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District Newsletter March 19 :

MARCH 2019
Subsequent to the 9th December 2018 Cabinet Meeng, I
can conrm the following:
PDG Barry Middleton welcomed UK PDG Nigel Folkard to
their Victoria Park Lions Club social meeng and I le PDG
Nigel a voice message to call us if there was anything at all
he needed whilst they were here.
Lions Strides for Diabetes on the 22nd of December at Lords
Recreaon Centre raised over $1000 for LCIF earmarked for
this pillar of service.
A visit on behalf of all of Lions to Karratha Club Lion Diere
Sohns at Fiona Stanley.
Thanks to IPDG Sue Lowe for aending Lion George Leutys
funeral service or our behalf on the 3rd of January 2019.
Aendances to the following Board meengs:
Lions Cancer Instute Lions Hearing Foundaon
W A Hall of Fame City of Perth (Host) Inc
Aendances at the Council of Governors and Nominaon,
Legal and Services Commiees meengs in Sydney 18-20th
of January 2019
Australia Day Bunnings Innaloo sausage sizzle by North
Beach Lions: taken some photos and posted on social
Phone hook up with MD GAT Membership PDG Ann
Eldridge to revisit our District Plans. Reports included an
interest from Regis Aged Care to start a specialist club
where the Claremont-
Nedlands Lions Club has
agreed to be the sponsor
should this go ahead. Inial
meengs are indicang that a
branch will be more
achievable. While on the
subject of Claremont-Nedlands
Lions, Lion Peter Gille le
Western Australia to Victoria
and I decided on behalf of the
District, given an engraved
Cercate in
acknowledgement and
appreciaon of Peters stellar
contribuon to the success of Youth of the Year Program
every year.
Sprang into acon when the Handiight pilots arrived in
Australia: rst stop Broome, Carnarvon then to Jandakot.
The Handiight planes and website has all the details of all
their incredible journey where the Lions logo is prominently
displayed and promoted. I am extremely pleased that they
decided to connue on to the eastern states from here
despite all their challenges, aer their short visits in
Northam, Esperance and Kalgoorlie.
Carpooled with GMT/GST Carmel Ward to State GAT
meeng hosted by DG Bev Hawkins and W2 in Mandurah.
All of the above are highlights including the only Youth of
the Year Club nals for Lions Eye Instute and North Beach
Club Lions that I aended. Congratulaons to all these
amazing young people who connue to be sources of
inspiraon and courage.
The main event was the Perth Zoo Lions Awareness Day,
the Commiee under the leadership of Chairperson Brian
Phang and Execuve were working really hard to get the
results as tabled in respecve report below in Carmel
Wards porolio. The new honorary members inducted
during this auspicious day are: Professor Jerey Keelan,
invited and sponsored by Srling Lions; Tammy-Rae Schaper
and Darren Lohman, invited and sponsored by City of Perth
(Host) Lions. My gratude to the Cabinet members for
approving this event; to all of you who tried to make this a
success and made things happen; to PDG Rob Meney for
doing the inducon of the honorary members; the
Foundaons who made all of us aware of what they are
doing during the Q & A sessions conducted by President of
City of Perth Halina Young; and all the Lions who reshued
their me to aend.
I encourage all the Clubs who were there at the Zoo and the
other Clubs who had their own separate Lions Day
Awareness acvies to submit to Mulple Districts and your
Club can win a Syd Packham award which will be
announced at the Geelong Convenon in May 2019.
Geelong Convenon 4 to 6 of May 2019- for those who will
be aending the Convenon, please advise Cabinet
Secretary Richard Tunmer of your intenon to include in
your social schedule District Hospitality on 5th of May
Sunday night, me and place: yet to be conrmed and
Date: Saturday 13
April 2019
Venue: Duncraig Community Centre
Cnr Marmion Ave and Warwick Rd Duncraig
(Percy Doyle Reserve 47 Beddi Road)
Time: 6.00pm for prompt 6.30pm start
A Roast Dinner with dessert and tea/coee
will be enjoyed by all
BYO refreshments and glasses
Cost per person $30
(Contestants and Parents of contestants no charge)
Please RSVP to Margaret Amm (numbers are strictly limited) 195 549
no later than Monday 8
April 2019 including any dietary requirements
Please come and support the six contestants who have worked so hard to
represent their School, the Lions Club that sponsored them and their District
Region Finals: North Region Saturday 9
March at the Duncraig Community Centre. Public
speaking from 1.30 pm.
South Region Sunday 10
March at the Rocky Bay Village North Fremantle. Public speaking from
1.30 pm.
District Final: Saturday 23
March at the Duncraig Community Centre. Public speaking from
1.30 pm.
State Final: Saturday 13
April at the Duncraig Community Centre. Please visit this link for
details – 2019 State Final Invitaon
For more informaon please contact the YOTY Chairperson PDG Colin Heap -
Date: Saturday 25th May
Time: 9.00 am ll 1 pm. Registraon starts at 9.00 am.
