipients of the award demonstrate qualities of effective and exemplary teaching that Ms. Spiller fostered during her tenure, including passion for teaching; subject matter expertise; adaptability in teaching methods; ability to connect with a wide range of learners; encouragement of student passions outside the classroom; collaboration with faculty, peers, and administrators; and proactive communication with parents. Award recipients receive a $1,000 stipend to use as they wish and will present their unique approach to teaching to their faculty colleagues. Vasser-Wooley Professorship FundMARKET VALUE $46,739Established in 1987 by a gift from the Vasser-Wooley Foundation, this fund provides faculty salary assistance to Academy teachers.Sally Anne Walker ’76 Memorial FundMARKET VALUE $17,602Created by multiple donors in 2001, this fund honors the memory of Sally Anne Walker ’76. Proceeds benefit the Academy’s swimming program.ENDOWED PRIZE FUNDSThese funds provide resources for awards to outstanding students.Tyler H. Brown ’96 Endowment Prize FundMARKET VALUE $46,646This fund was established in 2006–2007 with lead gifts from the Sartain Lanier Family Foundation, Jo Cranford Hodges ’96 and Kevin M. Hodges ’96, and others to honor the memory of Tyler H. Brown ’96, who was killed in the line of duty in Iraq. The prize will be awarded each year to Upper School students who demonstrate strong leadership skills.Kyle Burnat ’01 Scholar Athlete AwardMARKET VALUE $154,653Established in 2003, this fund provides a prize to a graduating senior athlete who plans to participate in an intercollegiate sport in college, with a strong preference given to football or baseball. This student will have an outstanding academic record and exemplify charac-ter, leadership, sportsmanship, and unselfish attitude, both on and off the athletic field.

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59Tyler Dodson Memorial Prize FundMARKET VALUE $62,069Established in 2003 in memory of eighth grade student Tyler Dodson, with gifts from family and friends, the purpose of the endowment is to provide an award to a qualified Middle School student each year. The recipient will exemplify many of the same good citizenship characteristics demonstrated by Tyler during his life: a passion for learning, achievement, friendliness, enthusiasm, compassion for his classmates and others, a desire to please, and a love for life.The Major Jesse Flanigan IV ’94 Memorial Prize FundMARKET VALUE $28,963This award, established in 2020, honors the memory of Major Jesse “Jay” Flanigan IV, a 1994 Woodward Academy graduate. Jay graduated with high honors, was a member of the National Honor Society and was a member of the Eagle Roll. He was a true renaissance man. This memorial prize will be awarded to an African-American student participating in the Independent Science Research Program at The Georgia Institute of Technology.Charles G. Hixon III ’67 Computer Science AwardMARKET VALUE $28,828Endowed by a gift from retired faculty member Julie J. Askew, the Charles G. Hixon III ’67 Award is given annually to a Woodward Academy senior who demonstrates creative solutions to problems while maintaining attention to program details, qualities of high integrity, citizenship, and cooperativeness in their work. This award is presented annually at the Senior Banquet in honor of the many positive initiatives instituted by Dr. Hixon and his staff from the early years of computer programs, classes, and networks to the present.The Margaret C. Hodges ’11 Academy Citizenship Award FundMARKET VALUE $42,246This award, established in 2016 from the gifts of many individuals, honors the memory of Margaret C. Hodges, a 2011 Woodward Academy graduate and a member of the College Park community. This award will honor a member of the graduating class who best represents the qualities of genuine citizenship through their actions both within and without the Woodward community. The recipient will share an outlook on life that reflects Margaret’s inclusive, loving spirit, and will strive to make the world a better place. The honor carries with it a cash award.The Steve Holman Jr. ’98 Media Award FundMARKET VALUE $35,190This award, established in 2018, honors the memory of Steve Holman Jr., a 1998 Woodward Academy graduate. While a high school student at Woodward, Steve played football and was part of the WATV Morning Show Crew. Steve had a strong interest in journalism and media relations which carried on in his professional career working in politics. This award will be presented annually at the Senior Banquet to honor a member of the graduating class who has made a significant contribution to student journalism at Woodward in student publications or WATV, and is interested in pursuing journalism in college. The Cleo Carmack Hudson Best Writer in Junior English AwardMARKET VALUE $5,656Created originally in 2008 by a gift from Sam Hodges ’73, and from multiple gifts in Mrs. Hudson’s memory, this prize fund is endowed to perpetuate this award given to a junior student with superior writing skills to honor Mrs. Hudson’s years of working with junior students and her love of writing. The award carries with it a cash prize and is presented at the Junior Honors Banquet in May. Each recipient will have his or her name displayed on a permanent plaque.The Cleo Carmack Hudson Poetry AwardMARKET VALUE $6,147Created by gifts given in memory of Mrs. Hudson at the time of her passing and in honor of her passion for the arts, this award is given to the best poet from grades 9-12 and carries with it a cash award. It is awarded each year at the honors banquet for the recipient’s grade level. Each recipient will have his or her name displayed on a permanent plaque.

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60Lottie Wilson Endowment FundMARKET VALUE $107,524Established in 1982 through the estate of Mrs. Lottie Wilson, longtime mathematics instructor, this fund provides a prize to a rising senior with outstanding mathematics credentials at the direction of the math department.Woodru Academic Prize FundMARKET VALUE $2,122,544Initiated in 1985 by Mr. Robert W. Woodruff, Class of 1908, this fund provides merit-based financial awards to the top five students in each of the classes entering their 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade years. The fund also provides need-based financial aid to qualified students.The H. Lane Young II ’69 Senior Class Leadership Award Fund MARKET VALUE $92,132This award honors the memory of H. Lane Young II ’69. While a student at Woodward, Lane served as the senior class president, earned Gold Eagle Honor Roll all four years, and competed in football, wrestling, and basketball. Lane served as captain of the football team his senior year and was a member of the National Honors Society. During his time at Woodward Academy, Lane Young epitomized the qualities of the scholar-athlete-leader for which the school prides itself. This award will be presented annually at the senior banquet to honor the senior class president of the graduating class who has earned at least one varsity athletic letter and received gold eagle honor roll. If the senior class presi-dent does not meet these qualifications, the award will remain in the fund for that year. Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. AndrewsMr. and Mrs. Phil AndrewsJeff and Sarah ArvinMr. and Mrs. Jose A. AuffantMr. and Ms. Jim AugustynAnn Conner Austin ’74Drs. Wendy M. and Jeffer T. BaerDr. and Mrs. John BagwellMr. and Mrs. James L. BarkinMr. Louis Bates II and Dr. Faith BatesDr. Jonathan C. Bender and Ms. Amy EdgarGregory S. Berkey and Kathleen T. NixonJulian S. Betts Jr. ’67 and Joan S. BettsMr. Robert W. BickerstaffDr. Gladys BranicRon and Lisa BrillMary and Steven BroadbentMr. and Mrs. Carey H. BrownMr. and Mrs. Marc R. BulsonMelanie and Michael BurtCaroline and David CaldwellMr. William M. CareyBarbara M. and William R. CoatsTimothy W. Coats ’11 and Allison CoatsMr. and Mrs. Michael CobleDr. John D. Cochran and Mrs. Ronda L. CochranMr. and Mrs. Daniel A. CohenMr. and Mrs. Alfred J. Cole Sr.Mr. Thomas O. Coleman Jr. and Mrs. Eileen MurphyDrs. Julia C. and James M. Combs IIIJenny and Lee ConnerMr. and Mrs. Thomas H. CooperElaine and Garth CoventryClaire and Alex CrumbleyDebra and Terry CullenTina and Dennis CutshallDr. and Mrs. Snehal C. DalalJonathan Darsey ’86Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. De SimoneBolan Dreher ’65Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. DruckerDr. Xavier A. Duralde ’76 and Dr. Mary E. BarrettPatricia and