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District Newsletter Mar 18

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1 201W1 DISTRICT NEWSLETTER HUMANITARIAN SERVICE, DISASTER RELIEF, MEDICAL RESEARCH, SIGHT & THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF YOUTH WE SERVE MARCH 2018 The SLowe Express I have asked clubs to put in bids to host the annual Awards funcon and have heard a few whispers but nothing concrete yet. I am hoping that you will not mind not dragging out your aer ve dresses and dinner jackets. By hosng a low key dayme event I hope to be a lile more inclusive. A big thank you to the members of W1 and W2 clubs who supported the Lions4kids Lions Awareness Day at Burswood Park. While I cannot say the event was a major success, I can say that we have established an annual event at which we can help our communies become more aware of the work carried out by Lions in Western Australia. Such annual events take me to become popular and I feel that it is important to connue this work. We will build our ‘Rome’ over many days and a few years, but Lions in Western Australia must move forward to engage our public to ensure our future. A SWOT meeng will help us resolve issues which we need to address. A couple of points for clubs have been menoned in the All Club Mail Out of which members should take parcular note. One relates to the sending of invitaons for club events to clubs outside the district and another regarding the sale of alcohol at club funcons. Please make sure you catch up with this informaon. If your club members aended the Club Rebuilding Workshop plan to maximise your outcomes by pung your plan in place. Your club future is in your hands. The DG and Membership and Leadership teams are following up with clubs to encourage follow up acon. These teams are always working away in the background, unseen by most but holding up our district for future success. We are looking forward to hearing of new club ocers aer the annual elecon of ocers in each club this month. This is an excing opportunity for members to increase their knowledge at club level and to honour past ocers by giving them a rest. Your club is what it is now because others have served. Perhaps members could consider what direcon they want their club to take and put together a plan for the future. Some of you might wonder why elecons need to take place this month when ocers will not take oce unl July. Our Mulple District Oce sta in Newcastle will collate the informaon and prepare directories; LCI will update the Internaonal directory and our own W1& W2 joint District Diary must be collated. All of these directories must be edited, checked and printed. This takes me, so if you want your club’s details to be correct please hold your elecons and update your informaon, not forgeng to check current phone numbers and email addresses. Presidents, this is the me when you should also consider what awards your club would like to present. You may like to contact Mary-Anne Wolfe for details of any credits your club has with ALF and LCIF. Training for incoming ocers is a great way to learn how to go about your dues. You will receive informaon and tuion; meet other incoming ocers and team leaders as well as enjoying a lovely lunch. Jump into the Future and see what you can achieve, DG Sue Official Publication of Lions District 201W1 EDITOR RICHARD TUNMER PO Box 2524 Malaga WA 6944 (M) 0415 089 938(H) (08) 9209 1358 email : DISTRICT NEWSLETTER Published First Week of Every Month