Light Lunch: 12.30 pm to 1.00 pm sandwiches, tea & coee
Venue: John Inverarity Music and Drama Theatre, Hale
School, Unwin Ave of Hale Rd, Wembley Downs - Google Map
For further Informaon and any queries please contact -
Giving recognion to
a very special group of
young West Australians
Lions Children of Courage
Award Program
All forms to be returned to Stephen Barry (copy to Debra
Jones) and payments for COC are to be made through
District 201W2. Last year District 201W1 managed the
payments. We swap each year.
Bank Details. Bank Westpac
BSB: 036022
Acc No: 461371 Ref: COC Club Name
Cheque: Lions Club Internaonal District 201W2 Admin
Post: PO Box 3180 Success WA 6964
District Name Email Mobile
District 201W1 Debra Jones 0420 648 902
District 201W2 Stephen Barry 0419 855 662
Download Documents:
1.Sponsorship Informaon for Lions Clubs
2. Informaon for Parents
3. District 201W1 Nominaon Form
4. District 201W1 Parent/Guardian Consent
HEARING BUS DRIVERS: We urgently require any Lions Member with a HR Drivers
Licence to volunteer to take the Hearing Bus to various events.
HEARING BUS TESTERS: An urgent appeal to any Lions Member to volunteer as
Testers. Full Training will be provided to both the above posions. We would gladly
hear from any Lion who would like to be part of the Hearing Bus Team. We are
desperately short of volunteers who are available for both mid week and weekend
events. It would ideally be suited to Lions within the Perth Metro area as the Bus is
garaged in Perth.
Please make contact with the LHF Screening Chairman Ivan Sturgess on or 0451 655 808 to discuss.
Thank you to all clubs and District
Ocers for your contribuons to
the March Newsleer. Please
send through photos & arcles for
the April Edion. Including Lions
Awareness Day photos and
arcles. A newsleer will also be
circulated in Digital Format which
allows any addional content and
provides greater picture clarity.
At the request of the Bunnings Store at Belmont we
did our Lions awareness there. It was a good day
where we had our Club banner, the Lions Children of
Courage banner, pamphlets, Christmas Cakes, mints,
and the Mia Project Lion available. We had interest
from the public about our projects and many
comments that they did not realise how many things
Lions Clubs were involved in.
Other than the general interest mostly about it not
being Christmas, we had 12 that were interested and
took informaon away with them, three that showed
real interest. Sold 7 large cakes and 3 puddings, 23
mini cakes, and substanal donaons to Mia.
One young lady {about 8) bought some mints and
made a donaon to Mia, which was her priority. When
asked why her mother explained that her Children had
to make a donaon to a needy cause out of every
payment of pocket money. We were really impressed with this as it is teaching the children that they have to support the
I would like to thank Belmont Bunnings for their support and our climb members for making themselves available for this
event. PDG Barry Middleton.
The Victoria Park Lions Club have taken on the District Convenon
for 2019. We have had a slow start but have now started moving
forward. The date set for the convenon is from the evening of the
18th Oct 2019 to late 19th Oct 2019. This will leave room for all to
travel home on the Sunday or to spend me in The Park on the
Cafe strip or checking out some of the historical buildings.
The nal costs have not been nalised as yet, but we are
endeavoring to keep the costs down to around $100.00 for each
aendee is for the weekend not including Accommodaon. The
dignitaries will be accommodated at the Pagoda Hotel. We are
looking at geng transportaon to get them and extras to and
from the actual venue. The venue is the Technology Park
Convenon Centre which is situated adjacent to Hayman Road.
There is parking available at the venue.
Registraons will be conducted from approximately 03:00pm
Friday with the Opening Ceremony starng at approximately
05:00pm. Catering will be provided at a cost at this me.
First Convenoneers Breakfast will be Saturday morning and then
the convenon will connue.
The Closing dinner will be conducted at the Pagoda Saturday evening, the theme being Rock and Roll, 60s 70s. Fancy dress
is oponal. The Pagoda will also have rooms available for convenoneers at $160.00 Dollar per night and $180.00 with
breakfast. These prices are locked in.
We really would like to see more Aendees than we have had previously. I urge clubs to encourage new members to
aend as they will learn far more about Lions other clubs and their projects by networkingwith other aendees. We (Vic
Park members) will be vising Clubs to talk to their members about aending.
The registraon forms will be available shortly (when costs are nalised) and sent through the Club secretaries and the
next newsleer.
We would love to see you there so save the date and start planning for the LIons In The ParkConvenon.
Dongara Denison Lions club have recently donated two items to the Dongara, Eneabba, Mingenew Health Centre. The rst
is a blue Shower bed (below right), cosng $3,352 to help with the care of the elderly in the Blake House secon of the
Health Centre.
The second item is an Accuvein Infrared Vein nder and hands free stand with wheels, cosng $9,075. Amazing innovave
device that uses vein visualizaon technology to help healthcare sta locate veins under the skin surface.
Great for nding veins on people who are unwell or historically known to be dicult to cannulate.
The infrared light shows light on the vein structure and posion under the skin and helps the clinician to cannulate with
ease. It reduces the need to mulple aempts of cannulaon, is less traumac for the client, especially young children
and the frail aged.
A third item is on order, this being a
resuscitaon trolley valued at around $2,800
for the Accident and Emergency department
of Dongara Health Centre.
Please follow this link - Online Lions Shop
Lions Clubs rely on a band of willing volunteers to help with
their many projects and service acvies. Friends, family
members and other volunteers make a dierence to how the
work gets done.
