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District Newsletter Oct 17

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1 201W1 NEWSLETTER HUMANITARIAN SERVICE, DISASTER RELIEF, MEDICAL RESEARCH, SIGHT & THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF YOUTH WE SERVE OCTOBER 2017 I am very impressed by the one I have received to date from Floreat Lions, but yours may be even beer. If you have any quesons please contact Mal who’s details are in the diary. Guiding Lion Programme Your Guiding Lions have been extremely successful recently in supporng their allocated clubs. We are recovering our way and our club strengths through this programme. Diabetes Diabetes aects one in every 12 people in our world. I had no idea. We now have diabetes as our major focus for the next ve years. Over the next ve years Lions can make a dierence. To our quote Internaonal President ‘Addressing the threat posed by diabetes will be our biggest challenge yet, but Lions have always risen to the challenge’. November is the month for your club to select an acvity to promote awareness, provide screening or some other diabec related acvity. We would love to be ooded with your photos of these acvies to publish in your District Newsleer. This link will help you get underway How to Organise a Diabetes Screening Come on, lets leap into acon District Governor Sue Lowe Leap into the future The SLowe Express Convenon - Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd October If you would like to aend everything please complete the form, ignore the prices and send your money and form to the Convenon Secretary Tony Palloa. If you would like to aend selected funcons ck the ones you want to aend. It will not cost you more than $100. The prices on the list are the convenon commiee’s way of leng you know what a great deal you are receiving. Visitaons 1stVDG Luen, 2ndVDG and I have been enjoying visits to clubs around the district. Many thanks to those clubs who shied meeng dates to accommodate the team’s travel. As is oen the case, we must organise our travel in the cheapest possible way to ensure we achieve value for money. News from the last Cabinet Meeng Mary – Anne Wolf reminds club that they must join Australian Lions Foundaon to parcipate in the funding programme. Our District’s target LCIF target is $32 000. Please remember to donate to this wonderful foundaon which gives far more to our country than we return. The sale of Measles pins is going well with all 100 taken up by clubs. If your club has taken some pins please ensure you send your cheque made out to LCIF and notated One Shot One Life on the reverse to Cabinet Treasurer Jill Tunmer. Cancer Chair Leonie Gey advises ‘if you use the ultra-light when you get your nails done then you also should consider strongly geng your body checked for skin cancer’. Maggie Beer & Lion Ralph Marns have collaborated on a book Recipe for life with part prots allocated to Lions Alzheimer’s Research Foundaon. Mal Miskelly advises that the post mark date for Peace Poster entries is 15 November. Official Publication of Lions District 201W1 EDITOR RICHARD TUNMER PO Box 2524 Malaga WA 6944 (M) 0415 089 938(H) (08) 9209 1358 email : DISTRICT NEWSLETTER Published First Week of Every Month District Newsleer copy deadline: 25th of the preceding month WEST LION October 2017 COPY DEADLINE September 2017 DG Sue Lowe with Morley Lion President Les Truman

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2 BENCUBBIN & DISTRICTS LIONS CLUB 40TH CHARTER ANNIVERSSARY The Lions Club of Bencubbin and Districts held their 40th charter anniversary celebraon on the weekend of 22-24 September 2017. To honour this occasion they held a series of funcons starng with a welcome dinner on Friday night followed by a bus tour of the surrounding districts where they visited Mukinbudin Men's shed, Granite rock, Beacon men's shed and Sandalwood Dray amongst other places of interest. Aer a quick rest all put on their nery for the 40th Celebraon Anniversary Dinner. Here we learnt of the funnier side of the club with anecdotes of the misdemeanours of past and present members. We honoured the 3 remaining Charter members by presenng them with their 40 year monarch cercate and tabs. With some heads heavier than others we all assembled for a delicious breakfast cooked by the very able Lions members. With full tummies we headed outside to learn about a project run in the 1980's, the great game of marbles. Aer listening with interest we were chorused into a marble challenge against the district champion. Lest we say we were completely out marbled but had a great me trying again and again to out marble the champ. To round o the weekend we paid honour to a great Lion who created the most renowned sausages in the district an annual event where the club took over his butcher and made sausages for the great sausage sizzle. I am sure they came close in recreang the sausages but I have a feeling not quite. Vale Mike Thomas long may you be remembered. Thank you for the wonderful weekend, you did yourselves proud. hps:// marbles. L to R LP Ronald Collins, Berwyn Walker, PDG Rob Meney and Georey Morgan Receiving their 40 year Charter Monarch

