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District Newsletter Nov 17

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1 201W1 NEWSLETTER HUMANITARIAN SERVICE, DISASTER RELIEF, MEDICAL RESEARCH, SIGHT & THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF YOUTH WE SERVE NOVEMBER 2017 Many of you will remember the disaster that aected the town when Clive Woodcock’s store burnt down a few years ago. The re caused a lot of damage and chemical contaminaon to the nearby Lions Park. We went to visit the park again when we were there and what an amazing dierence these members have made. The park is beauful again. Lions working together with community; it works. Finally, I would like to invite members to both the dinner on Saturday 2 December and the Sunday 3 Cabinet Luncheon to celebrate with your cabinet members. Last me we tried to hold a Saturday night dinner we ended up with just two people interested. We are giving it another try. More details will be available soon. We are looking forward to your company. Leap into the future The SLowe Express Our District Convenon has been held and we have some great outcomes with all Foundaon posions lled and we have Luen Chicote as our new District Governor Elect and Allan Lowe as our new First Vice District Governor Elect. Congratulaons Lions and thank you for taking on these roles. District and Club Constuons Our Constuon & By-Laws team are working on the District Constuon and By Laws which have nally been returned with comments from the state government aer apparently geng lost. Things are now clear on the changes required and these will be discussed and then checked by a lawyer to ensure we are on track. The wheels are turning slowly. Once this has been completed we should be able to provide a standard club constuon to allow clubs to lodge individual constuons which comply with our Lions Clubs Internaonal requirements. Not long now. The past month has been hecc! Visitaons to clubs have almost concluded, both W2 and W1 convenons have been held and Allan and I have also aended the AGM of the Hearing Foundaon and Dryandra Woodland Village. The AGM went smoothly and there was a huge surprise when the hall was reopened aer a massive refurbishment in line with heritage guidelines. The hall has been renamed to McDougal Hall in recognion of this wonderful family’s service to Dryandra. We appear to have driven around 20 000 km since the beginning of July which is amazing and I thought not possible; but the car does need yet another service and the log books prove the distances your country District Governor must travel. One of those trip was to visit with Northampton Lions. Official Publication of Lions District 201W1 EDITOR RICHARD TUNMER PO Box 2524 Malaga WA 6944 (M) 0415 089 938(H) (08) 9209 1358 email : DISTRICT NEWSLETTER Published First Week of Every Month DG Sue Lowe addressing the District 201W2 Convenon in Freemantle. DG Sue Lowe chang to Lions at the W1 Convenon

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2 KALGOORLIE LIONS CLUB CHILDREN OF COURAGE On Saturday October 28 at the Kalgoorlie Council C Y O’Connor Hall, the Kalgoorlie Lions Club held its annual Children of Courage Award, an award introduced in 1983 to recognise a very special group of young Western Australians and their families. The awards for the children seek to act as an encouragement for their future, help them believe in themselves and help to increase their self-worth. The awards recognise children in the categories of Special Needs, Courageous Acts of Deeds, or Outstanding Sporng Achievements. This year all the Children came from the Special Needs category. These children who have had challenges such as ausm, foetal alcohol spectrum disorder, and cancer and have managed to face these condions with a smile and stoicism. The 5 award winners this year were Elizabeth (Lizzy) Jones, Charloe Cheesman, Starla McDermo, Korbyn McDermo and Ben Waide. The Vice President of the Kalgoorlie Lions Club, Russell Pennifold states that the award is not about winning or losing, but is simply a recognion of what challenges these children have had to face and how well they have risen above these challenges to not only survive, but to also thrive. They face challenges that most children do not have to deal with, and it is important to take me to reect on what they have achieved. The award also recognises the parents and guardians of these special children, for their inuence on allowing them to thrive. The Children this year were all acve competors and aended sports and athlecs through the Kalgoorlie Disabled Sports Associaon. The award, however is open to any child who has achieved something remarkable in the previous year. Each child was presented with a special medallion and following the ceremony a light lunch with refreshments was held. The Kalgoorlie Lions Club seeks to hold the funcon yearly.

