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District Newsletter Sept 17

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www 201w1 lions org au www facebook com LionsInWesternAustralia 201W1 WE SERVE lionsdistrict201w1 gmail com NEWSLETTER HUMANITARIAN SERVICE DISASTER RELIEF MEDICAL RESEARCH SIGHT THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF YOUTH The SLowe Express Allan and I are doing a lot of travelling at the moment We seem to spend very little time at home these days but the reward is there We have enjoyed visits to Dalwallinu Carnamah and Goomalling Gingin Floreat where Allan did his first visit Victoria Park and Moora We are blessed with active and vital clubs and the projects they carry out are particularly suited to their areas with no two clubs doing the same things I have been able to share some club s very interesting project ideas with other clubs SEPTEMBER 2017 In order to be in a position to do this you should have held your club s AGM and accepted your club s audited accounts You can do this by logging on to Associations Online Your club secretary will possibly have to re register to do this on the new Department of Mines Industry Regulation and Safety site visit Associations Online The Travelling Gavel has been very slow to move around this year but we have found it safely sitting with Moora Lions A friendly reminder Gavel has a special date at convention se we need to see it there Cabinet Meeting Were you aware that all members are invited to attend Cabinet meetings as observers Members are most welcome If you are able to attend you may be able to catch up with particular Cabinet Members outside of the meeting to request advice or assistance in a particular area You can also join us for lunch by completing the hospitality slip and sending it to Cabinet Secretary Richard I am off over east with Allan to attend the Council of Governors meeting and then the ANZI forum Both should be interesting and I will share information on these meetings in the October Newsletter Convention Registrations are open and time is rushing forward This convention is the deal of a lifetime Get in now and pay only 100 which includes events on all three days There are no steak knives some of you will get that but this deal can t be beaten Worried about the price of city accommodation The convention team are looking for less expensive alternatives and these will be published soon Another option is for Lions to offer to billet visiting Lions It s always fun when Lions get together after hours Lastly September brings Father s Day and I am hoping that those of our 56 of male members who may also be fathers are well spoilt by their families Annual Reporting to Consumer Protection Under the new WA act every incorporated association needs to report annually that they are still active All Lions Clubs in Western Australia are incorporated and so all club secretaries should get on line and report the club s status by completing the Information Statement Official Publication of Lions District 201W1 EDITOR RICHARD TUNMER PO Box 2524 Malaga WA 6944 M 0415 089 938 H 08 9209 1358 email richardjill bigpond com DISTRICT NEWSLETTER Published First Week of Every Month A happy September to you all Did you know that 2017 marks 30 years of women in Lions We are a very fortunate organisation to have such a well balanced and diverse membership Leap into the future L to R Victoria Park Lions Club President PDG Barry Middleton with DG Sue Lowe on her official visit to the club District Newsletter copy deadline 25th of the preceding month WEST LION October 2017 COPY DEADLINE September 2017 1

