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Do you yearn for a Cairn A canine highpoint Grievance procedure If pets are family should bereaved workers get compassionate leave A question of breeding Clare Andrusyk tells it how it is DogsToday A nose for news and a heart of gold More bite more heart Relatively aware Do dogs recognise their own family Money savers How to feed your dogs and cut costs but not quality Cruel beyond imagination Evil scammers torment owners of missing dogs Peter Neville goes on safari with Canis africanis Reigning pats and dogs Our dog loyal royal Kratu s on the cover The true story of the beloved Crufts viral star June 2022 4 75

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We topped 92 in a Which consumer poll of best dog foods DogsToday Inside this month The ethical pet magazine for people who really care about dogs News features 6 Royal dogs throughout the Queen s 70 year reign 12 Incredible Kratu from the streets of Romania to Facebook Dogs Today having his biography published 16 Scam predators malicious callers are preying on those searching for lost dogs 26 Rise and fall the Chuandong Hound and alternative rare breeds 40 Pound stretchers money saving food for thought PRODUCT AWARDS HIGHLY COMMENDED 2022 Best wet food Sales Marketing Director Mike McGlynn 01276 402591 Over to you 30 Great debate should workers get time off when a pet dies 36 Obituaries your tributes 38 Postbag what matters to you Office dogs Betty Old English Golden Retriever ish Honey Cocker Spaniel Madi collie cross Lennie Staffie cross Sophie Jack Russell Vicky Justine Poison Ivy Newfoundlands Betty s Personal Trainer Kirsten Dillon IMDT A Dip CBM Dogs Today Brandshare Ltd The Old Print House 62 High Street Chobham Surrey GU24 8AA 01276 402599 enquiries dogstodaymagazine co uk www dogstodaymagazine co uk your dog 52 Safari adventure Canis africanis the ultimate village dog Opinion 66 Confessions of a dogaholic searching for miracles Publishers Investigation 44 Dog crush meet the Cairn Terrier 50 Q A can dogs recognise their relatives later in life LIMITED Chief Operations Officer Graham Smith 01276 402598 graham wearebrandshare com Managing Director Beverley Cuddy 01276 402597 beverley dogstodaymagazine co uk Competitions shopping 50 Subscribe and win 56 Pop the kettle on and tackle our puzzles Subscriptions and competitions The editor is always pleased to consider articles and photos from freelancers However there is often a considerable delay before material can be assessed Please include an SAE if you want your work returned While every care will be taken no responsibility for loss or damage can be accepted Competition sponsors and their families are not eligible for any competition FETCH YOURSELF A BARGAIN Dogs Today incorporating Perfect Pup is published by Brandshare Ltd The Old Print House 62 High Street Chobham Surrey GU24 8AA Tel 01276 402599 2 50 off Brandshare Ltd reg office The Old Print House 62 High Street Chobham Surrey GU24 8AA when you redeem this ad on Burns Wet Food 150g x 12 case and 395g x 6 case at your local independent pet shop Distributed by Marketforce UK Ltd 2nd Floor 5 Churchill Pl Canary Wharf London E14 5HU Tel 020 3148 3333 www marketforce co uk or 20 off at burnspet co uk with the checkout code WOOF20 T C s at burnspet co uk Offer expires December 31st 2022 Expert health nutrition team freephone 0800 083 6696 UK 1800 83 66 96 ROI Or Webchat burnspet co uk Which Magazine voice of the Consumers Association brand dog food survey 2020 For subscription queries call Brandshare on 01276 402599 or email subs dogstodaymagazine co uk Initial subscription rates UK BFPO 12 issues 39 50 24 issues 61 EU countries 12 issues 65 20 Rest of the world airmail 12 issues 79 80 Direct Debit offer UK only 9 99 for 3 months with 1 month free trial and a 1 sign up fee Printed by The Manson Group Cairn Terrier Photo posed by a model BURNS WET FOOD RANGE IS BASED UPON A SIMPLE HOMEMADE RECIPE THAT USES ORGANIC INGREDIENTS beverleycuddy Advertising sponsorship Training behaviour 22 Clare Andrusyk thinking about breeding from HOME COOKING WITHOUT THE FUSS Editorial Dogs_Today Editor Beverley Cuddy Art Director Rosie Peace Chief Sub Editor Contributing Editor Claire Horton Bussey Deputy Editor Alessandra Pacelli Illustrator Kevin Brockbank Proof readers Katie Horton Bussey Alys Horton Bussey 2022 Dogs Today The world copyright of the editorial matter both illustrations and text is strictly reserved Registered as a newspaper for transmission in the UK Next issue on sale 30 June Cover photo Little Pip Photography To download Dogs Today for iPad go to the App store Android and PC versions are available from Pocket Mags the Kindle edition from www amazon co uk June 2022 Dogs Today 3

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Dear readers Beverley Cuddy Illustration by Beverley Cuddy Y es I am still here Hopefully on the mend I don t yet have the results from the latest CT scan but I m cautiously optimistic that I will not only see my 60th birthday but I will also not be celebrating it in hospital Sixty does sound like a big number properly grown up but I don t know about you I still feel like I am only just getting started There s so much more still to do I ve certainly had lots of time for contemplation in the last few months I was just well enough to do a whole day of radio interviews for the seventh annual Direct Line Pet Theft Awareness Day which revealed the highest ever police figures but at least it means they are cataloguing them Hopefully soon we will see the numbers reducing It s taken me a long time to connect the dots but I believe many of the dog s problems are linked to a disconnect in society Most of us see dogs as family They are vulnerable precious souls that need our protection Another element sees the value of the dog in purely monetary terms and that the attachment others feel is just a weakness to exploit The good will always outnumber the bad But just like those who sit obediently in their seats and watch horrified while one man holds everyone hostage on a plane if we unite we stop the bad people hurting those we love And if we are many and obviously connected there won t be any need for an actual fight The bad in the dog world are usually motivated by a quick profit If we make being good aspirational and ultimately profitable and sustainable then being shoddy at anything doggie just won t be an option Over the years I have had increasingly ambitious ideas but this one may be the biggest yet When I was a student I researched how in the Victorian era the concept of animal cruelty was pretty much invented by industrialists who wanted their employees to work longer in factories They wanted the workers to move away from their previous rural pattern of life that revolved around farming the seasons and the crops Animal cruelty was first defined as the recreational activities of the poorest in society the bosses Beverley Cuddy is Dogs Today s Editor and publisher She shares her life with Betty an Old English Golden Retriever ish dog from Many Tears and Honey a Cocker Spaniel 4 Dogs Today June 2022 could continue their animalabusing hobbies Of course small children were soon put to work in very dangerous factories and any laws to protect them were far off Moving people away from the land and making them work more like machines was the start of our lives getting more and more alien The ever adaptable dog spotted what we needed With redundancy threatening them as much fewer were now needed for hunting guarding and herding they became our companions and extended family the link to all things more natural We somehow became convinced that it was morally wrong to allow our beloved pets to reproduce and we must have them surgically altered to prevent it Inadvertently we created a new industry that put our best friend the dog in a puppy factory to meet our demands It s crazy isn t it What if all the good people stuck together and sorted this out I have a plan more next month P

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Words BERNARD BALE Additional reporting CLAIRE HORTON BUSSEY A lifetime of love The Three Eldest Children of Charles I by Anthony van Dyck The Royal Collection Trust Her Majesty the Queen What kind of a life do royal dogs enjoy Exactly what you might expect They have the best of everything from bedding to diet and Her Majesty likes to personally supervise as much as possible They have the run of wherever the Queen is living whether it is Buckingham Palace Windsor Sandringham or Balmoral but mostly they like to be at her feet and follow her around It is not a dog s life for them it is a royal dog s life As jubilee fever hits we look back over the Queen s 70 year reign and her lifelong love of dogs C orgis are synonymous with royalty and indeed they have been an important part of the Queen s life since 1933 when Pembrokeshire Corgi Dookie joined the royal household But actually the Dorgi a Dachshund Corgi cross has been as much the Queen s companion as the pedigree Pembrokeshire Corgi It s thought the Dorgi first arrived in Her Majesty s life when Princess Margaret s Dachshund Pipkin seized an opportunity with Tiny one of the Queen s Corgis The resultant puppies became such endearing companions that the cross continued to be intentionally bred in the Queen s own kennels for decades When Vulcan the last of the Queen s Dorgis died in 2020 she took the decision not to have any other dogs Her Majesty s decision was based on her recognition of her own age and the fact that she could not be as hands on with the care and training of a new dog as she has in the past TRAGIC LOSS However the dog free life didn t last long When Prince Philip was in hospital in March 2021 Prince Andrew gifted a pair of puppies to his mother The Dorgi she named Fergus after her late uncle Fergus Bowes Lyon who died in the First World War The Corgi who reportedly cost 2 650 was named Muick pronounced Mick after Loch Muick her favourite beauty spot in the royal estate of Balmoral Fergus and Muick are said to have greatly comforted the Queen during her beloved husband s illness and after his death in April 2021 So it came as a great shock when Fergus died unexpectedly a month later at just five months of age The Sun newspaper reported a source saying The Queen is absolutely devastated The puppies were brought in to cheer her up during a very difficult period Everyone concerned is upset as this comes so soon after she lost her husband Prince Andrew gifted another puppy a Corgi on what would have been Prince Philip s 100th birthday ROYAL HISTORY VICTORIA S FAVOURITES The history of our reigning monarch s love of dogs goes back further than it is possible to record Henry VIII loved hunting and it is certain that he had dogs as well as falcons on his hunting trips There is the unverified explanation that London s Isle of Dogs was so called because Henry kept his hunting dogs there Back in the 17th century royal dogs had an even higher profile when Charles I put the King Charles Spaniel on a pedestal so to speak and Charles II enhanced the image of the breed even more Royal family portraits of those periods often featured King Charles Spaniels as well as other breeds Since celebrated artist Sir Anthony van Dyck was inclined to do as he was told we can take it that the royals of the time insisted that their dogs should be celebrated in his paintings The dynasties that followed all delighted in having dogs around them and Queen Victoria seemed particularly enamoured As a young teenager her constant companion was Dash another King Charles Spaniel Her love of dogs never diminished in fact it grew even more when she married Prince Albert who was also a dog lover now we know what cemented their relationship Sir Edwin Landseer was commissioned by them to paint their various dogs and as with monarchs before them the dogs were often also included in family portraits Following Dash who was Photos Instagram theroyalfamily 6 Dogs Today June 2022 June 2022 Dogs Today 7 Hector Nero and Dash with the parrot Lory by Sir Edwin Landseer The Royal Collection Trust Her Majesty the Queen Best life

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Caesar King Edward VII s dog c 1910 The Royal Collection Trust Her Majesty the Queen Terrier called Caesar who outlived him and walked behind his coffin at his funeral Caesar had been his constant companion even sleeping in a special bed on the floor alongside the king s own bed Edward s wife Queen Alexandra was equally as enthusiastic about dogs and liked small terriers although she was also presented with two Borzois and was totally captivated by them It was Edward VII who founded the kennels at Sandringham in 1879 while he was Prince of Wales Originally intended to house 100 dogs it is still there and home to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth s gundogs including Labradors and Cocker Spaniels George V s favourite dogs were terriers but he also had a collie ROYAL FAVOURITES The love of dogs did not end there as Edward VII was also a huge fan of dogs and had quite a collection during his years He was presented with a Samoyed by Germany Chancellor Otto von Bismarck and he also had an Irish Terrier and perhaps his favourite a Wire Fox 8 Dogs Today June 2022 Photos Instagram theroyalfamily buried in the grounds of Windsor Castle when he died Victoria and Albert had Skye Terriers and a Greyhound Eos which Albert brought with him from Germany and who accompanied them on their honeymoon to Windsor Castle Victoria was also delighted when she was introduced to a breed she had never before encountered the Dachshund Deckel was the first and later came what was possibly her favourite Dachshund Waldman VI At one she also had a Looty a Pekingese brought especially from China for her the first of its breed in Britain Later in life Victoria took to smooth haired terriers and her love of dogs was not confined to her own pets as she also became patron of Battersea Dogs Home and her son Prince Leopold adopted a Fox Terrier called Skippy from there Victoria and Albert had many paintings photographs and quite ornate ornaments created featuring their much loved canines but why was Queen Victoria so mad about dogs Let her explain If it were not for the honest faces of dogs we should forget the very existence of sincerity she said and often talked about her dogs as being among her most faithful companions CORGI DYNASTY King George VI was the monarch who began the Corgi dynasty when while he was still Duke of York he bought a dog called Dookie from a nearby kennels Dookie was immediately welcomed into the arms of the family and especially the young girls Elizabeth and Margaret It was quite a change for him as he favoured Golden Retrievers but Dookie was soon followed by Jane and the result was two pups Crackers and Carol Thus the dynasty was born Susan was a Corgi presented to the then Princess Elizabeth in 1944 for her 18th birthday and not only became the matriarch of all the Corgis who followed but was a special favourite of the Princess who took Susan on her honeymoon in 1947 I like dogs to be bright and naturally friendly Her Majesty once S Do 15 pec gs d ial To isc Of da ou fer y r nt ea fo de r rs Queen Victoria with a favoured dog named Heather who was a beloved member of the family and had the freedom to wander at will anywhere in the royal houses Slow down the effects of ageing and extend your dog s longevity with the power of nature Award winning oligopeptide discovery can help your dog to recover from even the most extreme cases of injuries chronic pain and immobility helps to regenerate damaged tissue Don t let chronic joint pain ruin your dog s mobility and active life assist with repairing injured joints and ligaments Give BiogenicPet Vitality a chance to get back your dog s vitality and active life alleviates chronic and inflamed joint pain biogenic pet vitalitychallenge June 2020 Dogs Today 9

