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District Newsletter Sept 18

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1 201W1 DISTRICT NEWSLETTER HUMANITARIAN SERVICE, DISASTER RELIEF, MEDICAL RESEARCH, SIGHT & THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF YOUTH WE SERVE SEPTEMBER 2018 POWER OF ACTION ROUNDUP Hello, my fellow Lions, I wish to take the opportunity to thank you all for the work you do in your community. It has been a busy few months since I was appointed to the posion of 2nd Vice District Governor of 201W1. It has been a great experience for me to conduct club visitaons, I have enjoyed meeng many Lions from various back grounds. It has been interesng to see the variety of the projects being done by the clubs. It was very apparent to me that all members want to give back to their community. I would like to thank the members of the clubs I have visited for their hospitality and fellowship. It is important to remember we are members of the largest service organisaon in the world, over 1.4 million members. Our internaonal President Lion Gudrun has a simple theme “We Serve” and I believe this sums up the reason why we all joined Lions. As Lions we serve our communies in many ways, but the common theme is we help others that may be less fortunate than ourselves. Our DG Lion Luen’s theme is “Accept Connect to Serve” or ACT this is about accepng change and communicang with each other through new technology through the MyLion App. MyLion will allow members to connect with each other and load projects for all to see. I believe it will be a good way to establish partnerships with other Lions and Clubs. The stronger we are the more we can achieve in our communies. We are encouraging clubs to collaborate and form partnerships in projects and visit other clubs, share knowledge and fellowship. I noted that some clubs are working in partnerships or simply supporng other clubs by aending events. It was also good to see clubs conducng visitaons with other clubs. This is about good fellowship and promotes. Unfortunately, Lions are the best kept secret in Australia and the world. I know most of us don’t want to blow our own trumpet but to get the communies support and aract new members we must let the people know what we do, what projects we are doing. As I said this will help aract new members, but it will also promote Lions to the community which will help when we conduct fund raising drives. The district goal this year is to start two new clubs with 25 members, this is achievable with your help, but it is important that we also ensure our current members are supported and are having fun, that when we go home aer a project we feel that we have given back to the community and had fun doing it. Please could I reiterate that clubs refrain from subming Moora’s constuon to Consumer Protecon as deciencies have been picked up that need to be corrected. Correspondence has been circulated explaining the situaon and a newly revised club constuon will be circulated when available. Remember the district is here to support clubs in your acvies and administraon, but it is also important that clubs let us know what they are doing, the projects you are parcipang in. Please ensure your clubs required reports are submied. Once again, I thank you all for your eorts. Mick Wainwright 2nd Vice District Governor Official Publication of Lions District 201W1 ASS EDITOR RICHARD TUNMER PO Box 2524 MALAGA WA 6944 (M) 0415 089 938(H) (08) 9209 1358 email : DISTRICT NEWSLETTER Published First Week of Every Month COPY DEADLINE 25th of the preceding month A Colour Copy of this Newsletter can be requested through your Club Secretary. Alternatively a copy can be accessed Electronically through our website.

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2 THE WILDFLOWER CONVENTION MOORA 28th TO 30th SEPTEMBER 2018 The District 201W1 Wildower Convenon will be a friendly and fullling event where good friends meet and connect with one another to celebrate the great year we have had in Lions and to plan what we will achieve for the next year. Moora has prepared a program which we hope will interest everyone as well as showcasing our great town and surrounds. Friday Evening We will welcome you to our town with food, entertainment, and two great speakers who will highlight the District Governors, MOTTO- Accept Connect to Serve in Friendship- June Headland is a local Noongar Elder who will tell us about growing up in Moora and surrounds in the 60’s and 70’s. Sara Kenny is a local lady from Badgingarra who is the Immediate Past President of CWA Western Australia will be sharing some of her experiences on her recent visit to America as the representave of CWA Australia. Saturday Will be business sessions and Speakers on Lions Aairs. Ann Eldridge, the 201 GMT Membership Area Coordinator and Tim Irvine the Area leader for the Global Leadership team will share their experse with members. Saturday Evening Dinner at night and the drawing of the Convenon Rae will be a chance to catch up on gossip and enjoy the entertainment provided. Sunday Morning The Sunday morning, we have the Convenoneers breakfast, hosted by VDG Daniel Stevens. Everyone is invited and I’m sure Daniel will have some interesng entertainment for you. At the conclusion of the breakfast we are all meeng at the gates of the Rec Grounds to go on a Trail to who knows where - We do! This will enable you to see our wonderful country side and some glorious wildowers in season. Lunch is at the conclusion of the trail. If you have a folding chair, please bring it with you. Your Convenon Commiee would love to see at least one representave from each W1 Club aend Convenon. At the moment only 15 Clubs have indicated they will aend. There is sll accommodaon available in the town including a great B&B. For more informaon please contact Robyn on 0488 226 845. For those members who wish to have breakfast on Saturday Morning, we recommend the ‘Big Birds Café and they will be open from 6.30am. Breakfast is from $10. Please send your registraons in by the 17th September. To download forms please visit our - District Website We also need names for the Remembrance Ceremony. If you Club has a person to be included please send in the informaon by September 10th. All Reports will need to be in by September 10th as the Convenon Books need to go in for prinng on that day. PDG Clive Tonkin Chairman - Wildower Convenon Commiee 2018 Any queries please email Clive or Maureen:

