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District Newsletter Jan 17

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1 201W1 NEWSLETTER HUMANITARIAN SERVICE, DISASTER RELIEF, MEDICAL RESEARCH, SIGHT & THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF YOUTH WE SERVE JANUARY 2017 You are all aware that we are looking for a person to further their Lionisc career by pung their name forward to become the 2nd VDGE for 2017/18 with the view to becoming DG in 2019/20. If you are that person, please let me know and come along to the special meeng to be held on the 4th February 13H00 – 13H30 at Gibson Park Community centre. See the important dates to remember secon of this newsleer for details. Happy New Year Yours in Lionism DG Michael - Serve Humanity and Enjoy Fellowship – Lions Commemorave Coin Available in January The Lions Clubs Internaonal Century of Service Commemorave Coin will provide a worthy tribute to the millions of Lions who have served their communies during the last 100 years. The coin will go on sale on Wednesday, January 18, 2017. For a limited me only, you can order this historic keepsake and support the life-changing work of LCIF. For each coin sold, US$10 is authorized to be paid to LCIF. This represents a US$4 million opportunity to improve the lives of people in need through LCIF iniaves around the world. A Colour Copy of this Newsletter can be requested through your Club Secretary. Alternatively can be accessed Electronically through our website. Official Publication of Lions District 201W1 EDITOR RICHARD TUNMER PO Box 2524 Malaga WA 6944 (M) 0415 089 938(H) (08) 9209 1358 email : DISTRICT NEWSLETTER Published First Week of Every Month COPY DEADLINE 25th of the preceding month WEST LION February 1st 2017 COPY DEADLINE Passed Mikes Meanderings A very happy New Year to one and all. I would like to thank you all for the hard work and dedicaon to Lions over the past 6 months and I am sure all the plans that you have put into place for the new year go well. As you know we are in a rebuilding phase for the District and I am pleased to say we ended the year with a posive growth in membership - 831 at end of December 2016 which is sll 11 up from end of June 2016 number of 820. Thank you to all the clubs that have taken my message to heart and recruited new members. I encourage you all to connue with your recruitment drives and for all clubs to look for opportunies to strengthen you clubs. The GMT team is available to assist you with how to go about this. PDG Barry Middleton, the Membership chairman, details are in the diary and he is eager to assist you with this task. In the words of our Internaonal Presidents words “I need your help to welcome more men and women to join us in service. I also need your help to charter new clubs that can help us impact even more lives. I need your help to grow Lions Clubs Internaonal to the largest it has ever been.” We are in the process of chartering a new club in Mindarie, we have 6 potenal members and they have elected interim President, Secretary and Treasurer which is very posive. If anyone knows of any potenal members in that area, please let Guiding Lions Bert Stray and Sue Renton know and they will follow up. Again, their details are in the district diary. District Governor Michael Wolf enjoying a good laugh with Father Christmas at the December Cabinet meeng.

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2 WHITFORDS LIONS CLUB We have been very busy at Whiord Lions, on Sunday 1st Jan 17, my daughter Brooke Couper (Leo Member) and I served at the monthly Lions Soup Kitchen, whereby we prepared meals and fed 200 of Perth’s underprivileged and homeless. This is a Lions Centennial (Hunger) project that we are very proud to support. PDG Colin Heap has also been and helped. The rst Sunday of every month is our Lions Day at Manna Inc, and we could always use extra hands and volunteers. Our next day is Sunday 5th February 2017, and lion members can always contact me for further details on 0423 258 258. Further we also hosted Grandparents Rearing Grandchildren for a Xmas morning tea, whereby we used presents that were donated to our toy cage at Whiords Shopping Centre, and were able to give all small children a Xmas present, and the teenagers all got a Big W $25.00 gi card so they could buy there own presents. This organisaon receives no government funding at all, and we also donated $2,000 to the organisaon, in addion to providing all families a Lions Xmas cake. When I announced our donaon, the organisaon, their Vice President, the Grandparents, etc. were all overcome with emoon and thanked Lions, our club and our members as this was something they never expected but very much appreciated. On the 11th December we also helped the Western Australian Police with their annual fair at Ascot. This year we also had terminally ill children from PMH aend, and it was a very special day for their families and them, especially knowing that these children will unfortunately not be with us next year. WELFARE CHAIRPERSON Sue McDonald Mob: 0412 132 057 Email:

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3 CANNING CITY LIONS CLUB Children’s Christmas Party On the 4th December we held a children party for those less fortunate than ourselves. The parcipants were foster children and single parents with their children. The party was held in the grounds of Queens Park Primary School. This was a beauful seng with undercover seang surrounded by garden and palm trees. We had access to the kitchen facilies where the lions prepared the food. Menu consisted of all things faening and delicious. The party started with a sausage sizzle, followed by sausage rolls, party pies, fairy bread and watermelon. There were donuts too which were made like snow men and were donated by the Donut King The children had ice cream in cones. Some children even came back for seconds. To top it o the kids were given a lolly bag as they were leaving. Entertainment for the party consisted of a bouncy castle which was well used and a face painter who is a Lion and very talented. There was a queue of children to have their faces painted and they refused to go to lunch as they didn’t want to lose their place in the queue. Kids became cats, dogs, fairies and Pokémon with the help of the arst. The gis were wonderful and were well received by all the children and Adults. Santa’s workshop did a fantasc job and our thanks go out to them. Canning City Lions Club purchased gis for the boys from 10 year and up as Santa workshop was unable to provide gis for this age group. This is why Lions went shopping and with the money from the Grant bought all the boys 10 years and over watches and mega bubbles for all the children. These were a great success. Father Christmas did a wonderful job, although he needs to put on some weight by next year as he wasn’t quite fat enough around the middle. Lion Joy - Coordinator. Children??????

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4 ELLENBROOK LIONS CLUB Over the past 5 years, Ellenbrook Lions have connected with Opcians and others in Midland, Ellenbrook and surrounds whereby they save used spectacles for our Club so Ellenbrook Lion, Neil Rodgers can pass them on to the Lions Save-Sight Foundaon. Whilst we have not kept stascs, Lion Neil esmates that in the past ve years we have delivered in excess of 6,000 pairs of eye glasses to the foundaon in Nedlands. This said, this month we have sent a total of 2,437, in two shipments 1,107 and 1,330 to the Foundaon in Queensland. Not only do our partners save used eye glasses, but also used sunglasses, and Lion Neil recently organised with the local Salvaon Army store in Ellenbrook, whereby we donate the laer to them so they can sell them in, not only in their store, but also in other of their stores to raise funds for their cause. We currently have 370 to pass on to them and we understand they sell them for at least $5.95, depending on the brand. Of course, we also get eye glass cases but have not been able to nd a recipient – any ideas?, We currently put them in a recycling bin at the moment. For more info about this project visit hp:// or contact Ron - Above - Neil checking latest consignment of glasses. OCEAN REEF LIONS CLUB Enjoying the ne weather with the local Burns Beach Residents Associaon Santa Claus arriving at the Childrens Christmas party.

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5 KALAMUNDA LIONS CLUB Kalamunda Not a bad day selling cakes. Marie geng cosy with Jim Lloyd and below Valerie sorng out some change for Jim. Thanks to IGA for seng aside the area for our annual cake stall. LION CLUBS NEWSLETTERS A number of our Lions Clubs circulate their own newsleers. Included with the District Newsleer this month is two club newsleer. Some of the informaon in the Club Newsleers may be of interest to your members and you may also nd some good ideas that you can use in your club and communies. If your club has a newsleer and would like it circulated to other clubs in our District please send me a copy. To view the rest of the newsleers below please just click anywhere on the front pages below. Canning City Lions Club. Srling Lions Club