It is important that volunteers be recorded in the
documentaon or record books to ensure that they are
covered by Lions insurance.
Why am I menoning volunteers? They are all potenal
members but are maybe just not ready yet to make the
commitment. I was pleased to hear recently that some long
serving volunteers asked to become members. They Asked! I
am sure that the Lions members where quietly giving them
encouragement to join.
The soly, soly approach does work, but usually the direct
personal approach is what is needed as you build
relaonships with people.
All Clubs need to recruit younger members, they have the IT
skills, energy and new and fresh ideas. They are our future
and will carry the organisaon forward. However, they are
mostly working, have kids and other commitments. How do
we get our organisaon to t in with that?
Idenfy the need and nd the person to ll the role. If you
see someone sing in a café using their computer, strike up a
conversaon about how condent they appear to be with IT.
They may be just the person to manage the Club website,
Facebook or Twier accounts. They could be interested in
providing Secretarial/Administrave support for your Club.
Similarly, if your Club needs physical help with your acvies,
look for people who have physical tness. Ask if they could
come to help set up the marquees for the market, or load the
trailers etc. Service leads Membership. While they are
helping with the task, you can get to know them and broaden
the conversaon about what Lions.
We need to break the myth that Lions is just for rered
people. Most of us were working full me when we joined.
We are not asking people to dedicate their whole life to the
organisaon. Remember the old saying, Family is the rst
priority, Work is next, Social Obligaons next, then if there is
some spare me could they consider giving service as a Lions
Club Member. Many long-term friendships are formed in
While there is an imperave to increase the membership in
our District, aim for quality above quanty. We are looking
for people who are ethical and honest, who can live up to the
Lions ideals and Code of Conduct. Make a prospect list and
start asking!
Service Leads Membership! Carmel Ward GAT
Membership Coordinator
JO O'CONNOR Wanneroo
Yanchep Two
March 2018
New Members
Moora Lions Club constuon has been approved by
Consumer Protecon. A copy of the approved constuon
has been circulated to clubs with details on how to adopt
and then submit the new Club Constuon to Consumer
Protecon. If you have any queries please contact us.
If you have a club newsleer please send a copy,
preferably digital, to DG Luen so that she can keep up
with your news and put your club in the running for the
annual Best Club Newsleer Award which is judged by
the DG of the year and awarded at the District Awards
Your club could pick up this very special award.
Email: PO Box 557 Floreat WA 6014
Monthly GoToMeengs are meengs of the
District DG Team to discuss all maers
concerning our District.
This year DG Luen would like to bring the
meengs to your area of service. This is an
opportunity for your club members not only
to meet but to engage in an acvity with
District Cabinet colleagues and other clubs.
Please let the Cabinet Secretary (cabinet- know if you would
like us to hold the meeng in your area
around one of your acvies. Please see
dates below. All mes 3 pm to 6 pm.
Thursday 14th March - venue/club acvity
Thursday 11th April - venue/club acvity
Thursday 16th May - venue/GAT
Thursday 20th June - venue/club acvity
Ocial Publicaon of Lions District 201W1
(M) 0415 089 938(H) (08) 9209 1358 email :
DISTRICT NEWSLETTER: Published First Week of Every Month
COPY DEADLINE: 25th of the preceding month
An urgent plea for assistance. With the recent sad passing
of Lion Max Lurie, the Australian Chapter of Lions
Internaonal Stamp Club does not have anyone based in
WA who is able to co-ordinate and be responsible for the
used stamp project in the west.
The chapter Secretary Ross Paine would love to hear from
a Lion with a lot of spare me available who would be
prepared to take on this task. The role can be very busy at
mes and ideally it would be someone who has an
interest in philately and the me to properly prepare the
stamps for sale and then get them over to the aucon
house in Sydney. There are 3 aucons each year so 3
shipments would be required.
Transport is not a problem as we have a VERY supporve carrying rm
based in Perth who also has a depot in Sydney and they are prepared to
carry the stamps over east at no cost to the Stamp Club. All they ask is that
we deliver the stamps to them properly boxed in Perth and then we collect
them from their Sydney depot when they arrive in the east.
Ross stresses that it is a demanding role and he is available to outline the
many facets of it if anyone is interested. He can be contacted by email or by phone on 0419 449 881. If calling by phone
he is quite happy to call you back if you leave a message.
The project has grown very quickly over the last few years as many people
dispose of unwanted stamp collecons and as more and more clubs come
on board with donaons of stamps. At the Townsville convenon last May
the Stamp Club handed over a cheque for $25500 to the Australian Lions
Childrens Mobility Foundaon and he tells me that they are expecng this
years donaon to exceed $40,000. All from stamp sales. Every stamps
received is sold and every cent that comes from the sales is passed on to
ALCMF. They are now handling stamps, rst day covers, stamp packs,
unwanted collecons in fact ANYTHING to do with philately and stamp
Following the conclusion of the Perth Metropolis and Claremont-Nedlands Clubs' nal l Lion Peter Gille was presented
with a William Tresise fellowship, by Claremont Nedlands President Lex Thomson, in recognion of his work on behalf of
Youth of the Year for W1 and W2. For the last ve years Peter has recruited up to 40 students each year, who are 'farmed'
out to clubs in both districts. Perth's loss is Melbourne's gain. L to R Lion Peter Gille with Claremont Nedlands Lion
President Lex Thomson
We are very pleased to welcome Grace from
Sacred Heart College to be our Youth of the
Year representave in the program. We wish
her well for the Regional Final on 9th March.
