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District Newsletter Aug 18

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1 201W1 DISTRICT NEWSLETTER HUMANITARIAN SERVICE, DISASTER RELIEF, MEDICAL RESEARCH, SIGHT & THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF YOUTH WE SERVE AUGUST 2018 POWER OF ACTION ROUNDUP Our fun will always begin when we talk about steps on how to make the world a beer place: Join a Lions Club Stay in Lions Club Get others to join Lions Club. The icing in that are all our random acts of kindness from making people smile to raising funds to make a dierence. It is only August and my return to our District from the Internaonal Lions Convenon in Las Vegas is sll very fresh: when I noced in my peripheral eyesight some people hiding behind the columns while I was waing for my luggage in front of the allocated carousel at Perth Terminal 1. I wish to thank everyone who surprised me at the airport and how can one not be grateful for the “surprise Sunday breakfast”? It was almost a mystery why I got emails asking if my return inerary was conrmed and unchanged so many mes. Then I was only allowed to say 2 words at the breakfast which was great. What that means is that I can share with you all some highlights in Las Vegas, not just with the members that were present at that “surprise” (someone forgot to delete my name on the email list 󰽠). Needless to say, the pretense ended when I asked which Sunday was the breakfast. Because we do not have a winner of our compeon in the July newsleer. In this issue, please email me the Lion who was the culprit (let slip about the Sunday surprise breakfast) and you can win that dinner for 2 at Bistro BellaVista valued at $55. Back to Las Vegas: At the District Governor Elect school, Nadia Comaneci, the Romanian rst perfect 10 gymnast in history - 1976, was one of our movaonal speakers. Her topic was around the acronym FOCUS: F is nding passion O is Overcoming Obstacles C is Courage U is Ulise S is Share Then there was the Internaonal Parade of Naons, the Convenon and the installaon of Gudrun Yngvador(IP), the rst Internaonal President from Iceland. IP Gudrun’s theme for the year is “Beyond the Horizon”, pushing out into uncharted territory, as we enter a new Century of Service. Her IP pin has a a very simple yet impacul message “We Serve”. With this theme I am requesng all our District clubs to take on one new service acvity this year - something that you have not done in the past. This will accept and connect your club in discussion, planning and acon in your communies in need. Key Lions service areas to consider are: Diabetes Awareness, Environment, Hunger, Vision and Childhood Cancer. I also strongly suggest to donate at least 10% of your funds raised to LCIF and nd recipient/s from your deserving members of the Melvin Jones fellow at the same me with your LCIF credit donaons. The month of July and the rst part of August was packed with Global Acon Team (GAT) meengs. We already had 2 GAT District meengs on the 17th of July and the 30th of July. As I write this roundup message, our membership is sll very stagnant at year to date stats of 738. The MyLCI reporng: 60% of our total clubs are not reporng their service hours. I implore all the Club Secretaries to ask for assistance so that we can assist you in this. It is also our District Goal to increase our service reporng. Official Publication of Lions District 201W1 ASS EDITOR RICHARD TUNMER PO Box 2524 MALAGA WA 6944 (M) 0415 089 938(H) (08) 9209 1358 email : DISTRICT NEWSLETTER Published First Week of Every Month COPY DEADLINE 25th of the preceding month A Colour Copy of this Newsletter can be requested through your Club Secretary. Alternatively a copy can be accessed Electronically through our website.

