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Dog crush The look of the Irish Terrier Plane unfair Non ADUK assistance dogs struggling to take off It s Mann s work BBC Maestro course out now Help us compile a Cockapoo Who s Who WIN WIN A very posh poo proof bag DogsToday A nose for news easy on the eye and a heart of gold More bite more heart How green is your dog Save the planet one dog at a time Vet letdown Out of hours out of order Great debate Should there be a puppy price cap South Korea change Dogs off the menu Victoria Stilwell Don t make a meal of feeding times September 2021 4 75 Tyrone Mings Pablo is a great defender Generation Alpha A brave new world for dogs

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With the power of nature for your pet s active life Developed by vets and available without prescription BiogenicPet Vitality helps to regenerate damaged tissues assists with repairing injured joints and ligaments and alleviates chronic and in amed joint pain DogsToday Inside this month The ethical pet magazine for people who really care about dogs News features 4 Editor s letter vet s later 6 Utopia starts with you A brave new world for dogs 8 Mann s work BBC Maestro 10 Tyrone Mings Pablo is a great defender 12 Dulux celebrates 60 years of their Old English icons 16 South Korea change Dogs are coming off the 22 24 26 28 34 40 Facebook Dogs Today Advertising sponsorship Sales Marketing Director Mike McGlynn 01276 402591 Office dogs Betty Old English Golden Retriever ish Honey Cocker Spaniel Madi collie cross Nellie Staffordshire Bull Terrier Isla Lurcher Beth Justine Poison Ivy Newfoundlands Sophie Jack Russell Betty s Personal Trainer Kirsten Dillon IMDT A Dip CBM Dogs Today Brandshare Ltd The Old Print House 62 High Street Chobham Surrey GU24 8AA 01276 402599 enquiries dogstodaymagazine co uk www dogstodaymagazine co uk Over to you 30 Great Debate should there be a puppy price cap 36 Postbag what matters to you 51 Obituaries tributes to the dogs we have lost Publishers Training behaviour 48 Victoria Stilwell making mealtimes better times 52 Peter Neville s True Case History the days of the LIMITED Chief Operations Officer Graham Smith 01276 402598 graham wearebrandshare com Managing Director Beverley Cuddy 01276 402597 beverley dogstodaymagazine co uk Simien jackal may be numbered Opinion 66 Confessions credit control stinks Subscriptions For subscription queries call Brandshare on 01276 402599 or email subs dogstodaymagazine co uk Initial subscription rates UK BFPO 12 issues 39 50 24 issues 61 EU countries 12 issues 65 20 Rest of the world airmail 12 issues 79 80 Direct Debit offer UK only 9 99 for 3 months with 1 month free trial and a 1 sign up fee Investigation 38 Quick question how to keep dogs safe around water 42 Dog crush the look of the Irish Terrier https biogenic pet vitalitychallenge Irish Terrier Photo by Tim Rose www timrosephotography co uk tackle our puzzles and competitions beverleycuddy Dogs_Today Editor Beverley Cuddy Art Director Rosie Peace Chief Sub Editor Contributing Editor Claire Horton Bussey Deputy Editor Alessandra Pacelli Illustrator Kevin Brockbank Proof readers Katie Horton Bussey Alys Horton Bussey menu How to become more eco and dog friendly A Cockapoo Who s Who can you help complete our survey Pay it forward the kind owner who put the dog thief in recovery Tom Dean was a gold medal retriever but he wants his stolen black Lab back Gwen Bailey s latest book looks naturally wonderful Plane unfair non ADUK trained assistance dogs struggle to take off Competitions shopping 50 Subscribe and win 56 Pop the kettle on and Editorial The editor is always pleased to consider articles and photos from freelancers However there is often a considerable delay before material can be assessed Please include an SAE if you want your work returned While every care will be taken no responsibility for loss or damage can be accepted Competition sponsors and their families are not eligible for any competition Dogs Today incorporating Perfect Pup is published by Brandshare Ltd The Old Print House 62 High Street Chobham Surrey GU24 8AA Tel 01276 402599 Brandshare Ltd reg office The Old Print House 62 High Street Chobham Surrey GU24 8AA Distributed by Marketforce UK Ltd 2nd Floor 5 Churchill Place Canary Wharf London E14 5HU Tel 020 3148 3333 www marketforce co uk Printed by The Manson Group 2021 Dogs Today The world copyright of the editorial matter both illustrations and text is strictly reserved Registered as a newspaper for transmission in the UK Next issue on sale September 21 To download Dogs Today for iPad go to the App store Android and PC versions are available from Pocket Mags the Kindle edition from www amazon co uk September 2021 Dogs Today 3

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Dear readers A word from Beverley Cuddy Y et again it s been a month of drama here I have twice ended up in casualty But as you know there is no NHS for dogs I regard a good vet as essential for peace of mind but Wolfgang is no longer the owner of his own practice and it has been bought by one of the big chains Before this change the night service had already transferred to another part of this giant company Regular readers will remember that we have often written about problems with dedicated night vets I was aware how expensive they are but when you have something urgent that can t wait you have no choice At 7pm Honey ran straight into Betty s open mouth There is still a huge size difference and while teeth did not close there was a gash that obviously needed stitches I knew the drill phone the central number You must endure a recorded message that goes on and on about how busy they are and how you need to go to another place for admin and asking you not to come to the surgery if you have Covid Then they want to know who you are insured with your dog s star sign what you had for breakfast When you have a dog in your arms bleeding it seems like an eternity Post Brexit and now Covid vet staff are a very scarce commodity Perhaps that was why our nearest night surgery was backlogged We got there at 8pm but it took till just after 2am for Honey s procedure to start While we were outside the only vet on call had assessed her and said she needed stitches and a thorough flush of the wound They d email over consent forms estimates and let us know when she was ready to collect The vet was lovely but it was obviously a very busy shift She had to prioritise the more serious cases and it was 3am before they released little Honey She had to have her bottom washed so she must have needed to go to the loo where she lay The bill was more than 1 000 She had four stitches some Metacam some antibiotics and an Elizabethan collar Now if you are going to charge those prices and sign exclusive contracts to provide emergency cover for very many vets in the area you Beverley Cuddy is Dogs Today s Editor and publisher She shares her life with Betty an Old English Golden Retrieverish dog from Many Tears and has just been joined by Honey a Cocker Spaniel puppy 4 Dogs Today September 2021 need more staff or a plan for when your casualty department starts to overflow Honey had spent six hours waiting for stitches My husband decided to complain but there s no one you can talk to Over the phone someone writes down what you say and passes it on and they say they will take up to 35 days to respond It sounds as if they need to employ some more people in customer care too I m sorry Vets Now but I think you need to up your game to better support your staff and your customers What if two equally urgent life and death cases present in the same evening How could a vet choose which one doesn t get seen Vet depression is a massive problem It should be the best job in the world Vets work so hard to qualify but so many end up giving up their vocation I do think there s a need for the return of high end vetowned and run practices I would rather pay more for a service based on quality that rewards the talent and not the shareholders P Meet Bought By Many We ve helped so many pets even they might recommend us In fact pets and their parents are now moving to us in their thousands because we ve created the policies they want Our Complete cover is the most comprehensive in the UK with up to 15 000 in vet fees every year and no per condition limits Already got insurance We ve made it easy to switch to us and can even offer cover for pre existing conditions It s little wonder that we were voted Pet Insurance Provider of the Year 2021 Free treat box worth 20 To get the offer use the special link bbm link pet6 call our friendly team on 0345 646 0751 or scan this QR code with your smartphone Unbeatable value This summer is a great time to choose Bought By Many You will get awardwinning cover a pet treat box worth 20 plus access to these extras Free vet video calls Get free access to an app to video call a vet whenever you need Pet sitting access for a year worth 99 Find verified sitters for your pet at no cost SPRING 2021 GOLD RIBBON CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Pet Insurance Flea prevention half price for 2 months Easily protect against fleas ticks and worms Applies to new conditions As long as your policy remains active Full details in policy documentation Terms apply and offer T Cs may change at any time Treat box offer ends 31 10 21 See http bbm link terms21 for details and offer validity Insurance underwritten by Great Lakes Insurance SE Bought By Many Ltd is authorised and regulated by the FCA Register number 652623

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Words BEVERLEY CUDDY Illustration KEVIN BROCKBANK Utopia starts with you Remember when people used to buy eggs without thinking about the lives battery chickens endured It s time to change the way people acquire dogs There is a better way that gives dogs and owners the best chance of success I magine a world where every pup was born into a loving home from health tested parents that have been selected because they are wonderful healthy loving family dogs They are intelligently reared to give them the best possible chance of developing into a lifelong beloved companion The screened adoptive families meet mum and breeder very early in the process possibly even at the planning stage Pup parents are offered the equivalent of antenatal classes and the pups themselves are given eight weeks of the very best training and socialisation so that they are already hooked on learning and pleasing people Imagine a world where new pet owners undertake a really great course before their little one arrives And the choice of puppy is made taking into account the temperament of human and pup to find which will be the best match Let s also conjure up a network of district vet nurses trained in canine midwifery and specialist vets that want to make every pregnancy as risk free for mum as possible Oh while we are building utopia let s have breeder trainer mentors there to help other people do things brilliantly and the breeder s licence split into two One for small ethical breeding where the dog 6 Dogs Today September 2021 is regarded as family and one for large scale breeding where the dog is a commodity And make that differentiation clear to the public So that a four star shed unmanned at night is not sharing the system with the lady who lives with her canine family and sleeps next to mum for two weeks when she gives birth CHANGING LIVES I think the above is achievable It s definitely desirable It would change the image of breeders and start to make the battery farming of dogs less profitable so this vile trade may just naturally become extinct So this will hopefully be the first of a series of articles and Facebook lives where I try to persuade many others to join this crusade to end breeding slavery Are you in In November I joined Tailwise as founder Sam Worthy shared a very similar vision I have to tell you at first the reaction from breeders was not exactly warm They are an incredibly conservative bunch But slowly and surely often one conversation at a time people started to believe that this is a way to change things The Trust Pilot reviews from Tailwise give a glimpse of the relief the service generates We ve now had the proof of concept and word of mouth has spread the news that Tailwise puppy parents are such a joy compared to sifting through the impulse purchasers and scammers that seem to populate the online classified ads So do encourage any really good small breeders to sign up and not just when they have a litter The new super prepper families want to know a lot earlier so tell us future plans so that you have a safety net People who are definitely wanting the pups you are breeding And do point anyone looking for a pup towards Tailwise too Some of you may remember Dial A Dog which we invented decades ago and Furry DogMother and Perfect Pup Tailwise is the latest and highest tech version of this idea so far It could be the gamechanger the dog has needed to keep them out of the hands of those who only see them as a commodity Do join in the crusade If we make the way dogs are acquired better then there will be fewer dogs in rescue or in need of rescue To solve the problem you need to change the system I hope you ll all get behind this One of the first steps in this brave new dog world is education September 2021 Dogs Today 7

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Patience the Maestro is here W hat do Gary Barlow and Steve Mann have in common They are both BBC Maestros Steve may not have ambitions to Rule the World but thankfully sometimes fame comes to those that deserve it rather than seek it out It was music to our ears when we heard who they had picked Many months ago I got a call from BBC Maestro I was already aware of the American sister company as I had bought my stepson masterclasses with the comedian Steve Martin It had been a great Christmas gift Maestro produced a masterclass for songwriting with Gary Barlow had Jed Mecurio Line of Duty etc on writing TV shows and Marco Pierre White and Heston Blumenthal on cooking Who would they pick for dog training We had many a fascinating conversation We d equate people in our world to the wider one I said Dr Ian Dunbar was like the David Attenborough of dog training Chirag Patel like the Dr Brian Cox It was wonderful to see they cared about how the course would actually work in a practical way it wasn t like a trashy TV show measured on 8 Dogs Today September 2021 the presenter s eccentricity or controversy They wanted a course that really would work It was a breath of fresh air to have these discussions So often a researcher comes to you with an age bracket a look an image for the person they want to cast Depressingly how things look is often more important than the trainer s work So after lots of other wonderful people were in frame it was Steve Mann that was given Maestro status I had compared him to Chris Harris the presenter on Top Gear who actually really knows his subject and grows on you for that reason someone for whom content is so much more important than style But I have to say the cap looked great For Steve explaining how you can do things is so much more important than ego inflation He was definitely the Mann for the job So there s now a beautifully shot course widely available that everyone can watch to help them be a better owner Why pay when there s free stuff online I hear you say Sadly there are all shades of idiots producing content that shows quick fixes and frankly dangerous content that could end up with people being bitten and good dogs getting ruined There are so many tribes and divisions in dog training too Steve to me sits squarely in the totally logical tried and tested no psychobabble category that hopefully all sides will agree can produce fantastically effective entry level stuff for all pet owners RIGHT MANN Plus he is the author of the bestselling Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy books which are dominating the best seller charts in the sector Oh and he s also been on so many TV shows and he started the IMDT Institute of Modern Dog Trainers which is now worldwide and growing fast And he s been doing what he does since he was eight He s not a blow in that has had three careers before this one Plus he s a nice bloke too P A very modern litter I hope to follow through some litters that are being raised using Puppy Culture Volhard Temperament Testing you name it Where all the puppy parents are super preppers Each puppy owner will be given Steve s course and we will see how these pups do maybe revisiting them on their birthdays This could be the model for how all pups are produced in the future If you are a breeder doing everything you can who would like to be part of this movement please do get in touch with me or just sign up to Tailwise com And if you are a puppy parent or know someone who wants to be again point them this way let s get everyone moving towards the brave new dog world where every pup is planned and loved To order Steve Mann s BBC Maestro course www bbcmaestro com

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Words BERNARD BALE Footie star Tyrone Mings was part of the mighty England squad that wowed us with their skills and teamwork in the summer But when it comes to defence Mings has good company in his dog Pablo When you have ups and downs you need a friend who always thinks you re great and that is what I have in Don Pablo Dogged defender 10 Dogs Today September 2021 M y dog is Don Pablo and he is my best pal said footballing ace Tyrone Mings He is totally loyal good fun and greets you the same whether you have won or lost I have always liked dogs but have not always been able to have one I can now and Don Pablo is just a great mate A lot of players have bigger dogs these days because there have been cases of being assaulted in the street but worse than that there have been break ins at our homes When there is a dog in the house even a little one people think twice before they try to steal from you Don Pablo has been trained not only to be a great companion but also to work if needed Many players have had their dogs trained to be business like when required Don Pablo is great with people and good fun said Tyrone He is big and strong so some people are a bit wary but he is very friendly and playful a great companion It sounds as if Tyrone is describing himself as he is also big and strong ideal traits for an international defender In truth he is a gentleman who has had some tough times in his life but he doesn t carry any kind of chip on his broad shoulders It s no secret that Tyrone didn t have the easiest start in life in fact while he was still at primary school he suddenly found himself along with his mother and three sisters moving into sheltered accommodation His mother was offered a place with her children at a protected refuge because they were in danger Like many youngsters football proved to be Tyrone s salvation but his story is not one of overnight success He was tall for his age but light of frame and that was held against him when he was rejected by Southampton FC after a lengthy trial period His soccer dream was over or so he thought Leaving school he needed an income and worked hard at many different opportunities from odd jobbing to pulling pints behind a bar Tyrone s father Adie had had a successful non League football career and that seemed the way forward for Tyrone too He continued having trials at League clubs such as Cardiff City Swindon Town Portsmouth and Bristol Rovers but none seemed willing to take a chance on him Tyrone felt like giving up but he didn t Instead he tried a different approach and in 2009 he enrolled on a special football scholarship at Millfield a famous independent school in Somerset There he not only developed his skills but spent hours in the gym building his physique STUMBLING BLOCK At last people started to take notice and it was not long before he moved to Chippenham Town in Wiltshire a slightly bigger club and closer to his ambition of playing League football At 6ft 5in and very fit Tyrone was now looking like a professional sportsman but he still felt that he had probably gone as far as he was likely to However he was invited to a trial at Ipswich and they bought him At last all that hard work was starting to pay off Ipswich paid 10 000 to buy Tyrone Mings a few years later he was sold to Bournemouth for 8 million He was delighted to be in the first team and played his usual game on his debut with nods of approval from all the Bournemouth fans at the match Then disaster struck a knee injury The debut ended in tears It was a serious injury Tyrone admits that he thought it was the end of his career He was so devastated that for a time he refused to even attend rehab sessions He had given up Bournemouth did not give up however It took a year but he returned and today he is a soccer star with Aston Villa and England PART OF THE FAMILY Has his stardom altered him Not one bit He has always had a reputation for being one of the game s nice guys and that has not changed He supports numerous charities and not just in name He gives up his time to be hands on such as helping to feed the homeless on Christmas Day He has a great rapport with the fans and has been known to buy souvenir shirts and even tickets for supporters who could not afford them Tyrone is indeed a soccer superstar but more importantly a great dog lover When you have ups and downs you need a friend who always thinks you re great and that is what I have in Don Pablo The fans of your club cheer you on the fans of the clubs you are playing against call you all kinds of things but when you come home and a dog like Don Pablo is waiting for you you feel good again no matter what I can recommend big dogs as long as you have the space and the time for them They are not like rabbits or guinea pigs Good though these pets are there is nothing like a dog He instantly becomes a part of your family and he enjoys that it is natural for him and he loves every minute of it Don Pablo enjoys life and is very protective of where he lives and who he lives with but because of his training he doesn t just guard against everyone In fact he greets everyone as if they are a new playmate Everyone should have a Don Pablo P September 2021 Dogs Today 11