President Helen with Grace.
Below L to R President Kingsley Woodvale PDG Colin Heap,
President Wanneroo Sue McDonald with Public Speaking
winner Ananya.
Above - the ve contestants.
Le - Alexander the overall winner
Two clubs, Kingsley-Woodvale and Wanneroo held their
annual joint clubs' YOTY public speaking event. Ananya and
Alexandra will proceed to the next event; the region nal.
Ananya also took out the public speaking award.
Service Reporng Does Maer!
Hours towards the target: 34026 hours (68.4%
toward the target of 50,000 for the year)
At the me of wring this arcle, only 12 of the 44 Clubs
in our District have reported their Service Acvies for
February 2019. There are sll 10 Clubs which have not
reported anything from July 2018 to the current me. On
average, only 20 Clubs report for each month.
How do we honour the service given by Lions if the details
are not reported on MyLCI?
In the resource packs for Lions Awareness Day 2019 there
is a great poster giving stascs on what Lions have done
in the community in Australia; the data was obtained from
the details entered on MyLCI. Based on what I know of
our District, the gures are very much understated.
The poster says that $50 million is donated annually in
Australia by Lions. However, many Clubs make donaons
to LCIF, ALF and other Lions Foundaons, (and non-Lions
charies and causes), but these amounts are sadly not
being reported I know of some very signicant
examples. Be proud of what you do for Lions and your
communies; honour the service given by reporng the
data on MyLCI.
The poster says that members donate an average of 70
hours of me per year. Without the reports from all the
Clubs for all the Service Acvies, I know that members
make a much bigger contribuon of me in service to
their communies.
If your Club has collected the data from July onward,
please report the service acvies on MyLCI. If you need
help, please contact me. Carmel Ward 0409334737 or
Click anywhere on 4 page to view enre newsleer. Click here to download applicaon forms.
Australian Lionsonoz member Lion Marge Ollis was supported by
members of the Camden Valley Country Music Club, Ray Waterson and
Jim Samphier, when she sang the Naonal Anthem for the start of the
Macarthur Lions Club Australia Day Street Parade.
Lion Marge then went on to the Bungendore Country Music Muster with
musician Ray Waterson to parcipate in the busking compeon held at
the fesval. A highlight was meeng Joy McKean and Anne Kirkpatrick.
Lion Marge donates her me willingly to assist local Lions Clubs and other
charity organisaons when they need someone with a nice voice to
Lionsonoz members are quite willing to assist the local Lions Clubs in the
town in which they nd themselves.
Australian Lionsonoz does not fundraise in their own right nor do they
donate funds to any causes, however they are quite willing to assist Main
StreamLions Clubs in their projects.
Lion Marge Ollis and musicians Ray Waterson and Barry Boyle, aended the Lansdowne Nursing Home again in 2019 to
present an Australia Day Concert for the residents. A good me was had by all and the residents thoroughly enjoyed the
music. PDG Warren White.
Lion Marge Ollis at the Australia Day Street
Lion Marge Ollis entertains together with her 2 Guitarist
Lion Marge Ollis (centre) with residents of the
Lansdowne Nursing Home.
This years convenon is to be held in Geelong, Victoria Saturday 4th to Monday 6th May. Time to start thinking and
planning to aend Convenon. Registraon Forms are now available. Please visit this link for more informaon and to
download registraon forms – hp://www.md201convenon.html
Click on DOWNLOAD form and then save to your computer. Open the form where you saved it and you should be able to
ll in the form online. It is best to print the form to PDF once you have lled it in, or you may lose all your data.
Please complete forms 3 (MD Memorial) and 4 (MD Delegates & Alternates) and return to the Cabinet Secretary even if
you have no names to submit.
NEW VOICES save the date -Tuesday May 7
, 2019. Time
9.30am - 1.30pm. Following MD Convenon. More details –
Resume: Professor Clare Hanlon
My name is Jess Zimmer. Im extremely passionate about kids and families. Ive volunteered for as long as I can remember;
from tree planng days and town clean ups as a kid, bush reghng and Lions Club as a teenager, shaving my head for
Leukaemia three years in a row, climbing mountains for Childhood Cancer Research, State Coordinator for Go Gold
Australia to raise awareness of Childhood Cancer, State Emergency Services and Communied Inc. I nally found my niche.
I found what makes me come alive.
I founded Dial an Elf - a community based iniave providing praccal support for families who have a child (under 18)
with a serious illness or disability through a micro volunteering model. You simply do what you can, when you can. Tasks
range from washing, weeding, cleaning, gardening, baby sing, dog walking and cooking. Dial an Elf is a service provided
by Communied Inc.
We believe with every bre of our being that it takes a village to raise a child.Were commied that families who have a
child with a serious illness or disability are seen, heard and supported. Weve begun the process of expanding Dial an Elf to
the greater Bunbury area. Our goal for 2019 is to develop an app that will connect volunteers and families at the tap of a
nger. Most people at minimum carry a phone with them the majority of the me, many - a smart phone. If families can
access this support quickly and simply, more would reach out for the assistance they so desperately need and deserve.
