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The Maze Runner


Project by Divya Arora

This picture represents the Glade. The Glade is a place in the middle of the Maze where all the boys spend their time. Since the Glade is the only safe place in the Maze it is quite significant to the book. This is where all the Boys get sent up to. This is home away from home for the boys because they don't know what home is because their memory was taken away. This is the one place in the Maze where the boys could be comfortable.

This is a classroom that represents the Map Room. The Map Room is where all the maps for the Maze are made. The Map Room is where all the Runners work individually on their Maps to learn more about the Maze. The Map Room is a place dedicated to getting out of the Maze so it is quite significant. Something that helps prove its significance is, " 'Somebody burned the Map trunks' Newt said. 'Every last one of 'em'"(Dashner 262). Someone just burned the maps in the Map Room to stop the Gladers from getting out of the Maze. As said before, the maps in the Map Room are significant for the Gladers to get out. So, if the maps were burned purposely it shows that the person that burned it was hoping that the Gladers wouldn’t escape. The Map Room is important that’s why someone (opposing the Gladers) tried to burn the room.

This represents The Griever Hole. This is how the Gladers get out of the Maze so clearly, this is a significant part of the Setting. This is a key place because this is how the main conflict is solved!! This is shown by, "We gotta go through the Griever Hole. Use that code to shut the Grievers down and open a door out of here"(Dashner 317). This shows that the Griever Hole is probably one of the most important places in the book because of what it contributes to the book.

This represents the Homestead. The homestead is where all the Gladers meet up for meetings and it's like the Glade's headquarters. Over there, important information is discussed. It's significance to the Setting of the book is shown by, " 'Jeff, let's take her to the Homestead.' His partner Jeff, stepped over to grab her by the arms while Clint took hold of her feet"(Dashner 59).  The Gladers had just received Teresa's body from the box and decided to go help her because she was unconscious. In this case, the Homestead is being used for medical purposes. So the Homestead is a hospital and a place used for meetings so clearly, it's significant. 

This represents the Maze. The Maze is VERY significant to the setting considering the fact that most of the book takes place in the Maze (and the conflict revolves the Maze). The significance of the maze is shown by the title of the book, The Maze Runner. The word Maze is in it so it shows the reader that clearly, the book is about a maze and that it's probably significant if the title is named after it. 

This represents the box. The box is where the Gladers come from. It's an elevator that brings supplies/people from WICKED(the place that built the Maze) to the Maze. The significance of the box is shown by, "He fell down at the sudden movement and shuffled backward on his hands and feet"(Dashner 1). This is when Thomas first comes up from the box. This shows that the box is a way of transportation and without it, there would be no way to transport supplies(and the boys) from WICKED to the Maze.