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De La Salle Palmerston F.C.
Welcome Letter
2016 / 2017 Season
On behalf of De La Salle Palmerston F.C. (the Club / “DLSP FC”) I welcome all
our returning players, coaches, members and families for a new season. I also
want to say a very special welcome to the new players who have joined us
over the summer break.
The start of every rugby season is a special time and this one promises to be
no dierent. The pitches have responded well to the work over the close
season. We have a new shop located outside the dressing room and the
ongoing capital project works continue. In addition and most importantly
the rst team have recruited well and training is progressing smoothly.
I am personally very excited about season 2016/17 not least because the
membership has honoured me with the Presidency of this great club. Under
Phil Werahiko and Quenton O’Neale we have a very talented playing squad
that will compete strongly in the tough Leinster League 1A. I am also very
condent we have the players, coaches, structures and membership to reach
our target of promotion to the AIL.
Finally I would like to take this opportunity to wish all club members a happy
and enjoyable season here in DLSP F.C.
Gordon Woulfe
087 759 5885
President’s Welcome
Rugby Programme
The rugby programme in DLSP F.C. caters right through from the very young to
adult. Our daisy pickers section is aimed at children getting involved in rugby
for the rst time and caters for little people from about 4 years of age. Following
from that we have our mini section which runs from Under 5 through to Under
12s. The youth section then takes over the rugby development until our players
reach U20 age grade rugby.
The U20s quite simply is along with the First XV team one of the most important
teams in the club. It brings through players for our rst team and also is a fertile
recruitment area for our junior adult teams.
The First XV team, our rst team, play in the Leinster League 1A and have the
rm target of returning to AIL Senior rugby in the near future. The head coach is
Quenton O’Neale and the Clubs director of rugby is Phil Werahiko.
As mentioned there are a number of adult junior teams playing in the Metro
leagues. This season we will have three mens team and one ladies team, and in
the past it has been one of the most successful areas of the Club.
A team very close to our hearts in DLSP F.C. is the Salmo Eagles headed up by
Dave Hicks. This caters for adults with special needs and represents a key part of
who we are as a community based club.
As you can see there is a lot to be proud of in our club and we hope
that when reading this you will take part either as player or
coach at some level with us.
John Corr
Chairman of Rugby Committee
086 605 5654
It is with great anticipation that I welcome you all – both new and
returning members – to what promises to be another exciting season of
The Clubs Mini / Youth system has been in existence for over 40 years
and has gone from strength to strength during this time, and is widely
recognized in the rugby community as one of the foremost under age
It is the coaches that are the backbone of our success. Each age group –
from Daisy Pickers at Under 5 to Under 18.5 – have their own dedicated,
vetted and qualied coaches. We actively support coaches in obtaining
the required qualication to coach at their respective age groups and
this type of continued support is our commitment to you.
This commitment is very much player focused. We have a new child
welfare team in place for 2016/2017 and much work has been
undertaken to ensure best practice in this area. The Player
Development Programme with its emphasis on developing
the person and not just the player will also be a key
component of the season ahead.
John Connolly
Mini & Youth Rugby Chairman
087 901 8007
Mini & Youth Rugby
DLSP F.C. prides itself on both the rugby values it holds as well as the volunteer
base that makes up the Club. The key values incorporate honesty of eort,
reliance on each other and respect for ourselves and others. These values binds
the club together and makes for a strong espirit de corps” both on and o the
pitch. It is these values we look to develop in our young members and maintain
in our adults. It is only through the hard work of volunteers that these values can
be maintained and we are constantly on the look-out for new members to
become part of the Club. If you wish to join DLSP F.C. and become part of
something special that has been around since 1899 please contact Gordon
Woulfe or a member of the Executive Management Committee.
