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An overview of AND its programs for children across Toronto. Everything from Our origins to how to reach appears in this simple yet vintage-appealing document.

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For enviromentally-consciencious Toronto families who value hands-on learning experiences... is an extracurricular program, endowing children with good ol' fashioned Maker knowledge by furthering their DO-IT-YOURSELF skillfulness with a strong emphasis on sustainable living approaches

+ was founded with the idea of passing on traditional maker skills and the Do-It-Yourself mindset to the next generation. Our idea slowly evolved into using fun and educational activities (with a crafty-spin) to empower kids with practical skills that encourage environmental responsibility, independence, and creativity.




D.I.Y.kidsTM values doing things the old way and sustainable-living. By taching the next generation of future 21st- centuary artisans, we seek to ensure our natural resources are used efficiently with the least impact to our planet.




In the age of digital emdia & mass production,  we aim to bring self-sustainability awareness back to the Home, to our Families... where it ALL begins.

About us

Our mission

Our vision



teaches children agricultural concepts for urban settings utilizing minimal space and upcycling household resources. Students learn about soil composition, plant lifecycles, and how to grow vegetables & fruits, peppered with opportunties to apply their learnings in practicum.




teaches children simple, SAFE, kid-friendly recipes and cooking techniques using existing resources such as edible plants and commonly-found kitchen staples. Children will enjoy learning and trying different ingredients to cook and bake a variety of snacks, meals, and beverages.







teaches children the art of re-puposing. Students learn handy skills such as up-cycling, basic woodworking, sewing, knitting, and problem-solving. Using commonly-found household objects, discarded everyday items will be given a new life


types of services TM  prides itself on promoting Maker knowlege and skills to all children, regardless of socio-economical backgrounds,  gender, and age. It's one of our core tenets. Its why we offer an array of pricing models and class structures to accomodate most budgets and lifestyles.



We  offers classes based on the following ages groups:

  • Lil' Makers: ages 3- 5 years old
  • Junior Makers: ages 6-9 years old
  • Lean Mean Maker Machines: ages 10 years old and up

At present, we service the following learning environments:

  • Birthdays, Community Events, or Private Parties
  • School Break Camps (half day and full day)
  • 8-week sessions
  • In-Class Workshops (Class size: max. 25 students per workshop)
  • Themed Workshops at local community hot spots across the city' fundamental principles include preserving our planet by complementing existing green initiatives locally, with kid-centric workshops and classes in our community.



We don't just see plants, we grow them. We don't waste food, we eat it. We don't throw junk away, we make with them. motto:

Group Workshops (duration 1 hour)............ starting @ $100.00 & up*

Prices dependent on selection of theme or customized content

Multi-workshop bookings discount of 20% ( 2 or more in a school year) || includes. Make'n'Take for each participant


Multi-class & sibling discount available || includes materials and make'N'take

8 week sessions (60 min class once per week)....................... $220.00

classes & workshop pricing:

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Give us a bell at (905) 781-8088 or email: