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District Newsletter Feb 18

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1 The SLowe Express I imagined that things would slow down over Christmas and New Year. What a surprise it was when this did not happen! Here we are in a new year experiencing the same challenges; membership, club harmony and member sasfacon. We have the Club Rebuilding Workshop on Saturday 3 February and by the me you read this it will all be over. I commied a large part of the membership budget on this workshop, bringing presenters from Mulple District to ensure that you have the benet of the very best advice on keeping your club members happy and building your membership to future proof your club. This is especially important with country clubs but equally so in the suburbs. A community without a Lions club is all the poorer for it. Australia Day was a great success for many of our clubs which hosted breakfasts. Allan and I were fortunate enough to get around to four breakfasts, meeng with Srling, Girrawheen, Ballajura & Ellenbrook and Duncraig. We missed Wanneroo’s breakfast, arriving aer they had packed up, but have aended many mes so they have forgiven us. The loss a couple of very signicant Lions over the holiday season will aect us all. Peter Strickland and Ron Freestone were so imbedded in our District culture that they will never be forgoen. Tim Powell’s appointment as Global Membership Chairperson comes aer the resignaon of PDG Barry Middleton who wished to become a Globe troer and cannot nd me to do both. We thank Barry for his enduring service to our District. I am sure he will be back because no one can travel forever. Zone Four Chairperson Gail McKewen has ‘gone to Queensland and we don’t know where she are…’ But she is not here and this means we have a vacancy for a Zone Chairperson for the remainder of the year. Volunteers please. The District Awards funcon will be held on Saturday 9 June and I am inving clubs to send expressions of interest in hosng the funcon either as a luncheon or an aernoon tea; something a lile ‘ash’ but not prohibive in price. The Awards or Presentaon celebraon is not a Cabinet funcon but has somehow taken on that persona. This is a member’s event and all Lions and partners are welcome. If we are successful in aracng a host club we may make the dress code smart casual or club shirt. Many items were discussed at my Council meeng earlier in January. Some of the items are very pernent to clubs. A Social Media policy has been developed and this is very important to our clubs. The policy outlines what is acceptable on a Lions Club Facebook page and what is not. Clubs using the Lions brand must comply with acceptable content as well as what is expected content on their page. Another item is the use of the term Chairman. This outmoded tle was replaced in 2012 and clubs were directed to update to the now accepted tle of Chairperson. While I can see that some members will feel more comfortable with the former address, we cannot be seen as anquated when most other organisaons have leapt ahead and use the laer address. Come on Lions, embrace the future; and I don’t want to hear any jokes about Huntsperson spiders please! There is more to say but never enough space so there may be a few gems in the body of the newsleer. Let’s take Giant leap into our future! Official Publication of Lions District 201W1 EDITOR RICHARD TUNMER PO Box 2524 Malaga WA 6944 (M) 0415 089 938(H) (08) 9209 1358 email : DISTRICT NEWSLETTER Published First Week of Every Month HUMANITARIAN SERVICE, DISASTER RELIEF, MEDICAL RESEARCH, SIGHT & THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF YOUTH FEBRUARY 2018 WE SERVE 201W1 DISTRICT NEWSLETTER

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2 We are very fortunate to have such a wonderful community of Lions members throughout Western Australia. Our Club Rebuilding workshop exceeded expectaons with an aendance a 71 Lions from both Districts. The workshop was inclusive and everyone was given a voice. We competed with Zumba dancing for a while but things seled down into a very producve day which included sharing of ideas and generang plans for our clubs successful future. We had metropolitan and country clubs in aendance and it was obviously the workshop you had all been waing for. The workshop evaluaon forms indicate that most aspects of the organisaon were on target and a few suggesons were made about the length of some of the discussions and the size of the venue. Amazingly the room we booked for ninety only just ed us all in. All I can say is that Lions are passionate about their service. My hearelt thanks go to you all, especially the organising team and our Presenters, Lou and Ann. For those who have Facebook, take a look at Lions in Western Australia. DG Sue CLUB REBUILDING WORKSHOP