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3 DATES TO REMEMBER, SITUATIONS VACANT & DIARY AMENDMENTS HEARING BUS DRIVERS: We urgently require any Lions Member with a HR Drivers License to volunteer to take the Hearing Bus to various events. HEARING BUS TESTERS: An urgent appeal to any Lions Member to volunteer as Testers. Full Training will be provided, To both the above posions we would gladly hear from any Lion who would like to be part of the Hearing Bus Team. We are desperately short of volunteers who are available for both mid week and weekend events. It would ideally be suited to Lions within the Perth Metro area as the Bus is garaged in Perth. Please make contact with the LHF Screening Chairman Ivan Sturgess on or 0451 655 808 to discuss. DISTRICT CABINET MEETING - Sunday 11th March at Gibson Park Community Centre 9am for a 9:30am start. CHILDREN OF COURAGE 2018 AWARDS PRESENTATION 1.00pm, Sunday 20th May 2018 at St Mary's Anglican Girls' School, 75 Ellio Rd, Karrinyup WA 6018 Please visit links below to download documents relang to Children of Courage 2018 - 1. Informaon for Lions Clubs 2. Informaon for Parents/Guardian 3. District 201W1 Nominaon Form 4. District 201W1 Parent/Gaudian Consent Form FOR FURTHER INFORMATION Please contact Pauline Song Children of Courage Chairperson 201W1 Phone: 0405 656 780 Email: NOMINATIONS FROM LIONS CLUBS MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN 20th April 2018. YOUTH OF THE YEAR 2018 Northern Region Finals: will be held at the Duncraig Community centre at Percy Doyle reserve on Saturday the 10th of March. Clubs with students represented will be Ballajura, Duncraig, Kingsley Woodvale, Srling and Wanneroo. The private interviews will commence at approx. 9.30 am and the public speaking secon will commence at 1.30 pm. Southern Region Final – will be held at The Rocky Bay village at Mosman Park on Sunday 11th March. The public speaking secons will commence at around 1.30 pm aer the private interviews in the morning. District 201W1 Final: will be held at the Duncriag Community Centre on Saturday 24th March with the public speaking secon commencing at 1.30 pm. State Final: will be held on the 7th of April at the Flying Angel Club, Fremantle. For more informaon please contact the YOTY Chairperson PDG Colin Heap - DISTRICT CABINET VACANCIES MEDIA/PUBLIC RELATIONS CHAIRPERSON - A short descripon follows – To develop and implement strategies to promote the prole of Lions in the district and extend awareness of club acvies and projects. This plan shall include making contact with each and every club within the district during the District Governors term of oce. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY POSITION – Main responsibilies – Provide guidance if requested by Clubs to assist in the seng up and maintenance of their Club Website . Act as a resource person for Clubs and Cabinet members with regard to IT issues and internet management, where required. Develop and maintain a quality website for the District. ZONE CHAIRPERSON ZONE 4 (Clubs - Canning City, Forresield/High Wycombe, Kalamunda) - support and liaise with all Clubs within your alloed Zone. Be an eecve liaison between Clubs, Zone Chairman Coordinator and District Cabinet. Promote and assist membership development of clubs in the Zone. Please let DG Sue Lowe ( know if are interested in any of the above Cabinet posions. Lions Mulple District Naonal Convenon Fri 4th to Mon 7th May. Townsville Nth Queensland Together in the Tropics More informaon Registraon Forms

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5 Hearing Dogs on the Move G oomalling Lions are expecng a delivery! During April a beauful furry bundle of joy will arrive from Adelaide to take up residence in Wyalkatchem. Winston (pictured) will be placed with Wendy Chapman of Wyalkatchem, sponsored by the Lions Club of Goomalling. Winston will be Wendy’s second dog sponsored by Goomalling Lions, with her rst dog Zac passing away last year. Geraldton Lions are also looking to assist with a Hearing Dog for a recipient in Spalding and Srling Lions are on the way to sponsoring a Hearing dog for a recipient in Tuart Hill. What Is It All About? These dogs wear a bright orange jacket and lead and accompany their deaf or hard of hearing owner into shops, restaurants and on public transport. A trained Australian Lions Hearing Dog has public access rights and therefore can accompany their owner into all public places. The owner carries an ID card with the dog’s photo and number on it to signify that is an accredited service dog. The cost to train an Australian Lions Hearing Dog is currently $35000, however they are given out, free of charge, to deaf and hard of hearing Australians as a gi from Lions Clubs of Australia. The majority of Australian Lions Hearing Dogs are sourced from pounds and rescue organisaons and come in all dierent shapes and sizes. They are generally selected between the ages of 6 months and 2 years and spend approximately 6 months in training. This takes place at the Australian Lions Hearing Dogs Naonal Headquarters and Training Centre in the Adelaide Hills. The dogs are trained to alert their owner to normal household sounds such as: • Telephone ringing (even though many deaf and hard of hearing have a ashing light, if you are engrossed in your favourite TV show or reading, you may not noce the light and miss out on an important social contact); • Alarm Clock • Doorbell or knock; • Baby crying They are also trained to “go get” someone in the household so that an owner can be noed of an emergency situaon. This is all done by the dogs locang the source of the sound then physically touching the owner with a paw and then returning to the sound. The only excepon to this is the smoke alarm where the dog will touch and drop in a warning signal so that no one is potenally going into a dangerous situaon. In public with their owners an Australian Lions Hearing Dog can help a deaf or hard of hearing person pick up on environmental sounds that they may normally miss. Such as a person coming up behind them with a trolley. The dogs will also work smoke alarms in shops. The Australian Lions Hearing Dog program was set up and is sll administered by the Lions Clubs of Australia who also provide the major poron of funding.

