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further funds for a third child in need. Where do they come
when there is no one to help? W1 Lions of course.
It was also interesng to travel to Northam to aend W2
cabinet meeng last weekend. There is no stopping W2
members when it comes to having fun! We aended their
Saturday evening social which was a bit of a fancy dress do’.
Everyone was happy. The cabinet meeng was of course
more sedate with lots of discussion relang to membership
growth and what the future holds.
I believe we will have Santa vising our December Cabinet
meeng and Duncraig caterers extraordinaire Helen
Montgomery and Toni Whiaker have a delighul Christmas
luncheon in the making. I am looking forward to this
meeng which should be full of fun and fellowship. Some
club members saw the invitaon to aend and we are
looking forward to seeing them for the luncheon. I
understand that there will also be a lile business to discuss.
Visit our webpage and Lions In Western Australia Facebook
page for photos. I am sure you would like to have a peek at
what went on at cabinet.
I hope you have read all this because there may be a test!
Finally, Allan and I wish you and your families a very joyful,
resul and safe Christmas; enjoy your me o but come
back next year full of energy and enthusiasm. Come back
for the feeling you can only get by serving others through
your service with Lions.
Leap into the future
The SLowe Express
The SLowe express is slowing down for the Christmas
Season. It has been a hecc ride since late June. Allan and
I are looking forward to me with family (you are always
busy with Lions!) down mein the garden, and of course
me to catch up with friends, if anyone outside Lions can
remember us.
My last club visit was with Ellenbrook early in November
and it was great to catch up with these members. During
November I met with CBL Clive Tonkin and 1stVDG Luen
Chicote here in Jurien Bay to work on both the club and
district constuons. It was great to work on the issues
which present when trying to t our Lions constuons to
our state governments requirements. We will now get
some legal advice and hope to nalise it during the next
few months.
There have been some really innovave and excing
projects emerging from the clubs. Vic Park Lions are
helping a family with a disabled daughter to receive
treatment in Adelaide, receiving funding from ALF. You
may have heard that Kalgoorlie recently experienced a
disastrous storm and Hannans Club also looked to ALF for
funding to help restore the loss of tonnes of perishable
food as well as Christmas hampers. Australian Lions
Foundaon is your foundaon. Please ensure your club
has joined the foundaon and connues to donate to
allow ALF to connue the great work it does through our
We have also had some
great success with aiding our
local Australian Lions
Childrens Mobility Fnd.
Cabinet Chairperson IPDG
Mike Wolf worked to
provide two walking aids to
the value of +/- $18 000. This
was done with funds
donated by our clubs here in
W1. Please dig deep as Mike
is on the lookout for
Official Publication of Lions District 201W1
(M) 0415 089 938(H) (08) 9209 1358 email : richardjill@bigpond.com.
DISTRICT NEWSLETTER Published First Week of Every Month
DG Sue Lowe with Santa. Guess who!!!
On Sunday, 26
November 2017, the Duncraig Lions
Club members and partners were out and about
early. They volunteered to assist at the MSWA Ocean
Ride 2017. The event had four secons, 10km family
ride , 30km, 50km and 100km rides. As we had 22
Volunteers from the one organisaon this allowed us to
all be allocated in Sector 6, which was the route for the
100km riders. This was Duncraig Lions Club sector!
The brieng was held at 7.30am at Resolute Way near
Burns Beach Rod, Ocean Reef; aerwards we hurried o
to our allocated locaons at key roundabouts along the
route. The course for Sector 6 followed Burns Beach
Road, turning into Marmion Ave up to Butler, then the
home stretch down Connolly Drive to Shenton Ave and
back onto Burns Beach Road, nishing at Whford
Nodes Park to complete the 100km ride. The volunteers
served as marshals to guide the riders through the course, giving them a cheer on their way. Most riders called out thank
youas they passed by, grateful to be given direcons by the volunteers decked out in yellow vests. The more experienced
riders had apps and GPS guides and they powered through the course. As the slower riders moved through the
course, many asked how much further’, the clever marshals used their smart phones to calculate the distance from their
locaon to the nish and were about to call out the distance to complete the course.
Aer the last riders have moved through the course the Sector Controllers moved through to release us from the
roundabouts, they too were most appreciave of the service we had provided.
This was a Win, Win, Win acvity. We enjoyed assisng MS with their event and supporng the riders; and for our eorts
we received a donaon of $500.
