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Dog crush Is a Cockapoo for you After Covid Victoria Stilwell warns of separation anxiety plague Howls in the night How to make Halloween less scary for dogs Waggy welcomes Have you stayed somewhere properly dog friendly DogsToday A nose for news easy on the eye and a heart of gold More bite more heart Pet abduction taken seriously at last Older wiser What are your best tips for vintage dogs Discover Dogs is back Win free tickets Moral dilemma What is an ethical dog breeder Vets in chains You debate if it s bad news for pets Lady Gaga Coping after pet theft BarkMarks 2021 Who made a difference October 2021 4 75

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Slow down the effects of ageing and extend your dog s longevity with the power of nature 12 14 14 16 Don t let chronic joint pain ruin your dog s mobility and active life assist with repairing injured joints and ligaments Give BiogenicPet Vitality a chance to get back your dog s vitality and active life alleviates chronic and inflamed joint pain The ethical pet magazine for people who really care about dogs News features 4 Editor s letter who will play Pen in the movie 6 Taskforce delivers pet abduction taken seriously 10 Award winning oligopeptide discovery can help your dog to recover from even the most extreme cases of injuries chronic pain and immobility helps to regenerate damaged tissue DogsToday Inside this month 28 38 Facebook Dogs Today at last Lady Gaga on coping after the shooting of her dog walker and the theft of her dogs Not just dog tolerant we search for the most dog friendly places to stay Discover Dogs is back and so is the chance to win some free tickets Older and wiser Can you share your best tips for keeping vintage dogs in great condition The BarkMarks of 2021 who has really made a difference for our best friends Bob the rock star is raising funds for NAWT What is an ethical dog breeder beverleycuddy Dogs_Today Editor Beverley Cuddy Art Director Rosie Peace Chief Sub Editor Contributing Editor Claire Horton Bussey Deputy Editor Alessandra Pacelli Illustrator Kevin Brockbank Proof readers Katie Horton Bussey Alys Horton Bussey Advertising sponsorship Sales Marketing Director Mike McGlynn 01276 402591 Office dogs Betty Old English Golden Retriever ish Honey Cocker Spaniel Madi collie cross Nellie Staffordshire Bull Terrier Sophie Jack Russell Vicky Justine Poison Ivy Newfoundlands Betty s Personal Trainer Kirsten Dillon IMDT A Dip CBM Over to you 24 Great Debate is the increase in veterinary chains Dogs Today Brandshare Ltd The Old Print House 62 High Street Chobham Surrey GU24 8AA 01276 402599 enquiries dogstodaymagazine co uk www dogstodaymagazine co uk bad news 32 Obituaries tributes to the dogs we have lost 34 Postbag what matters to you Publishers Training behaviour 48 Victoria Stilwell after lockdown the plague of separation anxiety 52 Peter Neville s True Case History in defence of the black backed jackal LIMITED Chief Operations Officer Graham Smith 01276 402598 graham wearebrandshare com Managing Director Beverley Cuddy 01276 402597 beverley dogstodaymagazine co uk Opinion 66 Confessions highs and lows Subscriptions Investigation 26 Q A what s the trick of making Halloween For subscription queries call Brandshare on 01276 402599 or email subs dogstodaymagazine co uk Initial subscription rates UK BFPO 12 issues 39 50 24 issues 61 EU countries 12 issues 65 20 Rest of the world airmail 12 issues 79 80 Direct Debit offer UK only 9 99 for 3 months with 1 month free trial and a 1 sign up fee a treat for dogs 42 Dog crush a Cockapoo who s who Competitions shopping 36 Subscribe and win 56 Pop the kettle on and tackle our puzzles and competitions Cockapoo Photo by Tim Rose www timrosephotography co uk biogenic pet vitalitychallenge Editorial The editor is always pleased to consider articles and photos from freelancers However there is often a considerable delay before material can be assessed Please include an SAE if you want your work returned While every care will be taken no responsibility for loss or damage can be accepted Competition sponsors and their families are not eligible for any competition Dogs Today incorporating Perfect Pup is published by Brandshare Ltd The Old Print House 62 High Street Chobham Surrey GU24 8AA Tel 01276 402599 Brandshare Ltd reg office The Old Print House 62 High Street Chobham Surrey GU24 8AA Distributed by Marketforce UK Ltd 2nd Floor 5 Churchill Place Canary Wharf London E14 5HU Tel 020 3148 3333 www marketforce co uk Printed by The Manson Group 2021 Dogs Today The world copyright of the editorial matter both illustrations and text is strictly reserved Registered as a newspaper for transmission in the UK Next issue on sale October 21 To download Dogs Today for iPad go to the App store Android and PC versions are available from Pocket Mags the Kindle edition from www amazon co uk October 2021 Dogs Today 3

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Dear readers Beverley Cuddy W hat an extraordinary month Are we dreaming We had Pen Farthing s amazing Nowzad Operation Ark and then pet abduction at last becoming a specific crime It was easy to follow the evacuation Pen Farthing s airlift from Kabul was played out each day on the news The story got more and more coverage every day Social media was full of chatter about who might play Pen in the inevitable movie Daniel Craig Tom Hardy and Tom Hiddleston were all possible but Liam Neeson became the surprise front runner after a phone call made by Pen was leaked to the media Pen sounded just like Liam did in the movie Taken the franchise where his family kept getting kidnapped The expletive ridden phone conversation had been expected to discredit the now famous Pen It didn t it just made us love him more Pen wasn t asking for dogs and cats to queue jump the pets were going in the cargo hold where humans couldn t be carried He wanted to save people too Besides earlier in the evacuation someone had airlifted their car on an official flight Pen looked broken when he finally took flight with the animals but had to leave his loyal staff behind The bureaucracy at the airport meant the huge privately funded plane tragically had rows of empty seats A couple of weeks later Operation Ark was all over the media again Pen s staff were on the way to the UK at last after a daring escape via Pakistan I am told Pen is now snowed under with book offers with at least five publishers in a bidding war The mission to rescue Pen and Nowzad was in stark contrast to the American run Kabul Small Animal Rescue After desperately trying to get 150 dogs airlifted to safety and even though a private plane had been sent to get them the operation ran out of time The crated dogs were moved to an old military compound at the airport when the airlift effort failed And then after being so close to being safe their best chance of survival was to be released Charlotte Maxwell Jones has bravely stayed behind as she Beverley Cuddy is Dogs Today s Editor and publisher She shares her life with Betty an Old English Golden Retrieverish dog from Many Tears and has just been joined by Honey a Cocker Spaniel puppy 4 Dogs Today October 2021 felt the dogs had a better chance of surviving with her still in Kabul Back at home it really is time to order your We love Sir Iain Duncan Smith MP T shirts if you haven t already Dogs will no longer be treated like wheelbarrows in the eyes of the law This reform made actual front page news Hopefully all the criminals that had come to regard stealing dogs as the ultimate high reward and low risk crime will have seen the news too Pet abduction will in future carry a seven year prison sentence That word abduction is powerful No longer a mere possession the law now respects that dogs are family and not commodities Well Iain did promise he would do it Regardless of your politics do vote for him in the BarkMark see page 16 he s twice nominated Dog s Best friend is a very strong category He s up against Pen Farthing Ricky Gervais Debbie Matthews Marc Abraham and the very generous chap who paid for Pen s plane 2021 was a year that counted for dogs P

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Words ALESSANDRA PACELLI public interest the Kennel Club reports In more than a quarter 27 per cent a suspect was identified but nothing further was done due to evidential difficulties Only in two per cent of cases were any suspects charged at all meaning that pet theft remains a highly attractive crime with huge potential gains and no real deterrent This is the situation that the government s taskforce on pet theft set out to tackle back in May Launched after years of relentless campaigning to change the current law the taskforce has worked to find a solution to the growing issue of pet theft in the UK Victoria Prentis Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Environment Food and Rural Affairs said in June In the autumn following the recommendations of the taskforce we will work on the legislative and nonlegislative measures that can help to deal with pet theft In early August while the taskforce had yet to publish its full report the PA news agency was able to disclose that it was to recommend making pet abduction an offence of its own with harsher punishments than those befitting the theft of an inanimate object the reports were confirmed when several members of the government voiced their support for the change Only in two per cent of cases of pet theft in 2020 were any suspects charged at all meaning that pet theft remained a highly attractive crime with huge potential gains and no real deterrent Taskforce delivers After years of heartbreak for thousands and dedicated campaigning and petitioning by many more there s finally some positive news on pet theft reform Y ou won t need to have been our reader for very long to know that pet theft is a growing issue across the UK with hardly any real punishment to act as a deterrent While the heartbreak caused by the loss of a member of one s family is in no way comparable to the annoyance of having one s mobile stolen the law has thus far treated them precisely the same According to statistics gathered by the Kennel Club through Freedom of Information requests to the 6 Dogs Today October 2021 45 police forces in the country only a tiny minority of dog theft cases reported across the UK in 2020 resulted in a criminal charge With 36 police forces responding the data shows an estimated 2 355 cases of dog theft in 2020 which is a 7 per cent increase on 2019 2 199 This amounts to almost 200 dogs being stolen every month In 2020 no suspect was identified in more than half 54 per cent of reported dog theft cases and three per cent of cases were dismissed as not being in the This was a welcome change from July last year when the government rejected calls to make the theft of a pet a crime of its own with Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice Robert Buckland writing that the government is satisfied that the existing law on theft already covers the criminal offence of pet theft and therefore had no plans to introduce a new specific offence to deal with the theft of pets He has since changed his mind however The creation of a new offence of pet abduction is absolutely the right approach because it recognises that pets are more than mere property which can often be replaced but sentient beings he s written in his foreword to the taskforce s report published on 3 September It acknowledges not only the owner s loss but also reflects the worry and anxiety that can be caused through the uncertainty of the safety and wellbeing of a loved friend and member of the family The recommendations as well as the government s willingness to follow them up have been welcomed by Taskforce recommendations NEW PET ABDUCTION OFFENCE We recommend the development of legislative options at pace for a new pet abduction offence to acknowledge the welfare of sentient animals The policy development of the proposed new pet abduction offence has just begun and the details of the offence are to be determined The scope of the offence should include dogs and the applicability to other types of animal should be explored during the development of the policy IDENTIFYING AND TRACKING CASES We recommend exploring options which lead to improving consistent recording and data collection of pet thefts by all police forces across England and Wales and government across the entirety of the criminal justice system This would help identify pet theft cases and to build a stronger evidence base of the scale of the problem and of how cases are being dealt with by the criminal justice system ENHANCING THE RECORDING OF KEEPERSHIP AND OF TRANSFERS We recommend introducing new requirements to register more details on dog microchip databases as well as taking forward other improvements to how the databases work including exploring a single point of access and enabling changes of keeper to be tracked more closely TACKLING THE FEAR OF CRIME We recommend that police operational partners continue their work to tackle the issue of pet theft and that operational partners and government departments work together to increase publicity about police successes in tackling pet theft and about police activity to tackle pet theft including their joint working with partner agencies such as the RSPCA and local authorities FURTHER RECOMMENDATIONS INCLUDE Improving the traceability of online sales Providing more assurance about where puppies come from Supporting pilots of complementary methods identifying pets including voluntary forms of ID such as DNA databases and forensic marking to work alongside microchipping October 2021 Dogs Today 7

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The way forward The government has considered the evidence and recommendations put forward by the taskforce and says it will be taking forward action on each of the proposed key interventions outlined in this report to tackle the issue of pet theft from end to end It continues In 2021 the government will develop a new pet abduction offence and explore appropriate primary legislative vehicles to take forward this new offence The details of this new offence will be subject to further consideration In 2021 Defra will also take forward the recommendations on microchipping from this report under the review of the The Microchipping of Dogs England Regulations 2015 Defra will explore new requirements to register more details on dog microchip databases a single point of access and enabling changes of keeper to be tracked more closely The Home Office will work with the police to explore options for ensuring pet thefts are recorded in a consistent manner and readily identifiable within police force information management systems across England and Wales Cross government leads will also explore the feasibility of options to improve data collected on pet theft cases throughout the Criminal Justice System informed by the work the Home Office takes forward We commend the continued efforts of police forces to tackle the issue of pet theft and will continue to support and publicise ongoing police successes in this area 8 Dogs Today October 2021 the Petitions Committee animal welfare organisations and campaigners Catherine McKinnell MP chair of the Petitions Committee said The government s decision to make pet theft a specific criminal offence is hugely welcome if overdue and will be a great relief to the more than 400 000 people who have signed petitions on this issue since 2015 Given the heart breaking increase in pet theft cases during the Covid 19 pandemic this law must be brought forward without any further unnecessary delay Natural Nutrition for Healthy Pets The creation of a new offence of pet abduction is absolutely the right approach because it recognises that pets are more than mere property which can often be replaced but sentient beings RSPCA chief executive Chris Sherwood said The new pet abduction offence will acknowledge the seriousness of this crime and we hope this will encourage courts to hand out much tougher sentences to pet thieves We re also thrilled that the government wants to simplify the microchipping database system and we believe this will help to tackle pet theft as well as other animal welfare issues and irresponsible pet ownership generally Dr Daniel Allen who has been at the forefront of the pet theft reform campaign and started a petition in 2019 that received over 117 000 signatures wrote Really proud of the pet theft reform team and grateful for ongoing public celebrity media charity political and policing support Thank you Four years of positive evidence based campaigning eight years for Sampa Stolen and Missing Pet Alliance Debbie Matthews CEO of Sampa and founder of Vets Get Scanning said Sampa has been campaigning for tougher sentencing for pet theft since 2014 and launched the first of three successful pet theft reform petitions with Dr Daniel Allen in 2018 which led to the two debates in parliament Campaigning is tough but worth every second when we get the results we all wanted We are therefore delighted with the recommendations from the taskforce This would not have been possible without the help and support of so many everyone who signed the petitions emailed their MP created shared or tweeted a missing pet post the newspaper journalists the TV companies and the MPs who kept the campaign alive Today is a really important day for families with dogs and cats The new pet abduction criminal offence is dedicated to all the stolen microchipped dogs and cats still missing Watch this space 2021 has been a good year for animal welfare in the UK and it s not quite over yet P W E N Grow old playfully Developed by Veterinary Surgeon John Burns BVMS MRCVS A high quality hypoallergenic food for senior dogs Expert nutrition team freephone 0800 083 6696 UK 1800 83 66 96 ROI Or webchat burnspet co uk burnspet burnspetfood