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6 WANNEROO LIONS CLUB What a hecc morning, we've been o our feet wrapping trolleys full of Christmas gis at Wanneroo Central Shopping Centre. We nally had a bit of a break, and managed to sneak in a Santa photo. L to R - Sue Mcdonald, Ditza Teng and Merrilyn Hunter at Wanneroo Central Shopping Centre. This gentleman was very happy to get all his presents wrapped AUSTRALIA LIONSONOZ IN ACTION Australian Lionsonoz Club member, Lion John Matheson lives in an over 50’s Lifestyle Resort in the suburb of Eagleby, Brisbane, which has about 660 residents. This year he has sold 40 x 1.5kg cakes and 15 x 900gm puddings, which he delivered to the residents. He had put an order sheet up in both club houses for the cakes and puddings for about six weeks prior to delivery, leng the residents know when he would be delivering them. As the Australian Lionsonoz Club does not have any fundraising facilies, Lion John sells the Lions Christmas Cakes and Puddings on behalf of the Lions Club of Ormeau Inc., which is close to where he lives. Lion John’s “prot” is the hours he can claim, assisng a main stream Lions Club. Next year he is going to try something dierent if the Cra Ladies will let him. Around the end of November each year the village Ladies Cra Group have an annual market day where all groups within the village can sell anything that they make, nothing can be brought in that is not made in the village and there are some very talented people living in there, from woodwork, painng, sewing, quilng, card making, jewellery etc. He is going to ask them if they can forego the cost of having a stall, and bringing goods in that are not made here, so that he can sell the cakes and puddings, it is assumed he could increase his sales by a fair amount by doing this. Lion John is pictured here delivering Lions cakes and puddings to the residents using his golf buggy as a “Christmas sleigh”.

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7 BALLAJURA LIONS CLUB Facebook page advert with Lion President Kaye Scandre. District Governor Michael Wolf posing with Santa while selling cakes for the Ballajura Lions Club. DIGITAL BROCHURE TOOLBAR SETTINGS From le in diagram below - Use this link to share in order shown - Facebook, Twier, Reddit, Pinterest, Google plus, Tumbl, Linked In, email & embed on website. You can also get a copy of the link for the brochure and view all the brochures dang back to July 2015. Download a PDF copy of the Digital Brochure. Click to return to rst page of brochure. The le arrow allows you to scroll backwards page by page. The right arrow allows you to scroll forward page by page. The minus sign will reduce the size of the brochure and the plus sign will increase the size of the brochure. The more boom opens three links with explanaon from le to right. 1. Number of views. 2. Number of likes. 3. Number of pages. Click to show all pages. Click again to close all pages.

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8 The Lions McCusker Alzheimer’s Research Foundaon Project is a project adopted by Lions in Australia at the naonal convenon in Tamworth 2014. The project will provide support to The McCusker Alzheimer’s Research Foundaon Inc ABN: 34 575 647 667 The McCusker Alzheimer’s Research Foundaon was established as not-for-prot Organisaon in 2001 to enhance medical research into Alzheimer’s Disease in Western Australia. The Foundaon provides signicant support to the research of internaonally acclaimed pioneer researcher Professor Ralph Marns AO and his team. His leading edge research aims to increase the understanding of the pathology of the disease, develop an early diagnosis and idenfy treatments aimed at deferring, slowing, and prevenng the development of the disease. The Lions Clubs within Western Australia have been closely associated with the Foundaon for the past eight years in order to assist in the raising of funds and to promote the awareness of the disease to members of the Lions Family and to the General Public. The Foundaon is now working outside Western Australia, joining forces with Anglican Rerement Villages in Sydney to establish The McCusker KARVIAH Research Centre. Other research projects are being undertaken for the Foundaon in South Australia and Tasmania.

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9 CABINET OFFICERS WITH A DIFFERENCE AT THE CHRISTMAS CABINET MEETING IN DECEMBER District Governor Michael Wolf Carolyn Middleton PDG Clive Tonkin Hans Hoee District Governor Elect Sue Lowe Mary-Anne Wolf PDG Sandra Laundy PDG Barry Middleton GUESS WHO IS SANTA IS ?

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10 DUNCRAIG LIONS YOUTH EXCHANGE Right - Lions Youth Exchange student Dylan had a happy departure on 3rd December, farewelled by his parents and younger brothers. Dylan and Jessica travelled together for the rst ight on their outbound journey. His Mother wrote - “He has been to school, to a soccer match, the Christmas markets and to some churches and historical sites so he is over the moon are we!”