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2 DIAMOND DEEDS CONVENTION 2017 PERTH TOWN HALL 20th TO 22nd OCTOBER CELEBRATING IN THE CITY Your Lions Convenon 201W1 2017, Commiee, has been meeng on Saturday mornings and into the aernoon to bring you a Convenon of Celebraon. This year sees Lions celebrang 100 years, so it is a great way to celebrate our Diamond Deeds. Alongside this we will celebrate our History and Heritage with much Hospitality. Our Convenon Headquarters is ngly the Jewel of the City of Perth, the Perth Town Hall. This is where it will all happen, with a few twists along the way. We already have Lions joining us from Interstate, from the Country and City Clubs. The programme is set, the venues are conrmed, the menus tabled, the band booked and the wine is being chilled. Registraons are out there. All you need to do to join us at this historic me is book. If you register by September 20th ,2017, you will have the,” deal of the Century.” For just $100 you can choose to aend all the hospitality events (and the Convenon of course). Just ck the boxes. On Friday night, you will have the chance to take on the atmosphere of the City, its Town Hall and be in the presence of the Lord Mayor of the City of Perth, as she ocially welcomes us to the Convenon. Then it will be a short stroll over to the Burt Hall (also celebrang its Centenary this year), for a cocktail recepon. Saturday, will be a full day of business, with formalies, forums and speakers at the Perth Town Hall. In the evening the Perth Town Hall, will sparkle with a Tiaras and Ties dinner. This will be the me to relax, twirl around the dance oor, enjoy great music, food, wine and company. Sunday, will see a casual pace, with the Key Members Breakfast at the Daxton, then a relaxed ride on the Red City Bus. The day will close with a light lunch and a later, the celebraon Evensong at St Georges Cathedral and hospitality with drinks and canapés at Burt Hall. This Convenon, is the chance for all Lions and friends to celebrate our achievements and to embrace the future. By joining us in the City you can soak up the Heritage of Lions and the City (with its revitalised Heritage precinct) , do some sight-seeing and maybe sneak in a lile shopping. So, join us in the City in October, to celebrate our Diamond Deeds Convenon - celebrang History and Heritage with city Hospitality (and be capvated by the charms of the city old and new.) Halina Young - Convenon Chair 2017 HOSTED BY LIONS CLUB CITY OF PERTH (HOST) Government House built between 1859 & 1864 Trinity Church built in 1897 Perth Town Hall Convenon Centre built between 1868 & 1870.

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3 DRYANDRA LIONS VILLAGE - CAN YOU ASSIST Once again the intake of bookings for the season has been a good rao of available accommodaon to the uptake of occupaon. There has been a concerted eort to upgrade the playground. Various exisng designs in place have been visited to nd a suitable replacement. The recently acquired see container has been put in place and is now available for much needed extra store space. Tamar Hall is near compleon and shall be available for the Octoberr AGM and promoon for hire for community funcons. The village is currently covering cost but is relying on donaons to achieve planned developments due to the cost of materials and contract skilled labour. As always, we invite clubs to take on small project in the village or provide skilled club members in exchange for free weekend accommodaon. Make it a family aair in the beauful surroundings of the village, making it an even more aracve desnaon. ATTRACTIONS The Parks and Wildlife Department of Government Western Australia is a good source of informaon about what to see and do whilst in the Dryandra Woodland. You will nd that speaking to the caretakers you will be able to decide what is best to do in the me available during your stay at the village. Self Drive Tours 23 kilometre Darwinia drive trail – includes ve pull-over bays where interpreve informaon is provided on the complexity and interdependence of natural systems at Dryandra. Using specic examples of relaonships this drive will take you into the heart of the woodlands. Pack a picnic lunch or take a short walk to search for orchids near the granite outcrop at stop ve. Walking Trails This brochure provides informaon for walk trails that will take from 30 minutes to 4 hours – Dryandra Walking Trails Take Guided Nocturnal Tour Take a guided nocturnal tour in a tranquil sanctuary that has become home for some of Western Australia’s nave animals facing exncon.Experience an unforgeable journey through Barna Mia in picturesque Dryandra Woodland For more informaon visit the - Parks and Wildlife Service website Please contact Dryandra District Chairperson Lion Hans Hoee if you require more informaon - Email: Hans Hoee - hans.hoe Mob: 0419 906 310

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4 CHRISTMAS CAKES 2017 Time to consider your cake orders for the coming Christmas season. Above are two yers that you can use for posters or pull up banners. The prices of cakes are clearly shown on the boxes and once you have a bigger poster the other details are also clearly visible. Very good adversing tool at your cake outlets. Below are two other yers that you could use. Please contact John Tidey our District Cake Chairperson if you would like one of the yers and he will send it to you. If you would like other details on the yers , such as club name please let John know and it can be arranged. Any other queries please contact Cake Chairperson John Tidey -  TEL: 08-9451-3686 MOB: 0414 391 615 L to R Whiords President Philip Couper, new Lion member Mr Peter Katsambanis MLA inducted by 1st VDG Luen Chicote.