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3 LATEST DISTRICT CORRESPONDENCE The latest correspondence is uploaded to our District 201W1 website as it is received. The correspondence is also circulated on a weekly basis to all clubs and Cabinet Ocers. Just recently uploaded - Public Relaon informaon & WALDEF General Meeng to alter Rules of Associaon. You may need your First name, Surname & member ID to login. WHAT DO LIONS DO - a "one liner statement" that could be used at projects and recruing displays when we are asked "What do Lions do"? " Lions change people's lives every day, whether that be through conducng fundraising acvies to fund medical research or provide medical equipment, development opportunies and acvies for youth, supporng disadvantaged, elderly or inrm within our communies, protecng our environment or providing recovery support following natural disasters, Lions make a dierence every day." PDG John Muller Mulple District GST Area Leader

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4 District Governor Luen Chicote would like to thank all the Lions Clubs who have so generously assisted the farmers suering through one of the worst droughts in history. The appeal ocially nishes at the end of August; however, we will be more than happy to accept donaons aer that deadline. Please send your cheques to the District Cabinet Treasurer PO Box 2524, Malaga WA 6944. If you make you donaons directly to ALF please let the Cabinet Treasurer know the details - Below one of the many trucks delivering supplies to drought stricken farmers,

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5 “ EXEMPLARY SERVICE AWARDS” GOING FREE TO GOOD HOMES Do you know a person that has done good within the Community and is not a Lion? If you know of anybody that ts this descripon please send me an applicaon form which can be found on our District website - Exemplary Service Awards Form - either in Word or PDF. Complete the form and send through to me. Then I will gladly work on geng a plaque ready for that recipient. There has to be plenty of public spirit minded people out in the communies deserving of such an award. I am feeling a rejected, dejected Lion - So please give me some work to do! Jill Middlemass District 201W1 Chairman Exemplary Service Award Phone 93420999: Mobile:0452 631 146 email: - This presgious Award is designed to acknowledge and recognise members of the community who are not Lions who serve their communies. The object of the award is to nurture and promote the principles of good cizenship by due recognion of Service to Others. To those who through pracce and example to others, promote the principles of Good Cizenship. To those who in promong these principles foster and encourage mutual understanding among the various segments in our community. Importantly, to those who through personal sacrice on their part and through care and devoon give service to the Needs of Others. There is no cost to individual clubs and a beauful wooden shield is presented to the recipient. If your club is interested in nominang a member of your community please contact Jill Middlemass. From #TheWest - Some 50 - 70 WA truckies and their trucks are o to NSW and Queensland during January. As part of #FarmersAcrossBoarders and #LionsNeedForFeed. Each truck will be carrying between 40-50 tonnes of hay and pellets.

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6 DUNCRAIG LIONS CLUB Welcome to our new member Lion Michael, inducted by 2nd Vice District Governor Mick Wainwright. L to R 2nd VDG Mick with new member Michael and sponsor PDG Rob Meney Vice President Ma Graham presented our Bannerees to 2nd VDG Mick Wainwright and received the DG's pin. A BIG THANK YOU to all who donated to the ALF Drought Relief Appeal at the Warwick Shopping Centre last week. $4814.00 was collected. Well done Lions members who organised and collected the funds which will go 100% to the Australian Lions Foundaon for drought relief. No administraon cost are deducted from the amount - we are volunteers serving our community. Many thanks also to the Warwick Shopping Centre Management for giving us this opportunity.