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2 OUT AND ABOUT WITH DG LUEN CHICOTE DG Luen receiving a well deserved Melvin Jones Fellow plaque and pin from the City of Perth(Host) Lions Club. Presented by Club President Aldo Berogna at their Clubs Changeover LIONS CLUB OF BULL CREEK REMEMBRANCE CEREMONY 2018 DG Luen with Darren Blackburn from Ellenbrook Lions Club. 10 July 2018 Change over Night and presentaon of Melvin Jones Fellow: aended and accepted plaque/pin at City of Perth (Host) Lions Club. 2nd VDG Michael Wainwright DG visit. 19 July 2018 Moora Convenon Commiee meeng and DG club visit: aended 29 July 2018 Lions Remembrance Day - remembering the fellow members and partners who have been called to a higher service: aended 30 July 2018 Petals for Life: connected with Plus Life 31 July 2018 Council of Governors Report was due : done 3 Aug 2018 Moora Convenon Commiee meeng: aended 5 Aug 2018 State Global Acon Team meeng: hosted W2 and chaired the meeng 8 Aug 2018 1st ANZI Forum 2020 meeng: chaired by Lion Mary-Anne Wolf. 9 Aug 2018 Goomalling Club Visit: aended with Char Chicote and PDG Mike Wolf 9 Aug 2018 Video interview with Wendy Chapman, recipient of Lions hearing dog Winston: posted on MyLion, Facebook, Twier and Instagram. 11 Aug 2018 Swahili Night fundraising for Papua New Guinea: aended and sourced more connecons there for community needs in reading acon program and a Leo Club and specialist Club opportunies within our own District. On that last note, I ask you all to stay connected with your despatches and emails. Let us be open with aligning our 100 year old mission with today’s modern and ever changing society to meet community needs and today’s lifestyles by chartering many types of special interest clubs. Please inspire and excite your members by checking the email that arrived this morning and our LCI website about Specialty Club Program. We can all do this by accepng, connecng to serve. District Governor Luen Chicote Just click the picture above to open page then click on the page that opens to play video.

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3 Visit the Lions Mulple District website to view the “GiveNow link”.

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4 LIONS CLUB CITY OF PERTH(HOST) Zone Chairperson Training - 2018 District 201W1 Place: Subiaco Community Centre Date: Saturday 25 August 2018 Time: 10.30am – 15.00pm Tea & Lunch: Included RSVP: 22.08.2018 Christine Walker – GLT Coordinator 0417 000 276 Invitation to: All Zone Chairperson Club Presidents Club Members Here is your chance with Special Guest Presenter PDG Ann Eldridge WELCOME WINTER WARMTH The Lions Club City of Perth has once again reached out to the homeless within the City of Perth and its surrounds, with the purchase of 170 blankets to provide some welcome winter warmth, during what has been a chilly, cold and wet winter. The Blankets for the Homeless project was borne out of a Swags project some six years ago. Over the years the Club has gone onto purchase blankets and delivered them to dierent Charity agencies for distribuon to those in need. This year, the Club has connected with St George’s Cathedral, to complement its Outreach Programme for the Homeless. Each day, several the City’s homeless, approach the Cathedral for food packs. Now, blankets can also be oered for comfort and warmth. The blankets purchased are light, eecy and at 160cm x120cm give people a good warm wrap round. They are also light to carry. The blankets were purchased in me for Homeless Week 6-12th August. Homeless Week highlights the number of Australians and West Australians that do not have a place to call home and who have slept rough due to such circumstances as housing crisis, domesc violence and nancial stress. St George’s Cathedral has already distributed many of the blankets purchased. Some of the blankets will be ceremoniously presented to the Cathedral and blessed by the Very Reverend Richard Pengelley, Dean of Perth, at a Cathedral Evensong on the 19th August. His Excellency The Governor and the Archbishop Kay Goldsworthy will be in aendance. It is a great honour for the Lions Club City of Perth, to have worked with the Cathedral in reaching out to those in need at this me of year to give some welcome winter warmth. The project also highlights the common core value and mission that we have - Service to the Community. Halina Young (Club President) front with Columba Sparta delivering blankets.