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Above l r The Duchess of Cornwall HRH the Prince of Wales with ex Battersea rescue dogs Beth Bluebell Instagram theroyalfamily HRH The Princess Royal with one of her Bull Terriers Princess Charlotte with Cocker Spaniel Orla Instagram dukeandduchessofcambridge NIPS AND BARKS explained They all have their own characters and that is part of their fun Sadly there are no longer any home bred Corgis in the royal household since the death of Willow in 2018 The Queen was clearly very upset by the loss the 14 year old dog who had appeared in the James Bond sketch for the opening of the 2012 London Olympics A Buckingham Palace spokesperson said Her majesty has mourned every one of her Corgis over the years but she has been more upset about Willow s death than any of them This is probably because Willow was the last link to her parents and a pastime that goes back to her own childhood It really does feel like the end of an era Willow was the last descendant of Susan the Queen s first Corgi of her own Willow will live on though having appeared in the official portrait to mark the Queen s 90th birthday in 2016 The portrait by photographer Annie Leibovitz featured the Queen with on steps at the rear of the East Terrace of Windsor Castle with Corgis Willow and Holly and Dorgis Vulcan and Candy He s very friendly isn t he she said and for a moment it almost looked as if she wanted to take him home 10 Dogs Today June 2022 Corgis do like to assert themselves and even the Queen who has always named and trained the dogs herself has been known to receive an occasional nip as has the royal clockwinder postman some household staff and even the odd guardsman It is not that the dogs are unruly but they do stand their ground as they see it There was even a slight altercation when Princess Beatrice took her Norfolk Terrier Max to Sandringham The Corgis did not approve of Max being on the invitation list Back in 2012 Prince William revealed in an interview I don t know how she the Queen copes with all the noise because they do bark a lot Her private life with her walking her dogs and riding are very important to her but I do question the noise the dogs make NEVER FORGOTTEN Those who have been before them are never forgotten Some of them are buried at a private spot in the grounds of Sandringham Monty who also starred in the James Bond sketch is buried at Balmoral and it is understood that Willow is buried at Windsor Castle where she had died FAMILY AFFAIR Make no mistake the whole of the royal family are dog lovers Prince Charles favours bigger dogs especially Labradors while his wife the Duchess of Cornwall particularly likes Jack Russells Princess Anne has a liking for Bull Terriers and at the beginning of the 2000s was in trouble once or twice with them In fact it was reported that she d been prosecuted under the Dangerous Dogs Act in 2002 when one of her dogs Dotty bit two children Sadly on another occasion one of the Queen s Corgis had to be put to sleep after sustaining injuries from one of Princess Anne s terriers There has been no such drama in recent years thankfully Princess Anne s daughter Zara Tindall has Labradors and a Boxer and Prince Edward and wife Sophie have a Labrador Cocker Spaniel and tortoise Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie have Norfolk Terriers while the Cocker Spaniel is the beloved breed in Prince William s household Black Cocker Lupo was a muchloved member of the family pictured sharing Prince George s icecream when he was younger His death at almost nine years of age was announced by the Duke and Duchess on Instagram in 2020 with a post that read Very sadly last weekend our dear dog Lupo passed away He has been at the heart of our family for the past nine years and we will miss him so much Just before his death James Middleton gave his sister the Duchess of Cambridge a female puppy after his dog Luna gave birth to six pups Luna was Lupo s sister The royal family s love of dogs has been going on for generations and looks set to carry on for a few more generations yet as Prince George Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis all seem to have inherited the family delight for canine friends P Packed full of 100 British meats N AT U R A L D O G F O O D R A N GE OTHER RANGES INCLUDE WOR K ING R ANG E P UR E R ANG E TR EATS B ONES AM B IE N T T RE ATS 10 O F F CO D E D O GSTO DAY22 10 discount code applies to all products Single use only Valid until 31 07 22 O R D E R O N L I N E T O D A Y AT N A T U R A L I N S T I N C T C O M OR CALL 01276 608500

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Words CLAIRE HORTON BUSSEY POLE POSITION Incredible Kratu From viral internet sensation to publishing star Romanian rescue dog Kratu continues to delight his ever growing army of fans 12 Dogs Today June 2022 Kratu means wisom empowerment and inspiration three things I ve been in pursuit of my entire life Photo by Little Pip Photography It was a great advert for rescue dogs Where others performed no fault circuits of the course showing how bright and trainable they can be Kratu showed that sometimes extra patience is needed He also showed that the gorgeous looking livestockguarding dogs from eastern Europe might look irresistible on adoption sites but they are hard work and very much have a mind of their own Kratu s subsequent appearances in 2019 and 2020 were just as wondrous In fact he not only stole the show but also one of the jump poles much to the amusement of the commentators and spectators as well as all the millions who viewed it on social media when it was shared extensively And in the middle of all the viral videos is Tess Eagle Swan as silver haired and laidback as her beloved dog throwing her hands in the air in exasperation at his antics and smiling at his clownish goodnatured rebelliousness And now Tess has co written a book Incredible Kratu about the happy go lucky rescue dog who changed his owner s life to quote its subtitle For any dog lover this book is a must read I was expecting to learn more about Kratu who is a cross between a Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog and a Carpathian Shepherd Dog and I did but it s Tess s story and how Kratu rescued her as much as she did him that is the main thread of the book Because Kratu is so much more than a funloving mischievous rescue dog that enjoys goofing about in the Crufts spotlight He s the first livestockguarding dog that s a trained assistance dog and emotional support for Tess and he s also a registered therapy dog I ve known Tess for a while in dog circles she s a huge champion for animal welfare and reading the book was quite eye opening for me Behind the enthusiastic well spoken and confident exterior there s a very vulnerable person who has overcome many struggles thanks to her dog Always a solitary child who Photo by Little Pip Photography Photo by Little Pip Photography F our years ago the Kennel Club scheduled its regular spot in the popular agility ring at Crufts to showcase the talents of rescue dogs from various charities and to promote pet adoption When Romanian rescue Kratu took to the course a star was born The smiling shaggy coated giant goofed his way around the ring lolloping over some jumps bypassing others hiding in the tunnel and making friends with the attendants It was all done in a laidback leisurely pace with confidence and sheer joy and has notched up well over 14 million views on one YouTube video alone sought comfort in the natural world Tess ran away from home at the age of 16 a year after her father had died She lived in a squat in London and before she d even reached her 17th birthday her boyfriend died from a drugs overdose There followed a decade of drug abuse violence and an erratic life in a very dangerous dark world where she learnt to survive and even thrive It s been such a journey says Tess about the book I wanted people to know about Kratu s mother Tutty and for the book to speak up for anyone that s been hurt and abused In fact Incredible Kratu is dedicated to Tutty The book is very much a journey of another mother too Tess who undergoes several physical journeys as well as spiritual ones Her desire for change led her to Peru in search of a cure for hepatitis C caused by drug abuse which was a wake up call and there are also journeys back to Romania to search for Tutty and understand Kratu s beginnings It all leads to some fundamental self discoveries that help Tess to understand her troubled beginnings and move forward in life The book has a lovely dedication from actor and modern patron saint of animals Peter Egan who knows Tess through shared doggie events and campaigns POLITICAL ANIMAL I have had the great pleasure of meeting both Tess and Kratu on a number of occasions both here in the UK in the House of Commons and in the European Parliament he writes Kratu s appearance at the EU was a first and a riveting moment for those taking part in my presentation regarding the horrible situation facing stray dogs in Romania and throughout eastern Europe Tess is dedicated to highlighting the plight of stray dogs in this part of the world but she doesn t promote rescue LGDs through rose Follow Kratu on Facebook for updates www facebook com kratutherescuedog June 2022 Dogs Today 13

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GONGS GALORE Photo by Little Pip Photography As well as a book launch Tess and Kratu are also celebrating their recent People s Pet Award from the Mirror The prestigious awards celebrate the unique bond we have with our pets and the inspirational ways they change our lives and the winners were honoured at a starstudded awards dinner hosted by comedian and presenter Judi Love last December Kratu won the Social Media Superstar award for his irreverent Crufts agility performances but the organisers also recognised his deep bond with Tess She was diagnosed with autism in adulthood and when she feels a sensory overload Kratu will put his paw on her to keep her calm It is called deep paw pressure and is very grounding that stops anxiety for me explains Tess I could not imagine life without Kratu he is simply amazing Someone else that Tess thinks is amazing is Towie s Pete Wicks and luckily for her he was the celeb that gave her the award He was so lovely smiles Tess He was having a cheeky fag outside when we arrived and he said Is that the dog I m giving the award to He loved Kratu And I got a kiss from him on stage P 14 Dogs Today June 2022 Get a grip Did you know that chewing is scientifically proven to calm your dog down These T designed Bamboodles help your dog to hold their own chew while they blissfully gnaw away B These cool T Bo ne chews c o m e in t h re e s iz es t h re e f la a n d vo b e e f c h u rs ic k e n and pea nut butter Designed to make your dog s tail wag Occupy your dog Discourage destructive chewing Care for their teeth Raised nubs help to control plaque and tartar build up promoting clean teeth and healthy gums Get well soon Incredible Kratu published by Bonnier Books is written by Tess Eagle Swan and Lynne Barrett Lee and is available from all good bookshops and online stores ADVERTISING FEATURE amboodles would like to introduce you to the newest way to satisfy your dog s inherent need to chew The Bamboodles T Bone is created using a bamboo and nylon mix The natural strength of the bamboo fibre combines with the nylon fibres to create a longer lasting chew toy that is not only satisfying but also durable for even the most aggressive of chewers The amazing T design means dogs have the autonomy to use their paws and hold the bone upright giving them ease and independence to gnaw away to their heart s content The raised nubs help to control plaque and tartar build up promoting clean teeth and healthy gums Tess receives Kratu s People s Pet Award from Pete Wicks coloured spectacles She is totally honest about the difficulties that can be involved with rehoming such a strong protective dog The majority do not make good pets as they are working dogs at heart with guarding instincts that can t just be switched off in order to fit in with modern life as a pet in the UK Intensive ongoing socialisation and training has helped Kratu fit into his life here but Tess also credits his great love of people which brought unconditional love into her life and helped her to be a stronger more resilient person able to love herself again The high of the award was followed by a sad low when two days later Kratu slipped in wet weather when chasing his brother Polo in a secure field Immediately Tess knew that Kratu had injured himself His cruciate ligament had ruptured in his knee Tess did Galen myotherapy physiotherapy Photizo red light therapy and K laser supplements and painkillers He became stable but it was clear he was not going to make a full recovery so he had TPLO tibialplateau leveling osteotomy surgery to stabilise the stifle joint He seemed to be recovering well but five weeks later went lame again An X ray and tap revealed a staphylococcus infection requiring three weeks of antibiotics So far he s doing OK and is fully weightbearing with no pain or swelling Despite being on restricted lead walking since early Dec Kratu has accepted his lot with good grace Tess says He has been on restricted exercise and has not got down or depressed he was only a bit off when the infection kicked in for three days He greets each day with the same Kratu happiness and joy as always If only more people were like Kratu Easy to use The T bone shape allows your dog to hold their Bamboodle with their paws and keep it stable while chewing Enjoyable realistic texture Mimics wood for an authentic and satisfying chew experience For more information visit www bamboodles co uk or check out Bamboodles on Facebook and Instagram

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Words ALESSANDRA PACELLI Illustrations KEVIN BROCKBANK Scam predators When our dogs go missing either lost or stolen we d do anything to have them safely back home The internet can be a force for good when it comes to reuniting us with our missing pets but putting one s contact details out there at such a vulnerable time can make you a target W hen Rachel Lilley s dogs Cocker Spaniels Missy and Biscuit were stolen from her garden in the evening of 5 March 2021 she immediately took action to find them After calling the police she joined all the lost dog groups she could find created a Facebook group for her missing dogs and did her utmost to ensure their photos their story and crucially her contact details would be circulated widely It was her hope that someone would recognise her dogs and give her a call that would lead Missy and Biscuit back home Over a year later her phone rang many times but it was never the good news she hoped for Instead she got harassment and attempts at scamming her while at her most desperate We have been the victims of hoax callers and scammers Rachel told Dogs Today adding that it happened on a daily basis Some are vile people getting our hopes up that they have found our stolen dogs they then laugh and shout that they are dead One told me they had chopped the heads off and sent them to the butchers she recalled The scammers are always calling saying they want the reward upfront or they will harm our pets While both types of calls are extremely distressing to receive it s not easy for the victims to escape them when your dog is missing and a phone call may bring them back 16 Dogs Today June 2022 you simply can t ignore calls coming from unknown or hidden numbers Grace Lowe who got in touch with Dogs Today after we shared Rachel s story on our website says My dog had been missing for little over a week having bolted when something spooked her on a walk and I had already received three prank calls from hidden numbers I think it was two different sets of people It was awful because with a missing dog each time you see a call from an unknown or hidden number your heart jumps in your throat You cannot help but hope maybe this is it maybe this is the day Lilo comes home But it was only some youngsters and someone not so young on one occasion going by the voice having some fun at my expense I won t repeat what they said It was awful WHAT IF So when she received yet another call from a hidden number an exhausted Grace refused the call only to spend the next few days wracked by guilt I kept wondering what if this was really the one What if I had just turned away my one chance to have my girl back Grace recalls I felt horrible like I had given up on her because I was not strong enough to withstand the idea of another cruel call I had a nightmare where I took the call she was barking on the other end then was cut off Luckily the right call came within days Grace s dog had been found straying her microchip scanned by a vet and soon she was back home If she d never been found I don t think I could have ever got out of my mind that maybe I had rejected the one right call Grace admits Unlikely as I knew it was it gnawed at me STAY MOBILE While Grace s ordeal is now behind her Rachel and other pet owners across the UK are still dealing with the same anguish Wayne May from DogLost says Personally what I ask people to do is to use a mobile phone number rather than a landline when it comes to their contact details All smartphones these days provide the option to block numbers Most scam calls come from private numbers so you can choose to block a call coming from private numbers and if the caller uses their own number for a scam call it s a good starting point for police to inquire While I understand no one wants to miss a phone call while their dog is missing most people who contact you and are legitimate will not withhold their number If you do take the call ensure you can record it If the people calling really have your dog they can send you a photo as proof Absolutely do not part with any of the money until you have absolute certainty these people have your dog

