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Allora We think the Bracco Italiano is bellissimo do you Giant hogweed More caustic than JK Rowling on Twitter Pound savers Bone up on some brilliant money saving ideas DogsToday A nose for news easy on the eye and a heart of gold More bite more heart Jo Rosie Haffenden How to keep dogs and children safe Travel costs spiral Should the price of an animal health certificate be capped Kept Animals Bill We ve discovered some worrying anomalies Is vegan dog food really healthier Well it s complicated unless you re in the media Tom Selleck Magnum s heart melts for dogs Cost of living bites How to make every penny count May 2022 4 75

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We topped 92 in a Which consumer poll of best dog foods DogsToday Inside this month The ethical pet magazine for people who really care about dogs News features 6 Pound savers tips for dog owners in the 10 12 16 26 42 PRODUCT AWARDS HIGHLY COMMENDED 2022 Best wet food cost of living crisis Ice cool Magnum Tom Selleck s greatest role as a dog dad Walking among giants the weed killer The Animal Welfare Kept Animals Bill some progress but also some flaws Breeds on the rise and fall curls all round Have your say government consultation on microchipping Facebook Dogs Today Sales Marketing Director Mike McGlynn 01276 402591 Over to you 30 Great debate should the price of the animal Office dogs Betty Old English Golden Retriever ish Honey Cocker Spaniel Madi collie cross Lennie Staffie cross Sophie Jack Russell Vicky Justine Poison Ivy Newfoundlands Betty s Personal Trainer Kirsten Dillon IMDT A Dip CBM health certificate be capped Dogs Today Brandshare Ltd The Old Print House 62 High Street Chobham Surrey GU24 8AA 01276 402599 enquiries dogstodaymagazine co uk www dogstodaymagazine co uk Training behaviour 20 Jo Rosie Haffenden keeping dogs and children safe together 32 Victoria Stilwell seek and you shall find happiness 40 Clare Andrusyk trick training can benefit dogs of all ages and abilities 52 Safari adventure collaring an African wild dog Publishers LIMITED Opinion 66 Confessions of Chief Operations Officer Graham Smith 01276 402598 graham wearebrandshare com Managing Director Beverley Cuddy 01276 402597 beverley dogstodaymagazine co uk a dogaholic dearly beloved Subscriptions Investigation 44 Dog crush BURNS WET FOOD RANGE IS BASED UPON A SIMPLE HOMEMADE RECIPE THAT USES ORGANIC INGREDIENTS or 20 off at burnspet co uk with the checkout code WOOF20 T C s at burnspet co uk Expert health nutrition team freephone 0800 083 6696 UK 1800 83 66 96 ROI Or Webchat burnspet co uk Which Magazine voice of the Consumers Association brand dog food survey 2020 For subscription queries call Brandshare on 01276 402599 or email subs dogstodaymagazine co uk Initial subscription rates UK BFPO 12 issues 39 50 24 issues 61 EU countries 12 issues 65 20 Rest of the world airmail 12 issues 79 80 Direct Debit offer UK only 9 99 for 3 months with 1 month free trial and a 1 sign up fee meet the Bracco Italiano 50 Q A The ins and outs of constipation Competitions shopping 24 Subscribe and win 56 Pop the kettle on and tackle our puzzles and competitions Bracco Italiano Photo by Tim Rose www timrosephotography co uk HOME COOKING WITHOUT THE FUSS 2 50 off when you redeem this ad on Burns Wet Food 150g x 12 case and 395g x 6 case at your local independent pet shop beverleycuddy Advertising sponsorship 34 Obituaries your tributes 38 Postbag what matters to you FETCH YOURSELF A BARGAIN Editorial Dogs_Today Editor Beverley Cuddy Art Director Rosie Peace Chief Sub Editor Contributing Editor Claire Horton Bussey Deputy Editor Alessandra Pacelli Illustrator Kevin Brockbank Proof readers Katie Horton Bussey Alys Horton Bussey The editor is always pleased to consider articles and photos from freelancers However there is often a considerable delay before material can be assessed Please include an SAE if you want your work returned While every care will be taken no responsibility for loss or damage can be accepted Competition sponsors and their families are not eligible for any competition Dogs Today incorporating Perfect Pup is published by Brandshare Ltd The Old Print House 62 High Street Chobham Surrey GU24 8AA Tel 01276 402599 Brandshare Ltd reg office The Old Print House 62 High Street Chobham Surrey GU24 8AA Distributed by Marketforce UK Ltd 2nd Floor 5 Churchill Pl Canary Wharf London E14 5HU Tel 020 3148 3333 www marketforce co uk Printed by The Manson Group 2022 Dogs Today The world copyright of the editorial matter both illustrations and text is strictly reserved Registered as a newspaper for transmission in the UK Next issue on sale 20 May To download Dogs Today for iPad go to the App store Android and PC versions are available from Pocket Mags the Kindle edition from www amazon co uk May 2022 Dogs Today 3

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Dear readers Beverley Cuddy Illustration by Beverley Cuddy W ell I m not going to lie I m only two days out of hospital after my gallbladder op but now my lungs are playing up So the days of hospital wifi may not be over yet The first morning I was very wobbly about my breathing two partially collapsed lungs some fluid and a suspicious shadow So I was in bed waiting on a call from the doctor but I found it was Dan from BBC Radio 4 s Today programme on the end of the line instead Had I seen the study that showed vegan dog food was healthier I confessed I was just out of hospital and I d seen the email come in but had not yet got around to reading it I had been a bit put off as it seemed to have been commissioned by the vegetable growers and it s a hugely complicated subject as to how you define healthiest But as food is the highlight of most dogs day had anyone asked them what they preferred to eat My phone had been on silent and I could now see he d been calling me for hours already The Today show was nearly over They must have got someone else to go on I could hear people slightly panicked in the background his end and he said they were going into a quick meeting and he d phone me back My heart sank Luckily it was one of the few organs that wasn t yet malfunctioning How hard would it have been for me just to say no What was I thinking Could I even talk without wheezing and coughing There wasn t even enough time between now and the end of the show for me to read the report That got me thinking Why is the dog story so often the flippant fluffy bit at the end of a news programme What we feed our dogs is important Feeding a very good dog food is much more important than whether it s raw dry wet vegetarian or vegan And each dog will be different in what is their ideal even two of the same breed age and type will do differently fed the same food The phone rang again and it was the other Dan who had been told to wish me well to say sorry for disturbing me and Beverley Cuddy is Dogs Today s Editor and publisher She shares her life with Betty an Old English Golden Retriever ish dog from Many Tears and Honey a Cocker Spaniel 4 Dogs Today May 2022 that I ll always be their go to dog expert I cut him short wishing to save my breath Thank goodness you ve got someone else What a relief Will listen in Babies and dogs has been another story in the news lately and with the same lack of in depth analysis We never seem to learn that dogs and babies need supervision that we are the responsible adults It s lazy journalism to vilify the dog We ve got into a cycle again of all these tragedies making headline news but the babies dying due to different avoidable disasters are not reported on A lack of adequate safeguarding and supervision can be fatal whether you have pets or not When are midwives and health visitors going to start giving out advice about keeping dogs and babies safe Deep sigh I didn t cough Could I finally be on the mend P

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Words BEVERLEY CUDDY Pound savers When money is too tight to mention how can dog owners make ends meet I asked this question on Facebook and your responses inspired this new series of articles This month treats and bones C laire Firth posted what many other people are probably thinking I saved up to get a third dog I am now stressing whether it s the right thing to do Together we can help other pet owners make better choices as the doggie cost of living starts to rise Vote What s the best moneysaving idea you ve discovered https www surveymonkey co uk r costofdogliving2022 Cheap treats Stop buying treats They aren t necessary Find other ways to show your dog affection like play walks and cuddles Louise Ann My dog needs treats because we use rewards in training Most of his treats are his normal food but I have some higher value rewards like sprats Karen Rhodes Bone up on bones I get free bones from a local butcher and game dealer I also get free stuff when he clears out his freezers once a year Margaret Sierakowski Bacon bones have caused issues for a lot of people Avoid them Gillian Stewart There s a page on Facebook that gives game meat or vermin away A lot of it would go to waste otherwise Search for Game Meat for Dogs Chris A Glover 6 Dogs Today May 2022 After your family roast keep the bones to make stock overnight and keep any meat scraps from the leftovers Decant the stock and freeze it Cook a mix of veg like sweet potatoes and spinach in the stock add the chicken scraps blend and smooth on to a baking sheet and cook for 20 to 30 mins Cut into pieces and put into a food dehydrator for about eight hours they last ages Donna Sidebotham I have never bought dog treats My dogs get wholefood treats like meat vegetables and a little fruit When I cook a whole chicken I cook the heart liver etc separate for them Then they get plain chicken as treats until we ve eaten it all Occasionally I cook them whole food treats using oatmeal meat eggs and water Kim Brophy Mobley Morrisons are great for raw meaty bones They package them and sell them extremely cheaply If you don t want to feed them you can use them for making batches of bone broth and freeze in small batches It s full of nutrients a spoonful a day on their food and great if your dog is unwell Penny Scott Williams All the bones I ve bought from Morrisons have had lots of meat on them Obviously you never give a dog cooked bones and any raw meat bones must have been frozen for a couple of weeks before being given to your dog I buy marrow bones from Morrisons but these are now quite expensive I also go to a local high street butcher often they are free Penny Scott Williams In my area Morrisons are particularly mean and frugal Cathie Delamere Trouble is they are just bones most of the meat is scraped off and so there s not much value Depends which bones The lamb bones from Morrisons are meatier Cathie Delamere I give mine raw carrots for treats Joyce Burford Every time I visit a Toby Carvery I ask for a turkey carcass It always has plenty of meat still on it and they usually throw them in the bin Same with the joints too Annette Gibson Good idea but please do not feed cooked bones Val Phillips Save money make your own liver cake There are lots of recipes online but basically it s liver liquidised add flour and egg and bake Gillian Kedzierski I do this and my dogs love it Clare Collins I make liver cake at least once a week Margaret Sierakowski Vet Chef have some fab recipes for you to make your own dog food it s free for up to two dogs Beverley Keen What bones would you use to make broth for your dogs I m going to go to my local Toby Carvery to ask for their carcasses Audrey Coltart Anything with joints and marrow to release the nutrients are beneficial to dogs If your dog has an allergy to a particular protein eg chicken then avoid that one There s a free recipe on www dragonflyproducts co uk see overleaf or you can order it ready made Susan Webb Turn over for the bone broth recipe from Dragonfly Products May 2022 Dogs Today 7

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Reproduced with kind permission from Dragonfly Products If you don t have time buy Boil Broth Bone Broth Powder from their website at www dragonfly products co uk B one Broth is an excellent supplement for dogs of all ages all sizes and for all different diet types It is so simple to make I love that I can chuck it all into my slow cooker and literally forget about it for 24 hours while it simmers away I then portion it into ice cube trays and give the pooches one per day with their food But why would you want to make bone broth for your dog maintain a healthy gut especially for dogs with digestive issues Don t let chronic joint pain ruin your dog s mobility and active life assist with repairing injured joints and ligaments Supports your dog s immune system and detoxes the liver protect joints full of minerals including calcium silicon sulphur magnesium and phosphorus Is Step 1 First I fill my slow cooker with bones if you don t have a slow cooker you can use an ovenproof dish with a lid and cook on very low Because I like to make sure there s lots of healthy jointprotecting gelatin in my broth I use bones with a lot of joints in them and a marrowbone or two if I have them Don t worry if you haven t got these for this batch I just used a load of chicken wing bones You can use any bones left over from your own meals just ensure you wash any sauce or gravy off before putting them into the pot Step 2 Fill the pot with hot water so the bones are covered plus an extra inch we want to make plenty of broth I then add three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar ACV it must contain the mother ACV helps to pull the minerals out of the bones and creates a nutritious gelatinous jelly like broth Broth made without ACV will not be as thick or nutritious 8 Dogs Today May 2022 Slow down the effects of ageing and extend your dog s longevity with the power of nature Award winning oligopeptide discovery can help your dog to recover from even the most extreme cases of injuries chronic pain and immobility helps to regenerate damaged tissue Helps Helps S Do 15 pec gs d ial To isc Of da ou fer y r nt ea fo de r rs How to make bone broth for your dog Then put your slow cooker on low or pop the pot in the oven and cook on low for 24 36 hours You can leave it a little longer but I find it starts to overcook and dry out after this time Step 3 Strain the bones out Your dog cannot eat the bones as they are cooked so strain them out and put them in the bin and leave your broth to cool on the side Step 4 Once cool enough pop the broth into the fridge You need to leave it long enough for any fat to form on the top and go hard I usually leave mine overnight but a few hours will suffice Step 5 Get rid of the hard fat from the top with a spoon and throw it away What you are left with underneath should be a clear jelly broth The jelly means you ve got lots of gelatin in there and that s what helps with your dog s joints and the leaky gut that can cause allergies and digestive upset That gelatin plugs the holes in a leaky gut that can cause allergy symptoms so the more jelly like the better If your broth doesn t look like jelly don t worry it just means you didn t add enough vinegar Next time just add a little more vinegar and your next batch will be just fine But first use the broth you have because it will still be packed with healthy goodness Give BiogenicPet Vitality a chance to get back your dog s vitality and active life alleviates chronic and inflamed joint pain Step 6 Decide how you want to store your broth I put mine into icecube trays and freeze and give my dogs one ice cube each a day You may prefer to store yours in a Kilner jar in the fridge especially if you have a larger dog or more than one dog and give them a spoonful daily The broth will happily keep in the fridge for three days Step 7 Feed it to your pooch Next month Health and pet insurance biogenic pet vitalitychallenge June 2020 Dogs Today 9