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Words BERNARD BALE Photo Instagram ladygaga Gaga about dogs Lady Gaga is mad about her trio of French Bulldogs and they adore her too though they prefer Michael Jackson when it comes to their musical tastes I was out of my mind when we had that trouble a while ago and two of my dogs were stolen and my dog walker Ryan was shot said the Lady herself I just could not believe it when I heard I couldn t take it in I didn t know if someone was telling me this as some kind of weird joke or if it had really happened It is not something you experience every day I m pleased to say and I never want to go through something like that ever again What I went through was nothing compared with what Ryan experienced as well as what Koji and Gustavo went through My other dog Asia was rescued by police at the scene We were reunited later but it 10 Dogs Today October 2021 was such a worry and I didn t want to let them out of my sight even for a few seconds afterwards Lady Gaga s love of her dogs is legendary as is her international fame as a singer and actor Born in Manhattan in March 1986 she took to music from a very early age ROCKY ROAD My parents were not from the business but they liked music and encouraged me to learn the piano she said I didn t need much encouraging I loved music and singing as soon as I knew it existed Music becomes a friend and I think I needed one when I went to school at the Convent of the Sacred Heart There was a lot of bullying especially if you didn t fit in with the crowd I didn t I probably never have As well as playing the piano Stefani her real name also used to sing and by the time she was 14 she had started playing singing telling jokes and dancing in clubs I was learning what worked very fast she said I liked writing songs as well and used to try them out Some went well others not so well but I never stopped learning I went to the New York University Tisch School which taught the arts I was only 17 and it was OK but I wanted to get on with doing rather than just learning so I started a band and things began to happen I thought we were on our way but it didn t work out like that We got a recording deal but before we actually did anything it was cancelled and that was pretty upsetting I moved back in with my parents to start all over again I took jobs dancing in clubs until the singing picked up again and this time there was a steady progress I am grateful to all those people who took a chance on me and helped I don t forget that Today she is a huge star with hit recordings and big selling albums as well as a film career She is well known for wearing amazing wigs clothes and high heels LITTLE MONSTERS I would rather die than stop wearing those things she said It is what is expected of me it is what I am and what I do I don t work to buy another mansion or three I make sure that a lot of what I earn is ploughed back into the shows so that the performances are well produced spectacular and provide an experience that audiences will remember for the rest of their lives Of course she is not short of a Photo Instagram ladygaga I do take them with me everywhere I can but it is not always possible and I really miss saying goodnight to them in person if I am not there Sometimes I phone home just to speak to them After all that trouble when they were kidnapped I am really unhappy about being parted from them I was in Italy when that happened and it was awful few quid and is able to provide her dogs with a very nice home That is very very important she said My three little monsters are French Bulldogs and I love them to bits I don t think that it is fair to take on a dog if you know you cannot look after him or her properly and give them what is needed whether it is food and physical care or simply love Dogs give us everything they can it is surely only fair to give them back as much as possible What is amazing is that all three dogs have their own fan following They are often pictured in the media and Asia has her own Instagram account with nearly a quarter of a million followers She is a star and she knows it The other two are quite happy to be her backing singers though I do take them with me everywhere I can but it is not always possible and I really miss saying goodnight to them in person if I am not there Sometimes I phone home just to speak to them After all that trouble when they were kidnapped I am really unhappy about being parted from them I was in Italy when that happened and it was awful Lady Gaga enjoys making music but she loves listening to it as well and has a long list of her own favourites from Michael Jackson Madonna and Tony Bennett to Cher Britney Spears Amy Winehouse and Bruce Springsteen FRENCH KISSES I have a huge collection of music and I like something playing most of the time but I only listen to myself if I am checking something The funny thing is if I do play my own work the dogs seem to recognise my voice but not totally Their ears prick up and then they look at me as if to say It sounds like you but it can t be you because you are sitting there and not making a sound I think they prefer Michael Jackson anyway Seeing Lady Gaga with her dogs leaves little doubt that there is a great bond between them They are my family my friends my little bundles of fun she said I think they know I love them but I do keep reminding them it is worth it for the kisses P October 2021 Dogs Today 11

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Words BEVERLEY CUDDY What s the difference between accommodation merely being dog tolerant and it being properly dog friendly A good holiday counting the steps from the front door to our room and was thankful that both dogs were still continent This would have been tricky with previous Beardie Sally whose separation anxiety meant she was a frequent visitor to chain hotels I hated a slippery foyer and a long walk of shame to the exit I had mastered the art of catching involuntary emissions in a poo bag on the move but it was still very harrowing But no that wasn t going to be the nightmare with Tess and Oscar We appeared to be given their best room So often when you review hotels for dog friendliness you can be lulled into expecting that everyone else who visits will get the VIPooch experience too I learned this the hard way When I paid to stay at a famous Cotswolds hotel I had previously enthusiastically reviewed as the most dog friendly in Britain I literally saw a different side of the The host with the most W e want to give the good guys a pat on the back and make it easier for other dog lovers to spot those who go that extra mile We will be awarding them a special BarkMark You ll have read about the annual awards elsewhere in this edition we re giving them out to those on social media that speak up for dogs Perhaps the as yet to be 12 Dogs Today October 2021 designed and given a sexy name accommodation BarkMark could be for those in the holiday industry who treat our dogs like family We ve created a survey so you can nominate your favourites and when I started sharing it ahead of this feature I got this wonderful anecdote If a hotel could get a medal the Green Park Hotel in Pitlochry is certainly in the running for it Our old friend and familiar place Before I d only experienced their gorgeous suites and beautiful inglenook fireplaces As a normal punter with a dog under my married name we were put miles away in a very tired miserable room in the depressing 1970s annex What a wake up call that was Well it would have been if we hadn t decided to rest our heads elsewhere instead ROVING REPORTERS No this assignment with young Oscar and Tess was to prove very challenging The room had a wonderful view but it couldn t distract me from the white bedlinen white towels and white sofas If only they had literally rolled out the red carpet that colour would have been much more forgiving than the pristine white one One walk on the pebble beach was enough to turn both dogs legs the same shade of pink as my face would have been on check out Instead we put the dogs in the car grabbed the luggage and drove home I later discovered they had an outdoor bath plumbed in as all dogs turned red after a beach walk If only they d told us Now that is being proper dog friendly So here s the link to the survey for you to nominate the places that really do treat our dogs as one of the family And there s space for you to share your best and worst stories of holidaying with your dog We re also looking for volunteers to review some doggie holidays Which hotel chains are great for dog owners and are there any posh boutique ones too Let s map out the best places to stay and give them their own BarkMark of quality www surveymonkey co uk r Doggie holidays name to many subscribers Ross Tiffin among other things he launched Hill s Pet Nutrition in the UK revealed Even after the horrific collapse of our elderly Labrador s previously cast iron digestive system which left a pale carpet apparently scarred for life the owners simply had it shampooed and restored as new They wouldn t allow us to pay saying that they too had dogs and knew what could happen Apparently they d had worse Could that be possible The mind boggles Brilliant place brilliant people and absolutely totally gloriously dog friendly This reminded me of one of my attempts to review a dog friendly hotel when Tess our Springer and Oscar the Beardie were still young I realised I was subconsciously October 2021 Dogs Today 13

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WIN DISCOVER DOGS TICKETS After a pandemic pause Discover Dogs is back and celebrating its 25th year D iscover Dogs returns to ExCel London on 20 21 November and will be celebrating the ways in which dogs help us not only during the pandemic but in everyday life As always dog lovers will be able to meet around 200 different breeds and learn how to find buy and care for the ideal dog for them One of the dogs taking part this year is three year old Cocker Spaniel Evie and her owner Chrissie who said My dogs helped me to maintain both my fitness and spirits during lockdown Even though we couldn t meet WIN We have four pairs of tickets to give away To enter send us your contact details at Discover Dogs Competition Dogs Today The Old Print House 62 High Street Chobham Surrey GU24 8AA or email comps dogstodaymagazine co uk with Discover Dogs in the subject line Tickets non transferable Closing date 29 October 2021 To find out more about Discover Dogs visit www discoverdogs org uk Adults 18 Child OAP student 15 Under 8s go free people to exercise we were still exercising together and that benefited both of us If you ve got a dog it s a reason to get up in the morning Their companionship is like no other dogs are always there for you at every moment of the day I m a groomer and clients regularly tell me how their dogs have been their lifeline pandemic or not Sponsored by Royal Canin Discover Dogs provides something for everyone from those involved within the canine world to those on their first step into the journey of owning a dog And with over 100 trade stands selling anything and everything for dogs it is the perfect place to get ahead with the festive shopping P DON T MISS Older and wiser Next month we ll have a special feature about caring for our golden oldies What new treatments can you speak to your vet about Are there additional over the counter supplements that help with mobility What is doggie dementia and can it be treated What is this new Librela drug that everyone is talking about out your oldies too We d love to hear ab ve put ey we Do complete the surv are what has sh n ca we together so for you or hasn t worked o uk r olderdogs2021 www surveymonkey c 14 Dogs Today October 2021

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Words BEVERLEY CUDDY Together with Tailwise com we decided to unite all the greatest social media Influencers Influencers Club on Facebook and encouraged them to nominate people for the eventual winners is over to you Do go to Tailwise com for the online dog influencers influencers in one place We formed the BarkMark Social Media who deserve a pat on the back for their work this year But the voting voting Here are the fi finalists nalists it s going to be hard to pick the winners The BarkMarks 2021 vote for your winners Most Dog Friendly Politician of 2021 aka My Dog Would Definitely Lick This Person Sir Iain Duncan Smith MP For always speaking common sense about dogs in parliament and pressing ahead for meaningful changes Sir Oliver Heald MP For his tireless work on Finn s Law and finally getting more appropriate animal cruelty sentencing introduced Andrew Rosindell MP For his ground breaking Jasmine s Law which will make landlords more pet friendly Dr Lisa Cameron MP For co chairing the phenomenally successful All Party Parliamentary Dog Advisory Welfare Group Apdawg Robert Buckland QC MP For forming the Pet Theft Taskforce which will finally make pet abduction a serious offence Best Innovation to Benefit Dogs this Decade Most Dog Unfriendly Politician of 2021 aka MP in the Doghouse Defence secretary Ben Wallace MP and his team For his behaviour during Pen Farthing and his team s heroic Operation Ark Adrian Chiles The famously grumpy TV and radio presenter acquired a Doodle in the pandemic and after only a few weeks he felt moved to write With dogs it s different they re right there with us all their lives And I m looking forward to all of Tito s life with us Most High Profile Acquisition of a Dog in Lockdown Anita Rani TV presenter Anita fell head over heels with her BedlingtonWhippet cross Rafi as did the rest of us via her Instagram itsanitarani Queen Elizabeth II The patron of the Kennel Club the RSPCA and Dogs Trust was gifted two pups reportedly bought on classified ads website Pets4Homes one of which died sadly only weeks later Regardless of provenance we wish Her Majesty much joy with her new furry friend Molly Mae Hague Tommy Fury The Love Island couple desperately wanted a Pomeranian but the pup they ended up buying was transported from Russia and sadly died only a few days after arriving This tragic experience provoked a move for an import ban of all pups under six months old Susie Wokoma When this Bafta Breakthrough Brit award winning actor and writer signed up at Tailwise to find a puppy we were all starstruck but we remained professional and matched her with Scotch a gorgeous F1 Cockapoo Emily Larlham When San Diego s Emily adopted a pup everyone fell in love and started sharing the brilliant free training videos that Emily put online The Tailwise Bark Medal The Dog s Best Friend 2021 Electric dog nail grinders Nail clipping has given us all nightmares but these battery operated nail files have taken much of the stress out of cutting Quiet Kennel For dogs who can t cope with fireworks this is the ultimate pet product a made to order safe space that is soundproof ifetch Too busy to throw a ball Teach your dog to use a ball throwing machine This was a crowd funded gadget so it s clear that a lot of people wanted one Librela We are hearing amazing success stories of this innovative once a month veterinary injection for the treatment of arthritis pain Pen Farthing Ricky Gervais 16 Dogs Today October 2021 Tailwise changing the way the public buys dogs Tailwise wants good small breeders to feel proud of what they do and make it easier for the public to find a well bred pup that is reared with love and best practice Breeding slavery needs to end Tailwise aims to make mums lives the best they can be Spencer Haber for paying for Pen s plane Debbie Matthews Marc Abraham OBE Ultrasonic toothbrush Gentle ultrasonic teeth cleaning means fewer dogs will need extractions and general anaesthetic descaling Some progressive dog groomers are now offering Emmi Pet as part of their service Sir Iain Duncan Smith MP October 2021 Dogs Today 17

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Best TV for Dog Lovers in 2021 Cats and Dogs at War The brilliant Chirag Patel and Nanci Creedon provided intelligent behavioural interventions to stop dogs and cats trying to kill each other It s still on catch up Channel Five if you missed it The Supervet Can Noel really be on series 16 already Channel 4 delivers the emotional rollercoaster with the bionic vet who for 15 years has been performing miracles at his purpose built hospital Big Dog Britain Channel 4 s one off documentary squeezed inside the homes of people who share their lives with giant breeds Paul O Grady s For The Love of Dogs It was only a short series in 2021 but the evergreen ITV blockbuster is hugely popular Paul hangs out at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and falls in love with every dog he meets bless him Britain s Puppy Boom Counting the Cost This documentary caused huge controversy when it was commissioned but after airing first on BBC3 and then BBC1 the nation was in shock when Dready Vet exposed illegality in fertility treatments Pooch Perfect BBC1 s primetime dog grooming competition hosted by Sheridan Smith 18 Dogs Today October 2021 Top Dog Media Vet Most Memorable Dog Related Moment of 2021 Professor Noel Fitzpatrick bionic vet Noel s loyal fans are an army and this genius splits the nation between those who want to marry him and those who want to be him Marc Abraham OBE Lucy s Law For years Marc spent every one of his days off learning how to lobby politicians to change our laws to more animal friendly ones Lucy s Law was his first big win but more are coming Pete Wedderburn Daily Telegraph columns Ever the voice of reason Pete s weekly column is always on point Cat the Vet Cat s a vet with lots of opinions and she loves myth busting and sticking up for her profession Fabian G B Rivers Dready Vet Dreadyvet has already made a huge impression with his BBC documentary We predict more TV in this young vet s future Dr Scott Miller This Morning vet Scott is This Morning s buff vet who is more regular on the sofas than some of the presenters This village vet was made for TV 2021 Dog World Changer Jordan Shelley ear cropping Dog trainer Jordan had rescued a dog who had cropped ears but he started seeing celebrities and companies using imagery that glamorised this pointless brutality So he set about banning the import of cropped dogs Gill Hamilton bloat campaign When Gill s beloved Dobermann suffered life threatening bloat she vowed to educate as many other owners as possible about the symptoms as every second counts Carol Fowler Dog Breeders Reform Group Carol appeared in the documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed Her Cavaliers suffered from a very painful condition that very few then knew about She has worked tirelessly to encourage dog health reform Stuart Simons Julie Harris Groomer s Spotlight Stuart and Julie are bringing the importance of standards and accreditation into the dog grooming world They are making it easier to find a good experienced groomer and helping those with acquired skills to stand out from the crowd Fabulous Finn his bravery changed two laws When Finn saved PC Steve Wardell s life by bravely holding on to an attacker despite being stabbed his case exposed how the law classed attempting to kill a police dog as just damage to property rather than attempted murder Finn inspired the change in law that now better protects all animals from cruelty Debbie Matthews pet theft and microchip reformer After Debbie s dogs were stolen she was shocked to discover that even if they chipped our dog vets didn t update details on the database and that new clients dogs weren t scanned to see if they were stolen making it very hard for chips to work as intended She s spent 15 years lobbying to change this she will never give up Pen Farthing Operation Ark Ex Marine Pen Farthing fought so hard to evacuate his staff and all the rescued dogs and cats from his Nowzad sanctuary in Kabul Sadly he was forced to leave his team due to admin issues but continues to fight for their safe evacuation Lady Gaga s dogs being stolen The violent theft of Lady Gaga s dog had the world talking and highlighted the issues surrounding dog theft that several of our finalists have been campaigning about Irish president s dog stealing the show at a press conference Misneach the president s Bernese Mountain Dog puppy became a viral sensation when it was revealed the dog had held his owner s hand during a TV interview President Biden s dog Champ s bad behaviour It was reported that early on into their White House stay Champ had a difficult time adjusting and wasn t kept on a leash during his walk which led to an unfortunate biting incident Tilda Swinton s spaniels winning the Palm Dog Tilda s dogs have become the latest recipients of the Palm Dog Award at Cannes film festival Her three Springer Spaniels feature in The Souvenir Part II which Tilda stars in with her daughter Honor Britain s first dog embroiled in spin Dilyn s owners stood up for the gorgeous rescue pup when a leaked story alleged that Dilyn had been cocking his leg on politicians briefcases and chewing valuable books and antiques at Chequers October 2021 Dogs Today 19

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Top Dog Mentor Dog Breeding Jessica Gilmour Jessica was featured on television showing her healthy functional Leavitt Bulldogs But she has also championed early learning for puppies and has inspired many others to do the same Jane Ardern Top dog trainer and ethical breeder Jane Ardern formed Smart Pup so that responsible breeders could start their puppies off with a training course in a box Top Dog Mentor Who Best Trains Dog Trainers PACT Professional Association of Pet Dog Trainers Education packages range from the canine instructor course to become ABTC accredited special interest courses CPD and webinars Kennel Club Accredited Dog Trainers The Kennel Club established national occupational standards in 2014 To apply for accreditation trainers must have had five years practical experience APDT The Association of Pet Dog Trainers The Association of Pet Dog Trainers offers courses and accreditation for people who have had little or no experience right up to advanced level Founded in 1995 IMDT Institute of Modern Dog Trainers The Institute of Modern Dog Training was founded in 1999 by Steve Mann Sarah Whitehead Think Dog and the Clever Dog Company Education packages and mentorship based on science and experience Victoria Stilwell Academy Remote or in person teaching training dogs teaching people and running a business Cavalier Matters This inspiring organisation does everything possible to improve the health and wellbeing of a breed facing considerable challenges The love of these dogs inspires them to do everything possible to help them Dr Karen Becker Reputedly the most followed vet in the world Karen writes about species appropriate nutrition on many platforms She is the first vet in the world to give a TED talk on the subject Richard Allport Natural Medicine Centre Legendary alternative vet Richard has more than 30 years experience of treating pets holistically with natural therapies at the Natural Medicine Centre in Hertfordshire Rachel Rodgers Nose To Trail Rachel can train your dog to use its nose properly Everything is done with the aim of increasing your dog s happiness and wellbeing and for owners to have fun along the way Sarah Fisher ACE connections Sarah Fisher s Animal Centred Education teaches others how detailed observations and gentle methods can improve their dog s wellbeing behaviour and training Top Dog Mentor Dog Wellbeing Fran Barnbrook Fran rarely breeds but all her Irish Wolfhounds live in the house and she has achieved incredible longevity with her line The average lifespan is only six or seven years but one of Fran s dogs recently celebrated an 11th birthday Clare Andrusyk One of the country s most famous Cockapoo breeders dog training professional Clare has helped so many breeders to be the best most ethical breeders they can be Tima Lund Breeder of fit for function working Cockers and Labradors she has helped so many other breeders make sensible choices She uses Puppy Culture and lots of other science based approaches to give dogs the best possible start Julia Fletcher Experienced ethical breeder Julia is writing a book to help others navigate the new hi tech and regulated world of dog breeding 20 Dogs Today October 2021 Julia Robertson Galen Myotherapy Julia uses a branch of massage therapy that can help dogs in chronic muscular pain caused by conditions including arthritis and repetitive strain injuries Best Dog Podcast 2021 DogCast Radio If you ve not yet discovered this you have 241 plus episodes to catch up on Julie Hill has been broadcasting about dogs since 2005 A Dog s Life Anna Webb Anna produces a magazinestyle format of interviews with interesting dog people and experts One of the Family Nicky Campbell Broadcaster Nicky says dogs helped him through his breakdown His podcast often gets celebrities to also own up about the importance of their best friends Walking the Dog Emily Dean The Times journalist takes famous people on a dog walk My Dog s Favourite Podcast Designed to be a beautiful audio experience for calming dogs who may be home alone Wags Lyrical RSPCA s Sam Gaines and Jordan Shelley interview guests and put the dog world to rights October 2021 Dogs Today 21

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Hope in the Face of Great Adversity Fleur Fleur was rescued from a kill shelter in Romania after being butchered with a crude spay She loved her new life with Wendy and Andrew but she needed urgent life saving surgery that had never worked before on any other dog Despite only having a one per cent chance of success she survived and has become a hospital visiting dog inspiring children about to have surgery Her story is soon to be a film Fern Fern was stolen in 2013 For six years owner Jodie never gave up searching for her then Fern was handed into a vet after being abandoned She d been used for breeding and had obviously visited a vet before but no one had scanned her chip to reveal she was stolen Fern s Law aims to make vets check chips to help other dogs be reunited Plum Pudding Plum and her owner Lisa Garner were pictured on Downing Street when Lucy s Law was launched Lisa owned Lucy the dog that the law is named after Puppy farm survivor Plum has shown amazing resilience too After losing the use of her back legs she bravely worked hard to get her mobility back Isa Randle Lucky s owner Isa and Lucky the Chihuahua have a tremendous bond When the little dog became poorly it was discovered he had a heart condition Isa found a surgeon in Japan who could possibly save Lucky s life that really is going the extra mile for your dog Drax Drax s Galactic Adventure When Drax the Irish Wolfhound was rescued he was terrified of everyone and everything The world watched his owner trainer via Facebook slowly put the huge dog back together and start living the best life Scarlett Beagle Scarlett was rescued after being experimented on in a laboratory for two years She is the ambassador for the science based campaign Floe For Life on Earth which wants to see an end to animals being used for vivisection 22 Dogs Today October 2021 Who Helped Dogs the Most in 2021 Dogs Trust The largest dog charity in the UK it was once known as the National Canine Defence League until research showed that some people didn t know what canine meant Foster First This organisation promotes fostering dogs in need so they can avoid going into kennels Control the Meerkat Having a reactive dog is incredibly stressful It can be worse than divorce and moving house and in truth can lead to both these things but Control the Meerkat offers help and support Battersea Dogs and Cats Home 160 years of rescuing the dogs of London and the south east Putting BSL to Sleep When someone gets a knock on the door and their beloved dog is seized by the police for how it looks not how it behaves they need considerable expert support to get through it and that s what Putting BSL to Sleep does PDSA This charity gives means tested assistance with vital vet care Who Helped Dog Owners the Most in 2021 Debbie Matthews Sampa Debbie s own dogs were stolen more than 15 years ago Ever since she has battled to help others in the same situation She started the Stolen and Missing Pets Alliance and is often in Facebook jail for sharing lost dog details Dog Aid For many years Dog Aid has enabled people with disabilities to help mitigate them by allowing them to train their pet dogs to be ADUK qualified assistance dogs Missing Dogs Team Wales When your dog is missing these guys have specialist tracking dogs drones and years of experience Anyone who has ever lost a dog will know that your whole life goes on hold until they are found Trevor Cooper The legal beagle knows everything about dogs and the law If you ever need advice he s the man to call Social Media Dog of the Year 2021 Cinnamon Trust As people get older they start to worry about what might happen to their pets should they outlive them Cinnamon Trust gives peace of mind and practical help BarkMark Best New Dog Book of 2021 Miss Darcy Cockapoo royalty Miss Darcy has travelled the world trying out dog friendly hotels and restaurants with her devoted owner May Harlso the Balancing Hound Harlso the Dachshund enjoys balancing things on his head It s a very rare talent that was discovered quite by chance Husky Anuko Remember the meme of the dog unimpressed by the owner pretending to throw the ball That was Anuko His face is just so expressive Tucker Budzyn This American Golden Retriever has a massive following of almost half a million Marcel le Corgi Marcel Le Corgi is a renowned travel and food critic This fluffy Pembroke Welsh Corgi lives in London with French photographer Aur lie and chef Pierre DogLost This free website is so loved as it provides updates of any lost or stolen dogs in your area Join up now upload your details and should heaven forbid your own dog go missing you ll have many people ready to help you How to Have a Happy Dog by Cari Westgarth The Natural Dog by Gwen Bailey Nick Thompson Easy Peasy Awesome Pawsome Dog Training for Kids by Steve Mann One of the Family by Nicky Campbell The Forever Dog by Karen Shaw Becker Rodney Habib Olive Mabel Me by Andrew Cotter Kika Me How One Extraordinary Guide Dog Changed My World by Dr Amit Patel Kratu Romanian rescue dog Kratu is the star of the Crufts agility ring and his videos have had millions of views October 2021 Dogs Today 23

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Photo by Tim Rose www timrosephotography co uk Posed by models Great Debate If you have an opinion on this subject that is not already covered here email enquiries dogstodaymagazine co uk putting Great Debate in the subject line Please limit your response to 100 words Sharon Adelmann It s definitely more expensive Helen Pollard I m blessed to have an independent vet They care more about my girl than money Iris Beck I believe it s very bad news for pets and vets The vets are now just like shop assistants They are told what money they need to make how to push flea and worm treatment and dentals on to everyone The charges are astronomical and so are the cost of drugs from them Pet owners are being priced out of the market unless they can afford huge pet insurance which has jumped up to reach the cost of visiting the vet T M Hudson I was told about when a retired vet saw some classroom footage he was not meant to see In this class they asked the students that if presented with a 14 year old dog with kidney disease arthritis and a whole manner of other issues causing severely reduced quality of life what would they do One student raised their hand and said Euthanasia They were corrected and told they should instead prescribe this med and have that test and do this procedure and basically draw out the anima s suffering and use it as a cash cow for as long as they could He was shocked This is what aspiring vet students have to deal with now I guess I know a lot of good vets left our local practices after years of being there and no doubt because they could not deal with the conflict of interests They cared about pets and owners and their bosses now only care about profits so no wonder they are leaving in droves and I bet a lot of those in vet school drop out too Something needs to change on this one Putting profits over animal welfare cannot be tolerated Is the increase of company owned vet practices bad news for pets Lesley Dipple Regardless of the costs which are extortionate the issue is the lack of continuity Vets are in a practice for so short a time that they don t get to know the pet or owner so every time you go you have to establish a relationship with someone else Katrina DeVita Bad news for staff owners and pets 24 Dogs Today October 2021 Hil Jayne It s good news for pets because the investment in new techniques services and equipment is expanding But it s not good news for pet owners because the service seems altogether unregulated in terms of the fees applied to pet care It s almost a carte blanche for them to apply whatever fees they like and of course loving owners will pay Debbie Edwins Too much focus on profit instead of individual care Julie Hammond It s hard if not impossible to give the same level of care when you re expected to make money for a parent company as opposed to just supporting yourself and the staff It s yet more pressure on the vets and it results in worse care for pets Steve Gray Yes I believe they are jeopardising their careers long term because the expense of keeping an animal is getting extortionate When the consultation fee is nearly 50 and medication only 10 there has to be something wrong Lauren Weber Personally I have noticed no changes in the standard of care before and after my formerly independent vet practice was taken over by a company The vet and staff are the same I noticed an increase in prices but to be fair everything is getting more expensive these days and there is no reason for vet fees to be an exception Insurance is certainly a must This month s result 5 5 90 Eleanor Barton Corporate vet practices do try to push products on you like worm and flea treatment even when not needed Also the amount of times that vets have advised me against raw feeding the dogs and tried to get me to give them processed food recommended and supplied by them Amber Dulaney Henson Corporate is the reason my dog died and I stand by that Not to mention they robbed me in the process Faith Keskitalo It s a terrible thing There are a lot of company owned vet practices in Finland I have first hand experience of invoices for bloating none of my visits cost below 200 Yes No Maybe Barry Reed Yes very much so On Sunday I had to take Bella to the only vet that was open in my area They took her in via a back door and I had to go via reception I gave them all our details Normally I would then be talking to the vet on this occasion I was taken to another room where they wanted me to sign a contract for over 3 000 When I refused they came up with five other contracts In the end I said I would leave her there for four hours and collect her at 3 30pm Never saw a vet She had no treatment in those hours but I had a bill for 360 Could have left her with me at home but I panicked Cath Shaw Yes it costs more and the vets become money oriented MariLyse Dumas I think the issue is that we get into policies and practices that are applied to many many vets and that takes away the individualisation of services P Next month s topic is Is interrupting a pregnancy the ethical choice in the event of accidental matings Email editorial dogstodaymagazine co uk with your thoughts putting Great Debate in the subject line or write to Great Debate Dogs Today The Old Print House 62 High Street Chobham Surrey GU24 8AA October 2021 Dogs Today 25 Ye M N