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The odds they do Wayne says are very low In the vast majority of cases people who truly do find a missing dog will take them somewhere to have their chip scanned or call the number on the tag but usually don t even ask for any reward money he says Wayne says he assessed over a hundred scam calls since the beginning of the pandemic and in no case did the caller truly have the dog There were cases in which they called to claim they had a dog who had already been found and reunited These criminals are capitalising on owners grief they want easy The UK s No 1 vitamins Lost dog Wolfie Kate Spicer author of best selling book Lost Dog A Love Story recalls her experience with prank calls in the days her dog Wolfie was missing olfie went missing around lunchtime on a Saturday I put his missing poster on social media and it was retweeted by Jeremy Clarkson who had hundreds of thousands of followers It possibly went beyond the normal reach of people who usually retweet lost dog posters the kind ones and reached a different type of people I was in a horrible state I would say I was in shock When you lose your dog you feel slightly mad I went to bed and around 1am I received the first call The muffled voice on the other side seemed that of a young man He said I have just seen your dog He s by the M62 in Manchester I was stunned as Wolfie had gone missing in London but I knew someone whose dog was stolen in London and was found in Manchester two hours later so it was not impossible My mind raced but then he went on He s dead by the side of the road Then he started laughing and I realised this was a prank call I got another call that night possibly from the same lads who by then sounded quite high They said they saw my dog in a kebab It was horrible a real punch in the gut on the first night Wolfie was 18 Dogs Today June 2022 missing but it prepared me It told me what was coming and that I had to brace myself Wolfie was gone for about nine days In that time I got quite a few pranks online and racist jokes about my dog being in a Korean restaurant Soon enough I became very suspicious of any calls coming from young males especially if the voice sounded muffled found not too far away I will never know if this call was a prank but in my heart I believe it was genuine Earlier a woman had called saying she had seen Wolfie where she lived at the end of a canal some 10 miles away from the area where had gone missing I instinctively believed her at first maybe because she was a woman but when I went I got another call that night possibly from the same lads who by then sounded quite high They said they saw my dog in a kebab It was horrible a real punch in the gut on the first night Wolfie was missing but it prepared me It told me what was coming and that I had to brace myself So when I got a call from a young man shortly before Wolfie would be found I thought it was a prank However he did not laugh I have seen your poster he said which told me he had not seen Wolfie s details online but that he was from the area where I had physically put up posters He gave me the name of the road and added He was hiding under a bin I went back to the area the next day secretly because my family was telling me to let it go that the dog was lost and as I was there Wolfie was there and she described Wolfie it did not sound quite right Still we spent all night searching through the estate I was desperate and heartbroken walking the entire length of the canal back to the place where Wolfie went missing putting up posters and asking people if they had seen my dog Now I believe the lady s call had been a prank even though it seemed genuine at first The fact is you cannot always know whether a call is genuine or a prank Losing a dog is horrible and prank available now for those with 4 legs calls are horrible Some sophisticated pranks will feel real while some honest calls will feel like pranks but in my experience you have to suck it up Take it as a sign you re reaching a lot of people the more successful a campaign the more people you make aware of your missing dog the more likely you are to get these calls but also the more likely it is that someone will see your dog and know who to call It s hard but you have to roll with the punches Take a deep breath brace yourself and hear them out Even those that seem like pranks right at the start I am sure that kid did see Wolfie under a bin Also make sure your dog is wearing a collar and tag Wolfie was found by someone who read my number off his tag and called me Microchip alone is not always enough Make it easier for kind strangers to reach out and make sure your dog always wears a tag too TM SuperDog takes our 50 years of awardwinning nutritional expertise even further all the innovation and careful effective formulation you d expect from Vitabiotics now available for your special companion From vitality to healthy joints and bones SuperDog formulations provide optimum levels of micro nutrients to safeguard the diet of your furriest family member Joints Bones Health Vitality 60 Chewable Tablets 60 Chewable Tablets Canine expert See my expert tips to help care for your SuperDog Paul Manktelow Visit www super dog co uk Proud supporter of Battersea caring for dogs since 1860 From UK s No 1 Vitamin Company Available from 2022 01 25_ADSPDCONP W Amazon Ocado Paws com super dog co uk Source Nielsen GB ScanTrack Total Coverage Value and Unit Retail Sales 52 w e 09 10 21 To verify contact Vitabiotics Ltd 1 Apsley Way London NW2 7HF UK s leading supplements for humans Vitabiotics will donate 35p from the sale of each product to Battersea Battersea Dogs Cats Home registered charity number 206394

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money from desperate people They will claim they have your dog ask for money and sometimes people do pay but the dog never comes home Wayne says I have been a victim of dog theft myself and I know exactly where the owners are coming from how your heart takes over your brain you just want your dog back But people need to step back ask for proof to ensure the caller is telling the truth If that is the case there is no reason why they shouldn t be able to send you a photo proving that your dog is with them A verbal conversation is no proof STILL MISSING Ask for proof record the conversation and always inform the police of your intentions Remember people who lie about having your dog for money are committing fraud As for harassment for the sake of causing hurt Wayne says it s a rarer occurrence than scams At least in my experience keeping in mind the sheer number of missing dogs in the UK every day these abusive calls are rather rare although of course they can happen and are incredibly upsetting he says It s sad to think we have individuals in our society who get a kick out of upsetting other people Pets are not just animals they re members of our family these people know we are extremely vulnerable when our pets are missing and exploit that It is extremely hard to be dismissive but it is the best course of action Being dismissive however doesn t necessarily mean letting it slide If you are being harassed get in touch with your phone provider and let them know you are receiving harassing calls Wayne advises Tell them when it happened the time of each call so they can keep a log If it continues contact the police they will find these logs helpful Despite the harassing calls and attempts at scamming her Rachel Lilley is still looking for Missy and Biscuit SCAMMERS OUTNUMBERED We will not stop she writes on the Facebook page dedicated to bringing her dogs home which boasts over 10 000 members However many upsetting and cruel calls she had to deal with there is little doubt they are dwarfed by the sheer number of people supporting her hoping her dogs come home safe Most people who genuinely find missing dogs will take them to a vet practice or call the dog warden so they can be scanned for a chip and reunited Wayne repeats In most cases they ask for no money they simply want to do the right thing and reunite lost pets with their owners There are more people willing to help than scammers out there P Dog theft at a seven year high T he number of dogs reported stolen in the UK has reached a seven year peak in 2021 according to research from Direct Line Pet Insurance Reported dog theft cases rose by 13 per cent to 2 760 across the UK the highest levels since Direct Line started analysing theft rates in 2015 On average 53 dogs were stolen every week last year nearly eight every day French Bulldogs were the most stolen breed in 2021 a 29 per cent increase compared to 2020 Jack Russells came in second and other small breeds such as Chihuahuas and Pugs were popular targets Staffordshire Bull Terriers which were last year s most common target for thieves saw an 88 per cent reduction in 2021 pushing them down to seventh Thefts of crossbreeds such as Cockerpoos and Puggles have also decreased from second most stolen in 2020 to 10th in 2021 London saw the highest number of dog thefts last year of any region and single police force The Metropolitan Police Service reported 422 incidents and accounted for 15 per cent of all dogs stolen with a 32 per cent increase in reports compared to 2020 West Yorkshire Police came in second recording 199 reports of stolen dogs in 2021 Kent Police came in third receiving reports about 182 stolen dogs in 2021 Lancashire Constabulary and South Yorkshire Police complete the top five forces for stolen dog reports in 2021 receiving 116 and 100 reports respectively Norfolk Constabulary had the greatest success at returning dogs as it succeeded in reuniting them with their owners in 86 per cent of cases 20 Dogs Today June 2022 Madeline Pike nurse for Direct Line Pet Insurance said It s devastating to see the number of dogs stolen continues to increase across the country Unfortunately the increase in dog ownership since the pandemic began and the subsequent rise in prices of these animals seems to make the crime even more appealing to thieves The law will soon recognise dogs as members of the family with feelings not just owned property and we hope that this will deter criminals especially if they can be punished more severely if prosecuted The Kept Animals Bill is set to introduce the new offence of dog abduction which will carry sentences up to five years While the bill has not been approved before the end of the parliamentary session it will continue its passage into law via a carryover motion in the next session Dog Insurance How much could your dog cost Insurance from 7 12 u 95 of claims are successful Growths cysts tumours 894 52 Digestive system issues 758 15 Eye disease sight 559 46 Disease in legs 752 74 Heart disease 453 33 Get a quote online or call 03300 243 980 Entertainment Leisure Insurance Services Entertainment Leisure Insurance Services Limited and Lifestyle Policy Limited are appointed representatives of The Equine and Livestock Insurance Company Limited The Insurance Emporium is a trading name Equine and Livestock Insurance Company Limited registered in England and Wales no 294940 which is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority no 202748 All facts and statistics are calculated from in house research based on average claim costs per most claimed injury or disease between June 2020 and June 2021 u Quoting criteria for premium small mongrel YO3 06JJ Time Limited Bronze cover level and Lunar Monthly pricing

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Words CLAIRE ANDRUSYK Thinking about breeding your dog Stop right here have a read and really think about the long term consequences B reeding dogs seems to be a quick way of making some cash out of your cute dog yeah Think again Look at your dog lock eyes with them and open your heart for just a second What if you lost her to birth complications How would you feel Could you put yourself and your family through that loss What experience do you have with dogs How many dogs have you owned What makes you an excellent breeder What can you put into this litter that others cannot 22 Dogs Today June 2022 Money matters Can you afford to have a litter Potential Caesareans or other veterinary intervention may be needed costing between 1 000 2 000 which is not covered by standard pet insurance policies You must pay that cost outright to the vets What if you lose the whole litter and or your dog Your dog will suffer the loss and confusion of not having a litter to raise plus the health implications Raising puppies the right way will cost in excess of 3 000 maybe more for your first litter This is before you have even sold one puppy and doesn t include potential emergency vet treatment The whelping equipment health tests vet costs microchipping costs food toys medicines pens bedding etc adds up to a lot Council licensing yes you need it The rules have changed and if you intend to make any profit from breeding dogs you now need to be licensed and could be prosecuted if not So being licensed and a making profit you now need to register yourself as self employed and declare earnings to the tax office Suddenly the profits you thought you would make from one litter are now a lot smaller Your dog is pretty and I guess that is your main reason for wanting to breed Do you know her Kennel Club lineage Do you have papers If not how can you check you are not mating her back to a relative The consequences of this could be death blindness disabilities or neurological issues in your litter which would be hard to find the right homes for Why would you want to breed from a dog that does not have any history Does your dog have any DNA health tests Did the parents of your dog Before you breed you must get all the relevant health checks performed by a specialist laboratory such as Laboklin They are not performed by your vet The cost of these will be around 200 You should not breed from your dog if you do not understand what the results could implicate long term If she is a carrier of a certain condition you now have a job to find a stud dog that has also been extensively tested This is where travel costs come in to use the perfect stud you may have to travel Plus there are the stud fees to factor in too You shelled out for stud fees and then find out your girl is carrying just one puppy Look at the above again All that money you spent is more than the amount the puppy is worth puppies all over your home as mum won t know to go to that lovely whelping area you prepared for her she could choose somewhere else like under a bed or behind a sofa Puppies that get cold will die It s as simple and as heartbreaking as that Being at home is necessary for weaning socialising habituation desensitisation and welfare Yes we have all of that to consider New arrivals From birth to eight weeks Your dog comes to her whelping day and gives birth to puppies with a cleft lip or other deformity Do you know how to save these puppies Do you know how to tube feed them every hour throughout the night and day Can you have time off work for that To raise puppies the right way I would recommend at least the last four weeks of their time with you at home with them if not the whole eight weeks When your dog goes into labour can you be there You will need to drop everything and be at home as you should never leave your dog to give birth alone How would you feel if you came home to your dog passed away as she was having trouble during birth You could also find dead June 2022 Dogs Today 23

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New owners Finding the perfect homes At four weeks the pups should be on at least three solid meals a day and not just feeding from the mum Who will be home to give them their meals Who will change the whelping area when the puppies have soiled it on a daily basis because leaving them at home in a quiet room will do nothing for their confidence and personality In fact that will impact their capability to cope with everyday life at a new home They need to be weaned for a start At four weeks the pups should be on at least three solid meals a day and not just feeding from the mum Who will be home to give them their meals Who will change the whelping area when the puppies have soiled it Hygiene is extremely important for mums and puppies throughout the eight weeks they will be with you If you aren t there to promptly change the whelping area when the pups have soiled they will run in it back to their bedding areas and cover absolutely everything with poo This means after work you will be bathing each puppy and have the huge job of cleaning the area out all before you have even sat down Oh and don t forget the smell the joyous smell of puppy poo that fills every room in your house because you left the pups all day Puppies will be much harder to housetrain for owners if you allow this to happen too 24 Dogs Today June 2022 Finding homes for your puppies is easy right Nope think again Finding the right home for your puppies should be at the forefront of your mind There are tons of totally inappropriate homes out and people who are impulsive want a dog and have not even considered what is truly involved This could mean your puppy ends up being surrendered to a rescue or worse abandoned or abused Or sold from one person to the next to the next Would you want to be responsible for adding to rescues that are already overwhelmed What if you have 12 puppies a lot more than you expected Now go ahead and add some more money on to what you will be paying upfront Does your house have room for them If you have a large breed dog puppies grow quickly and will need a lot of space to run free explore and play Stress levels Can you cope with the pressure Nobody told you about this part of breeding There are likely to be days of sleep depravation as your dog is a danger to the puppies She is burying them carrying them around to different areas growling at them as she is confused She could squash them as she isn t gentle with her footing or where she lies Then there is the stress of home life and how having a litter of screaming whining puppies can take its toll on you and others How your children s lives are impacted as you are unable to do the normal things you do How your partner is angry because you cannot settle the pups down and are unsure what you are doing wrong Couple all that with the lack of sleep and you can quite easily have a breakdown Stress is a big deal and will impact how you are able to cope with the puppies You might even debate letting them go to new homes early to relieve your stress which then makes you a bad irresponsible breeder Theft risks On site security role 24 7 You suddenly leave yourself wide open to thieves breaking into your home to steal your puppies Add security to the cost list above Google puppy thefts UK and read the horror stories there have been in the last three years Puppy thefts are on the rise You only have to tell the wrong person or let the wrong person into your home for a puppy viewing and you have left yourself wide open This is another reason to be home all day every day Bounce backs A life long responsiblity You had a litter as you wanted to keep one pup After all you loved your dog and you wanted another one the same as her Whoops You didn t fully understand genetics and that crossing two dogs together doesn t necessarily make the same dog In fact it can be hard to select a puppy to keep Selection should be based on opposite personalities so there are no potential clashes If you keep a puppy that similar to your own they could struggle to coexist in harmony and end up fighting leaving you stressed about the future Then an owner demands you take their puppy back as they cannot cope What if two owners did that Are you capable of taking them back and finding them new homes or having to keep them due to medical conditions you didn t realise were there because you failed to take them for a vet check before they left You thought you would save some money and they all looked fab right Only a qualified professional should inspect your puppies for potential issues It is morally wrong and irresponsible for you not to take them back to be rehomed They could otherwise end up in the wrong hands other impulse buyers or a rescue centre all because you didn t plan for the impact of having just one litter effectively If you are still reading this well done It means you care enough to listen to advice from a breeder with 22 years experience who has mentored hundreds of others and has seen just about every problem arise If you are not put off breeding by all the above and can answer every question with confidence then I recommend you get a breeding mentor Having an experienced mentor to coach you through your whole experience will start you off on the right foot P It is morally wrong and irresponsible for you not to take them back to be rehomed June 2022 Dogs Today 25