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7 LIONESS CLUB ROUNDUP LIONESS CLUB OF BROOME The Father’s Day cake stall and rae money ($532) was donated to the Broome Men’s Outreach Centre. Bingo – weekly, – Proceeds to Baby Bundles and other donaons - $450.00 Bingo Rae – proceeds to Crawford/Milroy Lodges quarterly $1000.00 Broome Lioness Club has donated $14500 this year to various organisaons which is a tremendous eort. They have 15 club members with a total of 151.5 service hours in August. They meet twice a month. Right - Broome Lioness members working on their cake stall at Woolworths. District Governor Luen on her visit to Exmouth Lioness

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9 NAME SPONSOR CLUB MICHAEL HOOD PDG Rob Meney Duncraig YURIY POGORELYUK IPDG Sue Lowe Jurien Bay DUNCAN MCVICAR Gavin Thomson Swan Districts August 2018 WELCOME New Members District 201W1 Convenon 28th September to 30th September 2018. Hosted by the Moora Lions Club. For more details including registraon forms, delegate & alternates forms , Remembrance Ceremony Forms and accommodaon details please visit our District Website. District 201W1 Cabinet Meeng - Sunday 16th September Mildenhall – adjacent to Duncraig Community Centre 47 Beddi Rd, Duncraig Google Map: hps:// District 201W1 Execuve Meeng - Saturday 15th September The Nook Subiaco Library 237 Rokeby Rd, Subiaco 1 pm to 3 pm. GoToMeengs Monthly GoToMeengs are meengs of the District DG Team to discuss all maers concerning our District. Last Lionisc Year these meeng were held on a Thursday evening. This year DG Luen would like to bring the meengs to your area of service. This is an opportunity for your club members not only to meet but to engage in an acvity with District Cabinet colleagues and other clubs. Please let the Cabinet Secretary ( know if you would like us to hold the meeng in your area around one of your acvies. Please see dates below. All mes 3 pm to 6 pm. Thursday 18th October - Kings Park/Vision Thursday 15th November—Venue/GAT/Diabetes Thursday 13th December - City Beach Global Acon Team meeng with everyone invited from clubs to join us to do a Lions informaon/membership drive and promote Save-Sight Foundaon - Thursday 10th January - Burswood Park Thursday 14th February - venue/GAT Thursday 14th March - venue/club acvity Thursday 11th April - venue/club acvity Thursday 16th May - venue/GAT Thursday 20th June - venue/club acvity Vision Awareness Month – October Lions/Leos Membership Growth Month – October Diabetes Awareness Month – November Click anywhere to view full newsleer PUBLIC RELATIONS - Contact our District Public Relaons Oce Brian Phang if you have any queries - click here Public Relations - A Guide for Cubs - This guide has been developed to help you share and promote the valuable work that Lions do in Australian communities every day. Lions Australia Photography Grants - Gudelines for Clubs Public Relations Grant Application Form

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11 NEWMAN LIONS CLUB ANIMAL PARK PROJECT Repairing the fence to stop wild dogs geng in. Other photos animals geng fed. BROOME LIONS CLUB Firing up the BBQs at Town Beach and breakfast is on the way at the Dragon Boats!

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12 MyLCI REPORTING SERVICE ACTVITIES – MAKING YOUR SERVICE COUNT TOWARDS THE GLOBAL EFFORT. Your Club Secretary/Services Coordinator may have noced some changes on MyLCI in the My Lions Club tab, Select an Acvity Type opon. This list has been reduced to align with the Global Services Framework, and likely preparing for the introducon of MyLION for reporng from July 2019. The Acvity Type opons are: Service Acvies: Diabetetes, Hunger Relief, Vision, Environment, Childhood Cancer and Other. Meengs / Administravve Acvies: Meengs/Club Visitaons, Convenons & Other Events, Training, Other Administrave Dues. Donaons: Donaons to LICF, Non-LCIF Donaons Fundraising: Fundraising Event/Campaign If you regularly have an acvity, such as markets, recycling, etc. you can set up a Signature Acvity in MyLCI which makes the reporng task easier. Using a Signature Acvity allows the pernent details to be saved in the MyLCI system, to be retrieved when next reporng. When the acvity has been completed, the Signature Acviy can be made inacve or deleted, so that it does not keep appearing on the selecon list. Compleng these details helps our District, Mulple District and Lions Internaonal know the full extent of the amazing service your Club is providing to the local and wider community. If you need help to access MyLCI to report the Service Acvies from your Club, or to set up Signature Acvies, please let me know. So far for this Lions year, the number of Lions Hours reported for the District is: 5122 Challenge: Can the District reach a target of 50,000 hours of service for 2018-2019? If all Clubs report on MyLCI this can be achieved. Game on! Carmel Ward – District Services Coordinator 0409334737 When reporng Service Acvies, (depending on the Acvity Type selected) the user is prompted to provide some or all of the following details: Number of Lions Number of Lions Hours Number of People Served Number of Trees Planted Funds Raised Funds Donated As at 4/9/2018, only 15 Clubs in the District have reported Service Acvies the month of August. If your Club has reported acvies but it is not on the list, please let me know. Ballajura Hannans Goldelds Canning City Lancelin & Districts City of Perth (Host) Moora Dongara Denison Noranda Duncraig North Beach Forresield High Wycombe Srling Gingin-Chiering Three Springs Goomalling Whiord Floreat Newman District Governor Luen Chicote at the District 201W2 Cabinet meeng. Above DG Luen with DG 201W2 Bev Hawkins.