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Words CLAIRE HORTON BUSSEY This year Dulux celebrates its 90th birthday and 60 years of its iconic mascot Back in 1961 no one would have ever thought the Old English Sheepdog would be synonymous with the paint brand six decades later not least because it all happened entirely by chance A colourful history I t s been exactly 30 years since we had a Dulux dog on the cover of Dogs Today And it s been 90 years since the paint brand came into being something that Dulux is celebrating with a glossy coffee table book that charts the evolution of domestic interior design over the decades The iconic Dulux Dog has been part of the story for 60 of those years though it was never planned that way In 1961 Old English Sheepdog Dash captured viewers hearts with his debut appearance in a Dulux advertisement Legend has it he belonged to the advert s director and kept bounding into frame unexpectedly playing with the child actors and forcing a number of re shoots Yet when it came time to edit the footage Top enjoying the birthday party at Old English Sheepdog Rescue and Welfare kennels Above Mrs Dulux and her litter sit on the front doorstep of the home of Mr Craig in Hendon London March 1973 12 Dogs Today September 2021 Design and DIY through the decades T he limited edition Dulux 90 book features contributions from acclaimed experts across academia and design who each explore the significant trends and colours that came to define the decades from the 1930s to today Contributions come from writer and journalist Dominic Bradbury who describes how the bright fizzing blues of the 1950s embodied a bold new national confidence while curator Alexandra Loske reveals how the 1970s was a decade of Cold War and warm colours with oranges ruling the roost A spotlight is also shone on the fascinating story of how a partnership in the 1920s between a London varnish maker and an explosives firm from Suffolk gave birth to a business that has been at the forefront of brightening homes and lives with colour ever since Design icon and colour guru Laurence LlewelynBowen brings to life the 1990s a decade with which he is synonymous Llewelyn Bowen s inimitable style makes a return this year in the much anticipated return of Changing Rooms which will be sponsored by Dulux And of course there s a chapter on the Dulux Dog Dulux creative director Marianne Shillingford who penned the book s foreword says Colour is an incredible tool for transforming how we feel Over the past nine decades Dulux has been at the very forefront of making interior design accessible and affordable for everyone Putting colour into the hands of the professionals with the first synthetic paints in the 1930s through to arming the nation of DIYers with the right tools to tackle their own projects in the 1950s and bursting open the doors to a world of colour with the first high street tinting machines in the 1960s we re proud to be a brand at the heart of the nation s home makeovers We re so passionate about the dazzling world of colour and design and we were thrilled to be able to bring together experts from all over the interior design world to tell the story of how colour has woven its way into each of our lives over the past ninety years Even better is that all the proceeds will be going to three charities that are very important to all of us at Dulux and we are delighted to be able to keep supporting the young and disadvantaged overcome obstacles provide support to those who have worked in the UK s home improvement and enhancement industries and of course to ensure that our plucky mascot the Old English Sheepdog continues to thrive The book costs 45 and is available from the Dulux website www dulux co uk en celebrating 90 yearswith dulux interiors inspiration and decorating tips September 2021 Dogs Today 13

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Dog Insurance with up to 30 off Above Madison stars in the current advert Inset a Dulux UK newspaper advert from 1964 Right dogs at the Old English Sheepdog Rescue and Welfare will benefit from sales of the Dulux 90 book Dash s playful personality shone through and it was decided to keep him in spawning a tradition that has transcended all the decorating upheavals of the past 60 years Since the breed s first appearance it has become instantly recognisable and synonymous with the Dulux brand a responsibility that Dulux has taken very seriously having supported Old English Sheepdog Rescue and Welfare for many years In fact to celebrate the Dulux Dog s 60th birthday Dulux threw a puppy party with the dogs at the Old English Sheepdog Rescue and Welfare kennels complete with dog friendly cakes party hats and candid snaps to commemorate the occasion The rescue is also one of three charities that will benefit from the Dulux 90 book with all proceeds from the sale also going to The Outward Bound Trust and the Rainy Day Trust MATRIARCH SUPERSTAR There have been many Dulux Dogs over the years male and female and the current one is eight year old Madison owned by Ellen Wheeler The family bought Madison as a puppy in 2013 from a top accredited breeder who is also well known in the show world as a judge Madison s daughter Olivia joined the family in 2017 followed by granddaughter Vienna 14 Dogs Today September 2021 Visit theinsuranceemporium co uk DT99 or call 03300 243 980 today Entertainment Leisure Insurance Services Entertainment Leisure Insurance Services Limited and Lifestyle Policy Limited are appointed representatives of The Equine and Livestock Insurance Company Limited The Insurance Emporium is a trading name of The Equine and Livestock Insurance Company Limited registered in England and Wales no 294940 which is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority no 202748 The 30 discount is made up of 20 Introductory Discount plus 10 Multi pet Discount if appropriate The Introductory Discount is available for the rst 12 premium payments on lunar and calendar monthly policies or one premium payment on annual policies O er ends 31 12 2021 and is only redeemable on monthly policies and not where premiums are paid annually Our Defaqto 5 Star Rating applies to Lifetime Gold Pet Insurance policies Olivia s daughter who was born in September 2020 For Ellen the Old English is a dog like no other They re such a beautiful striking looking dog but it s also the lovely temperament they have which make them such a joy Old English Sheepdogs make really fantastic companions they are incredibly affectionate and they just love to be around people They re so intelligent and intuitive they can really sense when you need a bit of cheering up and will be right there nuzzling up to you which can t help but bring a smile to your face At home Madison is just your regular family dog But when she turns up for work on set she s a complete pro She just loves attention and fuss and that comes in heaps as the face of Dulux There have been people who have travelled hours to meet her Four of her pups starred with her in the TV advert for the Dulux Promise back in 2019 and her most recent appearance saw her stir up a storm on a skateboard in the new Dulux Simply Refresh TV advert LOCKS OF LOVE Like all superstars Madison is pretty high maintenance not in terms of temperament but certainly when it comes to grooming After all a good coat is as essential for paint as it is for an Old English Sheepdog It takes considerable preparation and maintenance to get Madison looking as glamorous as she does in the commercials and is something all prospective owners should be aware of when considering the breed But Madison isn t one to let stardom get to her head Off set she s no diva and enjoys the simple life and chilling at home with the family Her routine centres around walks treats and play time as well as plenty of naps of course says Ellen P

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Nara Kim with a dog rescued from a meat farm Photo Jean Chung HSI Caged dogs at a meat farm Photo Jean Chung HSI Words ALESSANDRA PACELLI Change is on the menu The consumption of dog has been declining in South Korea Business is shrinking and a charity is closing down meat farms by helping farmers move on to more humane livelihoods G ood news dog meat consumption is quickly declining in South Korea particularly among younger generations who view dogs and cats as companions rather than as llvestock A 2020 opinion poll among South Koreans commissioned by Humane Society International Korea HSI Korea shows growing support for a ban on dog meat consumption with 84 per cent of those polled saying they don t or won t eat dog Amid growing opposition to the industry in the country and government crackdowns more and more farmers are looking to leave this dying trade as it s no longer as economically viable as it used to be HSI Korea is working to accelerate this process by offering dog farmers 16 Dogs Today September 2021 help to start anew with a different business and take in their dogs Nara Kim HSI Korea s dog meat campaign manager says More people in South Korea are interested in animal welfare and the environment and so when they see footage of our dog farm closures on the news showing the animal suffering and filthy conditions or read about dog meat expos s by other Korean groups they are really shocked and upset NEW LEAF The inevitable drop in sales is leading more dog farmers to look for a way out and right now HSI runs the only scheme in the country working in partnership with dog farmers to help them start a new life But we hope in time the Korean government will adopt this type of approach to phase out the dog meat industry for good Among the dog meat farmers able to leave the industry behind for good is Il Hwan Kim who reached out to HSI Korea for help with closing down his dog meat farm and transitioning into a humane and more profitable livelihood He said There is no future in dog meat at all It s already dying and will fall apart completely And dog farming is physically hard and I m getting old so I want to get out Forty years ago it was different but now it s over for dog farming I might start working in construction because I used to work in scaffolding and there are opportunities there I don t think there are many people in South Korea who are willing to run dog meat farms any more There is no future in this dog meat industry I will start to grow crops instead like lettuce cabbage or other greens to sell to restaurants That s a business with a future Only a few months earlier another dog meat farmer Nakseon Kim also decided to quit the dog meat industry 70 dogs were rescued from his farm by HSI and got a second chance at life Nakseon Kim said I don t think there are many people in South Korea who are willing to run dog meat farms any more There is no future in this dog meat industry I will start to grow crops instead like lettuce cabbage or other greens to sell to restaurants That s a business with a future GOING GREEN Following the rescue of the dogs HSI stated After years of sending the animals to slaughter Mr Kim is not the first farmer to be relieved to learn that HSI rescues rehabilitates and seeks happy homes for all the dogs He jumped at the chance to leave dog farming behind him when HSI offered to help him start a new life growing cabbages and other vegetables instead Other dog farmers who have exited the trade with HSI s help have gone on to start new businesses delivering water or growing mushrooms and water parsley While people willing to consume dog meat in the country are now a minority the majority of those who do will eat dog meat during Boknal the three hottest days of the year according to the lunar calendar during which dog meat soup or bosintang is consumed Vegan chefs like Ahn BaekRin have been working with HSI Korea to change the tide by creating plant based recipes as an alternative to bosintang September 2021 Dogs Today 17

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Vegan chef Ahn Baek Rin Photo Han Sang moo Tools at Taepyeong slaughterhouse Photo Michael Bernard HSI ADVERTISING FEATURE Fur Every Occasion Fur Every Occasion was formed in 2020 during the Covid 19 lockdown by friends Helen and Tracey who are both passionate about their pets and helping rescues T Taepyeong closure Nara Kim with a rescued dog at Gupo Photo Jean Chung HSI In 2018 Korean animal welfare campaigners were able to celebrate a landmark moment in the fight against the meat dog trade the Taepyeong dog slaughterhouse the largest in South Korea made up of six individual slaughterhouses in which hundreds of thousands of dogs a year were gathered from the country s dog meat farms to be horrifically killed was a shut down Humane Society International Korea Korea Animal Rights Advocates and the Korean Animal Welfare Association were on site to assist the Seongnam City Council and witness the historic event Before their eyes were the electrocution equipment knives and a dehairing machine used on the dogs the remains of some dogs lay abandoned on the floor of the slaughterhouse Nara Kim who was at the scene said Both as a Korean citizen and an animal campaigner it was incredibly moving for me to be a part of the historic closure of this notorious dog slaughterhouse I shudder to think how many millions of beautiful dogs will have met their horrific fate at this place over the years It was a stain on the city of Seongnam and we are so pleased to see it bulldozed This really feels like a landmark moment in the demise of the dog meat industry in South Korea and sends the clear message that the dog meat industry is increasingly unwelcome in Korean society Less than a year after the Gone Gupo closure of the Taepyeong slaughterhouse complex in July 2019 Nara Kim was able to witness another important milestone in the fight against dog meat the closure of the infamous Gupo market in Busan the biggest in South Korea selling chilled dog meat or live dogs to slaughter to order More than 80 dogs were rescued from the market in a closure negotiated with dog meat vendors who will be offered compensation to set up alternative businesses as part of a remodelling project At the height of business at Gupo in the 1970s and 1980s the market housed around 60 dog meat shops only 17 dog meat vendors and two dog tonic gaesoju shops remained before the closure 18 Dogs Today September 2021 According to Humane Society International Korea Between 1 and 2 million dogs are still bred annually across the country in unsanitary and inhumane conditions in thousands of dog farms most of whom will be slaughtered for the summer Boknal Nara Kim added Although most South Koreans don t eat dog meat it still remains popular for some Koreans over the summer months when the vast majority of farmed dogs will be slaughtered It s a sad fact that millions of dogs are suffering miserable lives on dog meat farms largely to produce soup for Boknal So our message is simple by swapping bosintang for one of our delicious plant based soups we can keep cool and eat healthily while saving our canine friends at the same time She added I have been to many dog meat farms and I believe that if consumers saw the unsanitary and inhumane conditions that I see they would not wish to eat bosintang any more We all strive to eat healthier these days and so our easy recipes are ideal to help us beat the heat and spend a refreshing summer If we all make compassionate food choices for Boknal we can achieve an end to the dog meat industry P racey is a very proud mum to four dogs Lily a 14 year old stray from the UK Zack a 12 year old pampered pooch and Romanian strays Enzo aged nine and Winnie aged one It was through Lily Enzo and Winnie that Tracey became more and more aware of the awful abuse our four legged companions go through not just here in the UK but throughout the world Helen is a very proud mum to dog Charlie four cats Bella Tigi Fluffy Kitty and a hen A background in conservation both overseas and in the UK has made Helen an advocate in animal welfare As well as feeding wild birds squirrels hedgehogs and ensuring gardens are a paradise for bees butterflies and numerous other insects Tracey and Helen are both keen to help animals in need This is how Fur Every Occasion came to fruition It s about giving back to rescues and making a difference 10 of all profits will be donated to supporting charities Plus with the end of year profits Tracey and Helen are aiming to start their own charity where all rescues could apply for funding for mass neutering programmes veterinary costs food blankets rehabilitation etc To merely own a few rescues is not enough for us they say We want to save and make a difference to as many as possible We both absolutely adore our animals they aren t just animals to us they are our babies our family our best friends Our pets give us so much it s time we gave back in their honour P www fureveryoccasion co uk WHY FUR EVERY OCCASION IS DIFFERENT TO SIMILAR BUSINESSES 10 of all profits supporting charities No subscription costs Loyalty to customers free VIP membership where a point is earned for every 1 spent Points accumulate and go towards future purchases Top brand quality toys treats supplements and accessories Great savings off premium brands Once 1st order is confirmed all VIP members receive a free gift on their pet s birthday Variety of pets catered for including dogs cats equestrian and small pets Well known brands such as Innocent Hound Woof and Brew Kong A luxury range of blankets and cushions all of which can be personalised with your pet s name Crystalised and embroidered personalisation for horse blankets and saddle pads September 2021 Dogs Today 19