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Photo Rebecca Gauhl Photography Words ALESSANDRA PACELLI On the way up There are only 50 Chuandong Hounds in the UK but this is far from a new breed in fact it has an ancient history Photo Rebecca Gauhl Photography the more she fell in love with the breed One thing that struck me right away was how long lived they are she says There are records of some of these dogs living to be 20 years old this was a huge plus for me as Dogues de Bordeaux have much shorter lifespans and each time one passes away there is so much heartbreak FELINE CANINE 26 Dogs Today June 2022 many of them had moved from the mountains to Chongqing city along with their owners This however posed a challenge interbreeding soon caused the dogs in the city to start looking very different from their ancestors in the mountains developing a shorter muzzle and stockier build CITY TYPE The CKU China Kennel Union which had only recently recognised the ancient breed at all took action in 2018 by splitting the dogs in two different breeds The city type retained the name Chongqing Dog whereas the traditional hound from the mountains became known as the Chuandong Hound The more Alison a longtime owner of the Dogue de Bordeaux read about them Chuandong Hounds are very cat like sure footed with naturally erect ears and keeping themselves immaculately clean They are as clever as a collie if not more with lots of energy but not impossible to tire out They love to play and interact with people They make wonderful family dogs and were brilliant with my daughter right away Photo Alison Darley W hen Alison Darley came across images of the Chuandong Hound online she was immediately fascinated and for good reason The Chuandong Hound may just be one of the most ancient dog breeds in existence sculptures of similar dogs were found in ancient Chinese tombs dating back to the time of the Han Dynasty 206BC 220AD For the longest time there wasn t a single name for these medium sized dogs communities in the Chongqing region in the mountain area of south west China each had their own names for them including Chuandong Dog East Sichuan Hunting Dog Bamboo Ratter Mountain Dog Hechuan Dog Pak Tin Par Dog and Linshui Dog It was only in 2000 that the name Chongqing Dog was introduced for the breed as Another unique thing about them is that they are very catlike sure footed with naturally erect ears and keeping themselves immaculately clean They are as clever as a collie if not more with lots of energy but not impossible to tire out They love to play and interact with people They make wonderful family dogs and were brilliant with my daughter right away Alison imported the first Chuandong Hounds to ever set foot in the UK in 2017 She has since had several litters and carefully placed her pups with families who going by the comments on Alison s website are absolutely enamoured with them Six different families got back in touch for a second pup Alison says They fell in love with this breed and it doesn t surprise me they re amazing dogs Alison is one of several people and probably the only one outside China working to preserve the Chuandong Hound There are now 50 Chuandong Hounds in the UK Even at home they are rarer than the giant panda she explains The breed is barely known outside China and as the Covid 19 pandemic caused several dogrelated events to be cancelled I had few occasions for meet and greets hopefully that will change in 2022 While Alison s dogs are registered with the CKU the breed is not recognised by the Kennel Club and after weighing up her options she decided not to try to get the breed recognised for the time being I want to work on giving this breed a good foundation I am wary of what may happen should people get involved for money and possibly mass produce pups she says I have seen things go wrong in China already with the increasingly brachycephalic Chongqing Dog seeing the same happen in the UK is the last thing I want For more information on the Chuandong Hound visit www chuandonghound co uk June 2022 Dogs Today 27

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and on the way out Photo Maddie Newton This month s vulnerable native breeds in the spotlight are some interesting characters with their own unique histories one of which could rival the Chuandong in terms of its lengthy heritage Miniature Bull Terrier 185 registered in 2020 DIDI Mastiff The Miniature Bull Terrier is a fun loving entertainer who will always put a smile on your face They are courageous clownish and fearless and expect to get lots of belly rubs They will walk for hours run with you and enjoy agility flyball hoopers obedience ringcraft or clicker training only if it s worthwhile to them They are made of brick with a concrete head Katalin Toth 104 registered in 2020 Mastiffs one of the oldest breeds in the UK are classed as a giant breed the average weight of a male being 95kg They enjoy regular exercise but are built for stamina rather than speed Mastiffs are an intelligent breed but they hide it well they will do as you ask but in their own time Owning a Mastiff is not for the faint hearted food and vet bills are in proportion to their size but in return for being owned by a Mastiff you will be rewarded with a loyal true companion But you must also be prepared for lots of slobber Claire Whelan Photo Maddie Newton BAILEY Bloodhound 32 registered in 2020 The Bloodhound is steeped in history and part of the pleasure of owning the breed is the sense of its ancientness They are noble and dignified in appearance and in temperament are extremely affectionate both with humans and other dogs They can be somewhat shy and equally sensitive to kindness or correction Of course their overriding attribute is their ability to hunt the human scent and it is most important that we keep this in mind with our breeding programmes They are one of the few breeds where the same stock is seen in both the show and working arenas ensuring they remain fit for purpose Bloodhounds are not suitable for everyone they are a large breed with big appetites who need space and exercise to keep them in peak condition However they are a joy to own not many breeds can give the pleasure found when out in the field following family and friends who have laid a trail Their coats are easily maintained and feet well knuckled up so they don t bring in a lot of mud A joint health committee has been established to help monitor and maintain the health of our breed and in conjunction with the Kennel Club we are working to a breed health and conservation plan Responsible breeders are striving to maintain genetic diversity within the breed despite falling numbers fewer than 100 registrations per annum They are also asked to maintain checks on eyes hips and elbows and any other points raised under the Kennel Club breed watch umbrella Unfortunately during the coronavirus restrictions we have seen an increased number of puppies for sale on websites that have been indiscriminately bred so I would urge prospective owners to contact the breed clubs or Kennel Club for advice before taking the plunge Keith Long 28 Dogs Today June 2022 Advertorial The HOWL app operates in three ways Biting back against dog thieves HOWL is a movement and an app from The Bark Side Limited designed to tackle dog theft There is also a dedicated website at howlforhelp com The HOWL app designed by a former criminal defence solicitor is currently available for iOS Android will follow in due course There are also free tips for all available at https howlforhelp com tips The tips are a part of the movement by empowering dog lovers with knowledge about how dog thieves operate we can work to reduce dog theft The HOWL app costs 1 79 per user two users needed for maximum functionality but being a sole user allows you to use all elements except monitoring It s a one off purchase with no in app purchases or subscriptions We want people to use HOWL every time they take their dog for a walk because with more users we can bite back against dog thieves If you have an emergency contact monitoring your walk they ll be sent a notification in the event that you HOWL for help They ll see the date time and what3words location so they can begin heading to you without delay Find out how HOWL works here howlforhelp com how it works Prevention thieves hate being caught so the alarm and video recording when you HOWL for help works to improve the chances of capture HOWL takes back control from the dog thief in a non confrontational way Recovery you record all your dog s details in HOWL everything remains private until you decide otherwise so that if the worst happens you have all that information at hand when time is of the essence Prosecution capturing the date time precise location and video footage HOWL has evidence capture at its core to aid in linking the offender to the crime 10 OFF WITH CODE UKDOG22 K9 Tic X Range 100 pure herbal tinctures Complete support for insect bite related infections

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Posed by models Great Debate If you have an opinion on this subject that is not already covered here putting Great Debate in the subject line Please limit your response to email enquiries dogstodaymagazine co uk 100 words Dana Smith We often get such ridiculously little time off when a human family member dies I am not sure time off for the passing of pets is something we should focus on until that is sorted I only had three days when my sister died after which I was in no way ready to return to work and my manager had the nerve to complain at the end of the week that my performance was not as good as he expected Compassionate leave is a joke in this country I do however fully support taking days off sick when a pet dies Emotional pain is no easier to bear than physical pain Jo Goss Some people may not need it but grief is a very individual emotion and some most definitely do Vicky Beedham Anyone who loves their dog and feels the need for time off to grieve should be allowed to Karin Sennet fall No I don t think so I ve lost more pets than I care to remember in the past 30 years I had a sob reflected on what a great life they ve had and a short while later I was viewing rescue pages to provide another dog with a good life Losing my parents was another matter altogether Should workers get time off when a pet passes away 30 Dogs Today June 2022 Gabie Kreuzer When my Ben passed I took time off I was glad I had a good boss but I wouldn t care about the money side of it Your pet is your family and out of respect for your family members if you need time off to come to terms with it then you take time If anyone says you can t and threatens you with dismissal you can always get another job but your mate is gone forever Elizabeth Evans I believe they should Keith Appleby I was a palliative care nurse The day after I lost my beloved little dog I was on duty It was a very hard shift I couldn t go sick as there was no one to cover In one sense it helped but my emotional plight had to be put aside I feel for anyone grieving Chelle Townsend Definitely For many of us they are family My girls will be 10 and 13 this year I am absolutely dreading losing them I know I will be devastated Denise Stevens I think they should be able to take some personal time to grieve and deal with arrangements for their pet and some quiet time to take in what has happened It s a huge loss that shouldn t be shortchanged or underestimated Sally Ann Stevenson Green Yes Pets are part of your family and just as missed as a human This month s result 12 Dominic Grey I don t think it s needed When my dog passed away I took a couple of days off of my vacation time If no vacation time is left call in sick it s not like they ll know Only make sure you don t have anyone from work in your social media circle if you re going to vent about your loss online or they might put two and two together Eleanor Lingrave I was forced to come in to work only hours after my dog died suddenly No sympathy whatsoever and I broke down crying in the middle of the store within minutes of arriving in full sight of concerned clients I certainly got no work done that day Looking back I should have just called in sick but I was naive enough to think they would be understanding if I was honest and told them my dog had just passed away Next time I ll lie but it would be much better if I didn t have to 18 70 Yes No Maybe Marianne Johnson Having just lost my beloved 15 year old dog do we need to face nasty criticism when asking for time off We each need to do what feels right for ourselves but if it were me I would tell my boss I was sick because in actuality I wouldn t be lying and I would try to use my own time Grieving takes a long time for some of us It s not a matter of getting over it but rather riding the waves Alecia Brooks There are jobs that don t do that My job already does that Pets are considered family so it should have been allowed years ago Koby AKA Puppy Einstein I think a lot of people take at least a day off anyway It s so hard to say goodbye Susan Whittenham If it s a service dog such as a guide dog for the blind or other assistance dog then yes workers should most definitely get time off work when their dog dies I think this could be counted as the death of a family member and you should be allowed the appropriate paid leave to cover For just any other pet animal I think it reasonable that you should be allowed to take time off work but this should come out of your annual leave allowance Employers shouldn t restrict leave requested for such a reason I don t think you should be allowed special paid leave to cover the death of an ordinary pet P Next month s topic is Are online groups doing more harm than good to new dog owners Email editorial dogstodaymagazine co uk with your thoughts putting Great Debate in the subject line or write to Great Debate Dogs Today The Old Print House 62 High Street Chobham Surrey GU24 8AA June 2022 Dogs Today 31 Ye No Ma

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West Highland White Terriers posed by models Quick question Do you have a problem you d like answered by an expert Or do you Email your question to enquiries dogstodaymagazine co uk want advice from someone with personal experience of the issue would recognise their mother s pheromone scent for years For male dogs they are more likely to associate a puppy with the mother s scent so a puppy that has been apart from both mum and dad for a period is less likely to be recognised by the sire or vice versa The natural bond with the dam will be stronger due to the time spent together after birth as well as the scent However if the period apart has been many years there is less chance of recognition as so many changes will have occurred with scent sounds hormones etc Can dogs recognise their relatives later in life EXPERT ADVICE Dog trainer Joe Nutkins weighs in Littermates Depending on when the pup is rehomed dogs can recognise their relatives later in life If puppy littermates remain together for the first 16 weeks of the puppy s life before being rehomed chances are they ll be able to recognise their family later on at least for a few years But there are exceptions Pups that are rehomed before the 16 week mark are less likely to 32 Dogs Today June 2022 recognise one another later on and even if pups did live together for the full 16 weeks if they don t meet each other for the first six or seven years afterwards it might result in them being unable to recognise their relatives Littermates develop a very close bond in their first few weeks together and it takes a great deal for that bond to be broken When families have two puppies from the same litter they can do everything with the puppies separately but they will still gravitate to each other at any opportunity and a big part of this is because of their close bond since birth Parents It s less likely that sires father and pups will recognise one another as they don t spend much time together during the pups crucial formative weeks If the pups are able to stay with the dams mother for the first 12 16 weeks of their lives it s likely they will remember their mum into adulthood maybe even further than that The longer they stay together the better the odds of them recognising one another If they are rehomed sooner they might not be able to remember their mum and forget her scent A sire and dam would be able to recognise their offspring after a few days apart In fact a mother would be likely to recognise her offspring up to a few years and the puppies Signs of recognition Chances are that if your dog recognises a relative they will be smelling them more and most likely calm down and be more relaxed than they would be with other dogs they ve just met Signs of recognition can often include playful nuzzling sniffing each other s faces and mouths and circling with friendly body language such as play bows tail wags and small barks If dogs used to play or interact in a certain way previously they will often revert back to this upon meeting again You might find that a dog recognises a sibling parent or puppy from a distance and so may stand still and watch quietly while they are subtly scenting the air to help with recognition Surprisingly dogs might recognise other dogs they ve met during the formative 16 week period whether they are a relative or not In fact they re just as likely to recognise this dog as they are their siblings if they ve been together for the same period growing up P FAMILIES REUNITED Ruth Johnson One of my childhood dogs had an accidental litter It was almost 40 years ago now I don t think spaying was something my parents even considered at the time She had four puppies and they all went to local families They were all friendly dogs and happy to meet any other dog but they would go nearly mad with delight when they saw each other at the park or on a walk It was different from their greeting of any other dog There is no doubt in my mind that they recognised each other siblings and mum alike Their mum absolutely knew who they were Kim Rachael We fostered two brothers one went on to be adopted and the other stayed with me We organised a meeting about a year later and it took a few sniffs before they reverted to puppies and began playing Our dog is rather shy with strange dogs so he absolutely recognised his brother Maybe he just recognised a dog he met before and was not quite aware it was his littermate I guess that s possible too But I like to believe he knew Daniel Smart I don t think my dog has the faintest clue that the lovely youngster we always meet at the park is one he sired But then again he was never the brightest bulb He s Samson Smart in name only Kat Nicholson My sister and I adopted rescue pups from the same litter We planned to have them meet regularly once they settled since we re only a short drive away from each other but then there was Covid and it was months before that could happen They hit it off right away I am sure they recognised each other June 2022 Dogs Today 33