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Words BERNARD BALE I like to keep things in perspective I have always been more comfortable at home with my family and dogs than partying my way round Hollywood that s not me at all Tom s sense of humour is never far away especially when talking about himself I like to keep things in perspective he said I have always been more comfortable at home with my family and dogs than partying my way round Hollywood that s not me at all The great outdoors has always appealed to Tom Selleck INDIANA BONES Ice cool Magnum He rose to fame as Magnum and turned down Indiana Jones but Tom Selleck s favourite role is as a dog dad I enjoy my work make no mistake said Tom But there s more to life than work especially in a job in which you spend most of your 10 Dogs Today May 2022 time being famous for being someone else I have never been Magnum to any of my dogs I think they just see me as Dad at best but more likely the butler To be honest I have never been one of those guys who likes to go to the gym he revealed I much prefer to keep naturally fit by doing physical work On our ranch I like to get outside and repair fencing and just get involved in the everyday things That keeps me in good shape and gets something done at the same time It also means that I can have the dogs as my work mates or overseers They will often laze in the shade and watch me hard at work It seems that Tom is quite an action man an Indiana Jones perhaps Tom smiles when Indiana Jones is mentioned and with good reason But for timing he might well have been the face of the great film adventurer It was all about timing he explained I liked the idea and auditioned so I got to wear the famous hat and the leather jacket I even landed the role but then realised that it clashed with the filming of Magnum PI for which I was already contracted A lot of people said that I should have found a way to get out of Magnum and take the Indiana Jones role but it s probably how I was brought up we don t do things like that An agreement is an agreement whether it was a 500 page contract or a handshake As it happens the filming of Magnum was delayed for about six months by a writers strike Can you believe that a writers strike So I could have done Raiders of the Lost Ark as well No regrets though Harrison has done a fantastic job and really made the part his own We actually paid tribute in an episode of Magnum PI when I was seen dressed like Indiana Jones but other than that well I m waiting for the phone to ring Of course Tom Selleck s phone never stops ringing although that was not the case when he first started out IN THE SADDLE It was tough at the start he said It was never a great ambition of mine to become an actor that kind of came later My mum and dad moved to California from Detroit because of work and I wanted a place at the University of Southern California It wasn t that easy though We couldn t afford the tuition fees and while I had graduated from high school I didn t seem to have done enough to get a place My big interest was sport and that began to work for me when I was offered a place at USC with a basketball scholarship Anyway while I was at college there was a drama coach who suggested I ought to take drama a little more seriously and try my hand I was an overnight success of course No I wasn t I did a bit of modelling I appeared on a show called The Dating Game and I did a Pepsi advertisement I was really in the big time I don t think there s any kind of dog that I don t like but I have had a German Shepherd an English Cocker and three Cavalier King Charles Spaniels I have a soft spot for all animals That was just the start of course and Tom is now an international household name in part because of Magnum but also for numerous film successes I did some Western movies which were fun he said I like horses my daughter is a leading showjumper so put me in the saddle and I will have the time of my life The dogs come too of course They hardly let me go anywhere without them and that is just fine by me I never understand people who have dogs but see them as add ons To me they are a very important part of the family I have always seen them like that I don t get it when people bring them into the family but don t expect them to be part of the family Dogs are great they are the best friends you will ever have and they are a lot of fun You have to treat them right What sort of dogs I don t think there s any kind of dog that I don t like but I have had a German Shepherd an English Cocker and three Cavalier King Charles Spaniels I have a soft spot for all animals and have found a home for many that I never intended to have How can you look any of them in the eye and refuse to give them a home especially dogs I try not to look them in the eye they always win LITTLE SURPRISES Tom Selleck comes across as a genuinely nice guy When he received a 350 000 bonus for success on Magnum PI he went straight out and spent just about all of it on gifts for his fellow actors and crew gifts ranging from expensive cars and watches to presents of cash His dogs get gifts too I like to surprise them he said That doesn t just mean creeping up on them when they are asleep I like to buy them little gifts or take them for surprise outings My family are very very important to me and the dogs are as I said part of the family P May 2022 Dogs Today 11

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Words ALESSANDRA PACELLI Heracleum mantegazzianum more widely known as giant hogweed is native to the western Caucasus region of Eurasia Introduced to Britain in the 19th century as an ornamental plant it seems harmless but its sap can cause horrific injuries as some unlucky dogs have found out 12 Dogs Today May 2022 Photo posed by a model Winston Photo by Barry O Connell Walking among giants B arry O Connell a former military dog handler from Clacton on Sea Essex was horrified when his dog suffered horrific burns likely from coming in contact with giant hogweed while out on a walk according to his vet Flat Coated Retriever Winston was left with painful blisters across his face after a walk and now faces a long road to recovery The incident left Barry devastated but determined to spread awareness of the danger that this invasive plant poses I want to warn all dog owners about giant hogweed Barry said Giant hogweed was introduced into the UK as an ornamental plant for lakesides and gardens in the 19th century The Wildlife Trust explains It escaped into the wider countryside and gained notoriety in the 1970s as an alien species that favours damp spots like riverbanks At this time many children started to display blisters as a result The stems and leaves of the plant contain toxins that can lead to skin burns and blisters and the toxin is further concentrated in the sap which is released when the plant is damaged or broken of touching the plant s sap while using the stems to make peashooters or telescopes sunlight makes the skin sensitive to the irritants in the plant causing the skin to redden Today it is widely acknowledged that neither gardeners nor conservationists should attempt to cut the plant down exposing its sap as its toxins can cause serious recurring skin damage Vet charity PDSA also warns against this plant which can cause serious problems in both pets and humans The stems and leaves of the plant contain toxins that can lead to skin burns and blisters and the toxin is further concentrated in the sap which is released when the plant is damaged or broken PDSA writes Although pets often have some protection from their fur hairless or thin furred areas such as the ears mouth and belly can be affected If the sap is licked off the coat or goes into the eyes it can cause May 2022 Dogs Today 13

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The behaviour continued throughout the evening until Hattie flopped to bed However in the middle of the night she became desperate to go out in the garden Once outside she was still acting in an unusual way Diana adds She only wanted to sit and look at the sky maybe because the air was cool on her skin She eventually settled but the following day she was still a bit skittish She was eating and eliminating in her normal manner and it was decided to monitor for any other changes That evening and in the middle of the night she again wanted to sit in the garden Something was obviously wrong A vet appointment was made and an extensive examination detected nothing apart from the fact her pupils did not constrict With no visible outward signs of anything being wrong and only that strange behaviour to go on Hattie s family suspected she may have ingested some type of drug while on the walk or that it could be some sort of neurological issue Her normal routine continued with regular walks She was eating and drinking normally Diana says The skittish behaviour stopped completely and it was assumed the potential drug diagnosis may have been correct Just when all seemed well 14 Dogs Today May 2022 The UK s No 1 vitamins available now for those with 4 legs BLISTERS AND BURNS It is quite normal for burns to only appear after two or three days as sunlight activates the toxin initially there would be no visible sign of damage to skin integrity some grey areas started to appear on Hattie s nose and within 24 hours large blisters appeared all over Hattie s face in what Diana described as a disturbing alienlike explosion As the evening progressed this seemed to worsen so an emergency appointment was made It is quite normal for burns to only appear after two or three days as sunlight activates the toxin initially there would be no visible The treatment was effective and despite some burns being very close to her eyes Hattie was able to avoid any visual damage Other dogs in the area have had similar blisters so their vets have been advised that this course of treatment has been very successful Diana says The topical applications were vital to avoid infection and promote healing After Hattie s harrowing experience Diana is keen to share knowledge of the damage the giant hogweed can cause pets The toxin is most prolific in the spring and summer All parts of the plant can cause blisters and burns she says It is often confused with cow parsley but the leaves on the giant hogweed are more spikey with purple blotches on the stem of the plant Councils and landowners are required to destroy the plant but sadly this does not seem to be happening in many areas P TM SuperDog takes our 50 years of awardwinning nutritional expertise even further all the innovation and careful effective formulation you d expect from Vitabiotics now available for your special companion From vitality to healthy joints and bones SuperDog formulations provide optimum levels of micro nutrients to safeguard the diet of your furriest family member Joints Bones Health Vitality 60 Chewable Tablets 60 Chewable Tablets Canine expert See my expert tips to help care for your SuperDog Paul Manktelow Visit www super dog co uk Proud supporter of Battersea caring for dogs since 1860 From UK s No 1 Vitamin Company Available from 2022 01 25_ADSPDCONP MYSTERY AILMENT sign of damage to skin integrity Diana adds Bloods were taken and an IV dose of steroid given to Hattie along with antibiotics It was agreed to review her in 48 hours or earlier if the situation got worse Two days later topical Isaderm followed an hour later by Intrasite gel twice daily were added to the treatment plan A few days later she started vomiting so Zitac was included and the vomiting stopped immediately Hattie Photo by Diana Newnham even more damage It s important to contact your vet if you think your pet has come into contact with giant hogweed Winston isn t the plant s first victim Hattie a healthy Flat Coated Retriever from east Devon also suffered horrific burns and blisters after coming into contact with giant hogweed a few years ago Owner Diana Newnham says Hattie returned from an evening walk on a route taken most days of the week and began behaving in a very bizarre manner She was jumping on beds and furniture and generally rushing around in some sort of distress or excitement On a previous occasion she had itchy feet from stinging nettles so it was decided to give her two Piriton tablets Amazon Ocado Paws com super dog co uk Source Nielsen GB ScanTrack Total Coverage Value and Unit Retail Sales 52 w e 09 10 21 To verify contact Vitabiotics Ltd 1 Apsley Way London NW2 7HF UK s leading supplements for humans Vitabiotics will donate 35p from the sale of each product to Battersea Battersea Dogs Cats Home registered charity number 206394

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Words ALESSANDRA PACELLI Bill of rights and wrongs The Animal Welfare Kept Animals Bill aims to improve animal welfare in the UK but there are a couple of concerning blind spots when it comes to pet theft and livestock worrying T here is no denying that the Animal Welfare Kept Animals Bill is ambitious with some sweeping reforms that may have a tremendous positive impact for animals in England From banning the keeping of primates as pets to cracking down on puppy smuggling as well as introducing the offence of dog abduction and more measures against livestock worrying the bill is aiming high At Dogs Today we were particularly excited to see the theft of dogs recognised as the serious 16 Dogs Today May 2022 crime it is in no way comparable to the theft of an inanimate possession The campaign to make pet theft a crime of its own was long and exhausting several of the people behind it have been recognised with a nomination for Petition Campaign of the Year including our very own editor Beverley Cuddy The celebratory mood was slightly dampened by the fact that only dogs would be covered by this new law while we had campaigned for all pets to be protected from theft having one s cat or pet rabbit stolen is in no way less serious or painful after all It is important that the protection this law affords is extended to all other pets too but the fact this new offence is now on the table is in itself a step in the right direction As this goes to print the bill has passed its report stage in the House of Commons and is heading for its third reading after which it will pass on to the House of Lords In the section about pet theft it reads A person commits an offence if without lawful authority or reasonable excuse the person takes or detains a dog in England so as to remove it from the lawful control of any person or so as to keep it from the lawful control of a person who is entitled to have lawful control of it So far so good However what comes next is rather surprising apparently no offence is committed if the person taking or detaining the dog is connected with any person entitled to have lawful control of the dog For the purpose of this bill a person is connected with another person if they are married to each other they are civil partners of each other one is the parent of the other or they are siblings whether of the full blood or the half blood

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Jill and her partner with the Poodle Martyrs after they were finally returned by the police Photo by Tim Rose www timrosephotography co uk In the end the dogs were returned and the case dropped but Jill is now extremely worried that more dog owners may find themselves in the same situation In short should a family member take your dog this would not be considered an offence It is not unheard of for people to have their pets stolen by relatives one of our readers who wishes to remain anonymous told Dogs Today that their dog was stolen by their estranged brother in 2018 It was horrible because there seemed to be nothing I could do they recall My brother had many issues and we had not been in touch for years When I tried to reconnect he took my dog I knew he had him but when I tried to contact the police I was told that the ownership dispute would have to go through courts There was no ownership dispute to be had The dog had been mine alone since he was a puppy and my brother had never even been his pet sitter he had stolen him plain and simple Had he stolen my car the police would have taken action to get it back for me My dog was worth so much more and yet no one would help I was terrified that if I tried to go through courts as I was told to do my brother would simply get rid of the dog In the end I quite literally had to steal him back and I was lucky a mutual acquaintance was able to tell me where my brother 18 Dogs Today May 2022 kept him or else I may have never seen him again I moved to another city immediately afterwards and never again tried to reconnect with my brother I lost out on my flat s deposit but I couldn t risk him finding us again Should anybody else find themselves in our reader s situation the new dog abduction law would not help on account of the thief being a family member We like to think blood is thicker than water but the truth is that not all families are happy and familial relations should not be a shield from the law UNDER SUSPICION Another perplexing exception in the bill concerns the protections against livestock worrying Protecting livestock from dog attacks is extremely important both for the farmer s livelihood and the welfare of the livestock farmers are legally allowed to shoot any out of control dog posing a danger to their animals This section of the bill refers to dogs being at large in a field or enclosure in which there are relevant livestock Some types of dogs such as police dogs and guide dogs are exempt from this definition but so are working gundogs and packs of hounds despite the fact it is hard to imagine a pack of hunting hounds would pose any less danger to livestock than pet dogs In the powers before conviction section the bill states that dogs can be seized and detained if a constable has reasonable grounds to believe that the dog has attacked or worried livestock on agricultural land or a road or path and no person is present who admits to being the owner of the dog or in charge of it This seems quite reasonable upon first read but it may remind long time readers of the case of the Poodle Martyrs as Dogs Today dubbed them at the time In 2007 reader Jill Crow found herself in the midst of a nightmare when two of her Poodles escaped through a broken fence They returned from their escapade but that was only the beginning of Jill s ordeal the next day police came to their house and seized both dogs on suspicion of sheep worrying They were classed as evidence and kept in kennels for many weeks with the threat of being destroyed while Jill and her partner faced having to pay thousands of pounds for the dead sheep However there was no proof that the two missing Poodles were responsible for the sheep worrying which had happened some distance away from their home and had only been witnessed from afar neither dog had any blood or similar tell tale signs of having attacked animals when they returned home Everyone local knew the dogs were missing that evening which led Jill to believe the police had simply found two convenient scapegoats for the livestock worrying incident In the end the dogs were returned and the case dropped but Jill is now extremely worried that more dog owners may find themselves in the same situation No one and no dogs should be treated by Sussex Police in the same way we were she wrote It is all coming back in a tsunami I am very interested in this bill that is coming before parliament Obviously so are we and we re going to keep our eyes firmly on this bill as it keeps progressing through parliament Watch this space P Dog Insurance How much could your dog cost Insurance from 7 12 u 95 of claims are successful Growths cysts tumours 894 52 Digestive system issues 758 15 Eye disease sight 559 46 Disease in legs 752 74 Heart disease 453 33 Get a quote online or call 03300 243 980 Entertainment Leisure Insurance Services Entertainment Leisure Insurance Services Limited and Lifestyle Policy Limited are appointed representatives of The Equine and Livestock Insurance Company Limited The Insurance Emporium is a trading name Equine and Livestock Insurance Company Limited registered in England and Wales no 294940 which is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority no 202748 All facts and statistics are calculated from in house research based on average claim costs per most claimed injury or disease between June 2020 and June 2021 u Quoting criteria for premium small mongrel YO3 06JJ Time Limited Bronze cover level and Lunar Monthly pricing