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6 LIONS CLUB OF HANNANS GOLDFIELDS What a great lile markets we have! Well supported by the stall holders, and the great blokes from the Holden SS club for displaying their vehicles. And of course many thanks to the public for their support. Markets are set to be held on the rst Sunday of each month.

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7 LIONS CLUB OF CLAREMONT NEDLANDS On le President Lex Thomson with club members donang surplus Lions Christmas Cakes to Foodbank WA. LIONS ALZHEIMER FOUNDATION The Lions Alzheimer’s Foundaon beneed greatly from the Maggie Beer book signing. It was lovely to see those so young in the huge queues we had for book signing aer Ralph and I talked at Perth Fesval. It was the biggest seller of the day at the fesval and given that the funds are going to both our Foundaons we couldn’t have been more pleased! You can purchase the book through this website - Maggies Receipts for Life Maggie Beer on le with Prof Ralf Marns on right.

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8 NAME SPONSOR CLUB DEBRA JONES CAROLYN MIDDLETON Canning City STUART LEDWITH CHRISTINE WALKER Canning City RACHEL MCCABE MARY ANNE POWELL Swan Districts March 2018 WELCOME New Members EDITORS CORNER: Thank you to all clubs and District Ocers for your contribuons to the February Newsleer. Please send through photos & arcles for the November Edion. A newsleer will also be circulated in Digital Format which allows any addional content and provides greater picture clarity. Email: SEND YOUR CLUB NEWSLETTER TO DG SUE If you have a club newsleer please send a copy, preferably digital, to DG Sue so that she can keep up with your news and put your club in the running for the annual Best Club Newsleer Award which is judged by the DG of the year and awarded at the District Awards Night. Your club could pick up this very special award. Email: PO Box 823 | Jurien Bay WA 6516 WANNEROO LIONS CLUB A STREAK of bad luck for sailors in Two Rocks has ended with a more favourable windfall from another community group. Sun City Yacht Club rear commodore John Utley said there had been break-ins at the club recently, with an outdoor motor stolen in one incident and a dinghy repair tool kit in another several weeks later.“We replaced the stolen outboard with a second one sourced via Gumtree, which placed a bit of stress on our meagre nances,” he said. “The Wanneroo Lions heard about the rst the and have promptly donated $900 to the club to cover the cost of that motor – wonderful people.” Hans Queisser and Wayne Hartas from Sun City Yacht Club, Paul Miles, Sue McDonald and Les McDonald from Wanneroo Lions Club and Sun City Yacht Club's Sonet Coetzee and vice commodore Dana Queisser. Arcle in the North Coast Times