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Crossbreed Photo posed by models Quick question Do you have a problem you d like answered by an expert Or do you want advice from someone with personal experience of the issue Email your question to enquiries dogstodaymagazine co uk How can we have a happy Halloween EXPERT ADVICE Dr Jessica May UK lead vet at the video vet service FirstVet gives the inside track on how to celebrate Halloween with a dog while avoiding any potential hazards As the leaves start to fall and the nights draw in it is time to start turning our attention to all things scary Halloween is approaching and many are preparing to celebrate at home This means that pets will be part of the festivities creating a great opportunity to let dogs in on the fun of Halloween However before you start decorating the house and dressing up in costume it is important to ensure that your spooky plans are pet safe so that you avoid any unnecessary frights on the night Chocolate and sweets This one may seem obvious but it is easy to get caught out with so much confectionery around Theobromine is found in cocoa and it is poisonous to dogs In fact when it comes to confectionery you ll find that the higher the cocoa content the more dangerous it is for your furry friend Sweets are also dangerous for dogs not only because of their high sugar content but because many of them contain the artificial sweetener xylitol which is also toxic to dogs Other foods that are dangerous to dogs such as grapes or nuts should also be kept well away from the festivities Try to make sure that your dog is not able to snaffle any sweet treats while you re not looking by keeping them in cupboards or on high shelves that are out of reach If your dog does manage to eat something from the trick or treat bag get to a vet as soon as possible Try to get a wrapper to show to the vet so they can be as informed as possible when making a treatment plan If your pet is feeling left out buy dog friendly treats such as dog chocolate but be careful to avoid any mix ups 26 Dogs Today October 2021 Festive foods Pumpkin can make a great Halloween themed treat for dogs as long as it is prepared properly and served in moderation Raw pumpkin or spicy foods can cause digestive problems for dogs so any pumpkin that you give to your dog should be cooked through and have no extra spices When dishing this out dogs should only be given around a tablespoon of cooked pumpkin per day perhaps as a topping for their meals Spookifying the home Halloween decorations can be exciting for dogs as well as their owners but it s best to be careful when decorating your home or garden Over excited pooches may try to eat any lowhanging ornaments which could become lodged in their intestines or stomach All decorations should be placed out of reach especially those that they are at risk of being swallowed or getting tangled in If some of your Halloween celebrations are taking place outside make sure that your dog is clearly visible by using fluorescent reflectors These can come in the form of a vest collar harness or blanket They are a good way of making sure that your dog doesn t get lost during all of the festivities Fancy dress Although dressing up for Halloween can be part of the fun remember that dogs can t understand that you are in costume so may be frightened by masks or Halloween make up Loud noises can also be unsettling for dogs If you are planning any spooky pranks make sure that your dog is a safe distance away and with someone that they know and trust If you are getting your dog involved in the fancy dress be aware of how they react to the clothes If your dog is uncomfortable in fancy dress leave them out of the fancy dress theme For those that are comfortable with wearing fancy dress remember to use flameproof and non toxic clothing and to stick to products that your dog is happy wearing P It goes without saying that if your dog is nervous or reactive it is best to create a safe quiet den where he or she can relax away from all the noise and activity October 2021 Dogs Today 27

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Words DEBBIE BRIDGES Rocks keep money rolling in for charity Rock on Bob s Rocks J anuary 2021 is a time most of us would probably prefer to forget all about Another year another lockdown which saw us all scratching around close to home looking for ways to keep ourselves and our dogs suitably exercised and amused through the short and gloomy winter days Down in Cornwall Lynn Nicholson and her 20 month old bull Lurcher Bob were starting to get cabin fever The previous summer had been one of cancelled camping trips and the pair were continuing to miss their favourite pastime of letterboxing which for those not in the know is something akin to a game of hide and seek with enthusiasts up and down the country searching for small plastic boxes and recording their finds With a return to normality nowhere in sight Lynn wanted to do something to lift local Above Lynn right introduces Ula to Sam left and Sarah who will be releasing Ula s rock into the wild Right Lynn and Bob at Woofstock Above rock star for the day Ula poses with NAWT CEO Rob Mitchell and Cornwall Centre Manager Louise Clarke Payne Left some of Lynn s Halloween rocks Top right assisted by her dogs Rafa and Kobe rocker Joanne Marks makes a discovery in the Hook a Duck pool Right Lynn and Betsy May present Wendi Oswald with her prize for winning the rock hunt people s spirits and she set to work little knowing her attempts to amuse a few random strangers would not only change the direction of her life but also raise thousands of pounds for a charity close to her heart the Cornwall branch of the National Animal Welfare Trust NAWT I thought it would be fun to paint a couple of rocks and put them where people might find them while they were taking their permitted daily exercise says Lynn I painted a message on the back of the rocks and placed them where they could be easily seen Then I took a photo and put it on Facebook along with a cryptic clue ROCK ART Anyone finding a rock was asked not to keep it but to relocate it and post a new photo and clue on Facebook to keep the game going And if Lynn had expected a muted response at best she was in for a big surprise Suddenly requests were pouring in she recalls People were asking me to paint bespoke rocks for them and offering to pay for the privilege That s when I hit on the idea of raising funds for the NAWT in Cornwall which is where Bob came from Things were particularly hard for them with all fundraising events cancelled because of the pandemic so I thought I might be able to help out in a small way by asking for donations from people 28 Dogs Today October 2021 either wanting to commission a painted rock to keep or to be sent out to roam And so Bob s Rocks was born and in the eight months since she painted those first two rocks Lynn has hardly put her paintbrush down There are now approximately 650 painted rocks out there raising more than a smile among the growing number of rockers as Lynn likes to call her supporters Every penny donated goes to the NAWT centre in Hayle and amazingly the total raised by Bob s Rocks to date isn t far short of 7 000 I first met Lynn and Bob at Woofstock the unique three day event that takes place annually in Dartmouth Devon combining dog show and music festival Lynn is a pretty self effacing person and not keen on being the centre of attention but Bob I soon discovered is an entirely different character and not easily missed Today Lynn has a small stand at the NAWT garden party in Cornwall where a number of the rocks she s painted for a forthcoming Halloween rock hunting weekend are on display along with the Inspiration 2021 trophy which was awarded to Bob s Rocks at Woofstock Bob himself is nowhere to be seen because Lynn explains his XL size coupled with an exuberant zest for socialising would almost certainly spell disaster at a garden party Instead she s accompanied by Betsy May a beautiful lemon and white Beagle who s the latest NAWT addition to her household while Bob keeps an eye on things at home HUNTING PARTY Party goers clutching clue sheets and pencils are regularly stopping by subtly and not so subtly fishing for hints to help them track down the 10 rocks Lynn has secreted about the place and every now and then one of them pops out of the nearby portaloo triumphantly clutching a rock The garden party is the first event the centre has held for two years and the occasion is particularly special because this year the charity is celebrating its 50th anniversary The sun is shining the place is positively abuzz and the family atmosphere I ve noticed when visiting other NAWT centres is alive and well quite literally as it turns out Busying herself about the place is NAWT Cornwall s fundraising officer Amy Hall and it transpires the chap playing the guitar and singing is her dad one of the ladies offering glasses of buck s fizz is her mum and the nice young man who handed me a stick on the hook a duck stand is apparently her fianc e a lamentable score of two since you ask And even those who aren t related feel like family as many have been helping out at the charity s events for over 20 years October 2021 Dogs Today 29

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Above from left Freya Evie Mr Puzzle and Missy were among the dogs who turned out to see Ula s rock on its way Right Ula s rock in its first hiding place Apart from having a lovely time there s a purpose to today s trip to Cornwall and my dog Ula and I have come to see the rock Lynn has painted with Ula s image before it joins all the other rocks that are moving from place to place and keeping a growing number of rockers happily occupied I always tell people I m no artist but I might be able to paint something that looks a bit like their dog Lynn tells me almost apologetically as she hands me Ula s rock and I m momentarily stunned into silence because it s her to a T right down to that knowing look she has in her eye STONY RESOLVE But I only have a few minutes to admire Lynn s handiwork before Ula s rock is whisked away by rockers Sarah and Sam who have volunteered to release it into the wild in the next day or so The enterprising pair are soon raking in a few small extra donations for the charity by taking snaps of people s dogs posed beside Ula s rock and Ula finding herself unexpectedly in the limelight is revelling in her rock star status particularly as it seems to involve lots of biscuits Along with the new NAWT CEO Rob Mitchell Cornwall centre manager Louise Clarke Payne is very much part of today s event and she tells me the money raised by Bob s Rocks has been instrumental in keeping the centre running through recent difficulties Who would have thought this crazy idea could spiral into thousands of pounds she says Lynn and her rockers are unbelievably amazing and we can t thank them enough for all their support The Cornwall centre didn t receive any government grants 30 Dogs Today October 2021 or help throughout the pandemic and we ve been unable to hold our usual fundraising events It s thanks to the money raised by our wonderful supporters like Lynn that we re still able to do what we do today Bob s Rocks is also one of the contributors helping to fund the NAWT s new Pet Care in the Community scheme which is about to be trialled at the Cornwall centre before its nationwide launch look out for more on this in a future issue of Dogs Today So what now Having massively exceeded her original aspiration to raise a modest 100 there s no sign of Lynn hanging up her brushes and she s currently looking for help in setting up a website so people who don t do social media can join in I d like to get to 8 000 she says Bob was one of eight abandoned puppies brought into the centre so that would be 1 000 for each of those puppies And then I suppose I ll just keep going No doubt this will come as a relief to all the rockers who enjoy being part of the Bob s Rocks community as much as they enjoy spending their spare time poking about the place for rocks A few days after the garden party I hear Sarah and Sam have in their words set Ula free with a small group of fellow rockers turning out to wave her on her way A message Kay Stewart is a contemporary pet portrait artist from Essex She focuses on bringing out the unique qualities of your pets character immortalising them forever on Facebook tells everyone it s game on and Ula s rock is sitting in some devious nook or cranny awaiting discovery Speaking as someone not given to sentimentality towards rocks in general I have to report this is a strangely emotive moment Perhaps it s because Lynn has captured Ula so well on that rock and it feels as if a small part of my dog s spirit and she has plenty of that is out there Or maybe it s the thought that her rock is one of so many Most represent a treasured pet who knows or knew a loving home and it s heartwarming to think that together they can help other animals to find the loving homes they deserve Lynn and her rockers might be having lots of fun but they re doing something else too Devised by the rockers themselves the slogan behind Bob s Rocks says it all helping pets in need one rock at a time P Leads to follow Check out Bob s Rocks www facebook com groups bobsnawtyrocks To take part in the Halloween rock hunt to be held in the vicinity of Carn Brea Castle near Redruth in Cornwall from 29th to 31st October go to the Events page on Bob s Rocks Facebook group to register and pay entry fee National Animal Welfare Trust www nawt org uk For further details on how to commission Kay email kay kaystewartartwork com or call her directly on 07815596026 www kaystewartartwork com www facebook com kaystewartartwork www instagram com kay stewart artwork June 2020 Dogs Today 31

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Obituaries Your tributes If you want to pay tribute to a departed pet or have a suggestion for a lost star dog write to us at the address on page 3 or email editorial dogstodaymagazine co uk and put Tribute in the subject line Betty 28 March 2007 to 18 June 2021 Golden Oak Elizabeth The Third more colloquially known as Betty was born in our home a grouchy puppy She grew up to be a grouchy adult and went on to become a very grouchy very old bitch Happy to stick by us on walks and let our other Newfies play with strange dogs at the park she was prone to fits of jealous barking every time she saw my brother with a girlfriend and was more than capable of showing us her disapproval by looking at us from a distance and pointedly refusing to come closer when beckoned I was on the receiving end of this attitude for a full day each time I returned to my parents home to visit for daring to leave in the first place We didn t always know precisely what it was that offended her but in the end we could win her back with a treat and some cuddles Despite her best efforts to be aloof she was at heart a very loving dog As she grew well past a Newfoundland s normal life expectancy without a single white hair on her face although she did occasionally start barking at the walls we joked she must be immortal and that she and my grandmother would outlive us all proceeding to be grouchy old ladies together long after we were all gone Of course it was not to be over time Betty developed arthritis and when she became unable to stand and walk a few steps my family knew it was time to let her go She went peacefully in the same home she was born in and I like to think that in the end even she had nothing to complain about Alessandra Pacelli From Facebook WE ASKED OUR FACEBOOK FOLLOWERS TO TELL US WHAT CELEBRITIES THEIR DOGS RESEMBLED Michelle Nunn Marley and Boris Julia Scott David Cassidy because of his perfectly parted feathered hair David Matthew Williams It may just be me but I think my Daisy resembles Emmett Kelly 32 Dogs Today October 2021 Tena Marcum Dixie as Falkor from The Neverending Story Lindsey Pearson Sox developed his grey hair to look just like George Clooney very distinguished Carla Bridges Pace Abbie s nickname is Samuelle Jackson Kirsten Foulkes Animal from the Muppets Dog Insurance with up to 30 off Visit theinsuranceemporium co uk DT99 or call 03300 243 980 today Entertainment Leisure Insurance Services Entertainment Leisure Insurance Services Limited and Lifestyle Policy Limited are appointed representatives of The Equine and Livestock Insurance Company Limited The Insurance Emporium is a trading name of The Equine and Livestock Insurance Company Limited registered in England and Wales no 294940 which is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority no 202748 The 30 discount is made up of 20 Introductory Discount plus 10 Multi pet Discount if appropriate The Introductory Discount is available for the rst 12 premium payments on lunar and calendar monthly policies or one premium payment on annual policies O er ends 31 12 2021 and is only redeemable on monthly policies and not where premiums are paid annually Our Defaqto 5 Star Rating applies to Lifetime Gold Pet Insurance policies