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Words JO ROSIE HAFFENDEN Life saving rules There have been too many tragedies in the news once more Animal behaviourist Jo Rosie Haffenden gives some game changing tips for owners with new babies toddlers and young children Babies Pre birth Before the little blueberry pops yeah right out from the comfort of your belly there are tons you can do to prepare your pooch in your home My top three are Baby doll work Get the dog used to you having something small and precious in your arms while walking about This is especially important for bouncy Boxers Habituation is the key here so don t make a fuss about it simply make it normal by doing it all the time Talk to the doll sing to it and change it Make all those movements and sounds normal 20 Dogs Today May 2022 Furniture comes first Get everything ready a month in advance It is unnecessary to paint rooms etc because we are mainly talking about mess toys and nappies Get the dog used to nappies everywhere baby food wipes cream Have bottled milk on the side off limits make the sound of squeaky toys and the jingle of mobiles Even with robust dogs this is a worthy effort as it means the changes don t all come at once Babies Post birth Cage the baby Remember your baby comes looking like a furless baby rabbit becoming more and more human over time Their smells movement and vocalisations change in the same way too Some dogs require time Don t panic to get that first Instagram picture this is too important to rush Let your dog get used to your baby s existence and take it slow Lead walking around a buggy If you have a dog that doesn t walk nicely on the lead that dog won t get walked realistically when you have a little one to concentrate on Bring a trainer on board to teach the dog to walk on a loose lead and then show you how to walk your newly trained dog or a trainer who will help you train your dog Or start the routine of paying a carefully chosen dog walker to take your dog for the first few months For me teaching a dog to walk with the buggy is a skill worth its weight in gold so I d go down that route and ideally before there is precious cargo inside the buggy I say this with absolute love as a doting mother but honestly putting your extremely mobile dog in a crate and giving the extremely immobile and unsafe milkslug free rein of your house doesn t make sense Create safe zones where your baby can watch life the telly the mobile and the dog from the safety of their Moses basket or raised bed X pens and child pens alike are perfect for this In my house I made a safe zone baby changing station a play zone a sleep zone and a feeding zone I promise you it s so worth it to give the dog space to come and go and get used to their new housemate Friendships that last a lifetime Friendships that last a lifetime aren t built in minutes but in days weeks months and years One of our dogs didn t have contact with our son for the first four months Remember your baby comes looking like a furless baby rabbit becoming more and more human over time Their smells movement and vocalisations change in the same way too Some dogs require time Don t panic to get that first Instagram picture this is too important to rush Let your dog get used to your baby s existence and take it slow Toddlers Before I had Santino I was so judgmental about people leaving kids alone with dogs or outraged that a little brat might poke or worse hit a dog But with motherhood I now see that this stage for the toddler is normal They don t yet understand the dog is a breathing thinking feeling animal like they are So it is our job to teach them that dogs think and feel and manage how they behave around dogs Teaching touch Put time and effort into teaching your tiny human how to touch a dog Flat hands on the shoulder and don t do it on a real dog do it on a cuddly toy Start by modelling and telling your child that they are good as you stroke with your hand over theirs Then help them to stroke but uncurl their fingers and praise them for flat hands When the child gets it allow them to practise on your real dog as long as your dog likes to be stroked and likes your child Nothing makes a real dog more boring than when a parent sits and encourages you to stroke its shoulder with a flat hand so giving the child supervised cuddling time with rules usually makes them less inclined to reach for the dog that s just a bonus Gates are great If you aren t supervising separate I know baby gates look crap in your beautiful house but my son is now five and we still have them If you re open plan re evaluate the zones you created and pen off zones for sleeping and eating If the toddler is moving about give the dog a safe space where they can go and check out what is unavailable May 2022 Dogs Today 21

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to your child But seriously it s just a phase and if you re doing daily stroking and fetch your toddler will likely have given up following Fido around anyway Throw and drop Teach the child to throw toys and teach the dogs to drop them Fetch is a simple and pleasurable way to interact for many dogs and kids When toddlers reach about three they tend to love throwing stuff so creating a way for your child and dog to co exist and derive pleasure from one another is key to attaining a great future friendship Young children No dog zones Provide your kids with no dogs places That way you re not constantly telling your kids to not do this and that and instead you can ask them to do this there We recommend you have some no dogs space inside and outside so that ball games don t frustrate everyone in the house and Lego bits don t turn into vet bills when Fido eats the latest dinosaur construction Safe visits If your dog gets stressed or excited by new people entering the home does he bark a lot pace a lot jump around pick things up in his mouth then place him in a separate room and give him an activity such as a bone or a chew when your children s friends and their parents enter When young kids first see each other the movements and noises are usually joyous but often not for our dogs Ensure the space you put them in is somewhere that the kids can t accidentally get to Also ensure you have a sign on your front door letting people know you have a dog Equally check your friend s homes before bringing your young child around if they have a dog If they do please brief your child to ensure they know how to be safe and check that your friend s dogs are OK with young children Safe interactions Many children are attacked by dogs each year and although it is usually their family dog when it isn t it is often the dog of a friend There are a few useful and simple toteach rules for young children when meeting dogs they don t know ND BRA NEW If a dog runs towards them they should stand like a tree Running away often causes dogs to chase D 10 of Code OGSTODAY22 Always ask the owner if you can pet a dog before doing it Many dogs aren t friendly to children you stroke a dog start at the shoulder avoid the head and stroke with the back of one hand instead of two 10 discount code applies to all products Single use only Valid until 31 07 22 When Relationship rules Lastly to kids who can read this I m talking to you these are the rules if you want to have a good relationship with your dog Leave them alone when they are eating or sleeping imagine if your mum started bothering you while you were eating cereal or sleeping in When you go round to your mate s house no matter how close friends you are never let yourself into their house if they have a dog or if you don t know whether they have a dog Some dogs take intruders very seriously If you re jumping around being crazy and the dog is getting so excited that he starts to bark make noises bite you or grab at things then stop take a deep breath and calmly go to a different room or someplace the dog isn t If you drop food accidentally around your mate s dog and your mate s dog gets there first tell an adult before approaching the dog Lastly be kind Being unkind to animals is never cool Don t hurt them tease them or be mean to them Ever P 22 Dogs Today May 2022 AVAILABLE SOON AT YOUR LOCAL STOCKISTS 100 BRITISH MEATS Ambient Treats Tasty treats to support pet health and development BEEF PADDYWACK LAMB SHOULDER STRIPS FISH SKIN CUBES CHICKEN SAUSAGES PIGS EARS ORDER ONLINE TODAY AT WWW NATURALINSTINCT COM OR CALL 01276 608500

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Join our exclusive Sub Club Advertorial With newsagents and supermarkets reducing their shelf space for magazines it s getting harder to find us Help us by subscribing and reap the rewards Buy Get your first issue for only 1 Then it s 9 99 quarterly by Direct Debit direct and save more than 17 a year UK only Save money enjoy a 17 04 saving over the year Delivered free to your door Subscriber only competitions page 59 15 voucher for PurrfectlyYappy com minimum spend 75 Call us for the special code Chance to win one of 50 Nerf dog toys Get the magazine before it s in the shops Call 01276 402599 lines open weekdays 9am 5pm or subscribe online www dogstodaymagazine co uk product dogs today uk subscriptions All new subscriptions will commence with the current issue Overseas prices Europe 65 20 for 12 issues Rest of World 79 80 for 12 issues The first 50 new or renewing subscribers this month will receive a fabulous Nerf dog toy so even your dog can benefit It s a win win win situation Please remember to include your dog s breed size and age in Dog breed and size during checkout Subscription gifts are only available to the first 50 subscribers each month sorry UK subscribers only By entering you confirm that your details will be passed on to the company providing these prizes for the purposes of distribution marketing 24 Dogs Today May 2022 The Animal Boutique T he new Animal Boutique is a luxury designer online boutique of desirable products for pets The people behind the boutique already have a successful business Pet Flaps UK but every week were asked by customers for recommendations about fashion and accessories And so The Animal Boutique was born The questions kept coming and we were intrigued said Anna the customer services manager We began Fantastic accessories for pampered pets Finest products from around the world Fun fashion for pets and for you Dogs cats horses and other furry friends catered for to realise that there are lots of online pet stores and lots of really good quality accessories for pets But what we also found out was that because the internet is so crowded the very best shopping for dogs and cats isn t always easy to find So we are delighted to invite you to The Animal Boutique We will do all that research for you and bring you the very best clothes for dogs the best accessories for your cats best quality riding gear and livery accessories for your horses too Although The Animal Boutique has only just started we are excited because there are some really good designer and luxury accessories for your precious pets all over the world As we come to special arrangements with suppliers and artisan craftspeople we will help you access these worldwide opportunities to buy direct from the suppliers even direct from the makers of their goods P Visit the website and see what s in store https theanimalboutique com

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Words CLAIRE HORTON BUSSEY On the way up Have you heard of the Hungarian Pumi the breed with arguably the best ears in all of dogdom Grace and Miep Photo Robert Stuhldreer FATE DECIDES T he Hungarian Pumi was recognised by the UK Kennel Club in 2015 and competed at Crufts for the first time in 2016 but it was only at this year s Crufts that the Pumi had its own classes The breed might still be something of a newcomer to the UK but its history on the Continent is a long one They are thought to descend from herding guard dogs from Tibet and China that arrived in Europe with migrating Magyars French and German breeds contributed to the mix including terriers 26 Dogs Today May 2022 the Sheep Poodle and the Herding Spitz The medium sized farm dog that resulted is a close relative of the dreadlocked Puli in fact they were considered the same breed until 100 years ago when Emil Raitsitz a professor at the Hungarian University of Veterinary Medicine organised separate breeding programmes for the two types to create more defined stable distinctions The Pumi standard was approved by the FCI in 1935 The breed still works as an all purpose farm dog but its Owner Robert Stuhldreer is certainly besotted Growing up with Border Collies and Springer Spaniels as a child Robert is used to herding and working breeds and continued to have collies into adulthood About five years ago with a Japanese Akita Inu and two Border Collies Robert wanted to add to his doggie family Realistically another Akita would be difficult as even in experienced homes same breed aggression can be an issue so Robert started researching different options Having manned the Akita stand at Discover Dogs for 20 years the Pumi had already caught Robert s attention though he also thought the Shetland Sheepdog would fit in well Undecided he went on the waiting list for both breeds and let fate choose With only 60 Pumis in the country at the time the smart money was on the Sheltie but incredibly a Pumi litter became available first He passed all the vetting from the breeder and brought home little puppy Grace So smitten did he become with the breed that he s recently added Miep to his family too The Hungarian plural of Pumi is Pumik but Pumis is commonly used in the UK When I brought Grace home Kin the Akita Inu was in her bed Grace was eight weeks old and waddled over to Kin and started suckling her Kin s face was a total surprise as if to say Should I kill it or love it Luckily they hit it off right there in that make or break moment HERD MENTALITY Robert s pastoral experience has come in very useful for managing the Pumi They absolutely love a purpose When we re out their herding instincts kick in The youngest Miep wants to herd the other dogs and keep them in her pack They need psychological stimulation too and are not for those with a sedentary lifestyle Living in London has helped with both Pumis socialisation The breed can be sensitive like many others in the pastoral group but an active outdoorsy life encountering many Photo Robert Stuhldreer profile as a pet is coming to the fore in the UK thanks to the efforts of Pumi enthusiasts that brought the dog to this country created a club and worked for KC recognition Certainly in terms of looks the Pumi is unmistakable Those Gromit ears are unique But it s not just the breed s appearance that s special this is a dog that s also full of character HAIR CARE The Pumi should have a rustic appearance with a curly or wavy non shedding coat The double coat is made up of soft hair and harsher hair The Pumi club explains The Pumi coat consists of 50 soft hair and 50 harsher hair all of it the same length A Pumi needs combing never brushing every two to three weeks and then wetting down to let the coat curl back up Once curled the coat can be trimmed to keep it looking tidy The Pumi doesn t shed but dead hair will come out when being combed The Pumi s hair is never blown out and fluffed with a hair dryer as that removes the characteristic curls in the coat and render it soft and cottony May 2022 Dogs Today 27

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Photo Robert Stuhldreer positive diverse experiences helped both girls development An intelligent quick breed with oodles of energy it goes without saying that the Pumi is a natural competitor when it comes to dog sports excelling in anything they set their brilliant minds to The reception when people see them in the street is always predictable it can take a while to get anywhere with the number of people stopping to ask about them There are up to 600 Pumis in the country at the moment but they are a rare sight in the average park Robert doesn t discount new or novice owners as potential Pumi parents I ve had dogs all my life and yet my first Akita was an uphill struggle But the Pumi isn t impossible for a first timer They need a relatively active lifestyle and they do like company They do not thrive if Advertorial Biting back against dog thieves left alone And they can be quite vocal they are very alert dogs When I first got Grace oh my God she would bark big time but at very specific things to alert you to something Or when I took the dogs up the field and let her off the lead she d bark to chase the ball The Akita would just give a look of disdain P For more information about the Pumi including health and how to get on the puppy waiting list visit https hungarianpumiclub co uk and on the way out This month s vulnerable native breed in the spotlight photographed by Maddie Newton is the Curly Coated Retriever V ulnerable native breeds of dog are those of British or Irish origin that have low or declining Kennel Club registration numbers under 300 per year to be exact explains Maddie When you compare this number to the 25 000 Cocker Spaniels registered in 2020 you start to realise just how much of a concern these breeds are With over 200 breeds recognised by the KC it s not hard to imagine why some are overlooked but this is a shame because if they disappear altogether we will lose a piece of our history along with them The goal of these photographs is to put these dogs in the spotlight and to get people to consider a breed they may not have even thought of but could be absolutely perfect for them and their lifestyle Maddie says This month we look at an alternative to the Pumi the Curly Coated Retriever 28 Dogs Today May 2022 The HOWL app operates in three ways Curly Coated Retriever 55 registered in 2020 MONTY This is my first Curly Coat and I have owned him for over a year Before I got him I had researched the breed for about two years prior and got to meet several of the breed before I settled on them Their appearance struck me first and their loving character and temperament were unique I was also drawn to the fact that they were a British breed and I found it a little sad that they were vulnerable as well My boy has been a whirlwind introduction to the breed reorganising my life in ways I didn t know I needed He has helped me with reshaping my garden and deciding which plants I don t need any more redesigning my clothes furniture and walls to his style He is a very independent soul who likes to take my shoes and who makes a direct beeline for any body of water he sniffs or sees But you couldn t wish for better snuggles as well as the giggles he gives me when getting up to mischief Ali Clayton HOWL is a movement and an app from The Bark Side Limited designed to tackle dog theft There is also a dedicated website at howlforhelp com The HOWL app designed by a former criminal defence solicitor is currently available for iOS Android will follow in due course There are also free tips for all available at https howlforhelp com tips The tips are a part of the movement by empowering dog lovers with knowledge about how dog thieves operate we can work to reduce dog theft The HOWL app costs 1 79 per user two users needed for maximum functionality but being a sole user allows you to use all elements except monitoring It s a one off purchase with no in app purchases or subscriptions We want people to use HOWL every time they take their dog for a walk because with more users we can bite back against dog thieves If you have an emergency contact monitoring your walk they ll be sent a notification in the event that you HOWL for help They ll see the date time and what3words location so they can begin heading to you without delay Find out how HOWL works here howlforhelp com how it works Prevention thieves hate being caught so the alarm and video recording when you HOWL for help works to improve the chances of capture HOWL takes back control from the dog thief in a non confrontational way Recovery you record all your dog s details in HOWL everything remains private until you decide otherwise so that if the worst happens you have all that information at hand when time is of the essence Prosecution capturing the date time precise location and video footage HOWL has evidence capture at its core to aid in linking the offender to the crime