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3 Connect with Community Idenfy needs in your community and plan a Centennial Community Legacy Project to make a lasng local impact. Share your Centennial projects through social media with the #LIONS100 hashtag. Clubs members are invited to come along to the RAZZAMATAZZ show to act as ushers and assis-tants for families aending this wonderful event which is sponsored by District 201W1 every year The show gives families with disadvantaged children the experience of a lifeme. SUNDAY 6 MAY 2018 at the PERTH CONVENTION CENTRE Further details can be obtained from PDG Rob Meney email LIONS DISTRICT 201W1 INVITES YOUR CLUB TO THE 2018 Insurance Cover and the Sale, Distribuon & Consumpon of Alcohol At Lions Events At the January meeng of the Council of Governors the issue of alcohol and related insurance cover was claried. Please read the advice provided by our Mulple District (MD) Insurance Chairperson and ensure it is communicated to your members. To view full details please visit this page - Insurance Alcohol Please contact DG Sue if you require any claricaon L TO R 1st VDG 201W1 Luen Chicote with 1st VDG 201W2 Beverley Hawkins on harbour cruise in Sydney on weekend o training. To view website and download registraon forms and other informaon just click on the above logo.

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5 2018 LIONS SAVE SIGHT FOOTY TIPPING COMPETITION The AFL footy season is not too far away so it is me to start preparing for the Lions Save Sight Footy Tipping Compeon 2018. North Beach Lions will be running the compeon and will be sending informaon and entry forms over the next month. Please encourage your Club, family and friends to join the compeon. With a beauful new stadium and many changes to teams it should be an interesng season of footy. Last year $555 was donated to the Lions Save Sight Foundaon and over $1000 in prizes was won last year. Last year Kieran O'Sullivan pped for the Broome Lions Club. The $500 they won helped to fund a "Mobility Scooter" for a brand new Day Aged Person's Facility in Broome. As some of the prize money was used for a such a good purpose it would be great to see more Lions Clubs and members to parcipate in the compeon. Please consider joining the compeon. Elaine Collins Co-ordinator Lions Save Sight Footy Tipping Compeon" ELLENBROOK LION RECEIVES COMMUNITY CITIZEN OF THE YEAR AWARD At the City of Swan Australia Day Celebraon Norm Pearson was presented with a Community Cizen of the Year Award in recognion of his outstanding commitment to the local community through his sterling work for the Ellenbrook Lions Club and as a Community Driver for the City of Swan. It was a very emoonal morning for Norm who had brought his two daughters with him to enjoy the fact that he had been nominated in two categories, Cizen of the Year and Senior Cizen of the Year. Thanks go to Derek Brockman, President of Ellenbrook Lions. We are always happy to receive such great news from clubs.

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6 MEDAL (OAM) OF THE ORDER OF AUSTRALIA IN THE GENERAL DIVISION Mrs Ishbell Elizabeth JACKSON, WA For service to the community of Newman. Service includes: Returned and Services League of Australia: Secretary, Newman Sub-Branch, 2008-2014. Associate Member, 1995-2014. Newman Lions Club: Treasurer, 2000-2004. Member, Ball Commiee, 2000-2014. Member, 2000-2014. Lions Club Representave, Newman Company Community Consultave Group. Member, Canning City Lions Club, since 2014. East Pilbara Independent Support Incorporated, (previously known as Home and Community Care Group): Founding Member, 1993. Past President, for 3 years. Past Commiee Member, for 12 years. Member, Execuve Commiee, Billabong Social Club (part of Bualos Sports Club), 1992 - 2014. Member, Newman Senior Cizens Club, since 1988-2002. Awards and recognion includes: Recipient, Western Australian Volunteer of the Year Award, 2011. Recipient, Melvin Jones Fellowship, Newman Lions Club. Recipient, James D Richardson Fellowship, Newman Lions Club. Nominee, Western Australian Senior of Year Awards, early 2000s. Recipient, Western Australian Senior of the Year, 2008. Recipient, Cizenship Award, 2007. Mr Percy Charles JACQUES, Otago Tas 7017 For service to children, and to youth, through social welfare organisaons. Service includes: Kennerley Children's Homes: Chair, since 2013. Secretary, 1978-2013. Chair, Property Maintenance and Improvements Commiee. Involved in various fund raising acvies. Awards and recognion includes: Recipient, 'Lifeme Achievement' Medal, Pride of Australia Tasmania, 2016. MEDAL (OAM) OF THE ORDER OF AUSTRALIA IN THE GENERAL DIVISION Ms Margaret Ann BRADFORD-SEELEY, Bindoon WA 6502 For service to community health in Western Australia. Service includes: Registered Nurse, Western Australia and Northern Territory Secon, Royal Flying Doctor Service, circa 1990s-2005. Registered Nurse, Road Primary Health Care Program, Royal Flying Doctor Service on the Road, 2008-2014. Lions Cancer Instute: Board Member, 2 years. Skin Cancer Screening Consultant, since 2005. Member, Lions Club of Gingin Chiering. Served in a range of roles with Gingin-Chiering Anglican Parish including as: Lay Pastoral Minister. Treasurer. Member, Rural Execuve Commiee. Australian Women Pilots' Associaon: President, Western Australia Branch, 2008. Member, Victorian Branch, 1994. Commiee Member, Bindoon Arts and Cras Centre, current. Steward, Bindoon Agricultural Show, current.