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6 KALGOORLIE LIONS CLUB ALZHEIMER’ S CONFERENCE IN KALGOORLIE 24TH AUGUST L to R - Rob Davies, Leo McManus (Foundaon ), Eddie Rochester Kalgoorlie Lions, Professor Ralph Marns AO expert in Alzheimer'sand Aging, Sheila Jones and David Mead Kalgoorlie Lions , Lex Thomson Alzheimers District Chairperson. The conference was a great success with Professor Ralph Marns and Associate Professor Kathryn Goozee from Anglicare, who had own in from Sydney to deliver public lectures to three groups. The rst was to the Doctors and nurses as well as workers from the aged care industry at the Kalgoorlie Hospital on Wednesday night and the other two lectures were to the general public on Thursday morning at 10.30am and Thursday evening at 6.30pm. Both Ralph and Kathryn spoke at all three events and were very well received. But there is much more! At a Sausage Sizzle arranged by our Lion members, a member of the public and a builder approached and by way of conversaon indicated that if a Block of Land could be found he would build a house to be sold to raise funds for the Foundaon. Discussions with the local Kalgoorlie Boulder Council resulted in the possibility of the Council donang a block in Kalgoorlie This was conrmed at the Conference with a block being donated. Unfortunately with the Council being involved they suggested the funds raised would be divided between local Community Organisaons. The Alzheimer’s foundaon will receive approximately one third. When sold in approximately 12 months me it should raise about $450,000.00 to be distributed. This is Huge. If the Kalgoorlie Members had not adversed the fund raising for the foundaon and organised the Conference this may never of happened.

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7 NAME SPONSOR CLUB PETER MERLOT Bassendean ROY LING AGOSTINO PIETRACATELLA City of Perth(Host) MONIKA NAGEL TONY PALLOTTA City of Perth(Host) SALLY ROSS STANLEY FLETCHER City of Perth(Host) KAYE TYSON STANLEY FLETCHER City of Perth(Host) MARCUS TYSON STANLEY FLETCHER City of Perth(Host) ROBERT NELSEN BRENDAN DODD Girrawheen DYLAN DELLA VEDOVA ELIZABETH BROWNER Hannans Goldelds ANTHONY HUNT WAYNE DONOHOE Karratha Dampier COLIN CASTENSEN David Hatch Swan Districts MARGARET MTAMBARA SUE O'BRIEN Victoria Park PETER WILLIAMSON DIANE TAYLOR Victoria Park AUGUST 2017 WELCOME New Members EDITORS CORNER: Thank you to all clubs and District Ocers for your contribuons to the September Newsleer. Please send through photos & arcles for the October Edion. A newsleer will also be circulated in Digital Format which allows any addional content and provides greater picture clarity. SEND YOUR CLUB NEWSLETTER TO DG SUE If you have a club newsleer please send a copy, preferably digital, to DG Sue so that she can keep up with your news and put your club in the running for the annual Best Club Newsleer Award which is judged by the DG of the year and awarded at the District Awards Night. Your club could pick up this very special award. Email: PO Box 823 Jurien Bay WA 6516 Today was Father's Day in Australia and our Club members Mary Hodgson, Philip & Terri Couper and their children Joshua, Brooke & Mia (Leo members) spent the day cooking for Perth's homeless. It was a very busy day today whilst we prepared the meals being a vegetable soup, mains (meet - tuna mornay and vegetarian - pasta with vegetables), desert (blueberry cake and custard). Working in the kitchen and then proceeding into Perth to serve the homeless in World Square Northbridge was a task in itself enjoyed by all there today. Well done everyone and thank you for helping your community and Perth's homeless with Lunch today. WHITFORDS LIONS CLUB

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8 For more informaon contact your LCIF Chairperson Mary-Anne Wolf - Email: Mob: 0400 518 758