We've received quotes from several app developers, and realiscally we expect it is going to cost $100,000 to build it
properly. I know. You probably just spat out your beverage. So did I. Why does it cost so much? I heard you snort from
here. It may sound like a lot, but building a reliable, funconal app takes a team of highly-skilled professionals including
soware engineers, a database architect, a graphic designer, testers, and a project manager. The process can take several
months, beginning with architecture, schemacs and design, before progressing to building, tesng and nally launching
the app. The thing is, we have some requirements that take a lot of me, skill and tesng to get right. We also want this
app to be ulised for years to come. How many apps do you regularly use on your phone? That are simple, eecve and
stood the test of me? Not many right? We consider this App an investment. And a necessity.
Were commied to the safety of our families and volunteers. Its not enough long term to just have policies, procedures
and checks in place. We need to do everything we can. Thats why we want to include things like:
1. A panic buon - if a volunteer or family feels that their safety is in immediate danger.
2. Logging in and out of jobs - with an automated alert if a volunteer fails to log out of a job aer a determined
period of me so we know to check on them.
3.Data Tracking - how many mes and how many hours a volunteer is working, where and what services are being
ulised the most so we can recruit the right people in the right areas to meet demand more eciently.
4. Icons on volunteer proles to easily idenfy what checks and skills they have.
5. The ability for families to add recommendaons/references to volunteer proles.
6. Integrave maps to help volunteers to get to their desnaons.
Ideally, wed like to expand to cover all of WA, as regional families are oen presented with their own challenges such as a
lack of health professionals who specialise in paediatrics. We need technology to work with us and for us so that we
humans can spend more of our me building our volunteer workforce that will put boots on the ground making a tangible
dierence to families lives.
Please consider endorsing this communicaon and disseminang it to your clubs for the consideraon of a donaon of
$1,000 to go towards the App development as a token of your support in us expanding to Regional WA and forfying our
presence in the Perth Metropolitan Region. If 100 community groups or businesses donate $1,000 well reach our
minimum target and can start developing the Dial an Elf App. Donaons can be made out to Communied Inc.
Communied Inc is registered with the Australian Charies and Not-for-prots Commission (ACNC) and holds Deducble
Gi Recipient (DGR) status.
Thank you for taking the me to read this and considering our worthy cause for the incredible dierence its already made
to families lives and the dierence its yet to make.
DIAL AN ELF a service provided by COMMUNIFIED INC
Dear Fellow Lions, DG Luen has asked that clubs consider supporng the development of this APP. I have done some
checking and provided addional informaon to help you make an informed opinion. Please visit the two websites
below. If you do decide to provide support, please let us know. Richard.
Communied Inc - Charity Details
Dial an Elf - website
Phone: (08) 9381 0767
(WA) Incorporated ABN 29 028 402 977
February 13, 2019
Dear Club Secretary,
Please nd our February 2019 newsleer below. Just click
anywhere on the page on the right to view the newsleer
in pdf format.
Through our newsleer we hope to bring Lions in Western
Australia up to date on a six monthly basis as to the
acvies and achievements of your Premier Foundaon.
We need your help to achieve this so….
If you have any other ideas about promoon of your Lions
Save-Sight Foundaon, please feel free to contact us.
Yours in Lionism,
Sheree Hunt
Oce Manager
Lions Eye Building
1st Floor, 2 Verdun Street
Nedlands Western Australia 6009
The WA Lions Hall of Fame presentaon was again held on Friday the 2nd of November 2018, at
the Parmelia Hilton Hotel.
Guests enjoyed dinner and fellowship and then joined in honouring all the nominees and the three inductees for 2018. The
late Lion Therese (Tess) Leedham of the Lions Club of Donnybrook was inducted, along with the late Lion William (Bill) Weir
of the Lions Club of Collie and Lion Haydn
McInnes of the Lions Club of Kulin.
Lions in Western Australia will again have
the opportunity to nominate worthy Lions
to be added to Hall of Fame honour roll in
The Hall of Fame Commiee will again be
seeking nominaons in the laer part of
the year. Informaon is available on the
district websites and we urge you all to
consider nominang that special Lion who
has shown true leadership and a
commitment to community service. Any
Lion is eligible to be nominated and your
clubs nominee will stay on the list for consideraon for three years.
The annual dinner to celebrate and induct the Hall of Fame members will again be held on Friday the 1st of November
2019. It is an inspiring night to aend where we recognise special Lions and acknowledge the contribuon they make in
their communies and the service they carry out on behalf of Lions Clubs Internaonal and the wider community.
The WA Lions Hall of Fame has been honouring Lions since 2012. In that me, many Lions from many clubs and many levels
of our organizaon have been placed on the honour roll. We know that as Lions we do not seek the limelight but it is
important to acknowledge service given, not just to Lions, but also to the communies we are an important part of.
Past Council Chairman Ian Kelly presenng the awards. Congratulaons.
