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Doel Reed Center

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Oklahoma State University’s College of Arts and Sciences has a rare, exciting opportunity to create a multi- disciplinary creative arts center in Taos, New Mexico, that has the potential of forever changing the lives of students, artists, art historians, playwrights, poets, composers, architects, and landscape architects in their pursuit of educational projects in a truly inspiring atmosphere.

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Through the vision and generosity of Martha Reed, the daughter of Doel Reed, OSU’s first professor of art who established the university’s Department of Art and reached international acclaim as a graphic artist, the university has a chance to acquire the family property in Taos. The property includes one and a half acres of land with two century-old adobe homes and Reed’s personal studio.

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The acquisition will provide OSU with a unique opportunity to inspire present and future artists, writers and related professions for generations to come. It will open the door for the university to raise its level of public recognition and reach audiences whose interests extend far beyond its present scope.

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Specifically, the acquisition of the Reed property makes possible the establishment of:• A national/international artist and scholar’s residency center• A cross-disciplinary course to facilitate resto-ration of the property• An student internship program for OSU students• Competitive opportunities for faculty to conduct research at the Center.

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Doel Reed, who was recognized as the “undisputed Master of the Aquatint” in 20th Century art, brought unprecedented, yet rarely recognized honor to OSU. His cele-brated aquatints, along with his paintings and drawings, are included in the collections of almost every major museum in the U.S. as well as the Library of Congress.

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Village of Llano • Aquatint • 1957

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Pastorale • Aquatint • 1955

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Mr. Reed’s aquatints are also included in the collections of such prestigious international museums as the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris, France, and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England. He was elected as an Associate of the acclaimed National Academy of Design (A.N.A.) in 1942 and gained full academician status (N.A.) in 1952. He is the only Oklahoman to attain that status.

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