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5 PDG Clive Tonkin Chairperson Maureen Tonkin Secretary Sue Mathews Treasurer DISTRICT 201W1 CONVENTION MOORA 28TH SEPTEMBER TO 30TH SEPTEMBER 2018 District Convenon is drawing nearer and the registraons are rolling in. Your Convenon Commiee are hard at work pung together a memorable convenon and it is a great opportunity to get away into the country for a relaxing and enjoyable me with your fellow Lions. Your Convenon Team is on hand to answer any queries so please don’t hesitate to contact them. 1. Convenon Format - once again Convenon will be run over the Friday evening , all day Saturday with Saturday evening and Sunday for socialising and enjoying the Moora Lions Club hospitality and fellowship. Lots of fun and entertainment planned. 2. Registraons forms, Delegate & Alternates forms & Remembrance Ceremony forms - can be downloaded from our District 201W1 website. You will also nd accommodaon details on our website. Included with the delegate and alternates forms is a list detailing the number of delegates per club based on the delegate formula in our constuon. 3. Rae Tickets - let the convenon commiee know if you would like more rae ckets. This is one of the avenues used to oset the cost of organising and running a District Convenon. Your support is greatly appreciated. 4. Guests Speakers - we have two inspiraonal guest speakers aending our convenon. PDG Tim Irvine our Mulple District Global Acon Team Leadership Naonal Coordinator and PDG Ann Eldridge our Global Acon Team Membership Naonal Coordinator. They have extensive experience in these areas and you will gain a lot of valuable informaon that could assist you and your club. They will also be on hand to chat with all Lions aending Convenon and they will be able to provide membership and leadership ideas that will assist your club in these important areas. Don’t miss this opportunity and make a plan to aend Convenon to meet these two leaders. 4. Lion Shop - there will be a shop at Convenon where you will be able to purchase a variety of items for yourself and your club. Please send registrations to Box 383 Moora, 6510 or email: At the last Convenon meeng in Moora DG Luen presented as a thank you to the Moora Lions Club, a signed print of Thea Reddast, Icelandic saying on the print “for things will work out at the end through hard work and trusng the team”. Original signature of IP Gudrun Yngvador . Pictured PDG Clive Tonkin and DG Luen Chicote. Public artwork in Moora

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6 NAME SPONSOR CLUB DIANA LUNDBERG JOYCE MURRAY Dongara Denison KIM CAMPBELL LLOYD JONES Lancelin and Districts CINDY LANE LLOYD JONES Lancelin and Districts TREVOR PLINT LLOYD JONES Lancelin and Districts KIM STRIPE LLOYD JONES Lancelin and Districts JANET PORTER SHIRLEY HENNEBERRY Moora ADRIAN HEIL KEVIN BURGESS Srling SANDRA STAGG BEVERLEY BURGESS Srling JULY 2018 WELCOME New Members USEFUL INFORMATION AND REMINDERS Member Transfers One important thing to remember is that when transferring a member from one Club to another, please forward the original copy of the Member’s Record to the receiving Club and keep a copy on your le. Trying to track members history retrospecvely is not easy. Informaon Statement Once you have held your Club AGM please visit Associaonsonline to complete the informaon Statement for your club. Please visit the July All Club Mail Out page 4 for details. The informaon statement is vital in demonstrang to Consumer Protecon that your associaon is acve and meeng its legal responsibilies. Standard Club Constuon & By-Laws/Associaon Rules It is a prerequisite that all clubs in District 201W1 approve a new Standard Club Constuon and By-Laws/Associaon Rules at a club meeng. Your club’s AGM this year may be the best meeng to get the new Club Constuon approved. Once approved log into Associaonsonline and submit the approved Standard Club Constuon and By-Laws/Associaon Rules. This must be completed before the end of June 2019. Visit this page for more details. GoToMeengs Monthly GoToMeengs are meengs of the District DG Team to discuss all maers concerning our District. Last Lionisc Year these meeng were held on a Thursday evening. This year DG Luen would like to bring the meengs to your area of service. This is an opportunity for your club members not only to meet but to engage in an acvity with District Cabinet colleagues and other clubs. Please let the Cabinet Secretary ( know if you would like us to hold the meeng in your area around one of your acvies. Please see dates below. All mes 3 pm to 6 pm. Friday 17th of August 2018 - Floreat Beach and barbecue with everyone invited from clubs to join us to do a Lions informaon/membership drive and join us for a barbeque with the Global Acon Team (GAT) Thursday 18th October - Kings Park/Vision Thursday 15th November—Venue/GAT/Diabetes Thursday 13th December - City Beach Global Acon Team meeng with everyone invited from clubs to join us to do a Lions informaon/membership drive and promote Save-Sight Foundaon - Thursday 10th January - Burswood Park Thursday 14th February - venue/GAT Thursday 14th March - venue/club acvity Thursday 11th April - venue/club acvity Thursday 16th May - venue/GAT Thursday 20th June - venue/club acvity Zone Chairperson Training - Sunday 25th August. See yer on page 4. All Lions welcome. District 201W1 Cabinet Meeng - Sunday 16th September Duncraig Community Centre 9 am for 9.30 am start. District 201W1 Convenon 28th September to 30th September 2018. Hosted by the Moora Lions Club. For more details including registraon forms, delegate & alternates forms , Remembrance Ceremony Forms and accommodaon details please visit our District Website. ANZI Pacic Forum – Wellington New Zealand 7th to 9th September - please click here - for more informaon. Vision Awareness Month – October Lions/Leos Membership Growth Month – October Diabetes Awareness Month – November DATES TO REMEMBER District 201W1 Execuve Meeng - Saturday 15th September The Nook Subiaco Library 237 Rokeby Rd, Subiaco 1 pm to 3 pm.