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There s more than one way to crack a nut Is surgical neutering right for my dog Dr Neil Mottram MRCVS of Virbac discusses canine castration and the options available to pet parents Neutering is one of the most important decisions a pet parent can make regarding their dog s health As well as preventing unintended mating neutering can be beneficial in preventing specific hormone testosterone related diseases and can help in the management of some behavioural issues In the UK surgical neutering or castration is one of the most commonly performed procedures by vets but is this the only option and is it right for every pet Surgical castration offers permanent sterilisation removes the risk of testicular cancer and some prostatic diseases and may decrease urine marking and other male sexual behaviours But surgical castration does require an anaesthetic and there will be a surgical wound to manage which usually means your pet needs to wear the dreaded cone of shame In fact in Norway surgical castration is not permitted unless there is a genuine medical reason for doing so There is no going back from this permanent procedure and there can be uncertainty in how your dog s behaviour may change with a change in their hormones testosterone As a permanent procedure there is also no opportunity to later breed from your dog if desired There is a reversible alternative to surgical castration which offers the same benefits as surgery There are many reasons why you may choose not to surgically castrate your dog You are worried your pet s behaviour may change You don t want your pet to go through a surgical procedure Surgery can be inconvenient You have concerns castration may lead to weight gain See the effects of castration without the permanence of surgery Ask your vet about the choices for your dog Brought to you by Virbac manufacturers of Suprelorin Use medicines responsibly www noah co uk responsible For further information please contact Virbac Virbac Ltd Woolpit Business Park Windmill Avenue Woolpit Bury St Edmunds Suffolk IP30 9UP Tel 01359 243243 Email enquiries virbac co uk Thankfully there is a reversible medical option which comes in the form of an implant containing Deslorelin manufactured by Virbac which offers many of the benefits of surgical castration and gives you the chance to test the effect of castration without anaesthesia surgical complications or wound management The implant can last for a minimum of either 6 or 12 months and gives some insight as to how your pet will behave if they were permanently castrated giving you the chance to try before you buy allowing you to decide whether long term medical castration or surgical castration is right for your pet The Deslorelin medical implant has been shown to be well tolerated and is available from your veterinary surgeon As our pandemic puppies start growing up thinking about castration and what impact it may have on their health and behaviour is paramount We all know it is tough training a dog especially when the home routine has been radically changed pet parents working from home spending much more time with their pets and limited puppy socialisation due to social distancing Ultimately this may have led to increased anxiety in our pets and it s important to note that castration can have a variable effect on unwanted behaviour sometimes making it worse rather than better For the working dog sexual behaviours can be a real distraction impacting on performance Conversely dogs lacking confidence may actually benefit from remaining entire and of course if there are plans to carry on their bloodline then permanent removal of the testes is undesirable So if you are currently considering castration speak to your veterinary surgeon about the options available and make the right choice for your dog There s more than one way to crack a nut

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Obituaries Your tributes If you want to pay tribute to a departed pet or have a suggestion for a lost star dog write to us at the address on page 3 or email editorial dogstodaymagazine co uk and put Tribute in the subject line Maisie Parkin 6 December 2006 to 15 February 2022 O ur sweet beautiful Maisie We already had Ella our first Weimaraner when you arrived six months between you You were Ella s baby girl and she was like your mummy You were a shy anxious little girl and you were challenged with this all your life but you never let it stop you socialising with your doggy friends and becoming along with Ella a mother figure for our third and fourth Weims Oscar and Reggie What a full packed house it was our own little pack of Grey Ghosts You excelled at training classes everyone had to know about it you were always very vocal and everything was always on your terms a typical female Weim Our lives changed many years ago when you went missing on a dog walk We thought we were never going to see you again but you were found after seven hours we were never going to give up until we had you home You were tired and a bit overwhelmed but otherwise fine you brave girl Sadly Ella Oscar and Reggie all went to the rainbow bridge before you and you had to grieve for the loss of your doggy family You were becoming a bit of a celebrity as people couldn t believe how young you looked even though you were actually 15 A grand old age for a Weimy This December you would have been 16 36 Dogs Today June 2022 When you were about eight you were diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy a neurological disease that in the latter stages would render you paralysed We were not going to give up we did all we could to give you a great quality of life We were told you only had months to live how wrong everyone was At 15 you were still going still walking still enjoying your life albeit at a much lesser pace You were losing your sight but could still manage to see and hear a piece of cheese when it was on offer It became apparent towards the end of 2021 that life was becoming just too much but just like a typical Weim you were persistent and would join in and just put up with it you strongwilled girl As you became more immobile and struggled with daily life the difficult decision was made to let you go with dignity and where you still could enjoy a beautiful last day with us We spent the whole day together You walked with Mummy and Daddy saw your dog walker had a lovely dinner cuddled and played and when the time came we sat with you whilst you enjoyed your Kong and and were gently sedated for a lovely snooze I held you in my arms close to my heart snuggled in blankets in your favourite chair I kissed your ears and wiped your face and waited for you to join your brothers and sister You left us peacefully and knowing you were loved Coincidentally the day we lost you would have actually been Ella s birthday We felt it was apt She was calling for her sister to come play with her It was her turn now to take care of you her little baby girl We laid a while with you until we escorted you like all the others for private cremation You will then be laid to rest in the family plot along with the others The house is empty quiet and lifeless Our pack has gone and life will never be the same again We will go on to love again and when the time is right we ll rescue adopt as I know you wouldn t want us to be without and I know you would want us to give love to other doggies in need Thank you Maisie for all the funny times and the challenges you have given us which we have conquered together I would do it all again tenfold just to have you here Your bravery spirit character and personality will never be replaced and the admiration we have for you in how you dealt with your diagnosis never complaining has been wonderful and rewarding to see We are so very proud We love you our sweet Maisie Moo Miss M Moo as we used to call you Play rest sleep and be at peace now until we can see you all again Your Mummy and Daddy Sue and Lee

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Photo posed by models Postbag Your news views OWNER ETIQUETTE Firstly I would like to say how much I enjoy your magazine and especially appreciate the training articles which helped me greatly with my dogs Secondly could you do an article not so much on training for wellbehaved dogs but rather training for considerate owners I have found certain dog owners allow their dogs to run up to other dogs with a cheery call He s OK he s very friendly However this is not good particularly if the other dog isn t quite so friendly or if the person being accosted is either frightened of dogs or dislikes being jumped on or slobbered over Not everyone welcomes an unchecked dog even if it is friendly I have even had on a couple of occasions the owners hiding behind a tree and leaving it to me to shoo off their dogs from mine who didn t appreciate the exuberant overtures Taking responsibility for your animal includes consideration for others I was informed by one lady whose own dogs were not outstanding examples of recall that dogs should be able to run freely She was not impressed when I said Yes but also under control In Switzerland apparently the unwritten rule is if you approach another dog and it s put on a lead then you should do likewise I would extend this to putting your dog on a lead should anyone approach with or without a dog The old saying manners maketh the man could surely be turned to manners maketh the good dog owner Heather Thomson BOSIE GEORGE Here are my two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Bosie and George celebrating the Queen s jubilee in their top hats complete with feathers and Union Jack bow ties Bosie and George would like to wish Her Majesty a very happy platinum jubilee with a big hip hip hooray Angela Walker Get in touch We love to hear your news and views and see photos of your dogs Email editorial dogstodaymagazine co uk Write to us at Dogs Today The Old Print House 62 High Street Chobham Surrey GU24 8AA Join the debate Amber Pearce Mine too he taps the floor with his front paws 38 Dogs Today June 2022 Laura Hill When I tell my dog I love him he just keeps looking me with that lovable dumb face and his tongue lolling out because he s as daft as a brush I do love him EDENHOTELCOLLECTION COM DANGEROUS LOOPHOLE I find it alarming that the dog theft law is not going to be effective against family members When my sister stole my share of our mother s jewellery from my house she was caught on camera the police immediately got involved and recovered everything I chose not to take her to court but could have I definitely would have if she had taken my dog That should be an option regardless of blood relations Julia Smith OUR FOLLOWERS SHARE THEIR DOGS REACTIONS WHEN THEY HEAR I LOVE YOU Michael Siegel Mine wags her tail so hard her entire bottom wiggles She once lost her balance Receive a five star service from our friendly award winning teams catering to every canine need We provide our paw some guests with a welcome letter dog bed and plenty of other treats and extras Our hotels are the ultimate retreat for dog owners to relax Voice your opinions on news stories and other topics on our Dogs Today Magazine Facebook page or through our website www dogstodaymagazine co uk From Facebook Sandra Greene She does a happy little dance but only if I say it in the right tone of voice Dogs welcome David White When I say I love you this is how my dog looks at my face 10 05 2022 EHC indd 1 21 04 2022 10 41

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Words BEVERLEY CUDDY Vote What s the b est money savin g idea you ve disco vered https www surveymonke y co uk r costof dog living2022 Money savers How can dog owners manage through this cost of living crisis Together we can help each other make better choices This month tips on feeding PART 2 There s no shame in feeding kibble You can scatter feed and use it as treats to make it more interesting Keep your dog on the lean side it will save you money long term on vet bills If your dog can tolerate them replace some kibble and wet food with dog friendly cooked vegetables You can buy a large bag of cheap frozen veg for under 1 Trish Smith Some of the working dog foods are VAT free and therefore cheaper Hugh Hutton Stop spending a fortune on premium dog food both raw and dry Most dogs will do just fine on a bag of much cheaper dried food During a financially tough period years ago I switched to Dr John Silver I never returned to a more expensive food as they do just fine Louise Anne Always check the supermarkets out of date range Jaime Hepburn Our local butcher grinds up chicken carcasses with a bit of red muscle meat and some offal The dogs cats love it We collect it so there s no delivery carbon cost and no packaging which is the horror of most of the raw foods that are delivered Manda Scott I ve always likened raw feeding versus kibble the same as feeding a family with proper ingredients instead of fast food and takeaways There s a significant cost difference just for convenience Ann Stephenson Go to a butcher They have lots of waste they normally throw out I get tons of bones and bits for pennies Kris East Depends on the quality of the food there are good dry foods and bad raw ones Cathie Delamere I feel very fortunate to now be able to afford good dog food for my two I ve always used the website allaboutdogfood com The better the food the less likely you are to need veterinary intervention Kasia Kimbley Cheapest way to feed is raw Wendy Lilygreen I buy ox hearts from the butcher cut them up and boil them I have three dogs One heart lasts three days especially with some mixer I believe it is better for them and it s even cheaper than pet mince Mark Grady Raw fed dogs rarely need a vet Jane Johnson Raw fed dogs live much longer as well Rob Johnson Is raw cheaper We don t have a freezer If we bought one we d have the cost of running it with the ever increasing price of electricity Even looking at the cheapest options for raw dog food which isn t a rated brand it would work out more expensive to feed my dog Karen Rhodes 40 Dogs Today June 2022 Raw feeding doesn t have to be expensive I can get a big box of carcasses for 6 50 It gives one big meal a day or two medium meals with veg added Clare Campbell June 2022 Dogs Today 41

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Money savers continued Raw food has doubled in price so I am now using Mole Valley Country Dog Chicken and Potato with a bit of fish oil Gillian Kedzierski The Dr John hypoallergenic is a good dog food the platinum is OK too But I don t buy their cheaper varieties Margaret Sierakowski We don t have freezer space so for us it s high quality kibble but I wait until there s 10 off a bag at Pets at Home buy two and use whatever vouchers they have already sent me usually between 3 50 5 off Karen Rhodes I feed most of my adult dogs Dr John and I know a Great Dane breeder who shows who also uses it Liz Cole Mine are now on Aldi tinned easy to recycle tin too and a bit of their complete They are all fine I think there s a load of mind games surrounding pet food now You can add carrots or greens to tinned easily Joy Flowers My dogs are fed on tinned Chappie yes recommended by my vet We add raw veg eggs banana apples and have had no problems Hilary Backhouse I feed Dr John I know some people don t rate it but I think it s an excellent food and I know of several dogs that have done better on it than food three times the price Sharon Hough I manage the pet food department at work so I grab all the cat and dog food going out of date My lot will eat anything with no tummy consequences so it saves me a fortune Belinda Steer Most dogs will do fine on midrange grain and protein food not something brightly coloured and full of E numbers though There s a lot of emphasis on grain free diets nowadays but being able to make use of starch is one of the few genetic differences between dogs and wolves For expensive essential veterinary diets my older dog eats one brand of hydrolysed food the trick for me was to be methodical in finding the cheapest seller and then stacking discounts to bring the price down even further Rebecca Eyre Shop now with 15 off CODE LOVEDOGS15 Last month Last issue we covered treats and bones including a recipe for cheap nutritious bone broth If you missed it and would like to order a back copy visit www dogstodaymagazine co uk Next month Health WOOOF I prepare home cooked food for our three rescued Greyhounds according to recipes prepared by a friend who is a professional canine nutritionist basically raw meat from Natures Menu and cooked rice oats and boiled vegs Plus sunflower and salmon oils multivitamins and seaweed in specific proportions With three large dogs it s not cheap but probably no more expensive than commercial dog food and much better for their health Certainly mine thrive on it Isobel Deeley Grow your own food the dogs will enjoy some of it and what you save on buying human food you can keep theirs going Support your local markets and farm shops who care about you rather than big chains who don t Caroline Key Don t over feed Obesity causes more vet bills and an increased food bill Being ideal weight is the cheapest and healthiest option Donna Sidebotham Vote What s the best value dry raw and wet dog food you ve found Vote now https www surveymonkey co uk r costofdogliving2022 42 Dogs Today June 2022 Thank you for supporting small local sustainable brands