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7 HAS YOUR CLUB BEEN APPROACHED BY THIS SCHEME? I have recently been approached by clubs for advice on this scheme. This appears on the surface to be a scheme whereby individuals and clubs can generate funds. Once joined and using the card at shops which have also joined the scheme a small percentage of prot goes to the nominated cause. When you sign up your friends to the scheme you or your club get a cut of their prot. It is apparently not a pyramid scheme. I have asked my Council of Governors to advise if their districts are involved. None have so far indicated that they have. The general feeling is as long as it ts within our ethics and the law, clubs are in a posion to make such decisions on their own behalf. This type of scheme only works with large numbers and early entrants do beer (because they sign up more parcipants) Is this what your members want to do and will you have to allocate resources to manage it? DG Sue CITY OF PERTH(HOST) LIONS CELEBRATE COMMUNITY AWARD Lions Clubs worldwide have been in celebraon mode since June 2017 which marked the beginning of the Centennial celebraon of Lions which was founded in Chicago on 7th June 1917. Here in Western Australia , the Lions Club City of Perth (Host) founded in 1962 had more cause to celebrate on Australia Day 2018. At the City of Perth Australia Day Cizenship & Awards Ceremony the Lions Club City of Perth ( the founding Club of Lions in Western Australia) was awarded the Acve Cizenship Award for a Community Group. The award recognizes a Community Group that has over the past year or over a number of years “ fostered Australian pride and spirit through acve cizenship and outstanding contribuon to the community.” The award was presented by the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor Lisa - M Scadi and Her Excellency the Honourable Kerry Sanderson AC , Governor of Western Australia. The Lions Club City of Perth is most notably known for its key role in the establishment of the Lions Save Sight Foundaon and the complementary Lions Eye Instute which aims to preserve sight . In the early days one of the key projects the Lions Club City of Perth , was Glaucoma screening. While the Club projects have changed over the years, the Club connues to be true to the Lions moo of WE SERVE, with current projects such as Youth Leadership , Computer Restoraon which supplies computers to those in need here and overseas, a winter blanket for the needy and homeless , the development of Youth through arsc endeavours by sponsoring the Black Swan Youth Portraiture Prize (Hospital secon, ) and the Stay Sharp - mind and body tness Programme for Seniors. In accepng the award Club President Aldo Bertongna said the “Club was honoured and humbled ,” to receive the award and that it was a testament to what Lions do, serving the community.” Club members present at the award ceremony were jubilant and happy to know that their service was making a big dierence to a range of people in the community. It was a cause for celebraon and a great way for the Club to start its service year. One hundred years on from Chicago the Lions Club City of Perth, proudly connues to serve the City of Perth. L to R Tina Schwarz, Noel Smith OAM, Colomba Sparta, Tony Palloa, Aldo Bertogna, Halina Young, Luen Chicote & Leonie Farrow L to R: Honourable Kerry Sanderson AC , Governor of WA, Club President Aldo Bertogna, Noal Smith OAM & Right Honourable the Lord Mayor Lisa - M Scadi.