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3 NORTHAMPTON LIONS PARK—A GREAT SUCCESS STORY Northampton Lions Club received Community Chest funding to re-establish the Lions Park aer substanal re and chemical spill damage. The park is located in the middle of town and is used by locals and visitors and will be the only 'publicly accessible nature-based playground in Northampton'. The Northampton Lions have received nancial assistance from their shire and from local businesses. The result is perfect. A lot of hard work and persistence is topped o by the perfect Lion statue which has been painted to impress on visitors that this is indeed a Lions Park.

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5 DISTRICT CONVENTION 2017 PERTH TOWN HALL Congratulaons to the Lions Club of City of Perth Host and their commiee for organising and running a successful Convenon over three days. We had some great guest speakers with our Execuve Oce Rob Oelemans and 50/50 Pathway Chairman Robyn Falloon. Razzmataz presented cheques to many worthy organisaons to the value of $64 000.00. A pictorial account of District Convenon 2017 can be found in the Disgital Brochure. District Governor Sue Lowe opening District Convenon 2017 Impressive hand made quilt with sewing done by Columba Sparta on le presented to the Deputy Lord Mayor James Limnios on right. DG Sue in the middle. The Deputy Lord Mayor with his thanks said that he had never received such a fantasc gi.

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6 The Lions Youth Of The Year Programme will be taking place again this year. There are clubs who have already started approaching schools in their area to oer this programme to students. As the new district Youth of the Year chair, I will give my support to these clubs and the club chairs. All clubs are welcome to take part. The dates to keep in mind are your club judging should be completed by the 28th of February 2018. Zone nals, if required, will take place on the 10th and 11th of March 2018. The district nal for 201W1 will be held on Saturday the 24th of March 2018 and the district nal for 201W2 will be held on Sunday the 25th of March. The Western Australian state nal will be held on Saturday the 7th of April 2018. The naonal nal will be held at the mulple district convenon in Townsville, QLD, in early May 2018 (Date to be conrmed-most likely Monday the 7th) It is important to let the students know the dates that they may be required to compete so that they can plan appropriately. The students should be aged between 15 and under 19 as at the 30th of June 2018. If you need more informaon just contact me. There is also a link on our Australian Lions website to Youth of the Year. Good luck to the clubs and all the students who take part, PDG Colin Heap Email: MOB: 0417898394 Our Centennial celebraon is sll connuing unl June 2018. Your club sll has plenty of me to complete a legacy project in your community as a gi to celebrate our century of service. Diabetes has also now been added to the centennial service challenge and your club can hold an event to raise funds , screen or raise awareness in your community about the growing problem that Diabetes represents. The areas of Youth, Environment, Sight and Hunger are also sll areas to work at and when your club has a project to support the challenge, make sure that you post an esmate of the number of people served when reporng these projects on the My LCI site. PDG Colin Heap Happy Clubs hp:// A Club Care and Retenon Strategy developed by the MD GMT to address membership sasfacon and retenon 2017 The key to keeping your club healthy, happy and strong involves operang your club eecvely and keeping members sased. Create a Lions club experience your members will want to tell their family and friends about! Choose the tools that work best for your club and are easily kept up-to-date. Membership Sasfacon Guide hp:// It sounds so good but unless you get started it just wont happen. Click on to the links above and get the informaon that will help you achieve. Find out if your members are happy with the way your club operates. Make the changes that will keep your club happy and relevant and sasfy your members needs. New Member Orientaon IMPROVE CLUB QUALITY How to Keep Your Members Coming Back How to Manage a Happy Club