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Postbag Your news views The Dog Chef ADVERTISING FEATURE Get in touch When her German Shepherd Dog Marco developed allergies Ann marie Morgan was determined to find the answer Now she has launched a range of natural homemade dog treat baking mixes for others just like him We love to hear your news and views and see photos of your dogs Join the debate BIRTHDAY GIRL This is Bella on her birthday She even got a pretzel with a candle in Sarah Whelan Voice your opinions on news stories and other topics on our Dogs Today Magazine Facebook page or through our website www dogstodaymagazine co uk SKY S LIFELINE It is now 30 years since breed specific legislation was introduced prohibiting or restricting particular breeds or types of dog As a volunteer walking stray council pound dogs with my mum I saw many dogs come through the kennels that were put to sleep after seven days as they had no owner to fight for them All these dogs were lovely and could have gone on to make lovely family pets if it were not for their looks or measurements One of these dogs was called Sky I was determined to save her life and I did with the help of friends and DDA Watch but it was not without heartache and Sky sacrificing several years of her life in police kennels while we did all we could to save her It was an emotional rollercoaster We walked played and loved Sky at the kennels for two years before the police seized her because she was a Pit Bull We were told by almost everyone it would be impossible to save Sky as keepership could only change 34 Dogs Today October 2021 if the original owner was ill or dying But we did not give up even though we didn t realise the fight we had on our hands DDA Watch helped support us and raise funds along with good friends and amazing solicitors a barrister and QC There were so many highs and lows and it took six court cases of fighting to save her but after nearly two years of Sky being in police kennels she was finally allowed home to us with my mum as her new keeper Sky remembered us straight away and never looked back we could never begin to explain how much she means to our family Sky has continued to be the most wonderful dog it is hard to believe that she was going to be killed because of the beautiful way she looks We ended up in the High Court Although unfortunately we couldn t completely change the law her case has made it so that someone for the time being in charge of a typed dog can now go forward in court to save a typed dog Since Sky s case many other typed dogs have been able to be saved because of this We are so happy that her case enabled this to happen but there is such a long way to go and we hope one day all typed dogs can live their lives with those who love them and without restrictions Eleanor Singer Ann marie with Marco Email editorial dogstodaymagazine co uk Write to us at Dogs Today The Old Print House 62 High Street Chobham Surrey GU24 8AA D ogs develop allergies for a number of reasons In the case of one year old Marco it was allergens in his commercial food and treats So while her husband retrained as a dog nutritionist Ann marie began home cooking and baking for her beloved dog The transformation was as remarkable as it was instant Seven years on now aged eight GSD Marco still has a youthful spring in his step to match the joyful twinkle in his large brown eyes Marco s homemade dog treats like his meals were made with dogsafe human grade ingredients Dogs are omnivores says Annmarie They can enjoy and benefit from a huge range of fresh natural ingredients The wider the variety of food and treats I gave Marco the healthier he became Ann marie discovered that not only did Marco thrive on his new diet he derived obvious pleasure from the whole cooking and baking process He loved the sounds and the smells of cooking almost as much as he enjoyed eating the finished results she says This gave Ann marie the idea for her Bake Treat baking mixes with recipes approved by her now fully qualified dog nutritionist husband They are like cake mixes only for baking dog treats she explains The mixes which contain all the necessary dry ingredients allow dog parents to bake tasty www thedogchef co uk homemade treats knowing they re healthy and 100 natural They re simple to bake take very little time and contain no additives or preservatives of any kind People can eat them too says Ann marie Just ask my husband Marco and his sister Ava barely get a look in sometimes No word of a lie I ve even been known to have to make another batch for the dogs P BAKE TREAT DOG TREAT BAKING MIXES Tasty healthy and 100 natural Human grade ingredients Dog nutritionist approved No additives preservatives or synthetic ingredients All dry ingredients included Simple to bake perfect for junior bakers All mixes wheat free Gluten free options Dog treats so healthy you can eat them too New Spirulina Detox Treat Mix just launched Loyalty points scheme Hand blended in the UK October 2021 Dogs Today 35

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Words CLARE ANDRUSYK S o many people have varying ideas about the term ethical and what it means It is a hugely emotive subject that continues to divide our country But before I start talking about what ethical breeding is about I should tell you who I am and why I m qualified to speak on this subject Twenty two years ago my now husband and I bought our first family dog a Rottweiler pup from a home breeder who requested using him at stud when he was older She paid for all the testing and he went on to be a stud to bitches she chose and I learnt a great deal We bought a second Rottie this time a female and I went on to have my own first litter of puppies My first experience was not the best I learnt a lot particularly with regards to buyers A question of ethics Dobermann puppies Photo posed by models What is a great ethical breeder The short answer is it depends on who you speak to 38 and their intent I managed to find an amazing mentor from that point on who would shape who I am and my ethics today I cannot say I did not make mistakes along the way I don t think any breeder could say that Fast forward to the present day and I am a well known in home breeder mentoring hundreds of other small breeders and I am also an accredited force free dog trainer and behaviour consultant My niche is training the puppies I breed in general obedience sending them to new homes with lifelong skills OFF LICENCE It s a common misconception that ethical breeders are all licensed My issue with the dog breeding licence is the star rating We have some of the best in home small breeders who pour their life and soul into the dogs they breed but they are categorised the same as industrialscale commercial breeders and yet they do a much better job at raising puppies These are the breeders who seek to improve the breed for quality not breed for quantity and cash What is worse is that when they are first inspected they get given a low star rating as they ve not been licensed for three years But this is not their fault they didn t need to be licensed until the law passed in 2018 Suddenly we have excellent breeders with low star ratings which is misleading to the general public Meanwhile you have industrialscale breeders kicking out enormous numbers of puppies for years whose only interest is to make profit and yet they have a potentially higher rating Higher standard licence ratings can give the same number of stars to those who lock their puppies up in a kennel overnight as the ones who live and sleep with their puppies in the home spending every waking minute of the day with them That is what I call injustice I recently watched an expert speaker interview on the Behaviour Bible course from the School of Canine Science Daniel Weigibilly named quantity breeders as producers I think he hit the nail on the head Defra should categorise producers and breeders accordingly Kennel raised puppies and home raised puppy breeders should not even be in the same classification as each other and should be clearly distinguished SO WHAT IS A GREAT ETHICAL BREEDER They will strive to ensure the puppies they raise will not end up in rescue and suffer from a potential behaviour problem that could have been avoided They don t own too many dogs than they are able to provide adequate provision training and care for Too many dogs in the home and or not enough mental stimulation or exercise can cause heightened stress to the dam We have some of the best in home small breeders who pour their life and soul into the dogs they breed but they are categorised the same as industrial scale commercial breeders during pregnancy Maternal stress will cause more stress hormones being passed to the unborn puppies predisposing them to being more anxious than the average dog later in life They should be able to prove their breeding dogs temperaments around the general public and other dogs You often see breeders posting about their puppies but not a lot about their breeding adults leading a normal life exploring parks and interacting with other dogs people The personality and temperaments of the parents can have an impact on how your own puppy s personality turns out as an adult They home raise in a family environment where the puppies will be suitably habituated and desensitised to normal living Puppies who have been raised in kennels or kept in pens will take much longer to fall into normal household life than those who haven t This leaves new owners with a much harder job with regards to toilet training and anxiety problems among others They have a good degree of knowledge about their breed and the natural traits they possess They know how to vet their new owners and assess their ability to cope with their new dog as it grows Owners who buy a dog for looks only can then be avoided as these are the ones that will possibly find they ve made a mistake later down the line They live and breathe their puppies for eight weeks ensuring all their needs are met They are not abandoned for endless hours while the breeder goes to work There is a lot of enrichment mental stimulation and training to be done during the puppies time with the breeder Being left in a pen for hours to play is not ideal This time could be spent toilet training for example making new owners lives better and ensuring puppies won t endure being reprimanded for a behaviour they haven t learnt much about Puppies left to their own devices will learn some unwanted behaviours that stay October 2021 Dogs Today 39

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Australian Shepherd Dogs Photo posed by models dog and are less likely to change their mind down the line They will provide a puppy contract and lifelong support A great breeder will want to know where their puppies end up so will have a contract in place for new owners to return their puppies or have assisted rehoming via themselves Lifelong support will be offered and possible connection with other new owners of the litter And finally remember that being licensed doesn t necessarily mean you have found an excellent breeder Some amazing breeders do not need licensing and do not breed for profit They probably own one dog Some licensed breeders are mass producers of puppies who have checked some boxes on some council paperwork and that is only what counted What matters is reputation and how much you can research into them as a person WHERE TO GO Great ethical breeders live and breathe their puppies for eight weeks ensuring all their needs are met They are not abandoned for endless hours while the breeder goes to work with them into adulthood I am a big believer in space freedom to get away from others when needed and freedom to explore the environment under supervision Do they rehome their dogs when they retire from breeding This can be a sign of someone who doesn t look at their dogs as treasured family pets they re only a means to make profit This can be an emotive subject of course I am sure sometimes there are genuine reasons for rehoming one or two dogs but when you have made it your career to study dogs and their connection to 40 Dogs Today October 2021 their human owners you simply wouldn t be able treat them as cash cows They should DNA test for the relevant genetic conditions known in their breed and they should test the COI coefficiency of inbreeding if and where possible as inbreeding can impact the quality of the breed and its health They should have a structured rigorous application process for new owners Owners who have been on a waiting list rather than buying a puppy on the spot are far more likely to have planned and considered getting a new Reputation and recommendation is always your best bet Google and Facebook reviews can be an interesting read if breeders have business pages on them The UK now has Tailwise which personally screens breeders for reputation and their ethical code The scheme is aimed at small breeders of any breed of dog it does not limit itself The Assured Breeders Scheme is part of the Kennel Club and its breeders are inspected and are assessed by a trained Kennel Club assessor However breeders are unable to be part of this scheme if they do not own a Kennel Club registered dog so potential puppy buyers may miss out on finding some fabulous breeders out there Researching breeders is an absolute must Months of work must be put in to find your perfect future pet not just a couple of hours of web browsing Impulse buying must be stopped puppy dealers and producers prey on the impulse buyers for their mass sales Impulse buyers are those that decide they want a dog find an advert and walk away with a puppy probably all in the same day The only way we can prevent that is to educate as much as we can P

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W My Dog Crush Photos by Tim Rose www timrosephotography co uk ith bags of energy and a great sense of fun Cockapoos are perfect for people who enjoy getting out and about and playing games with their dog Sponsored by For Dog People by Dog People Because your dog deserves the BEST NO MORE PULLING NO MORE RIDING UP NO MORE RUBBING NO MORE COMING OFF NO MORE DISCOMFORT REVOLUTIONARY HEADCOLLAR Our survey of Cockapoo owners revealed Awarded Best Dog Collar Manufacturer 2018 UK Winners 2013 2019 Dogmatic UK Ltd is on Facebook Endorsed by Dr David Sands BSc PhD CFBA Fellow of the Canine Feline Behaviour Association Call to join the ever growing number of people changing to Dogmatic 01952 245330 or visit us at www dogmatic org uk Character Photos posed by models M any of us have dog crushes soft spots for breeds or types that we love but know we ll probably never own for lots of terribly sensible reasons Maybe you don t have enough hours in the day for the dog you dream of Perhaps you have a wandering eye and there are just too many dogs to fit into a lifetime Or you already have a house squashed full of adored allsorts that chose you In this feature we go through popular dog crushes and take a fresh look at what it would be like to actually live with them 42 Dogs Today October 2021 Cockapoo Cockapoos or Cockerpoos if you prefer are a cross between a Cocker Spaniel either American or English and a Poodle in any size but Miniature is most common Both breeds are clever and lively so Cockapoos should respond well to training and they are definitely full of beans She is the most loyal happy obedient friend who is as cuddly as a teddy bear says one owner Always happy just always says another Coat care Cockapoos are often believed to be completely nonshedding dogs because of their Poodle heritage In fact only about a third of our sample have tight Poodle curls Half of them have looser curls and don t shed very much while around 10 have more spaniel like hair and do shed Cockapoos need to be combed regularly and most go to a professional groomer every couple of months Exercise Training Only a third of our sample have reliable recall the rest are not always to be trusted in the face of distractions They like to chase things and can often be kept entertained with a ball Most of our sample get at least one hour s walk a day and they appreciate some play time If you manage to channel their exuberance they can do well at canine activities such as agility Cockapoos can be destructive when bored and especially when they are young They re a train wreck when they re puppies warns one owner Health The health tests will depend on the parents used the breed of Cocker and size of Poodle Check out the Kennel Club breed information regarding health testing for the specific breeds involved in a potential pup s parentage For Dog People by Dog People Because your dog deserves the BEST NO MORE PULLING NO MORE RIDING UP NO MORE RUBBING NO MORE COMING OFF NO MORE DISCOMFORT REVOLUTIONARY HEADCOLLAR Awarded Best Dog Collar Manufacturer 2018 UK Winners 2013 2019 Dogmatic UK Ltd is on Facebook Endorsed by Dr David Sands BSc PhD CFBA Fellow of the Canine Feline Behaviour Association Call to join the ever growing number of people changing to Dogmatic 01952 245330 or visit us at www dogmatic org uk October 2021 Dogs Today 43

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Origins M any people mistakenly believe that Cockapoos along with other so called designer breeds are a modern fad In fact the Cockapoo has been around since the 1950s when American breeders began crossing Cockers and Poodles in a bid to create the ideal companion Traits Affectionate Lottie Cheeky Gruff Clever Waffles Friendly Winnie Sweet Humphrey Energetic Noodle Alfie Pickle Downsides Best names Can be a bit vocal Prone to separation anxiety May chew when bored Owner s view C olette Hall and her family live with two year old Cockapoo Lottie Colette first took a fancy to the breed because a friend had one that was beautiful loyal and loving Lottie has similar traits she s also very playful especially with the children She s daft when she s out on her walks but calm and gentle in the house She is well behaved hasn t chewed anything she shouldn t have and has learnt a few tricks Cockapoos are very definitely Velcro dogs says Colette She follows me everywhere and likes to sit on you As long as you don t mind that Colette says she can t see any downsides at all Everyone adores her Photos posed by models My Dog Crush Best Facebook Groups Keep Calm and Papillon Papillon Lovers For Dog People by Dog People Because your dog deserves the BEST NO MORE PULLING NO MORE RIDING UP NO MORE RUBBING NO MORE COMING OFF NO MORE DISCOMFORT REVOLUTIONARY HEADCOLLAR Awarded Best Dog Collar Manufacturer 2018 UK Winners 2013 2019 Dogmatic UK Ltd is on Facebook Endorsed by Dr David Sands BSc PhD CFBA Fellow of the Canine Feline Behaviour Association Call to join the ever growing number of people changing to Dogmatic 01952 245330 or visit us at www dogmatic org uk 44 Dogs Today October 2021 October 2021 Dogs Today 45