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LOVES HER DOG ADVERTISING FEATURE Eeeuughhh bugs LOVE OF ADVENTURE R ead on and find out why you absolutely should consider feeding an insect protein based food not just for the health well being and enjoyment of your dog but also for the incredible environmental benefits this new protein source brings THE INSECTS HEALTH BENEFITS FOR PETS No dog owner is going to make sacrifices to their dog s health or nutrition no matter how fantastic the ecological benefits of a food or ingredient The good news with regards to insect protein is that there are no concessions to product quality or nutritional content when it comes to dog food in fact the health benefits of this super protein source are considerable Hermetia illucens grubs are every bit as nutritious as the finest free range chicken or line caught cod Studies have shown the protein quality to be comparable to that of a hen s egg Insects carry a novel protein source making them ideal for pets with sensitive tummies or intolerances to other proteins that often result in skin and health issues THE PROTEIN CHALLENGE There is no hiding from the fact that traditional meat protein sources carry a significant environmental impact The way protein is produced now lays a heavy burden on the world s limited resources and is causing massive changes to the world we need to live in Pets are estimated to eat 20 per cent of the world s meat and fish of the total fish caught no less than a third is used as animal feed adding not only to the imbalance in the oceans but also depriving local communities of their livelihood Imported soy from South America is used to feed livestock pumping large amounts of greenhouse gases into the air and threatening wildlife Livestock are also significant contributors to greenhouse gas emissions primarily via deforestation and desertification significantly contributing to global warming Could part of the solution be a transfer away from our reliance on traditional meat and fish proteins to insects Our BSF larvae take lowgrade organic food waste and turn it into high end protein and fats in a matter of weeks using very little space energy and water Their proteins and fats can be used as an alternative to traditional meats fish and soy meal and help us begin to create a better food system with less pressure on ecosystems all with no lack of nutritional quality and palatability to our pets P www yorapetfoods com 20 Dogs Today September 2021 LOVES YORA BOUNDLESS ENERGY MADE OF INSECTS juliooooo _ it s AS delicious nutritious as the best dry DOG foods with 1 4 of the carbon pawprint HYPOALLERGENIC insect based APPROVED BY VETS very very patient TASTES AS GOOD AS IT LOOKS very VERY TEMPTING HOUND_OF_LEWES The species used in Yora Pet Foods is the black soldier fly BSF or to give it its formal name Hermetia illucens These incredible creatures hold unique qualities and are not considered pests In the wild the adult BSF feeds purely on flower nectar or not at all and they re designed to break down the bacteria in their food They are so efficient at this there is no bacteria in their waste once they ve digested it They have an amazing ability to convert organic waste matter into high quality protein and fats very quickly and sustainably Specially reared in a high tech multi million facility in the Netherlands in a natural but clinically sterile environment the larvae are fed on a unique mix of grain fruit and vegetable left overs from local sources without the need for antibiotics or growth hormones As a simpler life form Hermetia illucens do not possess neuroreceptors and are therefore unable to feel pain Despite this our grubs are slowly chilled into a hibernative state before being processed and unlike traditional meat protein sources they get to live out 50 per cent of their naturally short lifespan AS OPENAIRLIFE_Y Why would I feed my dogs bugs LOVES THE PLANET INSECTs oats beetroot 100 natural JOIN THE THOUSANDS OF YORA EXPLORERS AROUND THE WORLD AT WWW YORA CO THE SMALL PRINT They say that nobody reads this bit but here goes Studies show that most food allergies are caused by meat our insects are what s called a novel protein which means that they re much less likely to provoke an immune response If you re taking the trouble to read this your dog probably has itchy skin or loose poos and you want to x it Try us out If they don t like it we ll give you your money back Have a lovely day xx USE THE CODE DOGSTODAY30 for 30 off and free delivery on your first order

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Words ALESSANDRA PACELLI Going green In April we received a report about the most and least eco friendly pets We were not especially impressed with the conclusion but it is true that there are things pet owners can do to help the environment P et lovers may choose to swap their furry fourlegged friend for something a little less cuddly if they want to help save the planet read a press release by Money com According to their research tortoises topped the list as the most eco friendly pet to have while dogs and cats were among the worst offenders for damaging the environment It s a rather extreme take and not one we are particularly keen on guilting people over their choice of pet especially at such a difficult time when their emotional support is more needed than ever seemed rather uncalled for In April 2020 as many countries were in lockdown and lifestyles radically changed daily global CO2 emissions fell 17 per cent compared with the same period in 2019 It is a significant drop but not nearly enough to stop climate change unless far more significant cuts to emissions take place We live in a world where a relatively small number of firms are responsible for a huge share of carbon emissions with a small minority of people travelling across the world in private jets and billionaires releasing untold amounts of pollution to briefly 22 Dogs Today September 2021 go to space Ignoring all of this to shift the blame on individual pet owners You should stop having dogs Get a tortoise Don t you care about the planet is clearly taking it several steps too far At the same time individuals sustainable choices can and do matter So short of choosing to swap one s beloved Labrador for a tortoise not that we don t love tortoises but this magazine is called Dogs Today for a reason what can pet owners do to meet their pets needs in the most sustainable way possible There are a few options RECYCLABLE PACKAGING Choosing a pet food brand with as little packaging as possible or recyclable packaging is a good step forward Pet food manufacturers in the UK are being encouraged to join a new recycling scheme created by Mars Petcare and recycling experts TerraCycle The nationwide scheme offers pet owners a free solution to transform waste packaging into useful items like park benches and fence posts Deri Watkins managing director at Mars Petcare UK said It is critical that the petfood industry responds to the challenges around recycling and plastic waste However if we want lasting change we cannot do it alone As an industry we are stronger when we work together to tackle common problems Visit www terracycle com en GB for more information INSECT PROTEIN Many of us have already reduced our meat consumption for ethical and ecological reasons but our dogs do need their fix of protein to thrive aside from the occasional veggie treat and some believe insect based dog food may be the solution Back in 2019 some of our readers tried out insectbased treats most of their dogs enjoyed the taste and one owner said she found it less of an ethical nightmare to feed as opposed to meat based treats coming from intensively farmed animals GREENER MATERIALS Toys made out of sustainable materials compostable poo bags dog beds filled with 100 per cent recycled fibre and natural grooming products the market for eco friendly dog accessories is booming with plenty to choose from so that both your pets and the planet will thank you P

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Words BEVERLEY CUDDY A Cockapoo Who s Who T I thought I knew quite a lot about dogs and then I started trying to understand Cockapoos They are very much more complicated than I ever imagined To think that a few years back I thought F1 was something annoying that took over the TV for hours at the weekend he other day I was asked about an F2bb and knew instantly it wasn t a very soft yet hard pencil OK do you know what F2bb are This sort of Cockapoo is 81 25 Poodle and 18 75 Cocker Spaniel A mix created by an F2b Cockapoo being mated to a Poodle Now that probably needs some unpacking An F2b Cockapoo is a Cockapoo mated to a Poodle An F2b is 62 5 Poodle 37 5 Cocker An F2 Cockapoo is a Cockapoo mated to a Cockapoo You might have guessed what an F1 is It s a Cocker Spaniel crossed with a Poodle The b is short for Have you got a Cockapoo Please take part in our survey at www surveymonkey co uk r Cockapoolovers backcross and that is usually to a Poodle but it could be to a Cocker Spaniel or an American Cocker Spaniel and did I mention the Poodle could be Toy or Miniature or even Moyen So F2bb is a Cockapoo mated back to a Poodle and then a descendent of that union mated to another Poodle Are you keeping up I would like to better understand the many coats and colours of this popular cross so we can help explain them to pet people who understandably may find all this diversity somewhat baffling So please do complete and share as much of our Cockapoo survey as you can We want to know what all these different mixes look like and behave like We ll be producing a report shortly so please do take part Think of it like a 2021 census for the breed We ll repeat it again after a few years to see if anything changes It is long so maybe get yourself a cup of tea or even a whole pot and a box of Jaffa cakes But we hope you ll enjoy talking about your dogs Let s get as many owners of Cockapoos as possible taking part P Photos posed by models 24 Dogs Today September 2021 September 2021 Dogs Today 25

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Words ALESSANDRA PACELLI Pay it forward stolen Darla for people who offered money in exchange for the Chinese Shar Pei who would be used for breeding But after seeing online how desperate Morton was to have her back she didn t have the heart to go through with it and eventually took Darla back before calling Morton in tears FINDING DARLA I got a phone call from a blocked number I answered and all I heard was what sounded to be like a young lady crying I knew in my heart that this person had my dog or knew where she was Morton said on his Facebook page She was hysterically apologising and said she had grabbed Darla from where she was because she couldn t live with herself for assisting in taking her They met and Morton was happily reunited with Darla Seeing the woman going through what he did Morton chose not to press charges and used the reward money to pay for her stay in a rehab centre instead I was living the exact same way as she was six short years ago Morton said I told her about my past and how messed up I was We talked for about 20 minutes and she told me she didn t want the reward money she just couldn t live with herself for taking Darla I asked her if I could pay for her treatment and this poor young girl and I just cried together and she finally said yes She has since cancelled her admission to the centre several times but Morton remains hopeful I did the same thing before he told CNN It s not an easy thing to do going to rehab but I m not going to give up on her She knows this offer will always be here whenever she is ready to go It s paid and it s a done deal Morton was able to help another person in need after his ordeal a man he accused of stealing Darla during his frantic search turned out to be innocent as well as homeless after a relationship breakdown living in his truck along with his own dogs After he apologised the two struck up a friendship and Morton paid for him to stay at a hotel for a week The man has reportedly now found a full time job HELPING HAND Morton wrote Having Darla taken felt like my whole world was crashing down on me Tonight was a night I will never forget and I am truly humbled I hope this gets shared as many times as what all you great people shared to find her Hopefully it sends the message that as people we need to be there for each other and our experience sometimes isn t for us it s for someone else Don t always write someone off there are a lot of good people who are addicted to drugs Sometimes they just need someone to talk to and to go to for help P A former addict s world came crashing down when his beloved dog Darla was stolen from his home But after meeting the woman who had taken her he chose to use the reward money he had set aside to help her W hen Darla the Shar Pei was stolen from her home in Cranbrook British Columbia owner Brayden Morton was desperate to get her back He posted an appeal online and offered a reward for her safe return When he found out the woman who had taken Darla was a drug addict however he chose to pay for her to go to rehab rather than pressing charges Morton was himself addicted to fentanyl for years and after many failed attempts to quit he tried to kill himself I needed to get high so I wouldn t get dope sick It s 26 Dogs Today September 2021 the worst fear of any fentanyl addict trying to quit and dealing with the withdrawal symptoms That s where I was at in life Morton said in an interview with CNN I grabbed a bunch of booze fentanyl and sleeping pills and that night I took it all I told myself If I don t die and somehow wake up I ll go to rehab I don t know how or what happened but I woke up Morton went to rehab and was finally able to quit drugs However he remembered how bad it was when he faced the woman who had taken his dog and recognised immediately that she was an addict The woman whose name was not made public had September 2021 Dogs Today 27

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Words ALESSANDRA PACELLI Dog walking needn t be hell Shreddies get rid of the smell Olympic champion swimmer Tom Dean won an amazing gold medal for Team GB at the Tokyo Olympics but something is still missing from his life a beloved black Lab called Lola Missing Lola I n January Tom Dean was battling Covid for the second time As he sat in isolation he said Olympic gold seemed like a million miles off Tom was also dealing with loss his beloved black Labrador Lola had been missing since October 2020 Tom has since overcome Covid and gone on to win an amazing gold medal for Team GB in the men s 200m freestyle at the Tokyo Olympics narrowly ahead of teammate Duncan Scott His friends and family celebrated so loudly in fact that Tom s mum Jacquie Hughes became a minor celebrity herself but in the midst of all that joy a family member was conspicuously absent Lola has yet to be found Shortly after Lola went missing Jacquie said Lola is a very intelligent and active seven yearold female black Labrador She is neutered chipped and was wearing a fluorescent orange collar and a beige coloured face muzzle when she went missing She is very gentle and not dangerous but is muzzled to stop her chasing and hurting any local wildlife She s medium size but fit and strong for her age Lola went missing on her regular morning walk on 7 October 2020 in the fields behind River Road Towpath Jubilee River Taplow 28 Dogs Today September 2021 in Berkshire She wandered off as she always did and her family expected her to reunite with them shortly afterwards as always but only their other dog Yogi returned Lola was nowhere to be seen A thorough search of the area turned up nothing and no sightings were reported leaving the family stumped as to what may have happened MORE THAN GOLD Jacquie said She is very independent pretty resilient and very good at making her way home The other dogs will mostly stay with us on walks Lola always goes and does her own thing and knows just when to return home She has done this twice a day for seven years Has she been stolen She is a middle aged neutered Lab no good for breeding or working really And what are the chances of her encountering a dog thief at 7am by chance in a field one morning Has she been taken in by someone who encountered her later somewhere else and just wanted a dog In January as Tom Dean battled Covid a second time the entire family was still holding on to the hope that Lola would be found We haven t given up hope we haven t stopped trying every possible way to find Lola and bring her home and we think about it all day and every day Jacquie wrote We are convinced Lola is alive and well and somebody knows where she is or who has her We are going to do a fresh series of posters and get them out again and will ask our friends and supporters here to do the same You never know we might reach a new person or prompt a new memory or even guilt trip somebody into surrendering our beautiful Lola Nothing has turned up yet and Lola remains missing However sometimes making dogs too hot to handle is the only way to get them back and now that Lola s human brother Tom Dean has won an Olympic gold medal there is a chance the extra publicity on her case will achieve that and finally get her back home where she belongs And that surely would be worth more than gold P Lola s DogLost page https bit ly 37lDfiZ Missing Lola s Facebook group www facebook com groups missingLOLAtaplowSL6 myshreddies com F L AT U ELIMINATING L E N C E F I LT E RBAGS ING ODOUR U N D E RW E A R Grain ree Potato F No Fillers Churu is the luxuriously creamy exceptionally tasty puree treat loved by dogs all over the world Available in juicy chicken Churu Bites or Churu Rolls ideal for using as high value rewards hiding pills as well as simple Churu Puree perfect for licking off enrichment toys Scan the code for a Green Tea Extract Vitamin E Yeast Extract FREE PACK www churutreats co uk Follow us on Facebook Instagram Inaba_UK No smartphone Go to www subscribepage com dogstodayfreesample Treat pack despatched may vary Limited to one pack per customer while stocks last