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7 NAME SPONSOR CLUB BARRY ROWLES RON CZISLOWSKI Broome GIN MOODLEY JOAN SETH Carnarvon LEONIE FARROW HALINA YOUNG City of Perth(Host) FRANK PAOLINO ALDO BERTOGNA City of Perth(Host) OCTOBER 2017 WELCOME New Members EDITORS CORNER: Thank you to all clubs and District Ocers for your contribuons to the November Newsleer. Please send through photos & arcles for the December Edion. A newsleer will also be circulated in Digital Format which allows any addional content and provides greater picture clarity. DISTRICT CABINET MEETING - Sunday 3rd December 2017 at Gibson Park Community Centre 9 am for a 9:30 am start. Arcle in the Kalgoorlie Miner when the District Governor Sue Lowe came for a visit. HANNANS GOLDFIELDS LIONS CLUB If you are interested in celebrang Christmas with your Cabinet Ocers come along to the Christmas luncheon at Gibson Community Centre. An invitaon will be sent to all clubs soon. BALLAJURA & ELLENBROOK LIONS Ellenbrook had their train and Ballajura were selling Christmas Cakes at the Ballajura City Fair on the 4th November.

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8 LIONS EYE INSTITUTE 1st Vice District Governor Luen Chicte’s last Club visit for this year was at the Perth Eye Instute. I was very privileged and humbled with the gi of the tour of the new clinic by Professor David Mackey. I encourage all Lions Clubs of Western Australia to support this Lions Lounge to help fund our researches there. All photos 1st VDG Luen Chicote with Professor David Mackey. Above - members from Duncraig, North Beach, Whiord and Canning City Lion Clubs in the city collecng at the Carillon Centre for the Perth Children's Hospital Foundaon. With mascot Stches.

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9 Lions Oz Read Programme is sll alive and well in the Ballajura area as another year passes us by. Alinjarra Primary School: Ballajura Primary School: Illawarra Primary School: Mary MacKillop Catholic Community Primary School and South Ballajura Primary School have been presented with $200 worth of Australian based books for their school libraries over the past month. A representave from the Ballajura Lions Club aended the ve school assemblies to do the presentaons and really enjoyed being a guest of the sta and students. The sta always comments on the advantages of promong the Australian side of literature to the students. The parng comment is usually “see you next year” We have become part of the school with our annual visits. BALLAJURA LIONS CLUB OZ READ PROGRAMME ANOTHER YEAR OLDER Le Jill Middlemass presenng Oz Read books to the South Ballajura Primary School. EAR SCIENCE INSTITUTE AUSTRALIA The Ear Science Instute Australia are carrying out a research study to invesgate the associaon between the hearing loss and demena. They are looking for research parcipants who would be interested in taking part in the study. They will be do a full hearing assessment on all of the research parcipants so that would be very useful for them. This study has been approved by the UWA ethics commiee. Please click to view a copy of the Informaon Sheet If you would like to apply to this worthy research study, please contact Dona Jayakody, Senior Research Audiologist at the Ear Science Instute Australia on :- Tel: 6457 0541 or Email: If you have any quesons please let me know. Many thanks Chrisna Smelt Chairman, Lions Hearing Foundaon Email: TEL: 9344 4796 MOB: 0417 170 058 R to L - PDG Colin Heap and PDG Ivan Sturgess with the Hearing Bus

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10 LIONS DRYANDRA WOODLAND VILLAGE The McDougall family have been involved with the village since its incepon in 1972. Gordon has been on the various commiees, work teams and the board all that me. Yvonne, his wife has also been a secretary, caretaker and helper in many ways. Other members of the family, his brothers rick and John have also been involved in many ways with the village. We rook the opportunity to rename the hall McDougall Hall in recognion of their commitment to the village. Above McDougall Hall. Below Greg Durell and Chris Stewart of Parked and Wildlife. The plaque reads “Restoraon of this Hall was made possible with the support and funding from the Department of Biodiversity Conservaon and Aracons”. EXTRACTS FROM THE AGM AND CHAIRMAN’S REPORT DONATIONS - Lions clubs throughout the state have been very generous. Donaons this year are up almost one third on last year. I have no doubt that the increase is in part due to the terric work done by our two District Chairs Hans and Roger. PLAYGROUND - Board members have been busy seeking out examples of playgrounds that would be suitable for the village, but we have yet to move forward on this issue. Above - the opening of the McDougall Hall. DG Sue in green Lions shirt. We connue to make repairs where necessary to exisng equipment and hope to make some major decisions in the new year. To view the full report from the AGM please visit this link - Dryandra AGM and Chairman’s Report