Club Values & Volunteers
Social & Events Group
During the 2015 / 2016 season we had some notable successes on the social
scene within the Club, including Salmos Rugby World Cup Festival, the
annual Ladies Lunch and the re-jigged End of Season Party and Awards
Night. The Clubs Social and Events Group is not a committee – you are
free to opt-in and opt-out, get involved in one or multiple events or
simply share your ideas and needs for new or varied events. For more
information please check the Clubs noticeboard, website
and social media, or contact Sean O’Riordan,
the Clubs Social & Events Coordinator.
The Clubs Season Plan, which conrms objectives, targets and initiatives for all
aspects of the Clubs rugby and o-eld activities, was presented and approved
at the Annual General Meeting on 15 June 2016. If you would like your copy of
the Season Plan please contact Sean O’Riordan or a member of the Executive
Management Committee.
Season Plan
The Clubhouse is available for all sorts of functions, with a full catering service
if required, birthdays, anniversaries etc. For all First XV team home games the
bar is open for spectators, and dinner is also usually available after the games
at a fantastic price. The bar is also open for most of the major televised rugby
matches throughout the year, including all provincial and Ireland games -
where better to watch the rugby than in your local rugby club! For all booking
inquiries, please contact Gerry Doyle in the Bar.
Clubhouse Facilities
The Club is always on the hunt for new sponsors and this year we would like
to be able to ll all of the pitch signs on the rst pitch. There are options to
cater to all business sizes, so if you own your own company or work for a
company that would like to be involved with one of the oldest Rugby clubs in
Leinster, we would be delighted to speak with you. Please contact Dave Lillis,
the Clubs Fundraising Coordinator.
This year we are going to try and utilize the
features of the Live Scoring App ClubApp
for all of our competitive games so you can
keep up to date with all of the action as it
happens. We would encourage members
to download the app and to follow the
club during the 2016/17 season.
Club Up-Keep
Over the year there are lots of small jobs that are required to be done in
and around the Club, some are easier than others, and we are always
looking for members that may be able to give some time to the club at
dierent times throughout the year. If you are interested in helping out
with the Club upkeep, please contact Chris Moore, the Clubs Commercial
* = member of Executive Management Committee
President: Mr. Gordon Woulfe*
(T: 087 759 5885 E:
Chairman: Dan McCartney*
(T: 086 850 9173 E:
Senior Vice President: Mr. Peter Tunney*
(T: 087 825 9629 E:
Honorary Secretary: Mr. Sean O’Riordan*
(T: 087 279 0888 E:
Honorary Treasurer: Mr. Brian Holland*
(T:087 924 3137 E:
Fundraising Coordinator: Mr. David Lillis*
(T: 087 227 7600 E:
Chairman of Rugby Committee: Mr. John Corr*
(T: 086 605 5654 E: jcorr@friends
Mini & Youth Rugby Chairman: Mr. John Connolly*
(T: 087 901 8007 E:
Public Relations Ocer: Mr. Robert Hallion*
(T: 086 843 2218 E:
Commercial Manager: Mr. Chris Moore*
(T: 087 252 3335 E:
Director of Rugby: Mr. Phil Werahiko
(T: 087 258 9918 E:
Ocer/ Management Contact Details
• Registration & Membership Secretary: Mr. Hugh McCann
(T: 087 937 0695 E:
• Honorary Fixtures Secretary: Mr. Niall Foley
(T: 087 168 7694 E:
• Mini & Youth Rugby Secretary: Mr. Vivian Harrington
(T: 087 618 4758 E:
• Child Welfare Ocer: Mr. Paddy Gleeson
(T: 087 926 9473 E:
• Club Administrator: Mr. Patrick J. O’Reilly
(T: 085 782 5829 E:
• Club Representative to Leinster Branch: Mr. Sean O’Neill
(T: 086 238 9220 E:
• Marketing & Promotions Coordinator: Suzanne Treacy
(T: 085 145 8500 E:
• Capital Grants Project Coordinator: Mr. Steven King
(T: 087 296 8585 E:
• Social & Events Coordinator: Mr. Sean O’Riordan
(T: 087 279 0888 E:
• JERSEY MINI/YOUTH AGE 5 - 12 €39.00
• SHORTS MINI/YOUTH AGE 5 - 12 €20.00
• SOCKS €10.00
• CLUB HOODIES AGE 5 - 12 €29.50
• ADULT €44.50
• FLEECE €49.00
• CLUB GILET €49.50
• BEANIES €15.00
• CLUB TIE €20.00
• SCARF €20.00
Additional Oers Available
– Details in Shop
Club Shop Price List 2016 / 2017
September 2016
– 1
& 2
XVs v. Gorey (A)
– 1
& 2
XVs v. Malahide (H)
October 2016
– 1
& 2
XVs v. Ashbourne (A)
– 1
& 2
XVs v. Enniscorthy (A)
– 1
& 2
XVs v. Monkstown (H)
– Presidents Dinner
November 2016
– 1
& 2
XVs v. Dundalk (A)
& Ireland v. New Zealand (Chicago)
(on the big screens in the club - look out for details)
– 1
& 2
XVs v. Killkenny (H)
– 1
& 2
XVs v. Gorey (H) & Palmerston F.C. Day
December 2016
– 1
& 2
XVs v. Malahide (A)
TBC – Christmas Bar Party
Key Dates for 2016 / 2017
January 2017
– 1
& 2
XVs v. Ashbourne (H)
– 1
& 2
XVs v. Enniscorthy (H)
– 1
& 2
XVs v. Monkstown (A)
February 2017
– Ladies Lunch
– Kieran Burke Festival
- Annual Fundraiser
March 2017
– 1
& 2
XVs v. Dundalk (H)
– 1
& 2
XVs v. London Irish Festival in DLSP F.C.
– 1
& 2nd XVs v. Killkenny (A)
April 2017
– Salmo Eagles Quiz Night
TBC – Clubs Golf Classic
May 2017
– End of Season Party & Awards Night
– Salmo Eagles Tag Festival
June 2017
– Annual General Meeting
– Summer BBQ
For additional and updated xtures lists and for all
social and events please go to and De La Salle
Palmerston FC on Facebook
Full Playing Membership (Adult – Male & Female) (early-bird
discounts available) €250.00
Full Playing Membership (Under 20) €125.00
Full Playing Membership (Student) €125.00
Full Playing Membership (Unwaged) €125.00
Full Non-Playing Membership (Adult) €200.00
Full Non-Playing Membership (Senior Alikadoo) €100.00
Full Non-Playing Membership (Lady Associate) €100.00
Full Non-Playing Membership (Country/Overseas) €100.00
Family Membership (1 Playing Adult; 1 Mini-Youth) €345.00
All membership categories entitle you to full access to the clubhouse
and facilities, including the bar and gym.
Club Lotto
The Clubs Finance Committee seeks to establish a group of members who
will lead a short-term project to review the existing arrangements for the
Clubs Lotto. This group will focus on revising existing sales and weekly-draw
arrangements to ensure:
• Responsibility for operating the Lotto is spread across a broader and diverse
group of members (than has been the case during recent years)
• Increased support within the Club for the sale of Lotto tickets (including
tickets available online)
• Eciency in relation to the advertising; distribution and sale of Lotto tickets;
and the Lotto draws (i.e., location and frequency)
The Clubs Lotto has raised vital funds to cover the costs of running the Club.
The Clubs Finance Committee believe that a revamped approach and the
involvement of new members will contribute towards a signicant increase in
Lotto income.
If you are interested please contact Sean O’Riordan (087 2790888 /
New & Vacant Roles
New Members of the Clubs Social & Events Group
The Clubs Social & Events Group is open to all members who are interested
in organising any / all of the Clubs social events – we would be delighted
to increase the representation from the Minis / Youth Rugby section of the
Club. The SEG is an informal group of folks who get together to run social
events in the Club, some are on-board for a full season while others get
involved in certain events.