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Great Debate If you have an opinion on this subject that is not already covered here putting Great Debate in the subject line Please limit your response to Jacky Fisher If the more pricey vets had to charge less than they d get for consults they d just stop doing them Then people wouldn t be able to get done in their area within the timeline Free market rules apply to vets hence the buyouts and price hikes Moira Doig The vets have made lots of errors and there is so much confusion over them I was charged a whopping 259 56 for one cat I queried this at the time and was assured that was the correct fee I then emailed them with the RVC suggested price and they reduced it to 158 02 On top of the standard charge there is an examination fee and VAT of course Here is how they explained it I m sorry if there has been any confusion over the pricing of the animal health certificates As you are aware this is a new protocol we have to follow from the beginning of the year which is significantly more complex and time consuming than the old pet passport system The correct fee should have been 158 02 I have refunded the original fee to your account and recharged the correct amount so your account is 101 54 in credit I m sorry again for this error on our part I have taken steps to clarify the charges on our system so this doesn t happen again Should there be a price cap on the animal health certificate for travel to the EU and Northern Ireland From 1 January 2021 in order to visit any EU country with their pets or travel to Northern Ireland British pet owners need a EU animal health certificate AHC for each trip The cost of an AHC for travel can vary significantly depending on the vet practice owners turn to and it is never cheap Should there be a price cap on the AHC 30 Dogs Today May 2022 Jayne Dendle It should be capped When recently exporting a dog to a rescue in Ireland we were quoted between 140 and 300 by different vets Erin Clarke If compiling this health certificate takes as much time as several health check or vaccination appointments it should pay at least as much as several health check or vaccination appointments Helen Read It s not only to go on vacation in the EU it s also to travel within the UK which is unacceptable I had to spend a ridiculous amount of money to take two perfectly healthy dogs both of them chipped and up to date with their vaccinations with me from England to Northern Ireland An extra border and extra costs to move within our own country precisely what we were promised would never happen The wonders of Brexit Maria Ruiz Rosado There is a way to avoid spending too much each time If someone travels often more than once a year to a specific EU country like Spain they could get their dog a Spanish passport As long as they don t let the rabies vaccination expire they can travel with that email enquiries dogstodaymagazine co uk 100 words Jacqueline Kinnell We usually travel to France twice a year with our two dogs This spring will be the first time we have done this since the new AHC was required for pet travel Both dogs are microchipped already have old style pet passports and are kept up to date with rabies vaccinations I have had quotes for issuing the AHC ranging from 140 for both dogs on one certificate I believe up to five dogs can go on a certificate up to 150 for each dog and one practice said it would be 250 for one dog then an additional 50 for each extra animal So the total cost for my two dogs would be between 140 and 300 These prices do not include any microchipping or rabies vaccinations if needed As I have recently relocated from Lincolnshire to North Yorkshire and needed to register with a local vet this is one of the things I took into consideration along with reputation etc In the end the vet I am using is doing both dogs on one certificate for 140 and they have been very helpful so far I don t mind 140 as the alternative would be to kennel them and travel without them but the cost of kennelling them for a minimum of a couple of weeks is greater than the cost of the AHC I do think there should be a cap on the cost of issuing the AHC of maybe around 120 140 for one dog and maybe no more than 50 per additional dog I m not sure why some vets are able to justify charging more than this unless it includes the cost of rabies vaccination microchipping should be done long before the dog gets to the point of preparing for overseas travel anyway Margaret Gibney No price cap Vets need to have the right to charge what they feel is appropriate Costs vary in different parts of the country AHC takes in the region of one hour for the vet to produce the certificate plus the time added on for other admin booking information gathering etc Our charge is to the lower end of your figures 125 but we have to book out the vet for one hour and if that hour comprised four individual appointments this would be a value of 140 160 for four vaccination appointments Now it doesn t look so expensive More than one dog cat can go on the form but they must be the same species and travelling at the same time and we only charge the one fee If you travel a lot it s worth looking at having a passport done in an EU country which can be used to travel on in future This month s result 8 Sandy Ralish At the very least the price of filing the paperwork itself should have a cap It s easy to say we should shop around for better deals but with so many vet practices now controlled by a few giant corporations it s not that simple Plus it s not something any vet can fill in I struggled to get an appointment for the certificate in the right time frame for a trip and I called a month and a half in advance 50 42 Yes No Maybe Sue McCafferty An awful lot of vets just won t do them because of all the paperwork My vets stopped doing them Colette Kase And remember on top of this every country may have different requirements which may also add to the cost I m not sure how in a business world caps can be placed upon services offered by veterinary surgeons People often travel between countries in North America and also to Central America with their pets frequently They simply shop around to find the best deal for their paperwork June Edwards I agree that the price for the paperwork should be capped I fully understand the price may change depending on extra requirements such as the dog needing shots or a microchip or medication but for the certificate itself there should be a fixed charge Or at least a maximum that no vet practice can go over P Next month s topic is Should workers get time off when a pet passes away Email editorial dogstodaymagazine co uk with your thoughts putting Great Debate in the subject line or write to Great Debate Dogs Today The Old Print House 62 High Street Chobham Surrey GU24 8AA May 2022 Dogs Today 31 Ye N M

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Victoria Stilwell Seek and you shall find happiness Seeking behaviour whether it s searching for new information or a physical reward is an important part of what humans and dogs need to feel fulfilled Victoria Stilwell is a world renowned dog trainer best known as the creator and host of the international hit TV series It s Me or the Dog as well as Greatest American Dog on CBS Dogs Might Fly on Sky One and her web series about police K9s and their handlers Guardians of the Night A passionate advocate for positive dog training methods she is the founder of the Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training Behavior www vsdta com and the CEO of Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training www vspdt com Visit www positively com for news about Victoria s work and details about her books The Secret Language of Dogs Train Your Dog Positively and It s Me or the Dog Illustration KEVIN BROCKBANK 32 Dogs Today May 2022 I am glad to see the end of winter It is not my favourite season Cold temperatures and short sunless days make me want to curl up with my dogs and not move until the first signs of spring appear Not even the promise of hot chocolate and log fires can stop my longing for warm sunny days Even though I now live in the southern United States where temperatures are milder and the sun shines more I am still a spring and summer lover and so are my dogs I find it harder to get motivated during the winter but I counteract the winter blues by seeking information about things I know little about researching new topics that expand my knowledge of the world Harnessing curiosity and exploring new avenues enriches my mind and makes me feel better and I know that providing opportunities for my dogs to do the same helps them stay on track too We might spend longer snuggling on the couch together during the winter months but we do so comfortably because we are enriched There is no doubt that seeking behaviour is invigorating for people and for dogs When we are positively seeking information food a resource or a mate we are energised and driven to do so because it feels good For dogs just engaging in seeking behaviours that might lead to something beneficial is enriching The promise of gold at the end of the rainbow can be just as motivating as getting to the gold itself because anticipating that something good will result from the seeking behaviour is the driving force behind the seeking system and encourages the production of the neurotransmitter dopamine Dopamine is released in a cycle that comprises the appetitive phase searching and the consummatory engaging eating chewing phase Dopamine release is highest during the appetitive phase and slows down during consummation only to increase again right after unless the dog anticipates good things happening again in which case dopamine may not decline Seeking never stops and even though the seeking system is located in the lower part of the limbic system it is incredibly powerful Seeking helps promote learning and the building of memories to support reasoning and thinking DOPAMINE RUSH We can manipulate this seeking system by providing our dogs with opportunities to engage in activities from basic training to dog sports and we can motivate our dogs with the promise of rewards such as food or toys We can encourage the production of dopamine by laying a trail and encouraging our dogs to find the reward at the end of it or by associating a specific scent with a toy or game This increases our dogs arousal levels which is stimulating but must not be overdone Throwing a ball to a frenzied Border Collie or ball obsessed Labrador for too long is not the best thing to do causing exhaustion or the development of obsessive type behaviours that can greatly compromise a dog s health and wellness Instead we can modify play by playing a different game or by giving an activity that satisfies the dog s appetitive needs but takes them quickly to the consummatory phase which causes the production of dopamine to fluctuate or decrease depending on the activity Understanding what makes dogs feel good and how we can manipulate that feeling has helped me tackle many different cases of canine fear anxiety and depression The case of Harley a 10 year old Collie mix who was grieving the loss of his canine brother comes to mind After his brother Beau died Harley became withdrawn and the usually gregarious and sociable dog did not to want to interact with others snapping at dogs he had regularly loved playing with in the park when his brother was alive I truly believe dogs grieve and many need extra help to get them through the loss of a loved one but surrounding Harley with a whole group of dogs was not the right path to take at that moment in time I therefore encouraged Harley s caretaker Pam to give him some space from other dogs and allow him to do quieter things such as chewing on foodstuffed toys and going for calm sniffy walks in areas where dogto dog interaction was limited POSITIVELY SEEKING When it was time for Harley to interact again we did so slowly introducing him to a dog he knew and then quickly moving both dogs away from greeting so that they could sniff and walk together without having to physically interact with each other for too long Just sniffing and seeking together at a distance made them feel good and meant that Harley did not have the pressure of too much physical contact but could indulge in a dopamine enriching activity in the other dog s presence which helped promote social bonding If Harley was not interested in sniffing his mum encouraged his interest by throwing treats on the ground pointing towards them and encouraging him to go find them If Harley still showed no interest treats were tossed on the ground for the other dog to go and find at a safe distance so that Harley could watch the other dog engaging in a seeking activity and be inspired to do the same a perfect example of social learning It was not long before Harley was eagerly investigating the world around him in the presence of other dogs and by himself Doing this simple seeking activity along with other techniques I had devised as part of his teaching plan helped Harley through his grief and put him back on track Slowly but surely he was introduced back into the group and was able to enjoy social interaction again Whether you choose to engage in a new activity to get you through a malaise or a difficult time like taking a course going for a walk or exploring other avenues of enrichment engaging your seeker system will enrich you in similar ways As long as the seeking is positive and there is limited conflict when you are in the act of seeking you and your dog will find the enrichment you both need to enjoy the world around you whatever the weather P May 2022 Dogs Today 33

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Obituaries Your tributes If you want to pay tribute to a departed pet or have a suggestion for a lost star dog write to us at the address on page 3 or email editorial dogstodaymagazine co uk and put Tribute in the subject line Max M ax The Miracle Dog star of the popular Facebook page Max Out in the Lake District passed away on 6 April after touching thousands of lives English Springer Spaniel Max became an online star as his owner Kerry Irving regularly posted photos and videos of their antics in the Lakes on social media Kerry who suffered from chronic pain and undiagnosed depression after a serious accident credits him for helping him turn his life around and the miracle dog has helped many more since When the pandemic hit in 2020 Max s daily live broadcasts resulted in him becoming the world s virtual therapy dog Their daily Facebook Live videos became a lifeline for hundreds of thousands when the world went into lockdown helping people through incredibly dark times of isolation grief loneliness anxiety and fear vet charity PDSA says In February 2021 Max was presented with the PDSA Order of Merit also known as the animal OBE for his outstanding contribution to society A bronze statue in his likeness by local sculptor Kirsty Armstrong is a permanent tribute to Max in his hometown of Keswick Cumbria Along their journey together Max gained a little brother Paddy and then an even littler brother 34 Dogs Today May 2022 Prince Harry Kerry and his trio have been travelling up and down the country fundraising and raising vital awareness for charity Andrew Gere CEO of Accapi Group the European distributor of Ruffwear commented Max was our most treasured Ruffwear ambassador famed for wearing our Campfire Orange harness and accompanying Kerry on many To honour Max s legacy Ruffwear UK is donating 5 of all sales of the Campfire Orange Front Range Harness Leash and Collar collection for the remainder of this year to Max s charities You can find Ruffwear stock on purrfectlyyappy com collections ruffwear complete fundraising and awareness raising missions for charities He rubbed shoulders with royalty and was a canine champion for the hills and valleys of the Lake District National Park where he and Kerry roamed every day But he was so much more than that to us and the tens of thousands of fans across the UK and all over the world

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Obituaries Your tributes If you want to pay tribute to a departed pet or have a suggestion for a lost star dog write to us at the address on page 3 or email editorial dogstodaymagazine co uk and put Tribute in the subject line My lovely chocolate Labrador Ruby passed away on Boxing Day 2021 aged 12 years and five months She was diagnosed in early 2019 with a grade four mast cell tumour MCT in her front leg I broke down hearing such sad news as Ruby was such a very special gentle soul and the centre of our lives The diagnosis was made even more awful by the fact my dear mother had cancer and she was told then after several chemotherapy treatments that there was no hope and it would be her last Christmas It was such an awful time Mum came with us to our first visit to Fitzpatrick s clinic in Guildford to assess Ruby s condition and plan surgery to remove the MCT Ruby did pull through and mum passed away on 9 May 2019 Unfortunately another lump appeared in Ruby s same leg nearer the shoulder and it was confirmed it was another MCT we went back to Fitzpatrick s and Ruby was taken in again for more surgery Ruby took it all in her stride the surgery and treatment that followed She continued to enjoy a good quality life for about five or six months until yet another Ruby lump appeared this time it was in her lymph glands We decided there would be no more scans or invasive treatment so we put her on steroids and medication Despite some tummy upset she continued to enjoy a good life lockdown was a blessing for us because she could enjoy 24 7 care At one point Ruby became very sick she couldn t walk and we took her to the vet s thinking that this time we would have to put her to sleep but she truly was a fighter our little miracle girl and pulled through again In September she came with us for a week s holiday in Norfolk Her walking was limited but she loved being there and we knew time with her was precious On Christmas night she was unwell she refused food and water and we knew the end was near I was hoping she would go peacefully with no intervention from the vet but we knew it was time to let her go and called for a vet to come home They did not arrive on time she gave a few gentle pants as we comforted her telling her to give plenty of kisses to our mum and passed away soon after midnight on Boxing Day She was a beautiful gentle girl and we ll never get another like her Ita McBride On 3 March 2022 my heart broke as I had to say Dodge goodbye to my long term faithful companion Dodge my Rottie was 18 years old the oldest in the world and a true ambassador to his breed He helped people overcome their fears of dogs and was also a mascot for the local boys footy team here in Ely Cambridgeshire Everybody loved him and I can honestly say he was perfect He made you laugh with his little ways and in his younger days he was nine stone a big bear who just loved cuddles Over the years I have taken on many animals and he just accepted them showing only love to any new family members I always say I was not on my own bringing up my two sons as I had Dodge helping me We all adored him I want his legacy to live on and I am keeping his Instagram page Dodge oldboy going in his memory RIP my special boy you will always be loved Tracy Thurston 36 Dogs Today May 2022 From Facebook A FEW OF OUR FOLLOWERS SHARE THEIR DOGS MEDICAL MIRACLES Michela Kalowski Our Pointer had been coughing and we took him to the vet thinking that maybe something was lodged in his trachea We were devastated to be told it was throat cancer But at the following visit the cancer was gone The vet said it was just one of those things We have no idea how it was possible but he lived to the ripe old age of 18 six years post diagnosis and we have no complaints Spring is here Shop our range of accessories to ensure your furry friend stays safe and hydrated through the hotter months Jackie Walsh My dog had a cancerous growth in her leg bone it looked like a large bump Amputation was not possible her other shoulder was badly damaged from a freak accident when she was younger and she would not have been able to walk on three legs For three years bump aside she was fine The cancer seemed to be going nowhere In the end she died of old age and the bump was still there Anthony Day My neighbour s dog tried to jump past an old collapsed fence and impaled herself on a long sharp piece of wood They had to take the stick to the vet too lodged in her chest She kept trying to get up and wagged her tail throughout The stick had missed all vital organs and she was fine once it was removed and she received treatment Her owners say she was just too dumb to realise she was hurt She s quite old now still going strong Hound Home Human