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Huskies Photo poed by models Great Debate If you have an opinion on this subject that is not already covered here putting Great Debate in the subject line Please limit your response to email enquiries dogstodaymagazine co uk 100 words Frances Murphy I understand that people may be daunted by the surge in the price of puppies but I cannot see how legislating to limit prices would work for anyone s benefit First consider the costs of breeding pedigree dogs responsibly purchasing a good healthy example of the breed raising it into a happy well balanced adult investing in all the required and advised health and genetic tests without knowing whether it will prove a suitable candidate for breeding choosing and paying for a suitable stud time off work to be with the dam through whelping and for the first days of puppy care expenses of an emergency caesarean and hand rearing the pups if things go wrong the costs of raising even a healthy litter the frequent loss of some or all puppies in a litter Frankly the only reason why small breed pups where litters tend to be small have not been more expensive in the past is because most reputable breeders are heavily subsidising their time and costs If you set a ceiling on the purchase price breeding will be limited to puppy farms overseas imports and breeding pups only for transferring to family and friends It is a self correcting market Covid has created a sellers market and prices have rocketed accordingly Anyone planning on exploiting the high prices is about to hit a problem however Lots of new amateur breeders are coming into the game in the hope of making lots of money just as the market is already saturated and people are beginning to work away from home again I suspect there will be a significant and permanent lift in the price of puppies and that is no bad thing the initial purchase price is a small fraction of the cost of lifelong ownership and if it makes people think long and hard before getting a pup that is a good thing But I also anticipate prices dropping back towards their pre pandemic level pretty quickly through 2022 as supply and demand level out Should the price of puppies be capped As the demand for puppies shot up during the pandemic so did their prices and unscrupulous breeders were quick to churn out puppies for cash A reader suggested the price per puppy should be capped at 1 000 do you agree 30 Dogs Today September 2021 Ann Watt Unfortunately it s supply and demand Even if it s capped no one will listen Emma Judson Can you cap the price of something that is still as far as the law is concerned goods Is there an example of this anywhere else Does the government have the power to say You can t charge more than x for y I don t think it would solve the problem of people breeding for money they d just breed more if that is their aim I definitely don t think it would solve the issue of people buying on a whim either Chris Garrett Demand and prices will drop now that things are returning to normal Educate the buying public better Experienced owners already know how to source and wait for the puppy that suits their lifestyle activity dog sport Melanie Whitehouse A definite cap and on kitten prices too which have also soared Using a dog or cat solely to breed from to make money cannot be good for their welfare Steven Feasey A cap would be a quick fix that wouldn t help anyone much like the government s idea of banning dangerous dogs it s not the dog it s their upbringing or putting tax on things like sugar What would be a better idea is if you want a dog seriously want one you have to have some form of training whether online or physical on for example feeding dogs dog care walking the cost of owning a dog and the like Then once someone has a certificate they can actually buy a dog That would perhaps help not only the dogs themselves but also put off anyone who just wants a dog for status or because they find it cute Julie Hart They would never manage to do this I met my first 3 000 Cockapoo a month ago bloody ridiculous We are also starting to get the pandemic puppies adolescent dogs into rescue with no training or socialising And they will have cost a fortune from a backstreet breeder Coll Ferguson Breeding has now been made into a business by the so called do gooders that have unleashed the demon and what business caps its prices Perhaps the do gooders should have thought about that before they hounded out the caring breeders and left the void open for the ones only interested in making money Nikita Norman This is something I ve thought about for several years now Yes absolutely cap prices but on all dogs not just puppies because adults and older pups have been selling for silly money through the pandemic as well I d also like to see a cap on the number of litters too One or two per year per household and requiring a licence Not the reverse that we have currently which still allows people to breed as many as they want They can still make a significant profit on two litters before they need a licence and knowing the condition that some dogs are in round here that are in licensed puppy farms it s just a joke If licensing is supposed to protect the dogs it doesn t All of it comes down to policing though and that s the real issue Carol Brooks It s a monstrous development but I would be a bit sceptical about trying to enforce price capping While people are prepared to pay ridiculous prices to shameful breeders profiteering will go on somehow Lynn Evans I m happy that the price has gone up Hopefully people will value their dogs more and it enables breeders to invest more in the quality of their dogs environment and practices especially in light of the new licensing requirements Breeding a high quality litter is not cheap especially when you factor in 10 weeks of full time round theclock work to rear and take care of the pups responsibly Liz Cole Absolutely not it s a 24 7 job particularly with giant breeds We sleep with the mum well try to sleep next to the whelping pen to settle her before the birth then we snatch 10 minutes here and there for the first week while supervising mum and babies so she doesn t squash them and to monitor their health and progress This continues through to the second and third week when you may get three hours of sleep between feeds with mum Add on to that the cost of a Caesarean out of hours emergency which could be 2 500 plus all the other expenses and we usually lose money Calculate the cost of a litter of five If you keep one and sell the other four pups at 1 000 each deduct the price of the caesarean and progesterone 2 750 plus feed registration microchipping etc and then work out the hours involved our minimum wage equivalent would be pennies if that September 2021 Dogs Today 31

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Husky Photo poed by models Great Debate Jenny Parker I think the problem is that the price of a puppy is the least reliable indicator of anything to do with its breeding Setting an arbitrary limit on price would like the legislation hit the responsible ethical breeders the most and stop them The recent changes to legislation favours puppy farmers and commercial puppy breeding Already we are seeing a huge number of home hobby breeders giving up Even prior to the pandemic puppy prices varied hugely typically with the fashionable popular breeds costing more And ultimately who decides what a puppy is worth While I understand the shock of seeing prices escalate it saddened me greatly to hear people stating they wouldn t pay that for a puppy or they would pay no more than X Do they not realise the money and time some of us put into our puppies Often we make a loss and actually subsidise the cost of the pup How can you set a price at something that is so unpredictable How many puppies will be born and survive A c section where I live costs more than 3 000 In other areas of the country it may not even cost 1 000 Should there be a different limit on prices depending on the litter size and where you live And what about the time spent raising the litter I take time off from my normal job to care raise and properly socialise puppies How do puppy buyers expect their breeder to live or do they expect breeders to be rich and do it for nothing I was at a meeting of home breeders last night and the stories due to this new legislation were horrendous If we do not do something to change it the only places to buy puppies will be commercial puppy breeders farms then you may get the cheaper puppies you want but the care received will be commensurate with the profitability of the puppy breeding business The future for dogs is not good Sue Withyhays Brown How would it be enforced It would be open to corruption and under the table payments Jacqueline Baker Yes dogs should not be classed as a commodity Vanessa O Carroll I think the prices will settle due to a drop in demand but I can t see how capping them would work I think the licensing system is a bit of a joke My local council told me that anyone expecting to make 1 000 from even a single litter should be licensed That just isn t happening I would like much more public education so people know how to spot a well bred puppy and a healthy suitable breed We need to promote the breeding of healthy family friendly puppies so we can massively reduce the number of young dogs in rescue 32 Dogs Today September 2021 This month s result 5 Is your dog urinating more often and in pain 38 57 The complete solution for urinary health Palatable tablet and powder form Yes No Natural protection of the lower urinary tract Maybe Jennifer Daniels Yes there should be a cap but it should depend on the litter size and cost Good breeders barely make enough to cover costs as it is and prices are rising for everything veterinary care food stud fees etc Plus good breeders have to take time off work to stay with their pups If you cap it at 1k per puppy and you have a litter of four to six you will lose a massive amount I do think that anything over 2 300 is too much and that s for a nice show quality pedigree I ve seen mixed accidental matings going for 2 500 plus It s insane So to answer your question while I do agree that prices need capping I don t believe that 1k is acceptable for pedigree healthtested dogs For a mixed breed however yes Maybe I d even lower that cap in order to see fewer backyard but I want my girl to experience motherhood and I want my children to see the beauty of birth dimwits who are over inflating the prices P Green tea acts as an anti inflammatory Join the debate Next month s topic is Is the increase of company owned vet practices bad news for pets Email editorial dogstodaymagazine co uk with your thoughts putting Great Debate in the subject line or write to Great Debate Dogs Today The Old Print House 62 High Street Chobham Surrey GU24 8AA Cranberry pulp for anti adhesive action Melon acts as an antioxidant For more information and to view our full companion animal range visit www vetark co uk products dogs cats Yes 38 No 57 Maybe 5

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Words GWEN BAILEY The Natural Dog tried to look at things from the dog s point of view and find what might work better for them than what they have now For example instead of spending a walk being lost in your own thoughts and catching up on Facebook vary the routes you walk play with your dog and create exciting activities such as specialised sniffing games which they love so much This will engage your dog and result in bringing home a happy tired companion that is content mentally as well as physically exercised It will benefit you too as you will have a more fulfilling relationship together a more willing and compliant partner and also one who is more content to rest while you leave the house to do human activities It s been over a quarter of a century since The Perfect Puppy was first published and it s still going strong Now Gwen Bailey turns her attention to optimising our relationship with our dogs so they can live the happiest healthiest lives possible THE 5 1 RULE Did you know for example that science tells us that we need to give five positive experiences for every negative one This is because all animals have a negative bias which means it is necessary to pay more attention to the bad things in life at the expense of good things in order to stay safe 34 Dogs Today September 2021 WHAT IS NATURAL Photo posed by a model O ur knowledge and understanding of what dogs need to keep them in peak condition and happiness has grown considerably in the last 20 years There is a lot for new owners to learn about how to keep their dogs minds happy active and content as well as how to keep them healthy and reduce visits to the vet This knowledge has grown from steady little trickles of experience and has become a massive river with the addition of scientific research and knowledge over the years Sometimes it s hard to know how to keep up with all the latest research and innovation that will give our best friends a better life It s so easy to wake up grumpy with priorities other than your dog and rush through their care go off to work come home tired and to be annoyed by your dog s rather desperate greeting However the very reason we love dogs is because of their social and devoted natures We ve bred them to have a need for love and companionship learning about their real needs and loves and providing just a bit extra of what makes them happy every day Take handling for example Even putting on a lead or harness can be stressful for some dogs if we rush or don t keep their needs in mind as we do it We expect them to cope with complete strangers veterinary or grooming staff poking prodding or pulling them clipping their nails and injecting them all in a good cause of course but without so much as an introduction or explanation That s the way it has to be for dogs but we can definitely help them by putting lots of positives into the piggy bank of handling memories so they develop a long history of trust for humans as well as helping them learn to accept procedures that will otherwise take them by surprise on a regular basis just like us If things are not going well at home we can often get positive energy from friends and work colleagues but owners are often all a dog has and they need you Taking a little time throughout the day to give some undivided attention love and play can make the world of difference to your dog s well being And when you can t resist a cross word muddy footprints on a freshly clean rug does it for me remember to make up for it with at least five really positive happy experiences with you That way your dog will be more inclined to want to please you and to stay your best friend rather than becoming resentful and non compliant it works for partners and friends too OPTIMAL WELL BEING The concept of working towards optimal health and well being has become popular with people in recent years Making positive changes to how you nourish yourself manage your relationships and how you use your recreation time can make a huge difference to how you feel and how healthy you are Owners can also do this for their dogs In The Natural Dog I ve It s hard to know what is a natural dog as most pet dogs are a manmade creation from ancestral dogs that used to do a job of work Apart from feral dogs and those that live around humans in a natural state of symbiosis and freedom it s hard to find natural populations of Labradoodles or Great Danes that we can study So we have to make a best guess basing our ideas on what genes our dog s ancestors may have contributed and what we know from an in depth study of how dogs live today For example it is no surprise given their ancestry that dogs prefer meat over a carbohydrate based diet And we do expect a lot of our man made doggy creations shoehorning them into our lives and homes whether suitable for their spirited natures and wild tendencies or not Many dogs cope well and it is a tribute to their generosity and flexibility that they accept so much but we can help them further by THEIR BEST LIFE Dogs are very much our best friends and support act We love them care for them and buy them what we think they need The luckiest dogs will have owners who go the extra mile and have put a lot of thought and effort to arrange for them to have the best life possible according to their doggy needs As with humans a dog that has the chance to live optimally has the best chance of a long happy life It s not about spending more money but instead just making a bigger effort to get it right for them and probably giving a bit more time Knowing you created a situation where your beloved dog had the happiest longest life possible is priceless P Gwen Bailey s book The Natural Dog is now published by Octopus Books Her first book The Perfect Puppy is still the best selling puppy book in the UK after 26 years Gwen is also founder and director of Puppy School www puppyschool co uk a UK network of brilliant classes for young puppies September 2021 Dogs Today 35

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Postbag Your news views Get in touch We love to hear your news and views and see photos of your dogs Email editorial dogstodaymagazine co uk Write to us at Dogs Today The Old Print House 62 High Street Chobham Surrey GU24 8AA QUEEN ELIDAS Queen Elidas the Miniature Dachshund was rescued from breeders when she was three years old She was due to deliver her litter of puppies but it was touch and go and she almost lost her life Her puppies sadly didn t survive so she was of no use to the breeders I found her advertised in a local paper and she was mine the very next day She was not used to family life or traffic but she quickly settled into her new loving family home and became my little shadow Unfortunately in common with one in four Dachshunds Elidas suffered from intervertebral disc disease IVDD to her spine She was paralysed and the vets informed me that it was possible she may not walk again but after many long months of determination from her part and mine with strict crate rest strong medication laser therapy followed by daily massage heat therapy hydrotherapy and acupuncture she began to regain her strength and took her first steps to recovery What an amazing warrior she is Sadly she relapsed and was struck down a second time but she came back from it again she is so loved and she knew that I needed her We started to raise awareness of this cruel disease and raised many many hundreds of pounds to help IVDD Dachshunds and their terrified owners Research is key when undertaking any new doggie into your family life but especially so with a breed that is prone to back problems 36 Dogs Today September 2021 A specialised kit for you and your dog in the great outdoors Join the debate 15 OFF Voice your opinions on news stories and other topics on our Dogs Today Magazine Facebook page or through our website www dogstodaymagazine co uk DOGMAG15 Elidas has such a zest for life and now bunny hops around due to her spinal issues but she s happy and that s all that matters She s 13 now she was born on Christmas Day and she is a precious frosty faced senior whom I hope will have many many more years as my loyal and faithful friend Thank you Elidas for rescuing me just as much as I rescued you I love you sweetheart Rachel Jones ZACH S HAPPY ENDING In the January 2018 issue of Dogs Today we featured rescue dog Zach who had a terrible start in life Sold online in exchange for a bag of video games Zach was violently beaten by his new owner before being taken to Birch Hill rescue where he spent the next six years being overlooked by potential adopters The appeal on Dogs Today was one of many attempts to find him a home Recently we received a wonderful update Zach was adopted by Veronica Smith who gave him the happy life he deserved Here he is relaxing on the sofa Thank you Veronica for giving Zach his happy ending First Aid Kit BEST FRIENDS I thought you might like a photo of my granddaughter Ava Rose with my Schnauzer Fritzi Sheila Kenny using code Adventure Together w w w m o u n t a i n p a w s c o u k The finest collection of Argentinian embroidered dog collars leads plus beaded and luxury collars leads from Kenya all made exclusively for us www leatherdogcollar co uk sales gauchobelts co uk 01258 837599 leatherdogcollarad indd 1 09 06 2021 09 17