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L My Dog Crush ike Toto in the Wizard of Oz there s no better companion to walk the yellow brick road with There s certainly a feisty side that comes to the fore if their family are threatened but they are loving and affectionate with their loved ones With a Cairn by your side as your little shadow there s no place like home Sponsored by For Dog People by Dog People Because your dog deserves the BEST NO MORE PULLING NO MORE RIDING UP NO MORE RUBBING NO MORE COMING OFF NO MORE DISCOMFORT Our survey of Cairn Terrier owners revealed Awarded Best Dog Collar Manufacturer 2018 UK Winners 2013 2019 Dogmatic UK Ltd is on Facebook Endorsed by Dr David Sands BSc PhD CFBA Fellow of the Canine Feline Behaviour Association Call to join the ever growing number of people changing to Dogmatic 01952 245330 or visit us at www dogmatic org uk Character M any of us have dog crushes soft spots for breeds or types that we love but know we ll probably never own for lots of terribly sensible reasons Maybe you don t have enough hours in the day for the dog you dream of Perhaps you have a wandering eye and there are just too many dogs to fit into a lifetime Or you already have a house squashed full of adored allsorts that chose you In this feature we go through popular dog crushes and take a fresh look at what it would be like to actually live with them 44 Dogs Today June 2022 Cairn Terrier The Cairn Terrier might be small in body but is big in personality One owner described the breed as independent spirited loving loyal intelligent full of cheek and charm never a dull moment 83 of our survey said their dogs are fearless and loyal and an equal number said they are stubborn But they are certainly not aloof 70 describe the breed as loving and affectionate Cheeky fun loving their quirks make me laugh said one owner They adore being cuddled a great endorphin producer Another said To quote the Cairn Terrier Club they are the best little pal in the world Exercise Our owners had taken part in many different activities with their energetic dogs from agility hoopers rally O heelwork to music and scent work through to therapy dog work Digging was also given as a hobby But walking in hills is where Cairns belong most said one owner From our survey 24 had up to 45 minutes of exercise a day 30 had 45 60 minutes 29 had 60 90 minutes and a lucky 11 had more than 90 minutes Health Dogs should be eye screened through the BVA KC ISDS scheme and pups should be bile acid tested In common with many smaller breeds knee issues can occur and our survey owners also experienced skin problems in their dogs 15 and seizures 10 Training behaviour Almost half of our owners said their dogs follow them everywhere like their own shadow Nearly half will befriend everyone they meet but the friendliness doesn t extend to people passing by the house who will generally be barked at Half love car journeys and 80 chase squirrels It s a mixed picture when it comes to cats 33 hate cats 20 are good with cats 5 ignore cats and the rest didn t have an opinion 41 love digging so keen gardeners should be prepared to provide a digging pit for their dogs to prevent some freestyle canine landscaping For Dog People by Dog People Because your dog deserves the BEST NO MORE PULLING NO MORE RIDING UP NO MORE RUBBING NO MORE COMING OFF NO MORE DISCOMFORT REVOLUTIONARY HEADCOLLAR Awarded Best Dog Collar Manufacturer 2018 UK Winners 2013 2019 Dogmatic UK Ltd is on Facebook Endorsed by Dr David Sands BSc PhD CFBA Fellow of the Canine Feline Behaviour Association Call to join the ever growing number of people changing to Dogmatic 01952 245330 or visit us at www dogmatic org uk June 2022 Dogs Today 45 Photos by Tim Rose www timrosephotography co uk REVOLUTIONARY HEADCOLLAR

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My Dog Crush Best names Downsides Stubborn Pichipu Nessa Strongwilled Fletcher Diggers Stanley Fearless Olive Can be vocal Alfie Pebble Basil Munro Flossie Origins H ardy earth dogs have worked across Scotland for centuries hunting vermin In the 16th century James I sent a group of terriers to the King of France as a diplomatic gift stressing that the dogs should be sent on separate ships in case a sailing accident wiped them all out Terriers developed according to their geographical region and job evolving into the Skye Terrier Scottish Terrier West Highland White Terrier and the Cairn Terrier This caused some confusion when it came to Kennel Club recognition at the start of the 20th century when a leading breeder called her dogs prick eared or shortcoated Skyes much to the annoyance of the Skye Terrier fraternity Eventually in 1910 the Cairn Terrier was chosen as the name based on the rugged stony outcrops of the highland moors where the breed originally hunted vermin to protect game 46 Dogs Today June 2022 Owner s view Traits Mischievous Sweet Feisty Loyal Cheeky Fun Happy Independent Loving Lively Intelligent Alert Busy Inquisitive C airn Terriers are often their owners shadows and this is certainly the case for Karen Hunt whose Cairn Terrier Bella is her constant support My ex husband left in 2011 and due to disability I had to rehome my collies as I couldn t walk them which broke my heart My dad bought Bella for me as I couldn t stand not having a dog and could manage a little dog She has been by my side through a tough divorce three house moves a bad relationship ill health my daughter leaving home and more recently lockdown Three months alone just me and her a month after I moved house During this time she was diagnosed with irritable bowel disease the start of dementia arthritis and she had a huge cyst removed from her neck She never complains she plods through life always ready for cuddles Such a happy girl as long as you ve got food She really is the most adorable stubborn diva She s absolutely gorgeous and everyone falls in love with her She has a fabulous temperament and a wonderful personality I love this little girl so much Best Facebook Groups Keep Calm and Papillon Papillon Lovers For Dog People by Dog People Because your dog deserves the BEST NO MORE PULLING NO MORE RIDING UP NO MORE RUBBING NO MORE COMING OFF NO MORE DISCOMFORT REVOLUTIONARY HEADCOLLAR Awarded Best Dog Collar Manufacturer 2018 UK Winners 2013 2019 Dogmatic UK Ltd is on Facebook Endorsed by Dr David Sands BSc PhD CFBA Fellow of the Canine Feline Behaviour Association Call to join the ever growing number of people changing to Dogmatic 01952 245330 or visit us at www dogmatic org uk June 2022 Dogs Today 47

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My Dog Crush Best Facebook groups Love the breed Shop the breed Cairn Terriers UK Handmade Cairn Terrier greetings card which can be personalised with a name and occasion 2 25 from PawsnWhiskersPrints on etsy com Artist Amy Hearn can transform your beloved pet into a miniature felt sculpture using photos for reference A dog in a sitting pose stands at around 12cm A treasured keepsake 127 49 from AmyHearnDesigns at etsy com Advice for wannabe owners What would people change about them Train them from the beginning and be consistent If you value flowers in your garden don t get a Cairn Nothing Make sure your garden is secured like Fort Knox Cairns are escape artists and super smart They know how to climb and dig and will find any weakness Barking Expect to have to train them properly and keep them stimulated They re active smart and wilful dogs great company if you have the time to give Think about how a Cairn would fit in with your lifestyle Visit dog shows so you can see and handle a Cairn Think twice it s a terrier Think again Then go for it Get a trainer Recall I wish I d got one as a puppy and not at 10 months of age so I could have started consistent training earlier That they lived forever Stronger leg ligaments A uniquely designed Cairn Terrier pop up box card Free personalisation available and a choice of a plain or printed box This card folds flat for posting It comes with a white envelope C5 and wrapped in a cellophane bag From 4 75 at TheSecretShedCards on etsy com Cairn I Kick It Yes you Can Greetings card featuring five Cairns with party hats Blank inside or a gift message can be added Multipacks available Single card from 2 25 at AmberMariesStudio on etsy com Set of two original art prints on recycled dictionary pages 8x10 inches or 5x7 inches Frame not included 15 74 from DesignPrintery at etsy com Ceramic storage containers with airtight bamboo lids to keep your snacks fresh Perfect for doggie treats for good boys and girls 14 7cm x 9 6cm 30 from EdsWatercolours on etsy com For Dog People by Dog People For Dog People by Dog People Because your dog deserves the BEST NO MORE PULLING NO MORE RIDING UP NO MORE RUBBING NO MORE COMING OFF NO MORE DISCOMFORT REVOLUTIONARY HEADCOLLAR Awarded Best Dog Collar Manufacturer 2018 UK Because your dog deserves the BEST NO MORE PULLING NO MORE RIDING UP NO MORE RUBBING NO MORE COMING OFF NO MORE DISCOMFORT REVOLUTIONARY HEADCOLLAR Winners 2013 2019 Dogmatic UK Ltd is on Facebook Awarded Best Dog Collar Manufacturer 2018 UK Winners 2013 2019 Dogmatic UK Ltd is on Facebook Endorsed by Dr David Sands BSc PhD CFBA Fellow of the Canine Feline Behaviour Association Endorsed by Dr David Sands BSc PhD CFBA Fellow of the Canine Feline Behaviour Association Call to join the ever growing number of people changing to Dogmatic 01952 245330 or visit us at www dogmatic org uk Call to join the ever growing number of people changing to Dogmatic 01952 245330 or visit us at www dogmatic org uk 48 Dogs Today June 2022 June 2022 Dogs Today 49

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VILLAGE LIFE Canis africanis developed alongside human settlements and acquired an interesting diet along the way T he heat was oppressive and I Andrew lay as still as possible in a growing pool of my own perspiration Four game scout colleagues and I were spread out prone and hidden in a thicket adjacent to a winding dusty and remote game path We had found a newly set snare line and lay quietly in ambush for the poacher responsible to return to the scene of his unpleasant crime so that we could apprehend him or her Sweat beads were crawling all over my face and neck and I fought the urge to swat them knowing that we all had to remain absolutely motionless and silent if we were to fulfil our mission To my surprise a medium sized dog was the first to show up a typical village hound with the jackallike features of a narrow face and delicate pointy ears He scanned the area nervously as his owner stepped 52 Dogs Today June 2022 into view a rather dishevelledlooking fellow from one of the villages outside the conservation area He had popped by to survey his wire snares along with his hunting companion exactly as we had been hoping and waiting for POACHER ENSNARED The snares had been set at intervals along a well used game path ready to snag and hold an impala or kudu as it wandered by and the poacher would hope to use the meat to sustain himself and sell the rest to his village to make some income Bush meat can be a vital resource for many villages and pastoral communities in Africa but its exploitation needs to be carefully managed to avoid stripping any given area of its indigenous wildlife For this reason the practice is largely illegal across most of Africa and restricted to very specific areas in the bush But legal or otherwise monitoring the situation is almost impossible in most terrains and so many wild animal populations are under threat as human populations expand and seek food from wherever they can find it to survive a real human welfare problem The big animal welfare problem with this form of subsistence trapping is that a wire snare is insidious and indiscriminate and will hurt maim and kill any creature that gets caught not just the target meat species it is intended for Animals can also suffer enormously as they wrestle to escape from these horrible snares and may wait many hours before they are finally put out of their misery and taken off to be butchered Animals not on the menu are also likely to be killed but even if released will most likely quickly fall prey to predators or die a lingering horrible death from the infected In the aftermath of all this excitement I got to pondering the fascinating bonds that African rural hunters and trappers from the remote villages across Africa have developed with this interesting type of canid a dog we have come to know today as an actual breed Canis africanis and I sat down later with my colleague Peter Neville to explore their origins It turns out that Canis africanis is actually a basic variety of landrace dog found distributed across southern Africa Within this broad grouping there are regional variations believed to have arisen as the result of isolation and to a limited degree deliberate breeding by man Some describe Canis africanis as a pariah dog but this is considered an inappropriate classification as the term typically denotes an ownerless free ranging dog rather than one that lives in a symbiosis with people in and around their villages Canis africanis is a mediumsized lightly built dog with a long slender muzzle and usually a short coat It resembles a cross between a Greyhound and a Dingo though neither of these have had any direct input to their morphology it s just the way it turns out in response to the environment that it lives in and its behavioural adaptations to its lifestyle It breeds true to a recognisable form and can be found in almost any colour or combination of colours although fawns browns brindles and blacks with various white markings are most common A distinctive possibly primitive feature is a black patch found high on the outside of the tail where the caudal gland is found in many wild canid species around the world Canis africanis usually stands between 50 and 62 centimetres at the shoulder Africa s modern day indigenous dogs might be descended from early village or more domesticated dogs found throughout the Nile Delta in Ancient Egypt around 6 000 years ago It is believed that the descendants of these dogs spread throughout Africa with tribal movements first throughout the Sahara and finally reaching southern Africa around the 6th century AD but as with so many histories of dog types and breeds there is no hard evidence to support all this Wherever it migrated from and with whom Canis africanis has almost always been attached to human settlements in southern Africa and it has only survived and evolved as a result of living alongside human settlements Villagers tolerance of having dogs live around among and sometimes directly with them in their homes has only occurred because the dogs have proved useful to them rather than a cost or drain on their resources GRAIN BASED DIET Village dogs in northern hemisphere temperate climates likely evolved in many different places from disturbance tolerant wolves much earlier perhaps 10 000 12 000 years ago in the Mesolithic era when humans first settled there and established villages and started farming grain It is likely that the African village dog indeed descends from these dogs because there are no wolves in southern Africa for them to repeat the process and hence the symbiosis between man and dog here seems to appear relatively much later even though a few thousand years is but the blink of an eye in evolutionary terms The nature of that original symbiosis however may not make for particularly comfortable reading for modern dog owners Early settled people provided a wealth of waste food that for less fearfully reactive dogs was far easier and Peter Neville with dingo wounds they sustain struggling to escape the snares But on this day no animals were to be so horribly snared as we sprang into action and put a very bewildered poacher and his by now rather aggressive canid friend into custody to await trial Peter Neville above was an Adjunct Professor at the Ohio State University USA for many years and one of the co founders of the cutting edge behaviour and training course provider Coape the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology see www coape org Andrew Rae with African Painted Dog Safari adventures by Andrew Rae Peter Neville both of Rae Safaris Peter now works as an ethology guide with our guest author Andrew Rae of Rae Safaris above specialising in tracking and studying African Wild Dogs and other large predators all over southern and East Africa and on Iceafaris in Antarctica www raesafaris co za When he is not doing that he lives in Helsinki Finland with his partner Stella Spooch their Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and two loud cats Peter has presented a canine behavioural case history for Dogs Today from his behaviour practices in the UK and South Africa since our very first issue and has invited Andrew to step in to write the current special series covering Africa s wild canids including foxes and hyenas Peter and Andrew have just finished writing a book Memoirs of a Safari Guide with former Dogs Today cartoonist Russell Jones covering their many amazing and hilarious experiences in Africa Publication is due later this year June 2022 Dogs Today 53