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Photo posed by models Postbag Your news views AGEISM IN RESCUE I m a healthy 78 year old looking to adopt a rescue The dog I wanted was around five years old During a conversation with a woman at a dog centre she couldn t stop telling me I was too old I have made provision in case I pass away I think this person was rude and insensitive as well as ageist death has no age limit I m unhappy about this interview and think it denies a homeless and needy dog a home and an experienced dog lover a little companion Lancelot Walton Border Collie Photo posed by a model PUPPY POSITIVES I distinctly remember agreeing with my husband that we would never have another puppy after our last adventure of surviving through the puppy period I m not sure how then we ended up with a four month old Border Collie who acts like the Energiser Bunny on steroids The first few days I mentioned several times that this might not work out or if I had the energy to give him what he needed My husband pointed out that there are many positives to having a puppy and although I initially gave him a you are crazy look I realised he was right Here are a few of the positives that I came up with When you have a puppy you have to wake up early and let him out to go to the bathroom This gives you more time to be productive and you can sip on coffee and have quiet time My floor has never been cleaner because the puppy will find everything that has been dropped so I have to make sure everything is put away Seeing him completely wrapped up in the yarn I was using and then finding the tiny holes he had chewed in my flannel pyjamas made me laugh instead of making me angry After all it was my fault for leaving them on the floor 38 Dogs Today May 2022 A puppy can improve your patience I have been taking lots of deep breaths and telling myself that he will learn in time Having a puppy helps you to be more creative I am constantly thinking of ways to stimulate his brain and curiosity I have been more active Our puppy needs to burn off some of his energy so I take him on walks and play with him in the garden Having a puppy improves your focus When we go outside I am looking around to see what he might want to chase and as I am playing with him I am continually aware of my surroundings A puppy gives you a chance to socialise more because everyone wants to interact with a puppy On a recent walk we stopped every time a person approached because they wanted to pet the puppy and soak up some cuteness While I am trying to make sure the puppy is receiving enough mental stimulation it is also stimulating my brain as I come up with ideas to work with him teach him tricks and give him enough exercise I will never say that having a puppy is easy but I think we have laughed more plotted puppy strategy and come together as a family Jennifer Bonn Get in touch g entle We love to hear your news and views and see photos of your dogs cold pressed dog food Gentle cold pressed is a complete dog food and naturally as close to raw feeding as possible suitable for all breeds and life stages and can be fed alongside raw Email editorial dogstodaymagazine co uk Write to us at Dogs Today The Old Print House 62 High Street Chobham Surrey GU24 8AA Original DOUBLE TROUBLE Hope you can feature our eightmonth old Airedale Terrier Llian and our five month old Parson Russell Terrier Dennis in your magazine Eleah Rose Chapman Goat Free from gluten artificial flavourings artificial colouring preservatives animal experimentation and GM products Join the debate Voice your opinions on news stories and other topics on our Dogs Today Magazine Facebook page or through our website www dogstodaymagazine co uk Flavours Small Bites Fish gentle by name gentle by nature E info gentledogfood co uk M 01409 251063 W gentledogfood co uk

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Words CLARE ANDRUSYK Tricks Toolbox physical disability there is always something we can teach them to do safely without giving them discomfort and providing them with lots of fun New tricks It keeps the dog fit and active Many tricks involve muscle power some using muscles the dog may never have used before Just like humans we can improve our dogs physically which then helps give them life longevity Many tricks involve proprioception the dogs learn they have back legs and how to move them which helps to decrease the risk of injury on uneven surfaces and when on walks Think trick training your dog is only for shows or the circus Or that you can t teach an old dog new tricks Well think again T rick training is proven to improve a dog s health and wellbeing and can also help reactive dogs stay calm in different environments It has numerous benefits for dogs of all ages and stages of training It helps dogs build confidence Bonding with the owner Mastering tricks with your dog is a means to building a bond and enjoying time together It provides excellent mental stimulation enrichment and exercise on bad weather days It s important to exercise and engage a dog s brain as well as its body Doing 10 minutes of training a day can give the equivalent stimulation of a dog walk On days you simply are unable to get out do some trick training instead your dog will thank you for it Teaching your dog tricks and taking them outside can really help boost their confidence It helps to distract an anxious dog from the scary world and can reduce stress dramatically Good positive force free trainers offer their clients confidence boosting activities to learn during their classes as it builds on their self esteem It is fun for the dog and gives them a job to do Dogs need a job Their predatory motor drive is part of who they are so if we can provide them with activities to add to their environment and to simulate their natural drive what they were born to do eg Greyhounds chase Golden Retrievers fetch etc then we can keep them enriched and happy throughout their lives Builds better mechanics for dog training If you are trying to have an obedient dog then trick training will give you the technical ability to achieve better results Trick training requires luring shaping capturing moulding modelling and positive reinforcement skills just like obedience training Helps reactive dogs stay calm This is a fantastic reason to train your dog outdoor tricks It helps keep dogs calm and engaged with their owners making them less likely to be distracted by the stimulus that provokes them to be reactive If we can keep a dog entertained and having fun instead of allowing them to freely focus on other things in the environment we have just increased our odds of having a calmer dog Reactivity causes stress in dogs and stress reduces life longevity We need to decrease stress as much as possible so that our dogs can live long happy lives Contact a qualified behaviourist to help you The great thing about trick training is that all levels of ability can try it It doesn t matter what your skillset is you can join a trick class and have experts help you or you can try yourself with a good online course You can pick it up at any time in the dog s life but the sooner the better so you can start having fun with your dog P I have been on the road watching some incredibly talented dogs perform tricks being filmed for the much anticipated Tricks Toolbox by Empowered Dog Empowered Dog is co owned by dog trainers Michelle Dart and Yo Michelle Armendariz They started the business in 2020 during the Covid crisis with the simple mission of creating a welcoming community for all dog trainers and the general public across the world bringing free summits and events to educate people about positive reinforcement They have a community for the public and one for dog trainers and create amazing content toolboxes for dog trainers to use with their clients I had the pleasure of meeting Dawn Heaton owner of Preston Trick Dogs and was blown away by watching how excited the dogs were to do some incredible tricks They did handstands against walls fetched tissues to the trainer when they sneezed and then put them in the bin I have watched dogs play pianos roll themselves up in blankets balance on ladders play basketball hold poles with their front legs the list goes on and on Empowered Dog Preston Trick Dogs and many other trick trainers have come together to create a truly exceptional Tricks Toolbox for dog trainers to upskill themselves Any member of the public can find an Empowered Dog tricks trainer by joining the Empowered Dog members community on Facebook Builds technical ability in dog trainers As above good dog trainers who are practised in the art of teaching tricks can put these skills into everyday obedience work with their clients making classes more fun Useful as an introduction into service dogs Any human and any dog regardless of their disability can learn tricks after all this is how service dogs are trained Service dogs are trained to fetch a tissue if you sneeze or alert you to a fire alarm if you are deaf Teaching a dog tricks is a means of getting your dog to be an assistant to you Some breeds can be better than others at being service dogs so approach an expert in this field before purchasing your forever friend Disabled dogs can try it too We can train dogs by sound and scent if they are blind or by sight and scent if they are deaf If your dog has a 40 Dogs Today May 2022 May 2022 Dogs Today 41

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Words ALESSANDRA PACELLI Chip in Following recommendations by its Pet Theft Taskforce the government is keen to improve the current microchipping legislation and wants the public s views on how to do it Illustration by Kevin Brockbank I n 2021 the Pet Theft Taskforce made several recommendations to combat the growing issue of pet theft in the UK One concerned the microchipping legislation as the taskforce s report highlighted the need of improving navigation of the database system and the transfer of keepership records New requirements to register additional details and a single point of access to microchipping databases will support tracking lost and stolen dogs the report read In response the government pledged that Defra would take forward the recommendations on microchipping from this report under the review of The Microchipping of Dogs England Regulations 2015 Defra will explore new requirements to register more details on dog microchip databases a single point of access and enabling changes of keeper to be tracked more closely Now an eight week consultation open until 17 May wants people s thoughts on improvements to the pet microchipping database system The consultation seeks views on new requirements for registering additional details and a single point of access so microchip records can quickly be accessed by approved users to help identify the owners and keepers of pets a Defra statement reads The transferring of keepership records will also be strengthened to prevent lost or stolen animals being re registered without the keeper being aware and to stop the creation of duplicate records The proposals aim to improve breeder traceability by making it compulsory for the breeder s details to remain on the database for the lifetime of the animal even when the animal changes keeper or when the microchip record is transferred to another database David Bowles head of public affairs at the RSPCA welcomed the consultation saying We are pleased to see Defra launching a consultation into improvements to the microchipping database system We d support the introduction of a single centralised database of microchipped cats and dogs or would love to see better collaboration and communication between the current 16 separate databases SCANNING SOLUTIONS This would make it much easier to quickly reunite stray missing and stolen pets with their owners and would also save a lot of time for charities such as the RSPCA local authorities and vets when they re trying to trace an owner This is not the first consultation Defra launches on microchipping In December 2020 it held another consultation on two matters whether to make microchipping compulsory for cats as well and whether the scanning of pets microchips should be compulsory While they are now pledging to make the microchipping of cats mandatory there is no indication that vets pounds and shelters will be under any obligation to scan pets who come into their care for a microchip VET PERSPECTIVE The British Veterinary Association BVA opposed the mandatory checking of chips saying it could put veterinary professionals in harm s way in a worst case scenario as well as discouraging whoever has a stolen or missing dog from seeking veterinary attention for them They did however welcome this new consultation Justine Shotton BVA president said We re delighted that the government is gathering views on how to make the microchipping system fit for purpose We strongly recommend microchipping as a safe effective and permanent way to identify individual animals but the sheer number of databases and the fact that they don t routinely communicate with each other currently present significant barriers to successful reunification of lost pets and owners Streamlining the system into a single point of entry and driving up standards across all databases would help to spare heartache for many pet owners and start things on a positive footing when compulsory cat microchipping is rolled out next year P Take part to the consultation on www gov uk government consultations cat and dog microchipping consultation 42 Dogs Today May 2022

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My Dog Crush T his stylish Italian hunt point retrieve dog resembles an Italian Spinone but has a short glossy coat Our survey of Bracco Italiano owners revealed Character Exercise Two thirds of our survey describe them as the happiest creatures on earth but they certainly have a sensitive side and easily show their feelings with 85 saying it s easy to tell when their feelings are hurt Two thirds say their dogs are very mischievous and like to play deaf at times It s the breed s relationship with their owner that most came across in the survey Gentle and loving said one respondent They have a passion for pleasing their owner said another I have never known a dog so affectionate in my life and crave human company and love explained yet another going on to say They are highly complex in their personality traits and needs so to work with one is a challenge but also the best feeling and achievement possible Health The Kennel Club strongly recommends screening for hip and elbow dysplasia eye screening and For Dog People by Dog People checking inbreeding calculators Because your dog see the KC website for more information deserves the BEST NO MORE PULLING NO MORE RIDING UP NO MORE RUBBING NO MORE COMING OFF amyloidosis NO MORE DISCOMFORT In addition and kidney issues also occur in the breed Amyloidosis is a serious REVOLUTIONARY HEADCOLLAR Awarded Best Dog Collar Manufacturer 2018 life limiting UK disease for which there is no cure Endorsed by Dr David Sands BSc PhD CFBA Fellow of the Canine Feline Behaviour Association It occurs when an abnormal protein amyloid Call to join the ever growing number of people changing to Dogmatic 01952 245330 or visit us at www dogmatic org uk builds up in the organs and can result in organ failure One research study found that around 13 of apparently healthy Bracchi had signs of kidney disease when routinely screened at a breed event in the States The general dog population would be around 0 4 The Bracco Italiano Club has a very informative health page on its website https braccoitalianoclub co uk health which covers amyloidosis and other breed related issues The Bracco Italiano Health and Education group is working closely with a research team to identify the DNA marker for amyloidosis Our survey respondents also had breed experience of allergies 28 anal gland problems 22 ear problems 56 and skin problems 46 Sponsored by M any of us have dog crushes soft spots for breeds or types that we love but know we ll probably never own for lots of terribly sensible reasons Maybe you don t have enough hours in the day for the dog you dream of Perhaps you have a wandering eye and there are just too many dogs to fit into a lifetime Or you already have a house squashed full of adored allsorts that chose you In this feature we go through popular dog crushes and take a fresh look at what it would be like to actually live with them 44 Dogs Today May 2022 Bracco Italiano Winners 2013 2019 Dogmatic UK Ltd is on Facebook This is a large breed with a working heritage that is energetic and needs a lot of regular exercise 35 said their dog gets two hours or more of daily exercise 18 give 90 minutes and 31 give an hour The rest gave less but may have been puppy owners where reduced exercise is needed This breed is perfect as a loving companion for someone who wants a teammate for an active working lifestyle summed up one response Training Behaviour They might have the hound trait of selective deafness sometimes but half the survey respondents say their dogs are very clever Only one person said their dog was daft 77 said their dog had a strong hunting instinct 17 were good with cats and 46 were territorial and would give a warning bark Trainer and behaviourist Mark Sanderson has had Bracchi since 2016 and has just got his third They are stunning dogs to look at and their movement can be a sight to behold as they hunt at the trot he said Although challenging to train once they are trained they are a more than useful hunting dog suited to rough shooting In the UK the best place to see a Bracco in action is often on the grouse moors They are very affectionate and can be very goofy and cause much amusement I couldn t imagine my life without one now They aren t ideal for a first time dog owner and the recall and an emergency stop are the first things I work on A Bracco without a stop is like a Ferrari without brakes Bracchi for the most part take well to reward based training but the trainer must have patience as Bracchi don t do a lot of repetition before getting distracted or bored Some Bracchi can be destructive in the home and some are very stubborn Bracchi can be couch potatoes at home and hunting machines when out Grooming This is an easy maintenance breed in terms of grooming 55 of our survey respondents groom their Bracchi less than every fortnight 16 every fortnight and 24 once a week Only one person groomed daily For Dog People by Dog People Because your dog deserves the BEST NO MORE PULLING NO MORE RIDING UP NO MORE RUBBING NO MORE COMING OFF NO MORE DISCOMFORT REVOLUTIONARY HEADCOLLAR Awarded Best Dog Collar Manufacturer 2018 UK Winners 2013 2019 Dogmatic UK Ltd is on Facebook Endorsed by Dr David Sands BSc PhD CFBA Fellow of the Canine Feline Behaviour Association Call to join the ever growing number of people changing to Dogmatic 01952 245330 or visit us at www dogmatic org uk May 2022 Dogs Today 45