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8 NAME SPONSOR CLUB ALBERT JACOB JP Whiord FEBRUARY 2018 EDITORS CORNER: Thank you to all clubs and District Ocers for your contribuons to the February Newsleer. Please send through photos & arcles for the March Edion. A newsleer will also be circulated in Digital Format which allows any addional content and provides greater picture clarity with no big les to download. SEND YOUR CLUB NEWSLETTER TO DG SUE If you have a club newsleer please send a copy, preferably digital, to DG Sue so that she can keep up with your news and put your club in the running for the annual Best Club Newsleer Award which is judged by the DG of the year and awarded at the District Awards Night. Your club could pick up this very special award. Email: PO Box 823 | Jurien Bay WA 6516 LIONS CANCER INSTITUTE New Chairperson is Phil Chinnery, 4 Old Brickworks Road, BYFORD WA 6122 (M) 0428 420 275 e-mail: Vacancy: Secretary. Please let PDG Pamela Baird know if you are interested in lling the posion. Email: Message from Global Membership Team March To May Membership is upon us once again and I trust your Clubs are well into planning your membership Drive event. If not here are some ideas. Add a walkathon to raise moneys for a Lions Foundaon (Walk For Sight) Informaon event in a local Park. Place noces up in Libraries or Council Community Centres. Use business cards. Contact the latest Development in the area and organise a BBQ invite the latest home owners to aend a BBQ in a park for a morning Aernoon tea and provide them with invites to your Lions Meeng. Coee Morning at the local Cafe. Further, if you need any ideas on how to recruit new members, speak to our Global Membership Team leader Tim Powell - who will be happy to help you. If you are planning or have held a membership drive, clubs can approach the District for $250 assistance. Please provide backup documentaon of your expenditure and details of your membership drive. DISTRICT AWARDS FUNCTION Will be held on Saturday 9 June and DG Sue Lowe is inving clubs to send expressions of interest in hosng the funcon either as a luncheon or an aernoon tea. This is a member’s event and all Lions and partners are welcome. Please let DG Sue know if you can assist. District Vacancies Media/Public Relaons Chairperson Zone 4 Chairperson IT Chairperson For more details on these posions please contact the Cabinet Secretary DISTRICT CABINET MEETING Venue: - Gibson Park Community Centre 148 Gibson Avenue Padbury Google Map: hps:// Date: Sunday 11th March Time: 9.00 am for 9.30 am start NOTICES & DATES TO REMEMBER

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9 NEWSLETTERS FROM CLUBS AND FOUNDATIONS LIONS Save-Sight Foundaon ABN 29 028 402 977 (WA) Incorporated Dear Secretary, Please nd enclosed an electronic copy of our February 2018 Newsleer. The newsleer brings you up to date on what is happening with your Foundaon. It is brief but packed full of interesng news, we hope you enjoy the read. If you have any news items that may be used in our next newsleer due out in July 2018, please forward any details and pictures to our email address. It is always great to hear what you are doing behind the scenes to raise money to save sight. Yours sincerely, Sheree Hunt Secretary, LSSF Board of Directors CLICK HERE TO VIEW NEWSLETTER Click anywhere to view newsleer Thank you to all of the clubs who have decided to take part in the Youth Of The Year programme this year. Most of the students have been allocated to clubs and now the next stage of the programme starts. Clubs can now plan their club nals, which should be completed by the 28th of February. Finding a venue, Judges, various other dues such as me keepers, catering for supper or lunch for the guests and the judges and chaperones for the students during the public speaking secon. Also do not forget cercates for the contestants and the club winners as well as gis for the judges and the contestants. As this is a Youth project all your club expenditure on the judging funcon can come from your acvies account. I will again remind everybody of the following dates. Region nals on the weekend of the 10th and 11th of March, the district nal on the 24th of March, and the State Final on the 7th of April. Do not forget also to put your clubs parcipaon on to the MyLCI site and also on the centennial service site. Good luck to all the clubs and the contestants. Peter Gillet has also organised a brieng session on the 17th of February at the Claremont Yacht Club. PDG Colin Heap District Youth Of The Year Chair YOUTH OF THE YEAR 2018 CHILDREN OF COURAGE 2018 AWARDS PRESENTATION 1.00pm, Sunday 20th May 2018 at St Mary's Anglican Girls' School, 75 Ellio Rd, Karrinyup WA 6018 Please visit links below to download documents relang to Children of Courage 2018 - 1. Informaon for Lions Clubs 2. Informaon for Parents/Guardian 3. District 201W1 Nominaon Form 4. District 201W1 Parent/Gaudian Consent Form FOR FURTHER INFORMATION Please contact Pauline Song Children of Courage Chairperson 201W1 Phone: 0405 656 780 Email: NOMINATIONS FROM LIONS CLUBS MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN 20th April 2018.

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10 AUSRTRALIA DAY STIRLING LIONS CLUB Lionsonoz in Acon at the Tamworth Country Music Fesval Each year Tamworth Peel Valley Lions become involved in the Tamworth Country Music Fesval which is held on the second and third weeks of January each year. In the past it involved catering but this year it was security and marshalling for the numerous acvies conducted in the main street. Peel St was blocked o and converted into a Mall to accommodate the many Buskers and various stalls and demonstraons of various “country” skills. Lionsonoz member Lion Warren White volunteered to assist Tamworth Peel Valley Lions for two shis, checking and bringing in vehicles loaded with various items, mostly goods for the local shops, items for stalls and instruments being used by the Buskers. Because Lionsonoz do not conduct their own projects, members make themselves available to local Lions Clubs to assist in theirs. Specic aenon was being paid to the risk of terrorism this year and special precauons in the shape of roads being closed o by concrete bollards and the presence of extra imported police personnel made sure the public remained safe. The precauons went mostly unnoced and everybody seemed to be having a great me enjoying everything to do with Country Music. PDG Lion Warren White L To R: Lion Warren White, PV Lions members, Graham Collee, Terry Hill and David Gilroy.