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4 DIAMOND DEEDS CONVENTION PERTH TOWN HALL 20th to 22nd OCTOBER 2017 REGISTRATION NEWSFLASH - registraon has been extended to the 13th October and the cost is only $100.00 for all the events. When registering please indicate the events that you are aending and if the cost is over $100 all you have to pay is $100.00. All details, including payment details can be found on the registraon form. To download a registraon form please visit this link - Convenon Registraon - if you have an issue with the download please let me or the Convenon Team know and we will forward a copy of the registraon form to you. Important - if you are only aending the Convenon on Saturday with no events you sll need to send through a registraon form. 100th REGISTRATION - the lucky 100th Lion to register is Richard Cox from the Srling Lions Club and he wins $150. We are heading towards the 130th registraon, will you be the lucky Lion to win $100 and cover your registraon cost. Get your registraon form in now. As this is our last District Newsleer before Convenon we would like to go over a view details with you - 1. Convenon Booths - Perth Town Hall lower foyer. Setup me is from 11 am to 3 pm. Drop-o is on Hay Street. Lions will be available to assist with your unloading. Please visit this Google Map to view Hay Street in relaon to the Perth Town Hall. 2. Convenoneers - drop-o is also on Hay Street and Lions and Leos will be their to assist you in nding your way around. For items 1 and 2 please refer to the Google Map above. 3. Club Banners - please bring your club banner with you to be used as part of the décor. 3. Convenon Rae - please return rae books in the provided addressed envelope as soon as possible. Please make cheques payable to - District 201W1 Convenon2017 or you can do a direct deposit - BSB 036-011 Account No 553-721 – reference “Club Name Rae”. Any queries you can contact Sue McDonald - CONVENTION ACCOMMODATION & PARKING A newsleer was circulated that covered accommodaon and parking in detail. If you missed it please visit this link –Accommodaon & Parking You don’t need to travel alone to Convenon. Speak to you club members or other clubs in your vicinity and organise a taxi or small bus and have a lile fun and fellowship in travelling to Convenon. A full list of clubs aending Convenon will be in our District Newsleer that will be circulated early next week. GUEST SPEAKERS – there are a number of excellent keynote guest speakers who will be taking part at our Convenon. Lion Rob Oerlemans Execuve Ocer (Lions Club of Hunter Business) is the Council's principal sta ocer, exercising overall management responsibility for Council's operaons. Rob will be addressing one of the most important areas of Lions – Membership Retenon. We recruit many people successfully to our organisaon, but when I’m with you, I’d like to have a conversaon about what we can do to keep our teams together, for longer. Lions Clubs that are successful in keeping their teams happy, sased, healthy and focussed achieve more and provide a beer experience from their members. Lion Robyn Falloon (President Victoria Quilters Lions Club) has been a Lion for 12 years and her address at our Convenon will be on Lions Families Diversity and Communies. It is excing to be sharing some ideas and praccal strategies through my own personal experiences, and as Chairperson for the Lions 50/50 Pathway Team under the Mulple District Global Membership Team. Exploring ideas to meet member needs is equally important as serving community needs. It is basically as simple as: if we don't have members, we can't deliver service! Issues relang to me, distance, family commitments, demands of employment and more, have increasingly become a constant juggle for many people – a fact which inuences decisions and priories about joining Lions. Opening pathways into Lions for these people may involve change and new thinking. Generang an insighul atude of understanding, and of valuing our volunteer teams, along with the freedom to open our minds to new ideas will help to steer your clubs into a wonderful, welcoming and fun place. Support your Convenon Team and register now. There is a week to go before the nal cut-o on the 13th October.