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8 Thank you to everyone involved in the FeNaClNG Fesval. On behalf of the President of the Karratha Dampier Lions Club - Wayne Donohoe & the Commiee we would like to THANK everyone involved. To every stall holder and groups involved we thank you for your aendance, me , paence and support of our much loved Fesval over the weekend. Without you it would not be the same. To all local business’s & suppliers we cannot THANK YOU enough for supporng and suppling your services, me & manpower. Special Thanks to the City of Karratha for your ongoing support & supporng this years Street Parade along with Horizon Power, which was a great success. It has been a long weekend for everyone involved and it won’t be long before we are back planning again for 2019. We look forward to seeing you all again next year and wish you all safe travel. Thank you all for coming - Kirsten Boardman - Karrratha Dampier CLUB SERVICE ACTIVITIES Congratulaons to the Clubs listed on right who have reported their Acvies for the month of July 2018. This is just 17 Clubs out of 45 in our District. My aim for the current year is to have 100% of Clubs reporng their Acvies. As at 12th August, there have been 3078 hours of Lions volunteer hours reported on MyLCI. Imagine what that total would be if all Clubs reported the wide range of amazing and meaningful service they provide to their communies? Has your Club appointed a Services Coordinator? Do you have a system for collecng the informaon to be reported? It is important to report the Service Acvies on MyLCI. Why? These reports let your District, Mulple District and Lions Internaonal know that we are living up to our moo ‘We Serve’. Clubs are asked to report their projects, the number of Lions members involved and the number of volunteer hours given, in addion to the number of people served, funds raised and/or donated. If your Club is having dicules accessing MyLCI or using the Acvies reporng, please let me know and assistance will be given. Training will be given if required. I hope there is a ‘bumper crop’ of Service Acvies reported for August 2018. Carmel Ward GAT – Service Coordinator (M) 0409334737 THE HONOUR ROLL FOR JULY 2018 BALLAJURA CANNING CITY CLAREMONT-NEDLANDS DALWALLINU & DISTRICT DONGARA DENISON DUNCRAIG ELLENBROOK FORRESTFIELD HIGH WYCOMBE GOOMALLING JURIEN BAY MOORA MORLEY NORANDA NORTH BEACH STIRLING THREE SPRINGS VICTORIA PARK

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11 PETALS FOR PLUSLIFE L to R - Dale Thomson (Swan View), Carmel Ward (Duncraig), DG Luen Chicote (City of Perth(Host)), Helen Montgomery (Duncraig For more informaon and to get involved with Petals for PlusLife please contact Carmel Ward -