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My Dog Crush Love the breed Shop the breed Cockapoo cushion covers in various dog colours 12 95 from Doodlecards Boutique on etsy com A Dozen Dapper Dogs these Cockapoo looking Photos posed by models chocs cast from 40 milk chocolate are almost too cute to eat 8 from Hotel Chocolat stores or online at www hotelchocolat com Cockapoo antics v This gift boxed Pot Buddy is frost proof and v Cockapoo facemasks in a selection of prints UVA resistant for outdoor use though they are often used indoors on mirrors fruit bowls vases or anything else with a lip 10 99 from Jardinopia on etsy com sizes and styles including with a nosewire option From 5 for a child s fitted mask to 10 for an adult s pleated mask with nosewire From BugsTogs on etsy com Plays football with paws as if a human being even to the point of tackling Wraps her head in her blanket and pushes it along the floor like a mop He has a squeaky ball that he likes to sing along to He will find it and bring it to me start squeaking it and howling Handmade Throws a ball down the stairs chases it and then runs back up again to repeat ceramic heart 10 95 from Paint My Dog on etsy com and a personalised tree hanging 9 95 from Doodlecards Boutique on etsy com Best Facebook groups Cockapoo UK Cockapoo Owners Club UK For Dog People by Dog People For Dog People by Dog People Because your dog deserves the BEST NO MORE PULLING NO MORE RIDING UP NO MORE RUBBING NO MORE COMING OFF NO MORE DISCOMFORT REVOLUTIONARY HEADCOLLAR Awarded Best Dog Collar Manufacturer 2018 UK Because your dog deserves the BEST NO MORE PULLING NO MORE RIDING UP NO MORE RUBBING NO MORE COMING OFF NO MORE DISCOMFORT REVOLUTIONARY HEADCOLLAR Winners 2013 2019 Dogmatic UK Ltd is on Facebook Awarded Best Dog Collar Manufacturer 2018 UK Winners 2013 2019 Dogmatic UK Ltd is on Facebook Endorsed by Dr David Sands BSc PhD CFBA Fellow of the Canine Feline Behaviour Association Endorsed by Dr David Sands BSc PhD CFBA Fellow of the Canine Feline Behaviour Association Call to join the ever growing number of people changing to Dogmatic 01952 245330 or visit us at www dogmatic org uk Call to join the ever growing number of people changing to Dogmatic 01952 245330 or visit us at www dogmatic org uk 46 Dogs Today October 2021 October 2021 Dogs Today 47

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Victoria Stilwell the dog is bored rather than panicked This is important as it determines how I will tackle the treatment plan I can usually tell the cause pretty quickly through observation which I pair with the physical indicators of destruction I have already observed along with the dog s history that clients have given me A new pandemic People are returning to their offices after working from home and many dogs are not able to cope with the separation Victoria Stilwell is a world renowned dog trainer best known as the creator and host of the international hit TV series It s Me or the Dog as well as Greatest American Dog on CBS Dogs Might Fly on Sky One and her web series about police K9s and their handlers Guardians of the Night A passionate advocate for positive dog training methods she is the founder of the Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training Behavior www vsdta com and the CEO of Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training www vspdt com Visit www positively com for news about Victoria s work and details about her books The Secret Language of Dogs Train Your Dog Positively and It s Me or the Dog Illustrations KEVIN BROCKBANK 48 Dogs Today October 2021 S eparation anxiety also known as separation distress syndrome or panic disorder is a diagnosable anxiety disorder that does not get better on its own It can be a distressing behaviour for dogs to experience and for people to live with but it is fixable with an effective separation anxiety protocol The success of a protocol depends on caregivers following a plan that is put into place by an experienced positive trainer but these plans take time and can be hard for people to continually follow Successful modification can be a multi month process Dogs and humans have a mutual need to form social attachments and while most dogs may suffer from a little separation distress at times they soon learn to cope with their caregiver s absence Attachment issues stem from an evolutionary mechanism that is present in all social animals including humans It exists to protect individuals from dangers that might occur when separated from their social group and is therefore an important mechanism for survival Removing the protective individual can result in anxiety and distress for the dog that is attached to them Separation anxiety is a welfare issue for dogs and people because of the stress worry fear anxiety discomfort panic and physiological complications that dogs experience Stress manifests itself through behaviour that can be extreme as well as destructive including intermittent or continual barking pacing and restlessness toileting in the house foaming at the mouth vomiting eating through walls or jumping through windows This level of stress and panic is extremely harmful and means that dogs with separation anxiety can never be left completely alone during the teaching process Caregivers also experience a wide range of emotions including frustration sadness anger detachment exhaustion and feelings of isolation Dogs that suffer with separation anxiety can display anything from minor to major destruction when left alone This destruction is normally focused on points of entry such as doors and windows or places and objects that are more intimately associated with a caregiver such as shoes beds or sofas Chewing releases pleasurable endorphins that promote feelings of calm just as some humans release tension by biting their nails Even if the destruction is extensive punishing a dog with separation anxiety is ineffective and only serves to increase anxiety CONSTANT COMPANY TRIGGERING ACTIONS I am often asked why some dogs suffer with separation anxiety while others are perfectly fine being left alone Dogs like people are different I have terrible separation anxiety when I m away from my family while friends of mine that also travel a lot have no problem being away from theirs But there are other reasons for separation anxiety that might play a part including genetics Some dogs are predisposed to have attachment issues Some are removed from the mother too young Some have a history of abandonment often seen in dogs that are adopted from shelters or other rescue situations And some lack experience of being alone and are then unable to cope when left something we are seeing more of because of the pandemic Before making a training plan I will first assess how severe the anxiety panic is This includes remotely observing how dogs react before during and after people leave Watching the dog s behaviour via a webcam while clients go about their daily rituals gives me a lot of important information about how the dog behaves before any departure cues are seen Does the dog continually follow their caregivers around while they are at home and is there a particular caregiver that the dog attaches itself to I then ask clients to do their usual leaving rituals to determine what situational and environmental cues trigger the anxiety Is it when clients pick up their keys put on a coat pick up a bag apply make up or tie their shoes People tend to be ritualistic and perform the same behaviours each time they leave the house making it easier for dogs to pick up on their leaving cues REMOTE LEARNING After clients leave the home I remotely observe the dog s behaviour and record the length of time before the first signs of anxiety panic occur Even though every dog is different I look for specific body language and vocalisations to determine how severe the separation anxiety is or to see if the destruction for example has occurred because Dogs with separation anxiety usually target their destruction on points of entrance and exit or target human scented items such as chairs beds sofas and other commonly handled items such as TV remote controls pens and glasses I never let the dog get too anxious and will have people return within a short amount of time so that I can observe the dog s behaviour on their return All these observations give me valuable information on how to proceed Treatment begins with effective management which focuses on how clients manage their environment or daily schedule to set their dog up for success This includes ensuring the dog is not left alone at any time during the training period or until he or she shows less signs of anxiety during training trials It is critical that the dog does not experience high levels of stress on a daily basis Other management solutions include taking the dog to doggy daycare if clients have to work hiring sitters and dog walkers taking the dog to work taking the dog to dog friendly dining if people want to go out for a meal and asking family and friends to help Even if dogs attach themselves to one particular person they can usually cope being away from that person if they can have different enriching experiences such as playing with other dogs in a daycare situation I never confine dogs with separation anxiety in crates or other small spaces as confinement disempowers these October 2021 Dogs Today 49

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start building duration when the client leaves This is done very slowly so the dog is always kept under their reactive threshold n ur y MUSIC THERAPY dogs and serves to exacerbate the condition I like to focus on giving clients enrichment activities they can give their dogs while they are at home that encourage independence and self play These might include puzzle toys that the dog can focus on without the client being present or distance promoting activities that encourage dogs to move away from the person they are attached to Affected dogs usually follow a particular person around the home so these activities serve an important purpose They give dogs small short experiences being away from the person when they are in the house together an important first step in the recovery process I then carefully incorporate pre departure and postdeparture cues and triggers Usual departure rituals now have different consequences For example instead of the action 50 Dogs Today October 2021 and sound of picking up keys resulting in departure picking up car keys means that the person might go and do the washing up sit on the sofa and watch TV or go into the garden and do some weeding Identifiable triggers that previously had only one meaning now have different consequences Varying and changing consequences to a person s usual departure ritual becomes a part of everyday life and means that the dog becomes less anxious when these items are handled BUILDING INDEPENDENCE Departures that usually happen through the front door now sometimes happen through the back and when people leave through an entrance and exit point they immediately return Once the dog sees that leaving though a door means that a person is going to come straight back we are at a good place to Music plays a large part in the protocols I use and I pair another protocol with Through A Dog s Ear specially designed bio acoustic music that discharges a dog s nervous system promoting a feeling of calm Dogs recognise patterns in music as well as patterns in human speech so I use this to my advantage I build a positive association with the music by having clients play it when they are at home and when the dog is happy and calm This music can then be played during short periods of alone time as long as clients continue to use it when they are home This prevents the music becoming a departure cue in itself and triggering anxiety You can find out more information on how I pair music along with my separation anxiety protocol at https icalmpet com product separation anxiety Sometimes it is hard to measure success but when departure cues no longer produce a stress reaction and the dog is generally calmer I know we are on the right path There is a better and quicker case resolution if clients are motivated but I take care to go at a pace that dogs and clients can cope with I always work alongside a vet or vet behaviourist so that there is extra support for clients and their dogs Depending on the severity of the disorder medication might be needed to support a behavioural modification plan during and after treatment With time and a lot of patience dogs with separation anxiety issues can learn to cope but treatment can be longwinded and clients can become discouraged if they do not see immediate results This is why I always manage expectations right from the start which helps clients cope better with what can be a long road ahead P Is your dog urinating more often and in pain The complete solution for urinary health Palatable tablet and powder form Natural protection of the lower urinary tract Green tea acts as an anti inflammatory Cranberry pulp for anti adhesive action Melon acts as an antioxidant For more information and to view our full companion animal range visit www vetark co uk products dogs cats

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The enigmatic black backed jackal has long been the focus of fascination featuring I recall the scene as if it were yesterday Within the thicket lay an untidy clearing of flattened winter grass and the bloated remains of a black rhinoceros killed in territorial battle by a rival The carcass was whitewashed with the guano of a hundred vultures and the stench was profound The slovenly carrion birds adorned every available tree for a square kilometre An enormous male lion gnawed on one of the haunches all the while eyeballing the circling hyenas who were all absolutely clear as to their fate if they should venture closer to the feeding king The grass off to the right parted momentarily and a neat longmuzzled fox like creature trotted confidently into view then promptly snatched up a discarded morsel right next to the lion and simply retreated out of sight A black backed jackal never misses a chance to snatch an opportunity Black backed jackals are an ever present feature on safari in southern and eastern Africa and are always on the outskirts of any activity that may involve food I ve seen them on the Skeleton Coast of Namibia hovering around Cape fur seal colonies hoping to grab a neglected pup or hoover up an afterbirth I ve watched them hunting mice on the fynbos 52 Dogs Today October 2021 covered expanses of the Cape peninsula and I ve seen them on the periphery of countless carcasses killed by bigger beasts in Kruger Savuti Etosha Serengeti and a hundred other parks and protected areas I ve even heard them That unmistakable forlorn wailing siren song on the outskirts of towns and villages in a dozen or more African countries They are often maligned and misunderstood and they are incredibly fascinating Science regards the species today as Lupulella mesomelas Mesomelas is from the Latin meso middle and melas black referencing the dark saddlelike black marking on the back Interestingly both the black backed jackal and the close relative the side striped jackal L adusta have just recently been shifted from the Canis genus to Lupulella A mitochondrial DNA sequence alignment for the wolf like canids showed both African jackals being the base members of this clade indicating an African origin Because of this deep divergence between the black backed jackal and the rest of the wolf like canids one author proposed to change the genus from Canis to Lupulella Then in 2019 a workshop hosted by the IUCN SSC Canid Specialist Group the world s chief body of scientific and practical expertise on the status and conservation of all canid species recommended that because DNA evidence showed that the side striped jackal Canis adustus and black backed jackal Canis mesomelas formed a lineage that sits outside of the Canis Cuon Lycaon clade they should be placed in the distinct genus of Lupulella FAMILY TREE Two sub species occur L m mesomelas in Southern Africa and Angola and L m schmidti in East Africa The black backed jackal is a fox like canid with a slender body long legs and large ears It is similar to the closely related sidestriped jackal though its skull and dentition are more robust and the incisors much sharper It weighs between 6 and 13kg and stands 38 48cm at the shoulder The body length varies from 67 81cm The main colour is reddish brown to tan which is particularly pronounced on the flanks and legs A black saddle intermixed with silvery hair extends from the shoulders to the base of the tail A long black stripe extending along the flanks separates the saddle from the rest of the body and can be used to differentiate individuals The tail is bushy and tipped with black The lips throat chest and in African folklore across generations inner surface of the limbs are white The winter coat is a much deeper reddish brown The black backed jackal is a monogamous and territorial animal The basic social unit is a monogamous mated pair who defend a territory by laying scat and urine on range boundaries Scent marking is usually done in tandem and the pair will aggressively repel intruders Such encounters are usually prevented as the pair vocalises to advertise its presence within a territory It is a highly vocal species particularly in Southern Africa Sounds made by the species include yelling yelping woofing whining growling and cackling It communicates with group members and advertises its presence by a high pitched whining howl and expresses alarm through an explosive cry followed by shorter high pitched yelps Mating takes place primarily from late May to August with a gestation period of 60 days Pups are born from July to October Summer births are thought to be timed to coincide with population peaks of vlei rats and four striped grass mice while winter births are timed for ungulate calving seasons Litters consist of one to nine pups born blind For the first three weeks of their lives the pups are kept under constant surveillance by their mother while the sire and any previous offspring still with their parents provide food The pups open their eyes after 8 10 days and emerge from the den at the age of three weeks They are weaned at 8 9 weeks and can hunt by themselves at six months Sexual maturity is attained at 11 months Grown pups may disperse at about one year of age though some remain in their natal territories to assist their parents in raising the next generation of pups The average lifespan in the wild is seven years though captive specimens can live twice as long Black backed jackals are omnivores and have an enormously varied diet It includes invertebrates such as beetles grasshoppers crickets termites millipedes spiders and scorpions as well as mammals such as rodents hares and young antelopes up to the size of Topi calves They typically kill tall prey by biting at the legs and loins and frequently go for the throat Peter Neville with dingo by Andrew Rae Rae Safaris Johannesburg Peter Neville above was an Adjunct Professor at the Ohio State University USA for many years and one of the co founders of the cutting edge behaviour and training course provider Coape the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology see www coape org VARIED DIET Black backed jackals also feed on carrion birds and their eggs lizards and snakes A pair in the Kalahari desert were even observed killing a kori bustard the largest flying native African bird and on a separate occasion a black mamba In the Serengeti woodlands of Tanzania they feed heavily on African grass rats during the dry season hunt young gazelles impala topi and warthog all over East Africa Black backed jackals also occasionally feed on fruit and berries when available quick sugary snacks to keep them going In South Africa these jackals frequently prey on antelope primarily impala and occasionally duiker reedbuck and steenbok hares hoofed livestock insects and rodents They also prey on small carnivores such as mongooses polecats and wildcats On Namibia s coastline jackals feed primarily on marine birds mainly Cape and white breasted cormorants and African penguins certain marine mammals when on land such as Cape fur seals fish mussels accessible at low tide and any beached carrion they can scavenge Like most canids the black backed jackal caches surplus food but unlike many pet dogs remembers very well where everything is stored and hidden Black backed jackals feature prominently in the folklore of the Bushmen Khoisan often involving the lion whom it frequently outsmarts or betrays with its superior intelligence One story Andrew Rae with African Painted Dog Black backed jackal Jay Roode Safari adventures Peter now works as an ethology guide with our guest author Andrew Rae of Rae Safaris above specialising in tracking and studying African Wild Dogs and other large predators all over southern and East Africa and on Iceafaris in Antarctica www raesafaris co za When he is not doing that he lives in Helsinki Finland with his partner Stella Spooch their Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and two loud cats Peter has presented a canine behavioural case history for Dogs Today from his behaviour practices in the UK and South Africa since our very first issue and has invited Andrew to step in to write the current special series covering Africa s wild canids including foxes and hyenas Peter and Andrew have just finished writing a book Memoirs of a Safari Guide with former Dogs Today cartoonist Russell Jones covering their many amazing and hilarious experiences in Africa Publication is due later this year October 2021 Dogs Today 53