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Crossbreed Photo posed by models Quick question Do you have a problem you d like answered by an expert Or do you want advice from someone with personal experience of the issue Email your question to enquiries dogstodaymagazine co uk How can you keep your dog safe in the water EXPERT ADVICE Dr Jessica May UK lead vet at FirstVet talks about the most common dangers to dogs in bodies of water and gives her advice on how to keep your dog safe as they paddle away Many dogs love nothing more than a paddle in whatever water they can find whether it is a pond stream or sea In the hotter months our pets may be particularly keen on cooling off in the water However there can be hazards lurking beneath the surface which owners should be aware of Limber tail It s not known exactly what causes limber tail syndrome but current theories suggest that it is connected to the restriction of blood flow to tail muscles through spending time in cold water The main muscles affected are the intertransversarii ventralis caudalis IVC muscles which control the wagging of a dog s tail from side to side If the blood supply to these muscles is restricted it can cause swelling pain and even paralysis of the tail Over exercising as well as exposure to cold water can increase a dog s risk of limber tail syndrome Young dogs are particularly at risk if undertaking more exercise than they are used to The most common sign of limber tail syndrome is the tail hanging down as if paralysed However there can be other signs such as soreness around the tail and hindquarters reluctance to sit difficulty in passing stools and reduced appetite Female dogs with limber tail syndrome may also find it difficult to urinate when they cannot lift their tail Affected dogs will usually recover within a few hours to a few weeks if they are kept warm and dry with plenty of rest If recovery is taking longer or your dog is in pain then the dog should be taken to the vet The best way to prevent limber tail syndrome is to avoid excessive exercise and cold bodies of water If your dog does go for a swim make sure they are thoroughly dried off afterwards Blue green algae One of the more dangerous water related illnesses that owners should look out for is blue green algae poisoning Blue green algae generally grows in still or slowmoving water such as ponds lakes and some streams Although not all types of blue green algae are dangerous some can be extremely toxic to dogs as well as other animals and even humans Different types of algae produce different types of toxins so while some attack the liver others may affect the nervous system In cases where there is a build up of algae on the surface of the water a small area of water may contain high levels of toxins and can even be fatal Signs of blue green algae poisoning include vomiting drooling diarrhoea wobbliness and blood in the stool If symptoms worsen it could mean that an affected dog may have breathing difficulties seizures or even go into a coma If your dog shows any of these signs you should take them to a vet immediately Activated charcoal may be administered to absorb toxins and intravenous fluids may be used to flush them out Prevention is by far the best way to keep your dog healthy so make sure to be aware of any local outbreaks of blue green algae and avoid any bodies of water where there are growing blooms Leptospirosis Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection found in bodies of water across the world usually where they have been infected with rat s urine It is caused by the leptospira bacteria and can lead to liver and kidney failure if a dog drinks or swims in infected water As with blue green algae poisoning it is best to avoid stagnant bodies of 38 Dogs Today September 2021 RNLI ADVICE The Royal National Lifeboat Institution RNLI advises If your pet goes into the water or gets stuck in mud don t go after it Move to a place you can get to safely and call its name If you think your pet is in danger call 999 or 112 and ask for the coastguard water where the bacteria are able to grow If your dog does go swimming it is a good idea to give them a thorough wash once they get home This will ensure that any potentially hazardous organisms are removed from their fur The simplest way to prevent leptospirosis for dogs likely to be exposed to water is to get your dog vaccinated at eight to nine weeks with another injection two weeks later and a booster each year afterwards Safe swimming Although some dogs may seem to be confident swimmers it is important to keep an eye on them whenever they are around water If you are taking your dog for a paddle start around shallow areas and if they are looking tired you can use a hand beneath their stomach to support their body weight Caution is also vital when looking for safe swimming spots Calm bodies of water are best such as ponds lakes with designated swimming areas or slower moving streams Faster moving rivers or rough seas can carry dogs away with the current or tide while reservoirs and canals can both conceal dangers to dogs beneath the surface Reservoirs can have hidden currents and unexpected deep spots while canals often contain discarded items that might injure a swimming dog Sticking to smaller calmer waters is the best way to ensure a safe swimming trip P September 2021 Dogs Today 39

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Words ALESSANDRA PACELLI Plane discrimination Guide A guide to help businesses better understand the Equality Act 2010 can be downloaded at https bit ly 3l8EZVb This coming autumn Alison Skillin will travel to the House of Commons to give her testimony on the discrimination faced by assistance dog owners across the UK But her journey there will be arduous A discrimination campaigner and advocate Alison Skillin was thrilled to learn she had been invited along with her assistance dog Monk to address an audience of ministers at an all party parliamentary group APPG at the House of Commons this autumn It s a chance to speak out on discrimination affecting assistance dog owners and not one she s going to let pass her by It was all around exciting news Then came the moment to book her plane tickets from Edinburgh to London Boarding a domestic flight should be a simple enough matter even in the midst of a pandemic but not for those who need to travel with assistance dogs As well as being visually impaired Alison has a rare condition functional neurological disorder FND In order to get around she relies on assistance dog Monk a rescue Shiba Akita Inu cross who is trained to guide her when her limited sight gets worse and can alert her to incoming seizures FND affects many aspects of my life such as my concentration balance sense of smell and touch and my anxiety levels Alison explains My sight gets worse with anxiety Monk is trained to help me through it all and he can intervene to stave off a seizure by keeping me calm I simply cannot travel without him and even with his help long journeys are very taxing Lasting just over an hour a 40 Dogs Today September 2021 plane trip would be the best option for Alison to get to London this autumn However she was unable to book any tickets as she was told Monk would not be allowed to board in the cabin with her though that is precisely where he needs to be in order to do his job as her assistance dog Without him Alison simply cannot travel I am bitterly disappointed not to be able to fly to my appointment Airlines are obliged to grant rights to assistance dogs under the Civil Aviation Act CAA and the Equality Act 2010 Alison says It frustrates me that legislation is put in place and then airlines are allowed to ignore it and force me to take alternative transport which not only takes much longer but puts strain on myself and Monk which in turn could lead to a seizure EXTRA FEES In addition even if she could get on a plane Alison would have to pay an extra fee upon landing in Heathrow The airport s website states that additional charges must be paid directly to HARC Heathrow Animal Reception Centre if your assistance dog has not received training from an organisation accredited by Assistance Dogs International ADI Alison adds Airlines also charge for an extra seat if you want floor space for your assistance dog beyond that at your feet I feel this Survey You can fill out Alison s anonymous survey on assistance dog discrimination here shorturl at mEKL5 is discrimination as there is no extra fee for taking a wheelchair or other mobility equipment These are all things I will be taking up with ministers in London DOGS ON A PLANE The Equality Act 2010 prohibits service providers from discriminating against those who need an assistance dog with them and requires reasonable adjustments to be made for them While some airlines will allow assistance dogs to fly if they possess an ID book and proof of membership to a training programme the vast majority of owner trained assistance dogs do not possess paperwork proving their role nor are they obliged to have any According to the Equality and Human Rights Commission Some but not all assistance dog users will carry an ID book giving information about the assistance dog and the training organisation together with other useful information This is not a legal requirement and assistance dog users should not be refused a service simply because they do not possess an ID book Assistance dogs can also be owner trained and the owner selects their own dog to fit their own requirements That is certainly the case for Alison whose unique combination of disabilities means she needs a dog specifically trained to help her It frustrates me that legislation is put in place and then airlines are allowed to ignore it and force me to take alternative transport which not only takes much longer but puts strain on myself and Monk which in turn could lead to a seizure There are many complex illnesses and there is no specific training for them so it s up to the owner to train the dogs in a way that is tailored to very specific needs she says My first assistance dog Icy the Alaskan Malamute was simply my pet until he began assisting me on his own and I began training him After him there was Bear a British Timber Dog and now I have Monk I have trained each of them myself to assist me with everyday life and tasks However there is a lack of education among service providers across the UK Everyone has heard about assistance dog training programmes and believe that in order to be a real assistance dog the dog must have been trained by them and have something to prove it It gets even harder when your dog doesn t look like an assistance dog most people think only of Labradors for that role Alison adds I have seen signage that only allowed assistance dogs trained by ADUK for example or requiring proof of training with a recognised organisation This goes directly against the Equality Act 2010 and it s something I will address in the House of Commons Many disabled people are scared of going out as it is being confronted about our dog and told to leave is even worse We shouldn t have to print out the Equality Act 2010 to prove we don t have to show any proof that our dog is an assistance dog I mean I know some people who do it and it gets exhausting having to prove your right to be there with your dog time and time again So often we don t bother CALL FOR CLARITY In most cases Alison explains there is no malice or ill intent just misinformation over what the Equality Act 2010 says There needs to be more education in the UK on these matters Clearer signage and easily digestible information on the Equality Act to send to businesses across the country that would be a good starting point It s what my presentation in the House of Common will be about this autumn Until then Alison will prepare for the big day and make arrangements for a seven hour journey to London by train as well as an overnight stay to recover in the hope this is the last time she will need to resort to it P September 2021 Dogs Today 41

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My Dog Crush Sponsored by For Dog People by Dog People L Photos by Tim Rose www timrosephotography co uk Because your dog deserves the BEST NO MORE PULLING NO MORE RIDING UP NO MORE RUBBING NO MORE COMING OFF NO MORE DISCOMFORT oyal brave and ever alert these REVOLUTIONARY HEADCOLLAR dogs will keep you on your toes Awarded Best Dog Collar Manufacturer 2018 UK Winners 2013 2019 Dogmatic UK Ltd is on Facebook with cheeky antics andFellow of the Canine Feline Behaviour Association Endorsed by their Dr David Sands BSc PhD CFBA playfulness Call to enthusiastic join the ever growing number of people changing to Dogmatic 01952 245330 or visit us at www dogmatic org uk Our survey of Irish Terrier owners revealed Character M any of us have dog crushes soft spots for breeds or types that we love but know we ll probably never own for lots of terribly sensible reasons Maybe you don t have enough hours in the day for the dog you dream of Perhaps you have a wandering eye and there are just too many dogs to fit into a lifetime Or you already have a house squashed full of adored allsorts that chose you In this feature we go through popular dog crushes and take a fresh look at what it would be like to actually live with them 42 Dogs Today September 2021 Irish Terrier These are clever dogs not a single one of our sample is lovable but daft with bags of energy and a keen interest in what s going on around them Despite being fearless with a stubborn streak 95 of our sample are described as loving and affectionate by their doting owners They might love people but they re not always so keen on other dogs and they can be a bit too protective of their nearest and dearest Exercise Training Irish Terriers can be headstrong so they need training and socialisation from an early age but they are clever and respond well to training These dogs are full of enthusiasm for life and love to go for walks They don t necessarily need hours of exercise around 60 90 minutes is what our owners recommend but they are playful They like to chase things too so it s no surprise that nearly half of our sample suffer from selective deafness Our readers dogs take part in all sorts of activities such as agility obedience and canicross Many of our owners say they make the perfect hiking companions They re great at agility good for hikers and some love water sports too Coat care Opinion seems a bit divided on whether Irish Terriers shed or not They are sometimes described as hypoallergenic dogs but that s not entirely true 50 of our owners say they ve never noticed a shedding issue but around 40 say their dogs do shed but that it is easily managed with regular grooming Traditionally Irish Terriers are hand stripped but some prefer the easier route with just a regular trim Health Irish Terriers are reasonably long lived and two thirds of our owners say they have had very few serious medical problems They can suffer from skin and ear conditions and their mischievous nature might cause problems Some owners say their dogs have scavenged things that made them ill and over exuberance can lead to injury According to one owner the breed s spontaneous nature leads to mishaps such as pulled muscles torn pads and scratches A DNA test is available for hereditary footpad hyperkeratosis also known as corny feet where the footpads harden forming painful cracks that can become infected The dog must inherit two copies of the abnormal gene to be affected if only one parent passes the gene on the dog would be a carrier For Dog People by Dog People Because your dog deserves the BEST NO MORE PULLING NO MORE RIDING UP NO MORE RUBBING NO MORE COMING OFF NO MORE DISCOMFORT REVOLUTIONARY HEADCOLLAR Awarded Best Dog Collar Manufacturer 2018 UK Winners 2013 2019 Dogmatic UK Ltd is on Facebook Endorsed by Dr David Sands BSc PhD CFBA Fellow of the Canine Feline Behaviour Association Call to join the ever growing number of people changing to Dogmatic 01952 245330 or visit us at www dogmatic org uk September 2021 Dogs Today 43

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My Dog Crush Traits Friendly Energetic Wilful Determined Inquisitive Devoted Affectionate Intelligent Origins 44 Dogs Today September 2021 Downsides Strong chase instinct Can be reactive with other dogs Unreliable off lead Owner s view J ane England is an active person who loves the outdoors Thinking a collie would be perfect for her lifestyle she went to Crufts to find out more but ended up having her head turned by the Irish Terriers she met at Discover Dogs They had a presence about them she explains and looked like they d be up for anything She hasn t looked back since and now lives with six yearold Myrtle and 18 month old Larkin They do lots of activities together camping walking agility and canicross running They do pretty much everything with me she says They do like to chase things and Jane is careful where she lets them run off lead They also steal things such as socks and jumpers But as long as they ve had enough fun outside they are calm and cuddly at home and they make you laugh You need a sense of humour with an Irish Terrier she says but if you give them lots of love they give you lots of love back Photo posed by models O riginally from County Cork the breed is possibly the oldest of Ireland s four terriers Official recognition came in 1879 when a breed club was set up in Dublin The breed was soon to become the first terrier to be recognised by the Kennel Club in the UK as a native Irish breed Although they are not very common today the Irish Terrier also known as the Red Devil was among the top 20 most popular breeds at Crufts in 1895 and continued to be a firm favourite with dog fanciers for several decades The Irish Terrier gained a reputation for courage during the First World War when they were frequently used to carry messages across battlefields but the breed went into decline in the interwar years In the 1930s Gordon Selfridge attempted to reverse the breed s fortunes by holding an Irish Terrier exhibition in his worldfamous Oxford Street department store Best Facebook Groups Keep Calm and Papillon Papillon Lovers For Dog People by Dog People Because your dog deserves the BEST NO MORE PULLING NO MORE RIDING UP NO MORE RUBBING NO MORE COMING OFF NO MORE DISCOMFORT REVOLUTIONARY HEADCOLLAR Awarded Best Dog Collar Manufacturer 2018 UK Winners 2013 2019 Dogmatic UK Ltd is on Facebook Endorsed by Dr David Sands BSc PhD CFBA Fellow of the Canine Feline Behaviour Association Call to join the ever growing number of people changing to Dogmatic 01952 245330 or visit us at www dogmatic org uk September 2021 Dogs Today 45

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My Dog Crush Love the breed Shop the breed Irish Terrier ink and wash print with personalisation 17 usually but currently 30 off with 2 75 mainland UK delivery Scribble Print Studio on www notonthehighstreet com Best names Ruby Connie Myrtle Ariel Fergal Rhubarb Seamus Maple Handmade glass sculpture by master craftsman Neil Harris and his son James Each piece is made to order no moulds are used Approximately 11 cm in height 76 50 from the N Harris and Son shop on www etsy com v A scented soy wax candle with an Irish Terrier label Available in many varieties including fresh linen black pomegranate and lime basil and mandarin About 50 hours burn time 22 from Bottle Green Homes on www notonthehighstreet com Irish Terrier card 2 90 for A6 or 3 90 for A5 size plus 95p mainland UK delivery The card can be personalised for an extra 1 By Have a Gander on www notonthehighstreet com Best Facebook groups Irish Terriers Association Irish Terrier Club Tea towel for those who love The very very very irrepressible Irish Machine washable and made in England 12 from Bottle Green Homes on www notonthehighstreet com For Dog People by Dog People For Dog People by Dog People Because your dog deserves the BEST NO MORE PULLING NO MORE RIDING UP NO MORE RUBBING NO MORE COMING OFF NO MORE DISCOMFORT REVOLUTIONARY HEADCOLLAR Awarded Best Dog Collar Manufacturer 2018 UK Because your dog deserves the BEST NO MORE PULLING NO MORE RIDING UP NO MORE RUBBING NO MORE COMING OFF NO MORE DISCOMFORT REVOLUTIONARY HEADCOLLAR Winners 2013 2019 Dogmatic UK Ltd is on Facebook Awarded Best Dog Collar Manufacturer 2018 UK Winners 2013 2019 Dogmatic UK Ltd is on Facebook Endorsed by Dr David Sands BSc PhD CFBA Fellow of the Canine Feline Behaviour Association Endorsed by Dr David Sands BSc PhD CFBA Fellow of the Canine Feline Behaviour Association Call to join the ever growing number of people changing to Dogmatic 01952 245330 or visit us at www dogmatic org uk Call to join the ever growing number of people changing to Dogmatic 01952 245330 or visit us at www dogmatic org uk 46 Dogs Today September 2021 September 2021 Dogs Today 47