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12 Lion President, Adam Fawkes, presenng a cheque for $500 to Merle Isbister on behalf of St John Ambulance to help replace baeries in some of their 19 pieces of equipment around town. Also, the club recently donated $400 towards the Carnamah District High School's Breakfast Club, and $100 towards Awards presented to children at the School Presentaon Night on 13 December by member, Marcell Billinghurst. CARNAMAH LIONS CLUB CRICKET, STREAKERS & TOODYAY LIONS T hank goodness for the fast thinking Nuala One morning shortly aer the One Day Cricket. Nuala received a phone call and relates it like this… I had a phone call from a lady at Channel 7 at 7:30am. She wanted to talk about one of our members. Thank goodness I'd seen the streaking snippet on Facebook last night so I could halt her enthusiasm right there by explaining that she had the wrong Lions Club - we are the service club, not the fooe club. I then declined any knowledge of the culprit (felt like Bob Quinn, I think it was, when he genuinely didn't know who Marty from Big Brother was). I just didn't want my 15 seconds of fame to be about a streaker at the cricket. Even if it was an historic occasion & the high tackle aer he made a handcu-me gesture of surrendering so unsporng. Thanks Nuala for this very entertaining anecdote.

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13 GLOBAL ACTION TEAM MEETING Twice a year the Western Australian Global Acon Team meets together to duscuss membership service and leadersip within districts W1 and W2. the latest meeng was hosted by DGW2 Grant Hewi at the Flying Angel club in Fremantle. Who aends these meengs? Both DGs are there; and the GLT, GMT & GST Coordinators from each district as well as their teams, the Centenary Chairpersons, the Zone Coordinators and the PR Chairs. We were also honoured with the presence of Area & GLT Tim Irvine, Mulple District GMT Coordinator PDG Ann Eldridge and PCC Lou Onley who all added great value to our discussions. The take away informaon generated is of great value to both districts and their ocers. We will connue to benet from this for some me to come. Your global Acon Team is there to help your club. Keep in communicaon with them and your club will have a bright future. Seeking donaons for our Lions suit. If you would like to donate or if you know a sponsor who would like to put their logo on this Lion please let CabSec Richard know. We need $1000.

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15 District Newsleer copy deadline: 25th of the preceding month WEST LION May 2018 COPY DEADLINE April 2018 VALE CABINET CHAIRPERSON RON FREESTONE We recently said goodbye to our valued friend Lion Ron Freestone. Ron served our district as Informaon Technology Chairperson for a number of years and assisted our clubs with their websites and Facebook pages. Ron also volunteered as Mulple District Website Coordinator and helped clubs around Australia iron out their internet related issues. Ron held many posions wit his club and his assistance will be sorely missed Ron’s work on the joint Lions Hall of Fame is also recognised. VALE SENIOR LION PETER STRICKLAND Peter was a Charter member of the Lions Club of Canning City and a Lions member for over 40 years. Peter was ‘The Bagman’ when District Governor Lorraine Strickland was in oce and from that me he was known as such. Peter took great joy in his service to his Club and his District. Peter held many posions in his club and was a Zone Chairperson for the District. Peter’s illness took its toll over the past couple of years but he came back to our Lions community and did what he could to enrich the lives of his club members, mostly with a wicked wit when producing the club newsleer. We acknowledge Peters great contribuon to Lions and his community. Peter asked that we did not post noces in the newspaper regarding his passing, so I thought that we could make a lile fuss here in our District Newsleer. MORE ON THE CLUB REBUILDING WORKSHOP The Club Rebuilding Workshop was a resounding success with 86 Lions represenng 28 clubs from 201W1 and 201W2 aending. We had two excellent presenters - Anne and Lou Onley OAM. The workshop was interacve with contribuons from all clubs who discussed their successes and issues. The main focus was on how we can aract new members , make them welcome and involve them in club acvies to help ensure that they become long standing members. Congratulaons to Sue Turner Hannans Goldelds Lions, Freda chandler and Adrian Rossie Dongara Dennison Lions and Dorothy Yeoman Margaret River Lions. These members travelled long distances to gain the knowledge which will help their clubs.