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9 LIONESS CLUBS NEWS BROOME LIONESS CLUB They have 18 members presently with one of their main projects being the Bingo Evenings on a weekly basis with some of the proceeds going to Baby Bundles. The Bingo Rae proceeds go to Crawford/Milroy Lodges quarterly, amounng to $1000. Right people enjoying the Bingo evening. Other donaons have been made to the Diamond Netball Club for Indigenous Netball Carnival, and to assist the new Djugun Flames Netball club with starng out equipment. Plus $500.00 sponsorship for 2 local girls going to Perth for Youth Parliament for 1 week. Left - a fun gathering for the Lions Club of Broome Inc. and Lioness Club of Broome at the handover dinner held at the Runway Bar & Restaurant. EXMOUTH LIONESS CLUB Some of Exmouth Lioness projects include a Mega Rae where the prizes consist of tradesmen given their me and eort freely and the proceeds will be split evenly between four local recipients. We provided new acvity equipment for the Play Group. We also have mints at various outlets. Annually we run a weekly Winter bingo for the visitors and the proceeds assist the well used services of the Flying Doctor and the local Ambulance Service. We also have arranged cream teas and sell daodils for the WA Cancer Council on Daodil Day. We provided quality Key Safes for the local Hospital HACC Coordinator to distribute to the elderly they deemed in need of one, this was to aid emergency entry into their properes. There is an ongoing provision of Toiletry Packs to the Hospital which provide basics for those who are emergency paents. We have also provided walking aids that the Hospital said were required. We do four annual raes and the use of a Fairy Floss machine when required. We have two Ladies who are presently learning about the Lioness Club and we hope they will join, and there is another Lady who reres at Christmas and has said she will come to see us then. One of the issues that aects many clubs, is that we do not seem to aract very young women at present, they know who we are what we do but other commitments are oen barriers to their joining us. What a nd? As 1st VDG Luen Chicote was checking out at Exmouth accommodaon on her club visit she found club mints on display! The Lioness Club are really acve in promong the Mints.

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10 DISTRICT CONVENTION 2017 PERTH TOWN HALL REGISTRATION—registraon forms have been circulated. Full registraon for the weekend is $100 if you register by the 20th September. Thereaer registraon will be $130. Please ensure all club members are aware that they should register early. This also makes life a lot easier for the Convenon Commiee. As an added bonus there will be a $100 prize for the 50th Lion to register, $150 prize for the 100th Lion to register and $100 for the 130th Lion to register. If you lucky you will cover your registraon costs. 1. Online registraon - If you are familiar with the online registraon process please visit - The Globalfundraising Plaorm 2. On your Computer - complete the registraon form on your computer. Visit this link - District Convenon Registraon 3. Print - You can also print the registraon form and complete. Visit this link – District Convenon Registraon Post back to the convenon registraon secretary with your cheque or credit card details. If you require any assistance please contact the registraon secretary Tony Palloa - Email - Mob: 0433 280 888. The Convenon Commiee look forward to receiving your registraon forms and welcoming you to Convenon 2017, DISTRICT CABINET MEETING - Sunday 10th September at Gibson Park Community Centre 9am for a 9:30am start. All Lions are welcome to aend as observers on the day. Just let the Cabinet Secretary know that you would like to aend. HEARING BUS DRIVERS: We urgently require any Lions Member with a HR Drivers License to volunteer to take the Hearing Bus to various events. HEARING BUS TESTERS: An urgent appeal to any Lions Member to volunteer as Testers. Full Training will be provided, To both the above posions we would gladly hear from any Lion who would like to be part of the Hearing Bus Team. We are desperately short of volunteers who are available for both mid week and weekend events. It would ideally be suited to Lions within the Perth Metro area as the Bus is garaged in Perth. Please make contact with the LHF Screening Chairman Ivan Sturgess on or 0451 655 808 to discuss. DATES TO REMEMBER & SITUATIONS VACANT Youth of the Year - This posion is sll vacant but we have had a kind oer from our State Coordinator Margaret Amm to assist with the role unl a Lion in W1 takes on the posion. Margaret’s contact details – Email - Mob: 0419 195 549. Please get into contact with Margaret if you require any informaon on Youth of the Year. If you are interested in taking on the posion of YOTY Chairperson please contact DG Sue Lowe for more details on this posion - 9652 2212 |0404 288 511 DISTRICT 201W1 CONVENTION Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd October. Hosted by the Lions Club City of Perth (Host). DISTRICT 201W2 CONVENTION Friday 6th to Sunday 8th October. Hosted by the Freemantle Lions Club. CONVENTION RAFFLE Every year the Convenon Commiee also sell rae ckets to help oset the cost of Convenon. Sue McDonald is the Convenon Rae Coordinator. Sue endeavoured to contact all clubs prior to the circulaon of rae books. Rae books have now been circulated and should be with your clubs. The cost of ckets is only $2 with ten ckets per book. First prize of $1000, 2nd prize $500 and 3rd prize $200. Payment details - Bank Details – BSB 036-011, Account No 553-721. Reference - club name rae Cheque made payable to District 201W1 Convenon 2017.