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12 LEO CLUB PROGRAM Lions Eye Instute and Royal Flying Doctor - brilliant Partnership out and about in WA. A meeng of minds of two valuable organisaons - RFDS and Lions Eye Instute: saving lives and saving sight. A big thanks to Royal Flying Doctor Service: Western Operaons and Rebecca Tomkinson for hosng us today! (That's Rebecca in the pic), with our McCusker Director Lions Outback Vision Dr Angus Turner, and RFDS Chief Pilot Albin Unger). — at Royal Flying Doctor Service: Western Operaons. If you are interested in sponsoring a Leo Club or would like a District representave to visit your club please contact the Leo District Chairperson 2nd VDG Mick Wainwright -

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13 CALLING FOR 2018 NOMINATIONS Clubs in both Districts have recently received, via their Cabinet Secretary, a request to consider nominang someone worthy from their Club or another Lions Club. To be eligible, the person must be a current Lion in your Club or a member of another Lions Club anywhere in Western Australia. Deceased Lions are also eligible, providing they were members at the me of their death. We are looking for Lions who have made a signicant contribuon to the community through Lions Clubs Internaonal over a number of years. A nominaon fee of $115.00, used to oset the costs of Cercates and meals for the new Nominees, should be included with the Nominaon Form and sent to PO Box 182, APPLECROSS, WA, 6953. Direct credits may be made to District 201W2 Administraon Account, COMMONWEALTH BANK BSB 066-165, ACCOUNT NUMBER 10024497. PLEASE SHOW CLUB NAME AS A REFERENCE. In keeping with the signicance and presge of this award, only up to 3 people will be inducted this year. If your Club has nominated a Lion in the previous 2 years, then you do not need to renominate them this year, as they are automacally eligible again this year. A nominaon form is available on the Hall of Fame web sites of both Districts 201W1 and 201W2, hp:// or hp:// and select WA Lions Hall of Fame. The form is printable and once completed can be aached to an email to Nominaons must be received by 5.00pm on the 31st August 2018 to be considered. A Black Tie Dinner will be held on Friday 2nd November 2018, to announce the inductees into the WA Lions Hall of Fame. The venue will again be the Parmelia Hilton Hotel, Hill St, Perth at 7.00pm for 7.30pm. Cost of the Dinner will be $100.00. (No charge for NEW Nominees.) Further details relang to the Dinner will be advised to Clubs in September this year. Nominaons are open to all Lions in Western Australia and are being sought from Clubs in both W1 and W2. We look forward to receiving one or more Nominaons from your Club. Yours in Lions, PDG Wally Barre, OAM Chairman WA Lions Hall of Fame Commiee 2017 Home: (08) 9531 2339 Mobile: 0407 778 235 Email: NOTE: Please forward all Nominaons to WA Lions Hall of Fame Commiee Secretary, PDG Allan Cooper, PO Box 182, APPLECROSS, WA, 6953 or WA LIONS HALL OF FAME A Joint Project of Lions Districts 201W1 & W2 Chairman PDG Wally Barre OAM Correspondence to PO Box 182, APPLECROSS, WA, 6953 EDITORS CORNER: Thank you to all clubs and District Ocers for your contribuons to the August Newsleer. Please send through photos & arcles for the September Edion. A newsleer will also be circulated in Digital Format which allows for any addional content and provides greater picture clarity. We am sure you have a number of long serving Lions in your club and our District newsleer provides a great opportunity to honour such members with an arcle on their Lions service to your club and community. Lets spread the word on all the fantasc achievements of our members. Correcon July Mail Out - Page 1 Sheryl Jenkins should have been Sheryl Jensen. Email: SEND YOUR CLUB NEWSLETTER TO DG LUEN If you have a club newsleer please send a copy, preferably digital, to DG Luen so that she can keep up with your news and put your club in the running for the annual Best Club Newsleer Award which is judged by the District Governor of the year and awarded at the District Awards funcon. Your club could pick up this very special award. Email: (M) 0419 781 068 PO Box 557 Floreat WA 6014