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My Dog Crush Gentle Loyal Athletic Clingy Funny Loving Smart Clownish Driven T Best Facebook groups Bracco Italiano UK Bracco Italiano Society UK We Love Bracco Italiano T he breed has a very high rescue rate especially for young males because of people s lack of experience and quite a number of novice breeders and puppy farmers Ensure you research the breeder contact the breed club for advice and be honest about your own dog experience and training ability Downsides Origins he Bracco Italiano arrived in the UK in the 1990s but its history in its native country goes back centuries with the dog first being recognised in the Middle Ages Bred by noble families such as the Medicis the Bracco was highly prized and given as gifts to other aristocratic and royal families During the Renaissance the breed really came into its own with the popularity of bird hunting At the end of the 19th century though the breed was in such a decline that it faced extinction but was saved and revived thanks to the efforts of a committed breeder Ferdinand Delour de Ferrabouc Advice for wannabe owners Traits Not for firsttimer owners inexperienced They can drool Can be sensitive Can be stubborn Great escape artists Strong prey drive Owner s view Best names Angelo Artu Florence Bella Stan Enzo Arlo Marcello Elsie Lorenzo F ive year old Jaffa is Kayleigh Pettett s first Bracco At the time Jaffa joined the family Kayleigh also had a working Cocker and a German Shorthaired Pointer GSP I had seen a few Bracco photos and videos on a countryside Facebook group and totally fell in love with their goofy faces large ears and large feet We spent around 18 months looking and finally found the perfect breeder for us over in Warwickshire I think with all gundog breeds they need a job whether that s working on a shoot agility or scent training They all need to be kept mentally as well as physically stimulated Although I can t speak for every Bracco as I know they will all be very different but I have found she can be stubborn on occasion and their prey drive can be quite high The noses on these dogs are just something else even more so than the GSP Jaffa loves nothing better than having a lazy day She doesn t even get out of bed to welcome us through the door most days she doesn t want to lose her favourite spot next to the radiator She s sweet laid back sensitive but very loving New situations can make her a little uneasy but once she acclimatises herself she jumps full pelt into it next time They make fantastic companions Our house just wouldn t be the same without her and anyone who meets her just falls in love with her Best Facebook Groups Keep Calm and Papillon Papillon Lovers Purchase from a reputable breeder Research the health issues in the breed Be prepared to train consistently don t think that they are perfect at six months old because they rebel big style They need a task or chore or may become very bored and then mischievous Check the lifespan in the parental line They are a very physical dog with a lot of strength the owner needs to be able to cope with a big active dog Work on recall Have a sense of humour Enjoy For Dog People by Dog People Because your dog deserves the BEST NO MORE PULLING NO MORE RIDING UP NO MORE RUBBING NO MORE COMING OFF NO MORE DISCOMFORT REVOLUTIONARY HEADCOLLAR Awarded Best Dog Collar Manufacturer 2018 UK Winners 2013 2019 Dogmatic UK Ltd is on Facebook Endorsed by Dr David Sands BSc PhD CFBA Fellow of the Canine Feline Behaviour Association Call to join the ever growing number of people changing to Dogmatic 01952 245330 or visit us at www dogmatic org uk 46 Dogs Today May 2022 May 2022 Dogs Today 47

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My Dog Crush Love the breed Shop the breed v This premium feel cushion with a shape retaining insert comes from the States but delivery to the UK is given as only 5 33 Two sizes available 36 48 from EdswatercoloursArt on etsy com What life adaptations have you made My life is planned with him in mind I had to get a lot better at hiding remote controls etc as she loves to parade the house with something in her mouth or several items if she can find a selection Not be so house proud I bought another vacuum to cope with the little white hairs and had to give up a sofa just for the dogs Photo by Tim Rose www timrosephotography co uk Ceramic mug with four Bracchi 11 50 from AmberMariesStudio on etsy com Had to pay for secure fields Buy lots of throws for the furniture and continuously wash walls and furniture free of slobber v Bracco greeting cards in different designs Blank inside or a message can be added for extra 2 99 single blank card to 9 for a pack of five From AmberMariesStudio on etsy com What would people change about them Nothing Live longer Better recall and better alone Find a marker for amyloidosis Slobber Reducing the bird drive a little Even best beef or roast chicken is ignored if there is a bird in the vicinity which can make training a little challenging What s the funniest thing your dog has done Puts his whole muzzle in the bowl to drink Leapt off the sofa in fear watching a TV series Howls to Whitney Houston Bracco print scarf in blue pink grey or green Hand printed in the UK and presented in a gift box there s an option of adding a personalised message to the lid at no extra cost 19 99 from BrandingHouse on etsy com Cute ceramic heart decoration featuring a pen and ink mandala style doodle of Tally the Bracco Italiano It measures 7 5cm x 7 5cm x 3mm and hangs on a simple black ribbon A perfect little gift for a Bracco fan 8 from KARoweIllustrations on etsy com For Dog People by Dog People For Dog People by Dog People Because your dog deserves the BEST NO MORE PULLING NO MORE RIDING UP NO MORE RUBBING NO MORE COMING OFF NO MORE DISCOMFORT REVOLUTIONARY HEADCOLLAR Awarded Best Dog Collar Manufacturer 2018 UK Because your dog deserves the BEST NO MORE PULLING NO MORE RIDING UP NO MORE RUBBING NO MORE COMING OFF NO MORE DISCOMFORT REVOLUTIONARY HEADCOLLAR Winners 2013 2019 Dogmatic UK Ltd is on Facebook Awarded Best Dog Collar Manufacturer 2018 UK Winners 2013 2019 Dogmatic UK Ltd is on Facebook Endorsed by Dr David Sands BSc PhD CFBA Fellow of the Canine Feline Behaviour Association Endorsed by Dr David Sands BSc PhD CFBA Fellow of the Canine Feline Behaviour Association Call to join the ever growing number of people changing to Dogmatic 01952 245330 or visit us at www dogmatic org uk Call to join the ever growing number of people changing to Dogmatic 01952 245330 or visit us at www dogmatic org uk 48 Dogs Today May 2022 May 2022 Dogs Today 49

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Illustration by Kevin Brockbank Quick question Do you have a problem you d like answered by an expert Or do you Email your question to enquiries dogstodaymagazine co uk How can I prevent and treat constipation in my dog want advice from someone with personal experience of the issue EXPERT ADVICE Constipation where there is an inability to produce frequent bowel movements is one of the most common digestion problems in dogs It can affect all breeds and ages Head vet at tails com Sean McCormack explains what you should know about constipation so you can get the correct treatment your dog needs before it becomes a painful or dangerous problem As doting dog parents we usually pick up on changes in our pet s toileting habits Because let s face it when we re the personal pooper scooper it s difficult not to For many dogs it happens like clockwork and so it can be worrying when they don t leave you their usual present If your dog hasn t pooped in more than 24 hours that s a clear sign that something s not quite right This is why it s a good idea to be aware of the symptoms and ways you can help your pup feel their normal selves again CAUSES OF CONSTIPATION Constipation in dogs can affect any pooch at any age However senior dogs are far more likely to suffer from constipation than young pups Our golden oldies may be more likely to suffer from bouts of constipation due to weaker abdominal muscles and reduced exercise However we all know how much puppies love to chew and swallow everything in sight and so they are not immune to constipation Curious pups are at a higher risk of swallowing inedible objects which can cause a blockage in the intestines leading to puppy constipation For dogs young and old dietary factors such as digestibility eating inappropriate food and fibre levels can sometimes have an impact too There are many possible reasons for constipation in dogs such as Dehydration Too much or too little fibre Lack of exercise Ingesting foreign bodies Blocked or infected anal glands Side effect of medication Neurological disorder Lameness in the back legs causing difficulty balancing Masses or tumours HOW TO HELP A CONSTIPATED DOG There are a number of things you can do to ease your dog s discomfort Below are both treatments your vet may prescribe as well as steps you can take at home Hydration Ensure your dog has access to plenty of fresh water to keep them hydrated Encouraging your dog to drink throughout the day can alleviate symptoms You may also find that switching to wet dog food can also help Increase exercise Getting your dog s whole body moving can give their intestines a jump start too Introduce another daily walk into their routine or try some high intensity exercise like dog agility or flyball Not only is it good for your dog s physical health they re a great mental workout too Dog laxatives Laxatives can help soften your dog s poo and get things moving again However only use specific dog laxatives that have been prescribed by your vet Never give your dog human laxatives as these can be far too strong and create further complications Enema In more severe cases your vet may advise an enema to help push out the blockage Never try this yourself at home it should only be carried out by a veterinary professional Diet Getting your pup s feeding routine right is key to their overall wellbeing Depending on the cause of your dog s constipation adding more or less fibre into their diet can help reduce symptoms You should also be mindful of offering a mix of nutrients so they get the right balance of goodness into their body DOG CONSTIPATION SYMPTOMS If you notice your dog is struggling to poo and it goes on for more than 24 hours you should always see your vet for advice Here are a few common signs of constipation in dogs Hard and dry stools Straining Crying or whimpering while toileting Tense tummy muscles Repeatedly crouching to poo Lack of appetite 50 Dogs Today May 2022 May 2022 Dogs Today 51

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Getting up close and personal with an African wild dog the second most endangered canid on the continent is akin to a spiritual encounter W e have discussed African wild dogs aka painted wolves in a fair bit of detail earlier in this series on African wild canids and similar predators April 2021 issue We covered their unique niche specialised behaviour their astonishingly cohesive and intimate social interactions the rapacious nature of their hunting methodology and the concerning decline of the species across much of its range in Africa As you may recall from our earlier article the African wild dog is the second most endangered large carnivore on the continent of Africa There are 6 000 52 Dogs Today May 2022 However there is some good news There are a great many incredible initiatives across southern and eastern Africa focusing on the conservation and population range expansion of this fascinating canid We feel it would be remiss of us not to showcase our recent adventures in Madikwe Game Reserve darting and radio collaring an African wild dog in support of ongoing monitoring management and conservation of the species Madikwe is South Africa s fifth largest wildlife reserve and encompasses 750 square kilometres It has the Dwarsberg mountains to the south Botswana to the north and sits astride the Marico River and the edge of the Kalahari Basin It is considered semi arid and provides habitat to an interesting cross section of both desert and bushveld species Here you will find both elephant and springbok buffalo and all the big cat species giraffe and plains game such as wildebeest WorthWild Africa WWA is a notfor profit organisation whose sole aim is very simple to raise funds to assist small projects involved in the study monitoring or conservation of animal species or those that help build positive relations between wildlife and local people The distribution of funds will be exclusively in the shape of equipment supply never cash up to 1 000 worth per project The aim is to support existing projects and enable them to acquire useful items that their main support funds don t cover but which would enable them to work more efficiently or get better results from their work or study WWA has already supported several projects the darting capture and radio collaring of two African wild dogs see this month s article and a spotted hyena with the Madikwe Wildlife Trust in Madikwe Game Reserve North West Province all with a hook up to the constant GPS recording system for one year We have also purchased camera traps and internet access for a PhD student studying African wild dog behaviour in Namibia and are currently processing a smaller fund application for the conservation and protection of pangolins We initially hope to support 12 or so individuals remaining most of whom will never breed themselves and so the actual breeding population is far smaller SAFETY NET and zebra all in encouraging abundance It is also home to two packs of African wild dog and forms part of an interesting initiative in South Africa known as the wild dog metapopulation This is a multi reserve large scale project containing disparate packs of wild dogs managed collectively as a shadow population to South Africa s one sustainable open range population in the Kruger National Park The world famous Kruger contains Africa s third largest sustainable yet still tenuous and vulnerable African wild dog population Selous Game Reserve in southern Tanzania which is home to Africa s largest wild dog population had their numbers decimated years ago by canine distemper in an horrible outbreak of the disease carried by domestic dogs from neighbouring villages This prompted South African National Parks and various NGOs to look at a safety net strategy for Kruger s wild dogs and the metapopulation idea was born All the various small reserves housing these wild dog packs monitor the dogs intensively including Madikwe Game Reserve s wild dogs which are monitored and managed by the dedicated personnel of the Madikwe Wildlife Foundation projects per year at 1 000 and as many others with smaller equipment funding as funds permit We hope that this will rise steadily as the word spreads and donations come in at a rate that enables us to keep pace with the number of project applications We will never over stretch and will only ever distribute what we have but equally we will never hold on to cash if there are worthy projects to buy equipment for Our involvement came in the form of a seed donor amount kindly provided by long time Dogs Today contributor Dr Peter Neville and his partner Stella Grgic through our new not for profit charity WorthWildAfrica These funds paid for the services of a wildlife veterinary team to dart and immobilise a male African wild dog and fit a GPS tracking collar allowing our colleagues at the foundation to monitor the pack movements While the selected dog was anaesthetised blood and stool samples were also taken as part of an overall health check and to acquire DNA data WILD SPIRIT The radio collar fitted to the dog as seen in the photo was next generation tech ergonomically designed not to hinder the animal wearing it and made of light durable material It is smaller and lighter than previous models and with a much improved battery life and range The process of locating attracting and darting an African wild dog and fitting a radio collar is unusual and exhilarating After a brief team chat close to the area of operation in the late afternoon our two vehicles then moved into position within 50 metres of a recently shot impala carcass that we would offer to the wild dog pack in close proximity to its last known location The vet set up a dart gun and a projectile filled with the necessary capture chemicals Madikwe Wildlife Foundation field manager Craig Catton then began calling the dogs with a series of very specific whistles Craig has spent hundreds of field hours with these animals habituating them to his vehicle his personal presence and to the sound of a specific whistling noise he makes for them The whistling was enough to get the pack moving off the mountain top they were on and down to the carcass Dr Gerhardus Scheepers an incredible wildlife vet took little time in darting the correct wild dog Peter Neville with dingo by Andrew Rae Rae Safaris WorthWildAfrica Peter Neville above was an Adjunct Professor at the Ohio State University USA for many years and one of the co founders of the cutting edge behaviour and training course provider Coape the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology see www coape org Andrew Rae with African Painted Dog The team of conservationists and veterinarians with Andrew Rae and Peter Neville of Rae safaris and WorthWildAfrica Safari adventures Peter now works as an ethology guide with our guest author Andrew Rae of Rae Safaris above specialising in tracking and studying African Wild Dogs and other large predators all over southern and East Africa and on Iceafaris in Antarctica www raesafaris co za When he is not doing that he lives in Helsinki Finland with his partner Stella Spooch their Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and two loud cats Peter has presented a canine behavioural case history for Dogs Today from his behaviour practices in the UK and South Africa since our very first issue and has invited Andrew to step in to write the current special series covering Africa s wild canids including foxes and hyenas Peter and Andrew have just finished writing a book Memoirs of a Safari Guide with former Dogs Today cartoonist Russell Jones covering their many amazing and hilarious experiences in Africa Publication is due later this year May 2022 Dogs Today 53

