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Canberra, Australia

The capatal of Austrailia

Don't worry, they speak english here, if you speak english you are 100% fine!!! They just have a little accent.








Language In Canberra


Canberra's population is 439,000 people, can you


imagine that!

Canberra's population!

A Brief history of our city!

Australia was founded by James Cook and it was founded in 1913. It was the capital of Australia since Jan. 1, 1913. The people of Australia made Canberra the capital.

 What contenet is Canberra in?



      The parlement house is exactly the white           house of Austrailia, obviously located                 Canberra.

Parliament house, Australian war memorial, and Mount Ainslie

Historic Sites! 

Mt. Ainslie has is important because of it's amazing view, many tourists who go to Canberra like to visit this tourist spot.

This is a war memorial for all the Austrailian veterans who served Austrailia. 

Canberra has a Oceanic climate approximately 82 degrees F. 

 Canberra's climate


Famous neighborhoods include At the


city centre there is an artificial


lake called Lake Burley Griffin, it is


named after the Chicago architects


who designed Canberra.


The Best way to get around the City

The best way to get around the city is the bus, this can help you view the city better.

There are many spoorts and recreation in Canberra, here are some of the places you should definetly look at...

There are the Canberra Brumbies (for


rugby), the Canberra raiders (rugby), The 


university of Canberra Capitals


(Basketball), The 


Canberra Cannons(basketball), the Canberra


labor (Recreation)


club strikers, ANU sport (Recreation), and


finally the 


Canberra olympic swimming pool.



Sports and Recreation 

 For arts and culture, you should try visiting the Canberra museum with it's amazing view, trust me the view and the food from the Cafe are amazing!!!


If you are vegetairan, be careful on what you eat, because in Canberra, they eat



2. Crocodile


3. Kangaroo pie


4. Crocodile pie


5. They are not allowed 


to have a pet Koala or eat 


Koala due to the koala 


population, but if they 


could, they probobly


FOOD!!! THE BEST PART!!! Until...


You are allowed to explore the parliament house and here is a tip, don’t bring your twistie tie collection, you have to go through a metal detector and twistie ties have metal, then they make you take your warm coat off and do the search where you put your suitcases. It’s not fun, so I suggest you take my advice!!! Also when you get back to where you're staying, leave it to your big brother to tell people about what you did. I have experienced all of the above. Don’t worry, at the parliament house they have restrooms! The parliament house is across the Australian war memorial. When you are on the steps of the War Memorial, you will get an amazing view, maybe even the best!!! So plan that trip without twistie ties to the parliament house. Maybe you should avoid metal products in all. Especially twistie ties. Avoid the twistie ties!!! To Sydney from Chicago, it is a 15hr flight, then you can drive to Canberra which is 3 ½ hrs, like Bloomington/Normal Illinois to Chicago!


I have experience!!!

Thank you for looking at my city guide and I hope you try going soon!!!

     - Divya Dasari

Thank you!