Joseph EnglertMr. and Mrs. Donald EnglishDr. and Mrs. Trevor FeinsteinMr. and Ms. Brandon FordeDr. Chris M. and Mrs. Amanda FreerMrs. Page Fritts* and Mr. Courtney “Pete” Fritts Sr.Susan C. and James S. GanttKimberly Stembridge Gary ’95 and Thomas W. Gary IVGeorgia GOAL PARTICIPANTSTHE GEORGIA GOAL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM ALLOWS PARTICIPANTS TO REDIRECT A PORTION OF THEIR GEORGIA TAX LIABILITY THROUGH THE EDUCATION EXPENSE CREDIT PROGRAM TO SUPPORT NEEDBASED STUDENT FINANCIAL AID AT WOODWARD. THANK YOU TO THOSE THAT FOLLOW FOR PARTICIPATING IN THIS IMPORTANT PROGRAM.*Deceased

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ON THE COVER:Madeline Stewart ’22 and Grace Hall ’22 started the wa-spirit Instagram account.Mr. Matthew C. GelberVirginia T. and Daniel L. GibbsMr. and Mrs. J. L. Glover Jr.Mrs. Valerie H. GoldstonMr. and Mrs. J. T. GreenMr. and Mrs. Jonathan E. GreenMr. and Ms. Mark J. GreenMr. and Mrs. Benjamin GrubbsPresident and Mrs. F. Stuart GulleyTimothy J. HamlingRobert and Candace HancockWilliam S. Harvin Jr. ’92Mr. Edward N. Hatch and Mrs. Crystal O. SladeDr. and Mrs. John G. HellerMichal and Jack HillmanJo Cranford Hodges ’96 and Kevin M. Hodges ’96Chuck and Cass HollisMr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. HughesMr. and Mrs. Scott R. HumphreyMr. and Mrs. John J. Huntz Jr.Mr. Jinho J. Im and Dr. Nakyoung J. NamLiesa and James JohnsonMr. and Mrs. Vipul H. KapadiaDrs. Panyavee V. and Jeremy S. KhanDr. Surender V. Kumar and Dr. Veeni KumarMr. Ting Pui Lai and Ms. Mei-Yan ChanMr. and Mrs. Sammie LambMarianne LecesneMary and Richard LeslieRandee and Bill LieppeMonica B. and Simon J. MainwaringDr. Keith Mannes and Dr. Catherine DekleMs. Jennifer D. ManningDr. and Mrs. Steven MarcetLetsa D. MariettaMr. and Mrs. Stanley M. MaxeySusan B. and Kevin M. McGonigleMr. and Mrs. Bryan P. MeltonMr. and Mrs. Jim MichaelDr. and Mrs. Eric S. MitchellMary S. Moore ’87Dr. and Ms. Thomas MooreMs. Ann M. MoorhouseMorris Family FoundationMr. and Mrs. Stuart M. NelsonMr. and Mrs. Barry NewtonMr. and Mrs. Charles F. PalmerMr. and Mrs. George ParkPyush and Harshna PatelBrooke and Bill PendletonDr. Jeanne M. Perrine-Neal and Mr. Terence NealMs. Kenya T. PierreMr. and Ms. Mark A. PowellMr. and Mrs. Louis ProfumoDeepak Raghavan and Priya DeepakMr. Kartik Ramakrishnan and Mrs. Swarnim KanthPoorna Ramineni and Jayanti JastiMr. and Mrs. Michael D. ReeseDr. David Riggans and Mrs. Lorelei M. PueblaMr. and Mrs. James RiggansMichelle H. and Jeffrey L. RosenthalMr. and Mrs. James D. RossMr. and Mrs. Christopher SantySheila and Joseph SchifillitiMr. and Mrs. Andrew SchlossbergCDR and Mrs. Albert Schuette, M.D.Mrs. Marlene SchwartzMr. and Mrs. Robert L. ScottDouglas Seeb and Jeanne DerderianMr. and Mrs. Karim ShariffSalimah and Riaz ShariffMr. Warren K. Shaw ’95Ms. Teri A. SimmonsRichard