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Stand Out Safari adventures With our Ruffwear Lumenglow range Fitting the collar and immobilizing it with a single shot What an experience to be up close and personal with this magnificent creature The thick coat with black tawny and white markings the huge ears and long muzzle To be this close to one of these icons of the savannas is truly memorable an almost spiritual encounter When you get up close and begin to handle and examine him you also appreciate the intense musty scent of the wild dog and his true wild spirit The team worked quickly and the collar was soon fitted and the relevant measurements and samples taken The vet then administered the antidote and within seconds the wild dog was on its feet and dashing in the direction of the pack who hadn t retreated too far and had kept a watchful eye on their packmate from halfway up the hill It had been an unbelievable afternoon in the company of wildlife management professionals and researchers at the gritty forefront of conservation in South Africa and a great feeling for us all and our new charity WorthWildAfrica to be helping the experts conserve this simply amazing beautiful species Our heartfelt gratitude goes to the people of the Madikwe Wildlife Foundation for the wonderful work they do and for hosting us We look forward to receiving updates on their work now that they can follow this dog and his pack and study their ecology and movements in the reserve This information will help develop effective science based management and conservation strategies for the species across the metapopulation project P Hound Home Human 54 Dogs Today May 2022

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Tea break Unscramble the jumbled letters in the circles I I Can you find the three Crufts TV presenters this year P O F H L Z P H G B C F A U K R E D T R N C I G M R Q O S F Q C O C O F R Y T E L K B N H F C W M J Y B O G E H R G O D L L U B T A F C E D D A C Q O L V Y H C A A V N G G E N H N S W B E S E Z W O Z L M R E P X E N Q P H W L I E D M A P L E O W T R O K G E L H F L R T A E P M E A F O R E I R R E T L E L U B H F A E E E U A E R P O I N T E R S R E O L R T B R R N I D N A L E K A L E X K I A M I GAR NI L X E R V E Z T H R Y A E R X L G T R H O F N K K N E P V G R E S N A I CAD LLB L N G O S U Q H G Y Y H U B S F S D D T I B L A B R A D O R O G E R X L U D I D A D D A F K G E D L A K E L A N D L T S K L P J A Y N W E S T I F W H I I I I S H S E T T E R Cocker Dalmatian English Setter Flat Coat Great Dane Greyhound GSD Irish Setter Keeshond How to enter P P E T E J N E S A B W M C Kerry Blue Labrador Lakeland Lhasa Apso PBGV Peke Pointer Poodle Pyrenean Scottie St Bernard Vizsla Welsh Terrier Westie Whippet Wire Fox Wolfhound Yorkie Criss cross Do you think Deliverwoof will catch on 2 3 April Caption Runners up Spot s first day as a barrow boy gets off to a poor start when he realises he s forgotten his fruit and veg Emma Judson Just push me to the trees please hooman Annette Alder 4 5 Cross Question Can you guess which breeds Floof s parents are When you said you were getting new wheels Dad I didn t know you meant this William Bromwich 6 Winning caption Jodie Glenn The new eco friendly digger was a bit noisy Anita Craven 7 Across Down 3 ByUKhairness 1 6 Doorbellcrie 2 KeyRio 7 4 Ierrshirtier YoPootled NYroughed 5 AltDefacto April Cross Question Solution Teddy s parents are a Pomeranian and a Chihuahua The first correct answer came from Kelley Perine May 2022 Dogs Today 57 Pomeranian Chihuahua by Tim Rose www timrosephotography co uk Criss cross answers 1 Grehound 2 Yorkie 3 Siberian Husky 4 Irish Terrier 5 Flat Coated 6 Border Collie 7 Toy Poodle TIP Keep a note of your dog s microchip number and database details on your mobile phone Notify the microchip company immediately if your dog goes missing and register on www doglost co uk Send your Caption Competition Cross Question entries together with your contact details via email to comps dogstoday magazine co uk or post to May Competitions Dogs Today The Old Print House 62 High Street Chobham Surrey GU24 8AA to arrive by 20 May 2022 Just for fun 1 Since April 2016 it has been compulsory for all dogs over 8 weeks of age to be microchipped and details registered and kept up to date with an authorised database Have you checked that your dog s chip is working is correctly registered and all contact information is up to date Don t know which database your dog s microchip is registered with Type your chip number into www check a chip co uk Do you have a funny pic you d like us to feature Please email it to us with Caption pic in the subject line Use the clues to fill in the words below and solve the anagrams of some Crufts Group winning breeds Words can go across or down Letters are shared when the words intersect Check your chip 56 Dogs Today May 2022 H OMOPS Can you find these breeds that have been Best in Show at Crufts Search up down forward backward and on the diagonal to find them Afghan Airedale Basenji Beardie Bulldog Bull Terrier Cavalier Chow Chow Clumber NAY NAYIZ E F Y B T N S K C F T A O C T A L The winning caption will win a Fuzzu A Gorilly Named Billy Dog Toy worth 13 99 from www purrfectlyyappy com The person who sends the first correct answer to the Cross Question will win a pack of SmartBones a healthy alternative to rawhide from www purrfectlyyappy com I B P W E U V D A R O S P A A S A H L C G R Can you come up with a witty and amusing caption for this photo Winners of the Cross Question and Caption Competition will win a prize from Purrfectly Yappy Photo submitted by Jules O Dwyer I Q R G E A P A H V P R R C L D F Q N T W E K B Caption this Just for fun In the ring answers A Clare Balding B Radzi Chinyanganya C Sophie Morgan D W T In the ring Just for fun Photo submitted by Jules O Dwyer Wordsearch Put the kettle on and have a go at our competitions

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Prize crossword Compiled by Gyles Brandreth Quick clues Down Across 6 Coarse haired Hound Austrian breed 7 1 6 Coarse haired hound possibly nasty one That s about right 7 7 Description of short tail of a type of Australian Cattle Dog 6 Guard dog type fawn or brindle 5 8 West former actress 3 9 Officer rank 7 2 Canine experts 8 7 3 Terrier from northern city 10 8 Ms West moaned oddly 3 4 Former capital of West Germany 4 11 European sheepdog breed 8 5 See 10 Down 10 And 5 Down Northern hunting breed 10 6 11 Peaky breed of mastiff 8 12 Norwegian spitz type breed 8 12 Listeners in rehearsal 4 19 Sphere 3 14 Bhutan breed similar to Tibetan Spaniel 6 13 Travels heading off in mid March 4 20 Country of origin of Pekingese 5 16 Strong in constitution 6 21 Partridge Dog Dutch breed 7 18 Peter Pan dog 4 15 Dogs on the trail of investment funds 8 13 Fateful March date 4 15 Bloodhounds for example 8 17 King or queen 7 2 3 4 5 17 King Charles perhaps taking walk round outskirts of Oban 7 19 Gold and black item of royal regalia 3 7 6 20 Crested dog s home mate 5 9 8 21 Tenders unusual Patridge Dog 7 10 Down 13 1 12 11 17 16 15 14 5 See 10 Down 21 10 And 5 Down Sounds like Coronation Street doctor s dog 10 6 Name _________________________________________________ Address ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ____________________________ Postcode _________________ Telephone _____________________________________________ Email address ___________________________________________ Breed type of dog _______________________________________ 58 Dogs Today May 2022 We occasionally loan our address list to charities and companies we feel may be of interest to you Please tick if you do not wish to receive this information Q 12 Norwegian version of The Deerhunter 8 14 Tibetan dog s mother endlessly stylish 6 16 Hardy chap gives us time 6 18 Darling dog 4 This month s prize Your dog will love this month s prize a bag of delicious venison treats Not only will they have your dog drooling for more but these luxury venison sausage treats are grain free and hypoallergenic Made from 80 fresh venison they are an ideal training treat to inspire your dog to give his full attention If you aren t lucky enough to win they can be bought from https purrfectlyyappy com products the innocent hound sliced venisonsausage 70g Other varieties are available including an Innocent Hound Joint Win this The winner of this month s crossword will receive a pack of Soopa Cranberry and Sweet Potato Dental Sticks Find more Soopa dog treats at PurrfectlyYappy com How to enter Complete the crossword grid then post your entry to arrive by 20 May 2022 to May Crossword Dogs Today The Old Print House 62 High Street Chobham Surrey GU24 8AA The first correct entry pulled out of the hat after the closing date will win the prize The judge s decision is final Support Sausage a Skin and Coat Support Sausage and a Chicken and Duck Slices variety for cats Code Breaker Can you crack the code to find this dog related joke We ve given you the word DOGS to get you started A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U VWX Y Z 26 April Solution Across 2 Harriers 6 Dogs 8 Ugli 9 Spaniel 10 Karst 11 Terrier 13 Retriever 17 Mastiff 19 Chien 21 D Artois 22 Nose 23 Herd 24 Shetland Down 2 Afghan 3 Reissue 4 East 5 Slavered 6 Drier 7 Golden 12 Griffons 14 Ethanol 15 Dandie 16 Season 18 Tired 20 Isle 3 22 S ___ ___ ___ O ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 23 19 13 14 9 24 17 13 1 22 10 7 22 2 15 S ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 10 14 24 G ___ ___ ___ S ___ 3 13 9 ___ ___ ___ ___ 20 2 18 13 14 ___ 2 17 2 S ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 15 19 9 17 7 2 6 6 D ___ O ___ G ___ ___ 2 26 22 13 10 14 O ___ ___ ___ ___ 3 4 11 22 20 S ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 2 24 19 14 ___ ___ ___ ___ 10 O ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ Afghan Hound by Tim Rose www timrosephotography co uk 20 2 Dog aficionados raising a number of issues 8 4 What dog likes to chew mostly near northern city 4 22 21 Short thickset secret agent holding in stomach 6 3 Terrier s town medium in size centre has changed 10 19 18 Not yet subscribing Visit www dogstodaymagazine co uk or turn to page 24 to rectify that immediately Heavyweight dog 5 9 Officer is a bit of a nut we hear 7 12 Bedlington Terrier s are filbert shaped 4 1 Hello subscribers We think it s time for you to get even more perks than just getting the magazine cheaper postage free and before everyone else This area of the magazine is just for you to say thank you for supporting us by buying your magazine direct We really appreciate it and it really helps us Cryptic clues Across Sub Club Dogs Today 13 21 2 11 2 O ___ ___ 9 25 S ___ ___ 14 ___ ___ ___ 22 22 14 20 9 17 21 9 1 9 17 S ___ O ___ O ___ ___ 14 O ___ ___ ___ ___ 15 18 22 22 2 ___ ___ 14 17 13 O ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 13 17 22 O ___ ___ ___ 4 S ___ ___ 10 22 11 20 13 17 ___ ___ ___ 9 17 13 13 21 21 D ___ O ___ O ___ ___ 26 22 22 11 How to enter Email your answers to comps dogstodaymagazine co uk and put May Sub Club in the subject line We will need your full name and address to check you are on our current subscriber list Or post the answer with your name and address to May Sub Club Dogs Today The Old Print House 62 High Street Chobham Surrey GU24 8AA or enter online at www dogstodaymagazine co uk category competitions One winner picked at random after 20 May 2022 will win the prize For full terms and conditions see page 3 May 2022 Dogs Today 59

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Classified adverts Want to advertise your business in our classified section Boturnell Farm Cottages Dogs stay free Home from home for you and your dogs If they are relaxed then you can relax Every cottage has an enclosed garden for those late night early morning comfort breaks Email mike dogstoday magazine co uk or call now on 01276 402591 In accordance with the government road map Holidays Training Services Products PLUS 8 acres of woods Throws for the furniture Animal rst aid kit www dogs holiday co uk PEAK DISTRICT Very dog friendly family run Country Inn with self contained rooms in the grounds Open e from th l 12th Apri 2021 Dog Partridge We can t wa it to see you Fabulous Beer Garden Terrace serving Dinner Lunch and Drinks Overnight stays short breaks available from 12 4 21 In room dining also available for all meals including breakfast and drinks 01335 343183 www dogandpartridge co uk www kateboats co uk Phone 01926 492968 Email enquiries kateboats co uk 60 Dogs Today May 2022 Canine Retailer of the Month Responsible Owner Welcome to Responsible Owner the pet retail company that was created for dog owners by dog owners We believe every breed is wonderful and that s why we want every owner to be responsible Nothing fancy just good quality products for honest prices as we were determined to give our pets the best of everything especially if it meant we could help the environment at the same time the only problem was it was costing us a fortune This is how Responsible Owner was born Importantly we were founded on this simple ethos great quality ethically and environmentally friendly sourced products at an honest price If you want to know more check out our Facebook page to meet a whole family of pet lovers who share our vision You don t have to shop with us but you re more than welcome to get involved in our competitions and join the Responsible Owner community www responsibleowner co uk May 2022 Dogs Today 61 Advertising feature We are a family owned business with self drive narrowboats for weekends and short breaks and week long holidays from both bases Stockton or Warwick We also have boats available for longer hire periods when you want to escape and include your canine family member This is not camping on water the boats come equipped with everything you need for a relaxing holiday afloat fully equipped galley including fridge and 4 hob gas cooker a bathroom with a flushing toilet and a shower plenty of hot water central heating and a TV for the days you need to catch up with the real world Don t forget with narrowboat hire the boat is the holiday you don t need to allow for those expensive days out during the week Our quoted prices INCLUDE diesel and damage waiver and linen and car parking if you are comparing prices with other narrowboat holiday firms make sure you compare like for like Star ratings for each narrowboat are displayed on the relevant pages and online availability and reservation is now also a feature but feel free to phone or email if you would like to discuss your canal holiday plans Advertising feature Holiday of the Month