Photosof the gathering at the brieng before the event.
Nigel is in his nal year of study at UWA, and has spent the year in China at Beijing
University and also in Hong Kong. He has travelled widely and has had some
amazing experiences. It was dicult to link up with a Lions Club in China, however
he managed to do so in Hong Kong.
Nigel and his sister Isabelle are both members at Duncraig Lions Club, both were also
Youth of the Year contestants from Sacred Heart College. (Isabelle in 2015 and Nigel
in 2010.) We look forward to welcoming Nigel when he returns in January 2018.
Nigel is happy to report that tonight I aended a dinner and meeng of the Lions
Club of Hong Kong Chinese Tradional Culture. I was graciously hosted and warmly
welcomed by Club President Ng Lap Tak (Sherman), Charter President H.S.NG (Chris)
and all the other
members in aendance.
Their club has about 20
members. It's main
acvies involve preparing
and distribung packed meals to the homeless and assisng the
elderly and needy children through various programs.
I passed on the best wishes of the Duncraig Lions to the club
and it's members. Likewise, they passed on their well wishes to
our Club. Several of their members will be in Melbourne next
year for a lions event. I extended an invitaon to aend one of
our meengs should any of them venture across to Perth.
Lion Nigel Siegwart
Duncraig Lions Club
Nigel on le
Nigel the tallest in the photo.
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Lions Club of Srlings new Seatainer Storage
Lions Club of Srlings Seatainer is seled in and ready for us to use for storage at the Nollamara Tennis Club. This would
not have been possible without the support from Loerywest and the City of Srling.
From le to right Lions Gary, John, Kevin and Richard.
Dear Lions
On June 13, 2018, Lions Clubs Internaonal Foundaon (LCIF) will ocially celebrate its 50th anniversary. During these 50
years, so much has been accomplished. Weve supported the service of Lions with more than 13,000 grants totaling over
US$1 billion. Weve made a profound impact in the areas of sight, youth, disaster relief and humanitarian work. There is so
much to celebrate.
In the months leading up to LCIFs 50th anniversary, you will hear about many excing ways you can help LCIF
commemorate this occasion. A website is being created that will tell powerful stories of what Lions have been able to
accomplish with support from their foundaon. LCIF50.org launches on November 28, 2017, and each month will feature
new photos, videos and stories as well as a monthly contest series.
Lions and Leos can enter the Together We Can contest series for a chance to win an exclusive LCIF 50th anniversary
commemorave medal, available only to contest winners! Contest winners will also be recognized at the 2018 Lions Clubs
Internaonal Convenon in Las Vegas. Visit LCIF50.org on November 28, and return oen for more chances to win!
Foundaon birthday pares are also being hosted at Lion and Leo area forums, so well hope youll aend and encourage
others to join you.
Fiy years of service is truly something to celebrate. Youll be seeing lots of reminders about LCIF50.org in emails, LION
magazine, online and in social media. However, you, as a Lion leader, are our most important communicaon channel.
Encourage your club members to visit and enter the contest series!
North Beach
District Newsleer copy deadline: 25th of the preceding
WEST LION: next edion November/December 2017
COPY DEADLINE: for May 2018 edion March 2018
To the following Lions who were elected to the vacant
posions at our District Cabinet meeng on Sunday 3rd
December -
2nd VDG remainder 2017/18 - Daniel Stevens from the
Bassendean Lions Club.
1st VDG 2018/19 - Daniel Stevens.
2nd VDG 2018/19 Michael Wainwright from the Noranda
Lions Club.
District Leo Advisor - 2nd VDG Michael Wainwright
EDITORS CORNER: Thank you to all clubs and District
Ocers for your contribuons to the December
Newsleer. Please send through photos & arcles for the
January Edion. Include your Clubs Christmas Party
photos. A newsleer will also be circulated in Digital
Format which allows any addional content and provides
greater picture clarity.
L to R - 2nd VDG remainder 2017/18 Daniel Stevens, 2nd VDG 2018/19 Michael Wainwright, DG Sue Lowe and 1st VDG
Luen Chicote.
Please visit this link to learn more
about the upcoming Mulple
District Convenon - Visit Website
To view and download the
registraon form please visit this
link—Registraon Form
Congratulaons to the Lions Club of Broome and the Lioness
Club of Broome who will be hosng our District Convenon
2018 from the 21st September to 23rd September. Monday
24th September is a holiday. The venue is the Civic Centre in
Broome. The last me our Convenon was in Broome the
dates were the same. More informaon to follow.