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11 NEWSLETTERS FROM CLUBS AND FOUNDATIONS Click anywhere on the two newsleersto open a Digital Brochure

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12 Australian Lionsonoz in Acon For the past 5 years Lionsonoz member John Matheson has been collecng used spectacles at the Palm Lake Resort at Eagleby, Queensland. He placed 2 collecon boxes in the village and has been able to collect over 1000 pairs of used spectacles to become part of the Lions Sight First Program. Lion John collects these on behalf of the Lions Club of Ormeau in District 201Q1 and in August this year he handed over a further 130 pairs when he aended a dinner meeng of the Club. Australian Lionsonoz members earn service hours by assisng “main stream” Lions Clubs in this way. Lion John recommends to other Lions that the simple maer of construcng collecon boxes and placing them in strategic locaons such as Rerement Villages, Shopping Centres, Optometrists and other likely places certainly pays o. The boxes need only to be serviced once a month but the spectacles, aer being cleaned and graded and distributed to developing countries are a valuable item in the Lions Sight First Program. Australian Lionsonoz Centenary Celebraons Australian Lionsonoz started their existence as a Branch Club of the Wooli Lions Club in 2007. To commemorate their foundaon a bronze plaque was erected on a brand new BBQ table in Wooli NSW. This table and picnic shelter was erected by the Graon City Council for this very purpose. Aer many years of negoaons with Lionsonoz, the Graon Lions Clubs and the Graon City Council this unveiling ceremony was conducted to coincide with DG John Davis’s rst Cabinet meeng which was held at Wooli. This became part of the District 201N1 eorts to mark the Lions Clubs Internaonal Centenary celebraons. Lions from many parts of Australia and locals from the Wooli area as well as Graon and District witnessed the unveiling ceremony on a windy but ne Saturday morning 29th July 2017. Australian Lionsonoz Club President Hazel Pickwell, together with DG John Davis performed the unveiling of the Plaque following speeches by Lion Yvie Kearns the Charter President of Lionsonoz and Lion Marge Ollis who outlined the objects of Australian Lionsonoz. Emcee dues were performed by PDG Peter Veryard, the District Governor at the me of the formaon of Australian Lionsonoz. Coordinator of the project Lion Je Mo and Lions Lady Lynn performed the cung of the Centenary Cake. President Hazel said “This Plaque commemorates the life of Australian Lionsonoz. We are now 8 years old. We are only a young Club but it’s somewhere we can come back to our roots here and hopefully we can all meet up again at this spot someme in the future.” PDG Lion Warren White. Lionsonoz member Lion John Matheson handing over 130 pairs of used spectacles to Lion Pauline Weatheby, President of the Lions club of Ormeau Members of Australian Lionsonoz at the purpose built picnic area at Wooli prior to the unveiling of the Plaque.