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Victoria Stilwell Eating in peace Victoria Stilwell is a world renowned dog trainer best known as the creator and host of the international hit TV series It s Me or the Dog as well as Greatest American Dog on CBS Dogs Might Fly on Sky One and her web series about police K9s and their handlers Guardians of the Night A passionate advocate for positive dog training methods she is the founder of the Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training Behavior www vsdta com and the CEO of Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training www vspdt com Visit www positively com for news about Victoria s work and details about her books The Secret Language of Dogs Train Your Dog Positively and It s Me or the Dog 48 Dogs Today September 2021 When you share your life with a dog mealtimes can be a little chaotic Whether you live in a multi dog household where food is a trigger point for disagreements or you have a chow hound that inhales the entire bowl in a single bite there are some things you can do to help make mealtimes a little calmer T he key to reducing chaos is to establish safe eating areas that allow your dogs to eat in peace You may find they eat more slowly and confidently when there is less threat of their food being stolen With this in mind try feeding each dog in a separate crate with the doors closed so nobody can sneak in in separate rooms or in safe areas that are divided by baby gates which is usually the easiest way to keep mealtimes safe and calm Put your dogs bowls or feeding toys on their own mat and pick up the mats and bowls straight after they have finished eating This will prevent any guarding of remaining morsels that are left and ensure there are limited disagreements between dogs Dogs that inhale their food are susceptible to potentially lifethreatening conditions such as bloat or gastric dilatation volvulus If your dog is a fast eater there are many great products on the market designed to help slow him down during meals Purchase a slowfeeding bowl or feed your dog through specially designed puzzle toys to help him eat at a slower and healthier pace The dog bowl is an easy feeding tool but it does not make mealtimes fun or interesting and your dog will miss out on some fun learning opportunities You can send your dog on a scavenger hunt by putting his food in one or multiple interactive toys and hiding them throughout the home or garden Encourage him to go find it and watch how he uses his natural hunting skills to track down the food Not only will this enrich your dog s life by encouraging seeking behaviour but it will also give him plenty of valuable mental and physical stimulation with minimal effort required on your part This game works better for single dog households as hunting for food and high value toys can cause disagreements between dogs so be aware of this when playing the game if you have more than one dog If your dog jumps all over you or dives for the bowl during feeding time you can teach the valuable skill of waiting This skill teaches your dog to exercise impulse control around a food source and gives you both breathing space to be thoughtful and remain calm in the presence of a valued resource Here is how you teach it Hold your dog s food bowl in your hand and ask the dog to wait Move the food bowl towards the floor a few inches If your dog stays in one place keep lowering the bowl until you can place it on the ground If the dog moves towards the bowl simply bring the bowl back up again and wait until he has settled before you try again You do not need to tell him off for moving just wait for him to settle on his own accord before you repeat the exercise It does not matter what position your dog is in while waiting Some dogs find standing more comfortable than sitting so make learning easier by allowing him to wait comfortably Practise lowering the bowl a few inches at a time as your dog waits patiently Move at small increments so that you set him up for success Eventually you should be able to place the bowl on the floor while your dog waits in place until you say it s OK to eat There are many different canine puzzle and interactive toys you can use to feed your dog that will make mealtimes more fun and enriching but you do not have to feed him this way every day Some dogs get frustrated if there is a particularly difficult toy to navigate so rotate feeding options and take note of which toys are his favourite Chewing is a powerful discharging activity particularly for anxious dogs so providing them with appropriate chewing items can help them relax If you give your dog food chews make sure they are safe The size of your dog s mouth will determine the size of the chew you give but in order to be as safe as possible you should only give chews when you can actively supervise Even if the chew is large in size your dog might chew it down to a point where he could choke on small pieces Feeding time does not have to be a chaotic event and with a little thought can become a fun twice daily activity that you can use to teach your dog some new skills and provide valuable enrichment P September 2021 Dogs Today 49

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Join our exclusive Sub Club Obituaries Your tributes Get your first issue for only 1 Then it s 9 99 quarterly by Direct Debit direct and save more than 17 a year If you want to pay tribute to a departed pet or have a suggestion for a lost star dog write to us at the address on page 3 or email editorial dogstodaymagazine co uk and put Tribute in the subject line Reggie Roo Hebson Parkin UK only Save money enjoy a 17 04 saving over the year Delivered free to your door Subscriber only competitions page 59 15 voucher for PurrfectlyYappy com minimum spend 75 Call us for the special code Chance to win one of 50 Nerf dog toys Get the magazine before it s in the shops Call 01276 402599 lines open weekdays 9am 5pm or subscribe online www dogstodaymagazine co uk product dogs today uk subscriptions All new subscriptions will commence with the current issue Overseas prices Europe 65 20 for 12 issues Rest of World 79 80 for 12 issues The first 50 new or renewing subscribers this month will receive a fabulous Nerf dog toy so even your dog can benefit It s a win win win situation Please remember to include your dog s breed size and age in Dog breed and size during checkout Subscription gifts are only available to the first 50 subscribers each month sorry UK subscribers only By entering you confirm that your details will be passed on to the company providing these prizes for the purposes of distribution marketing 50 Dogs Today September 2021 24 December 2011 to 5 March 2020 Adopted by us on 22 December 2019 Reggie Rooney Hebson Parkin that was the name of this very special boy Reggie was originally called Olly when he arrived as an eight week old puppy to join our Weimy gang of Ella Maisie and Oscar We fell in love with him He was the last in the litter to leave but when he came home he was adamant he was going to make his mark He was always getting told off by the matriarch of the group Ella who tried to teach him manners and that he couldn t just paddle over and pinch her food He always sought comfort with Maisie and Ella lying beside them as if they were his mummy However it quickly became apparent that Oscar our young boy at the time wasn t happy at all Oscar would walk all around the world first before passing Olly and despite Olly s attempts at being a friend it was clear that Oscar was becoming more and more distressed and anxious around him After only a few days and with our hearts broken it was decided it was best for all concerned if Olly went back to the breeder to be rehomed somewhere where he could be happy Olly was then rehomed with Stacey and Olly and obviously a name change was afoot Stacey s husband having the same name as the dog So he then became Reggie Hebson I was lucky enough to be allowed to stay in Reggie s life and a close friendship ensued over the years I always sent birthday and Christmas presents for Reg throughout the years Unfortunately in 2019 after a couple of visits to see Reg Stacey and Olly felt they could no longer give him what he needed and felt Reg would be happier back with me Ella the matriarch had sadly passed Maisie was in her senior years and Oscar had matured and become a very handsome and lovely soul I therefore decided to re adopt Reggie and gently introduce him back to the group It was a success and they all became firm friends so it was agreed I would officially adopt Reg Reg left Oscar With newsagents and supermarkets reducing their shelf space for magazines it s getting harder to find us Help us by subscribing and reap the rewards Buy Stacey and Olly always being his mum and dad it was decided his full name would now be Reggie Olly Hebson Parkin and boy were we all proud of him He enjoyed his walks out in the group and with our dog walker Darren playing with his doggie friends every day and then sharing a massive bed with Maisie and Oscar It is clear to see from the photo of Reg and Oscar in matching neckerchiefs that they were clearly brothers in arms Reg at the front Oscar at the rear Sadly after only three months he suddenly became lame on his back end and he was quickly rushed to the vet hospital for an MRI A spinal cord tumour was diagnosed he was paralysed and the only option was to let him go Breaking the news to his mum and dad was awful but arrangements had to be made quickly as he was only mobile by dragging himself on his bum with his front legs Even then he was still happy and wanted to join in everything Reggie passed away at home in my arms close to my heart peacefully and with dignity and respect on 5 March 2020 Oscar and Maisie were allowed to be with him after for a short while before we accompanied him on his final journey for a private cremation He touched all of our hearts and those of everyone who knew him with his bouncy happy personality and his willingness to learn and join in everything despite his challenges He was a very special boy and he will be loved and missed forever by all Thank you Reggie Rooney for being in our lives and for allowing me to be your adopted mum God bless gorgeous boy you can play with Oscar and Ella now Love always Reg Sue Lee Maisie Andy and your mum and dad Stacey and Olly and family Dave For Dave from Helen Chapman Four Feet I have done mostly what most men do And pushed it out of my mind But I can t forget if I wanted to Four Feet trotting behind Day after day the whole day through Wherever my road inclined Four Feet said I am coming with you And trotted along behind Now I must go by some other round Which I shall never find Somewhere that does not carry the sound Of Four Feet trotting behind Rudyard Kipling September 2021 Dogs Today 51

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Continuing the exploration of African canids this month we meet a species that is as T here is a remarkable country in a region known as the Horn of Africa It shares borders with Kenya Somalia South Sudan Sudan Djibouti and Eritrea It is the most populated landlocked country on earth and the only African state never to have been formally colonised It is the birthplace of coffee and the home of an ancient orthodox Tewahedo Christian sect that traces its origins back to the moment Philip ministered to a eunuch enshrined in Acts 8 in the Christian Bible The country has several notable historical sites particularly in the north west of the country and a number of evocative and historic hand hewn stone chapels which are still in use today One particular house of worship in Aksum is believed to contain the original Ark of the Covenant The cuisine is an unusual combination of east and north African and Middle Eastern influences The beautiful aromatic stews and pastes are all mopped up with the national staple a flat rolled up crepe like fermented bread known as injera This is produced from the seeds of an indigenous grass and it s all washed down with a glass of tej wonderful honey wine The music and dance are 52 Dogs Today September 2021 enormously varied unusual and evocative and the people are tall and graceful with delicate Nilotic features There are over 80 different ethnic groups within the country speaking a range of archaic languages like Amharic and Oromo Their calendar is a solar one and observes 13 months They are in fact seven years behind the rest of the world which means you are seven years younger whenever visiting there Coffee is sacred as it should be and an ornate and mystical ceremony precedes the imbibing of the bean s essence every single time I m describing Ethiopia of course One of my all time favourite African countries There is unique wildlife in this unbelievable country too and it shouldn t be overlooked in favour of the allure of the local history and culture I liken an Ethiopian wildlife expedition to the ones we often lead in Madagascar not a conventional African safari replete with lions and elephants but rather an immersion into a world of the strange and the endemic Bizarre grazing primates called gelada mountain nyala an endemic antelope walia ibex sub Saharan Africa s only indigenous wild sheep a vast cornucopia of birds and the world s rarest canid the Ethiopian wolf This extraordinary creature has an interesting collection of common names Simien wolf Simien jackal Abyssinian wolf jackal Ethiopian jackal and horse jackal a direct translation of the Oromo word for the species Science knows it as Canis simensis the German naturalist Eduard Ruppell first describing it in 1835 The range of the Ethiopian wolf is restricted to just six or seven mountain ranges and habitats in Ethiopia The Bale and Arssi mountains in the south east the Simien range as well as northeastern Shoa and Gojjam and Mount Guna ANCIENT MYSTERY The Bale population is the most stable and accounts for more than half of the estimated 360 to 440 individuals in existence Our wildlife expeditions seek to spend significant time on the Sanetti plateau in the Bale range in the company of these beautiful canids Although fossil records exist of wolf like canids from late Pleistocene Eurasia no fossil records are known for the Ethiopian wolf In 1994 a mitochondrial DNA analysis showed a closer magical and enchanting as the country it inhabits relationship to the grey wolf and the coyote than to other African canids and C simensis may be an evolutionary relic of a grey wolflike ancestor s past invasion of northern Africa from Eurasia In 2015 a study of mitochondrial and whole genome nuclear sequences of African and Eurasian canids indicated that wolf like canids have colonised Africa from Eurasia at least five times throughout the Pliocene and Pleistocene which is consistent with fossil evidence suggesting that much of African canid fauna diversity resulted from the immigration of Eurasian ancestors This wolf has a similar size and build to the coyote of North America and is somewhat larger than Africa s three jackal species with longer legs The skull is flat with an extended facial component accounting for over 50 per cent of the skull s length The ears are broad pointed and directed forward The teeth particularly the premolars are small and widely spaced The canine teeth measure 14 22mm in length The carnassials are relatively small They have eight mammae of which only six are functional The front paws have five toes including a dewclaw while the hind paws have four As is typical of the genus males are larger than females Adult males weigh 14 20kg while females weigh between 11 15kg The Ethiopian wolf has short guard hairs and thick underfur protecting them at high altitudes in temperatures as low as 15 C Its overall colour is ochre to rusty red with dense whitish to pale ginger underfur The fur of the throat chest and underparts is white with a distinct white band occurring around the sides of the neck There is clear distinction between the red coat and white markings The ears are thickly furred on the edges but devoid of hair inside The edges of the lips the gums and palate are black The lips themselves together with a small spot on the cheeks and an ascending crescent below the eyes are white The thickly furred tail is white underneath and has a black tip These wolves moult during the wet season August to October The contrast between the red coat and white markings seems to increase with age and social rank Females tend to be paler than males During breeding season the female s coat turns yellowish becomes thicker and the tail turns brownish losing much of its hair LIFE IN THE MOUNTAINS Ethiopian wolves are restricted to altitudes over 3000m above sea level in the Horn of Africa s Afroalpine biome They are a niche specialised feeder of the rodents that occupy this particular habitat These canids are not generalist feeders as is the case with the rest of the genus The diet is dominated by the big headed African molerat and the East African mole rat together with other prey such as the common vlei rat various brush furred and grass rats highland hares and occasionally the calves of mountain nyala The Ethiopian wolf is a social animal living in family groups of up to 20 adults though packs of six wolves are the average Packs are formed by dispersing males and a few females which except for the breeding female are reproductively suppressed Upon dying a breeding female can be replaced by a resident daughter despite the consequences of inbreeding though these are perhaps balanced to some extent by pairings outside the pack Dispersal from the pack is largely restricted by the scarcity of unoccupied habitat The packs live in communal territories of around six square kilometres but in zones with little food the species tends to live in pairs more like jackals sometimes accompanied by pups juveniles and then have to defend larger territories averaging 14 square kilometres Peter Neville with dingo by Andrew Rae Rae Safaris Johannesburg Peter Neville above was an Adjunct Professor at the Ohio State University USA for many years and one of the co founders of the cutting edge behaviour and training course provider Coape the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology see www coape org Andrew Rae with African Painted Dog Ethiopian wolf Safari adventures Peter now works as an ethology guide with our guest author Andrew Rae of Rae Safaris above specialising in tracking and studying African Wild Dogs and other large predators all over southern and East Africa and on Iceafaris in Antarctica www raesafaris co za When he is not doing that he lives in Helsinki Finland with his partner Stella Spooch their Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and two loud cats Peter has presented a canine behavioural case history for Dogs Today from his behaviour practices in the UK and South Africa since our very first issue and has invited Andrew to step in to write the current special series covering Africa s wild canids including foxes and hyenas Peter and Andrew have just finished writing a book Memoirs of a Safari Guide with former Dogs Today cartoonist Russell Jones covering their many amazing and hilarious experiences in Africa Publication is due later this year September 2021 Dogs Today 53