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Black backed jackal Jay Roode Safari adventures explains that the black backed jackal gained its dark saddle when it offered to carry the sun on its back An alternative account comes from another Bushman group the Kung who tell of a jackal receiving the burnt back as a punishment for its thieving ways Black backed jackals are major vectors for disease including the canine forms of adenovirus parvovirus and distemper They are almost synonymous with the spread of rabies in rural areas in Southern Africa They are much maligned and considered vermin by Southern Africa s small livestock farming community and much has been written and expressed through the ages about the farmer s hatred for this species and their rapacious hunting of sheep and goats I suppose the fact that the species continues to thrive in sheep and goat farming country despite heavy persecution is a testament to 54 Dogs Today October 2021 their wily and adaptable behaviour and their innate ability to survive regardless Far from being vermin they are to me as quintessential to the bushveld desert and savanna safari experience as lion elephant or giraffe They are most distinctly African plucky wily and elegantly proportioned and their eerie and mournful vocals have a way of arresting even the liveliest of fireside conversations They speak to me of freedom of wildness and an inexorable and irrepressible desire to survive and no safari trip with Rae Safaris is really complete without the sight or sound of a jackal or two P

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Tea break Put the kettle on and have a go at our competitions Winners of the Breedsearch Cross Question and Caption Competition will receive a bottle of the wonderful shampoo from The Missing Range from Completely Conkers Caption this In the ring Unscramble the jumbled letters in the circles Breedsearch B B Can you find three top notch trainers that would score well in Scrabble I C O L O U R T T E E P B C E G E E L B A S U R E T U R O A N K E X B R Just for fun Z R I D E I N D L E T T E C I G I B B E S I M O T N A H P H E D O G S A C C B E I B D S A B ET ME VS I D O L R D B E E R N T E M P N D B O I N E T D E C E T R T K I L L U Z A L P L E R Z L L J I S O L C A K N O L A A O T O T L N E H N C H E E E C E D O M I N O E K E E F D L O L F L E C K E D E P I E O L B L D E T T O P S T S M E X C A R H J Q I L Q N P H S O O P C G Search up down forward backward and on the diagonal to find the dog coat colours Speckled Ticked Roan Blanket Patched Tuxedo Phantom Domino Grizzled Brindle NN Eight lucky winners of the Breedsearch picked at random will win a bottle of luxury dog shampoo from The Missing Range from Completely Conkers and the winners of the Cross Question and Caption Competition will each win a bottle too This bespoke collection of natural dog grooming products is blended using only the finest pure essential oils that smell divine Each shampoo features a very special missing dog The range is dedicated to all missing dogs wherever they may be and is inspired by Conker a much loved Spanish Water Dog who went missing on 22 November 2013 in Oxfordshire and has not yet been found The manufacturer s greatest wish is to reunite the featured long lost dogs by telling their stories on the bottles of Completely Conkers The first lost dogs to appear will be Izzy Megan Chester Lexi Hansum Hugo and of course Conker You can hear each dog s story in their owners own words at https completelyconkers co uk Speak softly don t call whistle or chase Contact owner if you are actively looking for a missing dog Use slow movements show you are not a threat Don t approach head on at speed BUD Can you come up with a witty and amusing caption for this photo You can t judge a book by its cover until you taste it If the dog runs away don t chase Follow from a distance stopping and dropping if the dog turns around Don t attempt to catch or restrain the dog unless you re confident that you will get him or her the first time How to enter Send your Breedsearch Cross Question Caption Competition entries together with your contact details via email to comps dogstodaymagazine co uk or post to October Competitions Dogs Today The Old Print House 62 High Street Chobham Surrey GU24 8AA to arrive by 21 October 2021 September Caption Runners up Honey was quite disappointed when she realised she hadn t made the cover of the book and made her feelings heard Diane Lewis Cross Question Can you guess which breeds Willow s parents are The best raw diet Geraldine Holland The Natural Dog 100 recyclable Richard Horsfield Winning caption Julie Overstreet Taber Don t look directly at the dog avoid eye contact Lure with food if possible throwing it away from you but also not directly at the dog C Do you have a funny pic you d like us to feature Please email it to us at the address on the facing page STOP DROP THINK Sit crouch or lie on the ground keeping the dog in sight RAI Naturally I chewed it I m a dog Paula Anstee Storrie September Cross Question Solution Rolo s parents are a Rottweiler and a Belgian Shepherd Malinois The first correct answer came from Lynn Callaway In the ring answer A Steve Mann B Chirag Patel C Ian Dunbar 56 Dogs Today October 2021 October 2021 Dogs Today 57 Rottweiler Belgian Shepherd Malinois by Tim Rose www timrosephotography co uk What to do if you see a lost dog Sable Landseer Isabella Merle Tricolour Bicolour Spotted Flecked Blenheim Belton A Photo submitted via email K C S K L E A B E PLG CH

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Prize crossword Compiled by Gyles Brandreth Quick clues Down Across 4 And 4 Down Breed originally from Argyll 4 8 5 7 1 7 2 Malamute territory 6 4 And 4 Down Scottish breed handlers write their weight wrongly 4 8 5 7 Crufts top dog perhaps 6 Chinese breed whose name can be translated as sand skin 4 3 3 Description of breeds not acknowledged by the Kennel Club 12 8 Arthur J painter of children and their pets 6 9 Collie originally known as the Hairy Mountain Dog 7 10 Cart 5 5 Spaniard 5 12 Order given to Rover chasing stick 5 6 of Imaal Scottish breed of terrier 4 14 Yapping 7 11 Social outcasts 7 17 Teaches dog particular behaviour 6 13 Rough breed terriers 6 18 Make determined demand 6 15 Breed from mountainous region of Japan 5 19 Swiss breed 7 5 16 Ancient Egyptian goddess 4 2 5 3 Victor or Michael the film director 6 10 What dog s tail might do on railway truck 5 12 Get charity event shortened by church 5 14 Mad dog may be doing this 7 17 Teaches exercises 6 19 He nursed bone Perhaps for a dog 7 5 8 Down 9 1 10 11 12 13 3 Lurcher and Labradoodle are so undistinguished 12 16 17 Comic author has one dog from the Far East 4 3 2 Sadly Kay fails to finish a home for the Malamute 6 15 14 18 4 See 4 Across 22 6 The fellow of Imaal 4 Address ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ____________________________ Postcode _________________ Telephone _____________________________________________ Email address ___________________________________________ Breed type of dog _______________________________________ 58 Dogs Today October 2021 We occasionally loan our address list to charities and companies we feel may be of interest to you Please tick if you do not wish to receive this information Q 11 Outcasts ah noticed in French capital 7 13 Dogs from Australian location 6 15 Japanese breed seen in Turkish underground 5 16 Two islands and a river in Oxford 4 Win this The winner of this month s crossword will receive a pack of Soopa Kale and Apple Dental Sticks Find more Soopa dog treats at PurrfectlyYappy com How to enter Complete the crossword grid then post your entry to arrive by 21 October 2021 to October Crossword Dogs Today The Old Print House 62 High Street Chobham Surrey GU24 8AA The first correct entry pulled out of the hat after the closing date will win the prize The judge s decision is final This month to celebrate the announcement of the pet abduction offence one lucky subscriber will win a 2021 really counted for dogs mug Get a warm happy feeling every time you have a cuppa with the reminder that dogs will finally get the recognition that they are family members and not the equivalent of a wheelbarrow if stolen from us If you aren t lucky enough to win this dishwasher safe ceramic mug can be bought from the Bee More Beardie shop at www redbubble com September Solution Code Breaker Across 1 Sledge 4 Sprawl 9 Lotto 10 Oil rigs 11 Shetland 12 Mali 14 Carriage dog 18 Arch 20 Snap tail 22 Podengo 23 Alibi 24 Ratter 25 Beagle Down 1 Splash 2 Estrela 3 Growlers 5 Puli 6 Akita 7 Lassie 8 Mountain Dog 13 Template 15 Okaying 16 Yapper 17 Alpine 19 Cadet 21 Once The letters from each cell are below the grid Try to rebuild the original message by choosing the letters for each cell Beagle by Tim Rose www timrosephotography co uk 5 Foreign gent has infiltrated these Norwegians 5 19 Name _________________________________________________ This month s prize 9 Type of collie given attention at beginning of day in bed 7 18 Forcefully state sin is naughty a little bit tempting 6 6 7 Not yet subscribing Visit www dogstodaymagazine co uk or turn to page 36 to rectify that immediately 8 Artist yells out trapping Poodle s tail 6 4 See 4 Across 1 7 Sub Club Hello subscribers We think it s time for you to get even more perks than just getting the magazine cheaper postage free and before everyone else This area of the magazine is just for you to say thank you for supporting us by buying your magazine direct We really appreciate it and it really helps us Cryptic clues Across 4 Dogs Today How to enter Email your answers to comps dogstodaymagazine co uk and put October Sub Club in the subject line We will need your full name and address to check you are on our current subscriber list Or post the answer with your name and address to October Sub Club Dogs Today The Old Print House 62 High Street Chobham Surrey GU24 8AA or enter online at www dogstodaymagazine co uk category competitions One winner picked at random after 21 October 2021 will win the prize For full terms and conditions see page 3 October 2021 Dogs Today 59

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Products HolidaysTraining Products Classifi ed adverts Classified Adverts Holidays Want to advertise your Want to advertise your business business in inour ourclassifi classified ed section section Contact james petsubjects co uk orEmail call now on 01276 858 880 mike dogstoday magazine co uk or call now on 01276 402591 Luxury self catering lodges in the Yorkshire Dales Yorkshire Cottage Style Double Storey Lodges two bedrooms sleeps 2 to 4 Set in a peaceful valley just over one mile from Richmond in North Yorkshire are these Self Catering Yorkshire Cottage Style Lodge Accommodations They offer great value Yorkshire Dales self catering holidays all year round 01748 822406 info flowerydell lodges com L U X U RY S E L F C AT E R I N G A C C O M O DAT I O N g Do friendly Now with Hot Tub www yorkshirelogcabins com Dog friendly holiday park in Cornwall theparkcornwall com Three beautifully converted Victorian farm stables ooer elegant luxury and peaceful retreats situated on our working farm surrounded by the beautiful Saltmarshe Delph Nature Reserve and bordered by the River Ouse Comfort really is at the heart of Appletree Cottages spacious single story layouts means weary legs can easily rest after a day exploring before you discover one of our lovely nearby pubs Over 15 of our properties are dog friendly with enclosed gardens complimentary dog bowls and even a doggie bag full of goodies will be waiting your arrival There are many pubs and restaurants in the area that welcome dogs with open arms Visit appletree cottages co uk In accordance with the government road map 01430 430 677 vivienne sweeting btinternet com DOG FRIENDLY BREAKS PEAK DISTRICT O N T H E P E M B R O K E S H I R E C OA S T Very dog friendly family run Country Inn with self contained rooms in the grounds Open e from th l 12th Apri 2021 Dog Partridge 2 PEOPLE 4 NIGHTS We can t wa it to see you FROM ONLY Fabulous Beer Garden Terrace serving Dinner Lunch and Drinks Overnight stays short breaks available from 12 4 21 In room dining also available for all meals including breakfast and drinks 01335 343183 www dogandpartridge co uk T C s Apply H o l i d a y s yo u r d o g wo u l d l ove The WooF Guide BY COASTAL COTTAGES Call us on 01437 772 742 Or Visit thewoofguide com Brecon Road Pen y Cae www dogfriendlywales com or Contact Jamie or Gemma www uksnifferdogs com Powys SA9 1GL www craigynoscastle com Dogs Today Today July October 60 20202021 6 0 Dogs Complete Dog Food of the Month What goes into Nature s Way Nature s Way is a natural complete dog food for working and sporting dogs that encapsulates all that is good about dried complete food and eliminates all the unnecessary additives that are sometimes associated with them Nature s Way will provide your dog with a nutritionally balanced diet containing all the various nutrients fats carbohydrates proteins vitamins minerals and water they require to lead a full and healthy lifestyle throughout the various stages of their lives Nature s Way is a delicious healthy natural complete dog food that contains absolutely no preservatives additives flavourings salt added sugar chemicals or unnatural ingredients of any kind It is dairy free with no wheat or wheat gluten and with no by products or GM products Visit www itsnaturesway co uk or call 01271 323003 to find out more October 2021 Dogs Today 61 Advertising feature Craig Y Nos Castle Advertising feature With some great accommodation deals to this is the perfect Best Trainer Behaviourist UK Sniffer Dogs Animal Starchoose Awards winner place to stay We are Dog As seen on Dragons Den we are course providers specifi Friendly so feel free tocally in scent detection work and tracking bring your little Our aim is to improve dogs lives through nosework By applying our knowledge as dog trainers friends with you and scent instructors we have developed that will enable owners to give their dogs 1 Night a programme when you come Midweek B Bteaches AWARD HOLIDAY PARKto IN DORCHESTER DORSET positive scent experience which not only them to work and playWINNING with scent but how just 140 to stay Your Luxury stone built self catering holiday cottages deep into Hardy use scent to rectify problems in pet dogsnights whenpets it comes to behaviour subsequent can run free Country near Dorchester in Dorset Almost half of our properties are 50 Scent off Who are our courses for Everyone work beneficial for every dog any breed from dog friendly andand the grounds include a fully enclosed dog exercise on ourisstunning perfect for a gentle morning stroll before setting out for the day young puppies to golden oldies nervous or fearful dogsyou to dogsarea recovering from illness or injury grounds whilst www greenwoodgrange co uk hello greenwoodgrange co uk 01305 268874 in the breathtaking We liken the benefits of scent trainingtake to mindfulness for dogs it helps with calming stress relief bonding and scenery givesDog a physical and mental workout We have online and practical courses for owners and a team of instructors all Friendly Accommodation in Wales 01639 731 167 around the UK who provide classes workshops and trials Dog Trainer of the Month