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14 Australian Lionsonoz Changeover On 25th July 2018 the Australian Lionsonoz Lions club conducted their annual changeover. The dierence this year was that it was a “Face to Face” (sort of) event at Karuah Caravan Park on the Mid North coast of NSW. We were very grateful that PIP Barry Palmer agreed to ociate. Although 75% of members were present the meeng was sll conducted “on line”. Twelve computers and IPads were set up and together with the remainder of available membership on line elsewhere, the ceremony took place. PIP Barry also used a computer to install Lion Cheryl Buckley as President, Lion Debbie Weekes as Secretary and PCC Bob Buckley as Treasurer. Lions Rhonda Courtney (VP & Tail Twister) PDG Peter Veryard (VP), Je Mo (Membership), Marge Ollis (Bullen Editor) and Don McLeod (Lion Tamer). Australian Lionsonoz members rarely get the opportunity to meet with each other as they are scaered anywhere throughout Australia on their travels. The members try to meet “local” lions in the towns in which they nd themselves and aempt to assist those Clubs in their projects. Australian Lionsonoz members meet once a month using their computers to access Skype. PDG Warren White Lion Marge Ollis, Past Internaonal President Barry Palmer and President of Australian Lionsonoz Lion Cheryl Buckley. BASSENDEAN LIONS CLUB Bassendean Lions Club had their change over meeng at the North Garden Chinese restaurant in Bassendean on the 10th July 2018. PDG Michael Wolf (Ballajura Lions Club), 2nd VDG Michael Wainwright along with members from the Noranda Lions Club had a great evening together with Bassendean Lions Club members. PDG Michael Wolf installed the new club board for the incoming year. Bassendean Lions Club Secretary Clive Brown gave a report on what the club did during the past year. Bassendean, Ballajura and Noranda Lions Clubs have always had a close relaonship as they are involved with the Morley Galleria Lions Flea Market along with Morley Lions Club. Above - PDG Michael Wolf front with 1st VDG Daniel Stevens standing on his right.

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15 BALLAJURA LIONS CLUB Lions Save Sight Marathon on the Swan River. Ballajura Lions members handed out water and carbs to runners and walkers. All proceeds go to the Lions Save Sight Foundaon. Above - PDG Michael Wolf back le ensures that Lion Keith Cooke hands out the water in a mely many. PDG Colin Heap front right and Simone Roberts handing out water and cards to runners. Ballajura Lions joined with the Challenger Division Perth Northern Metro in providing a Sausage sizzle for players, family and friends at the "Come Try Day" on Saturday. Children with Special Needs get to parcipate with their Buddies in this modied version of Baseball . Above - L to R Greg Brennan, PDG Michael Wolf, Lorraine Hunter and Paul Titheradge.

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16 To download a form please click here