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Safari adventures energetically less costly to obtain by scavenging in and around the village rather than hunting rarer richer sources in the wild Dogs quickly became far more efficient at digesting carbohydrates in grain and any grain based wasted foods such as stale bread and early maize meal perhaps because there simply wasn t much meat protein around to provide them with enough energy Stored and waste grain attracts rodents of course and so if there was any hunting by village dogs it would largely have been of rats and mice small morsels of meat protein requiring a different and solitary hunting strategy compared with hunting much larger prey in a group and sharing it around Mesolithic man would likely soon have learned to appreciate dog the pest controller and seen him as an ally in the protection of grain stores in the earliest days of 54 Dogs Today June 2022 farming But village dogs also got their protein from the contents of human latrines where human faeces still contains much useful nutrition especially if the humans had recently been hunting large prey successfully themselves And still today village dogs all over the world including Canis africanis still help keep traditional villages clean of faeces and waste food In fact for most it is their major source of nutrition unless they also join village hunting parties and are given a share of the spoils for their tracking or chasing and prey baying and holding skills P Next month more on Canis africanis

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In the ring Just for fun X W G T D N A L Caption this Just for fun Can you come up with a witty and amusing caption for this photo Unscramble the jumbled letters in the circles L O H M O T U G J E U H Can you find the three famous Poodle owners A O M O M N O S A J P P R R G M S U K N Z A C H A N N I N G T A T U M T R E O Q Do you have a funny pic you d like us to feature Please email it to us with Caption pic in the subject line L X M W A P C W J P W S W P J O T S K K L L B A C H R I S E V A N S U M N T C W L G E Y B G X H T R O W S M E H M A I O N S W U O F S A L L Z Z S A Z O A A I C E V Z B G O Q K L H D W L M J R R T G P W W S V V L C I C X F D M E E L D T Z S J G X R H U P O T R Y J C F N P E I L H D E T A U G O Z M A A U Y G D K W U O A TNW T A N E R H C J W I C B Z O O W P W N M P O G L V J B D A Y S A M L B N E J Y I J T U R R A S F B G C M L D L R R A E L I V A C Y R N E H I K H Y F S G I I LR CHICHU ON I H A Q N I H N C A V X N Z F A Y H J D S L B YE How to enter L B O W R F R T V D V Z I M C N E L M G R F P T X J U M L Y O A N Send your Caption Competition Cross Question entries together with your contact details via email to comps dogstoday magazine co uk or post to June Competitions Dogs Today The Old Print House 62 High Street Chobham Surrey GU24 8AA to arrive by 30 June 2022 AD P L O A Y Y N O U A G Y V A O Q C S O B J M N Y J K Y R R E G G E N E Z R A W H C S D L O N R A C Lewis Hamilton Liam Hemsworth Matthew Perry Orlando Bloom Patrick Stewart Ryan Reynolds Simon Cowell Tom Hardy Tom Holland Zac Efron Just for fun Use the clues to fill in the words below and solve the anagrams of some spaniels Words can go across or down Letters are shared when the words intersect 1 2 May Caption Runners up The 13 hounds of the apocalypse had decided Death s pale horse needed an upgrade Sled team in training got to save on the electric Monica Cooke Thirteen is an unlucky number I must get another dog Noelle Hance Check your chip Since April 2016 it has been compulsory for all dogs over 8 weeks of age to be microchipped and details registered and kept up to date with an authorised database Have you checked that your dog s chip is working is correctly registered and all contact information is up to date TIP Keep a note of your dog s microchip number and database details on your mobile phone Notify the microchip company immediately if your dog goes missing and register on www doglost co uk 56 Dogs Today June 2022 4 5 Can you guess which breeds Atlas s parents are I can t think of a funny caption All I can think is you lucky lucky beggar Chrissy Crofty Winning caption Laura Catchpole Life goals Maria Montanez 6 May Cross Question Solution Across Down 5 Capone Lickers 6 Angrier Nipples Shingles 1 2 3 4 Asleep Six Suns Replenish Wistaria Licensable Rump Linseed Pilaf Criss cross answers 11 Sussex Spaniel 2 Irish Water Spaniel 3 Clumber Spaniel 4 Field Spaniel 5 Cocker Spaniel 6 English Springer Spaniel Don t know which database your dog s microchip is registered with Type your chip number into www check a chip co uk 3 Cross Question Floof s parents are a Rough Collie and a Border Collie The first correct answer came from Sandra Moore June 2022 Dogs Today 57 Border Collie posed by a model Rough Collie by Tim Rose www timrosephotography co uk Arnold Schwarzenegger Barack Obama Channing Tatum Chris Evans Dwayne Johnson Henry Cavill Hugh Jackman Jason Momoa Jeff Goldblum Jonah Hill Criss cross Photo submitted by Alice Barnes Can you find these famous male dog lovers Search up down forward backward and on the diagonal to find them The winning caption will win a Fuzzu A Gorilly Named Billy Dog Toy worth 13 99 from www purrfectlyyappy com The person who sends the first correct answer to the Cross Question will win a pack of SmartBones a healthy alternative to rawhide from www purrfectlyyappy com PEVES LS I Winners of the Cross Question and Caption Competition will win a prize from Purrfectly Yappy In the ring answers A Winston Churchill B Elvis Presley C Walt Disney Wordsearch Put the kettle on and have a go at our competitions Photo submitted by Fay McCallum Tea break

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Prize crossword Compiled by Gyles Brandreth Quick clues Down Across 1 5 9 10 2 Variety of wild marjoram 7 3 Large striped feline 5 4 Sheepdog is this northern country s only indigenous breed 7 6 See 15 Across 7 Breed popular in Japan 5 8 Recess in church 4 14 Canines working with gamekeepers 3 4 15 Congo dog 7 16 Mountain dog of Portuguese origin 7 18 German Shepherd Blue Peter favourite 7 19 Fitzgerald singer 4 20 No mess if dog is so trained 5 1 11 12 13 15 17 20 21 22 23 24 Old English Sheepdog 7 Homeless dog 5 Small sturdy breed of hound 6 Irish Water Spaniel said to have evolved from breeds here 6 of the dog alcoholic drink 4 Pit Bull nationality 8 Very determined like a canine 6 And 6 Down Northern hunting breed 6 7 Cocker and 24 Across are two 8 Chart toppers 4 Gentle walk 6 Spay 6 Flower in a chain 5 Oriental breed of 6 Down having large flat feet 7 1 3 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 5 9 10 11 12 13 15 17 20 21 22 10 23 24 12 11 The end of the Old English Sheepdog 7 On street Raymond found canine wandering 5 Earnestly request the French to protest a hound 6 Possible praise the old country 6 One Mexican breed just doesn t have it 4 A man s keeping man s name for such as Chesapeake Bay Retriever 8 Persistent pooch oddly greedy 6 And 6 Down Command accepted by British soldier to provide dog 6 7 See 24 Across Successes for strikes 4 Walk finally exhausts Scandinavian dwarf 6 Spay runt somehow with doubled energy 6 Cow s bloomer 5 And 17 Across Beasts in plane it turned out are dogs from eastern parts 7 8 Down 14 13 17 Hello subscribers We think it s time for you to get even more perks than just getting the magazine cheaper postage free and before everyone else This area of the magazine is just for you to say thank you for supporting us by buying your magazine direct We really appreciate it and it really helps us Cryptic clues Across 18 19 20 21 23 16 15 22 24 Address ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ____________________________ Postcode _________________ Telephone _____________________________________________ Email address ___________________________________________ Breed type of dog _______________________________________ 58 Dogs Today June 2022 We occasionally loan our address list to charities and companies we feel may be of interest to you Please tick if you do not wish to receive this information Q Not yet subscribing Visit www dogstodaymagazine co uk or turn to page 50 to rectify that immediately This month s prize Llamas are certainly in the spotlight at the moment and we can understand why Just how adorable is this cutie This plush llama is soft for snuggling up to in quiet times and contains a squeaker for exciting playtimes As with all dog toys always supervise use and remove and replace should it become damaged If you win just be sure to share this prize with your dog And if you aren t lucky enough to win you can buy one from Purrfectly Yappy for 14 99 https purrfectlyyappy com products house of pawsplush llama dog toy Win this The winner of this month s crossword will receive a pack of Soopa Cranberry and Sweet Potato Dental Sticks Find more Soopa dog treats at PurrfectlyYappy com How to enter Complete the crossword grid then post your entry to arrive by 30 June 2022 to June Crossword Dogs Today The Old Print House 62 High Street Chobham Surrey GU24 8AA The first correct entry pulled out of the hat after the closing date will win the prize The judge s decision is final Code Breaker Can you crack the code to find this dog related joke We ve given you the word DOGS to get you started A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U VWX Y Z 2 22 ___ ___ ___ May Solution 3 Across 6 Styrian 7 Boxer 8 Mae 9 Colonel 11 Pyrenean 12 Ears 13 Ides 15 Trackers 17 Monarch 19 Orb 20 China 21 Drentse Down 1 Stumpy 2 Breeders 3 Manchester 4 Bonn 5 Heeler 10 Lancashire 12 Elkhound 14 Damchi 16 Robust 18 Nana 12 8 1 19 12 19 7 7 6 17 D ___ O ___ G ___ S ___ 2 19 22 11 16 1 11 12 7 1 17 7 7 17 9 13 7 17 1 17 22 19 8 4 10 4 11 12 8 16 11 12 15 7 12 8 6 12 7 17 24 19 7 S ___ ___ ___ 8 19 12 2 23 17 2 11 16 3 18 ___ ___ ___ ___ 21 7 1 11 18 O ___ ___ D ___ ___ ___ ___ O ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 2 16 D ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 8 13 O ___ ___ D ___ ___ 8 S ___ ___ S ___ ___ ___ ___ O ___ ___ ___ D ___ ___ 6 24 9 S ___ ___ ___ 1 11 S ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ S ___ 8 12 G ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 6 11 ___ ___ 8 ___ ___ ___ ___ 6 1 ___ ___ ___ ___ 6 8 S ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 9 S ___ ___ O ___ ___ Lancashire Heeler posed by a model Name _________________________________________________ 2 Duck served with orange sauce and herb 7 3 Wild animal in country achieving rapid economic growth 5 4 Sheepdog s home where mum s gone 7 6 See 15 Across 7 A set of equipment carried by a Japanese dog 5 8 Some chaps exploring part of church 4 14 They ll go after a game like a shot 3 4 15 Dog Jane s trained within borders of Brunei 7 16 Developing trees covers Los Angeles mountain dog 7 18 TV dog once favourite with artist 5 19 Girl completely upset after end of programme 4 20 Building for bingo success 5 Sub Club Dogs Today 1 11 18 ___ ___ ___ 7 1 11 9 2 17 7 17 19 9 ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 21 11 7 24 1 ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 16 11 25 15 18 How to enter Email your answers to comps dogstodaymagazine co uk and put June Sub Club in the subject line We will need your full name and address to check you are on our current subscriber list Or post the answer with your name and address to June Sub Club Dogs Today The Old Print House 62 High Street Chobham Surrey GU24 8AA or enter online at www dogstodaymagazine co uk category competitions One winner picked at random after 30 June 2022 will win the prize For full terms and conditions see page 3 June 2022 Dogs Today 59

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Classified adverts Holidays Training Services Products Want to advertise your business in our classified section In accordance with the government road map Email mike dogstoday magazine co uk or call now on 01276 402591 PEAK DISTRICT Very dog friendly family run Country Inn with self contained rooms in the grounds Open e from th l 12th Apri 2021 Dog Partridge Boturnell Farm Cottages Dogs stay free We can t wa it to see you Fabulous Beer Garden Terrace serving Dinner Lunch and Drinks Overnight stays short breaks available from 12 4 21 In room dining also available for all meals including breakfast and drinks Home from home for you and your dogs If they are relaxed then you can relax Every cottage has an enclosed garden for those late night early morning comfort breaks www dogandpartridge co uk www dogs holiday co uk 01335 343183 PLUS 8 acres of woods Throws for the furniture Animal rst aid kit www kateboats co uk Phone 01926 492968 Email enquiries kateboats co uk 60 Dogs Today June 2022 Raw Pet Food of the Month The name Kiezebrink has been connected for generations with European poultry farming Still controlled by its founder Kiezebrink is now an international seller of animal food The UK division is located at Barrow in Suffolk since 2002 and is directed by Alasdair Gordon Focus on Food has long been the raison d etre of the company and they have made it their mission to supply high quality reliable animal feed along with excellent advice and service to its customers Kiezebrink offers an extensive range of natural raw dog foods which are either produced by ourselves or sourced from our reliable accredited suppliers We only us the best fresh ingredients available to ensure you are giving your dog the very best quality natural raw dog food Advertising feature We are a family owned business with self drive narrowboats for weekends and short breaks and week long holidays from both bases Stockton or Warwick We also have boats available for longer hire periods when you want to escape and include your canine family member This is not camping on water the boats come equipped with everything you need for a relaxing holiday afloat fully equipped galley including fridge and 4 hob gas cooker a bathroom with a flushing toilet and a shower plenty of hot water central heating and a TV for the days you need to catch up with the real world Don t forget with narrowboat hire the boat is the holiday you don t need to allow for those expensive days out during the week Our quoted prices INCLUDE diesel and damage waiver and linen and car parking if you are comparing prices with other narrowboat holiday firms make sure you compare like for like Star ratings for each narrowboat are displayed on the relevant pages and online availability and reservation is now also a feature but feel free to phone or email if you would like to discuss your canal holiday plans Advertising feature Holiday of the Month www kiezebrink co uk June 2022 Dogs Today 61