PDG Michael Wolf inducted Jack Slater into Lions Club of Claremont-Nedlands
on 6th of February. L to R PDG Michael Wolf, new Lion Jack Slater and sponsor
Lion Paul Wyndham
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A very well aended free informaon session in the
Pop-Up Library at the Ballajura City Shopping Centre
organised by Lion Alan Fruin. Good public relaons
for Ballajura Lions.
L to R Kaye Scandre, Barbara, Jill Tunmer, Mahew, Richard Tunmer, Jill Middlemass, PDG Michael Wolf & Mary-Anne
A very warranted Exemplary Service Award to two very special
people at todays nal game for the season of Baseball for the
North Metro Challenger Division.....Mahew and Barbara
Callaghan were presented with a joint Lions Exemplary Service
Award for the voluntary work they have done over the past three
years in providing an opportunity to special needs children who
have either an Intellectual or Mobility disability.
Zac Mahews was our overall winner and gave a very good
speech in the public address secon. The judges where very
impressed during the interview session. Zac progresses to the
region nals.
L to R Darryl J. Smith, Manager NAB, Warwick; Winner Zac
Mahews, Dr. Anne Aly MP and Leonie Maock, Deputy
Principal, Landsdale Primary School
The Lions Club of Ballajura was very proud to have been able to nominate Barbara and Mahew Callaghan to
receive a Lions Exemplary Service Award. The award was presented at the Kingsway Sporng Complex on Saturday 23rd
February morning at the end of season windup.
Barbara and Mahew Callaghan have a very close family and have three children. Two of the children are very much
involved in baseball and soball. Their younger son Cameron (Cam) has an intellectual challenge and he aends school in
the special needs programme. The family always do things together but Cam could be found sing on the sidelines whilst
his siblings were parcipang with their sports.
Ma and Barb wanted to get Cam involved with sport but their search was unsuccessful as they found that groups were
not inclusive of children with disabilies. In their search they came across some informaon on the Challenger Division.
Challenger Baseball is for children aged between 4 and 18 years of age with intellectual and physical challenges. It falls
under the banner of Lile League Internaonal and was founded in 1989. There are 950 Challenger programmes in 10
countries. Australia now has one Lile League aliated Division –that is Perth North Metros Challenger Division. Each child
is partnered up with a buddy for the game to be of assistance where required.
In order for Barb and Ma to achieve something that Cam could take part in they have been instrumental and the driving
force behind the introducon of the Lile League Challenger Division in Australia, becoming pioneers and the enforced
naonal pilot programme for implementaon Australia wide.
They gained the support of Charter Baseball, Lile League W.A, Lile League Australia and Lile League Internaonal
gathering informaon on how to get things started. With all the informaon they decided to take the plunge and started
their own Challenger group which took a lot of organising. This involved sourcing baseball gear, uniforms, playing grounds
and other consideraons.
Over the weeks leading to the rst game things gathered momentum with more and more children registering. Ma took
on being the front man for the Challenger whilst Barb took on the administraon role by organising children with their
buddies for game days.
Over the inial two seasons Ma and Barb ran the whole operaon. They had commied to make it work not just for their
son, Cam to parcipate, but for other children to have the chance to play a sport that they would not normally be able to
do. The rst season saw 18 children register– the second - 25 now this third season has 36 children who play. The
numbers of buddies have grown to 40+.
The programme has seen signicant growth in the 3 years of operaon and is evidence to the reless eort and passion of
Ma and Barb. They have provided an opportunity for individuals with intellectual and physical challenges to enjoy the
benets of Lile League parcipaon in an environment structured to their abilies.
With numbers expanding a commiee of 6 persons was formed for the third season to assist Ma and Barb. Forward
planning has started as growth could see addional children in years to come which will involve more gear, addional
uniforms, more buddies etc. Also some of the children are 14 year of age which gives them 4 years under the current
guidelines. There is capacity to start a senior division when they turn 18 years of age but it requires some work to gain
extra playersof that age bracket for it to go ahead.
Ma has been instrumental in the children parcipang in demonstraon games around Perth. On a yearly basis
demonstraon games are done against South Perth being facilitated by Wanneroo Baseball Club and South Perth Baseball
Perth Heat the (WA State team) is very obliging and it showcases their division to around one thousand people at the Perth
Heat game in December. It is a great thrill for the children as the Perth Heat players come out and play and become
buddies, sign autographs and interact with the children.
Mas ulmate dream is to be able to take some children to the Lile League World Series in America where the
Challenger Division put on an exhibion each year. To start the ball rolling there has been discussions about the possibility
of taking some of the children to the Naonal Lile League Championships in Ipswich in Queensland. It is looking promising
for the 2020 championships.
With Ma and Barbs drive they will achieve the dream of geng to America hopefully within the next 5 years.
It is a true testament to Barb and Mas courage, character and loyalty that the programme has gone from strength to
strength and will impact the lives of so many in the local community.
Lile League is a beer place in Australia because of wonderful volunteers like Barb and Ma that keep providing
opportunies for communies to come together through the great game of baseball.
Lions Awareness Day on Saturday
2nd March gave many people an
insight to what we achieve as Lions.
We had a very prominent welcome
marquee (right) at the entrance of
the Zoo where members of the
public could get a voucher for
discounted ckets.