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5 DISTRICT GOVERNOR SUE’ S TRAVELS TOODYAY LIONS CLUB VISIT Seated in the centre is Lion Eric Fetch and Lions Lady Shirley. Middle row is Pru Ward and Lions Lady Shiona Mc Master. Back row Lion Glenn Courtney, Lions Lady Robyn Kuhn, Lionsonoz member Lion Rhonda Courtney, Lion Norbet Kuhn, former Lion Mark Scarlet, Lion Bruce Mc Master, Lion Ken Pellow and Coolah Lions President Quinton Hutchinson. A combined total Lions Service of over 200 years. MORLEY LIONS CLUB VISIT HANNANS GOLDFIELD LIONS CLUB VISIT Hannan's Lions are so busy its hard to see how they manage meengs. It was a pleasure to present a few monarch awards and to see some of their community programs. KALGOORLIE LIONS CLUB VISIT

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6 NAME SPONSOR CLUB SALVATORE GASSIRA ALFRED SCOLARO Kalamunda SCOTT EDWARDES Kingsley Woodvale CHITRAL JAYASINGHE SHERIDAN VERE-BOWLES-HUNT Perth Eye Instute KEITH HARVEY KEITH HARVEY Wanneroo PETER KATSAMBANIS PHILIP COUPER Whiords SEPTEMBER 2017 WELCOME New Members EDITORS CORNER: Thank you to all clubs and District Ocers for your contribuons to the October Newsleer. Please send through photos & arcles for the October Edion. A newsleer will also be circulated in Digital Format which allows any addional content and provides greater picture clarity. SEND YOUR CLUB NEWSLETTER TO DG SUE If you have a club newsleer please send a copy, preferably digital, to DG Sue so that she can keep up with your news and put your club in the running for the annual Best Club Newsleer Award which is judged by the DG of the year and awarded at the District Awards Night. Your club could pick up this very special award. Email: PO Box 823 Jurien Bay WA 6516 MERCY HEALTH VOLUNTEERS I am the Lifestyle and Volunteer Coordinator for WA for Mercy Health. Mercy Health has six aged care homes in the metropolitan area. I am currently looking for volunteers to assist with the lifestyle programs at each home. This involves being social and helping out with physical and mental acvies. It can be as easy as having a cup of tea with an elderly resident or playing a board game with a group of residents. Could the Lions assist in this way, please? Please contact Bronwyn Cro, Lifestyle and Volunteer Coordinator, Mercy Health W.A. State Oce, 60 John St Northbridge W.A. Email: mailto:bcro Phone: 0417 490 254 Web: hps:// CHANGE OF EMAIL ADDRESS - Children of Courage Chairperson - Pauline Song Youth of the Year Chairperson - Bill Yeo

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7 LION RON FREESTONE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CHAIRPERSON DISTRICT 201W1 2017/18 Each month we will be featuring our District Ocers, not only to put faces to names but to learn a lile about their District porolio, service history in Lions and in their community. Ron joined the Ellenbrook Lions Club on 11th July 2009 and during that me has served the club as President for three terms from 2011 to 2014 and Secretary for two terms from 2015 to 2017. He created a website for the club in 2009 and connues as their webmaster as well as managing the Facebook page he created for his club. On a much broader note in his role with 201W1’s cabinet, he created a website for our District as well as one for 201W2 plus a Facebook page for Lions in Western Australia. Ron has been the OZ Clubhouse website support webmaster for the 800 plus clubs around Australia who use the website system. Since February 2014, he has set up 145 websites and received 2700 emails. He has received the following awards: Melvin Jones Fellowship Tom Cameron Award Best Club Website award in our District from 2009 thru to 2016 Top Promoter of Lions in our District from 2014 thru to 2016 Lions Australia MD 201 Outstanding Achievement award 2016/2017 He is heavily involved in various local community events/commiees He also broadcasts a weekly live Country & Western music show on the local community radio staon, 88.5fm, and in doing so promotes Lions. UNITED NATIONS VISIT Thank you Lions and the United Naons. Today was an important day and the introducon of our new Service Framework of Diabetes could not have come at a more urgent me. With the UN declaring "sugar is more dangerous than guns" and with Diabetes esmated to become the 7th leading cause of death globally by 2030, we all have a role to play in combang Diabetes. This will be a day I will never forget. Seeing rsthand what Lions, as an organisaon (together with our global relaonships) is able to do makes me extremely proud to be a Lion. Having aended the United Naons in New York last year, and now the United Naons in Geneva today, and hearing from senior UN ocials, the World Health Organisaon and our own Lions UN ambassadors underpins our commitment to global service. At Lions - We Serve. Philip Couper Whiord Lions Club President 201W1 Leo's Chairperson 201W1 Public Relaons Chairperson