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Products Art Charities Art HolidaysTraining Products Classifi ed Adverts adverts Classified Classified Adverts Charities The Dog Lovers Registration Club Want to advertise your business Register your Pedigree in our classifiedpuppies section and adult dogs online for beautiful gold bonded pedigree paperwork with same day processing Contact james petsubjects co uk or call now on 01276 858 880 For more information visit www dogregclub co uk or call either 0161 792 2479 or 0161 729 2350 Do friendly England Wales 1108659 with Scotland SC045329 Hot Estate Cars Dog trailers pick up s vans All 4 x 4Tub vehicles Westie ReHoming is a charity dedicated to the welfare and rehoming of the West Highland White Terrier We take in westies needing a new start in life and place them into a suitable home Yorkshire Cottage Style Double Storey where they willLodges be Dogloved Gunand System two bedrooms sleeps 2 toneeds 4 have their met 01673 Set in a T peaceful valley885959 just over oneenquiries lintran co uk mile from Richmond in North Yorkshire are these Self Catering Yorkshire Cottage Style Lodge Accommodations They offer great value Yorkshire Dalesinformation westierehoming net self catering holidays all year round www westierehoming org www lintran co uk 0844 879 Lintran 4260 PO BoxHouse 4204 Swindon SN2 9LA SS Brentwood 01748 822406 30 Lincoln Road Faldingworth westierehoming4 YEARS Westie ReHoming info flowerydell lodges com www yorkshirelogcabins com Market Rasen Lincs LN8 3SF Dog friendly holiday park Cornwall Art of Dog Training not to be Thein Emotional theparkcornwall com missed with the due to retire inspirational speaker John Rogerson Three beautifully converted Victorian farm stables ooer elegant luxury and Heathway peaceful retreats situated on our working farm surrounded by the beautiful Colton Rugeley Saltmarshe Delph Nature Reserve and bordered by the River Ouse Staffs WS15 3LY Tel Comfort 01889 577058 really is at the heart of Appletree Cottages spacious single story www bordercollietrustgb org uk layouts means weary legs can easily rest after a day exploring before you discover one of our lovely nearby pubs Visit appletree cottages co uk 01430 430 677 vivienne sweeting btinternet com Over 15 of our properties are dog friendly with enclosed gardens complimentary dog bowls and even a doggie bag full of goodies will be waiting your arrival There are many pubs and restaurants in the area that welcome dogs with open arms Products Services L U X U RY S E L F C AT E R I N G A C C O M O DAT I O N g Lintran K9Westie award winning dog UK ReHoming Luxury self catering lodges in the Yorkshire Dales equipment transport systems Now Registered Charity DOG FRIENDLY BREAKS O N T H E P E M B R O K E S H I R E C OA S T 2 PEOPLE 4 NIGHTS FROM ONLY T C s Apply H o l i d a y s yo u r d o g wo u l d l ove The WooF Guide BY COASTAL COTTAGES With some great Dogs For Good We review Vegan Dog Foods in the UK Dogs accommodation deals toFor Good Advertising feature Pet Foods ofMonth the Month Charity the Month Charity ofofthe Call us on 01437 772 742 Or Visit thewoofguide com Craig Y Nos Castle www dogsmonthly co uk May 2022 62 6 2 Dogs Dogs Today Today July July 2020 2020 60 The world s first canine bridle anti pull dog headcollar Please do not confuse the K9 Bridle with other training halters You will have seen dogs wearing so called anti pull headcollars that move around the dog s head go into their eyes interfere with their mouth and look like a muzzle The problem with these is that the point of control is under the chin and so twists the dog s head to the side This can cause damage to the vertebrae and the dog soon learns that he can still pull if he tilts his head to the side whereas the K9 Bridle works from the back of the neck exactly where you need control The K9 Bridle works on a similar principle to a bitless bridle for a horse so if it can stop a horse it can certainly stop a dog When the lead is tightened pressure is applied to the front of the face and tells the dog No so he easily understands this clear and precise command Importantly should the worst happen and your dog manages to get out of the bridle very unlikely there is a safety device that keeps you attached to your dog Also no strength is required making the K9 Bridle ideal for those with disabilities Advertising feature choose this is thefor perfect Dogs forIGood needs your help to double number ofand people with disabilities Dogs Good needs your help to double thesonumber ofreviewed people with am a practising GP vet based in the the no animals uses fresh healthy dog we have all disabilities the vegan place to stay We are Dog we can support with dogs We re an innovative charity exploring ways we can support with dogs We re an innovative charity waysindogs UK a pet owner a mother and dog plant based ingredients for adogs balanced dog foods thatexploring are available the can help Friendly so feel free to can help people overcome challengesand and enrich and improve lives people overcome specific challenges and enrich andinformation improve lives lover My journey as specific a vegan vet delicious diet UK This willand be communities updated bring your little about our future and how we help and communities are passionate came fromWe a passion to help owners Intense research andcan working with regularly new foods and products We are about our future and how we canas help more people with the use of friends withpassionate you 1 Night with feeding their the top vet nutritionists become available more people with the use ofpets our correctly assistance dogs our assistance dogs in Germany when you come Midweek B B AWARD HOLIDAY PARKatINthe DORCHESTER DORSET while the valuable and the UK me we to WINNING achieve We look most sustainable Discover all of themaintaining ways we help just 140 to stay Yourhave Discover all ofhelped theLuxury ways help self catering stone built holiday cottages deep into Hardy bond that we have with them all of these aims on our own family dog and nutritious ingredients of each ofareof nights pets can run freechildren Assistance Dog our assistancesubsequent dogs support adults and with a range near Dorchester in Dorset Almost of our with properties Assistance Dog Country our assistance dogs support adults andhalf children a range 50 off As a vet I believe in a Ruff and my aim now is to benefi t your the foods as well as their packaging to dog friendly and the grounds include a fully enclosed dog exercise on our stunning of disabilities and also children with autism disabilities and also children withaautism area perfect gentle ensure morningonly stroll the before setting out dogs for the day healthier way pets whilst and together we can do ourforbit to best for your grounds you Community Dog kinder our community dogs and their specialist handlers help to Community Dog our community dogs and their specialist handlers help to268874 improve www greenwoodgrange co uk hello greenwoodgrange co uk 01305 to feed our pets that take in the bebreathtaking kind to the planet and our farmed improve their independence wellbeing and skills their independence wellbeing and skills does no damage to our animals too Arielle Griffi ths scenery Family Dog Accommodation our Family Dog teamharms gives adviceFamily and support to the help families Dog Friendly in Wales Dog our Family Dog team givesBVSc advice and support to help with an environment We simply want best for your MRCVS Vegan Vet andfamilies Pet owner 01639 731 167 with an autistic child to get the most out of theirautistic relationship with their petout dog child to get the most of their relationship with their pet dog Brecon Road Pen y Cae www dogfriendlywales com or To fi nd out more visit vegan dogfood co uk Powys SA9 1GL www dogsforgood org 01295 252600 info dogsforgood org www dogsforgood org 01295 252600 please info dogsforgood org www craigynoscastle com Pet Product of the Month www k9bridle com Pet Product of the Month March 2020 81 Nature s Greatest Secret We are delighted to be nominated as Pet Product of the Month May 2022 Dogs Today April 2021 Dogs Today July 2020 Dogs Today 663 361

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CharitySpotlight Spotlight Charity established 1958 We are a non destruction sanctuary for abandoned unwanted dogs PRIORY ROAD ASCOT BERKSHIRE SL5 8RJ 01344 882689 We rescue and rehome 100s of dogs and cats in London every year themayhew org 020 8962 8000 Registered Charity No 256728 We rescue and rehome collies and collie crosses throughout the UK Why not subscribe to our Border Collie World quarterly magazine Only 10 00 pa Sponsor a puppy from just 1 a week BORDER COLLIE TRUST GB Registered Charity No 1077588 Welcome Welcome to to Charity Charity Spotlight Spotlight a handy reference point for good folk le of folkdoing doinggreat great work work We re We rehelping helpingto toraise raise the the profi profile of this diverse diversegroup group of of people people and and we weencourage encourage you youto to get get involved involved with withthem them be beitit fundraising fundraising or or even even volunteering volunteering Help us to help more Please contact us or visit our website for more information Heathway Colton Rugeley Staffs WS15 3LY Tel 0871 560 2282 www bordercollietrustgb org uk Visit guidedogs org uk DogsToday Reg Charity No 1053585 Rescue centre open daily 9 11 am 2 4 pm AS SEEN ON EL BCT_0310 4x1 indd CHANN1 A charity registered in England and Wales 209617 and Scotland SC038979 4 1 10 16 55 42 4 Bringing pets and people closer together woodgreen org uk www foreverhoundstrust org Registered Charity No 298348 00526nc0819 Legacy Gift Improve the lives of Type 1 Diabetic children by leaving a gift in your Will Help us train dogs to give children back their lives Chilterns Dog Recue hypohounds org uk Charityofof themonth month Pine Ridge Dog Sanctuary Charity the Smokey Paws provides pet oxygen masks to the fire service Pine RidgeinDog is a small independent animal Founded 1963 Sanctuary Chilterns Dog Rescue Society CDRS has a long rescue rescue and and continues rehome dogs history organisation of rescue andWe rehoming to grow thanks to the dedication and enthusiasm of many dog lovers please call us on 01276 402591 for more details DogsToday TodayMay July2022 2020 64 64Dogs bmdrdogs www barkingmaddogrescue co uk But many more masks are needed Registered Charity No 1077588 A barkingmaddogrescue We rescue and rehome 100s of dogs and cats in London every year Please help us to help more www themayhew org 020 8962 8000 W e are a small independent animal rescue organisation founded in 1958 by Mr Bernard Cuff fter many yearspassion of hardinwork is an independent whose life was to rescueCDRS and rehome dogs that charity It CDRS bought own premises receives no Government funding and would its otherwise face a very bleak future in Chivery nearPine Tring Hertsis and relies entirely on the generosity of the Ridge currently run by Mr Cuff s widow Connie developed purpose built passion facilitiesand for love for public to continue its vital rescue and whose equal all canines is at the dogs with nowhere elsesanctuary to turn giving these rehoming Your support would heart of the dogs awork better future The RescueThese Centre has 40 kennels be greatly appreciated are clearly difficult times for everyone but Pine and a smallRidge team relies of highly trained solely on donations from the public who staff who provide outstanding For further information incidentally have been quite wonderful But this help please care for dogs of all ages CDRS is needed nowtypes moreand than ever contact so if anyone wishes to backgrounds in need of protection Tel 01296 assist be assured that every penny raised623885 goes to our training anddogs rehoming in addition to enquiries cdrs org uk welfare a 5 star licence for boarding www chilternsdogrescue org uk Large kennels have under floor heating plenty of natural light with indoor and outdoor areas Green If you can help or for further information please contact us technology has been incorporated By phone 01344 882689 to reduce running costs Sensitive By post Pine Ridge Dog Sanctuary Priory Road Ascot Berkshire SL5 8RJ landscaping has created a woodland By email pineridgedogs yahoo co uk walk for potential adopters to get Or visit www pineridgedogsanctuary org uk to know the dogs wildlife areas and If you d like to see your Registered charity organisation 256728 featured in these two DogZones to provide grassy pages please call us on 01276 enrichment paddocks for the dogs to If you d like to see your organisation featured in more thesedetails pages 858880 for play socialise and relax WE RESCUE KILL SHELTER AND ABANDONED DOGS FROM ROMANIA AND REHOME THEM IN THE UK AND GERMANY The next pet saved could be yours You can donate via www smokeypaws co uk or email info smokeypaws co uk rescue and rehome Saving We collies and collie crosses throughout the UK Why not Yorkshire s subscribe to our Border World quarterly Dogs Collie magazine Only 10 00 pa Registered Charity No 1167291 To rescue COLLIE rehabilitateTRUST and rehome BORDER GB vulnerable atour risk dogsforfrom Yorkshire Please contact usand or visit website more information Heathway Colton Rugeley Tel WS15 07562 Staffs 3LY 986101 Tel 0871 560 2282 Email savingyorkshiresdogs gmail com www bordercollietrustgb org uk Web www sydrescue org uk Reg Charity No 1053585 Find uscentre on Rescue open daily 9 11 am 2 4 pm Become a Companion AS Keep Tails Wagging SEEN ON N1EL BCT_0310 4x1 indd H C ANWith a Regular Gift Registered Charity in England and Wales No 1139999 4 As a rescue charity Rushton helps abandoned Bringing pets abused and unwanted dogs on a international and people scale Rescuing dogs from all over the world especially the meat trade in Asia and China closer together 4 1 10 16 55 42 woodgreen org uk Your chance to win at www aht org uk lottery Call Now 44 0 1823 49 10 52 mail rushtondogrescue co uk Registered Charity Number 209642 Registered Charity No 298348 00526nc0819 Scottish Charity No SC006914 Senior Staffy Club Dogs Today 2018 Charity spotlight lottery23 01 2018 advert v3 indd 14 47 10 1 Our aims are Rescue and rehome sta ordshire bull terriers and sta y cross dogs aged 7yrs Recruit foster carers all over the UK Encourage volunteers at En our kennels in Sta ord and Worcester www seniorsta yclub co uk seniorsta yclub hotmail co uk Rescue and rehoming centre for dogs and cats www leicesteranimalaid org uk Tel 01455 888257 Registered Charity No 242560 Finding the cures for serious pet illnesses helping them live longer healthier lives barki www petsavers org uk Smokey Paws provides pet oxygen masks to the fire service But many more masks are needed www May2020 2022Dogs DogsToday Today665 July 5 We r of do

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For Dog People by Dog People Because your dog deserves the BEST Confessions of a dogaholic W 66 Dogs Today May 2022 Dearly beloved printer s very reasonably priced machine An expensive rookie publisher s mistake And how would Rosie design a front cover dominated by a huge bag of dog food She chose a very small puppy who I now notice was yawning in protest This sweetie was destined to be a guide dog and in our August September 1993 edition we revealed that most guide dogs were crossbreeds The charity had quietly changed over to mostly first crosses between Golden Retrievers and Labs No one had noticed Our readers have always had a great sense of humour but some caption competition entries were much too dark to make it into print The one that stands out is the Beagle with a bowl in its mouth Someone wrote They didn t give us ashtrays in the laboratory Still too risqu even all these years on This issue we had a Greyhound and owner peering through a hedge and the winning caption was very well timed I told them Greyhounds don t make good guide dogs Around now we started receiving Mr and Mrs Threader of Bristol s beautifully handwritten caption entries Every month they would send us 15 or more potential slogans They were always charming and innocent but never remotely funny Yet the Threaders weren t disheartened They continued to enter the competition for the next 20 or more years Maybe they got marginally better or we started to appreciate their extremely gentle humour Every letter was signed from the GSD nutcases and offered all the editorial team tea should we ever be in their area What legends they were very definitely well beloved It s obviously the taking part that matters not the winning Although I think Robin rather enjoyed winning I wonder if he will read this from his own tropical island P 100 2020 WINNER Best Dog Collar Manufacturer 2020 UK REVOLUTIONARY HEADCOLLAR Stops dogs pulling on the lead and gives you back control Life Changing products for you and your dog 8 TIMES WINNER OF Product I can t live without NO MORE PULLING NO MORE RIDING UP NO MORE RUBBING NO MORE COMING OFF NO MORE DISCOMFORT AWARgDCoEllDar Best Do 0 21 UK 2 0 2 r re tu c fa Manu tive Dog Most Innova cturers Collar Manufa 2019 Illustration KEVIN BROCKBANK hen we were part of the Mail there was a whole department that sourced magazine covermounts and someone else dealing with the logistics But we never did get any good ones despite these huge resources We once had a thrilling plastic dog food spoon and a coaster just the one I had to veto the plan to attach a chocolate bar it was a human one I was intrigued when a very posh chap made an appointment to discuss our first ever postMBO covermount Robin Jackson was very smartly dressed in a pin striped suit so I tried and failed to find him a less hairy chair than usual He had been high up at trendy ad agency Saatchi and Saatchi but he d experienced an epiphany and gave it all up Robin was convinced he d spotted a gap in the petfood market and he wanted little Dogs Today to help him launch it It was a revolutionary new dry dog food in a very smart pin striped bag The emphasis was on it being hypoallergenic healthy using the bestquality ingredients and being British made Robin wanted every reader to have a free sample of this expensive food that no one had yet heard of You will know it now though Robin was launching James Wellbeloved And no there never was a Mr Wellbeloved he just liked the name The readers dogs loved it Robin was to later sell the brand to one of the biggest petfood companies in the world for an undisclosed sum I was probably less of a fan But that s because I had to find lots of people at short notice to attach each bag of food on to the magazine with sticky tape The bags turned out to be far too big to be automatically stuck on by the Global Also available Collars Non Slip Leads and Gripper Training Leads offering added security and confidence throughout the winter months Endorsed by Dr David Sands BSc PhD CFBA Fellow of the Canine Feline Behaviour Association Call to join the ever growing number of people changing to Dogmatic 01952 245330 or visit us at www dogmatic org uk Winners 2013 2021 Dogmatic UK Ltd is on Facebook Matching accessories in a selection of colours with high quality workmanship andToday fittings June 2020 Dogs 67

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