If you are interested please contact Tara Finlay (086 862 7148 /
Full Playing Membership (Adult – Male & Female) (early-bird
discounts available) €250.00
Full Playing Membership (Under 20) €125.00
Full Playing Membership (Student) €125.00
Full Playing Membership (Unwaged) €125.00
Full Non-Playing Membership (Adult) €200.00
Full Non-Playing Membership (Senior Alikadoo) €100.00
Full Non-Playing Membership (Lady Associate) €100.00
Full Non-Playing Membership (Country/Overseas) €100.00
Family Membership (1 Playing Adult; 1 Mini-Youth) €345.00
All membership categories entitle you to full access to the clubhouse
and facilities, including the bar and gym.
We highly recommend that subscriptions are paid online as this will cut
down on administration and make the process easier for all
Please use the following links to see the rates that are applicable and to
make payment – this can be made by Credit/Debit Card.
Either link can be accessed on the club website at by
clicking the required option – see below
Membership Details for 2016 / 2017 Season
Other Payment methods:
• Bank Transfer: directly to the Club account:
De La Salle Palmerston FC,
AIB Bank,
Main Street,
Dublin 14.
IBAN: IE27AIBK93312032307016
Please use your name as the payment reference e.g. Joe Salmo - Subs
• Standing Order: details available through your coach, or alternatively
contact a member of the Clubs Executive Management Committee
• Cheque: payable to De La Salle Palmerston FC; please post to:
Honorary Treasurer,
De La Salle Palmerston FC,
Kirwan Park,
Enniskerry Road,
Co. Dublin,
D18 DC56
You can also pay your subscriptions in the Club Shop
All membership categories entitle you to full
access to the clubhouse and facilities,
including the bar and gym.
At present, we have varied and scattered sources of information
about members. The aim for the coming season is to consolidate
member information into one database. This assists in providing
members with the services they require and allows the club to
inform members of upcoming matches, events and news.
All adult playing members
• Player registration form should be lled out in full and returned to
the registration secretary. When paying online, print the attached
form and sign it.
These forms will be stored by the secretary both in physical and
scanned form (for playing members, it is an IRFU regulation to store
records of registration)
• Details from these forms will also be stored on the membership
Registration & Membership
All Adult non-playing members
Similar process to above
Enter non-playing where player information is requested
Mini, Youths and Eagles players
Return completed registration form to Mini/Youth/Eagles
Parent/guardian signs the relevant sections of the form
Completed form must be accompanied by birth
certicate/passport copy and two (2) passport sized photos
(signed on reverse)
You can also submit your
registration form in the Club
• Each team is responsible for the tidying up, sweeping out and cleaning up of
all rubbish from their dressing room after every training session and match.
• Each team is also responsible for cleaning and sweeping out of the visiting
teams dressing room on match day.
• It is the responsibility of each team to set up the pitch before a match with
ags and post pads and also to remove them all on completion of the match
and return them to the appropriate area.
• Pads and ags for the 1st pitch are located in the clubhouse boiler house and
for 2nd and 3rd pitch are located in the container behind the 2nd pitch
• All rubbish including used drinks bottles tapes and strapping must be picked
• All players parents and supporters are encouraged to walk around the 1st
pitch and not to walk across it.
• All rugby training equipment is stored in the container behind 2nd pitch. All
teams are encouraged to use the training aids but must return all equipment
after use to the container and place it in a tidy manner on the shelving or the
larger tackling bags at the back of the container for the next user.
• It is not acceptable to throw any equipment on the oor at the
inside of the container blocking access to the container.
Rugby Facilities Protocol
Teams to train only in the allocated training areas and to respect weather
related pitch closures.
• Please park only in allocated spaces in the car park or in the overow
car-park on left hand side of entrance
• Parking is not permitted beside the dressing room door, in front of the shop
or along the back of the clubhouse facing the pitches. These areas must be
kept clear to allow unobstructed Ambulance Access.