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8 NEWSLETTERS FROM CLUBS AND FOUNDATIONS WANNEROO LIONS CLUB The Aus Read program was rst introduced into Ellenbrook Primary School by its Principal and Librarian in 2010. They realised the need to provide class teachers with resources to promote cultural awareness, literacy skills and knowledge about the Australian way of life. The books range in a vast number of topics, from Aussie cricket and kangaroos to Indigenous Dreamme stories. Pictured is President Lion Sue Mcdonald presenng an AUS read book package to Tapping Primary School. Just click any on the newsleers to view.

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9 WA LIONS HALL OF FAME A Joint Project of Lions Districts 201W1 & W2 Chairman PDG Wally Barrett, OAM 2017 WA LIONS HALL OF FAME DINNER As previously advised, a Black Tie Dinner will be held on Friday 3rd November 2017, to recognise the Lions who have been nominated by their Clubs and to announce the 2017 inductees into the WA Lions Hall of Fame. The venue will again be the Parmelia Hilton Hotel, Hill St, Perth at 7.00pm for 7.30pm. Cost of the Dinner will be $115.00. (No charge for NEW Nominees.) Please visit this link - Hall of Fame - where you will nd an invitaon to Club Presidents, Members and Family, Friends and Supporters of those Lions who have been nominated to the WA Lions Hall of Fame, either this year or in the past two years. Please come along and support this important event in the WA Lions calendar, parcularly those Clubs that have Nominees. We look forward to a good turnout on the night. Yours in Lions, PDG Wally Barre, OAM Chairman WA Lions Hall of Fame Commiee 2017 Home: (08) 9531 2339 Mobile: 0407 778 235 Email: KALGOORLIE LIONS CLUB Kalgoorlie Lions raising awareness on World Alzheimer's Day for the Lions Alzheimer's Foundaon in St Barbara's Square. NORTH BEACH LIONS CLUB North Beach Lions have held their Walkathon at Carine Open Space. It was a beauful sunny morning with perfect condions for a most enjoyable walk. Members obtained sponsors and also 1st VDG Luen Chicote, 4 members from Duncraig Lions aended along with representaves from Carine Riding for the Disabled. Funds raised will be donated to Carine Riding for the Disabled. Our Club would like to thank Marita Keenan for organising this most successful Walkathon. NOTE: Please forward all Cheques and Booking Forms to WA Lions Hall of Fame Commiee Secretary, PDG Allan Cooper, PO Box 182, APPLECROSS, WA, 6953. 2016 - PDG John (Jack) Sells Nominated by the Lions Club of Whiord receiving his award from PDG Je Needham.