H. Sinkfield III ’87Gregory J. and Kit SmithDr. K. Douglas Smith ’74Mr. and Mrs. Harold SolomonMr. and Mrs. Greg SoshnikMr. and Mrs. Sterling Spainhour Jr.Dr. and Mrs. Dean T. StamoulisMr. and Mrs. Winston StokesMr. and Mrs. Hugh K. SwitzerAnn and Sheldon TaylorMr. Robert L. Tharp Sr. and Dr. Mary A. TharpGerald and Jennifer ThomasAmy and Robert VasseyDr. and Mrs. Sreekanth VemuriJorge Villalba and Leslie ZinnMr. James S. Walker Jr.Mr. Richard J. Warren and Ms. Halli D. CohnMs. Shani WashingtonShaun E. Weinstock ’99 and Alayna WeinstockRhonda and Russ WelchRoger C. Whigham ’73Drs. Deborah and Joseph WilkesBeth D. and Thomas S. WilkinsonJeff Wood ’93 and Megan WoodMr. and Ms. Albert WoodroofMr. and Ms. Ali YasseriDavid Zakin and Andrea AllynRandi and Nigel ZelcerDr. and Mrs. Rick Zellmer61

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12022DONOR IMPACT REPORT2021-2022 YEAR OF GIVINGEditor Marla Edwards GoncalvesDesign & Art Direction Gabrielle McGrath Graphic DesignPhotography Michie TurpinPUBLISHED BY THE OFFICE OF ADVANCEMENTChristopher M. Freer, Ph.D. Vice President for AdvancementCaroline Guest Stancil ’03 Director of AdvancementNaylene Felt Director of Annual GivingWOODWARD.EDU2021-2022 administration2021-2022 advisory boardF. Stuart Gulley, Ph.D.PresidentMarcia Prewitt SpillerSenior Vice President for Academic and Student LifeLee ConnerVice President for Operations and Auxiliary ServicesChristopher M. Freer, Ph.D.Vice President for AdvancementLouise MannVice President for Finance and CFONija Majmudar MeyerVice President for Enrollment ManagementChristy BrowneAssociate Vice President for Human Resources2021-2022 governing boardRobert E. Bowers ’74 ChairmanXavier A. Duralde ’76 Vice ChairmanMadelyn R. AdamsGerald R. BenjaminKenneth L. BlankRonald M. BrillMason L. Cardwell ’98Alfred J. Cole ’80Clarence Davis ’74Michael S. DruckerRussell K. Gore ’93William H. Gray IVRyan T. Gunnigle Rodney Scott HarrisonJo Cranford Hodges ’96Nancy Howard Jennings ’84 Ben F. Johnson III ’61Tamara R. Jones ’88 Thomas L. Jones ’69 Gregory S. Lewis ’92Ian Lloyd-Jones C. Brad Marsh ’77 Mary S. Moore ’87 George S. Morgan Sr. ’69 Belinda M.J. MorrisVicki R. PalmerBeth H. ParadiesDeepak RaghavanStephen E. Roberts ’65 LaKesha M. RobinsonLauren Z. SchlossbergS. Paul Shailendra ’97Ricardo L. SimonJames E. Sutherland Jr. ’86William W. AllisonThomas J. Busey Jr. ’49 Clarence Davis ’74 A. Adair Dickerson Jr. ’71Vicki EscarraDaniel S. Ferguson ’68 W. Philip Gramm ’61 Phillip A. Griffiths ’56 Waldo S. Kennedy ’57 Thomas L. Lyons ’66 Gene W. Milner Jr. ’71 George S. Morgan Sr. ’69 Marie Lupo Nygren ’78Larry D. ThompsonJ. Russell WelchWe apologize for any inadvertent errors or omissions in the Donor Impact Report. If you would like to make changes to your listing in future publications, please contact the Office of Advancement at 404.765.4030.