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13 GIRRAWHEEN LIONS CLUB SWAPMEET Click anywhere on newsleer to view. LIONS CLUB OF STIRLING NORTH BEACH LIONS City to Surf - a VERY early start for our members with a full moon sll in view at McLean Park in Floreat. We were in the dark inially searching in our bags. We were there before the kookaburras. (That is commitment). Eventually the sun came up and the runners and walkers came in droves. Our members guided people to the right areas and helped where we could. Thank you Tim Powell for organising this. Despite the cold and early start it was worth it.

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14 LIONS CHRISTMAS CAKES, PUDDINGS,MINI CAKES & MINTS Time to think about placing your cake orders. For discounts payment and delivery must be made before October 31st. There are also Centennial ns available at a discounted price. There was a naonal meeng in Melbourne with both George Weston Cakes(Christmas Cakes) and Dollar Sweets(Lions Mints) both companies have New Order Forms this year. Please download order forms from the MD Website. You will need a username and password to access the pdf writable order forms. Save the form on your computer and then open. Please contact our Christmas Cake Chairperson John Tidey -  if you require any assistant. PLEASE ONLY USE CURRENT ORDER FORMS found on the MD website If you would like a copy of these posters contact - Richard Tunmer - EDITORS CORNER: Thank you to all clubs and District Ocers for your contribuons to the September Newsleer. Please send through photos & arcles for the October Edion. A newsleer will also be circulated in Digital Format which allows any addional content and provides greater picture clarity. Do you have a member in your club who you would like to feature in the newsleer? If so please send through an arcle and picture. What about club projects that you have just undertaken? Please send through details and pictures to include in our newsleer. Email: SEND YOUR CLUB NEWSLETTER TO DG LUEN If you have a club newsleer please send a copy, preferably digital, to DG Luen so that she can keep up with your news and put your club in the running for the annual Best Club Newsleer Award which is judged by the DG of the year and awarded at the District Awards Night. Send in a copy to the Magazine editor as well to show case your projects in the District newsleer. Your club could pick up this very special award. Email: PO 2524 Malaga WA 6944

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15 Mark Tibbles: Ready Steady Golf! The Vines Golf Club Match Commiee Meeng, on 14/08/2018, was the perfect occasion for Swan District Lions Club Member, and Avid Golfer, Gavin Thomson, to present a $500 cheque to Mr. Mark Tibbles of MT Internaonal Golf Academy, in support of his Special Needs Golf Academy called Ready, Steady Golf. The Lions Club of Swan Districts has supported Mark over the past 5 years and one of his students was sponsored by the Club 3 years ago for the Lions Children of Courage Awards. Mark began his program by coaching amputees and expanded to children and adults with special needs. His students have varied condions such as motor neuron disease, ausm, Down Syndrome, M S and asthma. The more able parcipants have a pathway towards entering the Special Olympics. Along with a colleague and a few volunteers, Mark spends over 120 coaching hours per week with the RSG Program. He has special needs adults at week day sessions and children on the weekend. RSG relies on grants from the Dept of Sport and Recreaon and Golng Foundaons. Over the past year he has spent over $3k on the purchase of modied golf equipment for his special needs program. He is grateful for the SDLC assistance and we are proud to be assisng RSG! SWAN DISTRICTS LIONS CLUB LIONS BIG BAND It's me to put on your boogie shoes again! Come and join the South Perth Lions Big Band on Friday 14 September (yes, mid-month this me) under our awesome musical director Phil Haon. Listen and dance to the magical sound of the full big band with our great singers. This month we're excited to have the return of Seventh Heaven, showcasing the vocal talents of Cathy Mueller and Catherine Carey! You'll nd us at the South Perth Community Centre, corner of Sandgate St and South Terrace, South Perth. BYO food, drink & glasses. Please circulate the aached poster to your friends and contacts, and encourage them to come along. All prots go to the community services of the South Perth Lions Club. The show runs from 8-11pm and the cost is only $15. You can pay at the door, alternavely phone Phil on 0417 916 773 or email me on to reserve a table. Look forward to seeing you at the South Perth Community Centre for a great evening! Lorna M Robertson Lions Band Coordinator South Perth Lions Club Inc Gavin Thomson right presenng a cheque to Mark Tibbles