Saturday 3 March
A naonal day for Lions to celebrate and share
the amazing work we do in our communies. Its
a chance to show all Australians that We Serve
On Lions Awareness Day, we invite your Club to
parcipate by organising an event, seng up a
stall or holding a BBQ and talking with your
community about the amazing work your Club
and our organisaon as a whole does every day.
The MD201 Naonal Oce is also pleased to
announce the development of new Public
Relaons materials for Clubs. Each District will
receive a certain amount of free Public Relaons
materials for Clubs to support their Lions
Awareness Day acvies.
The new materials include a poster and
membership brochure and will be will be
available in early 2018. The new materials will
take a fresh, modern approach and will highlight
our core service areas, projects and Foundaons.
We have gathered the latest stascs and results to show the Australian public just how far-reaching and valuable our
organisaon is. As the end of year approaches, its me to start planning how your Club will get involved in Lions
Awareness Day 2018. Please stay tuned for more updates from the MD201 Oce on how your Club will be able to access
the new PR materials.
Spread the message | Start planning now | Plant the seeds in your club
The Lions Club of Forresield High Wycombe
have received a grant from the Forresield and
High Wycombe Community Bank to run another
camp next year (photo aached). The camp is
for people with disabilies and their families. It
will be in Rockingham from 22-28th April 2018.
We are looking for people to help out at the
camp, mainly in the kitchen, and for new
families to aend. Parcularly families with a
child with a disability whose brothers or sisters
miss out on acvies because their parent's me
is taken up mostly by the child with special
needs. The camp gives families a chance to relax,
share experiences and learn from each other,
and know they are not alone in their daily
Any assistance or publicity you can provide
would be appreciated. I can be contacted on -
Tel: 94577849 or
Email: meljhawkes79@gmail.com
Melanie Hawkes.
FEBRUARY 23 - 25, 2018.
This is a training opportunity for Lions who have either
not been a Club President or a current Club President who
may not have had the opportunity to attend training.
Some of the skills you are likely to learn are -
PUBLIC SPEAKING—from planning right through to
presenting a speech.
MEMBERSHIP—what president does not want to learn
about this, you will be given an opportunity to develop
your own action plan.
COMMUNICATION—learn the different methods and
opportunities for communication.
WORKING IN TEAMS—Team dynamics, effective teams
and strategies. PROJECT PLANNING—a plan helps you
to achieve your goal, fantastic!
District will pay your way to the workshop and LCI will feed
you and keep you sheltered. Drinks are your own
Now that we have your attention you will want to know
how to go about registering.
Please contact Christine Walker Global Leadership Team
Coordinator for W1. Christine can be contacted on :
Mob: 0417 000 276
Email: leadershipw1@westnet.com.au
Presented by Lou Onley Multiple
District Membership Team
Venue to be advised
The Lions Eye Instute (LEI) carries
our name and is a great source of
pride throughout all Lions Clubs in
WA and beyond. The LEIs
revoluonary stem cell research
program received an extra
dimension earlier this year in the
form of Brian King Fellow, Dr Carla
Mellough. Carla has 9 years of
overseas research experience in
making eye ssue from human
stem cells, and has worked closely
with the vision impaired.
Before leaving the UK a year ago,
this UWA graduate had the honor
of being invited to a recepon
with Samantha Cameron, wife of
the then Brish Prime Minister, at
10 Downing Street. She joined
fundraisers, sciensts, sta and
celebries to mark the 40th anniversary of the UK Renis Pigmentosa charity.
Dr Mellough is currently working seven days a week growing and manipulang
renal ssue from stem cells collected from vision impaired paents. A
team led by REI specialist Dr Fred Chen provided these small skin samples,
from which Carla has extracted her stem cells - which carry the disnct genec
signature of each paent.
This allows her to make ny replicas of the paents rena ( the light sensive
ssue of the eye). These replicas can then be studied in a bid to work out why
the visual process is not funconing correctly. In turn, it is hoped this will lead
to new cures.
The Nannup Lions Club heard of this new and specialised eye research early
this year, and went into acon! A six-ounce gold nugget was donated by a
member, and it is being raed to provide funds for the vital hi-tech equipment
Dr Mellough uses in her research.