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11 DATES TO REMEMBER 2ND VICE DISTRICT GOVERNOR VACANCY 2017-2018 To: All Lions members of District 201W1 Dear Lion, As you are aware, we had no nominaons for the posion of 2nd Vice District Governor 2017-18 at the Convenon held at Kalgoorlie last October. A special meeng is to be convened at Gibson Park Community Centre commencing at 1:00pm for a 1:30pm (mes to be conrmed) start on Saturday 4th February 2017 to elect a Lion to this posion. The District is looking for suitably qualied Lions to register their interest in becoming a member of the District Governor team. Qualicaon requirements are as follows: The Lion must be an Acve Member of Good Standing of a Chartered Lions Club in W1 The Lion must have served in the following posions prior to taking oce as 2nd VDG a) An ocer of a Lions Club for a full term or major poron (ocer means, President, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President(s), Membership and Elected Directors, and b) Have served as a member of the District Cabinet for a full term or major poron thereof. c) These terms must not have been served concurrently. Any suitably qualied Lion is encouraged to consider standing for the posion of 2nd Vice District Governor. Should any Lion wish to discuss this maer further, please do not hesitate to contact DG Michael, 1st VDG Sue or IPDG Colin – details in the District Diary. Yours in Lions Allan Lowe Cabinet Secretary 201W1 3 January 2017 DISTRICT CABINET MEETING DATE: SUNDAY 26th FEBRUARY 2017 VENUE: GIBSON PARK COMMUNITY CENTRE. ADDRESS: GIBSON ROAD, PADBURY TIME: 9AM TO 2 PM LIONS CHILDREN OF COURAGE AWARDS Children of Courage Chairperson, Lion Sue McDonald Closing date for Nominaons is 3rd March 2017 (Hospitals/Charies etc. 19th February 2017) Awards Presentaon date is Sunday 2nd April 2017 at the Pan Pacic Hotel, Perth Forward completed form, plus addional informaon, photograph and $50 nominaon fee to: PO Box 30, Wanneroo 6946 e-mail: (Cheque to be crossed and made payable to Lions Internaonal District 201W1) Please click here to download a nominaon form. LIONS OF WA CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION EVENT Hello Lions, We would love to see as many of you as possible join us on this occasion to celebrate 100 years of Lions Clubs Internaonal. Make your plans now and come along and join Lions from the Clubs in Western Australia and some special guests. Date: Saturday 10th June 2017 Venue: The Pan Pacic Hotel Time: To be announced Tickets will be $80 pp. and this will include welcome drinks on arrival at the Pan Pacic Hotel in Perth, a buet dinner and entertainment and dancing to the Lions big Band in the Riverview Ballroom. Tickets will be on sale soon. The commiee is looking at online cket sales and informaon regarding purchase will be released very soon. Come along and help us celebrate in style. Regards from the Centennial commiee - IPDG Colin Heap

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12 NAME SPONSOR CLUB JANET BOWERS Luen Chicote City of Perth Host RACHEL BRADLEY Luen Chicote City of Perth Host KEITH HUBBARD Eve-Lyn Newport Moora SARAH HUBBARD Eve-Lyn Newport Moora DENISE HUNTER MS Diane Taylor Victoria Park December 2016 WELCOME New Members EDITORS CORNER: Happy and Prosperous New Year to everyone. Thank you to all clubs and District Ocers for your contribuons to the January Newsleer. Please send through photos & arcles for the February Edion. A newsleer will also be circulated in Digital Format which allows for any addional content and provides greater picture clarity with no big les to download. Happy New Year from the South Perth Lions Big Band! Many thanks for your support last year - you've been a wonderful audience and a great bunch of dancers! It’s me to rock your socks o again! Come and join the South Perth Lions Big Band on Friday 17th February under our talented musical director Phil Haon. Listen and dance to the magical sound of the full big band with our great singers! We hold monthly dance shows on the 3rd Friday of the month at the South Perth Community Centre, corner of Sandgate St and South Terrace – just 5 minutes south of the Narrows Bridge. BYO food, drink & glasses! The show runs from 8-11pm and the cost is only $15. You can pay at the door, alternavely - Email: or Phone Phil on 0417 916 773 to reserve a table. We're expecng a big crowd again next month so table reservaon is highly recommended. Look forward to seeing you on Friday 17th February at the South Perth Community Centre! Girrawheen Lions Club doing our Christmas lolly run for children in Koondoola-Girrawheen-Marrangaroo-Alexander Heights