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9 LEO CLUB PROGRAM NEWSFLASH Leos are back with a new enthusiasc Chairperson in Mick Wainwright. A small commiee has been formed to oversee the plan to increase the number of Leo Clubs and members. The commiee at this me consists of three members Lion Mick, Lion Richard and Lion Daniel. The commiee has held one meeng at this me and have looked at ways in which to promote Leo’s. The commiee noted that it was important that the W1 Cabinet support the commiee in its endeavours. It was decided to have an informaon booth at the Lions4Kids event, happy to report that Leo’s from the Waroona club aended with W2 seng up a Leo’s informaon booth as well. A small number of clubs showed some interest. The commiee thought it important that the DG, 1st VDG and 2Nd VDG promote Leo’s to clubs on their visits. Contact has been made with Lion John Clare W2 Leo’s chair regarding conducng joint promoons. Also touched base with Lion Leanne Shaw WA Leo Chairperson. The commiee believes that it should target Lions Clubs that have local High Schools to drum up support, Clubs can be very successful if linked to schools and can be good for the school as well (win win). The commiee is happy to oer support and approach schools on clubs behalf. It is important that clubs know this is not a large money investment (it is not out of admin) and the clubs when up and running look aer themselves for the most part. If your club is interested in the Leo Club Program please don’t hesitate to contact Mick ( for more informaon or a club visit to tell you more about the Leo Club Program. DG Sue Lowe at the Leo informaon booth. LIONS CLUB OF WHITFORD Philip also spoke about our Charity Golf Day on the 27 March at Joondalup Resort. Thank you Tony McManus for your me and remember where’s there’s a need, there’s a Lion Club President Philip Couper was interviewed as part of 6PR’s “remember when” segment on Service Clubs. Philip provided a brief on Lions Clubs Internaonal, Lions Australia and Lions in Western Australia and commented on this weekends Lions Awareness Day on Saturday 3 March at Burswood Park.

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10 Western Australian Lions Clubs from W1 and W2 supported this event at Burswood Park and we came together for a wonderful event. All the elements were there, we had the Cancer Screening Unit and the Lions Hearing Foundaon unit. We had lots of our wonderful projects represented and lots of Lions looking aer the games. There was, however, a missing element which was vital to the success of this venture – it was lots of families and kids. Those who came had a great me. The train rides provided by Ellenbrook Lions and Waroona Lions were fun and the kids and parents had a ball. Most popular was the dunking machine. Moora Lions and several W2 Leos were dunked many mes. Special thanks go to the following clubs and foundaons In all we had a great day and there will be a meeng to work out how it could be beer next year. Canning City LEHP Swan Districts Sausage Sizzle Dryandra Ellenbrook Childhood Cancer Moora Children of Courage Port Kennedy WALDEF Armadale Kelmsco Children’s Mobility Waroona ALF & LCIF W1 & W2 Membership Hearing Foundaon Bus W1 & W2 Leos Cancer Foundaon Bus