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Six of the best Safari adventures Gestation is 60 62 days with pups being born between October and December Pups are born toothless and with their eyes closed They are charcoal grey in colour with a buff patch on the chest and abdomen Litters consist of two to six pups They are fully weaned at six months All members of the pack contribute to protecting and feeding the pups They are fully mature at the age of two Most females disperse from their natal pack at about this age and some become floaters that may successfully join other packs This rare and endangered species faces several survival challenges They have never been common or widespread even when first discovered in the 19th century due primarily to being in such a niche specialised geographically isolated habitat preference They are prone to disease particularly rabies and distemper likely most often caught from domestic dogs Habitat loss and fragmentation and other human wildlife conflicts are also of great concern GENETIC TREASURE The late eminent American biologist and great friend of Peter Neville Professor Ray Coppinger took an interesting genetic rather than biological conservation view of the Ethiopian wolf He said that by existing only in such a remote specialised habitat the only way for the genes of the species to migrate out and expand from their declining range was via hybridisation with domestic dogs This is something that would fill most species conservators with horror but any biological form or shape is but a carrying device for a set of genes and survival of the fittest is actually all about the survival and perpetuation of DNA not the appearance or speciation of the device Ethiopia is magical It has an allure all of its own and its many remote wilderness spaces are untouched and impossibly beautiful Time on the Sanetti plateau in the Afro montane wonderland of Bale is simply not to be missed Watching mountain nyala and Bale mountain vervet monkeys feed in the shadow of soaring bearded vultures while a pair of Ethiopian wolves forage and dig for rodents must surely rate as one of the wildlife highlights of this mesmerizing magnificent savage continent We hope that you might join us on Rae Safaris forthcoming Ethiopian wolf other indigenous species and cultural exploration safaris in 2022 23 and then you too will be able to savour the uniqueness and that amazing coffee with us P MIMsafe UK travel will be the reality for most families this summer But loose dogs in the car are extremely dangerous for pets and passengers alike All of our crates are independently crash tested designed and manufactured in Sweden Our dog crates are the only crates to be crash tested in situ in the vehicle meaning that we know 100 that unlike other cheaper dog crates they work alongside the vehicle s crumple zone to keep the dog and family safe in the event of an accident Our crates and tailgate guards come in all sizes and shapes to fit most vehicles www mimsafeuk com Laughing Dog Food Our Naturally Complete recipes have been carefully crafted with delicious wholesome ingredients to create a complete balanced meal that is gentle and nourishing Naturally Complete is 100 single species which means the only animal protein is from our tasty Atlantic salmon chicken or lamb All our naturally wholesome ingredients are ethically sourced and from salmon chicken and lamb that has been passed for human consumption Formulated free from grains and gluten soya dairy egg and sugar No artificial additives No GM ingredients or fillers All made on our family farm in Lincolnshire from start to finish www laughingdogfood com 0800 098 8057 Bob Martin Flea free Tick free Worry free For over 125 years Bob Martin has been helping keep pets free from fleas and ticks making vet quality products available and affordable With Bob Martin s range of treatment and prevention products it couldn t be easier to say goodbye to pesky parasites Plus Bob Martin s products are regulated and approved by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate meaning you have added peace of mind that they are safe and effective Get 20 off your first online order Use code FIRST20 and enjoy free delivery too Visit www bobmartin co uk or follow us on Facebook BobMartinUK and Instagram bobmartinpets 54 Dogs Today September 2021 ADVERTISING FEATURE Nature s Way is a delicious healthy complete and natural dry dog food Our food contains no unnatural or unnecessary additives flavourings salt added sugar or chemicals of any kind It s also dairy free with no wheat or wheat gluten and with no GM products Perfect for all breeds Keep your dog healthy and happy with naturally preserved dog food recipes all high in meat content Hypoallergenic natural dog food made with three sources of omega 3 6 oils natural prebiotics and joint aid supplements for mobility Nature s Way Born and bred in the West Country naturally www itsnaturesway co uk 01271 323003 Trespaws We believe we should be able to offer the best to our four legged friends no matter their age breed or size We continue to push the boundaries of innovation and development by improving quality technology and materials We now offer a human quality outdoor brand just for dogs so that you can buy with confidence knowing that your pup s products have been rigorously tested Product of the year Alaska is a dog cooling vest designed to keep your best friend cool and calm when temperatures rise whilst exploring on the go To use just add water trespaws trespass co uk www trespaws com 0141 568 8000 K9 Bridle Do not confuse the K9 Bridle with other training halters K9 Bridle has a strap under the chin as a safety device should your dog get the bridle off which is very unlikely he is still attached The K9 Bridle works like a bit less bridle If it can stop a horse it can certainly stop a dog No strength is required making K9 ideal for those with disabilities When the lead is tightened pressure is applied to the front of the face When combined with training this reminds the dog that he should be in the heel position www k9bridle com

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Tea break Put the kettle on and have a go at our competitions Winners of the Breedsearch Cross Question and Caption Competition will receive a bottle of the wonderful shampoo from The Missing Range from Completely Conkers Breedsearch D R A M M E R A M H N M O F V S A N R O I Can you come up with a witty and amusing caption for this photo Do you have a funny pic you d like us to feature Please email it to us at the address on the facing page D E E R H O U N D S E S G F Y Z J D D G S N E G T A D Q A L A R R Caption this A A P U E D L D U H D A A C S B D E D T T V A O H N O U N O P I Q N T N T G O S U M R U H E Y G I I U N H P In the ring Just for fun Unscramble the jumbled letters in the circles Can you find three breeds that would score well in Scrabble A B I A A R N A K K E D E A W G O Z W O F H M F H E E S M A N S O H T I DO H P S T P H L S F G R B E N N A E O S N I O Z R O B N O N F G N T A A I I A L N U I N W W O C X U Z H I E E E S T V A P Z E A V I S L R B R G T A S A H E D V B V W N E B I O I I S R F O A A P J A Q E I I I A I E I M E N A U A L R T M U I C C E E Y Y H K E X F V C J R W I T HAZ B A O Y O A W A W O T T C R K B A O A H N E U R S H D N U O H Y E R G Y I N U R A T T N E T U M A L A M N A K S A L A O C S E E N N A M R E B O D E Q T B U R N Y E R E V E I R T E R D E T A O C Y L R U C U W O X Z X U A E D R O B E D E U G O D Search up down forward backward and on the diagonal to find the missing big dog breeds Afghan Alaskan Malamute American Akita Anatolian Shepherd Azawakh Beauceron Bloodhound Borzoi Bouvier Cane Corso Caucasian Shepherd Curly Coated Retriever Deerhound Dobermann Dogue de Bordeaux Estrela Mountain Dog Gordon Setter Great Dane Greyhound This bespoke collection of natural dog grooming products is blended using only the finest pure essential oils that smell divine Each shampoo features a very special missing dog The range is dedicated to all missing dogs wherever they may be and is inspired by Conker a much loved Spanish Water Dog who went missing on 22 November 2013 in Oxfordshire and has not yet been found The manufacturer s greatest wish is to reunite the featured long lost dogs by telling their stories on the bottles of Completely Conkers The first lost dogs to appear will be Izzy Megan Chester Lexi Hansum Hugo and of course Conker You can hear each dog s story in their owners own words at https completelyconkers co uk TIP Keep a note of your dog s microchip number database details on your mobile phone Notify the microchip company immediately if your dog goes missing and register on www doglost co uk How to enter VRUGS C It s pure bread week in the Great British Bark Off Send your Breedsearch Cross Question Caption Competition entries together with your contact details via email to comps dogstodaymagazine co uk or post to September Competitions Dogs Today The Old Print House 62 High Street Chobham Surrey GU24 8AA to arrive by 17 September 2021 August Caption Runners up Oeufs en Cocker Rosie Peace Ready Steady Cook has really gone to the dogs Donna Bastin Cross Question No yolk this Helen Louise Since April 2016 it has been compulsory for all dogs over 8 weeks of age to be microchipped and details registered and kept up to date with an authorised database Have you checked that your dog s chip is working is correctly registered and all contact information is up to date Don t know which database your dog s microchip is registered with Type your chip number into www check a chip co uk UN NIB Winning caption Clare Williams Today I m making a dog s dinner Stephanie Spencer Can you guess which breeds Rolo s parents are August Cross Question Solution Jess s parents are a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and a Shar Pei The first correct answer came from Clare Williams In the ring answer A Azawakh B Ibizan Hound C Hungarian Kuvasz 56 Dogs Today September 2021 September 2021 Dogs Today 57 Staffordshire Bull Terrier Shar Pei by Tim Rose www timrosephotography co uk Check your chip Hovawart Hungarian Kuvasz Ibizan Hound Irish Setter Irish Wolfhound Japanese Akita Inu Leonberger Maremma Mastiff Pointer Sloughi Tibetan Mastiff AKA Eight lucky winners of the Breedsearch picked at random will win a bottle of luxury dog shampoo from The Missing Range from Completely Conkers and the winners of the Cross Question and Caption Competition will each win a bottle too Photo submitted by Laura Kirkham R

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Prize crossword Compiled by Gyles Brandreth Quick clues Down Across 1 1 Scatter in blobs 6 2 And 8 Down Sturdy Portuguese breed 7 8 3 3 Snarling dogs 8 5 Hungarian breed with long dense coat 4 6 Large Japanese dog with erect ears 5 7 Film canine 6 8 See 2 Down 13 Pattern 8 15 Approving endorsing 7 16 Dog that barks persistently 6 17 Dachsbracke Austrian breed 6 19 One training for officer status 5 21 Formerly 4 1 12 14 18 20 22 23 24 25 Transport associated with Kamtschatka dogs 6 Sit or lie in ungainly way 6 Bingo 5 Drilling installations at sea 3 4 Sheepdog once known as the Dwarf Scotch Shepherd Country of origin of Azawakh breed 4 Former name of Dalmatian 8 3 Chief leading 4 Feature of Alaskan Malamute for example 4 4 Portuguese breed 7 Defence of being elsewhere 5 Rodent hunting dog 6 Small sturdy hound 6 2 1 3 4 6 5 4 9 10 11 12 14 18 20 22 7 23 8 9 24 10 25 Down 12 11 1 13 14 18 2 15 16 17 22 23 15 25 Name _________________________________________________ Address ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ____________________________ Postcode _________________ Telephone _____________________________________________ Email address ___________________________________________ Breed type of dog _______________________________________ 58 Dogs Today September 2021 8 13 We occasionally loan our address list to charities and companies we feel may be of interest to you Please tick if you do not wish to receive this information Q 16 17 19 21 Take the plunge with this extravagant display 6 And 8 Down Dog tearing round east a long time 7 8 3 Nurserymen perhaps keeping 50 guard dogs 8 Sheepdog left one standing up at first 4 A tackle on a dog 5 Dog in the movies is classier with head and tail hidden 6 See 2 Down Model office worker and what one wouldn t be 8 Agreeing to arrangement made by Gino and Kay 7 Pay up for each noisy canine 6 Dachsbracke is such a little glower 6 Future officer acted strangely 5 At some point in the past number turned up at church 4 Not yet subscribing Visit www dogstodaymagazine co uk or turn to page 50 to rectify that immediately This month s prize This month one lucky subscriber will win a Shreddies odour eliminating bag of their choice We ve tried a couple of these in the office and they are fab Designer Rosie has tested the shoulder bag and sub editor Claire the bumbag The bumbag is perfect for dog walks and the charcoal lining means that if you do get caught with a bag of poo and no bin to hand the poo bag can be put into the inner pocket so you can walk hands free with no accompanying pongs says Claire The bags are made from an activated carbon lining and a waterproof outer fabric meaning they can be used in any weather For more information about this month s prize visit www myshreddies com odour eliminating bags and see the advert on page 29 Good luck Win this The winner of this month s crossword will receive a pack of Soopa Kale and Apple Dental Sticks Find more Soopa dog treats at PurrfectlyYappy com How to enter Complete the crossword grid then post your entry to arrive by 17 September 2021 to September Crossword Dogs Today The Old Print House 62 High Street Chobham Surrey GU24 8AA The first correct entry pulled out of the hat after the closing date will win the prize The judge s decision is final August Solution Across 1 Packs 4 Charles 8 Amuse 9 Thrower 10 Fetching 11 Whey 13 Lucerne Hounds 16 Lots 17 Bull s eye 20 Chinese 21 Tibet 22 Settler 23 Nurse Down 1 Playful 2 Crufts 3 Shepherd 4 Coton de Tulear 5 Aire 6 Lowchen 7 Stray 12 Dog Latin 14 Catmint 15 Sheltie 16 Lucas 18 Ember 19 Meal Code Breaker Can you crack the code to find this poor dog joke We ve given you the word DOGS to get you started A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U VWX Y Z 5 Shetland Sheepdog by Tim Rose www timrosephotography co uk 6 7 21 24 3 5 20 19 Huskies might pull it for Percy the singer 6 Observed priest entering large urban area 6 At length German chap is game 5 Installations one girl s fixed near centre of store 3 4 The lad s excited about northern variety of sheepdog 8 Some animal inhabiting Azawakh s country home 4 Partly a Dalmatian of old 8 3 Principal structure 4 The end of a Malamute 4 4 Breed no dope when tearing round front garden 7 Excuse one used by a politician 5 Dog of possible use to the Pied Piper 6 Bird of prey in pursuit of black hound 6 Sub Club Hello subscribers We think it s time for you to get even more perks than just getting the magazine cheaper postage free and before everyone else This area of the magazine is just for you to say thank you for supporting us by buying your magazine direct We really appreciate it and it really helps us Cryptic clues Across 4 9 10 11 Dogs Today 14 8 11 D __ O __ __ S __ __ __ __ D __ __ O __ __ O __ G __ __ S __ __ S __ __ __ __ __ __ 23 25 15 20 1 5 D __ O __ G __ 5 8 14 8 3 11 20 D __ O __ 5 8 10 20 5 2 8 26 8 14 2 __ __ __ __ O __ __ __ S __ __ 25 21 2 1 15 8 24 3 11 1 11 11 __ __ __ __ __ __ __ 20 21 20 10 2 17 22 How to enter Email your answers to comps dogstodaymagazine co uk and put September Sub Club in the subject line We will need your full name and address to check you are on our current subscriber list Or post the answer with your name and address to September Sub Club Dogs Today The Old Print House 62 High Street Chobham Surrey GU24 8AA or enter online at www dogstodaymagazine co uk category competitions One winner picked at random after 17 September 2021 will win the prize For full terms and conditions see page 3 September 2021 Dogs Today 59