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Classified Adverts adverts Classified The Dog Lovers Registration Club Charities Products Art Charities Training Art Lintran K9Westie award winning dog UK ReHoming equipment transport systems Registered Charity England Wales 1108659 Scotland SC045329 Estate Cars Dog trailers pick up s vans All 4 x 4 vehicles Register your Pedigree puppies and adult dogs online for beautiful gold bonded pedigree paperwork with same day processing Westie ReHoming is a charity dedicated to the welfare and rehoming of the West Highland White Terrier We take in westies needing a new start in life and place them into a suitable home where they will be Dogloved Gunand System have their needs met T 01673 885959 enquiries lintran co uk www lintran co uk For more information visit www dogregclub co uk or call either 0161 792 2479 or 0161 729 2350 www westierehoming org information westierehoming net 0844 879 Lintran 4260 PO BoxHouse 4204 Swindon SN2 9LA SS Brentwood 30 YEARS Lincoln Road Faldingworth Westie ReHoming westierehoming4 Market Rasen Lincs LN8 3SF Heathway Colton Rugeley Staffs WS15 3LY Tel 01889 577058 www bordercollietrustgb org uk Products Services The Emotional Art of Dog Training not to be missed with the due to retire inspirational speaker John Rogerson Dogs forIGood needs your help to double number ofand people with disabilities Dogs for Good needs your help to double thesonumber ofreviewed people with am a practising GP vet based in the the no animals uses fresh healthy dog we have all disabilities the vegan we can support dogs We reand an dog innovative charity exploring we can support with ways dogs We re an innovative charity waysindogs UK a petwith owner a mother plant based ingredients for adogs balanced dog foods thatexploring are available the can help can help people overcome challengesand and enrich and improve lives people overcome specific challenges and enrich andinformation improve lives lover My journey as specific a vegan vet delicious diet UK This willand be communities updated and communities are passionate about our We future and how we help came fromWe a passion to help owners Intense research andcan working with regularly new foods and products are passionate about our future and how we canas help more people with the use of with feeding their the top vet nutritionists become available more people with the use ofpets our correctly assistance dogs our assistance dogs in Germany while the valuable and the UK have me we to achieve We look at the most sustainable Discover all of themaintaining ways we help Discover all ofhelped the ways help bondour thatassistance we have with them of these on our own dog and nutritious ingredients of each of of Assistance Dog dogs supportall adults andaims children with afamily range Assistance Dog our assistance dogs support adults and children with a range As a vet I believe in a Ruff and my aim now is to benefi t your the foods as well as their packaging to of disabilities and also children with autism disabilities and also children with autism kinder healthier way pets and together we can do our bit to ensure only the best for your dogs Community Dog our community dogs and their specialistDog handlers to Community our help community dogs and their specialist handlers help to improve to feed our pets that be kind to the planet and our farmed improve their independence wellbeing and skills their independence wellbeing and skills Arielle Griffiths does no damage to our animals too Family Dog our Family Dog teamharms gives adviceFamily and support to the help families Dog our Family Dog team givesBVSc advice and support to help with an environment We simply want best for your MRCVS Vegan Vet andfamilies Pet owner with an autistic child to get the most out of theirautistic relationship their petout dog child towith get the most of their relationship with their pet dog To fi nd out more please visit vegan dogfood co uk www dogsforgood org 01295 252600 info dogsforgood org www dogsforgood org 01295 252600 info dogsforgood org www dogsmonthly co uk June2020 2022 62 6 2 Dogs Today July March 2020 81 Canine Product of the Month Sick and tired of poor fitting harnesses We are Fleece Dog Harnesses and we think every dog deserves a comfortable velvet soft fleece walking harness and as a dog harness specialist we have been manufacturing them in the UK for the last 11 years we care about getting the fit and comfort just right for your dog Importantly we cater for any size and breed offering 10 standard sizes custom sizes and made to measure guaranteeing our customers a size match in a range of colours with hi vis water resistant escape proof and other exciting design options We also offer collars matching leads and waterproof dog coats that can be worn over our harness for all breeds Our products are all handmade in the UK under our brands Splashy Dog and eDog Talk to the experts today www fleecedogharnesses co uk June 2022 Dogs Today July 2020 Dogs Today 663 3 Advertising feature Advertising feature Veganof Dog Food of the Month Charity ofthe the Month Dogs For Good We review Dog Foods in the UK Charity Month Dogs ForVegan Good

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CharitySpotlight Spotlight Charity established 1958 We are a non destruction sanctuary for abandoned unwanted dogs PRIORY ROAD ASCOT BERKSHIRE SL5 8RJ 01344 882689 Charity of the month We rescue and rehome 100s of dogs and cats in London every year themayhew org 020 8962 8000 Registered Charity No 256728 We rescue and rehome collies and collie crosses throughout the UK Why not subscribe to our Border Collie World quarterly magazine Only 10 00 pa Sponsor a puppy from just 1 a week BORDER COLLIE TRUST GB Registered Charity No 1077588 Welcome Welcome to to Charity Charity Spotlight Spotlight a handy reference point for good folk le of folkdoing doinggreat great work work We re We rehelping helpingto toraise raise the the profi profile of this diverse diversegroup group of of people people and and we weencourage encourage you youto to get get involved involved with withthem them be beitit fundraising fundraising or or even even volunteering volunteering Help us to help more Please contact us or visit our website for more information Heathway Colton Rugeley Staffs WS15 3LY Tel 0871 560 2282 www bordercollietrustgb org uk Visit guidedogs org uk DogsToday Reg Charity No 1053585 Rescue centre open daily 9 11 am 2 4 pm AS SEEN ON EL BCT_0310 4x1 indd CHANN1 A charity registered in England and Wales 209617 and Scotland SC038979 4 1 10 16 55 42 4 Bringing pets and people closer together woodgreen org uk www foreverhoundstrust org Registered Charity No 298348 00526nc0819 WE RESCUE KILL SHELTER AND ABANDONED DOGS FROM ROMANIA AND REHOME THEM IN THE UK AND GERMANY Charity of the month Chilterns Dog Recue barkingmaddogrescue Smokey Paws provides pet oxygen masks to the fire service Founded in 1963 Chilterns Dog Rescue Society CDRS has a long history of rescue and rehoming and continues to grow thanks to the dedication and enthusiasm of many dog lovers 2022 DogsToday TodayJune July 2020 64 64Dogs Registered Charity No 1077588 to find out more We rescue and rehome 100s of dogs and cats in London every year Please help us to help more www themayhew org 020 8962 8000 But many more masks are needed A fter many years of hard work CDRS is an independent charity It CDRS bought its own premises receives no Government funding and in Chivery near Tring Herts and relies entirely on the generosity of the developed purpose built facilities for public to continue its vital rescue and dogs with nowhere else to turn rehoming work Your support would The Rescue Centre has 40 kennels be greatly appreciated and a small team of highly trained staff who provide outstanding For further information please care for dogs of all ages types and contact CDRS backgrounds in need of protection Tel 01296 623885 training and rehoming in addition to enquiries cdrs org uk a 5 star licence for boarding www chilternsdogrescue org uk Large kennels have under floor heating plenty of natural light with indoor and outdoor areas Green technology has been incorporated to reduce running costs Sensitive landscaping has created a woodland walk for potential adopters to get to know the dogs wildlife areas and If you d like to see your organisation featured in these two DogZones to provide grassy If you d like to see your charitable organisation pages please call us on 01276 enrichment paddocks for the dogs to featured inrelax these pages please call us on 402591 858880 for 01276 more details play socialise and bmdrdogs www barkingmaddogrescue co uk The next pet saved could be yours You can donate via www smokeypaws co uk or email info smokeypaws co uk rescue and rehome Saving We collies and collie crosses throughout the UK Why not Yorkshire s subscribe to our Border World quarterly Dogs Collie magazine Only 10 00 pa Registered Charity No 1167291 To rescue COLLIE rehabilitateTRUST and rehome BORDER GB vulnerable atour risk dogsforfrom Yorkshire Please contact usand or visit website more information Heathway Colton Rugeley Tel WS15 07562 Staffs 3LY 986101 Tel 0871 560 2282 Email savingyorkshiresdogs gmail com www bordercollietrustgb org uk Web www sydrescue org uk Reg Charity No 1053585 Find uscentre on Rescue open daily 9 11 am 2 4 pm Become a Companion AS Keep Tails Wagging SEEN ON N1EL BCT_0310 4x1 indd H C ANWith a Regular Gift Registered Charity in England and Wales No 1139999 4 As a rescue charity Rushton helps abandoned Bringing pets abused and unwanted dogs on a international and people scale Rescuing dogs from all over the world especially the meat trade in Asia and China closer together 4 1 10 16 55 42 woodgreen org uk Your chance to win at www aht org uk lottery Call Now 44 0 1823 49 10 52 mail rushtondogrescue co uk Registered Charity Number 209642 Registered Charity No 298348 00526nc0819 Scottish Charity No SC006914 Senior Staffy Club Dogs Today 2018 Charity spotlight lottery23 01 2018 advert v3 indd 14 47 10 1 Our aims are Rescue and rehome sta ordshire bull terriers and sta y cross dogs aged 7yrs Recruit foster carers all over the UK Encourage volunteers at En our kennels in Sta ord and Worcester www seniorsta yclub co uk seniorsta yclub hotmail co uk Rescue and rehoming centre for dogs and cats www leicesteranimalaid org uk Tel 01455 888257 Registered Charity No 242560 Finding the cures for serious pet illnesses helping them live longer healthier lives barki www petsavers org uk Smokey Paws provides pet oxygen masks to the fire service But many more masks are needed www June2020 2022Dogs DogsToday Today665 July 5 We r of do

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For Dog People by Dog People Because your dog deserves the BEST Confessions of a dogaholic I 66 Dogs Today June 2022 Searching for miracles considered muzzling me I was furious Why had they let this happen and not phoned me to come back and help I held my dear angelic Sal while they took her blood without any fuss I was annoyed with myself for letting this vet bamboozle me into leaving her I knew my own dog and he obviously didn t It was clear that Sally had a very very serious liver problem No treatment was offered no cure It was probably liver cancer but a biopsy wasn t worth the risk as the prognosis would be the same I d helped save her once when she had parvo I wasn t giving up now I asked every expert I knew for ideas Tins of the very best prescription diet for liver failure were sent for her to try but she loathed them She much preferred stealing raw broccoli out of my shopping I was prepared to try anything It was even time to check out the eccentric vet John Carter in Harrow I d heard that he d performed miracles for other terminal cases but had I believed it You didn t need a sign to know we d arrived There were people and dogs spilling out on to the pavement It was chaos John Carter was a doppelganger for the mad scientist in Back to the Future He rushed us past all the other dogs and owners who were patiently camping out in the waiting room He called Sally he squirted something down her throat and gave me some green capsules in an envelope and a bizarre shopping list As we left he started ranting about only giving her water out of glass bottles not plastic There was stunned silence on the trip back home Brian drove and I sat with Sally on the back seat My tears making her now thin fur damp I felt I was being ridiculous like Jack when he exchanged the cow for magic beans P 100 2020 WINNER Best Dog Collar Manufacturer 2020 UK REVOLUTIONARY HEADCOLLAR Stops dogs pulling on the lead and gives you back control Life Changing products for you and your dog 8 TIMES WINNER OF Product I can t live without NO MORE PULLING NO MORE RIDING UP NO MORE RUBBING NO MORE COMING OFF NO MORE DISCOMFORT AWARgDCoEllDar Best Do 0 21 UK 2 0 2 r re tu c fa Manu tive Dog Most Innova cturers Collar Manufa 2019 Illustration KEVIN BROCKBANK get some pretty strange phone calls but BBC Radio 4 asking me to review a movie was unusual Less surprising was that my train was late into London I had to find a seat in the dark in the glitzy Leicester Square movie theatre I hadn t expected to like Beethoven but it was so full of drool and bad behaviour I was hopeful it would put off the more delusional impulse purchasers of pups But when the lights went up I discovered I d been surrounded by very many St Bernards They had been so impeccably behaved they could have organised a successful class action for defamation against the movie s producers I was obviously not the most observant person but there was no ignoring the very gradual decline in Sally my beloved Beardie Was she just getting old She d got a little sunburned Her gorgeous cream coat was now very thin and she was getting very ribby I booked her in to the homoeopathic Windsor vet for a consult and he wanted her back the next day for tests with his colleague Sally and I both took an instant dislike to him He would not even consider me staying with Sal while he did the tests I explained her extreme separation anxiety but he said she d be fine and told the nurse to take her from me When it was time to pick her up I was shocked to see Sally now wearing a muzzle The tests were to take blood before and after she ate to check her metabolism Apparently she wouldn t let anyone near her to take her blood and she d refused the food The vet should have Global Also available Collars Non Slip Leads and Gripper Training Leads offering added security and confidence throughout the winter months Endorsed by Dr David Sands BSc PhD CFBA Fellow of the Canine Feline Behaviour Association Call to join the ever growing number of people changing to Dogmatic 01952 245330 or visit us at www dogmatic org uk Winners 2013 2021 Dogmatic UK Ltd is on Facebook Matching accessories in a selection of colours with high quality workmanship andToday fittings June 2020 Dogs 67

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