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Classified Adverts adverts Classified The Dog Lovers Registration Club Charities Products Art Charities Training Art UK Westie ReHoming Registered Charity England Wales 1108659 Scotland SC045329 Westie ReHoming is a charity dedicated to the welfare and rehoming of the West Highland White Terrier We take in westies needing a new start in life and place them into a suitable home where they will be loved and have their needs met Register your Pedigree puppies and adult dogs online for beautiful gold bonded pedigree paperwork with same day processing For more information visit www dogregclub co uk or call either 0161 792 2479 or 0161 729 2350 www westierehoming org 0844 879 4260 Westie ReHoming information westierehoming net PO Box 4204 Swindon SN2 9LA westierehoming4 TIME FOR A NEW BED Heathway Colton Rugeley Staffs WS15 3LY Tel 01889 577058 www bordercollietrustgb org uk F I N D A WAR M C O S Y B E D T O DAY AT P U R R F E C T LY YAP P Y C O M p061_DogsMonthlyApr19 indd 1 PY single page indd 1 Please visit www gorocketo com or email houston gorocketo com if you have any questions www dogsforgood org 01295 252600 info dogsforgood org October 20202021 62 6 2 Dogs Today July Canine Artist of the Month Sarah Perry Fine Art I m a Pet portrait artist based in West Yorkshire and I m lucky enough have the wonderful job of drawing the most beautiful dogs every day I work from my client s own photographs to produce realistic portraits in my preferred medium of pastel on Pastelmat board with each portrait taking around 20 hours to complete Advertising feature Dogs for Good needs your help toRocketo double the Organic number of people with disabilities Dog Food all the benefits of we can support with dogs We re a anraw innovative exploring ways and dogs freezers dietcharity without fridges can help people overcome specific and enrichonly andorganic improveorlives Atchallenges Rocketo we source wild sourced raw ingredients and then dry and communities We are passionate about our future and how we can help them at low temperatures under 40 C over several days to ensure all the nutrients more people with the use of our assistance dogs and enzymes remain in their natural state like Mother Nature intended Discover all of the ways we help We then mix these ingredients in house to create a full range of foods functional Assistance Dog our assistance dogs support adults and children with a range treats and herbal supplements For our food recipes all you need to do is measure of disabilities and also children with autism the required amount add some warm water wait a few handlers minutes before Community Dog our community dogs andand their specialist help to feeding it to your pooch Really easy and convenient like dry food but with all the health benefi ts of feeding a biologically appropriate raw food improve their independence wellbeing and skills We also have an insect recipe Our range of organic supplements and functional treats are also a great aid in helping Family Dog our Family Dog team gives advice and support to help families with skin issues food intolerances digestive upsets and dental problems with an autistic child to get the most out of their relationship with their pet dog Advertising feature OrganicofDog of the Month Charity the Food Month Dogs For Good 25 02 2019 26 11 2018 16 16 17 58 As a dog owner myself not only is it important to create a beautiful portrait it s vital that I capture the pet s personality too The expression in their eyes can convey so much and this is always the starting point for my portraits www sarahperryfineart co uk October 2021 Dogs Today July 2020 Dogs Today 663 3

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CharitySpotlight Spotlight Charity established 1958 We are a non destruction sanctuary for abandoned unwanted dogs PRIORY ROAD ASCOT BERKSHIRE SL5 8RJ 01344 882689 We rescue and rehome 100s of dogs and cats in London every year themayhew org 020 8962 8000 Registered Charity No 256728 We rescue and rehome collies and collie crosses throughout the UK Why not subscribe to our Border Collie World quarterly magazine Only 10 00 pa Sponsor a puppy from just 1 a week BORDER COLLIE TRUST GB Registered Charity No 1077588 Welcome Welcome to to Charity Charity Spotlight Spotlight a handy reference point for good folk le of folkdoing doinggreat great work work We re We rehelping helpingto toraise raise the the profi profile of this diverse diversegroup group of of people people and and we weencourage encourage you youto to get get involved involved with withthem them be beitit fundraising fundraising or or even even volunteering volunteering Help us to help more Please contact us or visit our website for more information Heathway Colton Rugeley Staffs WS15 3LY Tel 0871 560 2282 www bordercollietrustgb org uk Visit guidedogs org uk DogsToday Reg Charity No 1053585 Rescue centre open daily 9 11 am 2 4 pm AS SEEN ON EL BCT_0310 4x1 indd CHANN1 A charity registered in England and Wales 209617 and Scotland SC038979 4 1 10 16 55 42 4 Bringing pets and people closer together woodgreen org uk www foreverhoundstrust org Registered Charity No 298348 00526nc0819 Legacy Gift Improve the lives of Type 1 Diabetic children by leaving a gift in your Will Help us train dogs to give children back their lives Chilterns Dog Recue Labrador Lifeline Trust hypohounds org uk Charity of the month Charity of the month Smokey Paws provides pet oxygen masks to the fire service Founded in 1963 Chilterns Dog Rescue Society CDRS has a long The Labrador Lifeline Trust is now entering its 27th year of history ofand rescue and rehoming andill treated continues and to grow thanks to rescuing rehoming unwanted abandoned the dedication and enthusiasm many Labradors irrespective of age orofinfi rmitydog lovers 2021 DogsToday TodayOctober July 2020 64 64Dogs bmdrdogs www barkingmaddogrescue co uk Registered Charity No 1077588 please call us on 01276 402591 for more details barkingmaddogrescue We rescue and rehome 100s of dogs and cats in London every year Please help us to help more www themayhew org 020 8962 8000 But many more masks are needed LA many years of hard work took its toll and CDRS an independent ikefter with other rescues Covid 19 theisprice of Labradors charity It CDRS bought itsmeasure own premises no Government funding increased beyond Owners werereceives demanding money for dogs they and in Chivery nearkeep Tring Along Herts came and Barney who relies entirely on the generosity of the could no longer was eight months old with severe developed purpose builtWe facilities for public to him continue its vital rescue and elbow and hip dysplasia were determined to get the operations he dogs with nowhere else to turn work Your support would needed to live a pain free life The cost of hisrehoming first operation was quoted at 5 000 The Rescue Centre be greatly appreciated Meet Matt Cook withhas his 40 dogkennels George a yellow Labrador who is nearly six years andMatt a small team over of highly old is cycling 4 000trained miles from Waterlooville in Hampshire clockwise staff who For further information please around theprovide coast of outstanding England Wales and Scotland He is hoping to cycle around 100 care for dogs ages to types and this challenge contact CDRS miles a day andofisall aiming complete in around six weeks backgrounds in need of protection Tel 01296 623885will be donated to Matt is collecting sponsorship for this ride and all money training and rehoming in addition to Lifeline enquiries cdrs org uk the Barney Fund and supported Labrador dogs If you live anywhere along a 5route star licence boarding www chilternsdogrescue org uk his see thefor website for the itinerary then I am sure he would appreciate a Large kennelstohave floor wave of support spurunder him on heating plentycan of natural light Donations be made by with visiting our website at https labrador lifeline indoor and outdoor areas Green com matts ride for barney technology has been incorporated to reduce running costs Sensitive Labrador Lifeline Trust landscaping has created a woodland walk for potential adopters to get www labrador lifeline com to know the dogs wildlife areas and If you d like toReg seecharity your 1076061 organisation featured in these two DogZones to provide grassy pages please call us on 01276 enrichment paddocks for the dogs to If you d like to see your organisation featured in more thesedetails pages 858880 for play socialise and relax WE RESCUE KILL SHELTER AND ABANDONED DOGS FROM ROMANIA AND REHOME THEM IN THE UK AND GERMANY The next pet saved could be yours You can donate via www smokeypaws co uk or email info smokeypaws co uk rescue and rehome Saving We collies and collie crosses throughout the UK Why not Yorkshire s subscribe to our Border World quarterly Dogs Collie magazine Only 10 00 pa Registered Charity No 1167291 To rescue COLLIE rehabilitateTRUST and rehome BORDER GB vulnerable atour risk dogsforfrom Yorkshire Please contact usand or visit website more information Heathway Colton Rugeley Tel WS15 07562 Staffs 3LY 986101 Tel 0871 560 2282 Email savingyorkshiresdogs gmail com www bordercollietrustgb org uk Web www sydrescue org uk Reg Charity No 1053585 Find uscentre on Rescue open daily 9 11 am 2 4 pm Become a Companion AS Keep Tails Wagging SEEN ON N1EL BCT_0310 4x1 indd H C ANWith a Regular Gift Registered Charity in England and Wales No 1139999 4 As a rescue charity Rushton helps abandoned Bringing pets abused and unwanted dogs on a international and people scale Rescuing dogs from all over the world especially the meat trade in Asia and China closer together 4 1 10 16 55 42 woodgreen org uk Your chance to win at www aht org uk lottery Call Now 44 0 1823 49 10 52 mail rushtondogrescue co uk Registered Charity Number 209642 Registered Charity No 298348 00526nc0819 Scottish Charity No SC006914 Senior Staffy Club Dogs Today 2018 Charity spotlight lottery23 01 2018 advert v3 indd 14 47 10 1 Our aims are Rescue and rehome sta ordshire bull terriers and sta y cross dogs aged 7yrs Recruit foster carers all over the UK Encourage volunteers at En our kennels in Sta ord and Worcester www seniorsta yclub co uk seniorsta yclub hotmail co uk Rescue and rehoming centre for dogs and cats www leicesteranimalaid org uk Tel 01455 888257 Registered Charity No 242560 Finding the cures for serious pet illnesses helping them live longer healthier lives barki www petsavers org uk Smokey Paws provides pet oxygen masks to the fire service But many more masks are needed www October 2021Dogs DogsToday Today665 July 2020 5 We r of do

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For Dog People by Dog People Because your dog deserves the BEST Confessions of a dogaholic E ven though we were officially no longer part of the Mail somehow we were much closer than ever before The phone would ring and I d be on yet another unimaginable pinch myself adventure The call from the TV arm of the Mail was a surprise Up until then I didn t know they had one They wanted to make a video about dogs So for a week or two I swapped Sunningdale for their plush London TV studios and a director who expected me to have a plan I was like a kid in a sweet shop I cast Gwen Bailey author of the best selling book The Perfect Puppy in the lead role and decided to film on location James my Mr Darcy did the PR for the unbelievably beautiful Sudeley Castle It would be the perfect backdrop Of course being the Mail they thought we needed a celebrity too so I picked the lovely actor Peter Davison He d recently been Dr Who and Tristan the young and hapless brother in James Herriot s All Creatures Great and Small I gave Sally my Beardie a starring role too of course BOTTOM LINE 66 Dogs Today October 2021 Best Dog Collar Manufacturer 2020 UK Stops dogs pulling on the lead and gives you back control Life Changing products for you and your dog 8 TIMES WINNER OF Product I can t live without SMALL PRINT I think I ve mentioned before that we had a distributor who wasn t exactly my greatest fan When they made a terrible error and had thought a bunch of flowers rather than compensation would solve it I decided it was time to move and I gave notice This should have been the last payment from them before we moved I assumed they d just made an error I called their accounts department but they transferred me to my account handler an older chap who had never warmed to me He said he had been looking forward to my call If you had bothered to read the small print you d see we can hold on to your money for six months now you are leaving I stuttered But we d go bust Surely you can release some of that money even if you want to keep a margin for returns No chance lady You ve always been a jumped up little woman who didn t know what she was doing You deserve to go bankrupt Have a nice day He slammed the phone down and I burst into tears What happened next still makes me smile P 100 2020 WINNER REVOLUTIONARY HEADCOLLAR to say our cheque had bounced almost gave me a heart attack Our agreement with Lord Rothermere had been that we shouldn t have an overdraft so I was always watching the pennies Preinternet I had to go to the bank to find out why their balance didn t match my one At the beginning of each month our distributors usually paid us a chunk of money for our magazine sales But this month they hadn t NO MORE PULLING NO MORE RIDING UP NO MORE RUBBING NO MORE COMING OFF NO MORE DISCOMFORT AWARgDCoEllDar Best Do 0 21 UK 2 0 2 r re tu c fa Manu tive Dog Most Innova cturers Collar Manufa 2019 Illustration KEVIN BROCKBANK Back then you couldn t Google how to write a script but it didn t stop me from having a go Somehow filming went very well It was beautifully shot and edited Oddly it was one of very few projects that ever went from made for video to TV and it was serialised as a segment on ITV s This Morning over a period of weeks The phone ringing wasn t always good news The call from the printers Lights camera action Global Also available Collars Non Slip Leads and Gripper Training Leads offering added security and confidence throughout the winter months Endorsed by Dr David Sands BSc PhD CFBA Fellow of the Canine Feline Behaviour Association Call to join the ever growing number of people changing to Dogmatic 01952 245330 or visit us at www dogmatic org uk Winners 2013 2021 Dogmatic UK Ltd is on Facebook Matching accessories in a selection of colours with high quality workmanship andToday fittings June 2020 Dogs 67

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