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11 Chairman Phil Chinnery and Medical Director Rob Fitzpatrick were pleased to visit current student Tracey Seymour recently at the Brain Tumour Research Group laboratory, located within the Telethon Kids Instute in Subiaco WA. Tracey is the seventh student assisted by the Lions Cancer Instute over the past 22 years through the Karen and Joshua Chinnery Memorial Scholarship, managed by the Instute. The Karen and Joshua Chinnery Memorial Scholarship, insgated and supported by the Lions Club of Armadale Kelmsco and other Lions Clubs in 1995, was set up in memory of the late wife and son of current Chairman, Lion Phil Chinnery. Karen and Joshua both died from a brain tumours in 1992 and 1995 respecvely. During the visit Tracey showed Phil and Rob through the laboratory where she does most of her work, and also took us through an on screen presentaon of some of the technical studies and trial results of various drugs developed in the laboratory and being tested on tumours cultured in mice. The results are looking promising, in Tracey’s words “very excing”. The Lions Cancer Instute is determined to connue the support of students such as Tracey in the search for beer treatments and hopefully a cure for cancer. Up to now only one student has been able to be supported over the three year course of study, but we are very hopeful of increasing this to two students studying concurrently. Of course this costs money and we appeal to all to consider donang to the scholarship to help keep this essenal study going. LIONS CANCER INSTITUTE MEDICAL RESEARCH Alternavely you may donate by Direct deposit to the Instute’s bank: BSB 036-081 Account No. 183738. Donaons for the scholarship should be notated “Scholarship”. All donaons over $2 are tax deductable. Tracey at her bench, with LCI Medical Director Rob Fitzpatrick. UPDATE ON EARLY CHILDHOOD VISION SCREENING At the LEHP commiee meeng held in Melbourne 1st & 2nd March 2018 the Commiee Chairman informed all commiee members that as a result of a meeng with representaves of the “Centre for Eye Health”, Melbourne University (CFEH), The LEHP commiee were given their approval to conduct early childhood vision screening using the “Welch-Alyn Vision Spot Checker. The CFEH is the Lions Eye Health Program technical advisor in relaon to all maers concerning eye health and any equipment/materials we may wish to use. CFEH has approved of the use of the spot vision camera provided we follow certain condions. These are:- • Lion’s members to be accredited in the use of the “Welch-Alyn Spot Vision Checker”. The likely format for this will be an online course or training seminar or both. The LEHP Management commiee has appointed a rered optometrist to conduct the training sessions and he is keen to visit all Lions districts in this capacity. • Local optometrists are to be contacted prior to screenings being conducted. • Parents to be made aware that persons conducng the screening are not professionals but Lions members who are doing this as a voluntary community service. • Parents to be made aware that the screening is solely to point out possible vision problems in their children and professional help should be sought if any indicaon of a problem is found. The Naonal LEHP commiee is currently looking at ways of funding the purchase of addional Spot Vision Checkers and in the future, may well be able to oer these devices to Districts/Clubs at a substanally reduced cost. The next step will be to arrange for the training of volunteers in the use of these devices and how to conduct a screening. Volunteers should also have completed the on line course ( This course describes the purpose of the program and why we should be involved in public educaon regarding eye health. This will prepare the volunteer for the above menoned training session. This will be followed up by trial screenings held at venues to be determined at a future date. I will keep you informed of future developments. Lion Kevin Barra | 0429 433 643 W1 contact is PDG Sandra Laundy 0417 186 907

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12 YOUTH OF THE YEAR ROUNDUP Claremont-Nedlands & Perth Metro Business Branch Club Claremont-Nedlands Lions Club and Perth Metro Business Club Branch held a joint nal. Public Speaking winner was Conor below le, while both he (Perth Metro Business) and Natalie (Claremont-Nedlands) will progress to the region nal.

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13 LIONS CLUB OF DUNCRAIG Youth of the Year Club Final was held tonight. Congratulaons to Jay from Sacred Heart as the Overall Winner and Bjork from Carine SHS as the Public Speaking Winner. Many thanks to the contestants, Judges, family, friends and members who aended. Above - Youth of the Year District Chairperson PDG Colin Heap & Duncraig Lion President in blue top Helen Montgomery with contestants and judges. Lion President Helen with the three contestants. Congratulations Lion Toni for receiving the Membership Key Award

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14 BALLAJURA LIONS CLUB BALLAJURA Lions Club conducted their 2018 Youth of the Year Club Final on Monday February 26. The 3 YOTH nominees were (L/R) Gyles Davies - Scotch College; Zachery Mahews - Guildford Grammar and Angela Bourne - St Hilda's Anglican School. Judges were parcularly impressed by all 3 students by their condence shown throughout judging. Congratulaons to Zachery who progressed to Northern Region Final. Thank you to our contestants, judges, guests and Lions for supporng the event. Gyles was Public speaking winner. Right - our winner on the night Zachary with our WA Youth of the Year coordinator Margaret Amm who drove up from Fremantle to aend our Club Final. Below - Zachary standing proudly with his parents.

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15 ONLINE LIONS SHOP NEED A NEW MEMBER KIT - AWARDS OR MEMBERSHIP BADGES - CLOTHING & APPAREL GIFTS & STATIONARY - JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES Please follow this link - Online Lions Shop WANNEROO LIONS CLUB Wanneroo Lions hosted their club nal of Youth of the Year. All the contestants, Joshua, Ryan and Saskia were amazing with wonderful public speaking skills. A credit to their parents and school. Above Wanneroo Club President and PDG Colin Heap with contestants. Saskia and Ryan will go to the next round.