Once the public gained entry to the
Zoo they had the opon to visit the
Oak Lawn where a number of our
foundaons and Instutes had
marques displaying there wares.
The following took part on the day -
Australian Lions Foundaon
Lions Clubs Internaonal Foundaon
Lions Cancer Instute
Youth of the Year and Leos
Lions Alzheimers Foundaon
WALDEF & Lions Cakes & Mints
Children Mobility Foundaon
L to R Brian Fang, Mary Ann Powell and Carmel Ward
The next three pages is a pictorial of the of the Lions Awareness Day at the Perth Zoo. Thank you to Brian Phang for
organising the event. Thank you to all the Foundaons and Instutes who took marques and to all the Lions who aended
on the day. Our presence was certainly visible and we had the opportunity to speak to a lot of people.. Mary-Anne Wolf
Below L to R District Governor Luen Chicote, Clary the Lion with 2nd VDG Mick
Wainwright & GMT/GST Chairperson Carmel Ward outside the Zoo.
Clary the Lion with visitors
Above PDG Michael Wolf & PDG Clive Tonkin
Gavin Thomson ALF and Mary-Anne Wolf LCIF
Halina Young interviewing PDG Colin Heap Chairperson
Youth of the Year.
L to R PDG Rob Meney le inducted three honorary Lions on the day. Beverley Sturgess (Srling Lion President), Profressor
Jerey Keelan, Tammy-Rae Schaper, District Governor Luen Chicote, Shona & Savannah & Halina Young President City of
Perth(Host). Below PDG Michael Wolf Mobility Foundaon chairperson.
It was a great pleasure to induct the following into Lions as
Honorary members at Lions Awareness Day on the 2nd
Darren Lohman, of Greenbach. Please note that Shona and
his daughter Savannah will accept the cercate and the
inducon on his behalf as he will be engaged with the
collecon of plasc boles, at the same me.
Tammy-Rae Schaper, CEO Young Australian League YAL
both Darren and Tammy-Rae will be sponsored and
honorary for City of Perth (Host) Club
Professor Jerey Keelan of Women and Infants Research
Foundaon at King Edward Hospital, sponsored by Srling
Lions Club.
WALDEF Marquee
Lions Youth of the Year Marquee
Outside the Alzheimers marque L to R Pat Meney Lex Thomson, Sheila Jones, Dave Mead & PDG Rob Meney.
L to R Ian Walker with GLT Chairperson Chrisne Walker at the Christmas Cake marquee.
Kevin Burgess on le with 1st VDG Daniel Steven standing. Lion Jill Middlemass with Lion Pat Meney on the right.
On le Halina Young who did a great job handling the PA and interviews on the day.
Childrens Mobility foundaon marquee
Click for more informaon
Je Keelan gained his PhD from the University of Auckland
in 1994, moving from Auckland to Perth WA in 2007.
Although his research was inially in the eld of steroid
biochemistry, where he specialised in assay development,
his postdoctoral research has primarily focused on the
study of the immunology, endocrinology and
pharmacology of pregnancy.
He is Professor of Obstetrics and Head of Laboratories at
the Division of Obstetrics & Gynaecology at King Edward
Memorial Hospital (KEMH), University of Western
Australia. He is also Director of the Women and Newborn
Health Research Network at KEMH and Deputy Director of
WIRF (Women and Infants Research Foundaon). He is
Associated Editor of Reproducon, Ferlity and Development and on the Editorial Board of three other Journals. He has
supervised more than 43 postgraduate students and is the Graduate Research Coordinator of the School of Women's and
Infants' Health.
His has published over 185 arcles in the elds of immunology, pharmacology, obstetrics and endocrinology (>6600
citaons; h-index 45) and received more than $18 M in compeve grant funding. His current research is centred on the
pharmacological treatment of intra-amnioc infecon/inammaon, nanoparcle-based drug delivery in pregnancy, the
intrauterine microbial and endocrine environment, amnioc uid metagenomics, lipidomics and toxicology.
Roles and responsibilies
Head of School of Biomedical Sciences, QEII Medical Centre, Nedlands, Perth
Winthrop Research Professor, Division of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, University of Western Australia, Perth WA
Head, Women and Infants Health Research Laboratory (WIHRL), King Edward Memorial Hospital, Perth, WA
Director, Women and Newborn Health Research Network (WNHRN), King Edward Memorial Hospital, Perth, WA.
Deputy Director, Women and Infants Research Foundaon (WIRF)
Honorary Research Associate, Telethon Kids Instute
Adjunct Professor, Curn University
Board Member, Marshall Centre Advisory Board
Future research
Maternal immunity and its relaonship to risk of preterm birth; early-life microbiome and its life-long impact; amnioc
uid and placental microbiomes and pregnancy outcome; amnioc uid miRNAs; bioacve lipid mediators from omega-3
fay acid metabolism; innate immune system in fetal membranes; nanoparculate drug delivery systems and placental
transfer; intraamnioc therapies for preterm birth; anbiocs is pregnancy; endocrine disruptors in pregnancy.
Le Srling President Beverley Burgess with newly inducted
Honoury Lion Professor Je Keelan.
Darren is a UWA Engineering graduate who founded Dreamt, to help people with
disabilies with innovave mobility, recreaonal and community access soluons. Dreamt
became part of the Ability Centre in 2015. Darren refocussed his energies and founded
The stark predicon is that by 2050 there will be more plasc in our oceans than sh.