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11 LIONS LOOK FOR THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE WHO LENDS A HELPING HAND TO OTHERS THROUGH COUNTRY MUSIC SINCE 1994 THE PEEL VALLEY LIONS CLUB OF TAMWORTH has recognised a member of the Australian country music industry for voluntary service given to the community through his or her connecon to the genre. Awardees range from well-known stars, songwriters, musicians, media personalies through to couples and the reless workers behind the scenes from country music clubs throughout the country. Over the 24 years the award has honoured the quiet achievers who have seldom, if ever, sought recognion or superlaves for their charity and community eorts. President Amanda Gwalter announced that nominaons for the 2018 award are now being accepted and anybody may nominate someone (via your local Lions Club) who they think are deserving of the recognion. “Anyone with a country music connecon who has given of their me and talent to assist charity through their music is eligible,” Amanda said. “It may be someone who entertains members of their community, works on major country music fundraising events, or something as simple as giving their me for free to help out in caring and support programs.” Nominees don’t have to be Lions Club members but nominaons need to be made through your local Lions Club and must be made in wring to: The Secretary, Peel Valley Lions Club, PO Box 957, Tamworth, NSW, 2340 or via email to and need to be in by December 18, 2017. A panel will si through the nominaons and the 25th Peel Valley Lions Club Australian Country Music Service Award will be presented during the 46th Tamworth Country Music Fesval in January 2018. The recipient will receive a one-o trophy craed by respected arst Fred Hillier and will also be given the opportunity to nominate a charity to receive a $500 donaon on his/her behalf from Peel Valley Lions Club. Enquiries should be directed to Terry Hill on (02) 6765 6042, Jon Wolfe on 0478 040 167 or email Previous recipients include: 1994 - Bruce Moser, Vic. 1995 - Rocky Page, SA. 1996 - Olive Bice, Vic. 1997 – Lorraine Ptzner, NSW. 1998 – Carol Lockhart, NSW. 1999 – Desree-Ilona Crawford, Qld. 2000 - Merle & Graeme Gillis, Vic. 2001 – Shirley Llewellyn, NSW. 2002 – Bob Gray, NSW. 2003 – Peter Sheahan, Vic. 2004 – Peg & Ivan Spann, Qld. 2005 – Johnny Doyle, Vic. 2006 – Noel Smith, SA. 2007 – Frank Turton, SA. 2008 – Brian Leon, NSW. 2009 – Kay Willis/ Barry Johnston, NSW. 2010 – Chris Doyle, Qld. 2011 – ‘Bidge’ Boyd ,Vic 2012 – ‘Cactus’ Martens, S.A. 2013—Murray Mac, S.A BRIGHTEN YOUR DAY - just click to view

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12 Australian Lionsonoz members, Lions Jan and Bernie Donchi, spent some valuable me with Manilla Lions during AgQuip 2017 in Gunnedah. Manilla Lions were very short on numbers to work the Santa Gertrudis BBQ stand for the three days of AgQuip, so Jan and Bernie oered their services. Another Australian Lionsonoz member, Lion Warren White, worked during the rst day, and Jan and Bernie connued for the following two. Queues during lunchme extended well down the road from the BBQ stand, indicang that Santa Gertrudis was the steak of the day. Australian Lionsonoz members seek out the “local” Lions Club in towns they visit to assist in their projects while they are there. Australian Lionsonoz members quite oen visit Lions Clubs as visitors while travelling this great land of ours. Recently Lion Rhonda Courtney of Australian Lionsonoz visited the Lions Club of Coolah in District 201N3 to help her former Club celebrate a signicant milestone. Lion Eric Fetch, together with his Lions Lady Shirley have served their Lions Club, Coolah for 50 years, a ne and impressive eort. Lion Eric joined Coolah Lions in September 1967, within two years of the formaon of the Club. Eric has been and sll is an acve member of Lions and the only posion he has not held is Lion Tamer. His wife Shirley has been there as his support for all these years and connues to assist whenever needed. Eric connues to organize and run the local driver reviver at the Coolah Silo Site which is one of the most used Driver Reviver stops in NSW and is well known for its reliable opening mes. A dinner was held at the Local Sporng Club in his honour and in recognion Eric was presented with his 50 years Monarch Award and a special keepsake honouring both his and Shirley’s years of service to Lions. Australian Lionsonoz in Acon Bernie and Jan Donchi at the Santa Gertrudis BBQ stall at AgQuip. Seated in the centre is Lion Eric Fetch and Lions Lady Shirley. Middle row is Pru Ward and Lions Lady Shiona Mc Master. Back row Lion Glenn Courtney, Lions Lady Robyn Kuhn, Lionsonoz member Lion Rhonda Courtney, Lion Norbet Kuhn, former Lion Mark Scarlet, Lion Bruce Mc Master, Lion Ken Pellow and Coolah Lions President Quinton Hutchinson. A combined total Lions Service of over 200 years.