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Chapstick $2

Made with all natural ingredients and will leave you with super soft lips!

-Peppermint     -Strawberry 

Lip Scrub $4

Take a pinch and rub on lips. This will exfoliate your lips leaving them soft and free of dead skin. It will make lip gloss and lipstick go on smoother. 

-Strawberry             -Root Beer             -Peppermint

-Lime                      -Mint Chocolate

-Melon                    -Strawberry Kiwi

-Sugar Cookie        -Pina Colada

Bath Salts $8

Add desired amount to bath and relax!

-Lime         -Lavender           -Peppermint

-Orange     -Birthday Cake

Sea Salt Body Scrub $7

Exfoliate all over with this body scrub this will get rid of dead skin and leave your skin glowing!

-Mint Chocolate     -Coffee

-Sweet Orange Green Tea

Foot Soak $6

Relax and soak your feet with this foot scrub! The milk in this soak will soften and relax your feet. 


Mickey Bath Bomb $3

-Watermelon     -Green Apple

Sphere Bath Bomb $3


Bath Bombs

Drop them in the tub and watch them fizz!

Cupcake Bath Bomb $4

-Lavender     -Green Apple

-Orange        -Strawberry

-Eucalyptus   -Watermelon

Rose Bath Bomb $3


Orange Zest 

Coffee Goat Milk Soap 

Honey & Oat Goat Milk Soap 

Soap $4 

Lavender & Oat Goat Milk Soap

Lemon Zest

Dolce Amore


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