Darrens mission with Greenbatch is to reverse this; (ie. more sh and less plasc).
Greenbatch is working hard to establish WA's rst plasc reprocessing plant, turning the
PET plasc boles, that we put in our recycling bins, into 3D prinng lament for schools to
build and create with. Greenbatch already has 168 schools waing for the factory to
become operaonal.
Lions Australia will be aending the Diabetes Expo on Saturday April 26 at the Melbourne
Convenon Centre, with a booth to promote Lions and our Diabetes Awareness Programs within
It is expected that there will be 3000+ aendees from Australia including members of the public,
pharmacists, GPs, Diabetes Specialists, Pharmaceucal and Pathology companies
This has been possible due to the nancial assistance from 201N3 Diabetes Foundaon and the V
Districts Lions Clubs
During the day there will be interacve sessions and acvies, High prole key note speakers, Live cooking
demonstraons, and many networking opportunies
To assist those on the booth, can you please send me photos and informaon about any Diabetes events you have held or
are going to have?
All events will be promoted on the day by the volunteers at the booth.
The info needs to be with me by April 13th so I can arrange the displays
This is an opportunity that was presented to us by Diabetes Victoria and Professor Jill Keefe (LCI Diabetes Advisory Board
member and member of Seymour-Goulburn Lions Club) and will enable us to let those aending know of the great work
being done throughout MD201
I look forward to hearing from all Districts about all the wonderful programs that are being done for Diabetes Awareness
For more informaon on the Expo please visit this link - Diabetes Expo
There will also be a meeng for Diabetes Chairpersons or representaves of Districts on Friday May 3rd prior to the MD
Convenon at the Admiralty Motor Inn 5-6pm, Prof Jill Keefe and PDG John Muller will also be aending
PDG Pat Mills
Lions Australia
MD201 Diabetes Chairperson
0408 753 266
Eleven Lions from Malaysia are vising WA from
the 10
to the 17
March 2019 headed up by 2
VDG Roland Chieng. They have kindly invited all
Lions in WA to a fellowship evening at 18a
Tavistock Crescent Lynwood on Sunday 10 March
2019 at 630pm.
It would be great to meet and socialise with Lions
from Malaysia and learn a lile about their
organisaon. Please let me know if your club will
be able to aend. Numbers are limited so it will be
on a rst come rst serve basis. Bring your own
food and drink.
District will be holding a social at City Beach
adjacent to The Hamptons on Friday 15th March
from 6 pm. Please come along and join us and
meet fellow Lions from Malaysia. Bring a plate of
eats and drinks.
Capvate and connect.
From a single pair of eyeglasses to a brand-new
hospital for a large city. reporng shines a light on
how—and where—local clubs are making a
dierence across the world. Clear. relevant service
data ensures people in need know exactly where to
go for help.
Increase global awareness.
Service data helps people understand the needs Of
communies around the Global-minded
Lions idenfy opportunies and lead their local
communies into acon.
Pave the way to partnership.
Service reports provide tangible evidence to
prospecve partners Of Lions Internaonal's global
engagement and impact. These relaonships
strengthen the organizaon and yield benets at the
local level.
Uncover the next big idea.
Because service acvies are scalable, one Small
service project can become the next signature
iniave Of the organizaon: but only if it is
reported and promoted by Lions!
Enhance Our support.
Service data—along with peer-to-peer sharing and
feedback from Lions—enables Lions Internaonal to
idenfy best pracces that can be shared globally.
Lions Clubs Internaonal
Build a brighter future.
Measurement leads to insight, which in tum
sharpens our focus. Seng higher—and more
reachable—goals each year both unies and
mobilizes the organizaon toward growth
Increase our membership.
People want to parcipate in real, visible change.
Service reporng allows Lions clubs to connually
engage their communitdes. tell their story more
eecvely, and ulmately grow their member base
Leverage our foundaon.
Service reports show how Lions and Leos around
the world are using tunds from Lions Clubs
Internaonal Foundaon grants to serve their
communies. This visibility encourages Lions to
think creavely about their own projects and apply
for LCIF grants themselves.
Recognize and reward.
When Lions report service, they become eligible
for a number of service awards. From Centennial
Service Challenge patches to Leo Awards, rewards
recognize the hard work Of Lions and movate
them to connue striving for excellence.
Submit your service through the
MyLCI Portal
The Swan Districts Lions Club donated $5000 to Sir Charles Gairdner
Hospital. The club raised the money for the Hospitals Foundaon for
Advanced Medical Research aer Club Secretary Lion Alf Walton
spent me at the hospital as a paent.
Lion Alf was inspired by the hospitals Tree of Life sculpture which
acknowledges people or organisaons who donate $5000.00 or more
to the hospital for research.
Le - Swan Districts Lion Club President Mrs Von Healy presenng a
$5000 cheque to SCGH Execuve Dave Benne and Health Minister
Bob Kucera
Robert & Ronita (below centre) with DG Luen Chicote
and Club President Halina Young aended a City of
Perth(Host) meeng and passed on informaon about
this excing world record aempt.
If you would like to register an interest please visit this
link - hps://