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11 BROOME LIONESS CLUB Broome Lioness Club has 16 members and are very acve in their community. Some of their projects include baby bundles, weekly bingo including a bingo rae. Quarterly proceeds of $1000 from the rae go to the Crawford/Milroy Lodges. They are now into the planning of the Mango Fesval Quiz night to be held on Thursday 23rd November. A Mango cakes, chutney and jams tasng will take place on Saturday 25th November where they will be helping the Broome Lions Club. The Broome Lioness club along with the Broome Lions Club have been awarded the 2018 District Convenon so a busy year lies ahead. EXMOUTH LIONESS CLUB The Lioness Club of Exmouth have been doing quite a few things this year. At present they have 14 members. Some of the projects include a Mega Rae where the prizes consist of tradesmen given their me and eort freely and the proceeds will be split evenly between four local recipients. Last year we provided new acvity equipment for the Play Group. Annually we run a weekly Winter bingo for the visitors and the proceeds assist the well used services of the Flying Doctor and the local Ambulance Service. We also provide cream teas and sell daodils for the WA Cancer Council on Daodil Day. We provided quality Key Safes for the local Hospital HACC Coordinator to distribute to the elderly they deemed in need of one, this was to aid emergency entry into their properes. There is an ongoing provision of Toiletry Packs to the Hospital which provide basics for those who are emergency paents. A couple of years ago we provided walking aids that the Hospital said were required. They also do four annual raes and the use of the Fairy Floss machine if required. We have two Ladies who are presently learning about the Lioness Club and we hope they will join, and there is another Lady who reres at Christmas and has said she will come to see us then. Since the rst of July we have banked $3733.00. With a further $2,379.90 being for the Mega rae that we are holding. We have donated $1,500.00 to the Cancer Council from Daodil Day, $1,500.00 to RFDS from Bingo and $300.00 to the Salvaon Army. On Thursday 12th October we inducted a new member by the name of Lorraine Sharp. A LITTLE BIT OF NASTOLGIA FROM LION ALF WALTON Alf has been a member of Lions for more than 40 years and is currently with the Swan Districts Lions Club. With regards to the picture on le Alf and his wife Lois last met Keith and Lorri Jones and family at the Merriden Lions Club 40th anniversary. Swan Districts Lions Club was the sponsor of Merridin Lions Club. Keith Jones was the current W2 DG at this event and other vising Lions present were DG Robin & Regina Dixon W1, Rob & Pat Meney W1, Arthur & Dora Bushe Jones W2 & Harold Lorek who was a charter member of Merriden Lions Club. It was a great weekend meeng up with many Lions who we only see at these special occasions. The Jone’s who travelled from Booyup Brook provided us with a lile Country & Western music with Keith on guitar and Lorri vocals. Above a picture of the Jone’s family take at a show in 1977. Keith was the District Governor of W2 for the 2006/7 Lionisc year.

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12 MARCH TO MAY MEMBERSHIP START PLANNING NOW Informaon will be available in January for the March to May Membership campaign. If your club starts planning now you will be ahead of the crowd. The programme will run from 1 March to 31 May 2018. There will be free campaign material provided by Mulple District including a yers and script to help you adverse. As soon as these resources are available clubs will be noed. Get your date and locaon set soon to allow you to use your resources eecvely.