The rae will be drawn on February 10, with cket sales closing aer Australia
Day. Tickets are $10 each, there are 25 in a book, and clubs are encouraged to
oer ckets as Christmas presents.
The prize is the beauful gold nugget, valued at $12,500. It can be viewed on
www.nannuplions.org or by searching for Lions Gold Nugget Rae . You can
also order ckets on this site and pay by PayPal or Direct Debit. The goal is to raise $100,000 for this new specialised
equipment. It will help Carla and her colleagues perform research
into a range of currently incurable eye diseases suered not only
by Western Australians, but people across the world.
Every Lion knows of someone with vision impairment or blindness,
and we strive to help them combat the problem. The Nannup
Lions Club is urging Lions everywhere to play a role by buying
ckets in this rae – either by the book or with a single $10
cket . Please visit lin to buy ckets - Purchase Tickets
The gold nugget makes a great prize, but the real reward is in the
pride of being part of the Lions Family, which is so very proud of
its own Lions
Eye Instute.
Dr Mellough with Chris Morten and guide dog Tandy.
Dr Carla Mellough manipulates the
precious replicas of the paents rena.
Rough way of weighing a larger nugget, before we
bought digital scales
A number of our clubs has provided assistance to Heartkinds over the
years with their Christmas party and with fundraising.
The organisaon receives no government funding and relies on
community fundraising and support.
The month of February is Congenital Heart Disease month and we run an
awareness and fundraising campaign throughout this month.
They are looking to enlist the help volunteers to door knock within their
local neighbourhoods/community.
If your club is interested in assisng with this please contact Cecilia
Donovan directly as shown below. Cecelia is
more than happy to have a chat over the
phone regarding further informaon and
This years W1 district Peace Poster winner was entered by Lions Club of Floreat. Scarborough was the participating
school. It would be really great to see more entries next year.
As we gather here today
We pause to oer up this prayer
Bless now this food that we partake
And every eort that we make
To build the towns in which we live
Bless the blind and all we do to serve mankind
Be with us unl we meet again
And bless our homes and towns AMEN
We pray that all persons may learn to replace hatred with
Selshness with service to others
And greed with generosity
So that the scourges of poverty, disease and ignorance
will be
Made to disappear from this earth
And all persons will come to live together in a peace
By mutual respect and love AMEN -0-
God giver of all good
We thank you for our daily food
May Lions friends, and Lions ways
Help us to serve you all our days AMEN
O God, your servant Samson slew a lion,
and later drew honey out of its corpse:
so that out of the strong might come something sweet,
and out of the eater might come something to eat.
Bless, we pray, these Lions, who come together to eat:
that out of their eorts might come something sweet,
to make this world a beer place,
by giving others comfort and grace
to lead lives lled with hope and joy
- the things that nothing can destroy. AMEN.
For the food we are about to receive
The fellowship that we enjoy in Lionism
And the opportunity to serve our fellow people
We thank thee Lord AMEN
Australian Lionsonoz in Acon
Doing what members of Australian Lionsonoz do when they
nd themselves in a strangetown, they contact the local
Lions Club and oer their assistance in a current project.
This is what happened when Australian Lionsonoz member
Lion Sandra Philippzig visited her mother, Doreen Haynes, a
Life Member of the Croydon Lions Club in V5 Victoria in
November of this year.
It happened to be the me of the Maroondah Fesval and
the Croydon Lions Club were conducng a very busy Lions
Christmas Cake stall, so Lion Sandra volunteered to assist.
Croydon Lions Club President Ian Atkinson said he was very
grateful that Lion Sandra and her husband Lion Peter were in
the locality at the me and were available to lend a hand.
Life Member
Lion Doreen
Croydon Lions
Club President
and Australian
member Lion
Click anywhere TO VIEW
A very big thankyou to the members of the Duncraig Lions
Club who put on a fabulous Christmas Lunch at our Cabinet
meeng on the 3rd December. Cabinet Ocers and vising
Lions had a great me. Santa paid us a visit and handed out
gis to all present at the lunch.
Right - Mints Chairperson Allan Lowe.
Below - 1st VDG Luen Chicote.
L to R—1st VDG 201W2 Bev Hawkins, DG Sue Lowe and
1st VDG Luen Chicote
DG Sue Lowe with Santa
Christmas gis with hard working Hospitality Chairperson
Rachael Wydra.
Wonderful spread laid on by Duncraig Lions.
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