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Products HolidaysTraining Products Classifi ed adverts Classified Adverts Holidays Want to advertise your Want to advertise your business business in inour ourclassifi classified ed section section Contact james petsubjects co uk orEmail call now on 01276 858 880 mike dogstoday magazine co uk or call now on 01276 402591 Luxury self catering lodges in the Yorkshire Dales Yorkshire Cottage Style Double Storey Lodges two bedrooms sleeps 2 to 4 Set in a peaceful valley just over one mile from Richmond in North Yorkshire are these Self Catering Yorkshire Cottage Style Lodge Accommodations They offer great value Yorkshire Dales self catering holidays all year round 01748 822406 info flowerydell lodges com L U X U RY S E L F C AT E R I N G A C C O M O DAT I O N g Do friendly Now with Hot Tub www yorkshirelogcabins com Dog friendly holiday park in Cornwall theparkcornwall com Three beautifully converted Victorian farm stables ooer elegant luxury and peaceful retreats situated on our working farm surrounded by the beautiful Saltmarshe Delph Nature Reserve and bordered by the River Ouse Comfort really is at the heart of Appletree Cottages spacious single story layouts means weary legs can easily rest after a day exploring before you discover one of our lovely nearby pubs Visit appletree cottages co uk In accordance with the government road map 01430 430 677 vivienne sweeting btinternet com DOG FRIENDLY BREAKS PEAK DISTRICT Very dog friendly family run Country Inn with self contained rooms in the grounds Open e from th l 12th Apri 2021 Dog Partridge www dogandpartridge co uk O N T H E P E M B R O K E S H I R E C OA S T 2 PEOPLE 4 NIGHTS We can t wa it to see you Fabulous Beer Garden Terrace serving Dinner Lunch and Drinks Overnight stays short breaks available from 12 4 21 In room dining also available for all meals including breakfast and drinks 01335 343183 Over 15 of our properties are dog friendly with enclosed gardens complimentary dog bowls and even a doggie bag full of goodies will be waiting your arrival There are many pubs and restaurants in the area that welcome dogs with open arms FROM ONLY T C s Apply H o l i d a y s yo u r d o g wo u l d l ove The WooF Guide BY COASTAL COTTAGES Call us on 01437 772 742 Or Visit thewoofguide com www dogfriendlywales com or www craigynoscastle com Dogs Today Today July September 60 2020 2021 6 0 Dogs Brecon Road Pen y Cae info houndandhumanholiday co uk Powys SA9 1GL Pet Product of the Month New crash tested dog cages We reckon the new Swiss made 4pets PRO cages are the smartest most thoughtfully designed and safest cages available The energy absorbing rear wall is designed to protect not only you and your family in the event of a crash but also your dog The burst proof gate is designed for easy single handed use leaving your other hand ready to hold your dog if necessary Build quality is exemplary and they re crash tested and approved by T V S D in Germany There are 11 sizes so there should be a size to fit both your car and your dog www travellingwithpets co uk September 2021 Dogs Today 61 Advertising feature Craig Y Nos Castle Advertising feature With some great PettoHoliday Venue of the Month accommodation deals choose this is theSuperb perfect self catering detached holiday cottage in a conservation place to stay We area are Dog on the edge of the Waveney Valley Suffolk for hounds and Friendly so feel free to six humans aged 12 or over up to bring your little Muddy paws are not a problem in this recently renovated and friends with you 1 Night hardy cottage With no limits on dog or pack size or extra when you come Midweek B B WINNING HOLIDAY IN DORCHESTER yourAWARD dogs are as welcome asPARK you are in all indoorDORSET living just 140 to stay charges Your Luxury stone built self catering holiday cottages deep into Hardy subsequent nights pets canand bedroom spaces the whole packAlmost can relax enjoy your run free Country nearso Dorchester in Dorset half ofand our properties are 50 off dog friendly and the include a fully enclosed exercise on our stunning holiday Canine amenities aregrounds supplied as standard anddog an infi nite area perfect for a gentle morning stroll before setting out for the day grounds whilst you number ofwww greenwoodgrange co uk rural adventures will delight you hello greenwoodgrange co uk 01305 268874 take in the breathtaking and your dogs scenery Dog Friendly Accommodation in Wales 01639 731 167 houndandhumanholiday co uk Holiday of the Month

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Classified Adverts adverts Classified The Dog Lovers Registration Club Charities Products Art Charities Training Art UK Westie ReHoming Registered Charity England Wales 1108659 Scotland SC045329 Westie ReHoming is a charity dedicated to the welfare and rehoming of the West Highland White Terrier We take in westies needing a new start in life and place them into a suitable home where they will be loved and have their needs met Register your Pedigree puppies and adult dogs online for beautiful gold bonded pedigree paperwork with same day processing For more information visit www dogregclub co uk or call either 0161 792 2479 or 0161 729 2350 www westierehoming org 0844 879 4260 Westie ReHoming information westierehoming net PO Box 4204 Swindon SN2 9LA westierehoming4 TIME FOR A NEW BED Heathway Colton Rugeley Staffs WS15 3LY Tel 01889 577058 www bordercollietrustgb org uk F I N D A WAR M C O S Y B E D T O DAY AT P U R R F E C T LY YAP P Y C O M p061_DogsMonthlyApr19 indd 1 PY single page indd 1 Dogs for Good needs your help to double thefor number of people withEuropean disabilities The name Kiezebrink has been connected generations with we canfarming support with We re an charity exploring ways an dogs poultry Stilldogs controlled byinnovative its founder Kiezebrink is now can help people overcome specific and enrich and improve lives international seller of animal food challenges The UK division is located at Barrow communities We and are passionate about our future and how we can help inand Suffolk since 2002 is directed by Alasdair Gordon more on people with usebeen of ourthe assistance dogs of the company and they Focus Food hasthe long raison d etre Discover of themission ways we have madeall it their tohelp supply high quality reliable animal feed along Assistance Dog ourand assistance adults and children with a range with excellent advice servicedogs to itssupport customers of disabilities and also children with autism Kiezebrink offers an extensive range of natural raw dog foods which are Community Dog our community dogs and their specialist handlers help to either produced by ourselves or sourced from our reliable accredited improve their independence wellbeing and skills suppliers We only us the best fresh ingredients available to ensure you are Family Dog our Family Dog team gives advice and support to help families giving your dog the very best quality natural raw dog food with an autistic child to get the most out of their relationship with their pet dog www kiezebrink co uk www dogsforgood org 01295 252600 info dogsforgood org Canine Artist of the Month Toast Cartoons and Martin Peers My name is Martin Peers and I am a self taught cartoonist and illustrator I have always enjoyed drawing cartoons of dogs and now under the trade name Toast Cartoons I take commissions to produce delightful colourful cartoon portraits of my clients beloved pets I particularly enjoy drawing Golden Retrievers and by chance my cartoons of this breed were seen by an aspiring American author Julie Iribarren who invited me to illustrate her first children s book Levi Journey An Unlikely Therapy Dog tells the true story of Levi a Golden Retriever who was abandoned by his family in Turkey and lived in the wild until he was rescued and moved to Florida There he found the love of a new family with Julie and trained to become a therapy dog The book is available now from Amazon and Waterstones online Visit www toastcartoons co uk or email Martin at toastcartoons gmail com for more information on cartoon portrait commissions Front cover of Levi Journey An Unlikely Therapy Dog text 2020 by Julie Iribarren and illustrations 2020 by Martin Peers September 2020 2021 62 6 2 Dogs Today July September 2021 Dogs Today July 2020 Dogs Today 663 3 Pepsi and Max 2021 by Martin Peers Toast Cartoons Dogs For Good Advertising feature Pet Food the Month Charity of of the Month 25 02 2019 26 11 2018 16 16 17 58

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CharitySpotlight Spotlight Charity established 1958 We are a non destruction sanctuary for abandoned unwanted dogs PRIORY ROAD ASCOT BERKSHIRE SL5 8RJ 01344 882689 We rescue and rehome 100s of dogs and cats in London every year themayhew org 020 8962 8000 Registered Charity No 256728 We rescue and rehome collies and collie crosses throughout the UK Why not subscribe to our Border Collie World quarterly magazine Only 10 00 pa Sponsor a puppy from just 1 a week BORDER COLLIE TRUST GB Registered Charity No 1077588 Welcome Welcome to to Charity Charity Spotlight Spotlight a handy reference point for good folk le of folkdoing doinggreat great work work We re We rehelping helpingto toraise raise the the profi profile of this diverse diversegroup group of of people people and and we weencourage encourage you youto to get get involved involved with withthem them be beitit fundraising fundraising or or even even volunteering volunteering Help us to help more Please contact us or visit our website for more information Heathway Colton Rugeley Staffs WS15 3LY Tel 0871 560 2282 www bordercollietrustgb org uk Visit guidedogs org uk DogsToday Reg Charity No 1053585 Rescue centre open daily 9 11 am 2 4 pm AS SEEN ON EL BCT_0310 4x1 indd CHANN1 A charity registered in England and Wales 209617 and Scotland SC038979 4 1 10 16 55 42 4 Bringing pets and people closer together woodgreen org uk www foreverhoundstrust org Charity of the month Registered Charity No 298348 00526nc0819 WE RESCUE KILL SHELTER AND ABANDONED DOGS FROM ROMANIA AND REHOME THEM IN THE UK AND GERMANY Mayhew Chilterns Dog Recue barkingmaddogrescue Charity of the month We are an animal welfare charity working to improve the lives of dogs cats andChilterns communities in London and CDRS overseas Founded in 1963 Dog Rescue Society has a long Smokey Paws provides pet oxygen masks to the fire service We rescue and rehome 100s of dogs and cats in London every year Please help us to help more www themayhew org 020 8962 8000 But many more masks are needed history of rescue and rehoming and continues to grow thanks to t Mayhew we aim to promote the dedication and enthusiasm of many dog lovers animal welfare A A please call us on 01276 402591 for more details DogsToday TodaySeptember July 2020 2021 64 64Dogs Registered Charity No 1077588 by delivering a broad range of communitybased veterinary welfare and education services fter many years of hard workWe run unique CDRS is an independent charity It programmes like Pet Refuge CDRS bought its own premises receives no Government funding and offering a fostering service for owners going in Chivery near Tring Herts and relies entirely of the through a short term crisis on andthe wegenerosity raise awareness developed purpose built facilities forthe realities publicand to continue vital rescue about impact ofits animal welfareand dogs with nowhere else to turn rehoming work support would to bring about change to helpYour animals like Cyril The Rescue Centre has 40 pictured kennels above be greatly appreciated Cyril was rescued from a puppy and a small team of highly trained farm and was in a dreadful state traumatised staff who provide outstanding further After information please in and covered For in wounds several months care for dogs of all ages types contact CDRS and then found his ourand care he slowly recovered backgrounds in need of protection Tel 01296 623885 forever home training and rehoming in addition enquiries cdrs org uk Our teams are constantly workingtoto save animals from a life of cruelty and a 5 star licence boarding www chilternsdogrescue org uk neglect support for local people in crisis and find forever homes for animals in need kennels under floor But Large we receive nohave government funding Any amount you can give will help heating plenty of of animals natural light with save hundreds in need indoor and outdoor areas Green technology has been incorporated to reduce running costs Sensitive landscaping has created a woodland walk for adopters tothemayhew org get To potential find out more visit or call us on 020 8962 8000 to knowYou thecan dogs wildlife andour work at themayhew org donate If you d like to see your donate to areas support organisation featured in these two DogZones to provide or grassy by calling 020 8206 5870 pages please call us on 01276 enrichment paddocks for the dogs to If you d like to see your organisation featured in more thesedetails pages 858880 for play socialise and relax bmdrdogs www barkingmaddogrescue co uk The next pet saved could be yours You can donate via www smokeypaws co uk or email info smokeypaws co uk rescue and rehome Saving We collies and collie crosses throughout the UK Why not Yorkshire s subscribe to our Border World quarterly Dogs Collie magazine Only 10 00 pa Registered Charity No 1167291 To rescue COLLIE rehabilitateTRUST and rehome BORDER GB vulnerable atour risk dogsforfrom Yorkshire Please contact usand or visit website more information Heathway Colton Rugeley Tel WS15 07562 Staffs 3LY 986101 Tel 0871 560 2282 Email savingyorkshiresdogs gmail com www bordercollietrustgb org uk Web www sydrescue org uk Reg Charity No 1053585 Find uscentre on Rescue open daily 9 11 am 2 4 pm Become a Companion AS Keep Tails Wagging SEEN ON N1EL BCT_0310 4x1 indd H C ANWith a Regular Gift Registered Charity in England and Wales No 1139999 4 As a rescue charity Rushton helps abandoned Bringing pets abused and unwanted dogs on a international and people scale Rescuing dogs from all over the world especially the meat trade in Asia and China closer together 4 1 10 16 55 42 woodgreen org uk Your chance to win at www aht org uk lottery Call Now 44 0 1823 49 10 52 mail rushtondogrescue co uk Registered Charity Number 209642 Registered Charity No 298348 00526nc0819 Scottish Charity No SC006914 Senior Staffy Club Dogs Today 2018 Charity spotlight lottery23 01 2018 advert v3 indd 14 47 10 1 Our aims are Rescue and rehome sta ordshire bull terriers and sta y cross dogs aged 7yrs Recruit foster carers all over the UK Encourage volunteers at En our kennels in Sta ord and Worcester www seniorsta yclub co uk seniorsta yclub hotmail co uk Rescue and rehoming centre for dogs and cats www leicesteranimalaid org uk Tel 01455 888257 Registered Charity No 242560 Finding the cures for serious pet illnesses helping them live longer healthier lives barki www petsavers org uk Smokey Paws provides pet oxygen masks to the fire service But many more masks are needed www September 2021Dogs DogsToday Today665 July 2020 5 We r of do

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For Dog People by Dog People Because your dog deserves the BEST Confessions of a dogaholic O ne of the first campaigning articles I wrote for Dogs Today triggered a massive legal challenge Thankfully it was during the days we were still owned by the mighty Daily Mail so we had their very comprehensive libel cover I remember the first meeting with their very posh lawyers I am what is called a blow in I d not had any formal journalistic training so I d not studied libel laws I felt very nervous and out of my depth in chambers My publisher had been pretty irritated none of the other editors in the magazine group had ever got themselves into this sort of bother He was amazed when the legal team loved the case and commended me on the story I got the feeling this was quite rare They quickly agreed to fight rather than settle This no doubt came as a shock to the millionaire who had decided to sue us He was the owner of a very successful puppy supermarket and was probably used to people always backing down when threatened LEGAL BEAGLES 66 Dogs Today September 2021 100 2020 WINNER Best Dog Collar Manufacturer 2020 UK REVOLUTIONARY HEADCOLLAR this was aspirational behaviour It was on my doorstep when I was growing up It was a story I had been itching to write As well as vast numbers of pups of every breed behind glass they had a huge really good pet store before warehouse chains like Pets at Home were conceived I constantly heard stories of people who d only popped in to buy a new dog bowl but came home with two pups Even sensible people struggled to avoid buying one Stops dogs pulling on the lead and gives you back control Life Changing products for you and your dog 8 TIMES WINNER OF Product I can t live without PUPPERONI It was all about fanning the impulse and we had recorded their staff upselling dogs to very obviously unsuitable people and offering to have the pups delivered like pizza He hated us saying that We were looking at a week in court at the very least with some of the dogs appearing as witnesses The lawyers and the Mail felt the trial itself would be a great story that would be loved by the media It was a win win as far as they were concerned As we were putting our second edition of the now independent Dogs Today to bed we included an appeal for witnesses to come forward It was just after that edition came out that the owner of the pet store backed down and paid all the legal costs We had won but we had also lost the week in court But as you know the battle to take the puppy out of the pet shop was to continue I wonder what I would have said if someone had suggested to me that 30 years later I d be in 10 Downing Street celebrating that milestone by eating bone shaped shortbread with Michael Gove and Brian May from Queen You couldn t make it up could you P NO MORE PULLING NO MORE RIDING UP NO MORE RUBBING NO MORE COMING OFF NO MORE DISCOMFORT AWARgDCoEllDar Best Do 0 21 UK 2 0 2 r re tu c fa Manu tive Dog Most Innova cturers Collar Manufa 2019 Illustration KEVIN BROCKBANK Legal things tend to move slowly so even though we d already left the Mail and done the management buy out months before I was still involved in fighting this case Plus it was an issue I d never want to back down on We had dared to point out that the massive puppy supermarket in Manchester was selling puppies like pizza The store opened late took credit cards and had adverts saying bring the kids The puppies sold in the glitzy pet shop often originated from squalid puppy farms It was the early 1990s and this was big news to the general public Famous football stars and soap actors were all over the media buying their pups The public were in danger of thinking Slice of the action Global Also available Collars Non Slip Leads and Gripper Training Leads offering added security and confidence throughout the winter months Endorsed by Dr David Sands BSc PhD CFBA Fellow of the Canine Feline Behaviour Association Call to join the ever growing number of people changing to Dogmatic 01952 245330 or visit us at www dogmatic org uk Winners 2013 2021 Dogmatic UK Ltd is on Facebook Matching accessories in a selection of colours with high quality workmanship andToday fittings June 2020 Dogs 67

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