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16 OZREAD BOOKS PROGRAMME Once again it is me for the Ballajura Lions Club to donate books to the primary schools within our area. Each year $200 worth of books have been donated to the school library of the following schools through the “Ozread Programme”...... Alinjarra Primary School Alexander Heights; Ballajura Primary School; Illawarra Primary School Ballajura; Mary MacKillop Catholic Primary School Ballajura and South Ballajura Primary School. This year we have added a couple more schools to the list! These schools are Landsdale Primary School and Carnaby Rise Primary School, Landsdale. Our Lions representaves have always been made to feel welcome to do the presentaons and are eager to see us each year. Lion Jill Middlemass BALLAJURA LIONS CLUB BALLAJURA COMMUNITY COLLEGE BREAKFAST CLUB We assist every Thursday during school terms to help make breakfast for 100’s of students who oen leave home without a meal. Pictured Right - L to R Jill Middlemass, Kaye Scandre, Carol Finlay (BCC) & Greg Brennan. Below hungry children. How will your club help stop diabetes in its tracks? Our Diabetes Service Journey website is a huge hit. One lucky Lion already won a Fitbit Charge 2, and we’re geng a great response to our poll quesons. More importantly, Lions and Leos worldwide are learning why we need to rally in service around the ght against diabetes. Please encourage your club members to learn about diabetes, and plan at least oneeservice acvity. People who have diabetes need lots of family and community support. We look forward to learning about the steps you’re taking when you report your diabetes service acvies. Unl then, please explore the Diabetes Service Journey website where you and your club members can: 1. Enter our second monthly contest to win a Fitbit Charge. 2. Share your views in our second monthly poll queson 3. Upload and view pictures in our global gallery. Thank you for taking steps to ght diabetes as an LCI leader! Visit the site now

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17 Lionsonoz in Acon Are you aware that there are now more than 3 travelling Lions clubs in Australia? The “Australian Lionsonoz Lions Club-” being the rst, which was then followed by the “Australian Motorhoming Lions Club” and more recently the “Australian Online & Travellers Lions Club”. Members of these three Lions Clubs are on the move around Australia all the me assisng other Lions Clubs with their projects, and are greatly accepted, especially in the smaller towns where the local Lions Clubs do not have the numbers to carry out some of their projects without great hardship. Now this is where the Australian Lionsonoz Lions Club would like to extend a hand or two to help these struggling Clubs, where possible, when a member or a few of our members know that they will passing through their towns, they would be only too pleased to oer a hand. If you have a project where you think you could do with an extra pair of hands or more, send your requests to our Facebook editor and he will list them on our Facebook site for all members to see at: hps:// With the number of members on the move around this great country, you just may be able to get that assistance you require with your projects. Australian Lionsonoz members have been able to assist Clubs in their catering, wood chopping, hospitality and other projects and now are assisng Clubs in their eorts to alleviate the dicules the drought is causing. In July Australian Lionsonoz members spent a whole week assisng Boggabri Lions with their Drover’s Campre project. Don’t be shy in asking for assistance. PDG Lion Warren White Lions Yvie and Kel Kearns of Australian Lionsonoz at the drought assistance stall at Ag Quip. NORTHAMPTON LIONS CLUB This is a load of cans. Oh, with the excepon of Linsday Park, the man sing on the mudguard. They have can cages all around town. This is the biggest load they have taken to the scrap metal buyer. Great eort Northampton 300 bales!!!!!

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18 To view and download leers and applicaon forms please click on links below. Your can also nd this correspondence on our District Website. Father Christmas Brochure with sample letters Father Christmas Order Form