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17 THE 2018 IAN CONSTABLE LECTURE A Tale of Two Diseases: Regulang Immune Responses In The Rena By Professor Andrew Dick, Director of the UCL Instute of Ophthalmology. Our immune system does not operate solely to protect against infecon, cancer and ssue damage. The immune system has evolved so that many cells, both of the immune system and non-immune cells in all ssues, have an ability to generate immune responses that regulate and maintain normal cellular, ssue and organ funcon. Acvated and overacve immune responses are observed in many blinding non-infecous disorders. The eye is endowed with an exquisite network of cells capable of regulang funcon of the ocular ssues compartments (such as the rena and cornea). However, two diseases I will discuss demonstrate how the dysregulaon in the immune system generates blinding disease. The rst is uveis, a general and non-specic clinical term to describe inammaon inside the eye and the second is age-related macular degeneraon. This talk will describe how our understanding has led to step changes in treatments in children and adults with uveis and the current research on how the diseases inform our understanding of immune responses that maintain normal ssue funcon by regulang metabolism and cell funcon. Event Details When: Wednesday 5 September 2018 | 6pm - 7pm Where: Theatre Auditorium, The University Club, UWA Cost: Free. RSVP: online via The Ian Constable Lecture This annual lecture is presented by the Lions Eye Instute and the UWA Instute of Advanced Studies and honours the work of Professor Ian Constable. Professor Constable is recognised as one of the world’s leading ophthalmic surgeons. He was appointed the Lions Foundaon Chair of Ophthalmology in 1975. In 1983 Professor Constable established the Lions Eye Instute (LEI) dedicated to the prevenon and treatment of blindness and eye disease. Today the LEI is a not-for-prot centre of excellence that combines world class scienc research into the prevenon of blindness with the highest level of eye care delivery, combining the experse of researchers and ophthalmologists. About Professor Andrew Dick Professor Andrew Dick is an immunobiologist and clinician scienst. He is Director of the UCL Instute of Ophthalmology where he is Duke Elder Professor of Ophthalmology. He is also Chair and Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Bristol, where he previously was Director of Research for Medicine and Denstry. He is also on the Faculty and is Theme Lead for Inammaon and Immunotherapeucs of Naonal Health Instute for Research Biomedical Research Centre, Moorelds Eye Hospital and UCL-Instute of Ophthalmology, London. He qualied in medicine and with a degree in Biochemistry (BSc (Hons)) from the University of London, and during his medical educaon he spent me as an MRC sponsored research associate in Biochemistry with Professor Coleman in Yale. Later, he was a MRC Post-Doctoral Fellow with Jon Sedgwick at the Centenary Instute of Cancer Medicine and Cell Biology in Sydney Australia. Professor Dick is a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences in the UK an Alcon Research Instute Research awardee and Fellow of the Royal Society of Biologists, UK. He has previously been Editor of Brish Journal of Ophthalmology, President of European Vision and Eye Research (EVER), Master of Oxford Ophthalmological Congress and current Vice-President for Associaon for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO).

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18 Lions urging Perth people to share Petals for PlusLife EVERYONE loves receiving owers. That is why a campaign by Midland-based PlusLife is encouraging people to share a ower posy in a bid to raise awareness of bone and ssue donaons. Lions clubs across Perth, including Duncraig, North Beach, Floreat, Kingsley-Woodvale, Ballajura and Swan Districts, are leading the Petals for PlusLife movement. Duncraig Lions member Carmel Ward described it as a simple, grassroots concept. “Anyone who receives a Petals for PlusLife posy is encouraged to enjoy their blooms and then replace the jar with fresh owers and pass it on to a friend or relave to help drive awareness about this special cause,” she said. “Somemes it’s not about having a big, fancy, expensive campaign to drive home a message.”Each jar has a tag aached that explains the important work of PlusLife, details about ssue donaon and how to register as a donor. Fellow member and Carine resident Rob Meney said the campaign was a perfect t for Lions. “Bone and ssue donaons and transplants can and do help so many people, including children,” he said. Leanne Oakley with Rob Meney (Front) and (L-R Rear) Emelea Kogon, Elena Tinari, Keith Oakley, Liz Wilson and Bob Anderson are taking part in Petals for PlusLife LIONS CLUB OF NORTHAMPTON At the Assembly on Friday 27 July, Ivan Teakle and Keith Reynolds presented a cheque for $1 000 to the St Mary’s School P&F. This money was donated from a recent Quiz Night that was supported by the St Mary’s School Community. The St Mary’s School P&F is very grateful to the Lions Club for their very generous donaon. The money will be put to a project that will benet the students at St Mary’s School. Thank you, Lions Club of Northampton. Lions Club of Canning City Half Marathon: Lions Club Canning City doing Sausage Sizzle ably assisted by PDG Barry Middleton from Lions Club Victoria Park. Beauful clear morning no rain. Proceeds goes to Lions Save Sight Foundaon.